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Carnation Instant Breakfast & Grapefruit


Low fat meal repalcement shakes and grapefruit with minimal carbs, as well as your meat and veggies at dinner time. These low fat shakes give you all the vitamins and minerals that you need for the day. The grapefruit as well as the snacks in between meals help boost your metabolism to help you burn fat better. This balanced diet really works and KICKS ASS!!!


BREAKFAST: 1 carnation instant breakfast shake made with fat free milk
1/2 a pink grapefruit

SNACK: 1 flavoured quaker rice cake or 1 package of thinsations

LUNCH: 1 carnation instant breakfast shake made with fat free milk
1/2 a pink grapefruit

SNACK: 1 flavoured quaker rice cake or 1 package of thinsations

DINNER: 1/2 a pink grapefruit
1 1/2 cups of salad mix with fat-free dressing (or a minimal amount of normal
dressing) OR 1/2 cup of vegatables of your choice
1-2 servings of meat or other protien

SNACK: 1 flavoured quaker rice cake or 1 package of thinsations

TIPS: with any diet and weight loss plan exercise is key as well as drinking 8-10 glasses of
water or green tea a day. (although I don't reccomend drinking that many glasses of
green tea! probably about 3-4 max in a day.) AND ANY MORE WATER THAN THAT IS CALLED
SWELLING, COMA, AND DEATH. I have personally been in the hospital due to waterloading
and speak from personal experience. So please, don't OD on the h2o!

Hoodia is a good apetite supressant that can help with any cravings you may get if you
actually need it. Hoodia chews are good and you can get them at GNC.


I lost 150 pounds on this diet 3 years ago and 2 pregnancies later still didn't gain it ALL back. I'm doing it again and lost 95 pounds to date, although it is harder for me to lose weight this time around and I have to exercise a lot more. But it is the only diet that has worked for me and doesn't drain me of all my energy when I am doing it for a prolonged period of time. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO END UP IN THE ER, TRY THIS ONE! I love it!!!


This is my own diet that I created myself and I haven't had any problems with it. In fact it is the only one that actually works for me and keeps me from feeling sick if I am doing it for a prolonged period of time. But I welcome any comments whether they be kudos or criticism.


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  31-Dec-2008 3:11pm created by Nissa

posted 27-Jan-2009 10:12pm

can i just eat vegetables instead of meat for dinner or do i still need the meat,also can i sqeeze the juice from the grapefruit and drink it or do i need to eat the grapefruit?
posted 29-Jan-2009 11:03pm

If you just squeeze the juice out of the grapefruit instead of eating the fruit you will not get enough fiber in your diet. I was watching the news the other day and a doctor was saying that drinking juice is a good substitute for eating fruits and vegetables, but if you don't eat some fruits and vegetables, then you will get the antioxidants, but not the fiber, which isn't good for you. I suppose that for dinner you don't have to eat meat, but you need to have some protien in your diet, and you can get that from canned beans (the white or brown ones, not the green ones), or peanut butter. It is important to have protien in your diet especially if you are working out because without enough protien, you can burn out easily and end up with health problems. I hope this post helped you, shine.
posted 19-Mar-2009 5:58pm

Any other fruit you would suggest besides grapefruit? :P
This sounds like a diet I can do cause I'm I Googled Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes!! For protein I can do eggs as well? right?
posted 27-Apr-2009 3:23pm

Well, today's day 1 of me trying this diet. I've only had grapefruit juice before (which I HATED), but to be honest the grapefruit wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be (I drizzle a little splenda on it to make it sweeter). The carnation shakes are really good, but I wait a bit in between eating the grapefruit and drinking the shake, cause the two don't go together very well hehe. So far I haven't had any cravings yet, which is pretty surprising considering this time of day I'm usually raiding the cabinets for something to eat. If I remember, I'll try to check in and post how it's going. :)

Thanks a lot for posting this; I hope it works for me like it did for you!
posted 18-Jul-2009 12:15am

@ need some kind of protein in your diet, it doesn't have to be meat. A high protein diet (you get alot in the shake) is pretty much the key to weight loss because the proteins builds and maintains your muscles and that boosts your metabolism. If you don't get enough protein you starve your muscles and it makes them weaker and slows your metabolism. A good substitute for red meat is fish, shellfish, beans, soy, eggs (whites are better), yogurt, lentils, Tempeh to name a few. And a quick tip, if you get a craving or feel hungry between meals you can eat a teaspoon of peanut will make you feel full and its a good source of protein (I've found the skippy natural peanut butter is pretty good)
Oh one more thing....fiber is really important and so is water (flavored is cool, brewed tea, crystal light, I personally like propel but only when I'm working out because there is higher sodium but you should get like a gallon of water a day....last I heard like 90% of Americans are dehydrated and don't realize it). If you are not getting enough fiber and you are not regular then the good vitamins and stuff you are taking into your body will not be absorbed properly. You also get bloated and retain more water from not being regular........Hope that helps smile
posted 7-Sep-2009 3:00pm

wow, I had decided over the weekend that the cookie diet program was just too much money so I am going to try carnation instant breakfast sugar free and some grapefruit twice a day, and a small meal for supper, maybe a healthy choice or something and I happend onto this diet! you said you lost 150 pounds a few years ago on a program similar to long did it take you? Any loose skin? Energy level okay? Thanks for this site!!!
posted 14-Sep-2009 3:18pm

CARNATION INSTANT BREAKFAST IS PROTIEN!!! read the package. Took me about 4 months to lose 100 pounds and then another 2 to lose the other 50. Good luck to you! If you stick to this diet and exercise too, it rocks!!! and doesn't make you feel like crap love
posted 14-Sep-2009 3:29pm

Oh, and grapefruit has lots of fiber, and rice cakes are carbs, just all of this is basicly fat free and you still get the calories. Also, if you do not eat a diet that is high in salt (sodium) then you don't need to be drinking a whole galon of water, maybe about 1 litre or a quart. You can get dangerously low blood pressure and die if you drink too much water. But if you eat a lot of fries, bread, potato chips and put a ton of salt on your food, by all means, drink a galon or 2 of water a day. This diet is not perfect, but it is much better than taking diet pills or being near starvation. Atkins is ok too, but for only short term because too much protein can shut down your liver. Although, protien is very good. If you must take diet pills Acai on it's own is ok because it is natural. The caffiene diet pills can dehydrate you. If you take a lot of those caffiene diet pills then that is another time it would be good to drink a lot of water, although that again could flush all the nutrients out of your body and kill you.
posted 17-Sep-2009 4:22pm

I wanted to do a liquid fast for spiritual reasons but didn't want my metabolism (very slow metabolism) to slow all the way down, so I did the Carnation Breakfast Essentials No Sugar Added, for 7 days, 3 times a day and I lost 13 lbs. I was not hungry at all and I felt great. I wouldn't recommend doing this for health reasons or for extended periods, but it really helped me to control my hunger and to make better health choices. A friend told me that you "Eat to live" and not "Live to eat", so I'm trying to make this a life change and do the Carnation Breakfast one or twice a day and eat a regular balanced meal. This is my 11th day and I gained one pound, but that is good, because I know that was a huge change for my body to lose that quickly on just liquids. I also did Leslie Sansone's walking tape 4 times that week and my energy level was great. I will post any changes. Stay encouraged everybody.
posted 3-Oct-2009 6:15pm

I am going to try this diet because I need to loose 100lbs ...its been hard since my car accident.
posted 22-Oct-2009 10:52am

It has been over a month since I lost the weight on Carnation. I have lost another 7lbs since I have learned to control my portion sizes and eating less bad carbs, like white bread, pastries, chips. It's a daily journey, but be encouraged Mel
posted 14-Nov-2009 11:59pm

i want to try this but i can not eat grapefruit because of a med i take may be a yogurt instead email please at thanks
posted 13-Dec-2009 6:34pm

Do I get the regular instant breakfast or the sugar free stuff??? Also about how fast does the weight come off?
posted 28-Dec-2009 1:56am

I have never heard of the sugar free carnation breakfast, but I am going to look for it now. Thanks! How fast the weight comes off depends on how motivated you are to exercise. This is because muscle is what burns fat. Fat does not burn itself. If you are not into going to the gym and doing extreme cardio or excercise tapes make sure that you at least walk or do pilates. Pilates are good for total body toning. Good luck! :)
posted 17-Jan-2010 7:12pm

nissa do you have any before or after pics?
posted 10-Feb-2010 10:42am

will this diet work just as well on a man?
posted 9-Mar-2010 4:52pm

The sugar free drinks seem to make me hungry, So I went back to the regular ones. So far I've lost 50lbs
posted 30-Mar-2010 9:15pm

I really need to diet. I am going to try this starting tomorrow. I hate grapefruit though, I will have to replace the grapefruit. Any ideas? lol
posted 30-Mar-2010 9:15pm

How are you guys doing with the diet?
posted 6-Apr-2010 8:48pm

About thee years ago i was drinking the instant breakfast for lunch and dinner and eating sashimi for dinner and lost about 50 lbs. I'm sure it wasn't healthy, but it worked. I'm about to do it again, but I only need to lose 10 lbs this tim.
posted 6-Apr-2010 8:49pm

I was drinking the instant breakfast for breakfast and lunch I meant to type.
posted 8-Apr-2010 8:48am

what about coffee? I am a coffee drinker (two ups in a morning) with a sweet and low and cream( just cant drink it black!).
Beth Barnes
posted 1-May-2010 10:25pm

How quickly before you started to see results?
posted 16-May-2010 2:37pm

I'm 4"11 and weigh 150, just need to lose about 40-45 lbs, to look and feel like my normal self again after 2 kids...about how many months would it take me to acheive this on this diet?? I walk brisk pace 30 min. a day M-F and see very slow results, @#%!!
Trish R
posted 17-May-2010 7:21am

Today is day 1; I plan on using 1% lactose free milk and the carnation instant breakfast for breakfast and lunch with the Aldi brand cheese flavored rice snacks as my inbetween snack with crystal light flavored antioxidants drinks (1 per snack) then for dinner I will have a "hamburger" with lettuce, tomato and onion and condiments on a fiber enriched bun and the "meat" is either the spicy black bean soy burger from Morning star farms or the Boca burger. Wish me luck and hope this inspires others because it is always ok to get older (54years old to date) but really sucks to not feel energetic and healthy. PS yes I plan to exercise too.
posted 16-Jun-2010 4:16pm

I just started the "diet" yesterday and I have not been hungry at all. I add a scoop of Vanilla protein powder to my shakes and I think it really helps with my hunger and adds tons of protein with only 100 calories or so.
posted 31-Jul-2010 2:46am

I only need to lose about 20 pounds, and from Nissa and Nell's experiance, I'm guesing it will take 2-4 weeks to reach me goal. I wanted to know what I should eat after I've reached my goal. If I should stick to this diet for a little while, or try something more normal. Any suggestions? Note:I have a peanut allergy and I'm a vegetarian. I do however eat fish and occasionally chicken, but I prefer not to.
posted 1-Aug-2010 1:40pm

I am just starting out drinking these. At first I bought the regular chocolate ones, then I bought the vanilla but the vanilla wound up going in the trash because I really did not like it. I love the chocolate though. Is the strawberry any better for a change every now and then? This time I bought the sugar free chocolate, I'm hoping I like it.
posted 6-Aug-2010 10:11pm

I'm starting tomorrow, sans the rice cakes. I think I'm going to alternate substituting 2 meals and 1 solid meal (Lean Cuisine) with substituting three meals.
posted 21-Sep-2010 10:30am

I was thinking about doing this diet. I also would like to know if you can use another fruit other than grapefruit? (Can't eat because of meds.) I bought the carnation for my son and I had some and loved it!
posted 15-Dec-2010 8:15am

Has anyone had any success, since their last posts? I thinking about trying this diet tomorrow. Please reply.
posted 6-Jan-2011 10:25pm

I'm starting this diet today!!!
posted 7-Jan-2011 9:07pm

sugar free can be found at winn-dixie!
posted 19-Jan-2011 12:11am

For those of you that can't have grapefruit because of cholesterol medication if you check out crestor apparently you can have grapefruit when taking that medication. Of course check with your doctor. Do the research on line - the info is there.
posted 19-Jan-2011 12:12am

a couple of tablespoons of vanilla yogurt added to the carnation breakfast, use a drink blender and it's great! Drinks like a milk shake and Healthy too!
posted 20-Jan-2011 9:16pm

I have started it and its day 3 for me. I have lost a total of 2 pounds so far.
posted 18-Mar-2011 11:08am

I am starting the diet today! I have drank my first shake and I'm excited after reading all the posts.. I have been very depressed lately because of how big I have gotten, I have tried different diets that made me more depressed after not loosing weight. I am 5'2 and 230lbs so imagine..I would love to loose 100 lbs even though it may not be a realistic goal but if what Nissa said is true I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel..Wish me luck...
posted 10-Apr-2011 8:27pm

This works.
posted 22-Apr-2011 3:35pm

Cindy I would recommend the no flour no sugar diet, better for you
posted 29-Apr-2011 1:31am

great diet!! It really does work i've lost ten pounds in seven days,
thanks for sharing!!!
posted 17-Aug-2011 1:40pm

I have drank carnation occasionally as a back up meal for years and enjoy the taste but have never, used it as a diet supplement. I have been trying to loose weight for a while now by monitoring diet and regular exercise, but I seem to have been unable to loose. I am building muscle as my body shape has changes, but I am afraid once summer is over my toning will slowly disappear as the cold and snow returns. I try not to diet as much as monitor meals but I think every once and a while the body needs a kick start and this looks pretty sensible so I am going to give it a try. Oh notice some making comments about the vanilla shakes and not liking them, I have added frozen berries to mine before it is a nice change.
posted 29-Nov-2011 12:37pm

I started this diet three days ago. I'm 5' 8" 145 lbs and hour glass which helps me hide a few vanity lbs but I'm getting married in March, I was a size six when I met my honey and I'd like to ho back from an eight to a six. He tells me I look wonderful, but I feel a lot more tired than when I was a six, maybe its mental? Any way, I've lost a few lbs so far, mostly water weight, the scale this morning read 142.6 I'm going to keep posting updates here for all those who want to lose about ten lbs , but I wanted to say I'm proud or all those who are trying to lose more and to say don't lose weight for anyone but yourself! If someone doesn't love you as you are they will never love you at all.
posted 4-Dec-2011 11:07pm

Can you use the grapefruit that you can buy in a jar if there is no sugar added. Most are in pear juice and what kind of rice cakes do most people eat.
posted 5-Mar-2012 9:27am

today is my first day on the diet
posted 21-Mar-2012 12:14am

for the 'eaters' the carnation protein shake / instant breakfast is great, especially on the go.
It gives you a good mix of vit & minerals, plus you can't beat for meal on the go.
If the liquids don't satiate, get to boring or rough, have egg whites (unlimited) baked or steamed white fish (unlimited) or baked /broiled chicken without the skin (unlimited), tuna is okay but not unlimited due to salt and mercury levels. Unlimited raw veggies, especially the green ones. I often fill up on cucumbers with apple cider vinegar and dill. or eat a whole head of lettuce with fat free sugar free dressing. add one to two grapefruit or orange or a day, + one pkg oatmeal or 100 sandwich thins a day, the pounds come off. You'll lose 3-10 pounds a week depending on how heavy you are, your metabolism, how active, and yes, get your water in. 80-90 onces. NO DIET COLA for us cola addicts. it does something to the food to make it sit in the belly longer and kills the enzymes.
posted 26-Mar-2012 8:45pm

I am starting this diet tomorrow.
posted 28-Mar-2012 5:25pm

how is everyone doing on the diet? I just started?
posted 29-Mar-2012 9:13pm

Hello everyone I plan to start this diet today. Hope to post great results in about two weeks.
posted 30-Mar-2012 9:28pm

Nissa did you lose the weight with the no added sugar carnation instant breakfast or the regular kind? I have tried both, but I have noticed that I get more full with the regular carnation instant breakfast vs. the no sugar added. When I drink the regular kind I'm good for at least fours hours, but with the sugar free I have to have a rice cake snack with a spoon of greek yogurt to fill me up for a while.
posted 24-Apr-2012 12:40pm

I just started today. I had surgery 6 weeks ago and gained 10 pounds of the 75 pounds I lost prior to the surgery. I was still 20 pounds from my goal at that point. I tried going back to the diet I had prior to the surgery, but it will not come off. I am going to give this a try and hope it jump starts my weight loss again.
posted 23-Oct-2012 1:03am

I found this yesterday, today will be my first attempt at this. I will report as I go along. I am substituting the grapefruit out for a clementine (due to medical reasons). I hope this does not lower the success rate, I will also be using the no sugar added Carnation and I will be eating a less than restricted meal at the end of the day (I cannot help what my college serves but I can regulate the amount and some of the choices. Anyway I am currently at 194lbs I think, I will update as it goes.
posted 25-Sep-2013 11:35am

I just started this diet and am mixing one chocolate sugar free CIB with a french vanilla CBI, then drinking half fore breakfast and the other half for lunch. Taste great!!!
posted 25-Sep-2013 11:36am

I meant CIB...not CBI. Lol
posted 18-Sep-2014 9:20am

I'm doing this now lost 12 pounds in a week but i drank two cib one for breakfast one for lunch then had a small soup inbetween then a small healthy dinner I'm just not starting back today maybe i will incorporate the grapefruit to speed up my matabolism this time i shall actually stick to it until my goal which is 100 pounds.
Jenn Jenn
posted 6-Oct-2015 3:46am

It's been 2 months since I had my second child. I have lost almost all of my baby weight but these last 15 pounds (struggling to lose))) Today was my first day on this diet so I'm going to give it a week to see what happens (fingers crossed)
posted 21-Sep-2016 7:33pm

I'm going to try this CIB diet need to lose at least 15 pounds by Thursday of next week. Will let you know if it was a success!

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