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Carb Solutions


Carb Solutions is a company that produces low-carbohydrate food products for people following a low-carb diet.


Carb Solutions offers a shake mix, pre-mixed shakes in a can, and protein bars.

If you're following the South Beach or Atkins diet, you may find these products to be helpful.

Carb Solutions offers products that have very few net carbs per serving. Products break carbs down into net carbs, which are the only ones you have to count. The remaining carbs have little effect on blood sugar.

Carb Solutions shake mixes are great-tasting. They were created as an answer to low carb dieters' needs.

Carb Solutions recommends that you do the following to maintain success on a low carb diet: Don't skip breakfast. Plan ahead for snacking - going hungry can cause your metabolism to slow down. Also, remember to drink 8 glasses of water per day for proper hydration.


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  23-Jan-2006 11:35am created by bill
  4-Sep-2006 2:19pm last update by bill

posted 4-Mar-2006 8:30am

I am trying to locate your pre-made carb solution drinks in the chocolate flavor. Is it discontinued? I am having the stomach band surgery and I need this for nurishment. Please notify me as soon as possible. Thanks Sue
posted 18-Aug-2006 5:45pm

I love Carb Solutions ready made protein shakes and have been drinking them for almost 3 years now. I am very disappointed it has been discontinued and wanted to know why? NOthing compares with protein and price as carb solutions did.

Jackie Butcher
posted 15-Jun-2009 10:10pm

What retail stores sell it? Myers? Biggs? Krogers?
posted 17-Nov-2009 7:57pm

Safeway used to sell it but I'm not sure now. It's hard to find other than purchasing on-line.
posted 12-Feb-2012 8:05pm

I'm looking for the Carb Solutions barbecue sauce in northern new england. I am not having any luck finding it in the stores or online. Anything you can do to point me in the right direction is appreciated.
posted 14-Nov-2014 9:29pm

Thanks for your answers, very intvrmafioe, i have a few followup questions.1.When you say avoid sugar, what are you referring to - glucose/fructose/sucrose/natural/artificial?2.I understand lowering carbs would be stressful for the body initially and sugar helps counteract stress hormones (from Dr. Ray Peat) then wouldn't continuing some form of sugar be good while lowering carbs to avoid stress reactions e.g. hair loss?3. does biomedical literature confirm that wheat damages the intestinal villi? 4. Your point on importance on gut flora is well taken, i would assume stomach acid or lack of it would also be something to watch out for especially with adrenal fatigue, is there someway to test and if required help increase stomach acid via diet or supplements to improve overall digestion while simultaneously recruiting new bacteria?5. Some toxicologists caution use of dairy products like cheese, ghee due to concentration of pesticides in the fat. What's your take on this? 6. I know this isn't something you're supposed to bother with but would you know some tasty/safe sources of saturated fat for vegetarians? I love my pizza but point no. 5 bothers me.-Jason

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