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A new dietary supplement made out of powerful antioxidant berries


Acai is supposed to boost your energy and clean the toxins in your body, resulting in lower cholesterol and better health. It is supposed to make you lose weight without the side effects that other suppliments have.

Sale: Acai Berry Extract at Botanic Choice


Oprah takes acai and she likes it and says it really works for her.


This is a new product and not a lot of research has been done on it. I haven't read too much about affects or side effects. The websites just say that it makes you lose weight.


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  2-Jan-2009 1:45pm created by Nissa
  19-Jan-2010 10:03am last update by bill

posted 2-Jan-2009 1:52pm

I ordered some Nature's Way Acai caplets from Ave Maria's (the healthfood store here). I picked them up yesterday, but I haven't started taking them yet, since I am recovering from an electolyte imbalance attack. I was thinking about starting today but I don't know. I'm kind of wary to try this because not a lot of research has been done regarding Acai since it is fairly new. But I think I'm gonna risk it and go for it and see if it works. I was wondering if anybody else on here tried it? Also, does anyone know of a quick cure for an electrolyte imbalance that does not have as much sugar or as many calories as Gatorade. FYI I am one of those people who is now about 10 pounds over my ideal weight range, and I used to be obese, so don't tell me to eat more.
posted 9-Jan-2009 2:09am

I have been taking acai for 3 days now. For the first 2 days that I took it, I felt this really great burst of energy. And it made me poop lots! Today after I took it, I felt kinda burnt, woozy and lightheaded. I wonder all the grapefruit I eat and green tea that I drink already detoxify me and if that means I'm done? I will try it tomorrow and see what happens. My friend is taking it and says it works for her, but she is not on any other kind of diet and she eats more than me.
posted 20-Jan-2009 6:53pm

I ordered a free sample of them but haven't started- is there a special diet I should be on with them?
posted 20-Jan-2009 8:22pm

I ordered this from ebay and am anxious to try it. I have 30 lbs to lose and hope this is the key. I have tried the Orovo detox and didnt see any major results. (maybe 3lbs)
posted 29-Jan-2009 11:09pm

I've been taking Nature's Way Acai caplets for a month and I feel great, my skin used to have lots of balckheads, which have all cleared up now! Also I lost 20 more pounds! I read that you don't need to be on any special diet when you take them, but I am doing a low-fat 1500 calorie a day diet and it is really working for me. I have lost 106 pounds of the weight that I gained from having two kids, and only have 14 pounds to go! I also do an hour of cardio every day and do pilates every second day. It is essential to exercise when you diet when you are trying to lose a lot of weight or you turn into a big sloppy bag of loose skin. I've seen people do it and it is so DISGUSTING! Dieting without exercise is just assinine!
posted 1-Feb-2009 10:22pm

did you have any side affects? I just dont want to be sitting on the toilet all day!
posted 2-Feb-2009 7:26pm

Hello all, Newbie here... I haven't taken that Natures ay Acai, but I bought that Acaiburn, today is my 3rd day of taking it. I'm losing about .7 - .9 pounds a day so far.. it's only been 4 days... ALthough I didn't do to well on Superbowl, I gained .7 pounds back... I don't have much to lose, just those last stubborn 15 pounds... It's KILLING ME!!! - I work out 1 - 2 times a day. I eat healthy.. Exercise just wouldn't do it alone. I needed something else... I'll keep updating on this product. but I am interested in that Natures Way product too. I'm sure that is less expensive then what I'm taking now.

Keep the updates coming. Love to read them.
posted 4-Feb-2009 2:54am

Nature's Way Acai caplets are pure Acai and work great! They give you so much energy too if you take them with a cup of coffee or green tea
posted 4-Feb-2009 11:17am

Do you lose as much weight as I am with those as well... .7 - .9 pounds a day? I would really perfer to spend $20 - vs. $60 for the Acaiburn... :) - I just love the feeling of losing this weight.. it's great!!! - I was actually able to put on an old pair of jeans today... ALTHOUGH I do still have a little ways to go, but I'm getting there.

Thanks for the responces.
posted 11-Feb-2009 9:53pm

I just bought some acai by Spring Valley at Walmart for $8.00 ... I am gonna start them in the morning. But I will keep posted on my progress..
posted 13-Feb-2009 12:10pm

well, 2 weeks down on AcaiBurn and I've lost 7 pounds. Not too shabby. I'm going to keep taking it, since I keep losing weight off of it. Although reading all the reviews like I have been for the last 2 weeks it seems like no one else is losing weight on this stuff. but I am, it's wierd. anyways. Has anyone tried the Acai Juice? Another site, a woman said that she has been drinking that but didn't say how much he lost or is losing.
posted 6-Mar-2009 4:12pm

Well Im planning on trying this but I will also be taking birth control,does anyone know if one will affect the other? seeing how BC increases weight and Acai is susposed to reduce it....
posted 11-Mar-2009 3:20am

The first day that you take Acai you crap a lot then after that you just feel good and have more energy and it helps clean toxins out of your pores. And they do give you lots of energy if you take them with a cup of coffee or green tea. In fact, that is what I do when I go to the gym. And I have now lost 117 pounds! Yay for me!!!
posted 16-Mar-2009 1:36pm

I have been on the famous Acai berry / colon cleanse diet for two weeks now. By watching my diet and adding healthy walking to my daily plan I have now GAINNED 8 POUNDS.... how come I never read about this type of out come on the web????? Leslie P. Cody Wyoming
posted 24-Mar-2009 3:07pm

The reason you don't read about the negatives of a product on the web is because the producer doesn't WANT negative posts on the web...that won't sell the product! I've been taking the Orovo acai blend for two weeks, now...definately not the weight loss the websites claim. I'm asking for my money back. Autumn, have you had any success with the Spring Valley product? Nissa, its good to see that its not ALL hype. Az, you had reasonable results in February. Are you still having good results? Ann, Denver
posted 25-Mar-2009 5:02pm

yeah I got down to 136 from 145, almost 10 pounds... then a bunch of crap started happening and I just stopped taking them... totally unrelated to the pills.... - I just figured, if I'm drinking and eating crap I'm not going to waist the pills.. :) - but I think I'm going to get back on them here soon.. I have just 5 - 10 more pounds to lose to get to where all of my clothes fit me again.. as you can see I'm at my last few pounds and it's a KILLER to get them off...

Good Luck to the rest of you.
posted 11-May-2009 5:35pm

posted 21-May-2009 3:17pm

I am currently taking the Acai Berry Detox. It is my first day. I wonder if anyone else has felt light headed and a little foggy? I noticed I seem to be clenching my jaw as well. I felt great this morning but am now wondering if this a good product. I mean I expected some tummy cramping but not jaw clenching and eye twitching.
Am I alone on this? I feel I should stop the product but if it is not harmful would like to continue it for the trial period and see if it can actually help me get rid of the bloating and a bit of excess weight i've put on since being smoke free.
posted 20-Aug-2009 10:21am

I am 40 years old and started taking the Nature's way Acai berry Vcaps a few weeks ago and I have never felt slimmer. I do attend boot camps and am fairly fit but the waistline was always troublesome. Not sure if it's acai working but I am really noticing a difference around the waistline for the first time with absolutely no side effects!! Yipee! P.S. I do try to stay away from high fat meals as well.
posted 7-Nov-2009 11:58pm

Acai is good for cleansing mainly. Yes, it can help some people loose weight. Many people have a lot of extra waist that is constantly just lingering in their lower intestine and colon. Then there is also fluid retention caused by various toxins that we eat in processed foods. Also, a lot of chemicals and preservatives that we eat can cause mild intestinal inflammation. For people who are bloated and carrying extra waist in their intestinal systems Acai will cause nearly instant weight loss results. Bear in mind, that you are not loosing fat weight right away, you are loosing weight from waste and retained fluids. Now for those who are not retaining all that yuck yuck, Acai berry may not have instant results. You may have to just wait for the effects of a cleaner body to give that extra little pep to your metabolism. Remember, these berries are not stimulants, they are just extremely rich in nutrients and antioxidents. They mend and repair things in our systems that get gunked up. When your body is running more smoothly, you are more prone to have more energy and therefore a more efficient metabolism... but its all about time and maintenance.

On the issue of loosing fat weight, it is also a scientific fact that you should not loose more than 2 pounds a week worth of real body fat. Loosing 20 pounds of actual FAT from your body in less than a month can cause stress on your endocrine system and can even have harmful effects on the liver.... even for fat people. Fat often holds excess estrogen and your body becomes accustomed to the levels of estrogen that are stored in your fat and released into your bloodstream when those fat stores are tapped into. Loosing excess water is fine, losing all the nasty gunk in your guts is GREAT... but be careful when you are actually loosing fat tissue, don't try and drop 30 pounds in a month. Gradual healthy weight loss with moderate exercise is the best way to go.

Acai berry is good, but don't be impatient with it and don't misunderstand what its actual properties are.
posted 7-Nov-2009 11:59pm

lol, I just realized that I kept typing 'waist' instead of 'waste'. I was meaning 'waste' as in poop sludge in the guts. Not 'waist' as in mid section of the body :P
posted 28-Nov-2010 2:00am

9 months ago I started taking the 'Nature Valley' Acai Berry supplements. The first 2 days just sent me to the restroom. I was luckily on my vacation from work. After those two days, I noticed I felt more energetic. I love green tea, but being a skeptic, I quit drinking it until I felt it was safe to. It increased my energy even more! Green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee. I ate very small amounts, but very frequently. I ate green apples, grapes, cucumber, strawberries, cherries, watermelon, coconut were just a small amount of the fruits I ate. I always ate the fruit in the morning because it gave me even MORE energy, and it lasted all day! I was starting to feel like a kid again! I walked to work, or rode my bike, or even jogged. When I got home I would eat veggies. I would do yoga, push-ups, and sit ups. I couldn't believe these things didn't tire me out anymore! I was only able to run for 5 minutes before getting tired, now I can run for half an hour! The weight just fell off. I didn't check the scale. At ALL. All the scale does is cause stress, and stress only makes people gain weight. I can now proudly say that I went from 262 lbs. to 124 lbs. in 9 months. I'm wearing clothes that I'd never been able to wear before. But ladies (and gentlemen), please don't expect weight loss to happen quickly. I started losing the wight after one month of taking the supplement. I also had to diet and exercise. My husband enjoys the new me also(;
posted 4-Feb-2011 10:22pm

I have been taking spring valley acai and other supposedly heart healthy supplements from wal-mart and my cholesterol went up. I had a heart attack and am trying to recover. I want to know why soybean oil is a main ingredient in an acai pill. how stupid can they be? my large extended family has abnormally high cholesterol. Do not trust health product suppliers, because they are putting unhealthy fats, which are not omega 3 phytosterols in products and pretending its healthy. Do not trust inert ingredients to be inert. Tell these A-holes to get sugar, fat, and carcinogenic additives out of my health food. Feel free to comment to
posted 25-Dec-2012 4:12pm

Hi, I graduated high scoohl at 240 pounds and at 5 foot 3 that made me about as round as I was tall. I was one of those overweight teenagers who ate anything and everything without any regard to the effects it was having on my own body. Therefore, I began the diet pills, which did not work; I ate the special diet foods and even began drinking diet beverages. None of this stuff worked for me, just as it does not work for millions of overweight people. Eating less did not work and I was not one to work out or even get up and do anything remotely related to exercise. I knew I would look silly and it would hurt. I never thought or really cared about the health effects this would have on me, back then. A year ago after a successful weight loss plan, now at 120 pounds, it is a major difference. I've lost 30 pounds in the first month. The most significant change in my life is the amount of energy I now have and the way my clothes fit loosely. Everyone close to me and people I haven’t seen in a while are amazed and tell me that I look really good. This is a life changing experience for me although at first I was skeptical about the weight loss plan. Our own metabolism system play a vital part in controlling the amount of body fat burned in the process of providing energy to the body. Knowledge about our own metabolism function is the mother to all weight loss programs. With the knowledge you not only reduce your weight but able to maintain an ideal weight and living a healthy life.The weight loss program has proven to be effective in the short and long-term, without need to endure starvation and without any daily athletic workout. (But taking a light exercise every few days is highly recommended). Best of all you can eat what you most enjoyed without gaining any weight The weight loss program is affordable by all and do not need to pay a monthly fees to use it. In contrast to diet pills regime where you need to buy it on a regular basis and the amount of lose weight will reversed back when you stop consuming it.The success has inspired me to help others and i am sure you won't be disappointed. The link is at the source below and discover how you can become noticeably thinner in 11 days by eating in a way you'll actually enjoy.

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