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Ephedra, ephedrine, Ma Huang


Ephedra, also called Ma Huang, is a naturally occurring substance derived from botanicals. Its principal active ingredient is ephedrine. It is a dietary supplement that was used by people to lose weight. But, using it carries significant health risks. It has been banned by the FDA.


Ephedra is a shrub-like plant that is found in desert regions in central Asia and other parts of the world. It is a stimulant containing the herbal form of Ephedrine.

This stimulant promotes weight loss by increasing your body's metabolism and thus burning more calories. It was also use an an energy booster and for increased athletic performance. Ephedrine is also found in some over-the-counter Asthma medications.


Ephedra use was popular in the mid to late 1990s and into the new millennium. On February 17, 2003 Baltimore Orioles' baseball player, Steve Bechler died. His death was linked to Ephedra use. By the end of 2003, the FDA started cracking down on Ephedra.

The FDA cracked down on Ephedra, requiring that warning labels be placed on bottles. It was linked to the death of a professional baseball player, Baltimore Orioles' Steve Bechler.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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posted 1-Jun-2006 10:19am

I was on ephdra for quite a while and now I have an anxiety disorder and cannot consume much caffeine, on top of the doctors told me that the amount of weight loss pills I took slowed down a naturally high metabolism. I had never really had a weight problem, now I can't keep it down. Ephedra needs to be banned for good.
posted 22-Jun-2006 1:44pm

I used Xenadrine RFA-1 before it was banned from the market and I lost almost 100 lbs in less than 7 months. So people can say what they want about Ephedrine but it works. Sure the side effects were horrible and they included Shortness of breath, double vision, vomiting, and increased heart rate but to me it was all worth it. The only reason people died from it is because the idiots did not follow the instructions and overdosed.
posted 22-Jun-2006 2:14pm

Were you able to keep the 100 lbs off when you stopped taking Xenadrine?
posted 4-Jul-2006 6:38pm

I must say I lost 60 pounds when I was Xenadrine RFA-1 and I did gain some of the weight back when I stopped taking it. I did only because I cannot buy it anymore and do I wish I had that same body again.
posted 18-Jul-2006 5:29pm

Two words, IT WORKED. For me anyway. I was on the Xenadrine with ephdra before it was banned and lost a lot of weight. I have kept it off since. Side effects were, accelerated heart rate, and working my butt off, because I had sudden bursts of energy. I couldn't sit still.
posted 22-Jul-2006 7:16pm

I've taken several supplements containing Ephedrine over the past 6 years and it DOES work! Side effects were: insomnia, rapid pulse, and sometimes headaches, and loss of apetitie but they were not severe enough for me to stop taking the pills. I did manage to keep the weight off.
posted 24-Jul-2006 4:18pm

i love 75 pounds on the ephedra stacker 3's
but they banned it when i got pregnant with my 2nd daughter and now i have the weight back
posted 7-Aug-2006 11:55pm

i loved ephedra. I still love it. thank you internet.
posted 18-Nov-2006 8:13pm

i miss the ephedra so much- i cannot find a pill to replace it-so if anyone knows tell me- i lost so much weight on ephedra and had so much energy- i need that energy back to help me loose weight.
posted 19-Jan-2007 11:54pm

I CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVED XNEDRINE RFA 1. I lost losts of weight and it was so easy. I can't find the pills any where and have used everything else...paying top dollar but never finding anything that even comes close. It gave me energy, decreased my appetite and burned fat! If anyone knows where to get the stuff please post on the site.
posted 20-Jan-2007 12:34pm

i agree, The RFA was the bomb....I also miss the stacker 2. I use superdrine now which is almost the same as RFA (so they say). It actually works opretty good for me. losdt 9 pounds in 2.5 weeks...i buy it at arnoldsupplements although last time i checked they were backordered,.
posted 20-Jan-2007 12:40pm

just checked...looks like they have it back in stock..

also, has anyone ever used Trim MAxx? my friend says she uses it. it's a "dieters" tea. She just started. I didnt want to buy any before i got some feedback. Anyone?

thanks again...ern
posted 21-Jan-2007 11:44am

You can find the ingredient list for Xenadrine at and it says:

Xenadrine RFA-1 contains the following ingredients:

Pantothenic Acid [40 mg], Bitter Orange [85 mg], Ma Haung 335 mg], Guarana Extract [910 mg], White Willow Bark Extract [105 mg], Ginger Root [50 mg], Proprietary ThermoSynergist Blend – which includes L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Fisetin, Magnesium Phosphate, DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol) [225 mg]. There are several inert ingredients that are also in this supplement blend: Calcium Phosphate, Talc, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate.

but would be better to read a real label from a Xenadrine bottle. Don't know if the dose is 1 or 2 capsules for the above list.
posted 4-Mar-2007 1:49pm

I used rfa for a year and lost 40 pounds, I used to look so good, and cannot find anything that even comes close to it. Please suggest something to help me lose weight again, i run, exercise diet, and nothing works like rfa did, HELP
posted 11-Mar-2007 1:12pm

i bought some stimerex with epehedra online and i have lost 4 pounds this week. i too used to take xenadrine rfa1 and this honestly seems stronger.
posted 27-Mar-2007 5:35am

All medications have side effects. Even taking too many Naturopathic vitamins or drinking too much water results in death. WBR LeoP
Pharmacy Man
posted 29-Mar-2007 2:39pm

The FDA is corrupt. Look at all the money they spend on campaigns to rush things through. They own the presidency and most of the congress and senate WBR LeoP
posted 29-Apr-2007 10:18am

ive takin ephedra product for 20 years and i think its great,other than some side effects.the people that ruined it for everybody else is the idiots taking 6 at a time and really obusing it.
posted 29-Apr-2007 10:20am

can you by ephedra and is it really banned yet?
posted 19-Jun-2007 6:46pm

Anyone know where I can find anything comparable to Xenadrine RFA-1?
posted 20-Jul-2007 8:43pm

i took stacker 2 with ephedra. they were the miracle pill. i absolutley loved what it did for me. i lost almost 60 lbs in 6-7 months. i loved it. then like everyone else said, people abused it and were stupid about them and took them wrong, drank no water, didnt eat on them. and ruined it for everyone else. this govt stinks. ciggs are legal, alcohol is legal. just sucks, im still searching websites to find it. cant find anything. IF ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO FIND ORIGINAL YELLOW STACKER 2'S PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME.
posted 25-Jul-2007 11:07am

posted 25-Jul-2007 11:08am

posted 19-Aug-2007 11:34am

I worked for GNC for about five years and i have heard thousands of stories of weight loss with xendrine rfa-1. I too took it and was fine in fact i took it for about ten years and never had any major health problems then when they banned it i came down with sever adult asthma. Chinese use ephedra for asthma. I wonder why i did not get it any sooner:) I wish they would sell it agian. I have several bottels that are nearing there exp date so I will start searching...any leads on the real stuff? let me
posted 9-Nov-2007 4:41am

I started taking Yellow Jackets strictly for the energy, I worked midnights and thanks to Ephedra and the extra boost of energy it gave me, I received several promotions. I did purchase a bottle of Yellow Swarm off the net, now I'm searching for some more, and the prices have sky rockected, Do anyone know if there are any signatures being collected to bring Ephedra back on the market? I'm down to my last 10 pills, I don't know what I'm going to do!!!!!
posted 10-Nov-2007 1:59am

I have some pills that I have had for quite some time now, still unsure if I should take them or not, it has 25mg called Liprodrene, I took it once it made me jittery and my heart felt a little weird, but I want to lose weight so badly. Any suggestions? email me at Also check out my myspace at
posted 17-Feb-2008 2:09am

I have taken about all of the new herbal diet pills on the market and none of them work. The Ephedra is what made them work. I have always been able to take the Ephedra based diet pills and keep my weight under control and I love the way they made you feel. I had all kinds of energy. I would be the first one to sign a petition to bring the Ephedra based diet pills back!! If they are so worried about people being obese in America,I say give up back our Ephedra!!
posted 21-Feb-2008 4:48pm

posted 22-Feb-2008 3:36pm

I took Metabolift with Ephedra and I was never happier. I didnt drink alcohol, I was working out every other day and eating healthily. I had great energy. I loved it. It made me jittery after a while and depressed so I quit taking it, but if I could get some now, Id just take it to lose the weight and then once in awhile to maintain. It was the best thing ever. I've been even more depressed and I drink alcohol now, because Im so upset that I cant seem to lose weight like I once could with Metabolift. People who had problems with it, should stop taking it... but why ban it from others who truly had good results and loved taking it.
posted 25-Feb-2008 5:21pm

I just started taking Ephedrine. I researched it a lot first and waht I found was that the 'official' line is that it can cause heart problems, strokes, death etc, which made me worried. But then I read a lot of comments from people who have actually used it, and most of the reviews of ephedrine are good. I would have thought if there were a lot of people experiencing terrible effects they'd be the first ones to post on websites warning people off it and complaining. but the vast majority of feedback I've read has been good, so I am more inclined to believe that some people have taken it irresponsibly, and because it is a relatively 'new' drug in the west, any bad reactions get exagerrated and people panic. I've found that only 100 deaths have been 'linked' to ephedrine. When you compare that to the amount of people using it, not to mention the amount of alcohol related deaths, smoking related deaths, etc, I wouldn't think it is much to worry about, as long as you take it responsibly.
My own experience has been good- I have so much energy and don't feel hungry. It's the perfect diet aid. It doesn't miraculously make you lose weight while still eating whatver you want or anything, it just seems to make you want to do that exercise and cut down on food when before you didn't have the motivation.
After taking it for three days, I met some friends and they all commented on how much weight I'd lost. True, I had some trouble sleeping, and my heart does sometimes seem to beat fast. I also experienced a 'rushing' sensation taht made me nervous, but I think that's because I was concerned about some of the dangers I'd read about.
I've also read that people take it for recreational purposes- with loads of caffeine or other drugs, and a lot of it at a time. I expect it is these sorts of users who give the pill a bad reputation.
I found mine on Good prices, and amazing service. they shipped to the UK in less thna a week. They are Canadian based I think and ship to most of the States as well.
Medical Professional
posted 12-Mar-2008 11:03am

FYI, in 17 years in practice, I've found that 84%, YES 84% of my patients who are addicted to meth began by experimenting with diet pills containing Ephedra. Whether it's "all natural" Ma huang or "snythetic" psuedo-ephedrine, it has the same side effects. Does it work to suppress appetite and help in losing weight? YES. Is the potential for tolerance, abuse, and addiction worth those few extra pounds?? NO WAY!

REMEMBER folks, anything that seems too good to be true, generally is.
posted 28-Mar-2008 9:40am

I want diet pills......I LOVED the adipex my dr. gave me it was the ONLY think that has ever helped me curb my cravings. Thats my problem, I am an emotional eater, I eat when i am bored...tired....these pills made me "zoom" i felt awesome, it actually lifted my spirits. I agree with you others, the only reason some people died from it was because they didnt take it like they should have.
posted 7-Apr-2008 9:08pm

I buy 8mg ephedra in Canada over the counter and have friends that have had excellent results. Losing 30+ lbs in 3 weeks and have not gained it back. No exercising!
posted 15-Apr-2008 5:25pm

I definitely missed what Ephedra can do for you. I found some online and have been taking it for 5 days now. My excercise is minimal. Yoga about 3-4 days a week for an hour. I started at 210lbs and I am 5'7. Right now I am taking no more than 2/day. I am drinking nothing but water and I'm not a smoker. I eat basically the same, just much smaller portions. I have added on more veggies as snacks though. To date I don't know If I've lost anything but I'll keep you posted.
Bipolar Gym Girl
posted 18-Apr-2008 10:09pm

I have Bipolar but I took the ECA stack anyway. Lost 16lbs with healthier eating and exercise in 3 months. But Bipolar got way worse and doctor got pissed off at me.... now i'm really missing the drug. I can't seem to do any kind of exercise as well as I could while i was on it because i'm not used to eating much. I'm in a rut, trying to decide if i should go back on it but not as often and not tell doctor and hope i'm ok until i lose the last 15 lbs. Otherwise, i'm sitting around withdrawing and now starting to feel more depressed. Blah!
posted 22-Apr-2008 1:20pm

I have taken ephedra for YEARS and now that I am older..I really need them. I get so depressed and I keep gaining weight I feel like I am missing out on life with out it. GIVE US BACK OUR LIVES....
posted 26-Apr-2008 11:22am

where can i buy Ma Huang tea?????
posted 3-May-2008 9:47pm

There has to be a way to get ephedra back... maybe someone should start some sort of petition. I know that there are SO MANY people who wold sign it. I mean the fact of the matter is that yes many people did on it, but if you figure the ration of how many people who took it, to how many died, its minuscule! Not only that, but I'm sure those people didn't follow the label, as most people think they know better. If thats the case, its their fault not ours... why should we suffer?! America is The most Obese Country in the world, we shouldn't be banning supplements that are helping them.
posted 21-May-2008 2:01pm

I took Xenadrine for a couple of months in 2000 and I lost 30 lbs. I loved RFA-1 and I am so depressed that they don't have it anymore. I took less then the recommended dosage and still lost weight. Now after having two children I have put the weight back on. I have a naturally slow metabolism and this is the only thing that worked for me.
lady 1st
posted 22-May-2008 8:03pm

please tell me where to getr any stacker 3 or the old xenadrine with ephedra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frustrated no more!
posted 28-May-2008 5:36pm

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I've found what you're looking for... It's a company based out Canada, but the prices online are in British pounds I think??? Anyway, they have a product called Herbalean w/ Ephedra which they claim to be "Original Xenadrine RFA-1 Formula" either way, they have a bunch of Ephedra products listed. Hope this helps!
Frustrated no more!
posted 28-May-2008 5:41pm

Sorry, too fast on the mouse! Try Thanks!
posted 28-May-2008 8:39pm

Well I used to buy Proenzi 99, it's a "nasal decongestant" but it is 8 mg of ephedra none the less. I used to pay $15 for a one months supply at the grocery store. I just found this website out of Canada, (but they can't ship it to the US) and they sell Ephedrine 8mg for $4.49 a bottle! and if you buy multiples, it's even cheaper. $5.95 flat rate shipping under $99, and free shipping over $99. Sorry it doesn't help those of you in the US...
posted 10-Jun-2008 7:39pm

Just confirmed cannot ship to the US and had to issue me a refund they said because of FDA regulations. Can anyone post were we can purchase ephedra and we can get a shipment to the US ?
posted 12-Jun-2008 7:00pm

Hey there, I'm another Ephedra user way back when it was legal. Back in High School, when I was a Freshman, I was teased and bullied all the time by all my skinny peers. I became depressed, and eventually suicidal. My mother, who was obese as well (it's genetic in my family, and unfortunately causes diabetes and other horrible health problems), decided to let me have Diet Pills. Well, first thing we did was run to WalMart and purchase a bottle of MetaboLife, which had Ephedra in it. I started taking it, two in the morning. The first thing I noticed was increased energy. I started walking all over our small town, on the beach, hiking, bike riding, even attended the Gym. I wasn't hungry as much, unlike the times I'd tried SlimFast diets, so the fat practically melted off. I was when starting out 250 lbs at age 15, and one and a half years later, I reached 120 lbs. I was so happy, not as depressed, though I have bipolar disorder, and living a "Normal" teenager's life. I had only one bad episode on it, and it was entirely my fault. I had taken 4 pills, two extra cause I was in a hurry and thought I needed the boost, plus a cup of coffee. The only thing that happened was the fast heart rate, dizziness, and feeling flushed. NOT a bad thing, against the side effect of most medications and OTC stuff. Well, Then I hear the FDA banns it from all products, and now, as my metabolism has returned to the Slow turtle pace, I can't lose the weight I want, I'm back to 170 lbs, and want to return to 125 lbs, especially after having a tummy tuck and thighplasty last April. I want to look and feel good about myself, instead of hiding under baggy clothing, and hating the image in the mirror. It's unfair that those idiots who did die or have severe reactions, most likely due to their own actions of abusing Ephedra, and cause the majority of us, who love it, to suffer it's loss. They legalize cigarettes (which kill hundreds of people each year), Alcohol (which more people die from alcohol related fatalities than most street drugs), Caffeen (which is just as addictive as nicotine, and can cause grave problems for people sensitive to stimulants) and even allow medical used Marijuana. I say let those who abuse and misuse Ephedra pay the price, just like those who get cancer from smoking, or cirrhosis from drinking, and let the rest of us live happily with our slim bodies (made possible to those who's metabolism runs slow), and self confidence!
posted 30-Jul-2008 9:49pm

Hey guys I got some ephedra laying around the house. I have to make sure it is legal to sell to anyone. I got Stacker 3, Yellow swarm and pure ephedrene. They are all sealed and I bought them because I loved them but since have quite taking them. They all work really well. If anyone is interested contact me at pimpjuice122498@gmail. Again i am not a supplier or businessman. I just have some old bottles and I must check to make sure I am breaking no laws
posted 4-Aug-2008 7:23pm

I used to take Up Your Gas about 3 years ago to help with energy and appetite suppresant. As everyone knows Mu Haung (ephederine) has been banned because people abused it due to lack of direction following. I need to know where I can purchase this specific product "Up Your Gas" with the Mu Haung (ephederine) suppliment in it. Nothing else has ever worked for me since. Please help....
saved again!!!!
posted 16-Sep-2008 4:40pm

you can buy ephedra again online but be careful some stuff is fake,if it says "ephedra leaves" its fake.... i lost 60lbs in 3 months on the stuff...happy hunting!!!
posted 1-Oct-2008 7:13pm

I used to take trim spa with ephedra back in the day when it was legal and really cheap for one bottle. As time passed and the banned it in one of my counties in New York I had to travel to the other county to get it. Then after awhile it was completely banned so I bought it online but for over 100 a bottle. I can't seem to find anything now that works just as good. I hate this whole ephedra ban. It worked great for me because I lost 60 pounds in 6 months and I worked out everyday and I have kept it off for over 4 years. I wish they had it back on the market. I took Vasopro for a bit but to me it doesn't seem to work that great at all. It's hard to decide online what is real and what is fake and what pills will work. If anyone has any good tips or know of any good pills, please let me know.

Sherri, what was that pill you bought from that website that you said is working?
posted 8-Oct-2008 4:38pm

I started taking ripped fuel w/ ephedra and it was a miracle worker!! I lost 40 lbs and was never more full of energy. I kept it off too until I started having children. I had 3 babies in 4 years and am having weight issues again and would LOVE to find the real deal again - the actual Ma Huang. All the other diet pills say they contain ephedra, but they don't say Ma Huang and I think that's the difference. So, I'm in the same boat as all of you. If anyone finds a way to get a hold of these again, I would love to know. And I say we start the petition!! You've got my signature...

posted 16-Oct-2008 7:30pm

I took ephedra for about 4 years with great results. I would take it in cycles of 3 momths on 2 months off to make sure my body didnt get used to the stimulants. However now it doesnt seem to work anymore. I know how I feel when it is doing what it's supposed to and it seems to have stopped working for me. I have tried several brands but cannot get the effect back. Anyone know why?
posted 24-Oct-2008 10:42pm

I used to take yellow swarms with ephedra and that was the first time during my whole life that I was happy about my body. It worked miracles for me and I had unreal amounts of energy. I recently bought Liprodrene from world fitness company/ nutrition company but it is the closest thing that even compares to the original stuff I have tried, the pills were just under $40, but shipping was free and I got them in 2 days. I have only been taking them for 2 days but I have already lost 4 lbs. I have not been hungry at all or even wanted something to eat since I started taking them.
posted 26-Oct-2008 3:40pm

so can you actually buy enough ephedra to take to lose weight if you are living in the US? Is it completely banned from us ordering it online?
posted 16-Nov-2008 10:44am

I so miss Xenadrine however this Superdrine product has the same ingredients as the original Xenadrine execpt half the dosage couldnt you just double the dosage of the Superdrine? Any feedback would be helpfull I mess all the eca stacks:(
posted 20-Nov-2008 12:47pm

If you're trying to match Xenadrine, Sweethark, each dosage should have 20mg of ephedrine. So if each Superdrine is 10mg, yes theoretically just double the dosage.
posted 20-Nov-2008 12:51pm

Spacecowgirl, if you do order it, you're limited in the amount you buy and how it is bought. You can buy a small bottle that labeled for "Nasal Decongestant." If its an 8mg serving per pill buying less than 1000 pills should be fine. 7.5grams is considered the threshold (7500mg).
posted 20-Nov-2008 12:53pm

I saw the website everyone is talking about

All products that are contained on it, are not the same ephedra/ephedrine people were taking prior to the ban (The Ban was an amendment to the USA PATRIOT ACT, passed by The House as the ‘Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005’ signed by President Bush in 2006). In addition, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit upheld the decision to keep ephedrine out of diet pills, DIETARY supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids are ‘adulterated’ therefore they are banned as part of the USA Patriot Act [1] , Reasoning? Methamphetamines are made from ‘adulterated’ stimulants, ephedrine is one of them (not synthesized ephedrine is ephedra). However, the PATRIOT ACT states: Retail over-the-counter sales of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine products 30 day (not monthly) sales limit not to exceed 7.5 grams (7500 mg) if sold by mail-order or "mobile retail vendor.” In other words, low-dosage stuff used for anything but diet pills is okay in limited sales [2].
posted 20-Nov-2008 12:54pm

*continued from above*
Before the ban, products like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Ripped Fuel had something called Ephedrine Alkaloids (usually Ma Huang) [3]. When the ban went into effect, those products were essentially taken off the market. Many were re-launched with different, but less-effective ingredients, with one name being sold to a different company. About a year or two ago, some companies found a loop-hole in the judgment against ephedra/ephedrine. Basically they realized they could no longer sell EPHEDRINE (NOTICE THE 'INE' AT THE END, ‘adulterated’), however they could sell other, similar types from the same family that are not, ‘adulterated’. That is what we see on The products on there such as Lipodrene, Stimerex, etc. have Ephedra Extract (Leaves) (NOTICE NOW EPHEDRA WITH AN 'A' AT THE END, NOT 'INE') [4].

They use similar ingredients, but not the exact ingredients used before the ban (before the ban many companies used stronger versions such as the most common: Ma Huang). That is the difference now, a similar, but weaker version that is not synthesized, therefore not ‘adulterated’.

The result? Well I have taken a couple of the newer products with the EphedRA leaves (Lipodrene and Stimerex ES) and they don't work as well as the old-school ephedrine products like the old Xendedrine RFA-1. I have heard some people get decent results, don't get me wrong. However, for people who have used the old products they will notice the difference in the product they are taking. I personally was not impressed by the products, but from the two I had taken, Stimerex ES seemed to be stronger. The interesting thing about it, they are made by the same company: HiTech.
posted 20-Nov-2008 12:54pm

*continued from above*
I have been a major supporter of ephedrine since 2000. The first time I took it, I lost 26 pounds in 30 days. A few years later I lost an additional 50 pounds in two months. There is no question that ephedrine worked wonders for many people all over the world. Everywhere I look, I see people giving their story on how well it worked for them. Is it 100% safe? Well I’m not a doctor, but I’ll go out on a limb and say nothing ever is. I took the stuff as directed and had results without any problems. I don’t have any pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. That is another thing people need to take into account before they pop anything into their mouth. Many people who have reported problems with taking ephedrine have had pre-existing problems or abused the stuff.

Steve Bechler, a former major league pitcher died in 2003 from heatstroke. When they looked in his locker they found Xenadrine and attributed that as the cause. However, here are some other facts that often go over-looked when people like to talk about how dangerous ephedrine is: He was significantly over-weight, it was hot and humid when he went to go play on the field and he had “significant amounts” of ephedrine in his system. Well I see something wrong with that paragraph alone: Significant amounts of ephedrine? It turns out he also over-dosed when compared to the recommended dosage: 150% [5].
posted 20-Nov-2008 12:55pm

*continued from above*
Interesting information on Bechler? It gets more interesting. Here is more information also over-looked when people like to speak negatively about ephedrine in regards to Bechler. When the toxicologist issued the report on him he said there are other factors involved in his death:

“Bechler was overweight and out of shape.
He was not yet accustomed to the warm, humid weather in South Florida.
He was on a diet, primarily liquid or semi-liquid.
He didn't feel well or eat the night before he collapsed.
He had high blood pressure and abnormal liver functions [6].”

Sounds like there was more to his death than those against ephedrine want us to believe.

Don’t get me wrong, what happened to Steve Bechler and his family was very unfortunate. However, putting the blame on a supplement that he obviously abused, WITH pre-existing conditions, and not eating correctly is not the fault of Cytodyne (the old manufacturer of Xenadrine). What happened to taking responsibility for our own actions? His family sued multiple companies and won about $1 Million dollars.

From 1993 to 2001 there were 81 deaths associated with ephedrine. Compare that information to this:
where is the ephedra
posted 25-Nov-2008 7:34pm

Hi Im really upset that they banned the ephedra, I took it 5 years ago and I lost 60 pounds in a few months or less, now I have gained weight back and cant get rid of it because I lost faith , I think it should be up to the people if they decide to take it or not, for the ones who had heart attacks sorry for your lose but you over did the amount you were supose to take (READ THE LABELS AND DIRECTIONS)Bring back the epedra!!!!!!!!!!
where is the ephedra
posted 25-Nov-2008 7:40pm

Who do you talk to about unbanning the ephedra? I have heard nothing but good on this website about the Xenadrine (which I use to take) or other products that had ephedra, the companies want ot make money right? well thye should fight this ban also, how can we get this product back?
posted 8-Dec-2008 9:48pm

Ehedrine is not banned in all states check your laws. Speedway and Marathon and Walmart gas stations carry ephedrine packs of 6 and 24. I recommend no more than 4-5 a day 25 mg. You have to sign a log. I have asthma but lost an incredible amount of wt using ephedrine and gained alot of muscle. With working out. You may email me at
Also vaspro carries the 24 pack online pay attention and follow directions. I don't use caffeine or asprin for the eca effect.
posted 18-Dec-2008 10:43pm

You can still get 8ml of Ephedrine in Canada. It's called Pro-Enzi 99 Caffine Free, and it is an oral/nasal decongestant. But it works so good for weight loss. When they used to sell it in the drug stores, I lost 150 pounds in 5 months without dieting, and doing lots of exercise. Look it up. It's great. you can also get any Canadian drugstore to order it for you. They just aren't allowed to put it on the shelves, or sell it over the counter. Unfortunately, after my last 2 pregnancies (during which, of course, I had to quit ephedrine) I didn't do my research soon enough, and ended up taking other bunk ass things to lose weight that didn't work and made me feel jittery and feel like crap. None of them halped me lose as much wieght as I lost from pro-enzi 99. I got so depressed because I hated the way I looked and nothing worked. Anyway, because of those buttholes that took ephedrine off the drug store shelf, I ended up doing all kinds of crazy things to lose weight, and ended up in the ER several times. I am still suffering from some serious effects of my eating disorder that I ACQUIRED BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID EPHEDRA BAN! Sure, the ban is good for people that have serious drug problems and totally abuse the stuff, but this is what banning ephedrine-based diet pills can do to other people who really want to use them properly and have energy to exercise more so they can lose more weight. Can't the FDA and Health Canada see that? Unless they want to deal with more people in the ER from people that have reached the end of their rope and now have a dangerous eating disorder because they can't lose weight the healthy way anymore, THEY SHOULD BRING BACK EPHEDRA AND EPHEDRINE BASED DIET PILLS! If anybody in Canada makes a petition, I will be happy to sign. And FYI people, once I am in good health again, if that ever happens, I am going to be buying more Pro-Enzi 99! I got some now, but I don't feel healthy enough to try taking it again. THIS EPHEDRA BAN SUCKS ASS!!!
posted 22-Dec-2008 2:50pm

hey i got a bottle of stack 2, by a company called M double You, which says its has 500mg of ehpedra sinica/ma huang on its label. i don't know if this is actual ephedra becasue i thaught it was banned in the UK .... do you people possibly know if this is real or not. Their website doesn't show anything and i got this from my gym, which the guy their said it is a "lower" version of ephedra. anywayz they should bring ephedra back
posted 22-Dec-2008 10:01pm

Yeah, I hear ya randomer. Sorry. I have no idea about anything in the UK. The Pro-Enzi 99 Caffine free pills I used to take have 8 mg of ephedrine hydrochloride in them. So 500mg seems like an awful lot of ephedra. Hey, for people that have problems with a raing heart when they take ephedra or ephedrine, pseudoephedrine basicly gives you the same amount of energy with less side effects. Although with pseudo, you have to work harder and don't lose as much weight as fast as with ephedra.
posted 5-Jan-2009 11:23pm

Ephedra is not banned. Ephadrine was banned but, the ban was over turned in 2005 by utah, then the federal court that said the judge had no business, and that it proved safe. So nationally it was restored. They said it proved safe compared to all other diet prescriptions....ALL of them. Ephadrine (the man made version) does speed up the heart and is dangerous. Ephedra (the extract/concentration) does it also but, to less of a extent. But if you take it(ma huang) naturally as a tea, it does the OPPOSITE!!! It still gives you energy but it lowers blood pressure long term. When man messes with the concentration(ephedra) or makes a synthetic version(ephedrine) of it, is when things go bad.
posted 5-Jan-2009 11:55pm

answer to question to 'where can I buy ma huang tea" is Ebay!!! Ma huang tea has several names. The name you want to search for is 'mormon tea' You can buy it there. Enjoy and good health to you.
posted 6-Jan-2009 12:07am

Sorry I have the last Three post in a row but to answer another question. Where is the ephedra. It is all over but a couple of good places (for selection and price is) and Just type the word ephedra in the search field. The trick is to avoid the 60% that say "ephedra free". To the person that said you took too much read the label, I have to add this. When the first ban (which is overturned) came they used two cases BOTH where WAY over the recommended amount!!! Then they still decided at lease one died from a unrelated cause. Be careful with ephedra, avoid ephedrine it is a cheap headache causing synthetic version that does not work as well. Enjoy and good health to you. Congratulations on losing 60 pounds the first time on it! Consider the tea it is just as good and lowers your blood pressure if it is high, and will even help a person with LOW blood pressure to bring it up to normal. Also it cleanses the blood!!! Enjoy and good health to you
posted 6-Jan-2009 12:21am

Sorry but my posts (the last four) are from America only. But again the ban AND restrictions on Ephedra has been lifted. A lot of information I'm seeing here is from pre 2005 (ban partially lifted), and early 2007 before all restrictions lifted. A lot of companies will tell you it is illegal, that is because they are sticking with the ephedra free products, and want to discourage you from buying elsewhere. In the USA you can get all the Ephedra you want, in a store, or internet over 10mg. Pure ephedra or with other ingredients added. You can buy the tea also (mormon tea) and you can grow your own plants by buying the seed, and grow it CHEAP, almost anywhere!
posted 9-Jan-2009 2:25am

So, can you get mormon tea in Canada? I took a few of my 8mg Pro-Enzi 99s (not all at once, I'm talking about for a few days), and my heart was racing so bad that I couldn't stand it. I have no tolerance for them anymore, which really sucks and am wondering if I should hang onto them or get rid of them. I have problems with my blood pressure being too low now that I have had to recover from an eating disorder due to the "supposed" "ban" of ephedrine and ephedra. Don't these drug people see what they are doing to people by misinforming them? Such crap! Anyway, can you get mormon tea in Canada?
posted 14-Jan-2009 6:24pm

I like lipodrene with ephedra I have to order it online. Make sure if you order it that it says WITH ephedra. Also, the problems that people were having were caused by lack of common sense and they would take too much at once. As far as I know it was ephedrine not ephedra that people had problems with.
posted 18-Jan-2009 1:58am

Like so many others, xenadrine rfa-1 changed my body and my life. It was incredible! I was in such great shape and was on top of everything going on in my life. I didn't abuse it and I didn't have side affects. If anyone knows where to get it or another product that is most like it, please let me know!
posted 18-Jan-2009 2:05am

What is the difference between ephedra and ephedrine?
posted 19-Jan-2009 5:55pm

posted 19-Jan-2009 5:59pm

posted 23-Jan-2009 4:18pm

I tried some Superdrine from Arnolds....not very good...and I am not sure if it is says that it has ephedra, but I am not very impressed. This ban sucks.
posted 26-Jan-2009 2:27am

The Megadrine Maximum Strength has exact ingredients as Xendarine. Also has the alkaloids, not the extract.
posted 1-Feb-2009 10:20am

itook ephedra from the mid 90,s til i could'nt find them anymore about 2 years ago i never over did them lost 30 lb's an kept the weight off it;s sad people can drink an smoke which the goverment knows is unhealthy an how many people have drunk driver's killed an injured an how many billions has both caused the goverment in health care but obesity is a major problem an is it just me or since they banned ephedra is it geting worse an there was a drug that really worked an was'nt near the problem smoking an drinking is so i guess the goverment could'nt figure out a way to heavly tax ephedra they got rid of it an truly 1 basaball player's death was linked to ephedra i guess nobody has ever died from alcohol or tobacco
posted 2-Feb-2009 10:15pm

So where can I buy Ephedra?? I want the real stuff not something that is cheap and not going to work. Thanks!
posted 5-Feb-2009 4:01am

Below are the ingredients in Meadrine. When you click to order the amount of the ingredients change. just an FYI. I am having some difficulty locating a good product with all the correct ingredients as RFA-1 as well as a trustworthy vendor. If anyone knows of a good vendor please provide the address.

Megadrine RFA-1 Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Bitter Orange (fruit) standardized to 25mg synephrine 42.5 mg
Pantothenic Acid (calcium pantothenate) 20 mg
Ma Huang Equivalent to 20mg of Ephedrine 335 mg
Guarana Extract (seed) stardardized to 100mg of Caffiene 455 mg
Proprietary Thermogenic Blend 225 mg
Proprietary Blend:
White Willow Bark Extract (standardized to 7.5mg salicin), L-Tyrosine, Ginger Root, 3,3',4',7-Tetrahydroxyflavone, Magnesium Phosphate, DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Acacia Rigidula Extract (leaves), Theobromine, Phenylethylamine HCL, Yohimbe Extract (bark)
posted 6-Feb-2009 11:09am

I have just got a months supply of ephdrine from a 'contact' shall we say. I only want to lose about 14lb, I'm currently 140lb. How lond do you think it'll take?
posted 8-Feb-2009 3:07am

The megadrine ingredients that I read says "leaves" for ma huang...
posted 11-Feb-2009 12:17pm

Does anyone know if there's a website where you can check to see if you've reached your buying limit of ephedra for the alloted time like they do when you buy cold/asthma medicine?
posted 17-Feb-2009 2:48am

I want xenadrine rfa-1 back!!!!
posted 22-Feb-2009 6:12pm

I bought Primatene Mist tablets (12.5 mg ephedrine each), took them for 1 day and already dropped 1.5 pounds, obviously water weight for now, but wow! I had hardly any appetite, and today I have basically NO appetite, but I am making sure to eat small healthy meals/snacks throughout the day. My question is: Has anyone else here used Primatene Tablets/Bronkaid since the ephedra ban?? WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON EPHEDRINE???
posted 24-Feb-2009 7:10pm

I bought xenadrine RFA-1 the other day.I bought it over the counter and im not sure if its the same as the old stuff.I used it 6 or 7 years ago for three months and lost 30 LBS.The ingredients dont say anything about Ma Huang so it must be ephedra free right?Maybe someone else has seen this product and can tell me if its the same as the old stuff or the same label without the ephedra.
posted 6-Mar-2009 2:22pm

I took a pill called phentermine and it worked better then the ephedra products. You can get the presciption from your family doctor fairly easily. i lost 30 lbs in one month and my energy level was through the roof without a rapid heartbeat. It contains something that shuts the signal off to your brain that tells you that your hungry. Its amazing.Put it this way my house was never cleaner and if i was hungry, which i rarely was, i couldve eaten off my floor. With our medical insurance it only cost 10dollar copay too. Love it!!!!
posted 16-Mar-2009 7:38pm

I've been taking ephedrine 8 mg's for over 10 years, no problems to report. I never go over the daily recommended dosage, and I drink plenty of water.

Thankfully, it's available everywhere in Canada and only $4.99 a bottle.
posted 27-Mar-2009 1:01am

Proenzi99 is on the shelves. I just picked ip a bottle at the Superstore,and before that i used to get it ofF the shelves in Walmart
posted 1-Apr-2009 4:23pm

There is a difference between ephedra and ephedrine....ephedra is the real some may know it...and ephedrine is man made. The baseball player that died was using the man made kind. I took the real thing in the 90's and after as long as I could get them. Just beware of man made and the real thing...remember, if it ends in an a it is natural, if it ends in an e it's fake...
posted 5-Apr-2009 6:27am

i'm using a half strength ephedrine eca, 30mg ephedrine 100mg caffine and 15mg asprin so its probally man made but is it safe as long as i follow the instructions ?
and how long should i use it before i take a break?
posted 7-Apr-2009 7:06pm

start a petition for the use of ephedra again real epedra
posted 18-Apr-2009 8:33pm

hey i saw this site because i am on ephedrine, but its not a weight loss tablet because i buy pure ephedrine with no other substance in it i just take the caffiene tablets every time i take 1, i have lost a nice amount of weight im guessing it is much better then the diet supplements as its pure ephedrine and i must say i have not had many side affects but i guess they effect people in different ways but its deffo the best i have taken to lose weight and ive tried everyfin. The very 1st time i took it i didnt eat before taking them which u shud because it takes away ur hunger and also will make u sick if u dont eat!! so as i was sayin the 1st time i took them i was sick and it was horrible, but then i started taking 1 after breakfast then id take 1 a couple hours later and then 1 after id eaten again.. the side affects i get now after taking them for a month is i get the shakes now and again, and sometimes i struggle to get to sleep so its best not to take any about 5-6 hours before u go to bed! i joined a gym 2 weeks ago and now i no how they work best, they make u sweat alot!!! and before i started taking them id only manage an hour in the gym now i do 3 hours 2 or 3 times a week so weight loss is rapid.. i guess if u use them for say a month and then stop for a while but maintain will power and then use them again for a while there wud be no problem as thats what i do, i try not to constantly use them so no problems occur adn all in all i have been usin them for 5 months and have had no problems!
posted 21-Apr-2009 4:12am

sure there are alot of things you can say about ephedrine i was 200 pounds a little over 5 years ago now i put on 80 wich puts me in a severe obese status my metobolic rate is very slow and cant keep wieght off i put it on only,i need the ephedra to at lease shed some of this weight off, soon as i can do tht then diet exsersise absolute but we live in a national country were fast foods are legal and they serve fatty foods whether we moderate or not still unhealthy so die of heart atache over the food we are served or die over ephedra were if yes we use as rx we all can get the results we want
make it the people choice right.
posted 30-Apr-2009 6:26am

I am about to start ephedrine but want to know the best daily routine to take them ?
posted 1-May-2009 4:58pm

I just started Yellow Bullets with Ephedra 25 mg. I just started yesterday I only take 1 a day and I'm eating healthy but not excerising but since yesterday i've lost 5lbs it crazy I have so much engery too I can't stay still. I'll keep you updated and HOw it's going
posted 2-May-2009 12:04am

I am a little confused ---Ephedra (Ma Huang sinica) is not the same as Ephedrine. Is it not true that Ephedrine is synthesized in a lab as with Ma Huang being natural occurring herb that has little danger considering it alkaloid content is 1-3% compared to 40-90% alkaloid content in ephedrine. So buying the herb in natural form should be a safer alternative.
posted 18-May-2009 12:44pm

actually you can still buy xenadrine rfa-1 on thats where i have been getting mine. the site takes u to another site that is selling it for anywhere from 8-50 dollars depending on how much they have in stock. happy buying
posted 18-May-2009 1:02pm also has other products with ephedrine and ephedra extracts in them. now that they lifted the ban those few years back they can now ship to america. plus the cost is cheap. i'm going to start taking red volt tomorrow and will let everyone know how it is going. happy buying
posted 18-May-2009 1:05pm

you can also do what i'm going to do when they get here in the mail and plant some ephedra sinica plants which are the plant that contains the ephedrine alkaloids in it. then when it is harvested you can make a tea out of it or mix the ground up stems with your coffee to make your own diet concoction. i'll also let everyone know how it went. but the seeds are cheap and the growing is easy so why not give it a try. i know i will.
posted 17-Jun-2009 3:21am

i tried rip fuel,speed stack,( it was favorite)and so on. and as long i did it in moderation,it never resulted on any bad side effects. and it for some reason or other
i felt yo much the"jitters",i would`v eat something high in proteins and it would balance me. trust it works!
posted 30-Jun-2009 10:51pm

Well, I remember riding the ephedra train a few years ago. My weight had ballooned to about 260 lbs (I'm 6' tall) from 180 lbs when I was in my early 20's. I kept a regular diet and excercised, but for some bizarre reason, my body would not go below 220 lbs (still unhealthy and I still had fat) over the course of 6 months. So, I found the solution in Xenadrine. Reading the instructions and ingesting the minimal amount of the drug, I went down from 220 lbs to 170 lbs in the next 6 months. The only side effects I had were occassional dizziness and restlessness. I bought 3 more bottles of it, and along with the same diet and reduced exercise/intake of Xenadrine, kept that weight for 2 years! I must honestly say that the drug worked wonderfully for me, with little or no side effects. However, once they banned the drug (due to some retarded steroid using baseball player who OD'd on it), I ballooned backup to 240 lbs, then worked twice as hard working out and dieting to get back down to 175 lbs two years ago. However, due to finishing my BA in Chemistry at UCSB, I have since gone back up to 215 lbs. Again, I wish that they would allow the drug for use in prescription weight loss pills for people considered obese or larger.
posted 2-Jul-2009 12:57am

posted 10-Jul-2009 5:21am

im starting 30mg pure epherdrine tomorrow
do they work on there own?
and whats the best doseage
i dont want any one tellin me its gonna kill me and all that crap..
iv researched it fully jus need to no if it works alone. thanks!
posted 23-Jul-2009 10:05am

I've been taking ephedrine Hcl (formerly known as mini thins / mini two-way) for the past 20yrs. Now all of a sudden thanks to some jerkoffs that decided to smoke them, nobody can purchase ephedrine in any form anywhere unless it's the 1/2 dose Pimatene Tablets. 8 tablets for 100mg is prohibitive at $12/box of 60!
Even the herbal web-stores that advertise herbal ephedrine often list their product as out of stock indefinatly or it redirects to some triple-dose caffine tablet.
Is there anyone anywhere that sells legitimate ephedrine tablets or raw stems? or are they all false links & abandoned pages now???
posted 2-Aug-2009 1:23am

is superdrine really the same as exenadrine?
posted 8-Aug-2009 1:45am

where can i buy ephedrine?
posted 9-Aug-2009 5:01am

I have gotten some Sida Cordifolia which says it's 6% Alkaloid. Does anyone know if that would be considered real ephedra, and if so, with the 6% alkaloid what the potency of this is compared to older ephedra?
posted 12-Aug-2009 4:46pm

Can someone just please tell me where online to get ephedra. I use to take metabolife 365 and it worked and now I can't get it. Where can I get diet pills with the "real" ephedra like back in the day?
posted 14-Aug-2009 9:37pm

I got my ephedrine HCL 8mg tab from They are about $4.50 for 50 tabs and shipping to the US is $15.
posted 16-Aug-2009 9:53am

it says on google that in 2009 the ban on ephedra has been lifted in the US. so does anyone know wher we can get some genuine ephedra now? so sick of these fake products.
posted 18-Aug-2009 12:15am

you can still buy most of the ephedra based diet pills over the counter in south africa.
posted 14-Sep-2009 10:09pm

i have a question!!!! I have been taking ephedra broceze ones for many years and want to find something else. but which one?
posted 22-Oct-2009 10:15pm

would taking 12.5 grams of ephedrine help me lose 5-10 pounds if i take that dosage once or twice a day. I am 114 pounds. I will also excersice
posted 30-Oct-2009 11:20pm

I love ephedra in the yellow jacket form and i want it back! The only people that got hurt by it are people who abused it! it helped me lose weight and i havent found any other pill that comes close to being like that yet and i have been looking since it was banned FDA BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!!!!
posted 1-Nov-2009 10:05am

Ephedra extract vs. alkaloids- what's the difference?

Ok, well I must clear up this alkaloid business. I am a chemist who works in the supplement manufacturing business. I know some of the posts I am talking about were earlier in the thread, but here is the break down.

There are several different species of ephedra.

Ephedra sinica (Ma Huang) <-high alkaloid content in extracts

Sida Cordifolia <- less alkaloid content

Ephedra Nevadensis <- little to no alkaloid content

+ more

Herbs in general are used in many different ways. For instance no extraction would be referred to as a raw herb powder which is just the dried and milled plant material. This is a highly non-concentrated material. An extract uses a chemical based solvent to "extract" the actives (in this case the alkaloid content) Extracts are much more concentrated in alkaloid content. These can come in 10:1, ratios or percentages thus with ephedra around 8% alkaloid content.

Basically when we refer to an extract it is a concentrated active material that has been drawn/extracted by chemical means out of the raw herb.

In the coming months you will notice ephedra sinica extracts to be obsolete (alkaloid). Right now distributors are able to sell off remaining (old) stock of ephedra sinica products. The ban is in full effect, over the past few years since the initial ban the ruling was still up in the air after it was over turned. Now the FDA has made a stern decision that the ban is 100% in full effect. Many manufacturers were raided such as hi-tech Pharm. and ephedra extracts where confiscated. It is illegal for a manufacturer to market any ephedra alkaloid product as a weight loss or diet aid. Many manufacturers have been selling products with "ephedra extract" however it is generally ephedra nevadensis or some other species with no alkaloid content whatsoever. This is simply to fool the consumer; the FDA has a new rule that products that contain the words "Ephedra Extract" must state that there is no alkaloid content. If you see a label that says Ephedra extract (leaves) You know it is bogus and is not likely to contain any alkaloids because ephedra sinica does not have leaves. They use this as a marketing tool to make people think they are getting something they are not. You would be surprised with the things that we see in the lab.
Disgruntled Woman
posted 25-Nov-2009 11:46pm

Let's face it, the real Ephedra is gone for good and i've spent hundreds on ephedrine replacements claiming to be the real deal only to be dissappointed. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING suppresses the appetite like Ephedra (ROOT ALKALOID). I took it for over 10 years, never had a probkem. It even helped with my allergies. Now, the industry is losing millions because everyone, by now, realizes that NOTHING works like it. The people that got hurt while taking it were no doubt abusing it and taking it with loads of caffeine and aspirin. I took the NVA PURE EPHEDRINE with NO caffeine or additives and NEVER had a problem. Now, my allergies are back and so's the weight. Oh well, my search is over. I'm ready to ban together with other disgruntled people and get something happening!! YOU WIT ME???? o.k then let's post some suggestions on HOW we can make something happen??
posted 25-Nov-2009 11:51pm

I bought the Energy Nutrition brand of PURE MA HUANG, and it did sort of work like the old ephedrine but it yields only 10 mg of alkaloid. You have to take 5 to equal what you need per day. I think it works, or maybe it's all in my mind. Has anyone tried this?
Super Stoked Dude
posted 30-Nov-2009 4:35pm

Dear Disgruntled Woman,

News flash: Ephedra is back! Now you can purchase pharmaceutical grade ephedrine from CANADA.

Word to your mother.
posted 22-Dec-2009 3:11pm

Where do you get ephedrine in Canada? What stores?
posted 27-Jan-2010 10:25pm

I'll sign a petition as well.....I agree that we should be able to take whatever we want- as american citizen's- we can practice any religion that we want and we all know the dangers of some of them out there....worse than this stuff.....if we are willing to take on any potential risks....who gives a f___
posted 16-Feb-2010 1:43am

posted 16-Feb-2010 1:44am

posted 17-Feb-2010 9:27am

ROgaec I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.Please churning hold the contents. It is very entertaining.
need help
posted 26-Feb-2010 9:27am

So after reading all of this - which one do I want to buy - I know I don't want the extra caffine but do need a kicker to help with weight loss. Can I buy what I need at a local store like a GNC? Thanks for the info
posted 28-Feb-2010 5:35pm

come on people,have u tried fruit 4 energy?a bowl of oats with jelly?cardio?we cant use ephedra because of this right here?quite simply either work hard or go to jail.
posted 28-Feb-2010 5:44pm

basically everything in moderation will give you energy.even ephedra.
posted 12-Mar-2010 3:11pm

They have the REAL deal at TWS warehouse! I bought some, got the next day, and it is REAL! Good luck! Thank Heaven!!!!
posted 15-Mar-2010 11:35pm

how if its banned.its ephedrine that you have.because it says its ephedra dont mean its real.white willow bark is aspirin.supplement business is very unregulated.
posted 24-Mar-2010 12:52pm

posted 28-Mar-2010 6:19am

i have asthma and am trying to get just ma huang without any caffeine, can anyone help me with this?
posted 28-Mar-2010 6:22am

we're all gonna die anyway
posted 31-Mar-2010 5:42pm

I wish we could have this available again. I was on Ma haung for over 10 years and I was so very healthy.
posted 1-Apr-2010 6:58pm

@asthma person...try find ma huang tea.sip as needed.dont however confuse asthma attack with panic may have to import tea btw.1 last thing ... when it comes to ur lungs be an air purifier and check the filter after one months use and ul c my point.
posted 4-Apr-2010 8:57pm

posted 10-Apr-2010 3:21pm

I suffer from Asthma, is tea or ephedra pill(w/o caffine) more helpful? May have to drive up to Canada?? Anybody know where to get???
posted 10-Jun-2010 12:47pm

I think the FDA has a deal with the diet industry so we will never lose weight with the crap they are selling us..but we never give up and keep spending our money on stuff that doesn't work. And since they know that they are getting rich...very rich. And us poor fatties are still spending our money and we are still fat.
posted 12-Jun-2010 11:43pm

You can still get ephedrine at the pharmacies, its just regulated how much you can buy so you have to show your id every time you purchase it.
posted 17-Jun-2010 9:20am

look the FDA and the entire government is corrupt. nobody gets anything in this country without making money, and you cannot patent marijuana or MaHuang for the same reasons.....they occur in nature, and you CANNOT patent what grows naturally.


So all you idiot doctors out there need to shut your holes. You don't know everything and quite honestly, this is a free far, but I must say taking the doctors down a notch or two with Obama-Care may be a good thing for the arrogance of some of them.

just so you know, I came within 8 HOURS of loosing my infant son to an idiot who wanted to wait for a virus? after I argued my point to the head of pediatric surgery at Mott's Childrens hospital, they found what I thought was right, and apologised to me, and I NEVER saw that doctor, anywhere in that hospital again. SO god bless the doctors who care for their patients and to *(^%^$ with those who care for thier money! and this includes the FDA, and the pharma companies they are in bed with....butt banging each other!
posted 26-Jun-2010 9:56am

I have Psoriasis for 20 years. I took the original Hydroxycut 8 years ago and lost weight through diet, exercise and tons of extra energy. I always took the recommnended dosage and didn't abuse it. I also drank tons of water as directed. My Psoriais disappeared completely, which at one point was one every part of my body and really embarassing. Even to the point that I was able to get naked in the middle the day at a bar in Key West. I have been racking my brain for the past 6 years to try and figure out why I didn't have Psoriasis that summer and just realized that it was the alkalizing effects of Ephedra. My skin is horrible now and I have tried everything from Holistic measures to whole food crazy diets. I am going to try this Ximo stuff or the Tea form or find someone in Canada to send it to me.
i luv ephedra
posted 15-Jul-2010 7:27pm

i have 24 boxes of stackers 2 lite with 12.5 mg of the good stuff for sale or 12.99 per box plus shipping thanks
posted 16-Aug-2010 4:01pm


stupid people take the stuff dont drink water get dehydrated and collapse. If people would just use half their brain and common sense, nothing would have ever happened and ephedra would be still easily available.

Its always dumb people that have to ruin a good thing. Then again that how everything is nowadays "a good thing will never last"
posted 4-Sep-2010 11:21am

ephedrine 20-25mg, with caffeine 200mg is an amazing appetite suppresant. Just practice good hydration, don't use it if you have elevated blood pressure. It works for me, but i think it builds up in my system because eventually my sleep begins to suffer
posted 9-Sep-2010 3:37pm

I just bought ephedrine otc as asthma medicine. You have to ask the pharmasist for it at walgreens and its only 9.00. Just add caffeine and asprin and create your own stacker. Trust me I havent felt this good since 2003.
posted 27-Oct-2010 12:01am

Zenalean Pro has the same key ingredients as the original Xenadrine RFA-1. It has the Ephedrine Alkaloids just like the original Xenadrine RFA-1 and will provide the same results and effects. Just follow the same dosage of 2 pills at a time with an empty stomach. You can get the Zenalean Pro at
posted 2-Nov-2010 6:33pm

A product shouldn't be banned just because someone can't stop using it or is too stupid to follow the proper instructions or know whether or not their health can tolerate it. Have a little personal responsibility! If we start with ephedra, then let's ban ice cream because diabetics eat it even though they know they shouldn't and fat people eat too much and can't stop. And cars too. Some people drive too fast and don't wear their seat belt. How about this? We pad all the idiots in the world in rubber foam and put them on a floaty somewhere on an island of clouds so they can't hurt themselves and make the rest of us responsible for it and suffer the consequences of having things banned that actually work when used CORRECTLY!
posted 29-Dec-2010 1:14pm

True what Chemist4Thermogenics says. Fortunately, you can still get the original discontinued Ephedra Extract, Ma Huang and Sida Cordifolia products with Ephedrine Alkaloids until sold out at

"Ephedra extract vs. alkaloids- what's the difference?

Ok, well I must clear up this alkaloid business. I am a chemist who works in the supplement manufacturing business. I know some of the posts I am talking about were earlier in the thread, but here is the break down.

There are several different species of ephedra.

Ephedra sinica (Ma Huang) <-high alkaloid content in extracts

Sida Cordifolia <- less alkaloid content

Ephedra Nevadensis <- little to no alkaloid content

+ more

Herbs in general are used in many different ways. For instance no extraction would be referred to as a raw herb powder which is just the dried and milled plant material. This is a highly non-concentrated material. An extract uses a chemical based solvent to "extract" the actives (in this case the alkaloid content) Extracts are much more concentrated in alkaloid content. These can come in 10:1, ratios or percentages thus with ephedra around 8% alkaloid content.

Basically when we refer to an extract it is a concentrated active material that has been drawn/extracted by chemical means out of the raw herb.

In the coming months you will notice ephedra sinica extracts to be obsolete (alkaloid). Right now distributors are able to sell off remaining (old) stock of ephedra sinica products. The ban is in full effect, over the past few years since the initial ban the ruling was still up in the air after it was over turned. Now the FDA has made a stern decision that the ban is 100% in full effect. Many manufacturers were raided such as hi-tech Pharm. and ephedra extracts where confiscated. It is illegal for a manufacturer to market any ephedra alkaloid product as a weight loss or diet aid. Many manufacturers have been selling products with "ephedra extract" however it is generally ephedra nevadensis or some other species with no alkaloid content whatsoever. This is simply to fool the consumer; the FDA has a new rule that products that contain the words "Ephedra Extract" must state that there is no alkaloid content. If you see a label that says Ephedra extract (leaves) You know it is bogus and is not likely to contain any alkaloids because ephedra sinica does not have leaves. They use this as a marketing tool to make people think they are getting something they are not. You would be surprised with the things that we see in the lab."
posted 6-Mar-2011 1:52pm

The FDA had to make headway for Alli. I haven't heard anything good about it as of yet. I wonder what their next ploy will be. Of course they are in cahoots with the diet industry. They could NOT have something out there that actually worked. It's so obvious! Why else wouldn't they ban other things that kill people who abuse them? It's because they are making money off of those. We, the people, have no choices. They only make us believe we do. We get to choose from THEIR choices. I took the original Formula One by Alliance USA. I lost 86lbs and never felt or looked better. I took them as directed. Never one bad side effect. Well, if you call a little faster heart rate a bad side effect then ok. It felt good to know that my heart was working and felt no negative feeling with it. I was in a good mood all the time. Of course I was, I was losing weight every day! It made me want to do good things. It just plain gave me hope and a much better outlook on life. What a terrible drug huh? It has, obviously, enriched so many countless people's lives. I'm not saying that the ban on ephedrine has ruined my life, but it would certainly be very much enhanced if I were still able to take it. Are we really a FREE country??? From these actions, I think not. They are not "protecting" us, they are controlling us.
posted 19-Jun-2011 7:35pm

yall would lose your minds if i said i know where to get 30mg in pill form 60 count for cheep
posted 13-Jul-2011 11:36pm

I uses the orginal Ephedra .... it was great! I ate right and exercised, lost a whole person in weight... now after hitting 30 and having baby, I found my metabolism was very slow... I have tried everything !!! Every new pill out there along with eating right and exercising ... not a pound has shed ... Im about to stop eating all togeather at this point... If anyone knows of anything similiar to the orginal pill, please send me the info to my email at .... I would be forever grateful
posted 13-Jul-2011 11:58pm


would you be able to email me info to help
Miss Piggy
posted 9-Aug-2011 4:37pm

i dropped 30 lbs in a matter of 3 months using orginal Stacker 2. I'm so fat now and so disappointed that finally a product worked for me, and now I cannot get it. When will I ever be able to find a real ephedra pill that works? I didn't have side effects, just amazing fat loss and felt so good about myself.
posted 9-Aug-2011 11:21pm

This is a great blog of ephedra supporters. I too am a fan and prior to the ban, used various products all of which killed appetite, kicked me in the keester and ripped off of the weight. I have gained/lost as much weight as all of the fatties hanging around the weight watchers kitchens over the years. I could write a book and actually was giving that some serious thought. My first round started at 279 pounds and completed at 149 pounds in just 5 months. I've done this a few times over the last 30 years but none as successful as the punch ephedra provided. I utilized stacker but found up your gas absolutely amazing and after some initial weight loss it was easy to get out there jogging and running and the weight literally melted off. Was able to get the old fat bones into incredible shape and instead of moving my lard around the corner I was able to quickly get to the 5 k then 10k then 15k levels. And got to the 1/2 marathon levels..... Since the ban......Life and stress happen and fatness is back with a vengeance....those fat cells are getting the last laugh with the ban in full effect. I truly don't eat all that much but getting below 200 is a real challenge evern with some moderate exercise.... Got down to 180 recently but it was impossible to maintain it even while living on cruddy rabbit foods and wearing running shoes 24x7. Very hard to watch people consume big calories and then saddle up to the tv....and still avoid buying new expandawaist fatboy pants.
We'll i am trying once again to get below 200 and have been starving the weight off until i can get to that level and don some running shoes again. I am going to try optimized Saffron with Satiereal.....I've used Ally, works ok but you need to avoid anything with fat or you will blow out your diaper....that said,if you avoid fat then what do you need to drop a half a hundred on it!! We'll see what this Satiereal will do......Up your Gas was top of the fatness meltdown class for me. Perhaps a roadtrip to canada or mexico is the only way to "feel the ephedra burn" once again.....Lots of other wannabe's out there that do nothing but serve as a weight loss tool for your wallet.....
posted 17-Aug-2011 1:43am

Ephedra Diets with Ephedrine Alkaloids are scientifically proven to burn fat, suppress appetite and energize. Beware of fake ephedra extracts sold elsewhere without the active ingredient ephedrine alkaloids from years ago. What overweight women and men have learned is that for years virtually every professional bodybuilder, informed fitness expert and successful personal trainer would tell you the same thing. Whether you want to accelerate the burning of excess body fat, boost your metabolic rate, heighten your thermogenic output or increase your energy level, there is nothing stronger or more effective than the "thermogenic cocktail" of Ephedra, Caffeine, and Aspirin (The E/C/A- Stack"). Patented formula and scientifically proven to work without diet or exercise. Beware of fakes called Ephedra Extract sold elsewhere. Only real Ephedra, Ma Huang and Sida Cordifolia has the active ingredient Ephedrine Alkaloids. Those are the ones which have been scientifically proven to work. Get the Heat Ephedra with 25mg ephedrine alkaloids per pill. Only $35 for 90 pills at
posted 24-Sep-2011 6:15am

Does anyone know bout this crap? Is it legit or should I ignore it?
Ima a truck driver and if anyone also knows if canada still has ephedra everywhere then ima start
Taking loads back and forth across the border from detroit just so I won't have to worry bout BS web sites!
I use to take ephedra everyday one hour before work ended that way by time I got to the gym it was trash time! Oh yah I trashed my muscles Monday through Tuesday for an hour a day I was ripped and ripped fuel was my pill of choice!
Its been 10 years now since I've even stepped foot back into the gym because of a bad bike accident
Because by the time I finally got healed I've gained to much wait and ephedra was banned righht as I was getting back on my feet totally sucked for us all I see lol!
I was a big gym rat up till the accident at 6ft and a shredded 176 pounds I could pound out a 1RM of 305 pounds on the bench press and yah I was taking protien, creatine, the branch chain amino acids with lglutamine
posted 24-Sep-2011 6:19am

Damn android keys grrrr I wasn't finished but anyways the massive pump I was getting and adrenaline rush to get that much weight up was from the ripped fuel I was taking with tons of ephedra, probably a lil more then I shoulda been taking but hey I was healthy safe and super strong and damn do I miss it 8-(
So help me out if you know the ansewer to my prior questions above before I accidently submitted the first part lol
posted 24-Sep-2011 6:22am

O wow I'm an idiot! I ment Monday through Friday lmao I must have something special going on tuesday
posted 30-Oct-2011 3:35pm

I also used the Xcenedrine years ago and it worked wonders. Since then I my mom has passed, I've gotten divorced and had another child. I have also put on the 60 pounds I lost including another 40 but when reserching what other diet pills would work I have found nothing. I am at the point now I will become anerexic if I don't find something soon. If anyone knows of anything I can buy online that works as good as the Xcenedrine from years ago please get back to me as soon as possible.I will try anything at this point. Email-
posted 29-Nov-2011 3:52pm

Look up ultra lean extreme
posted 3-Jan-2012 1:21pm

Does anyone no how many mg of ephedrine were in the original
diet pills (like metabolife)

You can purchase ephedrine HCL 8mg as a nasal decongestant
And do an ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin)

I was just wanting to no how many mg per dosage someone should
take for the best results.

Thanks :)
posted 2-Feb-2012 7:04am

I also too xenadrine when I was 19-20 yrs old after I had my first child. I was a size 18. The biggest id ever been in my life and on my 5'1 frame, well lets just say I didnt want to leave the house. Well I started taking xenadrine. I walked on the treadmill for three miles everyday no matter what and I had a job that required energy, cleaning houses and buildings. Washing walls from top to bottom. It seemed no matter what I still found the energy to work out. The only time I ever felt a bad side effect was if I sat around after taking it. Its like all that pent up energy and then staying still. Of course, your going to have bad reaction. Lol it just made me mean. I'd work out and then fill great!! Inreally wish we could buy ma haung again. I've tried caffeine and.other energy drugs and they didn't work or id get jittery and feel sick to my stomach. The ma haung also received my allergy problems extremely. I mean I blow my nose constantly now, its always stuffy, before I didn't have to nose hardly ever!! I really believe that the people who died or were injured supposedly by ma Huang, had underlying health issues and abused the drug. Its funny tho, Tylenol can cause sever liver damage and yet we can buy that?? Wtf
posted 2-Feb-2012 7:09am

Oops lots of typos .. Stupid smart phone
posted 9-Feb-2012 3:36am

Just talk to your neighborhood meth dealer. It's just as effective at curbing appetite and is somewhat less damaging to your cardio-vascular system. Lol, of course it's addicting.... Lol! Ephedrine is meth with an alpha hydroxyl group, which keeps
It from effectively passing the blood-brain barrier. As a result, it sits in the bloodstream causing increased heart rate which, overtime, can lead to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Meth, and regular amphetamIne, do cross the blood brain barier and so are slightly less likely to cause problems if taken in sensible doses. I couldn't stand ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine. Stuff made me ill. It is possible to use amphetamines for weight loss with a doctors supervision, but most docs are too afraid to get sued and so offer the oh so much safer alternative of cutting you open and removing half of your stomach. Lol! Good luck getting your ephedra back.
Jack Palance
posted 15-Feb-2012 1:48pm

If you have addictive tendences, or are sickly or mentally unstable don't mess with stimulants other than coffee and mountain dew. Who isn't tired of all the ramifications from screwballs acting stupid - like that Oriole's pitcher who died due to his ignorance. Ephedra, Ma-Haung, Guarana, etc are not intended as lifestyle substances. They are better used in moderation. I was known to use them before a long bike ride or other mildly strenuous circumstances. Took half an accutrim in 1993 before unloading a Uhaul. Guarana was banned for several years (2005 to 2006?) before the $&%* holes put it back on the market. A few small containers from ALDI's (yes, Aldi) with 12mg? G-tablet have lasted me TEN YEARS !!! half tablet is average dose a few times each month if I didn't get enough sleep but need an hour or two of stimulant. DON'T BAN substances due to freak incidents with morons who probably can't wipe themselves correctly. Their eradication strengthens the gene pool.
posted 26-May-2012 3:02pm

I took ephedra from GNC. There wasnt anything added to it. I lost 30lbs in 5mths. It was great. Kept the weight off for a number of years. I had stopped using the product when they took it off the shelf from GNC. The bad side of taking this was, it brought my blood sugar too low. Be careful of anything with this drug!
Missing ephedrine
posted 28-May-2012 3:10pm

I have read so many posts that I can relate to! I did so well on ephedrine when it was legal. I was in the best shape of my life and I felt great about myself. Needless to say that is no longer the case. I am 40lbs over weight and I have TRULY tried everything. I lose a little then gain it back if I am not on a treadmill ALL day long. My dr. Is thinking about putting me on phen-phen (crossing my fingers there!) I found a site that sells 8mg decongestant forms of ephedrine. How much of this should you take and if anyone has tried it, does it work? There are so many phonys out there and I am tired of wasting money for fakes. Any suggestions?
posted 11-Aug-2012 7:00am

You can still get the original formula thermogenic diets with ephedrine (ephedrine alkaloids which is natural) from
The decongestants use synthetic ephedrine called Ephedrine HCL or Sulfate. Those now come in small doses and are mixed with junk guaifenesin which may cause side effects. For human consumption, the natural form which is Ephedrine Alkaloids is best. You have to try the strongest in the market which is the Yellow Power. It has 25mg ephedrine alkaloids and 300mg of caffeine. If you like to make your own stack then I recommend the Pure Ephedrine PE25. You can add your own caffeine or drink it with coffee. Science has proven that the aspirin is not necessary in the stack. You will still lose weight, be energized and not feel as hungry as before. Remember, caffeine enhances the power and effectiveness of ephedrine so the caffeine is essential. It has a 1 + 1 = 3 effect when taken together with ephedrine.
posted 11-Aug-2012 7:08am

For Missing Ephedrine. You have not tried everything yet if you have not tried the Yellow Power, Mini Lean, Heat, EphBurn 25, Red Cutz or Pure Ephedrine PE25. Beware of fake ephedra. There are companies calling caffeine pills Ephedra. The product must list Ephedrine Alkaloids in the ingredients. Without it, it is basically ephedra free. Always ask before you buy and don't accept any excuses as to why the ephedrine alkaloids is missing in their product. Some companies will even go as far as saying that ephedra is for weight loss and epehdrine is for nasal decongestion. That is a total lie. Real Ephedra, Ma Huang and Sida Cordifolia has the active ingredient Ephedrine Alkaloids in it just as Coffee, Tea and Cocoa have caffeine. Decaf coffee has no caffeine. Fake Ephedra called Ephedra Extract has no Ephedrine Alkaloids. Don't be fooled by this new scam and get the real ones at
And no, ephedra/ephedrine has never been illegal. If so, then why do pharmaceutical companies sell their synthetic Ephedrine HCL or Ephedrine Sulfate over the counter? Why are synthetic pharmaceuticals safe compared to the natural ones? Natural is always safer. Your body knows the difference.
posted 28-Nov-2012 7:49pm

What is the addiction rate of ephedrine? I have a health project due on Nov 30th and that is one thing I need to include. Thanks if you help.
posted 14-Mar-2013 1:54pm

There are a few forms of Ephedrine, one is actual MaHuang, one I have found to actually make me tired, even when combined with caffeine. Ephedrine HCL (which is found in Bronkaid and Primatene) when combined with caffeine and aspirin does give you energy that lasts about 4 hours.

Ephedra (notice the "ine" is missing) is a joke, it is the leaf powder, and anyone who has done their homework knows that true herbal ephedrine is from the root.

Sida Cordifolia -
This is is the scientific name for a weed used in ayurvedic medicine, which is an alternative form of medicine that uses a combination of things such as herbs and oils to treat ailments. It is used to treat serious ailments such as heart disease and more simple aches such as exhaustion. The main active ingredient in this herb is the stimulant ephedrine.Because the active ingredient in sido cordifolia is ephedrine, it causes similar responses in the body as the hormone called epinephrine, which is more commonly termed adrenaline. Ephedrine is a central nervous system stimulant that combines with the adrenergic receptor. When this reaction takes place, a signaling system in the body is stimulated and results in various responses, including increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and an opened respiratory system.

This specific weed root is amazing and I found it better than mahuang. I have energy for hours. It is found in original Stimerex which is hard to find, but I have managed to find a personal seller out of Texas for now.
posted 15-Apr-2013 4:02am

The FDA wants you to be fat. Don't you get it? Its population control of the inferior population. Aka, you. They'll feed you fries and cornsyrup all day to give you diabetes and heart attack at 35. Help you though? Don't be naive. The only person. Who can truly help you is yourself. Go score some at an herbal place, and please, stop believing they have your best interests in mind. Although I guess if you are that stupid why do we want you eating our resources and reproducing. Bad enough we have to deal with the welfareites who breed like rabbits.
posted 12-Aug-2013 12:19pm

He said strong demand for Nike Free Run s enthusiasts. Apart from the scene with clothing, footwear and apparel distributor. The RX is offered in the world. With Brad Millers visible effort for the guests which have star-like flecks of white lace and underlay.
posted 14-Nov-2014 4:31am

Beware of fake ephedra sold ehewslere called Ephedra Extract. It has the active ingredient ephedrine alkaloids removed or it is not present at all. Only real Ephedra, Ma Huang or Sida Cordifolia has Ephedrine Alkaloids. It is the active ingredient called Ephedrine Alkaloids that make it work and it is present only in real Ephedra, Ma Huang and Sida Cordifolia. Don't be fooled by just ephedra alone. Get the real ones at the site above or click on my name below.
posted 28-Nov-2014 12:30pm

Ephedra with Ephedrine Alkaloids has been replaced by Ephedra with DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine). It has the same chemical action as ephedrine alkaloids. When combined with caffeine, it also becomes a thermogenic fat burner that will energize, suppress appetite and enhance concentration. All without the jitters. DMAA is considered the next generation ephedrine alkaloids ingredient. Get the Stimerex Hardcore by clicking my name above.
posted 30-May-2015 6:31am

I never had adverse side effects. I took one in the morning and maybe one about 5 to 6 hours later. More people die from Tylenol then they did ephedrine. People was taking more than they should that is why they had problems. I want it brought back. If the fda is so concerned about the side effects of pills then they need to ban just about every duge they use to treat almost everything. Its bs. The government banned it because its a plant and they cam make tons of money on it but since the ban on ephedrine was placed the government and drug companies have made billions on prescription weight loss drugs. I'm sure you can pot 2 and 2 together.
posted 12-Jul-2016 3:55am

www.thatswholesale.come website has been taken down. So where or what are people taking now? And where to get it? Loved the Metabo Less in the 1990, 1 pill a day did the trick. One person dies that abused the product and it gets yanked off the shelves with the backing of the billon dollar diet industry. Keep them fat & dumb. Carrying around this excess weight will kill me more than the pill.

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