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4-Hour Body


The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman by Timothy Ferriss


The author of this book, Tim Ferriss, is a man of many accomplishments. He is a former kick-boxing champion and tango world record holder. He speaks 7 languages. He founded and sold BrainQUICKEN which sells sports supplements. He is a writer (of not just diet books), public speaker and entrepreneur. He had a show on the History channel "Trial By Fire" in which he would learn a skill that normally took years in 1 week. He has a series of "4-Hour" books. The most-popular is "The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich".

The 4-hour body is focused on how to take control and optimize your body. It's not really a diet book, as the title mentions it also covers ways to improve your sex life. The book spans a wide range or topics all of which improve your life and overall performance.

The 4-hour concept that Ferriss has as a running theme through many aspects of his life and work embodies the notion that much can be achieved quickly if you simply focus on most efficient strategies. In this case, he's focused on your body and how to maximize its potential in many ways.

Diet-wise, there are many tips, and most are easy to follow. For example: don't drink calories, don't eat fruit, avoid white carbs, eat the same meals, and take a day off every week.

There is a chapter on improving your sex life which covers topics like how women can achieve orgasm. Another chapter covers sleeping better and also sleep less and still feel great. He has added a chapter on how to overcome injuries as well. Also, an entire chapter is devoted to running and improving your running. Strength training is also covered in its own chapter.


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