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Bronkaid, Vasopro & Primatene


Bronkaid, Vasopro and Primatene tablets an over-the-counter drugs marketed as bronchial asthma remedies. However, they contain a form of Ephedra that dieters and body builders seek.


Ephedrine (a drug derived from Ephedra, also known as Ma Huang) is a stimulant that increases metabolism and promotes weight loss. It was quite popular in the 1990s, but in rare cases it can cause health problems including death. It has been linked to the death of professional sports figures. The FDA has since heavily regulated its use such that it is no longer found in diet pills.

However, there are many people who have used ephedrine in the past with great success and these people continue to find ways to acquire it. One such way is to use either of these 2 over-the-counter asthma drugs.

The formulation of these drugs has changed as well. They both previously contained Ephedrine HCl, but more recently people have reported only finding them with Ephedrine sulfate. The sulfate variant is said to be 1/3 as strong as HCl.

Often these drugs are kept behind the counter, thus they have to be asked for. This is likely yet another measure to reduce abuse and likely theft as well.


The FDA has made several attempts to ban Ephedra, starting in 1997. Early attempts were blocked defeated in court. But, in 2006 a bill was passed that has stood ever since. The bill adds a number of regulation and requirements related to Ephedra (for example, an ID must be shown and it can't be used in diet pills). The pure Ma Huang is still sold legally.


Make no mistake, this stuff is potentially dangerous. It has been the cause of death. These cases are rare, for sure, but is it really worth taking a risk like that? Also, it's quite clear that Ephedra is only effective in the short term, while you take it. Once you stop, you will very likely gain the weight back.


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  4-Jan-2011 12:57pm created by bill

posted 14-Feb-2011 6:54pm

Has anyone taken these pill and if so do they curb your appetite? Can you use them alone or should you use with caffeine and aspirin, also?
posted 5-Nov-2011 9:02am

If you take 1 Bronkaid and 1 caffeine pill once every 4 hours, 3 to 4 times a day depending on how many hours you sleep, you will feel your appetite drop and your metabolism will raise. This is a wonderful way to lose weight for those who are on those last few pounds that just won't go away. Also, I have found the Bronkaid has helped me through sinus and cold issues as well.
I took Adipex after using Bronkaid and caffeine and there simply is no comparison. My appetite was way too great for the Adipex and I went back to bronkaid after 3 days.
It is dangerous so please take your blood pressure often and watch your heart rate.
I have lost 70lbs now. 30 of that was on Bronkaid. The first 40 lbs was me simply dieting adn regulating my calorie intake. Simply... These things help a lot but, it all boils down to your calorie intake. I found that for me personally, I had to intake no more than 800 calories a day to lose 2.5 lbs a week. With Bronkaid and caffeine, I was able to stay on that intake.
Here is my schedule.
7a- 1 Bonkaid, 1 caffiene pill. (I don't normally eat breakfast but if I do, I have a banana which is quite filling once you shrink your stomach, or 2/3 cup of Raisin Bran or any Bran cereal with skim milk. (adding Splenda helps with the taste of the skim milk.)
11am- 1 Bonkaid, 1 caffiene pill. This is when I usually eat something. I have found that there are so many soups (Healthy Choice) to choose from and they are great. 80 calories for half the can. And even if you splurge and eat the whole thing, its still only 160 calories. There are so many choices for bread now as well with only 45 calories a slice. I sometimes eat a sandwich with a lot of lettuce, no fat mayo (10 calories) just enough to wet the sandwich and fat free turkey slices that are 35 calories each.
3pm- 1 Bonkaid, 1 caffiene pill. I may have a snack at this point to keep myself from binging. Special K has some excellent little snacks. Stay away from the weight watchers snacks. They have about 50 more calories on average than most other items you could find. Just look around and compare.

The last Bronkaid and caffeine I take is at 3pm. My hardest time to resist eating is at night. But, I can't take these items late because I just won't sleep at all. You will find the 1 Bonkaid, 1 caffiene pill will energize you and stimulate your brain as well. It feels nice to have your Bronchial tubes opened up. Its much better than a cup of coffee! (which I drink though out the day as well.)

I usually eat one of the healthy choice frozen dinners or a salad for dinner with 4 oz of chicken.
This is my extreme diet. It works brilliantly for me but, not without cravings and will power. It all comes down to how serious are you about dieting? Bronkaid and Caffeine definately help! I have lost all of that weight without one minute of exercise.

posted 5-Nov-2011 9:09am

And I forgot to mention, The Bronkaid and caffeine are waaaayyy cheaper than going to the diet docs and paying for Adipex or Ionimin. (those 2 have the same ingredients by the way)

You simply have to show your ID to purchase the Bronkaid and if you only take 3-4 a day, you will have no problems with purchasing. They do limit how much you can buy. I think here in GA you can only buy 3 boxes with 60 tablets a month. I don't use that much personally.
posted 25-Dec-2012 7:49am

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posted 13-Jul-2015 7:23pm


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