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Cambridge Diet


The Cambridge Diet is a low-calorie (low-carb & low-fat) diet that is initiated under the care of a counselor.


You start by visiting a counselor to develop the program that's right for you. Then, in the initial, weight loss, stage of the diet, you go on a very low calorie diet. Carbohydrates and fats are avoided. This phase is very intensive. You are encouraged to take it easy (limit exercise and rest as needed).

As you begin to lose weight and approach your goal weight, you gradually can eat more and more calories per day.

Various products are available from Cambridge Diet to help you stay within the guidelines. For example, nutrition bars, shakes, and soups.

You are encouraged to drink a lot of water as well (8 glasses a day).


During the 1960's, the Cambridge Diet was developed by Dr Alan Howard (a research scientist at the University of Cambridge) and Dr Ian McLean-Baird (of West Middlesex Hospital) in the United Kingdom.

Initially, the Cambridge Diet was used in weight loss clinics, but in the 1980's the diet was brought to the United States with commercial product offerings. This is the period when the diet was the most popular.


It can be hard for people starting this diet to stick to the very low calorie diet -- initially, about 500 calories per day. Also, it may not be healthy to eat so little. You may lose weight quickly, but you may gain it back just as fast.


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  20-Mar-2006 10:43am created by bill
  23-Mar-2006 9:05am last update by bill

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posted 20-Jan-2010 6:49pm

Hey M Bee, how is your councillor?? I want to start on 1st Febuary, but need to find a really good councillor to keep me motivated. Does your councillor know about maintaining afterwards?? For the rest of you Ladys, can anybody recommend a good councillor in east london, near Barking. Also, did you Ladys start of on the Milkshakes only? If yes, premixed or powdered? If powdered, have you got any recipes?

Loads of questions I know, but I want to be prepared lol
M Bee
posted 21-Jan-2010 2:04pm

Hi Choc-Lit, My CDC is ok, she is based in Chingford but she does come out to you but I think there is an extra charge for that. What you can do is visit the cambridge diet website n they have a list of counsellors in your area, there should be one much nearer to you. Or you could call them on 0800 161 412. When you arrive at your goal weight, you get information around a maintenance plan, but it is also available for you online, just google cambridge diet UK. I started on the premixed stuff as I thought it would be easier for work, but really hated the taste. Dont worry about the questions, I still have loads when I go see my CDC. Well good luck try it, it really does work. I have been on here a lot lately as its my first few days back on CD, I find logging the days really help.

TC M Bee
posted 21-Jan-2010 5:13pm

Hi M Bee,
I did go on the website, found one in Barking, gave her a call and she didn't sound very nice. I asked her a few questions but she was very evasive and didn't really give me an opinion. Might call a few more, but might go with her I guess. I'm going to call around tomorrow and see what can be done lol. Will give you guys an update then. M Bee did you start on milkshakes only? Any tips on which flavours? Anyway TC xx
M Bee
posted 21-Jan-2010 6:46pm

Hey Choc-Lit

Well then I guess she's not the one, for you then, trust me I had a bit of a thing with my counsellor and it kind of got in the way of my focus on the diet.
M Bee
posted 21-Jan-2010 6:51pm

Well its the end of day 4 and I have made it through, it was all good without the cravings and am finally in ketosis. Fingers crossed I get through to day 5
M Bee
posted 22-Jan-2010 10:41am

Its day 5 and I am really feeling it, I am so hungry, got of work early today and had 1st meal at the same time but wow today is a tough one, cant wait for my next meal, gosh that in more than 2hrs time Grrr!!!!
posted 22-Jan-2010 1:54pm

Started the diet again am now on day 19 and have lost 20lbs. I am finding it so hard this week and trying not to give in and have some food, if i do how will this affect the diet???
M Bee
posted 22-Jan-2010 3:40pm

Hi Natti,

Well done to you. I'm on day 5 and am really worried that the same will happen to me apart from today I have sailed through this week, i'm hoping I dont feel the hard times roll in. 20lbs thats a great loss, how much do you want to loose?
posted 23-Jan-2010 10:34am

Hi Natti,

congrats on your amazing weight loss. Please try and stay focused ladies, considering I haven't felt the hunger that you have, all I can say is THINK OF ALL THAT MONEY YOU HAVE PAID lol... also do you guys have some sort of motivation technique e.g. buying a beautiful dress in ur aim dress size?? Keep focused and keep coming back so we can support each other, God knows I love food so I this will be very hard for me lol
M Bee
posted 23-Jan-2010 12:26pm

Its day 6 and I'm feeling hungry, I keep telling myself its not physical, but psychological I have an hour left before I have my next meal so I guess that's not bad. Just trying to occupy my mind by sharing my thoughts with you guys and reading up on things. The first time I went on CD, I had my crazed hunger days at the very beginning, so thought it would be a breeze to have got to day three without a hitch, this definately helps though. I had a sneaky peek on the scales and saw that I had lost around 10lbs this week, not bad for the first 6 days I guess, with a bit of luck I'll of lost over a stone come next weekend when I go to see my CDC, I havent met with her this time around yet as I had some packs left from before I broke my diet. I hear you C-L, I do browse nice bits on the net hoping that I'll stick to this plan this time around so that I can reach my goal.
M Bee
posted 23-Jan-2010 6:20pm

Well its drawing near to the end of the evening and i am yet to take my last pack, considering I was so hungry earlier, I really got through it, well I guess its not a bad thing, well roll on day 7 :)
posted 24-Jan-2010 4:22pm

hi all,

I'm on my 4th day, i found it a bit hard going the last couple of days, especially as i was doing a party on sat and had to do the buffet! good news is i resisited and i sat there with my water and a shake instead, for those who find it hard, we have to keep at it otherwise whats the point? we'll just get bigger and bigger! :0)
M Bee
posted 24-Jan-2010 9:32pm

Hey Lou, Well done to you for resisting!!!

Its day 7 and I got through without any major feelings of hunger, I am hopeful I'm on my way now I must say I did not handle my water very well today though, I probably only managed 3/4ltr of water, that's so bad, will make up for it tomorrow.
posted 26-Jan-2010 7:04pm

i don't think i can post any longer
posted 26-Jan-2010 7:07pm

o wow I totallycan lol. I've been trying for the last few days but the posts never appeared... here's a summary:
posted 27-Jan-2010 4:00pm

Hi all,

Its been a trying week got really bad cravings yesterday but resisited!
went tonight and ive lost 12 lbs!!!!
M Bee
posted 27-Jan-2010 5:38pm

Hey Lou,

That's amazing, well done to you!!! I am due for a weigh in on Saturday I haven't actually been to my cdc to get checked.
M Bee
posted 31-Jan-2010 5:39pm

Hey Choc-Lit are you out there, are you still planning on making a start tomorrow? Keep us updated :)
posted 3-Feb-2010 12:21pm

Hi All
I am on my third day and I have to say ive not once been hungry, i have a busy demanding job and that uses a lot of energy, i am fine at work and then i get home i am a bit moody!! My first weigh in is due Tuesday and im hoping for 8-10 pounds , i hope thatís realistic as i have 2stone and 12pounds to loose to take me to a target of 10 stone - Does anyone have an idea of how long this will take??? I only have a max of 2 months to loose it all - Good luck all you all sound like you have been doing brilliantly!!!! :)
posted 5-Feb-2010 8:38am

5th day feeling great - Loads of energy!!!
posted 5-Feb-2010 1:12pm

Hey guys, especially M Bee,

yes I did start on Monday. It is so difficult for me to post on here that I joined the official Cambridge forum, but if my post comes through then I will defo start posting here again. I didn't feel very great as I cheated on day 1 and 3 but it is day 5 now and I am proud to say that I haven't cheated since. I had a small bottle of coke zero today (SAVIOUR). I don't feel like cheating at all. What is your stance on the diet coke debate? I plan to have a can a day nomatter what, but may have more lol xxx
posted 5-Feb-2010 2:07pm

Hi all,

Glad you're doing well, how did you get on with your weigh in MBee? had my last one on weds and lost 8lbs!
20lbs in two weeks very happy!
keep up the good work everyone and remember water water water!!!
posted 6-Feb-2010 3:06pm

Hey M Bee, now I am here, your not here lol... first WI on monday, I haven;t actually budged much so not expecting wonders lol, I cheated

Hey Lou, very well done... 20lbs in two weeks is something to aim for x
M Bee
posted 7-Feb-2010 7:17am

LOL Hey Choc-Lit, I am, I was actually responding too you the other day but got side tracked and forgot to come back sorry, dont worry about the cheating, just keep trying it will come to you. I myself had a lapse but am gonna get back on track tomorrow, so for every time you feel like having a cheat, just come on here n type something, you'll forget it does work.

Hey Lou, so far I've lost around 10lbs and have arranged to go for a weigh in once a fortnight for a while, so good on you for losing 20lbs thats amazing I feel you'll meet your goal in not time, by next week you'll also see the loss in girth whoop whoop, keep it up.

TC guys

PS Choc-Lit, got me fingers crossed for your WI, share it with us wink
posted 7-Feb-2010 7:31pm

Hey M Bee and Lou, we are finally communicating properly lol... I don't think I will be cheating for a while after retaining 2lbs of water from a chocolate bar and 6 sweets lol. Besides, I felt awful afterwards as I am stretching myself financially for this. Anyway, will keep you guys posted for my WI. Also, I started this really good support thread on, it s in the sole source only section and it is called 'Anybody starting 01/02/10', it will be in the first few pages... jump on there if you need some more support, you are both welcome to join xxx
posted 12-Feb-2010 6:41pm

Hey guys I'm on day 10 of ss. The first night I had the worst headache ever which I'm guesing is due to the no caffiene. I'm now completley decaf all the way. Mind of matter. I have a busy demanding job and have noticed a lack in attention at times. For real blonde moments. My first week I lost 9lb next weigh in on Monday. Any tips for the gross taste in my mouth???? Ps can we have coke zero? That would cheer me up for sure. This post has been a great help. Look forward to reading more. Thanks guys and goodluck. Starting weight 13.5 current 12.8 goal 10.5 x
posted 15-Feb-2010 7:41am

hey i was on the cd and lost 7lb on my first week was really hard but wen you get into it and see the weight loss it encourages you. i came off it a week and am really strugglin to diet normally so am goin back on it got 2 stone to go so really an determined now, got parties this year .Anyone came off it and went back on it and is it difficult goin back on it.x
posted 15-Feb-2010 1:08pm

Hi ya, Anonymous, yes I've been on then off then got back on, I must say I found that it was really hard but keep trying and it pays off. Good luck!!!
M Bee
posted 15-Feb-2010 1:08pm

Hi ya the 2nd anonymous is M Bee
posted 16-Feb-2010 3:08pm

Hey guys, lost 3lbs last week, kind off happy as it was valentines week lol
posted 21-Feb-2010 6:26am

hello every one this is my 5th day i feel much better than the 3rd day.
i can't wait till wedensday to see how much waight i lost.
i'm worried about the maintanace from now;)
M Bee
posted 22-Feb-2010 12:53pm

Good luck Nana.

Well done Choc-Lit, I have been having difficulties this time around, but have started again today in the hope of keeping it up this time, fingers crossed for me, I want to have loss a nice bit of weight come April. Hope I don't get bored. TC all.
posted 25-Feb-2010 11:28am

First stone gone... been really ill and took 5 days off but somehow managed to lose 3lbs in 9 days lol... very happy... No worries M Bee, with your determination you will be alright x
M Bee
posted 25-Feb-2010 8:20pm

Whoop whoop Choc-Lit, well done, mines is slow but its coming hun. Keep us updated, its so dry around here these days lol
M Bee
posted 6-Mar-2010 7:59pm

Hello, anyone out there?
posted 9-Mar-2010 2:37pm

hi all this is my second day of thwe cd and it is reallllly reallly hard im 28st and i no i need to do something quik as i know im at risk of something dangerous. i kinda fell off track on my first day it was terrible but today im determined to stay on track even though im fighting it

i hope to see reall good results soon cus i need something to look forward to.
good luck everyone and i hope you all stick to it xxx
M Bee
posted 9-Mar-2010 8:19pm

Hey dizzy

I wish you the best of luck, I've been off track now for a while, and have been trying to get back on track, it is really hard, but we will fight together good luck, CD really does work
posted 10-Mar-2010 5:47pm

Hi all,

I am thinking of of going on the CD, but am concerned of the side effects as there is so much n the press about it being unhealthy and has adverse side effects, i would love to loose 4 to 5 stone and really want to looseit quickly. Have read most of theposts and i admire you all on your determination.

I have tried all sorts of diets but i really need a heavily restricted diet as i have no self control!!!

Your help and support would be much appreciated
M Bee
posted 23-Mar-2010 5:27pm

Hey B=Bum n all y'all

Hope its going well for you n sorry for the delay in any response. I had fallen off the wagon and am returning today, I have had a vanilla shake, hot chocolate and have had my last pack a porridge. I am drinking a mint & nettle tea as well, I have not done to well on my water so will try to drink a litre before I go bed, I have had around only 1 litre so far.

I am also a smoker and my quit day is tomorrow, I decided to take action with my weight, since I have done CD before and it worked great for me, I just did not stick to it to loose my last few stones. They say that you can gain around a stone and a half on average quitting smoking, so I guess that I ought to do the two together as I dont want to gain what I have lost already. Its gonna be quite a challenge but hey its all for the good so if there's anyone out there then plaeas please, please, support, support, support!!!
posted 1-Apr-2010 5:40pm

Hey M Bee,

Hope you doing ok with CD and quitting cigs, i have not yet started but am intending starting Next week and actually am really looking forward to it, i need some drastic action now... this doesn't appear to be a very busy forum, are there other forums that people who use CD go on?

Keep up the gud work...
posted 27-Apr-2010 2:06pm

hi, all im just thinking about starting the diet.. just really wanna lose 2 stone... just to give it a good start.. the only thing is ive got 2 jobs and dont want it to affect m work. what do ut think?
M Bee
posted 29-Apr-2010 9:32am

Hi Lou,

It wouldn't, it would probably be easier as you will be without the distractions You could always stop if it did not agree with you, the pro is that it works smile
posted 18-May-2010 4:46pm

Hi all
Its my first day on cd during the day it was hard but dont want to give up does going gym help my cdc said she dont recommend me going gym says swimming and walking helps i really want to lose weight im on the ss also how long do i be on ss?
Will be grateful for support and help cheers mussy x
M Bee
posted 21-May-2010 3:08am

Hi Mussy

Yes apparently cardio exercise is not good at this time. Light walking is good. If you can get through the first few days you will most defo have lost a good amount of weight loss after the first week. I think you can be on SS for one week and switch over to the next stages but I think its best to stay on SS for as long as you can as it really works. Dont forget that SS+ is also quite low in calories and you can loose quickly on this too. Good luck it is initially hard but really works fast. Keep us updated to see how you go.
posted 31-May-2010 8:45am

Hey guys, how is everyone doing on the diet. Well I was ill for about 5 days, that was the last time I came on here. Turns out, I wasn't ill but experiencing abit of morning sickness lol. Unfortunately had to stop CD but got a beautiful baby on the way so I'm here for support now lol.

To all you guys thinking about doing the diet, definately give it a go. I found it to be easier than most diets as there is no reason to be looking at other foods. The sachets are all you should be having, which is a big plus for me as I with other diets,I always found myself snacking on other foods.

Hope you are doing ok M Bee?
posted 8-Jun-2010 5:56am

Did the cambridge diet last year between November and March and lost atleast 4 1/2 stone!! Came off it and struggled to get back to eating proper meals.. I tried the special k diet but was disappointed with the weight I was losing a steady 1-2 lbs a week which was nothing compare to 5-6 lbs on the cambridge diet and 12lbs in my first week of the diet- Seriously considerin' going back on the CD!
posted 13-Jun-2010 3:33am

My husband and i are starting the CD on Friday. We both have around 2 stone to lose and have tried every other diet under the sun but we love food so much its difficult. Wish us luck.
M Bee
posted 14-Jun-2010 6:42pm

Good luck all. It works so give a go, you'll not be disappointed.

Congratulations Choc-Lit!!!! I am well thank you luv x
posted 15-Jun-2010 5:18am

Ok I am going to get weighed this evening and i do feel lighter, its a great diet and I dont feel hungry, its was hard the first few days, I will update you all when I get back
posted 15-Jun-2010 5:24am

By the way i was 13 stone 7 last week Monday and im 5'3, there are some fantastic comments on here and well done to all who have stuck to the diet x
posted 15-Jun-2010 5:24pm

Just got back and im 13 stone so i have lost 7lb in a week, roll on next week
posted 17-Jun-2010 4:16am

yet another weekend comming up, this is the hardest time but i want to fit my clothes that still have tags on, I going to be strong, not having a drink st the weekend is hard but I will have a treat every 4 weeks
M Bee
posted 20-Jun-2010 11:06am

hi green, you go girl!!! great loss keep us posted i am aiming to start up again tomorrow. smile
posted 22-Jun-2010 5:30am

Hi Bee and all you Cambridge Diet people, anyway im getting weighed today and I must say I do feel good, I will post my weight when I get back.
Bee have you started the diet again and how much you aiming to lose this time x
posted 24-Jun-2010 4:51am

Hi just to let you know I had my weigh in on Tuesday and have lost another 3lb I am very happy with this, another bag of flour off my body, in 2 weeks I have lost 10lb. be back soon x
posted 29-Jun-2010 5:12pm

i have been on step 2 for a week now, first weigh in tomorrow, work clothes feel looser, i need this to work i have 2 stone to lose, im sick of feeling fat and unnatractive. anyone else doing step 2 ?
posted 30-Jun-2010 8:19am

Hi Bella, let us know what your weigh in is, anyway im doing step 2 now, I have been on step 2 for a week, i had a weigh in yesterday and lost a 1 lb so altogether i have lost 11 lb in 3 weeks, im due on this week and this is why i know my body swells up with water but I know next week will be a good loss, I think its good to say a stone a month is good going, you will be fine
posted 30-Jun-2010 4:57pm

fantastic weigh in 6 whole pounds lost, but im the same i think i gain as the day goes on with water too. Got more tetra bricks this week as they are easier for work, i like the bars too fools my body into thinking im having a chocolate bar. i have a deadline night out in 2 weeks, would love to lose 13 lbs,Wish ths little voice in my head would stop telling me to eat bad stuff. speak soon.
posted 4-Jul-2010 2:42pm

well done girl, this is hard work but worth it, anyway I will let you know my next weigh in, dont you think the weekends are the worst, 6 pounds is a mile stone x
posted 5-Jul-2010 12:16pm

cant belive it i have lost 8lbs this week
posted 6-Jul-2010 4:39pm

well done for those 8 whole pounds thats fantastic. I slipped tonight and ate a whole big bag of maltesersi feel so bad.......
minnie's mum
posted 3-Aug-2010 6:37pm

hi all,this is my first time on cambridge. i've just embarked on ss. Day 2 horrid headache. It's a bit of a struggle as i'm a total foodie. But i am determined to stick to this. I've tried ww before and also xenical. Both worked for a while but i never actually reached goal with ww. And couldn't handle the side effects from the pills! I've decided that it's taken me 37 years to grow this big, so even if it takes 6 months of starving to get it off i'll try! I'm 5'2" and weigh 12stone. I'd like to lose 3n1/2 st. Any encouragement welcome. Thanks fellow slimmers.
posted 25-Aug-2010 8:27am

day 3 of the diet. day 2 was hard. Felt really hungry yesterday and quite shakey. am so huge I am feeling like this is never going to work even though I am sticking to it strictly. Its hard to view the end goal when you know you have to be on this for nearly a year. am getting married next year but cant get excited due to the worry of the dreaded day that I have to buy a dress. currently weigh 18 stone yikes!!!!!!! 5ft 6 size 20 . enouragement welcome or tips from the pros!
posted 5-Sep-2010 3:32pm

hi i decided to give up 2day as i am finding it expensive and in 8 months only lost 2 stones.thinking on going to slimming world as i am worried if i stop cambridge ill put on what i lost.where as slimming world educates you how to cook and use ingriediants properly.
posted 8-Sep-2010 4:20pm

joined the cd diet last week only lost two pounds very disappointed, will try one more week if i don't loose 5+ pounds will need to find motivation got a stone too loose but very unhappy with weight all round stomach and bum
M Bee
posted 10-Sep-2010 12:17pm

Just started CD again today and am already finding it difficult, I am feeling really hungry but have to start somewhere because i feel i am putting my weight back on. I hope I can get through today and will worry about tomorrow when i get there.

Fingers crossed for you Su, apparently when you have less to loose, the loss is less, at a slower rate that is. Good luck smile
posted 10-Sep-2010 1:44pm

been really really good until today dont know what came over me. My brain didnt even register i was doing the CD and straight after work was scouting for food, any food,had 1/2 bag of crisp before i even registered i am on CD. If i thought earlier would have had a soup. hope i havent spoilt my weight loss. (will get my pouches out every day and leave them where i can see them)

M Bee i found the more days i got through the easier i could ignore the hunger (except today brain melt)
M Bee
posted 10-Sep-2010 6:44pm

lol Su,

I'd like to think I got through day 1 but am sitting here thinking i am feeling a wave of hunger coming on. I did not manage 3 litres of water today, but 1 guess 2.5 will do. I am craving cream crackers lol, why they r so dry. I reckon you will be alright at least you got through the first week. I think i m going to post overload here, as they say the distraction helps.
M Bee
posted 14-Sep-2010 5:57pm

This website doesnt get as busy as it used to
M Bee
posted 18-Sep-2010 9:09pm

Cor bloody, is there anybody there???
posted 23-Sep-2010 8:40am

Hi i'm 16. I used to weigh 8 stone, unfortunatly i gained 2 stone over my 8 week break and i am extremly unhappy about it. i now weight about 10 stone 5lbs and i want to lose 2 stone again, i would like to do it in 2 months. will anyone tell me if it's possible?
posted 28-Sep-2010 1:44pm

I started cambridge at the start of june, I weighed 15.3 n I'm 5'7. Up until last week I weighed 13st but now that iv moved out for uni I feel like I'm puttin it all back on. I still have 5weeks worth of cambridge but I'm finding it so difficult to get back on it.
is anyone else struggling or have any words of wisdom to motivate me? I would realy appreciate it. Thanks
Kitty Kat
posted 1-Oct-2010 4:48pm

I followed the CD last year, I lost 3 stone and then when I stopped the diet and weight came back on, plus an additional 6ibs.
So then i went on WW and lost 6ibs but only loosing 1 or 2 pounds per week is never going to motivate me. So I've been back on the Cambridge Diet for just over a week now and have lost 7 pounds. I am determined to loose 3 stone and keep it off this time.
M Bee
posted 2-Oct-2010 1:03pm

Hi Kitty, Well done, I've been trying to get back on the CD but have found it so hard to do so. I managed to lose around e4 stone previously and have gained 2, so would like to loose since I want to go on hols for christmas, but i just cant get motivated at this time... Keep up the good work, I'm hoping by checkin on here will help me kick start off the diet. tc smile
posted 9-Oct-2010 7:41am

hi, im desprate to lose my baby weight but dont want to waste money on faddy diets, i weigh 10.6 and although its not massive for me who is normally 9.2 it feels like im a walking flump ! what id like to know is how i go about starting the diet ? where do i buy it from ? how much does it cost etc etc. any help and advice would be great, many thanks tanya xXx
M Bee
posted 10-Oct-2010 3:40am

Hi Tanya, Checkout the website, it will give you contact details of the counsellors in your area so you can call them up and find out to arrange a consultation the start date; you also purchase the product through the counsellor. Its around £1.80 per sachet. Hope this helps.
M Bee
posted 11-Oct-2010 7:16pm

Okay today was a good day. I envisage tomorrow being harder, but am having positive thoughts to be strong and get through another day. Its time to shed the excess!
M Bee
posted 12-Oct-2010 2:48pm

So I havent quite got to the end of the day but I have so far managed to stick to the diet and have drunk loads of water, in fact I am sure I am almost 3 ltrs done, whoop whoop! The night isstill young so am hoping I can continue the strength to get through day 2
M Bee
posted 13-Oct-2010 7:05pm

I haven't even followed the diet today, I haven't even had an appetite at all
M Bee
posted 14-Oct-2010 3:45pm

So far I've had 2 shakes already and will try for the 3rd in a while, but am feeling bloated, I have 1 more litre of water to drink. The more I drink the more I feel my lips dry, thats dehydration I dont get it. been proper drinking my fluids.
M Bee
posted 15-Oct-2010 4:53pm

5 days of using cambridge, I took a sneaky peak on the scales and have a loss of 8lbs Its hard but I am trying to tell myself I want, I like and I can!!!
M Bee
posted 17-Oct-2010 4:39am

Its the morning of day 7 and I had a sneaky peak on the scales - "the official weigh in day" I have a loss of an amazing 11lbs. Whoo hooo! I am elated I am hoping to continue taking it day by day with the view of dropping the stones, so here goes looking forward smile
posted 18-Oct-2010 9:52am

Going to start tomorrow have shakes etc and porridge , reading stories has spurred me on !
M Bee
posted 18-Oct-2010 5:02pm

You go Peny. I decided to blog everyday here even if there a very few visitors, as it helps to take the focus away from deviation.

Today was an ok day, well it was a long one, so this has helped to kick start the week, hoping for a nice significant loss for the end of the week. Just got to keep me water drinking up, only managed 2 litres 2day, - mental note to self, try drinking at least a litre before going to work. That way 'll beable to pace myself with the second 2 throughout the day.
posted 18-Oct-2010 5:07pm

I have been on this diet for nearly 2 weeks and the first week i lost 9 pound.... Im so worried because this week i have had a mcds takeout and a fish n chips take out... I just had to!!! Now im so scared i wnt have lost neting this week!!! I have been so good other than that tho!!! What do u think? ??
posted 19-Oct-2010 2:14pm

not been hungry even tho its first day but boy do I have a headache !
M Bee
posted 19-Oct-2010 2:20pm

I reckon you will still loose however it might not be as significant as last week JJ. Tip is to try to keep up with your water cos once you are back into ketosis, the weight will drop. You really do need to stick to it for the first few weeks, I'd say, that way you can establish what the average weekly weight loss for you is, the first week generally tends to be the biggest weight loss.

Ps, dont be disheartened you have done really well so far n this diet is flaming hard. It has taken me ages to try n get back on track smile
M Bee
posted 19-Oct-2010 2:34pm

Have been forgetful all day really, first I forgot to bring a shake to work so did without all day, then I left my memory stick in the pc, then I went to put the kettle in the microwave, woteva next. Isn't it ironic I have remembered all of that.
posted 24-Oct-2010 8:05am

Hi, I started cambridge last week and only actually did it for the 3 days out of 7 and still lost 4lb, which was amazing considering I had a couple of take aways. So this week Im going to stick to it rigidly and see what sort of result I get. My only problem is I get bored and dont know what to do with myself if im not eating and drinking.
posted 24-Oct-2010 10:27am

weigh in tomorrow night stuck to diet to letter
posted 27-Oct-2010 5:02pm

Ive got my 2nd weigh in friday and even though ive not cheated, I dont feel like ive lost anything. I weighed myself this morning (I know I shouldnt) and i was 12st 2 and then couldnt resist doing it again this evening and im now 12st 6lb!! What is that about, I think Im going to have to throw my scales away, Ive become obsessed by them
posted 28-Oct-2010 12:03pm

I lost 6 lbs in first week , headaches have cleared up , still sticking to plan
posted 28-Oct-2010 3:48pm

Well done you peny, I hope ive lost something this week, will be really disappointed if its only a couple of lb. A couple of lb is fine if your on slimming world but when your on a diet like this and having to sacrafice everything like food and alcohol, you want big numbers dont you. fingers crossed Ive only got 3 weeks til my big event and I will be gutted if I havnt a least lost a couple of stone.
posted 30-Oct-2010 6:09am

:( I lost 4lb this week. My councilor says I should be please. Ive lost 8lb in 2 weeks. Ive also lost 16 inches all over. I suppose I should be please. I guess its better than gaining 8 lb. I just thought Id been losing stones. After all I am consumming only 600 cals a day
posted 30-Oct-2010 11:17am

wow Moz thats alot of inches , just had my xmas dress delivered its a 14 so want to be able to wear it !
posted 31-Oct-2010 8:42am

Yeah my CD lady said that although the bad news is 3 of them are off my breasts :(. Im just not feeling any different. I think I read too many CD stories and think I had losing stones not pounds in my head. Oh well here goes another week. Good luck this week Peny, keep me updated
posted 2-Nov-2010 1:53pm

lost 2 lbs and 3 and half inches off my waist , keep going !
posted 29-Nov-2010 7:43pm

You guys are nuts to think this is good for your body. You are just ruining you metabolism. Its just not healthful. No one can sustain this long term.
posted 18-Dec-2010 5:00pm

I just want to congratulate everyone doing the cambridge - the first 3 days are really hard i know but once all the food if flushed out your system believe me it becomes ALLOT EASIER to stay on track!

- Remember a moment on the lips a life-time on the hips-
Before you eat that chocolate (or piece of food), and break your diet, just think is this going to benefit me in and hour? NO it is not so don't eat it. just think about how good you will look at the end of your diet. I also find if all your friends are eating but your not just imagine them all fat :D

posted 18-Dec-2010 5:12pm


-EVERYONE who tells you "you shouldn't do this diet because its not good/ healthy" or "Its too hard or too extreme- do this one instead", are failures who have tried to lose weight this way but failed because they are not committed and strong minded like we are....keep on it


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