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7-Day Miracle Cleanse


The 7 Day Miracle Cleanse is a colon cleansing and detoxification programs developed by "The Healthman" and marketed heavily via TV infomercials.


The 7 Day Miracle Cleanse is primarily a herbal diet pill that is designed to clean out your digestive system of toxins. This in turn allows you to then absorb important nutrients better from then on.

The cleanse is done in 3 steps. The first phase cleans out parasites from your colon. The second phase removes accumulated waste in your colon. The third and final phase is an all-natural daily supplement that keeps your pH balance at optimal levels, which prevents toxins, parasites and other waste from coming back.

The pre-cleanse (first step) process takes about 10 days. The second phase cleanse takes 7 days. Then, you go on the supplement for at least 3 months before repeating the cleanse cycle (if desired). The 7 Day Miracle Cleanse kits comes with all you need, including recipes that promote health.

If you've seen the infomercial, there's a guy on it called "The Healthman". He talks about the unique herbs the forumula is made from and how it will eliminate worms and toxins, while also relieving problems of constipation or unwanted gas. Ultimately, it will help you lose weight and feel more energetic and health. You'll look and feel younger.

There are 3 main components of the 7 Day Miracle Cleanse:

Parasine 2 - This cleans out any and all worms and other parasites in your digestive tract. These prevent you from properly absorbing important, healthy nutrients. So, they must be removed first.

Herbal Mucous Eliminator - This compound strips out years of waste in your colon that has built-up for years. Again, with this removed, you'll be able to properly absorb what your body needs giving you weight loss and more energy.

Super Boost Greens - This is the maintenace supplement that maintains the proper pH in your digestive tract. This helps ward off new parasites and prevent waste build-up.


Stephen Barrett, M.D. calls the 7 Day Miracle Cleanse "brazen, grandiose and illegal."


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  7-Nov-2007 2:35pm created by bill
  7-Nov-2007 3:03pm last update by bill

posted 10-Apr-2008 3:17am

I had the 7dmc and I thought it was the best pill I ever did what it promised to do

Roger Habon
posted 21-Jun-2008 10:02am

The Parasine 2 pills were awesome. They cleaned me out so well, there were little roots on some of my stools. The medical establishment is pissed because the Healthman claimed the system cures cancer, which, of course, it doesn't. He should have stressed the preventative nature of the program because it's true that a clean colon significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer. The FTC has come down on this program, which is typical of the medical establishment. They know very little about preventative medicine - there's less money in it - and think that by inserting a camera into a person's colon, they're promoting colon health. Nothing can be further from the truth. You have to cleanse the colon periodically to maintain good health, but doctors are generally clueless on this topic.
posted 4-Aug-2008 11:55am

I had been sick for many years, untill I did the 7Day Miracle Cleanse. The Parasine 2 pills were a God send. I have not been sick since I have been using the Parasine 2 pills. I recommend this to EVERYONE!!!!!
posted 19-Sep-2008 8:48pm

Is this a harsh system? I teach and can't leave my room when the urge suddenly hits! I need something gentle and reliable. Thanks!
ms dee
posted 28-Sep-2008 8:23pm

Hey everyone. I tried the 7dmc about 3 years ago and I have to say it worked and worked well. I dont understand why the law targeted the creator of this product. I lost 5lbs after using it and it was 5 lbs of waste. The herbs also draw the mucus from the colon walls after 4 - 5 days. It looks like a gray rubber like stool. My skin had breakouts and was clear after the program. Finding it now is tough but worth the effort. I have tried two other products (Gods Cleanse) a joke and some no-name brand. They did nothing. Good luck to you.
posted 11-Nov-2008 10:09pm

this product worked really great for me.
posted 27-Nov-2008 12:14pm

do anybody knows were i could buy the product i love it i wont try anything else PLEASE HELP email me at BRR4RI@YAHOO.COM THANKS
posted 8-Dec-2008 12:03pm

I bought this product but can't find the brochure on how to use it. Can you please tell me how to use it and can I eat & dring while using this? If so what should I eat? thanks for any help you can give
posted 8-Dec-2008 12:28pm

I just did the last posting my email is if you could email me and let me know how to us the 7 day miracle cleanse that would be great.
posted 10-Dec-2008 2:36pm

i want some more
posted 2-Feb-2009 4:15pm

does anyone know how i can get the 7day cleanse? please help!
posted 12-Feb-2009 2:11am

I loved this product. I used it 2 different times last year and after my skin looked better I felt more alert and all around had more energy.. Does anyone know where I can now get them again??? I hope they arent gone forever!!!!
posted 22-Feb-2009 8:05pm

I also lost my brochure book on how to use my kit. Can anyone provide me the high level on how to use my kit???

Pretty Please!! My email is
posted 3-Mar-2009 4:08am

The information on the back of the brochure is @ (800) 676-5067. This is only my 2nd day using the product and I like how much it emptied me out especially since I generally can go for days with out a movement.
posted 10-Apr-2009 6:20am

where can i get more
posted 9-Jun-2009 7:22pm

what about colon clenze from body gold
Mama Mary
posted 5-Aug-2009 4:22pm

I used this numerous times. It has worked wonders for me. i have lost a total of 130lbs from my heaviest. I have tried 6 or 7 other cleanses and have wasted so much money and time on them. Nothing works like this one. I am diappointed that some Dr. has ruined it for us who would like to use it. It is a great product and i never felt better than when i was using this product. i just ran out of my vitamin packs and i cant get more because I CANT find them anywhere. Some Doctor was losing patients because they were becoming healthier and didnt need his services as much anymore. He is inthe biz for the money. Exactly the reason I do not have a regular doctor. I am appauld and ashamed. I want this product again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!does anyone know how to still get it?
posted 14-Aug-2009 5:04pm

I too have lost my brochure...Please help
posted 12-Sep-2009 1:19pm

I don,t have the dirrections. Do I take all the bottles together,or do Itake one bottle till finished then move on to the next! Please help!
posted 2-Feb-2010 10:17am

I ordered this product last week and can't wait till it gets here so I can try it. I need to get cleaned out! I've been backed up for years and always have this feeling of "there's something in there" and alot of lower back and leg pain. I really think getting cleaned out will be the solution for me and Dr Natura's product looks like the best way to do it. I looked at colon cleanses and enemas online but I'm not sure I can do something like that to myself in my own home and something about visiting a doctor to get my ass cleaned out with a hose just doesn't seem ok to me. I'm happy The Healthman is out there and trying to help people because I totally agree that most doctors really WANT you to have and keep your problems so they can better serve (take your money) you! I never understood why a person would want to go through medical school and come out not wanting the very best for their patients. Not to generalize, but it seems the chinese, the longest living civilisation on earth, have had it right from the beginning. PREVENTATIVE medicine, non-invasive treatments, and the plethora of healthful God created herbs available to us. Modern science and ALL the money they spend could be doing so much more than they are doing. It is clear to me the hidden agenda and THAT makes me REALLY ILL. I think independent herbologists and doctors who branch out on their own maybe more likely to have intentions of really helping people and are certainly worth looking into. Do what I do, THINK about what might be wrong with you if you don't feel well. Spend TIME on it, don't jump to conclusions. It's usually not as bad as you think. Illness is like a rock in your shoe, it always FEELS bigger than it really is. Explore all possibilities. Do the research, look for solutions, brainstorm, and then go at it like car repairs. Start with the most inexpensive solution to troubleshoot with. And go up from there. Hopefully you find the solution along the path well before the worst case scenario becomes apparent. Good luck and best wishes.
mike hunt
posted 10-Mar-2010 9:04am

this product sucks so bad i wasted $2000 on this and it didnt work.
posted 19-Mar-2010 12:37am

yes, I used this product 7dmc on 3 different occasions and had wonderful results everytime. I have been trying to locate this product for 8 months now and was hoping it would show backup soon, I never felt better after I did each cleanse, i did the first cleanse in 2006 and I had immediate results - lost my goal of 25 lbs in 1 1/2 months and never felt better. Please come to my rescue, I am in need of a miracle now.
posted 19-Jun-2010 9:16am

I can't believe the "medical" world is still so ignorant in preventative measures. Mr. Stephen Barrett, get informed and stop taking "science" (as it currently stands) as all-knowing. It seems common sense that we should cleanse our insides, just as we clean our skin/hair/nails to prevent infections. This product worked wonders!
posted 28-Jun-2010 7:42pm

I tried the 7 day miracle cleanse several years ago, and just got on the web to try to find one for a friend. I did not realize the controversy around the product, but no one could convince me that this product does not work, because I saw, and felt the results. I used a colema board a few days after beginning, and all through the program, I passed very unfamiliar things in my stools. i passed a long rubbery thing about 2 feet long. It was not a worm, but build-up on my colon wall. I passed a lot of jelly like things, and other things that were not nromal to me.
The elite crowd would like to dumb us all down to simple logical truths.Surely we are smarter than that. If there were not health care issues,imagine the many cancer research facilities, and the like that would go out of business. It truly is all about money. If it works for a dozen, and one gets a reaction , you can bet it is the one that will get the publicity. It's funny that people are all accepting if it happens to a pharmacutical Co., but call an N.D. a quack. I believe it is time that we not only survive, but thrive through the pure natural things that God has provided for us. Life and death truly begin in the colon.
Mr. Brown
posted 3-Jul-2010 8:04am


posted 16-Oct-2010 5:52pm

I am from Europe. This product was very good working for me and many my friends from Europe ask me to buy it for them. If something very good comes on US market somebody will doing everything to stop it. It always under control by big guys. Too bad !!!
posted 18-Oct-2010 1:18am

i tried the 7dmc about 4 yrs ago and i had great results, plenty of energy,cleaned me out so well and gradually reached my goal weight, lost 30lbs total and never felt better! would like to purcahse again where can i get it
posted 25-Oct-2010 5:12pm

So this product is no longer on the market? Sounds great and I would like to try it. Email me at if anyone knows where I can get this. Thx
eva herz
posted 3-Mar-2011 1:52pm

Ive had these products twice, and found them a little hard on my stomach. But I have a bad stomach anyway. Yet what I did notice was that The Boost Greens were the best out there. Better than any in the Health Food Stores:It heeled a 15 year old back ache,took away a 5 year old ruptured siatica, stopped my pinched nerve, and that was the first time within a week. The next time I took it pulled up my immune system, stopped my hormonal symtoms( like voices outside my head, from a medication), and stopped my depression. I am sold by this product ( Super Boost Greens). I even called the company, and told them that I thought it could stop cancer, and that I wanted to sell it for them. I love these Greens, and only wish that I didn't have such a hard time finding it now!
eva herz
posted 3-Mar-2011 1:56pm

I can tell you as an amature nutritionist that the Greens in this bring a lot of oxygen to the body, and minerals.Where there is a lot of oxygen, it is very hard for inflammation to exist. And minerals help so many organs obtain optimum health.
Deb Erickson
posted 18-Apr-2011 4:29pm

I have used the 7 dmc several times with the same results...excellence! I think the FDC stinks to high heaven when it comes to preventative herbal practices! This product is not jammed packed with chemicals, and works just like the name implies....a Miracle! This is the only colon cleanse I would even contimplate using, because it works! I've tried plenty of others and they simply don't have the wonderful effects that this product does. I would recommend anyone contimplating using a colon cleanse to use this one. The company may have been over zealous with it declaration of what this product can do, but I will say that as far as colon cleansing this is the best! Sellers can be found on E-bay - thank goodness for them!!!
posted 4-Jun-2011 2:22am

I need to find this product. Please e-mail me if you know where to get it!
posted 28-Jun-2011 9:55am

I need to find this product.Please email me
Sheila B.
posted 8-Jul-2011 2:03am

I have used the 7 day miracle cleanse and it is truely what it says, a miracle and that is why they have gotten rid of it.I have learned that anything that the FDC approves is definitely not for me. The product did everything it claimed it would do for me and more and i have been searching for it for a few years. I am thrilled to know that i can go on ebay and get it. Thank God and the healthman for the 7 day miracle cleanse.
posted 24-Oct-2011 12:09am

Ive used this product once before,and love it!. plan to buy another 1-week kit,I had a freinds ask what the hell did I do to look 10- years younger.don`t know what happened to the guy that spent $2000 dollars? IT was the best $100 I ever spent....P.s on my 4th day of cleanse I started to think I was the second coming of 7dmc
posted 26-Oct-2011 11:06pm

love your product, just wish I could find a distbuter,never claim your product can cure cancer unless you want the fed`s to shut your bussiness down and throw you in prison. You can`t mess with the big phara your there lacky Dr. Stephen Barrett MD.....jake
posted 11-Jan-2012 1:34am

is your product sold in store?
posted 22-Feb-2012 2:29pm

I to have used these products, I loved them, they worked great. I have not been able to find them at all since August of 2010. I also loss my booklet. We all need to find out where the Health Man is located, maybe that would help, I don't know, I am on a mission to find this product again, if I do I will e-mail anyone who posted their e-mails.
posted 11-Apr-2012 2:56pm

I bought this product about a year ago and my wife put it in the walkin closet ,I just now found it I want to know if I can still use it or did it expier , If you can reply to I sure would owe you one Ty Buck
posted 21-May-2012 2:44pm

i used it once 3 years ago best product i ever used i pray someone will make it available again are they still making it seems like somebody would find out what was in it and make some more it was shore good stuff
posted 28-Jul-2012 8:32pm

Is the 7 day miracle cleanse still on the market?
posted 4-Aug-2012 8:56pm

Lost my booklet on how to use it. Can someone send directions PLEASE!!!
posted 23-Aug-2012 4:07pm

Where can I order it again? Love it!
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:11pm

It's true that the 7 day miracle cleanse does work very well. Can you still buy it, I would like to use it again. I felt so much better and lighter after completing the cleanse.
posted 5-Mar-2013 2:26pm

I've been "into" health and healthy eating and lifestyle for years, especially since leaving college. I exercise regularly and eat plenty of fruits & veggies. The 7 Day Miracle Cleanse was incredibly effective. Incredibly. I think that some of my hard-charging years (in college) of too much drinking, etc. definitely took their toll. The 7 Day Miracle Cleanse really helped me get rid of a lot of built up "stuff." Hard to describe until you try it, but it most definitely works.
posted 24-Dec-2015 9:28pm

Yes! There is a direction cneinctoon between the brain and colon. Healing through The Mind-Gut Connection is very progressive. It is complementary to any medical procedure or alternative modality. Clients love the results!

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