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Butter Coffee


Adding butter to your morning coffee can have appetite suppressing effects as well as giving you prolonged energy throughout the day.


The idea here is to combine the stimulant effect of caffeine in coffee with the satiating effects of fat so that you lengthen the time the stimulant gives you energy while feeling satisfied and less prone to cravings.

The basic recipe is to add 1-2 tablespoons of butter to a cup of coffee, then blend it in a blender (butter would otherwise tend to float on top). The result is something similar to a latte (creamy, frothy, warm).

The most popular and perhaps original source for this comes from Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Coffee brand. His version of it includes his special coffee that is free of toxins (especially mold which some suggest most other coffees may have). Plus, he adds a proprietary MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil to the recipe. The butter should also be unsalted grass-fed organic. And, there are various other steps to making it just right for maximum effect (see video link below).

Other recipes may use coconut oil instead of MCT oil. Kerrygold is a commonly recommended unsalted grass-fed organic butter. Some recipes may suggest a little vanilla and/or sweetener (like Stevia or agave nectar).

Part of the background for this idea has been a dramatic shift in how people view saturated fats. Since the 1980's or so, the medical establishment had targeted saturated fats as one of the main causes of heart disease. Thus low-fat diets and avoiding saturated fats was widely recommended. But, recent studies have challenged this conclusion. And, many believe the low-fat and non-fat crazes of the past may have actually caused the rise in obesity and diabetes because those fats were replaced with carbs. Thus, the saturated fats in butter and coconut oil are now being seen in a more positive light.

How to Make Bulletproof® Coffee (The Official Video)


There is some concern that cholesterol in ingredients like butter are causing some people to have their levels of cholesterol in their blood to rise dramatically. And scientific studies still show a connection between high cholesterol and poor cardiovascular health.

Some butter coffee sources talk about "toxins" but don't get too specific about what these are or if there's a proven connection to these substances and health. Also, the health benefit claims of MCT oil have not been approved by the FDA (yet).

Some say that similar effects can be obtained by eating a classic breakfast of bacon and eggs while also getting more nutrients compared to butter coffee.


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