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4321 Diet & Detox is an herbal weight-loss formula based on "Chronobiology".


4321 Diet & Detox will burn (thermogenesis), purify, cleanse and boost all with proven herbal components. It will get your liver and kidneys to function smoothly.

The idea behind "Chronobiology" is that your body's metabolism goes in cycles. Thus, it has different needs at different parts of the day. 4321 Diet & Detox Day and Night tries to specifically address those needs with a different capsule for day and night.

4321 Diet & Detox is a liquid concentrate. You mix it with water, then drink it during the day. It has a refreshing iced tea taste, some people like to add a little lemon to it.

The main ingredients in Diet & Detox are: Mate Leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, malt of barley root powder, Fennel fruit powder, Kola nut extract, lemon balm extract, grapemax (grape seed extract), celery seed powder, white kidney bean powder, chicory root powder, and Hawthorn berry powder.

There's an intensive 10 day weight loss phase initially, then you shift to a maintenance program for at least 15 days. You can do another 10 day phase after 45 days of maintenance.

History Diet & Detox is made by Health From The Sun.


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  29-Aug-2007 11:51am created by bill

posted 13-Sep-2007 11:46am

Has anyone tried this??????
posted 4-Oct-2008 12:53am

I've tried it and it works really well for me and tastes great
posted 14-Oct-2008 7:16pm

tastes GOOD. just like tea. just dump it in your water bottle and go!
posted 3-Apr-2009 11:25am

I just started taking it. I love ice tea but I don't think it tastes like it. It tastes like black licorice which I can't stand! This is only my second day on it so I'm going to stick with it because I've heard great results.
posted 16-Apr-2009 5:20pm has 5 different products and the tea product that is in a tea bag has the licorice taist but not any of the other 4.
posted 24-Apr-2009 2:45pm

I just started trying it today. My friend used it and I noticed she started losing weight
posted 15-May-2009 1:53pm

Has anyone been sucessful with this product?
posted 3-Feb-2010 11:38am

This is my 3rd day. It taste like crap and I really need a lemon to consume it all. We'll see how it works out after the 10th day.
posted 3-Feb-2010 5:09pm

I know this may seem silly but I had a bad experience on jaegar in my teen years and this makes me throw if you have a problem drinking jaegar do not try this
posted 18-Feb-2010 1:38pm

posted 12-Mar-2010 12:01pm

Did anyone loose weight on this product? How much?
posted 17-Mar-2010 12:35pm

I have tried this and I LOVE it!!! It provides you with a slight energy boost as well, it has aided tremendously in my weight loss program. I drink the tea throughout the day as you would any tea or a cut of coffee. LOVE IT!!!!
posted 27-Mar-2010 9:20pm

I tried the tea for the full 10 days and felt more energy, and things were moving, something was happening. I felt great. I want to go back on it for maintenance and repeat the 4321 after the 45 day maintenance.
posted 5-Aug-2010 9:52pm

I just started today. Does this mean that you cannot eat anything through out the day except drinking this 4321?
posted 10-Aug-2010 8:20pm

where do i find the 10 day plan??
posted 9-Dec-2010 9:53am

Im starting it today 12.9.10 and i way 235#s i will see how i feel in 10 dYS
posted 16-Feb-2011 2:51pm

I just picked the product up too...DO I EAT WITH IT throughout the day? or just drink it? HELP PLEASE?

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