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1-EZ Diet


1-EZ Diet Fat and Carb Blocker by Maximum International is an Ephedra-free diet pill that combines two major weight-loss functions.


1-EZ is an all-natural, thermogenic diet pill that blocks the storage of fat while promoting the metabolization of crabs so that your cravings will go away.

Chitosan is the ingredient in 1-EZ Diet Fat and Carb Blocker that prevents fat you eat from being absorbed. It passes out of your body without ending up as part of your body.

White kidney is the other key ingredient. It limits the breakdown of carbohydrates that you eat so that they don't turn into glucose as quickly or as much in your body.

So, you can see, both fat and carbs are blocked by EZ-1.

EZ-1 is also available in a powder form to make Soy Protein shakes. Also, other variations of the pill are available that might focus on appetite suppression versus fat & carb blocking.


This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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  17-Apr-2009 3:35pm created by bill
  17-Apr-2009 3:39pm last update by bill

posted 29-Jun-2009 3:02am

Can you get this in Canada? Not that I really need it because thanks to Acai, and proper diet and execise I lost 120 pounds! But I could always lose 10 more.

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