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ChitoGenics makes a few different diet pills which are targeted at various specific sub-categories or special ingredients (Hoodia, Green Tea, Detox), plus a Hoodia-based patch.


The ChitoGenics product line-up includes: ChitoGenics Hoodia Patch, ChitoGenics Detox and Cleanse, ChitoGenics PowerUp (Green Tea Formula), ChitoGold with Hoodia, and ChitoGenics Ma-Huang Free.

Hoodia is a well-known appetite-suppressant, so the ChitoGenics product that contain Hoodia give you additional help by reducing your desire to eat when you shouldn't. The Detox and Cleanse pill helps you clear out unwanted substances from your body. PowerUp gives you extra energy. Ma-Huang Free means it doesn't contain Ephedra (which was banned by in the US because it caused health problems for some people).

One of the primary ingredients in ChitoGenics products is Chitosan, which is also known as Marine Fiber Concentrate. This is what makes ChitoGenics different from other diet pills on the market. Fiber is a very safe and highly recommended substances that doctors recommend for a healthy lifestyle. Fiber has also been shown to give people that feeling of fullness without adding calories.

Tom Martino (a popular talk radio host and consumer advocate based out of the Denver area) endorses ChitoGenics.


ChitoGenics is made by New Life Products LLC.


ChitoGenics is expensive.


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  11-Dec-2008 3:52pm created by britneymurph
  15-Jan-2009 1:49pm last update by bill

posted 12-Dec-2008 10:29am

i am taking this produc my self after hearing tom martino endorsing it. i followed a balanced diet while on it and lost 15 pound so far. no jittery no shakes and it's so easy to take the pills . iam very happy with product.
posted 12-Dec-2008 1:15pm

this product not just helped me lose the weight but give me a great energy boost to exercise more.
posted 30-Dec-2008 2:22pm

i tried chitogenics hoodia formula last summer and WOW what a change it made. I had so much energy (which I desperately needed) my mood was amazing (even my husband commented on that) AND my appetite was cut in half! I dont weigh myself because I can get obsessed with numbers, but I was able to take my pants off without the button and zipper, everything was feeling loose. no side effect i mean no nausea no insomnia it's a great product on all levels.two thumbs up
posted 30-Dec-2008 2:29pm

no shakes , no jitters, achieved 10 lbs in 4 weeks.
posted 31-Dec-2008 3:25am

what excactly is in it?
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:18pm

chitosan , the patent ingredient neopuntia, hoodia, green tea, gymnema sylvester, citrus aurantium and other ingredient. it' consist mainly on blocking your body from absorbing fat, supress your appetite, ramp up a little bit your metabolism and induce insulin secretion.
posted 4-Jan-2009 12:58pm

i tried chitogenics my self and it really works, by the end of the second month on using it i lost over 20lbs, great product.
posted 25-Dec-2012 9:18pm

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