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The Atkins Diet heavily restricts consumptions of carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) and encourages you to eat proteins and fats instead.


The diet consists of four phases.

Induction -- first 2 weeks
To jump start your weight loss and break your addiction to sugar by eating only 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. The carbs should only come from salad and other non-starchy vegetables.

Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL)
Gradually add back in some healthy carbs. Strive to develop healthier (low-carb) eating habits for the long term. You can eat 25 grams of carbs a day now. Then gradually, you add 5 more carbs a day until weight loss slows. You stay in the OWL phase until you are within 5-10 pounds of your goal.

Continue by adding 5 grams of carbs per week until you are losing only 1 pound per week. You stay in pre-maintenance until you've reached your goal weight.

Lifetime Maintenance
Here you have reached your Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium, the perfect balance of carb consumption for weight loss maintenance. Stay within 5 pounds of your goal weight for the rest of your life. Typically, this will mean eating no more than 60 grams of carbs per day.


Dr. Robert C, Atkins (1930-2003) developed this diet in the 1960s. In the 1990s it gained a great deal of popularity. It was the first major diet to push "low carbs". Low carb versions of various popular foods were produced. But, the bubble seemed to burst very quick in the first few years of the 21st century. In July 2005, Atkins Nutritionals filed for bankruptcy.


Critics of this diet site Japan where a high-carbohydrate diet has been common for generations, though obesity was rare. Only recently, since the introduction of high-fat and protein foods from the west has the rate of obesity in Japan become an issue.

Also, Atkins does not discourage intake of saturated fats. Many studies of linked saturated fats to heart disease.


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  25-Oct-2005 11:49am created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:09am last update by bill

posted 18-Nov-2005 11:22am

i was first introduced to Atkins while i was living in colorado. i was a cook at a little cafe along the main highway through the canon. anyhow, i was furious w/ the atkins craze that swept through this little town. i would have regulars who would come in every morning for breakfast, and order your typical meal....2 eggs 3 strips of bacon 2 pieces of toast....well, somehow somewhere, they believed that omitting those 2 little pieces of toast and replacing it w/ 4 more eggs and 3 more strips of bacon was a good thing....
i cooked for them all....all of their cheeseburgers w/o the bun, strecthing a small pizza dough crust into a large, etc etc....i preached to some of them, for this method is so completely hard on your liver, it's just not even funny. also....all of that protien makes you start to smell. seriously, your natural odor becomes metalic almost and has a strong scent of iron/rust.

sure of course i like the idea of cutting back on carbs, especially the horrid ones like the bleached flours and other bleached grains...but again, it all comes back to moderation. there are indeed better choices, it just takes a minute to cut through all of the crap that is out there, in order to find it.
posted 20-Nov-2005 11:57am

A vegetarian I met in passing mentioned that meat-eaters are more likely to have bad breath. I've heard that thing about body scent as well. I don't think I've noticed it, though I tend not to get that close to people. smile

I tried Atkins briefly a couple years ago. I was just like your café patrons. I pigged out and it didn't work for me. I think my problem is a kind of mis-wiring of my hunger response. So, while Atkins works for people because the meat/protein/fat is satisfying; it doesn't really work for me because my satisfaction is out of whack. I think I eat out of compulsion rather than hunger much of the time.
posted 21-Nov-2005 9:20am

"I don't think I've noticed it, though I tend not to get that close to people." just named the root of your food issue.
(it's pretty similar to my issues....)
but, i see it like this....all you want is a "hug", per feel satisfied emotionally. since you're not feeling that gratification from your personal relations, you're using food to give yourself that hug, even though the after feeling is one of self loathing, so to speak....but initially, you're happy and hugged. i guess it would be comparable to, if you were happliy married and used a prostitute on a regular basis, ya know? you get that same immediate satisfaction, but feel horrid after the fact and when you think about it.
my tendencies are very similar. i tend to do my gorging when i'm alone and when i'm sad. i'm alone quite a bit, so it's kind'a shocking that i'm not bigger right now this very moment.
maybe i'm totally off base here....but my gut says that there is indeed some truth in that.
posted 23-Nov-2005 8:20am

monday night i totally gorged myself....ah sweet carbs.
posted 23-Nov-2005 8:36am

You may be right. Though, that sort of feels like a can of worms. I'm pretty sure that going to get a hug (which I could do) wouldn't really fix this for me. My wife and I are not especially affectionate with each other. We both tend not to be like that, in general, I'd say. It's not something I/we could change with a snap of our fingers. We're just like that. I guess we could go into therapy and link it back to our childhoods, but then what? I have friends who are more affectionate. Some are very touchy-feely, which is OK with me. But, I don't long to be like them deep inside. I don't know.
posted 24-Nov-2005 10:57am

i know that this is can of worms, and that the ultimate root of it all, runs quite deep. tis ok really. for once you can at least acknowledge the root, and name it per say, all that stems from that initial root will be more easily recognizable.
not certain at all as to what to actually do w/ that knowledge....but, at least you'll have a general sort of understanding.
every day i'm trying to figure out personally, how to deal...accept...learn...grow....whatever. i just know that for me personally, overeating and gorging is a total emotional thing/trigger. it's as if i have a "hole" in my luminous being, and i'm trying to fill it, (fill it w/ food, smokes, pills....whatever), instead of trying to figure out how to close it...good god am i making any sense.

happy turkey day
posted 25-Nov-2005 9:19am

Pharmacy Times
posted 3-Mar-2007 7:35am

I am going on a pill or medication STRIKE!!! No more pills for this no more medication for that just good old fashioned warm water salt gargling, lemon & honey, brandy and tea... WBR LeoP
posted 26-May-2008 7:43pm

I have been on Atkins for a week tomorrow and am down 8 lbs.! I noticed its been a while since anyone commented on here. Is anyone else currently on Atkins?
ByeBye Belly
posted 10-Jun-2008 4:08pm

I'm here. Just came off of Phase 1 and lost 9 lbs. Let's see how phase 2 does
posted 1-Feb-2009 12:55pm

hei everybody!
I was on atkins 2 years ago and i kept the diet very strict for 1 year.I lost 50 pounds and felt great.I was also diagnosed wth a hipothyroid before i started and the doctors gave me a diet to follow(not atkins) but did not work at all(and they gave me also some tablets to take which they supposed to help me lose weight).As i started atkins i start losing so in a year i lost all the weight thet i wanted.In the first 2 months i lost 30 lbs and then the process slowed down.of course during atkins i took vitamins.Now i am off atkins for 2 years and i could keep my weight there untill 3 months ago when i start gaining and now i have to lose 15 lbs(this is what i gained recently).Hmm,not feeling to follow atkins again so i am taking fenphedra at the moment and hope it will work.If not probably i will go on atkins again eventhough people say that if u quit atkins and want to repeat it ,it will be hard or even impossible.
atkins works but if u achieve ur goals don't start eating lots of carbs cause it will come back(especially sugar and bread)
posted 21-Nov-2012 2:31pm

Atkins is a great diet will be stating it on Sunday
posted 21-Nov-2012 2:32pm

I did it before a few years ago and lost weight. I kept it off for years but during 2012 I decided to do low fat eating and gained weight gradually for a year. So forget all the low calorie low fat diet, they creat more health issue in my opinion. When I was on Atkins my health was great.
posted 20-Jan-2013 12:50am

Diana, How much weight have you lost so far? I was thinking of trying the Atkins diet.
posted 3-Nov-2014 10:52am

Is Anyone ever on this Forum?
posted 8-Nov-2014 9:20pm

IM on here
posted 19-Feb-2016 1:26am

It's good but but counting net carbs suck. And still get bad headaches and I did g.f to. Same as phase 1 on Atkins just w gf

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