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Cress Soup Diet


This diet is for losing weight quickly and allows you only to eat this homemade soup.


Make yourself up a huge vat of cress soup - two potatoes and a small onion cooked in 1 liter of thin chicken bouillon with salt and pepper added. Three minutes before it is cooked, put in the pot three large bunches of cress without stems.

You eat small bowls of this soup all through the day, not allowing yourself anything else.


This is Elizabeth Hurley's weight loss technique - the soup is her own recipe.


If you don't like cress soup, there's not much you can do. Even if you do like it, you're bound to get sick of it.


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  1-Dec-2005 7:49am created by autumnlight
  1-Dec-2005 7:49am last update by autumnlight

posted 2-Dec-2005 7:55am

i would totally do this. but only if there was an event or something coming up, and if i wanted to fit in that something special...but, since there is nothing like that on my plate anytime soon... smile

but yeah, this diet would be good for a quick weight-loss. you could probably loose up to 10 pounds in 7 days, or more even.
posted 2-Dec-2005 8:43am

This is sort of a class of diet, in which you eat only one thing and that thing is fairly light (low fat/calorie). Elizabeth Hurley certainly isn't fat.
posted 2-Dec-2005 12:01pm

no she isn't, but she does need to look her absolute best before she hits the red carpet....
posted 30-Oct-2008 5:35am

I also tried this diet as a keen lover of cress. It was great. Cress is a fantastic foodstuff and also a 'superfood' meaning that you can eat just cress and obtain all of your required nutrients.

Unfortunately I am not able to try the diet again this winter as the nurses have taken away my stove, and I broke my leg tripping over my cat. With the cress diet noone need ever be nourished again!
posted 30-Oct-2008 5:36am

Oh, forgot to say, am now looking healthy at a cress induced 1 stone 3 pounds. Freedom for Cress! Join me now!
posted 30-Oct-2008 5:42am

Don't you dare put me in the corner! I AM CLINT BOTHERER. HEAR ME ROAR.

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