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Breatharian Diet


This diet is based on the dubious idea that people can survive without eating food and possibly water.


Breatharian, also know as Inedia, is an extreme spiritual concept that comes from eastern aestheticism (primarily Hinduism). The concept is that people don't need food, but can survive entirely on air (or perhaps sunlight or "prana" [life force]).

It's not so much a diet as a spiritual lifestyle. In practice, the people who call themselves Breatharian do in fact eat from time to time. Not eating is a kind of goal or spiritual practice. But, for whatever reason, most Breatharian do eat sometimes.


The concept came out of Hinduism in India. It's an extreme form of fasting which is common to Hindu spiritual practice. In modern times, parts of the new age movement have latched on to it and made it more popular.


Most scientist and in fact common sense would tell us that not eating will eventually result in death by starvation. There may be some spiritual value to the idea of being a Breatharian, but physically, it's an extremely dangerous and potentially deadly thing to try.


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  27-Apr-2006 8:57am created by bill

posted 28-Oct-2006 3:12pm

I think of The Simpson's, when the 5th level vegan episode occurred. To have such control of cravings, albeit extreme, what a freedom. I am unable to go without eating for a day!
posted 19-Mar-2007 4:45am

I wanted to tell you that I've been eating primarily a vegan diet for the last seven months, with a lot of it being raw fruits and veggies. And its great! WBR LeoP
posted 4-Apr-2007 7:44pm

aliens and angels don't pooh. I don't think this is just for jesus types and shamans anymore. Supposedly more people have been asking more questions about this. Just look at all the corporate sponsored atkins diet propaganda and have you noticed how desperate fast food places have been getting lately? mcdonalds salads!?! subway everywhere. Also, more people are eating organic and cutting out the dairy death products. My mom, a hardcore milk drinker for 50 years, has started buying silk soymilk. It's mad. People are definately changing fast.
I read about an experiment where they fed rats little if anything and they lived twice as long. Also, I consistently notice that spiritually, people get way faster results. Food is good for rooting yourself down to the dense reality we live in now. Has anyone seen "spirited away"? A girl in it starts to dissapear in the world she mistakingly wanders into until she eats the food of the place.

here is a snippet from a site I came across -


It is said: "eat to be strong". In fact, the more we put into our stomach the more the organism is forced to do. If it can't cope with it, it starts being ill. Hence fasts and medical fasts are known as the second best way to cure. The new proverb may be created "Do not eat to have energy".


Digesting of eaten food takes a lot of energy. So when the organism does not digest, energy can be used for other goals, e.g. creativeness. What is more, food contains a lot of toxins. Mind is connected directly to the physical body and they influence each other. When physical body is purified, what happens to non-eating people, then thinking process is much clearer and quicker. Even a person, who is fasting, after a few difficult days feels the lightness of thinking. For non-eating people this is a permanent feature. That is why a lot of new ideas appear in mind, thinking process is quicker. The person feels like the mind is cleared off smog, dark surrounding, which accompanied him before. Now he/she can perceive mental world clearer, brighter. A lot of non-eating people desire creating, it can be writing, painting, composing. "

The more I go on the more I realize that I eat to feed my emotions. Seems not much different than beer or any other bad relationship. And the less I eat the less I want to. But that's just me. And I binge sometimes since eating a bunch of crap has always been my select way of killing myself, like most americans I'd say.
I believe breatharian is the future of the human race. Just look at how much we are consuming now! But I don't know anyone who actually talks about it other than myself, yet.
I really like the idea alot. I am just not very disciplined, probably just like you. But I see myself getting more conscious of it everyday. And I am from the worst, most backwards suburban hell in the world. I was raised by the corporations that don't care about me just like you probably. less is more
Healthy Person
posted 11-Jul-2007 1:15pm

To be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, one must indulge in exercise and nutrients. Staying active and eating nutritious foods are the two keys to success!
I have not always thought of myself as a "healthy person", but as I have evolved into a grown human being, I realized that it is up to me to keep myself going. My health is important and yours is too!
I eat... a lot! What I have found is that a constant glass (or bottle) of water and 5 (yes FIVE) SMALL meals a day are great for your mind and body. Exercise is also very important, and it makes you feel good physically and emotionally. Statistics show (if you don't believe science, maybe you believe statistics) that exercise can beat depression, which means that exercise even promotes a healthy mind!
I believe I think clearly and creatively (all while eating and drinking water). Spiritually, I was raised Catholic and believe in God, however I do not belong to any organized religion. I do not need anyone to tell me what I believe or value (and especially what to eat or not eat).
posted 13-Jul-2007 1:29pm

This is completely ridiculous. A number of people have died on this "diet". The human body needs food and water.
posted 15-Jul-2007 7:41pm

Wow, okay, food has toxins. Thats right, but remember, back in the sixth grade you learned this, the worst thing for a human to do is to live in a sterile enviroment. Why? Well because there is something in our bodies known as the "imune system". The immune system gets rid of those toxins. Without contacting anything with toxins (i.e. sterile enviroment), your bodies immune system will get weak because it does not have to work. Eventually, your genes will become weak, and your children's children's childern will be weak as well. PLEASE, THINK, YOU ARE DESTROYING THE HUMAN RACE BY LIVING OF AIR AND LIGHT. There is a reason why these bretharian people eat once and a while, not just for taste, but for survival. Be smart, don't die. (by the way, if you are so devoted to the breatharian diet, why would you care about taste.)
posted 7-Nov-2007 1:41pm

I think the breatharian idea is a great one. In the Muslim faith I know of two examples that people lived off nearly nothing. The prophet Mohammed peace be upon him lived on dates and water for three months. Also, Bukari a writer of hadith lived on almonds for a long period of time. These two points show that people don't need all that food to survive. In fact it doesn't take much to make it. I would be hard pressed to believe a man can exist for 2 years on nothing but water but a 40 day fast on water is very achievable. I think having a full stomach is not the answer to your problems but it is a cause of obesity.
posted 14-Nov-2007 12:58am

This diet is absolutely ridiculous. Our bodies need food and water to sustain life. I can think of a more unhealthy approach to eating. Self-starvation is what this is called. After struggling from Anorexia for 17 years, I know first hand what happens to your body without enough food. Due to lack of sufficient calories, my body now suffers a heart murmue, vascular problems, seizures and much, much more. Sad...
posted 7-Dec-2007 10:04am

I have heard of this before....I'm pretty sure this so called diet is called anorexia. You absolutely cannot live without food and water. Our bodies are amazing things, why starve them. Listen to your body it will tell you exactly what it needs.
Vegan Shmeegan
posted 27-Feb-2008 12:13pm

I read a post that said vegans are denying themselves and that to be vegan is an extreme. I'm a vegan and it's the opposite of that. There are more foods in the vegan diet than there are in an animal-based diet because you are constantly learning about new foods you never tried before. and are great websites. The only "extreme" is being diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, cancer or osteoporosis -all of which come from eating meat and dairy (and eggs) and then having to have bypass surgery or a shorter life or relying on pharmaceuticals to keep your cholesterol at 200. I ate all kinds of animal foods growing up and it's a lie that a vegan diet is a diet that only works for people who are disciplined. Go to any co-op and have them show you around and you will find so many foods that taste better and are much better for you. Whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds VS. dead animals in your body.
posted 31-Mar-2008 9:35am

A breatharian diet is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. anyone who believes in it is the most gullable , idiodic thing in the world.
posted 23-May-2008 1:45pm

One of the founders of this so called diet or way of life , admitted to going to Mcdonalds!!!! (Radio show) So that just shows you , that this diet will fail ,, you need to feed your body
posted 22-Feb-2009 9:00am

I just read an article on MSN that noted that raw food diet is crap. Also, ther was a guy on Rippley's who didn't eat (and I think drink either) for years and was still alive alone on this deserted island. I think that a human could survive but it would take a strong mind set which most Americans could never have.
posted 11-Mar-2009 9:45am

This is absolutely ridicolous, if you do this so-called diet, then you are asking for a death wish. How can anyone expect to live off air and sunlight. I suggest you go and check your head if your considering this, as you clearly must not be sane.
posted 11-Mar-2009 9:48am

Amy i dont know who the hell you are bt u must be insane
i have been on this diet 4 10 years and im clearly DEAD haha!
No i agree this is stupid
if you want to die go on this diet!!
posted 11-Mar-2009 9:48am

Well i think this diet is amazing i have been on it for 10 years now and im as sanorexic as Victoria Beckham. Im loving it, im not dead yet so im keeping it up! Amy, shutup. This is a spritual journey i shall take for the rest of my life.
posted 11-Mar-2009 9:49am

I have been on this spirtual journey for many years of my life, i believe strongly that the god's will guide you towards the weight they designed you for.. I suggest you STRONGLY try this 'diet' as you call it. :D
Amy the 2nd
posted 11-Mar-2009 9:51am

yeah thats right breatharian 1984. i couldnt agree more
posted 11-Mar-2009 10:06am

To be honest, that is PATHETIC
Worried sick in Vancouver BC Canada
posted 5-Jun-2009 11:40pm

There is a woman who has been on the breatharian diet for more than a year now works in the film community here. She looks old and is a mere skeleton. I am so worried for her life. I am sure her sons must be too. She has alienated herself from everyone in our film community because she looks so scary. I have colitis and there are times that I cannot eat for weeks....just miso soup and vitamin water. I am always so happy when I go into remission so I can eat. Food and music are gifts to the soul. I pray she will eat and not die. She told me all she wants to do is sleep......duh.......she has no energy and she told my friend she can't have sex cos it drains her. what a SAD existence. This breatharian life is not healthy!!!
belief system #1018
posted 9-Oct-2009 1:56am

Of course so-called doctors want you to keep eating physical food. It's so you'll keep their lucrative disease/death businesses going. Of course keep saying what you've been programmed to say by corporations that want your money and desire to keep us all "slow and stupid" and dependent on them forever... "oh you have to eat. oh you have to eat..." BREATHARIANISM IS NOT ABOUT NOT EATING, IT'S ABOUT EATING HIGHER QUALITY, HIGHER FREQENCY FOOD. Food that creates a lot less suffering for all on planet earth and beyond. Food that's more convenient, physically, emotionally, mentally,,...financially. You don't have to go to the store anymore to get it. Everyone has it, not just rich white people. etc. Of course ideas like this are going to upset people. Our society nowadays is based on taking advantage of somebody or something to survive. This new "food" idea goes beyond that primitive thinking. Everyone used to say vegetarians would die. Then we realized it was way better than eating animals. People used to think raw foodists would die, ... people used to think the world was flat. Now people still think the world is solid. People still believe in time, "could you tell me how to get to the past? how about the future?" i know, it's funny. People believe a lot of silly things that don't work anymore. Kind of like, that you need to eat food physical food to survive. It's kind of ridiculous to believe in any ideas really. Ideas are always changing.

Think about it. For most humans, you can go without what we now call food for a few months, you can go without water for a few weeks, but you can only go without breathing for a few minutes. So since we know breathing is way more important than what we say today as eating "physical" food, can you see air? Can you see the thing that if you don't breathe it in a few minutes you will die? Ok knowing this, energy is everywhere, some of it we can't see, but it can still sustain us. The food "breatharians" eat is not necessarily in air, but more the energy that is in everything. Energy that animates everything.

One basic common argument is..
Where do cows that most of us get our energy from, get it's energy from? from grass (if it's raised humanely, most arent),
Where does the grass get it's energy from? from the dirt, air, sun, rain.
Where does the dirt, air, sun, rain get it's energy from? from the sun.
Where does the sun get it's energy from? from gases colliding together. Where do the gases get their energy from? from, well, nowhere and everywhere.
Everything lives in that nowhere and everywhere. So why not just go to the source to get energy instead of bumping around wasting everyones time and money.

When we live more harmoniously on earth, it get's a little bit easier to wrap around it and in it. Living in more harmony with your surroundings frees you from more of the seeming necessities of "life" as we know it today. Life as we know it today on this very dense and low energy freqency we as "humans" live on in this moment. Living harmoniously Simply said, the less we bump into, the less boo boos that have to heal. Everything is "energy frequencies vibrating". The higher the frequency, the more information it can present. These human bodies we participate in decode only a small very select frequency of all energy. Meaning they can't perceive/ decode very much information/energy. Our bodies are like radio receptors, and most of us have tuned into a very small portion of all that is. You could say we are living in the dark ages. To believe common thought nowadays is to believe in ideas of a certain time period. Ideas guaranteed to change drastically in an instant, as they always do.

So what ideas give us the most freedom (that we can handle given what we say we are currently)? What we are able to believe is just a programming, just software, a belief system, mostly repeated over and over again from human to human, never really questioned. Where did this programming come from? and why was it started? How do we know what we know? Why not rewrite the software, the programming, so that we don't have to suffer or cause as much suffering to others? Why not play around with it and have more fun on this frequency we live on? Why not jump outside of our current (maybe not so current) programming and get with how we really feel beyond mind? Do we know what that generally accepted programming is that tells us "WE KNOW" what is? How do we know "we know", like who told us to participate in the idea "we know"? Like how much of you is you? What is all this really doing for us? Is it worth it? Are all the current belief systems, the current software programs that are running presently working for us? How many of us?

Sorry to break it to you all.. What we think we know isn't working for us nor anyone else very efficiently. SO we need to change what we think we know with what actually works. When we limit ourselves, we limit others.

If you can't be "breatharian" and I don't know anyone that can (yet i did meet a sungazer that didn't eat for a few years). If we can't be open the the idea that we can move beyond eating dense physical matter for sustenance. At least be open to the option, even though it's a fairly recent idea (actually living on higher frequency food is as old as time itself, some say it was the original diet).

Try as an experiment, not eating for a few hours, days or weeks and see for yourself the benefits. It'll save you a lot of money and make you a lot less, umm numb. Or maybe try going without (before it's forced on you) in other areas of your so-called life. It's quite amazing what's happend in these ventures with me. You might even change your "mind" about everything. It wasn't too long ago people thought the earth was flat. I've found that "our" "minds" work best when it's... not filled with the blood of the innocent. Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do.

Generally we see what we are looking for. Why not look for the best in everyone and everything?
Super Sayan leve 3
posted 25-Nov-2009 1:26pm

Breatharianism is very real. For one thing, it's concept is based around love. Because it basicly means we dont have to eat if there is no food around versus, no food equals death in modern social thinking. Also, the benefits of not eating are astounding. Your body litleraly glows, "enlightenment?" because it is filled with life giving energy. We get energy from god/universe and when we eat more pure foods, less foods, we are more connected, become balanced, glowing skin, happy, healthy. If people dont know your plan, youll get comments on how healthy you look. Keeping your aura in check is the key to happiness. Plus there are other benefits which I look at as bonuses which I would rather not talk about. You also clean up the enviorment, help others. SOo many benefits.
posted 17-Dec-2009 2:11am

The only problem with being human is that the human body is designed to depend on certain nutrients and processing of nutrients through specific biological mechanisms to be a fully functioning and growing organism. Just look at our digestive system. And these nutrients are synthesized inside of plants. So I definitely think plants should be part of the human diet. Also water. And of course air, sunlight, and sleep. But we do need to be eating and digesting some plantlife.

You can't give a toddler only water and expect it to grow and develop healthily. Plant-based diet is a MUST. At least until you are healthy enough to practice fasting and whatnot. But never abandon the plants for too long. :>

Breatharianism is a beautiful concept though, in a spiritual sense. :)
posted 21-Mar-2010 11:05am

I've been involved in the raw food movement for over 20 years. Hung with a lot of the big names...many of the first generation folks. I'm not going to name names or call anyone out, but I've seen one self-proclaimed "breatharian" eat pizza. He says he doesn't need to...but he was, so what's up with that? I've also known many others who have tried their hardest to become bretharians with no success. You're either eating or your not. There's no 80% breatharianism.

Even the documented breatharians occasionally eat "as entertainment". True breatharians tend to have it just happen to them. Don't drive yourself nuts trying to not eat. Sure meditate, pray, be in nature, eat pure, dig life. If it happens let it happen, but certainly no stress or even goal around this one.
Jimmy Free
posted 29-Apr-2010 2:20am

Hey all,
Blessings to Belief system 1018. So well put. So brave. I am embarking on the path that leads to elimination of what we call food from my list of needs. It has become clear to me that the idea that we need to insert some artifact into our pristine bodies to sustain them, like a battery, is completely ridiculous.
I am at present on day 28 of a juice diet. I am experiencing so much clarity and calmness in my belly. The beautiful state in my belly is radiating out into my whole being.
I have come to the realization that much of our suffering is completely unnecessary and brought on mostly by trying to fill our cravings. If I stop this activity and hold fast to the truth that I am a being who is free of any needs I am able to find so much joy in the knowledge of just being.
Blessings to you all on your journey towards truth. We will all be one again and everyday are closer.
posted 4-May-2010 6:24am

"Jericho Sunfire" Google and Judge for yourself.
posted 30-Jun-2010 12:20am

ok wow so we can just tell the Ethopians that thay are on a spirutual path not starving what a break through gee wizz i bet thay are about to ascend to another plain by now.....god what a bunch of idiots pls stop trying to damage the weak of mind you know this is a load of horse hockey food is essential to life or else everything on earth is unnecissarily eating things for 'entertainment" on a daily basis just stop being morons i hate stupid people....
posted 30-Jun-2010 8:53pm

So I have just woken up to the fact that I have been using way too many resources by over eating. I was vegetarian but a complete carb addict and have struggled with my addiction all my life, yo yo dieter type thing. Now though i can see just how many fossil fuels my carbohydrate addiction has depended on. I simply am not sustainable. Therefore if I truly care about this planet and I want to be able to survive the changes that are on the way (peak oil, climate change etc ) then I need to consume less.
posted 28-Jul-2010 11:10pm

woot breatharianism, work fine, and you can eat whenever you decide to. I think once a week is good, or whenever my avocado tree ripens it's load :) Eat only life foods, eat the seeds and get their dna. You have to come a long way or be in the right bodily state to do something like this. You JUST DONT need to eat. BUt you can, although you know the result. Cooked food = stomach ache!
The Cerebral Prince™
posted 31-Aug-2010 5:22pm

Way to be objective and impartial...NOT. Look up Jericho Sunfire on youtube, he is a breatharian.
posted 18-Oct-2010 2:40am

I totally believe this is possible. As a kid, once i started eating solid food to about the age of twelve, I barley ate... I ate a bite at breakfast a couple of servings of food... I ate a couple of fist sized potions at lunch... and a small plate of food at dinner... and I was extremely active I never stopped moving. I accualy trying to make the transition back to that if not this.
posted 6-Nov-2010 4:30am

Hey everyone,
I will state my conclusion of some of the literature I read, lectures I've heard,

diets I have tried and what I have heard and partially noticed from people directly. I

have always been interested in any issue related to health. The more bizarre the

information, the more I perceive it a candidate for consideration. I maintain that, the

body can survive without food and water because air alone is used as nourishment, food

and water is for cleansing therefore not needed when cleanliness is reached, death by

starvation is by an unapparent process and the misunderstanding and response to hunger.

The purpose of breathing air is to nourish the body with its mixture of gases for

energy and materials for amino acid building. Air's main components are N2, O2, CO2, H2O.

Oxygen's high reactivity is the main energy source used by every cell of the body and is

delivered to them by the blood. This is partially explained by the aerobic side of the

Kreb cycle using 4 atp energy molecules with water and oxygen to produce 38 atp energy

molecules. Atp may be used in every cell but Oxygen is the most abundant, most requested

and first in line as an energy source. Nitrogen is the greatest portion of the air we

breathe as well as the key component in every single amino acid. Amino acids are the

building blocks of DNA, RNA and all proteins. There is a catepillar known to gain weight

on breathing alone. Breathing is the only means by which the body can rely on

nourishment provided by a set of lungs feeding every cell of the body every second of

each day.

The purpose of eating is to cleanse the waste attained before your birth and

which has continued throughout life from a lack knowledge regarding its best use. The

types of foods to be eating that would at best be cleaning materials are raw fresh juicy

fruits and starchless vegetables. All others are waste and will cause the production of

mucus of an acid or alkaline nature. Because our mothers did not know how to properly

eat, nor did theirs etc., our body weight as babies, have been produced mostly from

waste material. If this child grew up accumulating this waste to a ripe age of 100 plus

pounds opposed to an average 9 pounds of a baby weight, it would deadly to attempt a

quick and subtle cleanse. If cleansing began gradually but soon after birth, the child

would be free of the waste much sooner in life. After this would be the first time that

this person will truly live. the child becoming an adult would only need air for

nourishment and no use for food aka cleaning material.

In an attempt to explain death caused by the perception of starvation, let us

visualize a workable anology of the body. We will think of it as an intricate complex of

flexible and living tubes. The tubes function to provide uninterrupted flows of air,

fluids and bio-chemicals throughout their cycling matrix of channels. What ever may cause

a resistance to the flow shall be understood as a Dis-ease of flow. A body filled with

waste is forever seeking to relieve itself once the oppertunity arrises. An oppertunity

is by fasting or simply a long enough time after the body completes its task dealing with

the latest materials recently introduced. Depending on the cleaning materials available,

the body can now turn its attention to the waste stored earlier in a more compacted form.

If too much waste is loosened too quickly and enters the already weakened and internaly

bruised channels of the body, death by internal hemraging, drowning and suffocation can

occur. This can be caused by providing the body with too much time and not enough

pacing and control of the cleaning intervals. So when someone dies from fasting, they

actually died from the release of the poisions they have learned to accumulate throughout

their lives. These poisons are now released back into the streams and rivers of their

bodies faster and in at a much higher potency then their gradual introduction into the

body via these same streams and rivers. We are walking around a ticking time bomb

preventing the explosions ignorantly by the gradual additions of more explosives instead

assisting the body in a slow and gradual disarmament. No one ever starvs to death

because we are either swimming in our food "air" or are drowning in our poisonsous wastes

"so called food" .

I feel hunger should be understood. According to this frame of thought, hunger

is so poorly responded to by our reactions to body's request for cleaning materials. I

believe that the reason why we eat the worst choices of food in response to "hunger" is

because of our unwillingness to learn by experience the request of the body. We see it

as follows. We feel uneasy in the stomach and throat and place specially selected

"foods" in our mouths, chew a little and swallow it quickly and the previous unsettlement

ceases probably with side-effects we are willing to bear. Hours later we are at it again

with similar results and similar responses. I believe that when we get the feeling we

label hunger, it is the body going in to the cleanup mode and is begining to release the

toxins into the blood stream and other fluids of the body. Since the this blood

circulates through out the body and effects everything esle with this toxic blood

especially the nervous system, spinal colum and brain, the body's electricty is further

altered. So the condition receiving the response is not localized and isolated in the

stomache. The way we stop this effect is the way we always have, by eating "foods" waste

that diverts the body with a more immediate task of preventing what it can from

compacting to the old waste. We call this digestion. I believe this is the reason why

it is very difficult to consume and maintain the consumption of solely fresh juicy sweet

fruits even though they are the sweetest and most flavourful foods known. Because they

provide such a cleansing ability, exposing ones toxic condition, they are not chosen. So

hunger is triggered when the body needs cleansing materials, reflecting the degree of

waste. I certainly dont believe hunger should be ignored, just best addressed.
posted 12-Nov-2010 5:52pm

WOW how retarded
posted 12-Nov-2010 5:53pm

I'm going to become a fartarian to live off of farts alone!!
posted 15-Dec-2010 12:01am

Dear Worried sick in Vancouver BC Canada:
I also live in Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) and one simply CANNOT be a breatharian way up North like this!!!
It's December (Winter) now and there is NOT ENOUGH SUN to survive (especially during the cold, dark winter months).
Your colleague needs HELP ASAP, for someone to knock some sense into her or she will die.

Notice Jericho Sunfire lives in MEXICO??????????? Hello!!!?
Lots of SUN all year round maybe!!
Get with it folks.
Breatharianism is an ideal.
Some people have died trying to accomplish their idealss (perfect example: how many people died trying to climb Mount Everest???)
posted 23-Dec-2010 6:56pm

Seriously alot of nutcases here. I have not laughed this hard in weeks.
posted 9-Jan-2011 12:13am

according to wiley brooks( head breatharian)you can eat mcdonalds double quarter pounder and a diet coke and still be a breatharian because they are 5th dimensional foods~I could live on that LOL
Ally Baby
posted 1-Mar-2011 2:40am

I don't know much about this , but i sure like the peacefulness of my stomach and intestines when i juice fast , or eat no carbs, or eat only a little. I hate the noises and uncomfomortable feeling of eating to much.or from eating junk.

how does a breatharian go about eating ? and surviving on light and air ? how does that work ? what special things do you need to do?
posted 27-Mar-2011 7:12pm

There are many claimed health advantages to eating the minimum amount of (nutrient dense) food as possible, all supposedly leading a longer, disease-free life. This belief took some criticism the last few years: A list of diseases NOT fixed by the ultra-low calorie diet, (& reasons why), were put in place after a well-known practitioner died relatively young. (I suspect that every time one of these guys dies before 100, their cause of death will added to the list smile There's at least one obviously apparent -disadvantage- to eating so little: Weakness. Calorie -restrictor videos show full-grown men doing their "strength-training" with dumbbells more suitable for a six-year-old girl. In nature being strong greatly increases your chance of survival. Severe constant calorie restriction unnatural. A more natural means to the same and is intermittent restriction, simulating the "feast or famine" lifestyle of our primitive ancestors, who lived on roots & berries until the hunters came back with a kill.
posted 6-Apr-2011 2:16pm

Please please please, if you think this is legit, please try it against all opposition. Do not give in to your humanly desires and try this! I assure you that you will be at one with your spirit in no more than 60 days, and if you choose to go without water too, you could even get there in a week! Really, try it the world would be a better place if those of you who would believe something like this, would actually do it all the way.
posted 4-Apr-2012 1:20am

Yeah not eating=death. Anyone who thinks differently is a little bananas. We expend energy by simply living, by creating heat, by moving at all. This energy can't come from the air or the sum. Believe it or not we aren't photosynthetic. If this "diet" was a viable option people in death camps, starving children, and those people who resort to cannibalism would probably all choose to absorb universe juice. Please if you read this don't stop eating. YOU WILL DIE.
posted 4-Apr-2012 1:32am

I have a special loathing for people that say they're on this diet. If they were actually participating they could show doctors and change the world. It's simply asinine to believe anyone who claims to live on no nutrients when there is absolutely know concrete professional evidence that supports their claim besides myths and your friends' documentation. If you say your on this diet stop lying, or go to some doctors and tell them to lock you in a room for a few years. If your alive great, but if you're afraid to do this it means that you are lying. Prove me wrong, I beg you. It would be extremely frugal for me not to eat, but don't tell others that it is possible because your basically asking them to starve themselves to death.
posted 18-Apr-2012 3:36pm

how do you know alians dont "poo" as you put it. How many have you followed around that long? lol
posted 18-Sep-2012 1:39pm

I used to go days without eating and feel fine. In fact I would feel better than fine, I felt great. I felt clear headed and had plenty of energy. I wasn't starving myself or on any diet (that I knew of), I just wasn't hungry. I'm not saying nobody needs food and/or water but I'm glad to know that I am not a freak of nature.
Adam Harrison
posted 20-Sep-2012 10:35pm

I had a dog who was a bretharian. his name was tyler, good dog he was. One day he decided to be a bretharian and the very next month he caught diabetis cancer plague. he was speeding on drugs and then one of the tires went off. it dome slapped him so he came back into the car and then slender man came along and tounged him in the throat and he died in hospital.
posted 29-Nov-2012 4:02pm

Do not speak from ignorace. Each individual's experience is different. Don't speak from the only things your eyes can percieve, since there is a lot more to it.
posted 24-Mar-2013 11:20pm

It is impossible to survive without eating food and drinking water
Adam Harrison
posted 24-Mar-2013 11:22pm

I take back my statement, me needs food!
Debbie M.
posted 31-Mar-2013 7:00pm

posted 31-Mar-2013 7:04pm

Karen Carpenter went on this diet. She thought it was a good idea. What, you never heard here great music? Too bad, she was a great talent. She's dead now.
posted 26-Jun-2014 12:00pm

I think you all are a bunch of whack jobs.... eat, drink, and be merry... the lack of food has your mind jacked up...
posted 11-Jan-2015 9:28pm

I think it is cruel to make fun of people. I think that people who are eating less food and better quality food are probably on to something. As for not eating at all....ever...That is suicide.It's good to think outside the box and question things. That is how we learn. I just hope that people don't take this idea to the extreme and end up dead.
posted 26-Apr-2015 10:44pm

At first when I heard of this I honestly thought it was fake. So it's not? Well, just to be clear, many breatharions die, and studies have shown that surviving like this is impossible. Many people who claim to be breatharians actually do eat. But, if this is what they want to do... So be it.
posted 20-May-2015 7:15pm

All of you would be diagnosed as schizophrenic by psychologists. AND, by sending out this positive propaganda about this crap, you are leading at least one innocent who is also schizophrenic to his death, my 26 year old stepson who is attempting this on his own, without any help. People, think! Every animal EATS FOOD. YOU ARE AN ANIMAL and you are subject to the laws of nature. You pass around these crazy ideas leading young innocents with crazy ideas of their own which up to now have been mostly benign into a life threatening death "diet." If it were up to me, you would all be in jail. Since my stepson is 26, I cannot have him committed. He is skeletal. He works nights and no one ever sees him. AND, he really doesn't get out in the sunlight at all. Even if this stuff did work, he would still die. He thinks this will make him immortal. Thank you all for negatively influencing my borderline schizophrenic stepson and pushing him over the edge. This is what this craziness can lead to and you are all definitely crazy.
posted 25-Aug-2015 10:19pm

Today is my 30th day of water only. In the past, I've fasted 41 days. After 36 days, I am more alert and energetic than when I eat. All my illness symptoms have retreated, and I've eliminated medications (with the exception of methotrexate, which I've cut from 30 mg to 15 mg and intend to ween off). I intend to introduce vitamins and broths on occasion for sustenance.
posted 25-Aug-2015 10:20pm

Typo ... today is day 36.
posted 16-Jun-2017 12:33am

bretharian, cure for the starving third world countries. Now can it cure cancer?
posted 16-Jun-2017 3:05pm

I am open to all possibilities, I grew up eating lots and lots of fruit and vegetables, my family were poor and we had little to eat. Yes I was always hungry but I was not in the best of health. When I was 17 I had renal problems and they bled all the time. I became pregnant and they healed. I have eaten well since Britain introduced foods from all cultures. I developed Colitis and ate nothing but plain cous cous. Slowly re introducing foods, refused medication because it made my colon and throat burn, I am left with scarring. But I fear if I stop eating I will die tell me what do this have that bulimia and anorexia doesn't I am genuinely interested
posted 20-Jun-2017 5:59pm

I strongly encourage this belief.

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