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Acai Berry Actives


A diet pill that made of 100% Acai berries.


Acai is a palm tree that grows in South America, especially Brazil and inside the Amazon rainforest. The Acai palm produces berries that local Brazilians have harvested for generation.

Recently, it has been discovered by the rest of the world that Acia berries have some special qualities that help people lose weight.

Acia berries are an antioxidant, which means they have many healthy qualities. The marketers of Acia berries alsp claim they improve digestion, sexual performance, energy levels, skin appearance and sleep. Also, the help detoxify your body while having a high fiber content and reducing cholesterol.

Dr. Perricone lists Acai berries as one of a number of super foods that help you maintain a healthy weight along with other healthy effects.


There has been some negative press surrounding Acai berry marketing. Some people have claimed that they got a free trial, but then tried canceled, but their credit card was charged anyway.


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  12-Jan-2010 4:11pm created by bill

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