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Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar is an old-time remedy that is suppose to help with a number of health issues, including helping people lose weight.


With the explosion of all sorts of diet pills on the market, apple cider vinegar has been added to the mix. It's now commonly available in pill form to make it easier to take and more like other diet solutions.

Typically, you take 1 capsule 3 times a day and of course keep focused on other weight-loss techniques like exercising regularly and not over-eating (keeping the calories down).

Beyond weight-loss benefits, apple cider vinegar is also reported to help with other common health problems like diabetes, dandruff, acne, high blood pressure, cholesterol control, fatigue/tiredness, acid reflux, arthritis, and even allergies.

It can even help your pets (cat & dogs) to be healthier (shinier coats) and reduce flees.

Of course drinking vinegar can be hard to do. The pills make that a snap. Just swallow and you'll never takes the vinegar. Another trick is to mix it with honey to make "honegar". The honey is also said to be a healthy food.

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid among other acids. These help your body to burn fat and not store calories as fat.


The medicinal properties of apple cider vinegar were first brought to serious medical attention in the book, "Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health" by D.C. Jarvis.


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  7-Jul-2009 10:51am created by bill
  7-Jul-2009 11:05am last update by bill

posted 1-Aug-2009 7:49am

Apple Cider truly works for many, many ailments. It is full of enzymes that are processed out of our foods. They key is to buy Organic, unfiltered, unpasturized vinegar. This type of vinegar has the "mother" in it which is the important element. A popular one to buy is Braggs. In the Florida market it is available in the health food section at Publix. Up North at Wegmann's . I am sure it is in many other supermarkets around the country. You can also get it from their website. I was diagnosed with GERD ( acid reflex) and was on protonics and zantac. One of the side effects was a 10 pound weight gain because of the meds. I learned about ACV and it cured my GERD. I am off all the meds and the weight melted off again. My mother has arthritis and I told her about ACV. After one week, she can rotate her shoulder without pain and her hips don't hurt as much! Google ACV and you will learn a lot!

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