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Latest Diets

Eating a healthy diet is very important. It is always better to take a balanced and healthy diet. You can check here to find more:

Butter Coffee
Adding butter to your morning coffee can have appetite suppressing effects as well as giving you prolonged energy throughout the day.

Three Day Diet with Carb Cycling
How you can lose 2 - 10 pounds a week every week by following a strict three day diet follow by carb cycling for three day and a cheat day on the 7th day. Exercise is highly encouraged and a plus especially in the Carb Cycling and cheat days. Best to Start on Monday so that Sunday will be your cheat day. Drink half you body weight in water everyday. Can add craystal lite to hald you day's supply of water.

Lishou Slimming Capsules
Take one a day and it eliminates hunger and increases your metabolism.

The HCG diet is a radical approach to losing weight that involves take drops or injections of hCG (a pregnancy hormone) along with eating a very low calorie diet (usually 500 calories per day or less).

Eat Stop Eat
Eat Stop Eat is a diet where you fast one day and eat the next and then fast a day and then eat another.

Lemonade Cleanse e-book
The Lemonade Cleanse e-book is the fastest way to lose over 10 pounds in 10 days while removing excessive build-up from your colon

Quicktrim is a line of diet products being marketing by the Kardashian sisters which includes pills, shakes, cleanses among other items.

Glucosulin is a diet pill being advertised on television that claims to help you lose weight and achieve healthy blood sugar metabolism.

Fat Burning Furnace
Fat Burning Furnace is an online-based diet program that is being marketed directly to the public (not sold in stores).