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Bridal Bootcamp


Bridal Bootcamp by Cynthia Conde is a weight loss system targeted at young women who want to look great for their wedding. It has both fitness and diet components.


The program is designed like a military program (thus "boot camp") with a major focus on exercise. Cynthia Conde background is a personal trainer. So, she takes you through a number of physical conditioning exercises to build strength and body tone. It's a crash course that will get you in shape and looking great for your wedding day.

Depending on how much time you have before your wedding, there are programs created to fit. They range from 4 weeks to 6 months.

Beyond exercise, Bridal Bootcamp uses a fairly standard calorie control diet. To keep from feeling hungry, you eat 5 times a day. Though, each meal is fairly small to stay within the calorie guidelines.

Bridal Bootcamp is of course just for women. The exercises target common problem areas that women have for excess weight. Strength training is a big part of this. Cynthia Conde based the program on the system the military uses to get young recruits into shape fast.

Meal plans are described in detail inside the book for 3 levels of calorie intake per day: 1,900, 1,500, and 1,300. As you progress through the plan, you gradually shift and increase the exercises you're doing for maximum effect.

Getting married is a wonderful time and it can also be a great source for inspiration to improve yourself. Cynthia Conde's Bridal Bootcamp gives you a guided way to make the most of this motivation.


Cynthia Conde is based in Astoria, New York where she is a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym. She has many celebrity clients.

It has been reported that a Bridal Bootcamp reality TV program is in the works.


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