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Cambridge Diet


The Cambridge Diet is a low-calorie (low-carb & low-fat) diet that is initiated under the care of a counselor.


You start by visiting a counselor to develop the program that's right for you. Then, in the initial, weight loss, stage of the diet, you go on a very low calorie diet. Carbohydrates and fats are avoided. This phase is very intensive. You are encouraged to take it easy (limit exercise and rest as needed).

As you begin to lose weight and approach your goal weight, you gradually can eat more and more calories per day.

Various products are available from Cambridge Diet to help you stay within the guidelines. For example, nutrition bars, shakes, and soups.

You are encouraged to drink a lot of water as well (8 glasses a day).


During the 1960's, the Cambridge Diet was developed by Dr Alan Howard (a research scientist at the University of Cambridge) and Dr Ian McLean-Baird (of West Middlesex Hospital) in the United Kingdom.

Initially, the Cambridge Diet was used in weight loss clinics, but in the 1980's the diet was brought to the United States with commercial product offerings. This is the period when the diet was the most popular.


It can be hard for people starting this diet to stick to the very low calorie diet -- initially, about 500 calories per day. Also, it may not be healthy to eat so little. You may lose weight quickly, but you may gain it back just as fast.


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  20-Mar-2006 10:43am created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:05am last update by bill

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posted 12-Nov-2006 10:42am

This diet is great !! accept your body will go into starvation mode and eat the house down after a week or so..

Still I would reccommend this diet if you are a person who cannot control their food intake..
It requires 3 healthy (full nutritional) shakes a day. Delicious! One can replace a shake with soup..

basically its bringing the calories so low that make a person lose weight and forcing them to drink water when they feel hungry. it does work for a few weeks.. especially if you keep yourself busy and out of the house.. away from all types of food ectr.

I think for most people this diet is hard to keep up. My counsler struggled with this diet as well.. The abscense of meals make it extremely hard.. even if you are on 1 meal a day because the portions are so small..

still it should be tried to tighten ones stomach and feel the joys of not stuffing yourself on a daily basis.. I really enjoyed the experience.
posted 30-Nov-2007 5:57pm

This is the best diet I've ever done! I did it for 2 weeks before and lost 15lbs. When I know I can eat, I eat rubbish, and weightwatchers counting points, seeing you've only lost a pound or 2 a week is so disheartening. No wonder people fall off the wagon like I did. I'm back on Cambridge now, the first 3 days are the worst, and the shakes I find, are vile. But once you're past the initial phase and the weight drops off, you get a real confidence boost and the determination to keep going. Don't take any notice of people telling you its unhealthy - it was invented by a scientist, then used in hospitals for obese people!
Get on it and good luck! x
posted 29-Mar-2008 1:53pm

I have bee on cambridge for 5 days now first weight in is Monday 2 days away... Im finding very hard today its a Saturday and all I have to look forward to is another shake or soup.... I'm on sole source at moment as I am 5ft1 and weigh 15.6 at present.... can anyone help motivate me please.... I want to lose this weight so much I have said I would be happy at 10 stone but my ideal weight is 8.7 this is a long way to go but the reasons to be slim far weigh out hunger. I am just finding it very hard only 5 days in 12 more weeks to go ???????
posted 1-Apr-2008 5:25pm

Hi Anonymous, I also weigh 15.4 and due to start this diet tomorrow. Just like you my aim is to be 10 stone so I hope we can encourage each other & others to stay focused. Please do stick with it and keep focused on that image of being slim ready for the summer. My aim is to lose 3 stone by the end of June, do you have a date to aim for? Well good luck for Monday's weigh in.
posted 19-May-2008 4:11am

hi i have been on cambridge diet for 2 weeks nd have lost 1 stone i was very wery about going on in and its been good and im was suprised i lost that much any buddy out there i would be happy to keep a contact with and find out htey go
posted 19-May-2008 4:12am

you can emaim me on and id be happy to chat to anyone whos on the diet
posted 19-May-2008 4:14am

i was 15.5 stone and 2 weeks later im down to 14.5 stone it was hard the first week but slowly i got into it if i was really hungry id have about 4tbsps of steam veg and i still lost 1 stone im hopping to get down to 11 stone as im 5.5 love to keep in contact with someone and how everyone else is progressing
posted 8-Jun-2008 4:57pm

i found the diet very hard but its worth trying.the shakes are nyc and the sops are disgusting.i lost 1 stone in a month.
posted 19-Jun-2008 4:59am


I started the cambridge diet on saturday and after 5 days i have lost 7 lbs already!! Im really happy about the weight loss however i have got leg cramps in the morning! Is this to do with the diet as i never ever had leg cramps before!
posted 13-Jul-2008 11:22am

Hi im starting tomorrow and hope I can do this. I want to loose 2 stone. I love my tea and hope i can drink it without milk. Will let you know how i get on........
posted 28-Jul-2008 9:11am

I've been on CD since the beginning of June with no cheating. I've lost two and a half stones and I'm hoping to finish the sole source at the end of August. It has been a struggle at times and often it's mind over matter when friends are sitting around with a pint or having a curry. I just think about how much I'm enjoying looking in the mirror and feeling so much happier about myself.

I read on another site that if you supplement with Potassium tablets (standard dosage) to do a VLCD that a lot of the lethargy, cramping, etc won't happen to the same extent. I did that my first two weeks and I have to say that I didn't feel any ill-effects from going straight onto sole source. Apparently, the leg cramps have to do with the extra water in your tissues and this will stop with time.

I am worried that after the diet is finished and I've hit the maintenance phase that I'll slip back into my old eating patterns, but I just keep telling myself that I had the courage to start this diet, I've been keeping my focus to see it through and I'm going to have the will to carry on in a new way. We can do this...and we'll be healthier for it.

Best of luck!
posted 30-Oct-2008 3:28pm

ive just started the CD 2 days ago! and im finding it soo dam hard, im 12 stones at da moment and want to loose 2 stones. The shakes i find disgusting and my stomachs rumbling all the time :(
posted 8-Jan-2009 6:57pm

Im on day 3 im 5f7 and 13.7 stoned i feel awfull tired sore eyes drinking loads and in love with the loo but not feeling hungry iv had 2 shakes today but feel as though i will be sick if i have another ...any tips please xxx
posted 8-Jan-2009 6:57pm

well end of day 3 lol
posted 14-Jan-2009 11:12am

Hi, ive been on this diet since 5th January so this is my 10th day. I must say I have found it quite hard but i am managing ok. At my weigh in on the 11th January I had lost 9 pounds so very encouraging. I was 13.1 at the start and now 12.6. My goal is 10.7. I do feel a bit bloated today but I am approaching totm so I am prepared that I may not lose any this week, however, I will plug on
elaine and penny
posted 15-Jan-2009 4:29am

Just to say my mother and i are in our second week now, we have lost 20 pounds between us. although many people struggle with the soups and shakes, we have found hope in the bars and poriddge. although many counsellors avoid using these products untill later in the diet, they are worth asking about. And in our opinion make the diet a lot easier!
posted 15-Jan-2009 11:36am

hi im on day 3 on ss,im 14.13 and want to lose 4 stone,yesturday i was fine on the shakes and stuff.i have a porriage for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a soup for tea but today all i want is a whooper from burger sooo worried ill get one and the rest of bk menue.does anyone else find this?
i just want to lose the weight, im not starving i think its cus im in a bad mood and normal i would cheer myself up with a take away and the thought of having a soup is not the same.but if i can get though tonight then thats a another day towards a slimmer me.
ggod luck to every one!!!!!
posted 26-Jan-2009 12:32pm

I'm at work and soooo hungry, lethargic and have a flipping headache. I started the plan on Sunday after having a farewell binge on food. I am determined to hit my goal weight and am hoping that my body adjust to this new regime.
posted 27-Jan-2009 12:33pm

I went on the diet a couple of weeks ago, on the first 8 days i lost 13.5lbs & felt brilliant. Another 7 days have passed & again i went for my weigh in last night. in the second week i lost half a pound. WHY. Can anbody explain why so so little in the second week. I admit a stone in 2 week i would have taken that from the start but still disapointed on the loss in week 2. If anyone can advise my email is
posted 17-Feb-2009 10:27am

i started the diet 4 weeks ago and i have lost 15lb at the last weigh in which was last week due for another weigh in thursday. im hpoing to have lost a couple of pounds this week as i did have about 4 table sponns of rice last week wednesday and half a bar of galaxy choc and 6 cookies.dont know what happened i wasnt even hungry. i would blame it down to being bored, becuz the diet is boring its very boring indeed. however when you loo in the mirror it does really boost ur confidence. i feel this time it has been my 4th time. i did do ll previously i lost about 2 stones then i went away and slowly put it back on. but i have to say i didnt find it as hard as i have now. but i have to say this is the last time i want to be on this diet. ive had enuff ive tried and tested every diet under sun. believe me they all work but it slipping back into old habits.i am hoping to lose atleast 3lb this week il be well happy. then add a meal i dont think i can do ss for long now. ive lost alot of weight and i would prefer to lose remainder slowly so it stays off longer and so my body adjusts to the food i dont want to start eating all of a sudden. good luck with the diet its hard but it is worth it love ot hear from you guys soon
posted 19-Mar-2009 8:55am

Hey everyone, Im 5'3 and my start weight was 14.10 my first weigh in was last week and i had lost 9 pounds. im so excited but i hate eating this food! i would much rather have a take away! i havent cheated at all though and my next weigh in is on saturday, hopefully il get another pleasant surprise! It is a hard diet to stick to but you just need to keep yourself busy and keep your water handy. I want to lose another 4 stone before the by august!! so i can go on holiday and get my tattoo! i know this is not realistic but hey we can hope!! good luck everyone!
posted 20-Mar-2009 6:13am

Hi, Im 5'3 and my start weight was 13:12. This is my 7th day on the diet and due for a weigh tonight. Im getting sick of drinking these shakes too, I need something to eat! Its like you dont have anything to look forward to in the day :) but I do feel alot lighter and can see the difference. We have to keep telling ourselves that in a few months time we would have a lost a few stone and will be looking so much better, and the food is still going to be there!! I think weekends are harder! SUMMER is coming!! Good luck to everyone! If anyone is interested in having a CD buddy, then email me on
posted 21-Mar-2009 10:11am


I just started the diet today and it has not been too bad. I don't mind not eating solid food but the shake and soup I've had today were just....vile. The good thing about this diet is that I know I'll lose the weight.

Goodluck to everyone who's on the diet!!!!
posted 4-Apr-2009 3:52pm

I started the diet today. I have 3.5 stones to lose. I must admit, it has been a real struggle today. I cant help thinking that the ss program is a little bit extreme. I am starving, but I am determined to shed the pounds. However I cant wait to eat solid foods again. I promise I will never turn my nose up at a salad ever again.

Good luck to everyone. Most of all me!!
Once Again
posted 14-Apr-2009 10:27am

I was on the CD diet for 4 weeks in June 2008. I lost close to 2 stones which is all i needed to lose. Since then I have found 1 of these stones :). So back to square one. I have started the diet today and am hoping to stick to it for 3 weeks and this time not go back to eating crisps for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Reject Doll
posted 3-Jun-2009 5:50am

I am on day 5 of SS. I have not lost a thing although I have not cheated and been feeling proud of myself for being in control. Today I realise I am retaining water as I am feeling bloated. I am drinking 3-3.5litres of plain water per day. I am so fed up because all the success stories say lots of weight lost in 1st week yet that's not happened to me. My CDC is encouraging but I could still do with some advice from others.
posted 9-Jun-2009 4:56am

I started the diet on 1 February 09 at 18 stones and 7Ibs. I'm now down to 12st 7Ib, with a few stones to go! The first week, I thought I was going to 'die' but it does get easier (trust me!).
M Bee
posted 24-Jun-2009 8:36pm


I started on the 8th June 09 and am now on my 3rd week of ss. I have lost 1 stone and 3lbs at my last weigh in on Saturday. I found it hard in the first week, asking myself what was the point of all this, but with a 12lb loss in the first week, I was up for a second week's challenge. I was using the shakes for the first 2 weeks and introduced the soups and porridge in the third week, I am due for a weigh in on Saturday but am worried I wont of lost as much weight because of the porridge which feels like stodge in my tum.
posted 27-Jun-2009 7:40pm

I went for a weigh in today and had lost a further 5lbs, in total that's a loss of 22lbs. But man, i have been seriously bored and hungry over the last few days. I felt that it got easier over time. Has anyone else experienced this too? I am going into my 4th week.
posted 28-Jun-2009 3:52pm

i am on day 5 off the cd diet and 2 be honest nt finding it 2 bad i work in a nursing home so im always very busy im drinking lots of water and caryying round sugar free chewing gum as i am getting a really bad taste in my mouth and also a lot of head aches does any1 eles suffer wiv thease?gt my weigh in 2mrwa so c if its all worth it x
M Bee
posted 28-Jun-2009 10:02pm

whoop whoop!!! I made it through the day, it was really hard today, I just wanted a greasy cheeseburger from good ol mackie d's. The joke is i am not even that keen, its always been a last resort for me. On a good note though, I have lost in total 22lbs in three weeks and am about to go into my 4th week of SS, please tell me does anyone find it hard? I am so bored with the flavours, I definately hate the soups so am gonna stop havng them. Geez, how am I gonna cope for another 9 weeks of SS.

Good luck my fellow CD dieters :0D
M Bee
posted 29-Jun-2009 7:16pm

Hi Beckie, I must say I have not had a headache since i started this diet and I am normally a headache sufferer. Hope it all goes well at you weigh in.
posted 5-Jul-2009 6:41am

Hey Beckie. The funny taste is probably due to the mild ketosis which develops when on the Cambridge Diet as your sole source of nutrition. This may affect your breath slightly. Listerine Mouthwash and 'retardex' work wonders though :)
M Bee
posted 9-Jul-2009 9:08am

I am in my 5th week of SS and at my last weigh in I had lost a total of 27lbs. All was going really well until I feel ill a few days ago, I woke up in the morning after an evening of vomiting and runny tum, feeling weak and achy, I felt I needed to eat to put back wot I had lost so have cheated a bit by eating. I am hoping that i have not gained any weight at my next weigh in. Have just had a Broccoli n cheese soup, that tasted foul. Will keep posting progress apparently I am going to start feeling how I did when I first Started 5 weeks ago, but am ok today.

The breath, I agree with Sarah. The joys of strict dieting, not lol!
posted 9-Jul-2009 2:59pm

OK OK the diet does make you lose weight & fast i know i have been on it. But the soups taste like crap, shakes are like drinking your own sick but yesi admit the pounds came off. But realistically this no matter what anyone says is un healthy. I have trained my mind to not eat solids in the day apart from a little fruit (pears & apples) to make you go so to speak & i have a couple of slimfast shakes which when cold remind me of a mcdonald yummy.
At night either a nice prawn or chicken salad & for nibbling at night more fruit. Thats a far more healthier diet than starving yourself & you will be surprised how full you feel. I also gave this diet up because my counsellor was next to useless, she reminded me of Bubbles from Little Britain, the fat cow. Let me know what you all think & remember if it taste like crap then it is.
posted 9-Jul-2009 5:53pm

Hows your weight loss going Lino, read what you wrote... funny. The soup I agree is yuk, but some of the shakes are quite nice, but it does all get boring. But something has got to give when you've got around 8 stones to loose and quick is my game at the mo. Well until I lose at least 5 stones, then I'll be happy to munch on other water type substitutes. reckon i'll be used to starving then. I must say that fruit has always made me feel hungry after, unless I eat a load of bananas, n then its indigestion instead lol.
Skinny Bittch
posted 18-Jul-2009 12:48pm

I lost 3 stones on the diet within about 10 weeks - so it realy does work - and quite fast. However I still need to lose another 4 - so after 2 months off the diet (various drama's later !!! ) I am back on it - incidentally my two month break I kept it off despite eating normally. Anyway - Im back on it - and I really really need to lose a stone before 31 July cos I have a party to go to - so Im really really concentrating and going for it - I need to prove to myself that I can do it and I cant wait for other people to watch me walk by and whisper to their mates - skinny bitch !!!
Skinny Bitch
posted 18-Jul-2009 12:50pm

Would love to hear from anybody who did successfully lose a stone (or more!!) in just 2 weeks. Good luck everybody xx
M Bee
posted 18-Jul-2009 2:33pm

Hi SB, I did, I lost 12lb in one week n 5lb the next week, so good luck!!! :0D
Betty boo
posted 1-Aug-2009 9:52am

Hi guys, I started this diet on the 29th and so far I've lost 8.8 lbs.
I feel really light headed and lethargic, I had a headache yeasterday
but today I'm ok. So far I'm really impressed with the diet, allthough
the taste value is not present in any of the products lol
really good to see your support and all the information here in your experience
has been fantastic!!

Thanks and good luck!!!
M Bee
posted 2-Aug-2009 6:31am

Hey Betty,

Well done!!! I am going into my 9h week and have now lost 3.5 stones. It gets easier as time goes on and the good feel factor kicks in which keeps you on track, it does get boring though, but hey its worth it in the end. I have stuck with SS but cant wait to get on to SS+. Keep in touch, will be good to see how you get on. TTFN :)

PS, try a little nutmeg on the plain porridge, it makes such a difference (let me know what you thought).
posted 6-Aug-2009 8:45am

Hi everyone, its day two today for me, cant stop thinking about food! will that go away?
does it get better? need to lose 5 stones a s a p whats the fastest relistic time i could
do this in if i stick with program and include the gym 4 times per week?
posted 7-Aug-2009 9:13am

hi everyone i started the cambridge diet a week ago and on the ss....i alos did one hour of workout 3times a week and i have lost 1stone in one week.......i have 8more stones to go so i can get down to 12stone am sooo excited.....dont give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!1inspire urself only u can be where u wanna one else can motivate u as much as urself....i have treied sooooo many diets and this is one diet i can stick 2 since i had no control over foood i wannna be able to dance and feel light and look hot in watever i wear....goin 2 barbados in christmas sooooo....getttin ready 4 dat.....go on pple u can do it
posted 9-Aug-2009 6:16pm

hi skinny bitch, how was your party? i am only on day 5 but feeling better about everything, not as hungry...
M Bee
posted 14-Aug-2009 1:08pm

Good for you Madge, let us know how you get on with your weigh in
posted 23-Aug-2009 4:14pm

I'm starting cb all the way tomorrow! I have been having the shakes for the last week with my food and I actually like them...I'm just worried I'm going to fall off the wagon and not get this weight off in time for my wedding dress fitting at the end of september. I have 15-20 pounds to lose...please help in keeping me motivated! I used to be so good at dieting but now all I want to do is pig out! If I know someone's behind me I think I can do it! I'm not sure how long I should do the sole source? I'm shooting for two weeks right now, maybe I'll be able to go longer...
M Bee
posted 26-Aug-2009 4:05am

Cor am on my 12th week of SS, and it now seems long and boring now. I have lost a total of 4stones and 3pounds to date. am hoping to loose at least another 5lbs before going up to SS+. I've got another 4 stones to loose so hope to be in shape by mid October. How are things going for you all out there?
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posted 14-Sep-2009 1:31am

Thanks very much for this well written post.
M Bee
posted 3-Oct-2009 3:33pm

Haven't been doing so well on CD lately, its been about 6 weeks since I took it seriously.... Help!!!!!
posted 4-Oct-2009 9:27am

iv only just stsrted on CD a few hours ago and had my 1st porridge!I quite liked it im excited after reading how much some of you guys hav lost but i no its gonna be hard being a mother of 3 kids& a housewife who needs to cook and feed every day.i wana lose 5 stones im 14.11 at the moment what shud i expect to lose in my 1stweek???????????? HELP!
posted 5-Oct-2009 12:30pm

hi anonymous how are you getting on?you still going to barbados?Youv really inspired me to keep going and your right no1 can motivate you like you can motivate yourself,i myself started my weightloss journey at around your weight with slimming world and lost 5stone in 11 months,i felt like its the never ending story so after my best friend reccomended it to me imgiving it a go,i hope&pray that i get results beyond my expectations!
posted 6-Oct-2009 8:20am

hi! i hete it im not doing this!its not nice I LOVE SLIMMINGWORLD AND THATS WHERE I BELONG!
M Bee
posted 15-Oct-2009 3:15pm

Hi zobya, you seemed to be doing so well, the third day is the hardest but after it gets easier, hope you stuck to it, keep in touch, its not so great on here to seek moral support as hardly anyone posts anything, I must admit that I have fallen off the wagon, but am going to try my hardest to start again for next week. Wish me luck :o)
posted 16-Oct-2009 7:26am

posted 2-Nov-2009 5:35am

Hi. I am meweting a CD Consultant later today. I am very encouraged by the posts I have just read, some made me LOL. I love the fact that there is so much support for one another. Shazziboo your account is so encoraging. Will be back for more jokes and encouragment. Good luck everyone.
posted 2-Nov-2009 3:49pm

Hey Diva, good luck, I have just started the CD again after about 2 months, I have had 2 shakes now n am feeling ok. So share your experience, its usually hard the first 3 days but it helps to write it down and research net.
posted 4-Nov-2009 11:15am

Hi there Anonymous.

I am at day three and feeling slightly tired. I had about four cups of coffe during yesterday which I think kept me awake last night. I woke up feeling hungry too. Forgot to take a sachet to work and so went to bed on two sachets when I should have had four. This will not happen again. Other than that I am doing rather well.

How are you doing?
Diva 72
posted 4-Nov-2009 11:16am

Thats how tired I am Anonymous I wrote my own name in the nickname box - DUH!!!!!!
M Bee
posted 4-Nov-2009 1:22pm

lol Diva, sorry i did not put my name on last time, (i'm anonymous) I forgot lol. Well at least you made it to day 3, tomorrow you will be in ketosis for sure and the loss in the first week is always great. I find that I get forgetful from time to time. Yesterday I went to lunch with colleagues and watched them eat it was hard, however I am at day 3 also n oddly enough have only had one pack.

Glad you came back on here, as not many people respond much to post. How much are you hoping to loose? Hope to hear from you soon
posted 5-Nov-2009 2:08pm

Hi M Bee. Hope you are well.
I am hoping to lose at least 5 stone. Have been living this yoyo diet life for too long. I think that I am in the right place menatally to get on with it now.
Day four today. I felt ok. I was busy most of the day so did not have second sachet until 3pm. I am now at home and not hungry. Do you know if this is normal? I do have a weird taste in my mouth, hope I am in the "zone". :)
How you doing?
M Bee
posted 6-Nov-2009 4:24pm

Hi ya Diva,

I guess you are in day 5 now like me. Well you do feel like that sometimes and the confidence comes to not want to take a sachet, but you should all the same, I used to have my first one at around 2pm then at 6pm then around 9/10pm to avoid hunger in the night. The odd taste in your mouth sounds like you are in ketosis, so you are loosing weight, ketosis also gives you bad breath, well its an odd smell, but hey who cares your achieving your goal. I'll tell you a joke, asked my colleague at work if I had bad breath n she said well kind of.... So I said well now thats out of the way lets get on with it and i'll try not to breathe on you lol... I think she was blown away.

I have been having mixed feelings this time around and am in ketosis now. You can actually but ketone sticks from the chemist and check for yourself, i'm obsessed. Keep in touch and keep me updated of your 1st weigh in, I am booked to see me counsillor tomorrow, I am hoping for a decent loss although i dnt think will do as have been retaining water. TC smile
posted 8-Nov-2009 5:50am

Hi. Sorry I have not replied sooner. I have been busy at work and home.

The diet is still going well. I am enjoying it so much. I may buy some Ketone strips just to make sure.

My weigh in day is tomorrow and I will report back my loss. How was you wiegh in?

What are you having mixed feelings about? We can do this. Just imagine after Christmas and winter is done away with, it'll be Spring. We will be buying smaller clothes and looking even better than we do nowsmile
M Bee
posted 8-Nov-2009 4:35pm

LOL, yes I am hoping to wear lovely dresses over the festive season, I went for my weigh in yesterday and had lost 6 pounds, not bad considering I retained lots of water this week. I am hoping for a similar loss next week but will have to wait a fortnight to find out as me counsillor is away for a week.

Well stay motivated and stay in touch, must get me bits ready for work tomorrow where it starts all over again. smile
posted 9-Nov-2009 11:01am

Hi M Bee.

Excellent result. Well done.
I went for my weigh in this morning and had lost 13&3/4 lbs. 1/4 of a pound less than a stone. My CDC was really excited about it.
Your weight loss should be really good in two weeks.
I totally agree that we should encourage one another and be CD buddies as they say. Have you been on to other web pages and looked at before and after pics, They made me more motivated to stick to plan.
the consultant said that I should be able to introduce bars in the menu next week. Do you know what they taste like?

Hope you had a fab day at work
M Bee
posted 14-Nov-2009 5:36am

Hey Diva,

I was so convinced I had responded to your post, but then I do recall that my laptop did kind of crash at the time. So apologies.

Well well well, you go girl, well done that's amazing, 13lbs whoop whoop!!! wink. When I first started this diet back in the summer I lost 10lb in my 1st week and thought that was amazing, but I must say you have out done me, that's great. I took a 2month break, but was fortunate not to of gained weight so was extremely happy with the restart loss of 6lbs. Have have never tried the bars because chocolate was a vice of mine, you'll have to let me know if they are nice.

Yeah sure i'll be your cd bud, no problem, I wont get weighed this week though because my consultant has gone of to the states for a week, hopefully I will have lost at least 10lbs by her return, well fingers crossed for me, I was not so good this week.

Well fingers crossed for your next weigh in speak soon and well done again wink
posted 16-Nov-2009 6:01am

Hi M Bee. Hope you are well.

Thanks for the crossing of the fingers. Lost another 6lbs today AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!! Sorry had to scream. I am so pleased. Still finding it really difficult to fit in four sachets but I am really going to try this week. At times I really do not feel hungry and then on other occasions I am out and there is no way I can make a soup or a shake so I have to wait till I get in.
I bought some bars today so I will let you know what they taste like.
I hope all is well with you.
M Bee
posted 16-Nov-2009 2:08pm

Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrr, I think I screamed at the same time I red yours, well done that is really good. I am pleased for you, as I am finding it so hard right now. I am the opposite to you and am hungry all the time, well when it comes to the evenings, during the day I am absolutely fine.

I don't get a weigh in this week as counsellor away whoo hooo, I guess i have to work hard this week to loose weight. You have however inspired me as i was thinking of having a cheat, but was drawn to the net and saw your lovely news and opted for a porridge instead smile.

Guess i'll have a coffee soon and that will curb things for me, so keep posting for me I need to get thru these next few couple of day.

M Bee
posted 16-Nov-2009 4:27pm

PS Diva,

Are you quite tall, as I am only on 3 shakes a day. That's as much I'm allowed

posted 17-Nov-2009 8:12am

Hi M Bee. Hope you are well.

Please try to stay motivated. It is hard, i'm not going to lie but we can do this. Remember we are going to turn heads in our beautiful frocks, feel healthier, be able to shop in any shop we like and one day arrive at maintenance and not have to go through this ever again I am praying and hoping for all these things for you as well as myself. You and I will get through this together.
By the way I really appreciate you replying to me it really helps.
I had a Cranberry crunch bar last night. It was ok if you like a lot of fruit a chocolate bar. I nearly gave up half way through but continued as the chocolate on the outside tasted great. Don't think I'll be buying that flavour again.
By the way I am 5'9".
I am sure you are going to do really well next week at WI. It will give you a massive boost. Can't wait to hear all about it. smileDiva
M Bee
posted 17-Nov-2009 5:17pm

Hey Diva,

Very well n u? Gosh tell me about it, I got really hungry today around 5pm, fortunately I had my shaker n shakes in the car and was out. The hunger came back quite quickly though but I thought about your loss and my weigh thats nearing and resist temptation. I think my problem is that I have already lost quite a bit of weight on CD and am now bored, of the supplements because I have had virtually all the range bar the chocolate bars.

I am 5'5 so guess this is why I am only on 3 meals per day(forgive me for being so personal). I was encouraged to go on ss plus but have not as yet, I think I would like to loose another st. n 1/2 before going up to SS plus, if I can hold out, I just have to stay strong and abstain from my craving for flavour. Its also the water, have you noticed that each brand of bottle has a different taste? At the moment I'm preferring it from the tap. lol

Well keep in touch speak soon smile
posted 18-Nov-2009 12:42pm

Hi there M Bee,

I think that I will do what you have done and make sure I have my shaker and a sachet with me so I do not get caught out.
How much weight have you lost with CD & how long as it taken? I can imagine getting bored on the sachets after quite a while. I just want to get to January and then I will move up a level I think to SS+. And then if all goes to plan I will continue to March where I will be at a good weight for me.

You were not personal at all, don't worry about it. I prefer tap water also it has the best taste called "free" Hee hee.

Let me know how you get on. Divasmile
posted 18-Nov-2009 12:46pm

M Bee.

Have you ever been on the CD plan over Christmas. If yes, what did you do?
M Bee
posted 18-Nov-2009 1:29pm

Hi ya,

No I started CD for the first time this year, I am hoping to loose a stone n half at least before then as I am no way gonna stick to the diet over christmas, I have already squared that with me counsellor, I dont think I would be able to get through the period of visits and visitors, baking etc... I have done well so far and have lot 4st n 1/2 so am not gonna beat myself up about it neither. I can tell you that I took each week 1 by 1 and it was not that hard, if anything I am finding it harder now than I did before, although I have not gained the weight,I do also think that I am on a plateau too as it just seems as though I am loosing the weight really slowly.

Do you plan to purge over Christmas?
posted 23-Nov-2009 1:57pm

Hi M Bee. Hope you're well.

Wow!!!! 4.5 stones, fantastic. Yes you have done really well and deserve a break at Christmas. I cannot wait till I get to the three stone off mark, I am hoping to be there by Christmas. I only lost 3lbs this week. CDC said it is because I am not having enough sachets. I only had about 15 this week and my water intake was not consistent. But I promised that I would have the full 28 this week - I hopewry-smile. I think that I am going to go through Christmas on SS. At this point in the diet I do not want any hiccups. I will be having my Turkey much later than planned.
When you say that your loss has slowed down what is the weekly loss?
By the way, sorry the reply is sooooooo late. every time I sat down to reply I got distracted.
M Bee
posted 23-Nov-2009 3:48pm

Hi Diva,

hey 3lb is a loss, and a loss is great, so well done!!!! I am finding things really hard still and have nowewet focused particularly well and stuck to 21 shakes. 15 shakes, wow that's less than in my calculations 3 shakes a day, you know you really need to be careful as some days on SS you can feel really weak. Well I am losing around 5lb per week which is usual, but I keep fluctuating, like 3lb or 2lb loss or gain.

I guess it is probably me as have been following the plan quite badly, but its a new week n I will be purging for my sins. I still have at least a weeks worth of packs so will be avoiding me cdc over this week now she's back.

Anyway take care n all the best for this week, speak soon smile
posted 27-Nov-2009 6:53am

Hi M Bee. Hope you are well.

Sorry for the late responce. How are you doing since writing the reply? I do hope you feel better you have done so well. When you look at the bigger picture your small gains are not significant and your weight loss of 5lbs a week is fantastic. Remember we have to keep going smile

In regards to feeling weak, I did have a funny moment last Saturday but that is because I did not have anything at all and went out but as soon as I had a meal & pleanty of water I felt much better.
have you met up with your CDC yet?
posted 1-Dec-2009 11:28am

Hello Diva and M Bee,

You are both encourging and I am working on getting myself to do the SS at the moment I just have one shake or porridge in the morning then next day I will have one for breakfast and lunch and then I hope to do it for all three meals. I don't have a CDC because I live in the US and we dont have them here. I am just afraid that I will gain it back when i introduce food back in the diet. What do your CDC say about gaining after the diet is over on the SS?
posted 2-Dec-2009 7:59am

Hi Butterfly. Nice to speak with you.

I too am concerned with the maintenance at the end of losing the weight. Apparently it is best to follow the diet right the way through up to 1500 calories. Once the whole diet has been completed we should be able to manage our food in a different ways; Not having too large a portion, making the right choices etc...

I am so determined to keep the weight off at the end. I have been programming my mind in preparation just like I did when I was going to start the diet. I have just had my fourth weigh in and lost another 6lbs which means 28lbs, 2 stones, exactly that I have lost since November the 2nd.
Butterfly at times it may seem hard but It is something that we have found necessary and we have to find the power within to stick at it.
Although I am new to CD I am here if you need support I'm sure the same goes for M Bee.
posted 8-Dec-2009 8:26pm

Just started today getting headaches & shakes but it will be worth it, the shakes are ok & the porrige is nice, dont like the soups, hope to lose 7 stone fingers crossed good luck everyonexx
posted 9-Dec-2009 10:57am

hi everyone am starting the cambridge diet today....i feeel reallly goood sooo far...drinking loads of at 22stone and i hope to loose 11stone am gonna start working out for an hour by tommorow....when i get that feeling of well being soooo encouraged by everyones post keep going gies and remember to drink loads of water.........
posted 10-Dec-2009 5:06am

Hi Anonymous & Debbie.

Good luck on your journey. Just remember to be determined and you will be fine. Have a fantastic week.

posted 10-Dec-2009 8:24pm

Day 3 just over hard day felt hungry but stayed positive, they say it gets easy I hope it does, I've had shakes, headaches, but I've got to lose 7st as I'm 19st I need to get to 12st so I'm going to hopefully do it stay positive godbless you, go for it we can do itxx
M Bee
posted 11-Dec-2009 11:08am

Hey guys, esp Diva smile Long time.... Isn't it great we now have company.

I wish all you new starters the best of luck, I agree that it is hard to start off with, but It has really been paying off fr me. In answer to your question Butterfly, once you are off SS, you will still loose on SS+ you will also loose on the other steps also as it will still be under the daily recommended calorie intake. I must say that I took a break from it all and did not gain weight, well a 1lb so that was not bad. I am now trying to re-focus and get backon it as this diet really works and it also gives you a real sense of well being. Not to mention great looking skin with all the water you will drink.

I must admit that the third day is probably the worst as you are loosing the carbs, but girls day 4 is a good day and you may not feel hungry at all. After that you may feel like you cant do all your packs, but do as they are giving you all the nutrients in them.

Well keep in touch all.

wink M.
posted 21-Dec-2009 3:45pm

Hey everyone. M Bee nice to hear from you, was getting worried.

Sorry for the late reply. I have been maga busy at work home etc.....ZZZZZZZZ.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing really well and enjoying their experience.

How is everyone doing?

John S.
posted 21-Dec-2009 5:09pm

I am a 64 year old male from the United States and began sole sourcing on Cambridge on October 29, 2009. The advice given was to have four drinks a day. For 15 days I had only the Cambridge and quite a bit of water -- no food. After 15 days I added one meal per day. Today is December 21, 2009 and I am down 21 pounds. I am 5' 10" and started at 191 pounds. My goal is 165 so I am within 4 or 5 pounds of my goal. Cambridge is the only way I could have done this soooooo fast! It's great! So to all of you in England I am down a stone and a half! Not too shabby. Keep trying, never give up, and fight until you reach your goal. It is NOT that hard!
M Bee
posted 3-Jan-2010 1:02pm

Hi there, its been a while since I last logged on here, hope you all are doing well.

I'm afraid to say that I slipped somewhat over the Christmas period and gorged on some really rich treats, my baking for 1. Well here's to a New Year and getting back on track, It is my little god daughters christening in 4 months and I hope to have succeeded and have reached my goal weight at least 6 weeks before then. I have at least 3.5 stones to loose and am really gearing up for the challenge. I am also giving up smoking also so know that this week will be one of the worst weeks I have experienced. So please, please, please think of me, your support will be hugely welcome.

Take care smile

Ps. Well done John!!!
posted 4-Jan-2010 3:53pm

Hi Everyone. Happy new year.

Christmas was really good for me. In the end I gave into having two small meals as my mother and mother-in-law would have it no other way as I was spending Christmas with one and Boxing day with the other. Anyway. Went for my first weigh-in today in two weeks and I have lost three pounds, which means that I have lost 3 & 1/2 stone since November 2nd. My CDC said that another 18 and that will be enough for my height (5,9. Dress sizes are going down nicely - thanks to drinking loads of water and I am feeling sooooo good. So my fellow CD's lets keep going and making the difference in our lives.
By the way. I used to have very bad joint pains. They are nearly gone altogether.

Have a fantastic week. smile
God bless
posted 5-Jan-2010 2:33pm

hi hi This is day 2 for me I am surprisingly not hungry, however I miss chewing lol....... anyway I started yesterday tea so had a cheese and brocolli soup I was nearly sick it was gruesome!!!!! I got a selection of everything to try. I loved the strawberry shake, and quite enjoyed the oriental chilli soup, the vegetable was tolerable. I have 2.5 stones to lose and I am doing ss+ so i get 3/4 cd and 200ml of skimmed milk for hot drinks yeah ...... I must admit I am coping well with just 3 cd so will see how weightloss is. My consultant said I can have 1 or 2 cans of coke zero or dr pepperzero a day as it has no citric acid in it and I tell u what its a real treat good luck with it all everyone xx
posted 7-Jan-2010 4:46pm

hi everyone this is my 4th day on ss . i have done ok so far but really struggle at night. i have been coming on here everynight which helps me keep motivated.i have weighed myself and so far i have already lost 6 lbs so im chuffed but when you have alot to lose it still seems so little. this diet does obviously work but it is hard im hoping tomorrow will be easier. how much did u all lose before u went down a dress size?
posted 7-Jan-2010 6:39pm

Hi Guys
Well I emailed the counsellor person tonight to find out how to get into doing this diet and im really keen...
I hope to be on here encouraging you all soon I want to lose 3 or 4 stone....
posted 7-Jan-2010 6:40pm

Does anyone know how long it takes to get started once you have registered an interest?
posted 7-Jan-2010 11:13pm

Hi everyone. I found this site and wanted to respond to you all. I've used Cambridge Diet for years. I don't sell it, so I have no motive for saying this. It is really the only thing that has ever worked for me. It's absolutely incredible.
TIP FOR LAURA. This is what I had to do. I drink lots of diet sodas and tea during the day and especially at night. I know a lot of you think that's terrible, but it's what works for me. I find the Cambridge Diet slightly alters your taste buds after a short while. Something like a fruit-flavored diet drink tastes so delicious it can really curb your appetite.
When I first started I used to buy these large bottles of fruit-flavored sodas from Safeway--I believe they are Safeway Select and they range between 80cents to just over a dollar. They are quite large, and I'd nurse one every night. That totally kept me from cheating.
Right now I've discovered root beer and the new Fresca peach and cherry flavors are extremely filling. I recommend something with flavor rather than just cola.
Oh, you can't drink alcohol, which you may already know. It's not safe on this type of diet, and will encourage you to eat if you do it.
By the second week you will feel better and less likely to cheat. Be sure to eat a full day's portion of Cambridge every day. You need it to keep the diet working.
I have one other trick I'll share. Even though I'm a little allergic to cottage cheese, I keep the low fat kind around most of the time just for those days when I feel I have to have something solid. I don't often do eat it, and don't do it yourself if you can get by. Don't substitute fruit or anything with sugar. That will really set your system and progress back to the beginning.
Also, I use the Cambridge oak cerel blend a whole lot. I stay away from the cookie-like bars. I think they can undermine your resolve.
Good luck to you!
posted 8-Jan-2010 7:22am

thanks for the tips bonnie . i have been having a can of zero cola everynight which i look forward to and sometimes have a bit of cheddar cheese if im desparate as im led to believe that if u really are struggling try sticking to low carb foods such as things you can eat on the atkins diet. im feeling better today it just seems to be at night. im so motivated this time and am hoping to succeed. how much did u lose and how long did it take?
posted 13-Jan-2010 4:52pm

hey girls... i live in london and want to start the diet but need to know roughly how much it will cost me per week... can any1 tell me how much the powder milkshakes, ready-made milkshakes, soups, porridge and bars are... thank u
M Bee
posted 13-Jan-2010 5:24pm

Hi Choc-Lit

I'm from London n It costs me round about 37.80 per week, the food packs; that includes, shakes soups n porridge cost 1.80. The tetra bricks - the ready made stuff is about 10 or 20p more. i think the ready made stuff is kind of disgusting, but I guess you could try it. It is convenient for on the go n they r much more discreet, but I'd recommend a shaker n the food packs for taste and cost. Hope that helps n good luck smile
posted 17-Jan-2010 7:15pm

Hiya guys,
I started this diet on SS in April 2008 and lost 5st (70lbs) in weight; got done to a BMI of 22.5 - I started with a BMI of 33.4.

However I have REALLY struggled since last Xmas to maintain my new weight.

I went up the stages until I got to 1000kcals where some carbs are intoduced, healthy low GI carbs, but as soon as I did that my weight started to rise. I panicked and went back to SS, and thats what I've been doing this last year. I know I should have stayed with the programme and allowed my body to find a new level, (my counsllor never told me this thoug, I found out when I became a counsellor myself!) which I eventually did even though I was putting on weight I allowed this to happen hoping that eventually my body would find its new level.

But when I eat carbs - even healthy ones - I want, no, more than want, I am compelled, to eat anything sweet - high sugar, high fat - that I can get my hands on. i eat in secret and hide food. I can easily eat more than 3,000 -4'000 kcals at one sitting. I later feel sick and have ended up by purging with a toothbrush down my throat and making myself sick to get the stuff out of my system. Its as if I am fighting myself. Food; weather or not I should eat it; is a constant internal battle from the moment I awake to the moment I sleep. Basically I go from starving myself (SS'ing) to binging, feeling sick and guilty then throwing up. This is no way to live, physically or mentally.

I was so worried at how I was behaving around food and how I was maybe affecting my 17 year old daughter who is a slim size UK 8/10 who nevertheless wants to lose weight, that I went to my Dr beleiving that I had some sort of eating disorder. She dosnt beleive in diets as such and told me I had to re-evaluate my relationship with food. Well that sounds easy enough, but how the hell are you supposed to do that! If I could do that I wouldnt have done Cambridge in the 1st place. I would have succeeded when I did Weight Watchers or Slimming World, but they just dont work for me. Not putting them down, they help loads of people, just not me!!

After losing 5st I beleived TOTALLY in Cambridge; couldnt sing its prasies enough! and became a counsellor myself, went through the traing etc and now have a lot of clients, but the one thing they dont teach you is maintenance which I beleive is the most important. Iunderstand, with the re-branding, they will be addressing that this year as many, many counsellors have asked for the same advise.

99% of my clients lose weight, go up the steps, go away very happy with there acheivment, and never look back. However, I have had a few clients very similar to myself and I cant advise them on what to do. So I am here, now, wondering if anyone else will be honest enough to admit that maybe they have had similar problems and what (if anything) they found helped. How did you beat this thing, what did you do. Did you get outside help, did a light bulb come on in your head, what happened.

I would appreciate any helpful answers.

Good luck to everyone who is on this road. Dont take it for granted, this is a lifelong battle!

Julie x
M Bee
posted 18-Jan-2010 6:40pm

Whoop whoop!!!

I made it through the day, I have been trying to return to CD since after the holiday period but with immense difficulty.I have got through the first day with ease and have decided to take one day at a time and realise that tomorrow might be a challenge, but I must try and stay focused as I do have a few stones to loose.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences as I know it will help get me through, I don't doubt that this week will be a tough one.
M Bee
posted 19-Jan-2010 2:32pm

Day 2 of restarting SS, yesterday was a breeze, during the day things were fine, but I am starting to feel realy hungry now. I have had a soup, and porridge and am holding out a little longer for a hot choc, I am hoping that the purge wont be as bad as it was the first time I started CD. Cant wait to start logging the loss; so here's to hoping i can get through this.

Take care
M Bee
posted 19-Jan-2010 5:20pm

Whoop whoop, I have made it through my 2nd day, am near ready for bed and have had my last pack for the day, although I fought back hunger earlier I got through it, well here's hoping I get through the next day, taking it 1 day at a time.

Hey Diva, are you out there???
M Bee
posted 20-Jan-2010 3:06pm

Day 3 and I am almost through it, it hasn't been that bad today, I felt bloated more than anything earlier due to all the water I've drunk I checked for ketosis and am almost there.

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