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Cabbage Soup Diet


The Cabbage Soup Diet is a simple diet where you eat primarily cabbage soup (very low calories) to lose weight quickly.


Lose 10 pounds in a week!

There are several variations of this diet. Primarily, it is a low-calorie, low-fat diet. You make a lot of the cabbage soup, which has almost no calories. Then, you use that to eat when you're hungry. It fills you up, without costing any calories.

You're also generally allowed to eat vegetables and some limited fruits. On some days, you may get a potato, a small amount of meat, or some brown rice.

You're encouraged to drink lots of water.

You're only suppose to do the diet for a week. After that, you should take a break for a couple weeks.

Cabbage Soup Diet


Since cabbage causes flatulence, it is a common side effect of this diet.

Many people believe that it's not possible to really lose 10 pounds in 7 days. Some say this is merely "water weight" that you gain back quickly.

Most acknowledge this diet is not healthy.


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  23-Mar-2006 10:06am created by bill
  22-Feb-2011 8:12am last update by bill

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posted 4-Dec-2009 6:18pm

Aw man, I've been so bad....cheated day 1 with a mince pie, a mouthful of pasta...and a lot of vodka :P, Day 2 I forgot it was no fruit day and had an orange and some grapes before I realised, and had a slice of bread...Day 3 today I had about 5-6 chocolate biscuits.....lets hope day 4 goes better - though not sure is there any point in continuing?!! Probably should just start again from scratch....well I'm gonna finish it out anyway and try not to cheat anymore, and try to bulk up my exercise....I'll let ya know if I lose anything at all!
posted 9-Jan-2010 11:27am

13 years ago I wnet on this diet and lost 30 in three months. Then I took a job that required me to travel and I gained it all back. Then I got an office job and lately the weight has been just snowballing. My suits are too tight and so I have to get a grip. I don't mind the taste of the soup and I don't mind the regimen of the 7 days but I do get tired of the texture of the soup. I read the comment about blending it and I tried it today. I am on day 6 and according to the scale I have lost 7 pouinds. I am happy with that. The blended soup is a great change and I drink it from a mug the way I do my tomato soup. with veggies and beef today it will be an easy day and I can make it through the brown rice although it is my least favorite. You can indulge your self a bit. I have had popcorn two days this week and I had a very small piece of a chocolate bar two times. If you can't stand the soup the diet is probably not for you but I find it is doable and it works even with a very small amount of cheating during the week I now go off it for two week and go back on it and keep cycling that way until I have lost the amount of weight I need. This time its 50 pounds and I also had to go on blood pressure pills so I am motivated to get rid of the weight. My Dr. says if I would lose maybe 20 pounds I maybe could get off the pills. That is great motivation for me. Good luck and stick to it. If you cycle you will find that eventually you won't cheat and you can watch people eat your favorite things and just watch and maybe ask them to tell you how good it is. It makes you feel good to control your impulses to eat goodies.
posted 24-Jan-2010 10:52pm

My husband and I just finished up the diet. We did try to make the diet a bit better. On the fruit day we had baked apples with just cinnamon. Then we also on the veggie day made a soup out of carrotts and sweet potaoes. it was soo yummy......I lost 9 pounds and my husband lost 6.
posted 9-Mar-2010 6:40pm

I am currently on day 3 of the diet, and I must admit i am enjoying it! I have undertook the diet with a positive frame of mind, which i believe many havn't if they give up so easily! I have experienced the maple syrup diet before and this is a walk in the park in comparison. I am running a mile every morning as I am experiencing no lack of energy and walking as much as possible. When I get hungry I can eat as much of the fruit and veg as I like. So I never feel hungry, which is the reason for eating not the fact that you crave chocolate or crisps. I suggest that anyone who is serious about losing weight and kick starting a new diet should try it bearing in mind a few things:
1) Be positive the effects will give you confidence
2) Dont let it take over your entire day, think that your lucky to have something to eat
3) Spice it up! dont put the seasoning in the whole pot. Add the spices to each bowl depending on your mood!
4) When wanting to give up think of those hot-ass jeans that you will fit into!

im exited for my results!

Enjoy and embrace the rewards!
posted 19-May-2010 8:05am

Hi Guys,

I'm on day two, have a really muffled head and unable to concentrate but still going to stick in there !

I haven't lost any weight yet :S when do people tend to notice the results? I'm drinking loooads of water and just wondering how the body eliminates water if I am constantly consuming liquids?

Thanks :)
posted 19-May-2010 1:46pm

So... I am on day 3 and it sucks! Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today... ugh... I even cheated today... I'm so mad at myself... I did fine all morning, but broke down and had half a slice of pizza for lunch : ( i've lost about 3-4 lbs so far. Tomorrow will be hard for me also because I truly hate banana's and milk... But, just knowing I can eat steak on days 5 and 6 will help me get through it... I am normally very active... I run 2-4 miles EVERYDAY and do 60 minutes of weights every other day... I also drink a dieter's tea on days that i feel "heavy". i'm getting ready to go on vacation, so I want to lose about 5-10 lbs... I probably can do it just by cutting all carbs and sugar out... But, i'm already half way done this diet, so I might as well finish it... Hope that pizza didn't mess me up any.... Anyone else ever slipped up with a slice of pizza and still lost?
posted 1-Jun-2010 12:32am

I like the soup. Add garlic, Frank's Hot Sauce and italian seasoning. It's easy for me because I like cabbage.
posted 1-Jun-2010 12:48am

I find I'm having a BM within an hour of eating the soup. I'm eating the soup 4 and 5 times a day.
posted 25-Jul-2010 5:07pm

Having heard lots of positives about this diet I am going to start it tomorrow in order to kick start my weight loss. I'll update you mid week to let u know how I'm getting on (hopefully I'll still be on it then)! Fingers crossed!
posted 4-Aug-2010 10:15pm

Is there anybody here who hasent gained the weight back, if i eat better,count calories and walk once a day can i keep it off?
I need to loose 15 pounds!
I tried it a year ago, but i only lost 2 pounds and then it came back within 3 weeks, but i ddient eat alot of soup and i cheated and had small mouthfulls of ROLLS WITH BUTTER here and there...
posted 15-Aug-2010 6:36pm

So I'm on day 5 and I've lost 6lbs.. 4lbs in the first 3 days. I am 5'3 and was 175lbs. Now 169!I've worked out like a mad woman, counted calories (about 1200 a day) and couldn't loose a pound. I'm so stoked to see the scale finally move! I have noticed that I can't keep up with my cardio the way I normaly would. So I just do weight training at the gym while I'm on the diet.. I'll go back to spin class when I can consume more calories. I took one class and almost passed out. Don't do it!

Anyway, I think if you like cabbage or just try to think of food as fuel not a pleasure.. you'll get through this diet! I'll check back to tell you if the weight stays off!

By the way.. I have not cheated! Not one bit.. (and if you eat the fruit or veggies 1 or 2 hours after you eat the soup you shouldn't get gassy)
posted 29-Sep-2010 12:50pm

I tried this diet and at the end of day 6 I had lost 12 lbs. I didn't like the cabbage soup but I said what the heck it't only for 7 days. I didn't have any pain and passed very little gas. I just got tired of eating the soup. I think that was a small price to pay for the loss of 12 lbs in 6 days. It was worth it to me because after I finished the diet I no longer had the desire to eat the way I used to so now I'm still losing weitht.
posted 23-Oct-2010 11:23pm

Day one today. Ate about 4 bowls of the soup. Also had half of a pear, an orange, and some canteloupe. I cheated though! I had half of a sandwich that consisted of only 2 slices of thin cut ham and lots of lettuce and 1 slice of bread-cut in half and lots of mustard (good for you). but still- it's cheating! Looking forward to tomorrow's potato for dinner though :D Didn't lose any weight today...
posted 14-Nov-2010 12:29pm

day 2..sexxxxxxxy potato yum!!!!
posted 15-Nov-2010 3:35pm

I am on day one and I have been eating fruits and had the soup at lunch. I will have soup again for dinner. What If I only have the soup once or twice a day. Still works?
posted 14-Jan-2011 8:00pm

Day 5 gets better with the Steaks or Chicken.... I want a beer!
posted 3-Feb-2011 8:59am

Hi . I'm swapping day 6 to day 5 (i've read up and it is allowed) so i can tell myself i'm having a roast without the spuds :) . Does anyone know if i can have gravy ? Ohh gosh i'd love a beer too .
day 2 foodie
posted 22-Jun-2011 9:47pm

Does anyone have any ideas, besides soup, to eat for breakfast on Day 2? I'm a huge foodie (love good tasting food, trying new recipes, cooking, etc.) and can't think of anything, that sounds good, to make for breakfast.
posted 26-Jun-2011 1:48pm

I am on day 4 and this has been my hardest. Had soup for breakfast as usual but not as much as my appetite has severly decreased but had no bananas in so after my luch soup i was craving something! Partner came home around ttime with bananas and milk but he made some lovely ham sandwiches for himself and my little boy sat next to me eating some too and there was people eating on tv! Aaaagh! Enough was enough and i caved eating 4slices of toast with scrambled egg and a slice of ham! I feel so bad as i really struggled with the lack of sleep i have been getting and the headachesn howver i did find the black coffe no sugar really sorted the heads out after 2days suffering! All i drink is 8pints of water a day and think i must be detoxing the caffeine too. Jst gutted i didnt get through today as i love bananas but eating 2in one go didnt help my craving, even thouugh no appetite! Weird. Worst of all i Didnt even enjoy it!! Anyway, so far the scales this morn were down 5lbs so thats good but dreading tmrw weigh in. I was 126lb and am 5ft 7. Used t run 10 miles a day before baby arrived since then my fitness has dropped. Got a treadmill which i use when can and do weightsat home but still hasnt shifted my weight. Used t do 300 situps, bastard jumps, situps but now struggle t do a 100 of each. Used t be 9stone but just cant shift the near 3stoe needed. Going t do this diet until reach target weight as all i eat is veg andmost on diet but i eat large quantities of them. This is great for cutting it down so will see how i get on. I also blend my soup and uis loads easier t drink allthough havnt tried the other way i assumed t blend at beginning! Im not sure how many bananas to eat now though as cheated earlier! Will just have soup later and 1 i think maybe 2. Rmbr the black coffe anyone struggling with headaches! I also have ME and i havnt found a problem with this diet and never spoke to doc although the antidepresents im on for it may be the reason the cantshift the weight so i am trying some dif once cone off these type! Yey! Good luck everyone nd keep goingX
posted 26-Jun-2011 2:15pm

I would also like to add i really like the soup and just add a pinch of salt, no spices or anything but i havnt hadnt any problems with stomach pain,wind etc. -f anything i have had less!! - think if yor body is used to veg anbd fruit it doesnt get so gassy but i have been pleasently surprised how little of it i have had. Also if people are feeling hungry i think its because they arnt eating enough soup, i find a big bowl for breakfast, half a bowl for lunch and a large dfor dinner keeps my hunger pains at bay. I havnt had to eat much fruit or veg to fill me inbetween and i do half hr to 45min workout each day on it too. Everyone is disserent though. Mind you i am going to have t make another batch as i have nearly finished it and only finishing day 4! I did forget sone ingredients like mushrooms and all the onions though so next time i will do it properly but its having the tupperware to store it and i ad to make 2lots anyway as the pot wasnt big enough! Still the soup has certainly done what it has meant to! So glad i started itn jst gutted i slipped for a craving today! :0(
posted 14-Jul-2011 11:10pm

does this diet work better then the nfns diet by dr. gott?
posted 22-Jul-2011 9:09am

I am not sure if i lost weight but i know we put the cabbage and onions
in a slow cooker the hole night and not even once did i have a
gas problem.
posted 16-Sep-2011 8:59pm

what do you eat for breakfast, soup? Lucia
posted 19-Sep-2011 7:57am

day 1- not only did i cheat and eat chocolate.. I did it in secret... On the drive home from the gym i pulled over and ate a novelty sized chocolate bar.. Cant believe iv got absolutly no self control. Im going to keep going though. I have a roast vege salad and spinich leaves all ready for tomorrow and may try my soup blended :) cant wait for banana day! I love banana and milk smoothies :) may also eat a pottle of y natural yoghurt if i feel dizzy to give me some protein :)
posted 24-Sep-2011 5:04am

I am starting day five and haven't lost a single lb. I have not cheated. Don't understand why it's not working for me??
posted 10-Apr-2012 12:42pm

what are options for "breakfast" on the veggie days are you guys doing? I've done this in the 90's and actually gained weight, we'll see if this works this time. I think there are lots of options if you like veggies. On Fruit day, I have smoothies for breakfast, fruit salads and even take the smoothies and freeze it into popsicles for a nice snack. On veggie days it's easy since I like lots of veggies. Spaghetti squash is a great "noodle" alternative, or use a peeler for carrots, zuchini and yellow squash to steam and make "noodles". I take the soup, puree it for "sauce". You can make carrot chips, kale chips, apple chips, just dry them in the oven. I have heard of people adding different spices each day to the soup to give it a change or even puree the soup to give it a different texture. But since I actually like cabbage, stir fry the cabbage or turn it into coleslaw with lime dressing could be an alternative than the soup? you're still eating cabbage right? For the banana days, if you freeze it and pulse it later, it really does taste like banana ice cream. Same with fruit days, just freeze and pulse for a quick sorbet. But back to my main question: what are people doing for "breakfast" on the veggie day?
posted 24-Apr-2012 7:17am

I just want to start today, can only cabbage soup work without adding any other things in it.
posted 25-Aug-2012 4:30pm

I am on day two finding it easy so far. Can anyone tell me how much soup Ishould eat. I am only having two bowls but not cheating with anything else. WOuld like to lose7lbs to re kick start my diet. Lost 21 lbs so far this year with another 21 to go.
posted 8-Oct-2012 12:26am

I love this diet. It saves me money and I've actually lost 15 lbs in my 7 days. Even though it says to stay off of it for 2 weeks, I'm gonna go back on it in a week because I have a lot more weight to lose and I don't care if it gives me gas, it's worth it if it's making me eat healthy.
posted 8-Oct-2012 12:31am

With this diet, I usually eat like 2 bowls which are probably like a half a cup. Each day, I lost 2 lbs and one day I lost 5 lbs. I haven't done any exercises yet but at my job, I do some walking and I do move my arms a lot so I'm getting some exercising done just not too extreme.
posted 10-Oct-2012 12:17am

Glad to read your post and all is well at talkhealth we were all a liltte concerned that it had gone quiet'ish! I am very interested to hear how you fair. Please do keep up the diet for a while to give it a good chance. I really don't feel there is ever a miracle and instant cure for anything from skin disorders to weight issues. So, its all about being patient and doing what appears to be the right thing for a consistant period of time and generally that means a life time's worth! However for some finding the right thing' can take a long time but if you don't keep trying you will never will find it to start with! Hope you have an enjoyable break .
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posted 14-Oct-2012 3:16pm

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Irina Vasilieva
posted 22-Oct-2012 7:37am

The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.
Francesco Banda Jasso
posted 25-Oct-2012 5:17am

I enjoy reading write-up. Hope i can discover a lot more articles like this one. Thanks for posting.
Michelle M Ruiz
posted 5-Nov-2012 8:12am

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posted 25-Dec-2012 2:20pm

Give it a try you have ALOT to lose, haha, clear, concise, but lots more ripeeces easy to read infor on website. Still I am very glad I got this book, has alot of the why things are the way they are with your metabolism explained in it that you don't get any where else.
posted 1-Jan-2013 12:15pm

posted 23-Mar-2013 5:47pm

For breakfast on the first day you can eat a mellon and grape salad. Watermelon cantaloupe grapes peaches and strawberry if you want to go crazy. You can add a little cinnamon or nutmeg and a squeeze of lemon juice. I know it sounds weird but I prefer cayenne pepper. Also a good way to drink water and incorporate fruit is blending watermelon and ice cubes. Makes a great way to get water and a little more sweetness. For breakfast on the second day you can roast a spaghetti squash or butternut squash and shred it. This is a little bit more substantial than a cold cucumber salad. Third day samething variations are keys so you don't get bored. On banana day do the smoothy freeze a couple of bananas and blend it with milk. Also you can do a gazpacho variation of the soup if it is summer and for the tomato day. Just use a blender or a hand blender and stick it in the soup. Also if you like spicy jalapenos and tabasco sauce do wonder of the soup. Also when you are reheating it add fresh scallions and fresh green peppers to add a little crunch. Seriously if you can't control what you eat for 7 days that is sad. Also if you can't live with out soda for a week and you still think it is non addictive or a healthy option for hydration you are crazy. Anything you can't give up for more than a week is an addiction.
posted 20-May-2015 5:25pm

I'm on day 2 on this cabbage soup diet and my stomach hurts not gassy at all more like nauseated it sucks I'm thinking it's the soup itself. Has anyone had this stomach pain? Like you are going to trow up??

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