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Dexatrim Max20


A effervescent tablet that combines the "power" of Dexatrim with the healthy benefits of water.


Dexatrim is one of the oldest brand names for caffeine-based weight-loss pills. Max20 is a new product that contains various herbal supplements (Real Green Tea, Chromium, Ginseng, and Vitamin B complex).

You drop a tablet in a glass of water and it fizzes up like Alika-seltzer.

It is available in mixed berry and lemon splash flavors.

The tablets come in convenient foil wrappers that you can take with you easily.


Dexatrim is made and marketed by Chattem, which is a very old (since 1979) medicine company. Dexatrim became popular in the 1980s. It remains the most popular diet pill on the market.


Studies have linked Dexatrim and other stimulant-based diet pills to increased risk of stroke.


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  6-Jun-2006 10:31am created by bill

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posted 8-Jul-2006 2:20am

from the first dexatrim to the newest this should be called the headache pill, cause thats what I get when I use it, just a massive headache - I guess some peopel lose weight when they are in pain, i could think of cheaper ways to acheive that!
posted 14-Jul-2006 11:13am

I have seen the ads for this product, but I can't find it in the stores.Are they on the market yet?
posted 18-Jul-2006 3:02pm

posted 20-Jul-2006 12:00am

you can find it walgreens
posted 20-Jul-2006 12:05pm

no but i would like to try it though
posted 23-Jul-2006 5:57pm

all i got from this product was a massive headache and my heart felt like it was racing, like i was gonna drop dead from a heart attack any minute.
posted 25-Jul-2006 8:24am

I found it at Food Giant. My question is how often do we use it? The only instructions is do not exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours and drop it in a 16.9 oz glass of water. Do I take it before meals, after meals, before breakfast, lunch or dinner?
posted 15-Aug-2006 6:42pm

hi peeple......i just came back from vacation in Alabama.....visiting my folks....anyway i saw commercial for this stuff and was like what the hell.....i have tried some of everything anyway....went to their local Walmart and gotta box...i just started today cause i am back home in Cali...i drank some before breakfast and i didnt get a headache or anything and i didnt eat anything until around 11:30am and then i only ate some yogurt. dont know if it really supressed my appetite or not, let me be on it for awhile. i ate a lean cuisine meal for lunch at 12:30pm and i just made another bottle of the potion now at that will be my last bottle for the day cause it said dont exceed 6 tabs........but ur right it never said when to drink it....before or after i will keep u guys posted.....i came on web to find more info on it.....thanx
posted 15-Aug-2006 8:09pm

thanks, it will be intersting to hear how it goes
posted 22-Aug-2006 4:15pm

I have lost just over 10 lbs. using it. I have no headaches or any other side effects that I have noticed as of yet. I have only used it for less that 2 weeks. I usually just drink while eating lunch and dinner.
posted 25-Aug-2006 11:41am

I had 2 cups of coffee between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Just ate some oatmeal at 8 a.m. I did not know when to drink it either, so I thought I would at least start my day with breakfast. I am now drinking it at 8:30 a.m. I usually snack (on fruit or veggies,or whole wheat crackers) through out the day in addition to eating lunch. I also eat a pretty average dinner. I will see if this pattern changes. Not a whole lot of info on the box, besides getting some excercise (I do that moderately). We'll see!!! I need to drop about 15 pounds to fit into most of my clothes!!
posted 28-Aug-2006 4:05pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:25pm

How often do you take the pill and what time of the day? How many pounds can I lose in 2 wks.

Please email me at with the answer.

posted 29-Aug-2006 7:51pm

I took 2 in th a.m. and 2 around lunch for 2 days in a row. i did not notice any change in my appetite. There were no side effects (which is great). I mentally thought "oh, I am eating less" however I still wanted to eat everything I thought of. I drink plenty of water daily. Am I doing something wrong? I sure does taste good, but it cost too much to drink it for fun!
posted 5-Sep-2006 4:54pm

it's not really saying anything of anything
posted 5-Sep-2006 4:55pm

is there any prove of it all
posted 7-Oct-2006 5:24pm

i was interested in taking this----------getting mixed reviews here, anyone have really good success with this? I was reading up on Dexatrim and there was some ingredient Phenlypropline or something like that saying it was linked to increased strokes in women- I dont have this package here to look, but I dont think that ing is in the max O2. Would like to hear others recent results:) Thanks much! Just gotta lose the last 10 lbs Kim
posted 10-Oct-2006 5:38pm

I just purchased Dexatrim Max 2o and am one of those people who become worried while trying products that are not FDA approved. I'm on my third day of Dexatrim max 2o and have not really seen a change in appetite. Phenlypropline does cause risk of stroke but to my knowledge i don't recall it being in the 2o. Yet, i advice people to use 100% caution while trying anything because you may never know how your body actually feels until later down in life. On my second day of Dexatrim i felt a somewhat of a rapid heartbeat that only lasted for a few seconds. I'm going to try and alternate my days using Dexatrim Max 2o (probably a somewhat of a smart move) to see if my diet plan is really working. I would advise people do to the same who are having "massive headaches" as some appear to be having.
posted 10-Oct-2006 10:13pm

I am interested in trying this so please someone give me an idea of how it is besides the headaches really. Someone who has been using it more than 2weeks please! thanks
posted 12-Oct-2006 3:25pm

Hi, I'm also interested in trying max20 because I'd like to lose some weight for my husband's company party, I work out at least 2x a week but I need a little extra help so drop me a loin .... appreciate it!
posted 18-Oct-2006 9:00pm

So guys if this is so safe then how smart would it be to use if you have heart disease and multiple bypass surgury a year ago???? I would think not too safe... although cant find anything on the website telling me this
posted 28-Oct-2006 8:51pm

so the box really doesn't give too much info. My question is canyou dring the botle of water throughout the day or does it have to be at one time. I am interested in thsi product but want to know more about it. help!
posted 6-Nov-2006 9:08pm

I was unsure as to whether or not to use two tablets at the same time. The box says to do that, but with only 16.9 ounces of water it seems to be OVERLY this the point? or is it better to use only 1 tablet? Anyone have good results from just a week or two? Thanks!
posted 6-Nov-2006 9:24pm

hi, i just started a couple days ago, but i'm kind of having second thoughts. i think i heard somewhere it gets your metabolism going faster, which i guess is good, but dont you think once you've lost the weight, and stop taking them, you'll gain weight? as in won't it mess up your metabolism?
posted 8-Nov-2006 12:18am

I bought a box of it today ($18 with $1 off coupon). I think it's way over priced, but it seems to work. I drank a serving about an hour before lunch. It is really sweet, so Iím going to do one tablet per 12 oz. And just drink two cups. It curbed my hunger pangs, and I actually was satisfied with eating less. I didn't get a headache either. So tomorrow, I will take it twice. One hour before breakfast and one hour before lunch. Once serving has the same amount of caffeine as a half cup of coffee, so I'm going to limit my dosage to just two servings a day, because I do enjoy my morning cup of jo. I've been on every diet in the book, and the truth is, once I stop exercising the weight comes back. So, I think the key to maintenace is to add back in moderation a few of those you stopped eating to lose weight (like ice cream--yummy!), but don't ever stop exercising. Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight!
posted 10-Dec-2006 9:25pm

posted 3-Jan-2007 8:51pm

hi... i was thinking of using this max20 too... but my question is... can u just put in one tablet with a bottle of water.. and it will do the same job as two??? and can u just drink a bottle of water with the max20 in it all day ??? and about how much weight can u lose in 2 weeks???
posted 5-Jan-2007 2:49pm

I got it at Wal Mart for only $12.55. Not bad! I took it while at the gym today. I usually come home STARVING after a couple hours at the gym, but I am really not that hungry now..We will see what happens. My goal is about 8 pounds to loose. I will keep you posted on results and side effects.
lil momma
posted 8-Jan-2007 8:53pm

hi everyone!! im really interested in using dexatrim 20..i need to lose weight desperately and need a jump..if i do use ill only use it for like a month 21 years old and have a 7 month old baby..i need to lose about 50 pounds!! can any women who have used this with minimum excersize please reply to this and let me know how effective it is b4 i try it?
posted 9-Jan-2007 10:12am

Hi everyone!
I started taking dexatrim o2 today. I plan on taking twice a day, since you cannot exceed 6 tablets a day. I think two times a day with exercise will make a good weight loss plan. Try taking it the am and then maybe for lunch or dinner time. Since today is my first day and I work a preety long shift, I'll take another dose at dinner time. My goal is to lose 20lbs. I will keep you posted on the results and side effects.

posted 17-Jan-2007 5:27pm

Hi I would like to noe if u put one or two tablets in the water bottle and also how much weight can u lose in one month?
posted 22-Jan-2007 11:47am

I started 2O about 3 weeks ago and have lost almost 5 lbs. I have been drinking it instead of water and I find that it works. I don't drink coffee so this keeps me going through out the day. I feel good knowing that I am drinking water. Water by itself is boring and hard to drink so the 2O helps me drink it. I drink it cold so that my body burns more calories heating it up inside. Even if it doesn't work for weight loss, it helps me drink water which normally I would choose soda or juice!
posted 23-Jan-2007 9:41pm

So I have not heard if just one tablet works? I really did not want to make it too sweet, but also did not want to waste it if I really needed 2 tablets?
posted 28-Jan-2007 11:59pm

I started taking max20 about 1 week ago i take it around 4pm everyday before i go to work i work mon-thur. i go on break around 6 and i eat my dinner but since i've been taking max20 i haven't been really hungry and i lost alot of weight since then it really works i haven't had any side effects that i notice which is good and the cafferine that max 20 has in it doesn't bother me at all which is good as well cause i cant handle caffeine it makes me shake alot but i'm really happy that i tried this i will keep up on this until i reach the weight where i want to be and yes i do take two tablets if it's to sweet add more water
posted 29-Jan-2007 4:34pm

I have been drinking mas20 for like 2 weeks now and i haven't really lost any weight I really dont noe what im doing wrong can some one help me??? I drink it like around 5pm every day.
posted 2-Feb-2007 3:52pm

The box says you can add more water if it's too sweet. I bought a 30 oz plastic drink container at the grocery store ($2) and I fill it to 20 oz and add 2 tablets. I haven't tried the lemon, but the berry tastes like fruit punch. I have my first one in the morning around 9 with breakfast (a Special K bar - 90 calories) and I'm not hungry until after 1 and have a small lunch. Another drink in the afternoon and then a dinner - I'm definitely not as hungry as I usually am mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I've used Accutrim and Dexatrim in the past and my experience has been that appetite suppressants, combined with any exercise will help you to lose weight. It's great for people who don't have time to count calories and just want to eat less. I get jittery with caffeine at night so I'm only going to have 2 drinks a day and see how that works out. So far so good! I'll get on the scale after 10 days and let you know...
posted 2-Feb-2007 8:23pm

I started using Dexatrim Max back in October. I take 2 tablets once a day at 10 am. I've lost over 6o pounds. I haven't had any side effects. A co-worker started a month after I did and she uses one tablet a day, she's lost over 20 pounds. She doesn't take any tablets on the weekend. As with all diet programs, you should consult your doctor.
posted 16-Feb-2007 9:55pm

you know half the "effectiveness" of this is - you are drinking water and your stomach is therefore full. do it three times a day and that's three less snacks you'll go for.
the herbs, caffeine, etc., are a little booster - some people report a racing heart and so on, i'd bet they usually have very little caffeine or sugar regularly. people who report headaches probably haven't had any water without the dexatrim added; headache is a sign of dehydration which caffeine laced water won't alleviate.
it's funny, but not. you use this to trick your system. the more you understand about what it does the more effective it can be for you to use. anyway.. it's not a magic fat melting drink. it is what it is. i might go for it to drink more water without retention and to get energy without snacking prior to going to the gym. yay.. sigh. ^_^
Good Luck, Everyone!
posted 18-Feb-2007 10:46pm

I am starting to take Dexatrim Max 2O tomorrow. I needed to know when to also take these tablets b/c the box sure did not suggest when you should take the tablets. i have read all of the responses to this topic. I sure hope it works for me. So could someone who has experienced the tablets for 2 months are so give me a response back to my email soon as possible so I can see when would be a good time to drink the tablets. I have always read you are to take pills on an empty stomach, then I have also heard that you need to at least eat the most important meal of the day, which everyone knows is breakfast. So should I eat breakfast first before drinking Dexatrim Max 20? Please response to my question before tomorrow. Thanks alot!!!!!!!!
posted 19-Feb-2007 1:47pm

I am a 14 year old. I am Over weight, well very over weight. I can't do too much exercise becuase i have asma and i am big. So is it realy unsafe to use this? I now it says dont use it if u r my age but i really think this will get me to run and loose weight. So... can i use it safely? Oh and is this med like a drug? does it become habbit forming. I have used other meds and they were habbit forming and i had to be rushed into the hospital. I am now on anti-depresent pills, I am also bipolar. Will this pill make me happier in any way? Will i actually loose weight? and is it safe? Help me in the fight of my fat!

~Fat, Sad and bipolar
posted 19-Feb-2007 1:51pm


posted 19-Feb-2007 1:53pm

iT is not bad it helps u get energy and skinny use it. i am very happy.

:) :) not :(
posted 19-Feb-2007 2:05pm

This is to "fat, sad and bipolar"
Don't feel alone. I know this may not make you feel better right now but most of America is overweight. I'm no longer 14 but was an overweight teen as well and know everthing you are going through. I am still overweight but have decided that I'm going to be happy no matter what size I am. I try everything to loose weight and nothing works for me. I'm now trying to do a little exercise every day just to get my body moving and I already feel much better after only a few days. Maybe you could just start out by streaching. You wouldn't beleive how good that feels.
posted 23-Feb-2007 11:36am

...I'm on day three and I'm happy with the product...

My schedule (for an adult male)
I have a tablet 7:00am and at 1:00pm.
Dinner at 6:00pm
Exercise at 9:00pm

I superdilute the tablet by refilling my 32oz bottle with water constantly. I'm drinking lots of water during the day, always refilling my reliable 32oz bottle. Sometimes with the tablet, sometimes without.

I'm not hungry during the day (weird, but expected) and when dinner comes around, I eat a little bit more than usual. That's fine because this gives me enough energy to walk on the treadmill or lift weights.

No headaches (so far).
No dramatic hunger.
Plenty of energy.
The product is a little expensive (bought at Walmart).

Overall, the product works for me. I now drink a lot of water (seven 32oz/day) and use the restroom more often (eight/day). That's fine, though. I view as a 'cleansing' of my body from all the crap I've eaten before. I'm also disciplining my eating habits, because amazingly I hadn't had sugar for days now. I'm not craving it. Now that's unusual for me... I feel great and I hope I can continue this for at least a month.

Any Q's, email me. Addressgiveaway at gmail dot com

Cool forum, btw.
posted 25-Feb-2007 12:17am

Hi I just started the diet today. I really hope it works!!!
perpetual dieter
posted 26-Feb-2007 10:02am

I just started this today. I had two in a 16.9 bottle of water. I am also taking the NV diet pills but I started those last week. Those have me hyped up which is unusual for me because I usually drink diet cokes with caffine but I quit drinking them at the first of the year. But today I started with the water mainly to help me drink water. I have been drinking flavored water and flavored sparkling water (all without sodium, calories, carbs, ect.) and diet teas without calories. But I still have trouble drinking just straight water. Guess this isnt exactly straight water though. LOL! But at least I am drinking more. LOL! I havent noticed anything so far. No shakes, jitters, headaches. The only thing I have noticed is I need to go potty more.

The reason they tell you to put it in a 16.0 ounce bottle of water is because thats the size most bottles of water come now. I am sure if you want to use two tablets with more water it isnt going to hurt. I wouldnt use less though because the flavor is strong. I only have the lemon right now and was leary of the taste but its not bad. My mom used these a few months ago and she didnt have any issues with them. She said they definately kept her full.

So far today I havent eaten. I have a strange schedule and my Mondays are VERY long. So even though I have to get up at 7am, I dont eat my first meal until about noon or so. But between the Max 2o and the NV I lost my hunger pains but I could still definately eat.

Anyway, I will try to keep you up to date on how this goes. My advice to some of the other posters is if you are underage then dont try it unless you ask your parents first. If you need to use more than 16.9 ounces of water I sure it will still work and have the same effect but I dont think it will have the same effect if you use only one tablet at a time. I would suggest if you are relatively healthy then it shouldnt be too much a problem for you but if you give it a shot and then find out you cant handle it then just stop taking it. Find someone to give it to.
posted 5-Mar-2007 10:45am

A couple of people asked about phenylpropanalomine. It was taken out of diet products and off of the market back in the late 90s. It was shown to cause an significantly increased risk of heart attack and stroke. I can tell you from my personal experience that, as a recovering drug addict, I used to take multiple doses of Dexatrim back in the day to get high. It would have a very similar effect to cocaine when you took enough of it. I thought I was the only one until I got into recovery and found out how many people did the same as me--poor man's cocaine, you know?

I was already in recovery when I heard about it going off the market so I did some research. The evidence of the damage the drug could have caused raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I could have easily killed myself. I am so so so lucky.

Thank God the makers of Dexatrim were some of the first scientists to recognize the issue.
Getting Lighter
posted 6-Mar-2007 11:22am

Well, after Thanksgiving 2006, I decided that weighing 300 lbs was enough! And in the past, I tried everything under the sun. And to no avail. I lost a Gall Bladder due to the incorrect use of the Atkins diet, and I even bought prescription diet pills illegally online. Nothing worked. Well, it's now 3/6/07, that's a little over 3 months since I weighed 300 lbs, and I now weigh 249 lbs. I did it a very healthy way, and I am still consistently loosing about 2 lbs a week. I am not exercising yet, but I will when I plateau.
So how am I doing it? Well, this is not an infomercial, but I always said, if I could find something that works, I will praise their product without wanting any compensation for it. This is my way of giving back. OK, I held you all in suspense long enough. Beleive it or not, I went on Nutrisystem and used Dexatrim Max. I also take Psyllium Fiber in Orange Juice every morning (80%husks and 20%Seeds) The Nutrisystem plan definitely works. And once you see the portion size, you will understand why. But you add salads and vegetables for lunch and dinner. I also add nonfat yogurt. Plus the type of carbs that you are eating (Low Glysemic Index Carbs) keeps you feeling full. I use Dexatrim Max to keep the hunger pangs down to a minimum through the course of the day.
All I can say, that it is working for me. If you want proof, I can send you, pictures If you want to try Nutrisystem yourself, I can send you a $30.00 off coupon. You can contact me @ Like I said, the only reason why I am doing this without getting paid for it, is because of a promise that I made to myself. If I ever found something that works, and is healthy, I would share this information to anyone who will listen.
Thank You! And God Bless!
posted 6-Mar-2007 4:36pm

this message is to PERPETUAL DIETER: be careful, I wouldn't think that taking dexatrim and NV at the same time would be a safe call.
posted 7-Mar-2007 7:59am

i just bought the dexatrim max and after 4 days i noticed my palm of hands are turning yellow it looks like i got jaundice,,,,,why is that? it a side effect i should be worried about,,? not a drinker or smoker so i know it aint cause of that,,,
posted 8-Mar-2007 10:12am

I've started taking it, but I haven't seen any thing different yet. I still way the same. I've been excersizing and eating right. What the hell is wrong?
posted 10-Mar-2007 11:33am

im only 15 and want to lose about 10-15 pounds. i dont have a steady i want to make sure this is safe for me and worth me spending my money on...any suggestions?
posted 10-Mar-2007 8:39pm

I had twins two years ago and gained 60 pounds that I have not taken off. I managed to drop 20 pounds on my own with exercising and cutting out high fat and high sugar in my diet, but I fell off the wagon. I now need a boost to get me started again. I am a little worried about taking dextrim 2o due to my blood pressure being borderline high, even though it is controled with meds that I take everyday at the lowest prescribed dose. Are any of you taking dexatrim 2o and have borderline or high blood pressure, and if so what are your side effects? Any input anyone can give is much appreciated by me. Thanks :)
posted 11-Mar-2007 3:20am

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and everyone has noticed i've lost weight. I was at the doctor monday and i've lost 6 pounds. I'm going to continue to use it so I look good this summer!! ((even tho i'll probably go broke buying it lol))
posted 13-Mar-2007 3:16pm

I started taking the tablets on the 7th of March, I didn't take them over the weekend. I have had 1 cup this morning and 1 cup in the afternoon at lunch. I had a slimfast this morning for breakfast but when I went to eat my lean cuisine for lunch, I wasn't hungry. So I tossed it. Besides, it wasn't a very good one. Today is the first day that I've taken more than 2 tablets. I feel good. I will keep up with it for 2 weeks and see how things go.
posted 20-Mar-2007 4:01pm

I just started taking dexatrim max20 on monday and I think I am more hungry since I have been taking it. I put one tablet in a .5L bottle of water and drink it at 8 am, then the other tablet in a .5L at 11am. By the time I get home I'm so hungry I could eat my pet!!!!!!!!!
posted 22-Mar-2007 2:08pm

last night I was cracked the fudge out on dexitrim, and get this- I only took one fudgeing fizzy tab in water. my friend told me to try it for weight loss. bad fudgeing idea. have you ever felt emotionless? I just got married and I was laying in my e
bed crying thinking that I don't love my husband. I know it was the dexitrim because about 4 months ago I drank an energy drink called 'liquid speed' and had the same experience and since every female in my family has extreem pms and anxeity it was clear at the time I was having a panic attack mixxed with pms. boy was I wrong. there a root extract.. not aphedra or hoodia but what ever it fudges you up. I started smoking mary j, medically for pms and cramps (which it helps) but anyways I have a message for all you ameri-chickens... if you wanna loose weight go fudgeing move around. crap.
posted 3-Apr-2007 9:01am

I started taking it 3 days ago and I have not been hungry. Also, I have lots more energy. I was 174lbs. 3 days ago and now I am 168lbs. I like it and it is working for now. If I don't get the results I want anymore I will probably exercise and take a different supplement. You are supposed to take 2 tabs 3X a day morning, noon, and evening.
posted 3-Apr-2007 10:54am

I have been using Dexatrim H20 for 2days. I am using it as a last result. I have a library of diet books and I have tried diet pills such as Relacore, Trimspa, and Zantrax.-no luck. I am 20yrs old and have been battleing with my weight since middle school. I just want to lose around 15 pounds. I was wondering if anyone had taken dexatrim for a few weeks and stopped... and if you noticed a huge difference in appetite or metabolism? I dont want to use two boxes, lose 5-10lbs, stop taking them and gain everything back. Also, are the tablets only effective if 6 are taken a day? If I take two in the morning then 2 at dinner will I be benefiting at all? or will I only see results by taking the limit of 6tablets a day... Please let me know. Also, I tend to be a hypocondriac and worry about my heart and everything.... Is this product safe overall?
posted 3-Apr-2007 10:57am

Michelle.... have you taken 6tabs a day/ everyday since you started taking them?
posted 4-Apr-2007 11:32am

My name is Kayla and i'm 19 years old, 120lbs. I've been taking Dexatrim Max20 for about a month now and i've lost a little over 10 pounds. I haven't experienced any negative side effects. No racing heart, no headaches, no unwanted increases in apetite, just weight loss. If you read the label though, like most other weight loss supplements, this one says that, 'weight loss may be temporary' so i'm a bit apphrensive about stopping the use of Dexatrim now. I don't know the dosage that is reccomended daily. Like many of you have mentioned above, all the box indicates is not to succeed 6 tablets per day. I only take 2 tablets daily, and that's all at breakfast time. Right when I wake up, I get the mixture ready in a water bottle, get my food then eat and drink that before getting dressed. I suppose that if you take the product more than once a day that it MIGHT accelerate the amount of time it takes to lose weight, however, we don't all have the kind of money to go out every three days to purchase another box. (20 tablets at roughly $13.00 a box and if you were taking those 2 tablets 3 times a day as someone suggested above, yikes! Your money is better spent elsewhere.) If you're going to try this product, try taking one serving of it a day first and if you aren't achieving results either discontinue the use of it or up your dosage to two times a day. I'm going to continue taking Dexatrim. I am satisfied with my results and hopefully others out there will be just as satisfied after having tried it as well. love
posted 12-Apr-2007 8:35am

I started using dexatrim max2o a couple months back when I first started using it I noticed shortness of breathe, I got the shakes, and my heart would race. I took a break from it and then started using it again this past month to find the side effects only got worse. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and I had severe headaches and nausea and slightly had the shakes. I'm 18 years old and I live a pretty healthy life style. From what i've read on here other people had the same side effects. I stopped the use of it and just dieting by watching what I eat instead of using dexatrim.
posted 15-Apr-2007 10:07pm

to texassssssssssss, and everyone else,
I did some research on the ingredients before taking this product. There is a possible side effect with the 'eleuthero root extract' if you are taking other medications, as they have to be metabolized in your liver. I would suggest that everyone talk to a doctor or pharmacist if you are worried. I have been taking this for a few days, and so far so good. I haven't weighed in yet, but hopefully my results will be as good as some of you seem to be having. I havent had headaches or anything yet, hopefully I won't. I have noticed I am a bit less hungry, but nothing significant. I will try using some of the tips listed here as to when to take the tablets. I have found the product is too sweet, and I put one tablet in with the 16.9 oz. insead, hopefully this will work.
Good Luck everyone!
Vi Hiatt
posted 23-Apr-2007 5:49pm

I have just seen advertisemen for Dexatrim 20. I want to lose weight but I cannot exersise to much as I am little on the handicap as i have to use a walker to get around. I also have high bloodpressure, diebetic type 2, and high colestrol of which I take medicine for all of these. I also take medicine for allergy. Now do I need to tell you what medicine I take for all of this and how often would I take the Dexatrim 20. I am please to see that some people have lost a lot of weight and I would like to do so by end of May. Hope to hear from you soon, as I would like to try this. I am a little uneasy of takeing diet medicine, but think yours may be the one I could take.
Thank You:
Vi Hiatt
posted 26-Apr-2007 3:42pm

this product does not work. 3 boxes later, after eating healthy and lots of exercise, I have stayed the same weight. I just wasted 45$!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!
posted 30-Apr-2007 2:07pm

WHEEEEE! I am a first -year grad student and a touch stressed out and though I get hungry a lot, I don't always have time to eat a good lunch. And I'm supposed to be writing a paper (don't worry, I'll get right back to it) and I figured I could use a little appetite suppressant/energy boost. Oops. I got off the caffeine wagon because it upset my stomach, so I'm not used to more than a cup of green tea's worth, and so I'm a touch strung out. It's lunchtime and I'm not hungry (which is awesome) and even though I'm procrastinating as usual, I do feel more focused. Except for the incredible urge to run around in the silent but full library. And honestly, even though I doubt it will make me lose weight (I'm not overweight, but I could be less flabby), I know that drinking the extra water (which honestly doesn't taste that bad) is really good for me and this is a good (though expensive) way to make sure that I do that.

I do wish there were more instructions on the carton, other than 'do not exceed 6 tablets/day,' but I suppose during meals or as a snack is fine.

And it's a little bit fun.
posted 11-May-2007 10:49am

i am on box number 2 and i feel fine i think i lost some wait i drink 4 tablets a day.but now i am reduceing to 1 a day,i think is a good prouduct.
posted 16-May-2007 4:45pm

Seriously folks I need something that will curb the cravings related to getting the "minchies" if you know what I mean. I am trying to diet and don't want to quit my form of entertainment - but damn it makes me hungry - especially for sweets - will this help me - will anything else help me or is weed just too strong of an appetite increaser?
Happy with the product.
posted 17-May-2007 10:56am

I have been using Dexatrim Max2o now for about three weeks. I just break up two tablets and drop them into a regular 16.9 oz bottle of water, and sip on it while I work. I drink about two or three bottles a day, which adds up to 6 tablets. I lost about 10 pounds so far. It basically suppresses your appetite and you eat less than you normally would because you feel full. But I will admit that I have also given up french fries and cut back on bread. So that probably helps also. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and I plan to continue using the product until I reach my goal. Also, I have not experienced any side effects at all; not even headaches. By the way, WalMart has the lowest price for Dexatrim Max2o.
posted 17-May-2007 12:02pm

I started taking Dexatrim Max2o just today and there have been no side effects I just feel great. I have tons of energey!!!
posted 23-May-2007 10:32pm

am I suppose to like... not be hungry... therefor not eat as much? hmmm seems like more of a mindset to me.
posted 13-Jun-2007 1:59am

I just bought a box of this today for $2.00 a box from a thrift store that sells items that are on it's way to target. I'm always skeptical when buying things like this but I thought I'd try it anyway. After reading these comments I'm nervous. Are they worth trying? Why are they on the $2.00 shelf? And can I drop dead from taking them? lol I have a history of anxiety attacks so is this good for me to do or not?
posted 15-Jun-2007 1:30pm

I would like to know once i stop using dexatrim will all the weight i've lost return. Has that happen to any one
email me with an answer

posted 16-Jun-2007 4:54am

ok so,
my step-mom uses this product and i've easily gotta lose like 10 to 15 pounds. I'm kinda scared though because I'm hearing and reading negative sides and positive sides. I'm also scared because I'm only 15 and I don't know if this product even applies to me. So if someone could please help me and reply back it's be great.
posted 16-Jun-2007 3:08pm

My Experience:

I am now on box #2 of Max2O. I have combined taking this product with 20 minutes of running 3 times per week. I also play soccer once a week. So far I have lost 6lbs (from 169 to 163) in 4 weeks. I only take 2 tablets per day (usually in the afternoon when I feel like I'm dragging) and have found this to work best for me. It does give me plenty of energy and seems to make me not think about eating until dinner time. All-in-all I am happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone trying to lose a few pounds. I have not experienced any headaches or anxiety or jitters using Max2O as others have stated... just more energy and less hunger.

Oh... by the way... I paid $12.99 for a box of 20 Mixed Berry flavor and it tastes GREAT !!!
posted 25-Jun-2007 11:28am

I'm on my third day and I've noticed an increase in going to the bathroom. I'm not sure if this is fromt this or not, but it did start the day after I started drinking it. So I assume it is, but that is ok. I feel lighter. Anyway, I need to lose 10 pounds that I gained since over the past year and a half. Five of those are from quitting smoking five months ago and I'm having a hard time losing those. So I'm desperate now and trying this. Oh I dissolve them in about 20 oz of water. The other way is too strond for my taste.
posted 25-Jun-2007 11:45am

has any one gained the weight back after they lost weight off this product and once you lose the weight do you still take it or stop
posted 25-Jun-2007 3:19pm

OK... so i've read all of these comments... Here is my experience with the 20: I drink one bottle (16.9 oz with 2 tablets) in the mornings with my breakfast, which is usually a yogurt w/granola and a small cup of oatmeal, then for lunch i'll eat a salad (even if i'm not hungry because it is important to eat so your body can keep up its metabolism), then i'll drink another bottle with dinner, which is something healthy like grilled chicken or fish with some steamed veggies. I am 21 years old and healthy. I have never had any side effects with taking this and I have lost well over 15 lbs. ALWAYS remember to exercise about 3 times a week and to eat healthy!!! Good luck to everyone who is going to try it. I really like it and will not go back to use anything else!!! love- Meg
posted 26-Jun-2007 1:56pm

do i drink 2 bottle a day or one
posted 2-Jul-2007 1:45pm

I started today...hope it works...Im going to try one tablet at 10:30am, 11:30am, and have a small lunch if im hungry, and another one at like 4:30pm before the gym. I am pretty sensitive to caffiene in the evening, so after the gym, I wont take anymore...
posted 3-Jul-2007 5:52pm

I have about a week with the product. I also felt it was a bit over priced. I am skimping a bit as I take one tablet with about 32 ounces of water at about 3:30-4:00 pm. I find that my enemy is eating in the evening. I am finding that I am satisfied with my dinner portions. During the day I am trying to drink a large glass of water during breaks. One side note I am not a coffee drinker and I have been limiting my soda consumption for about a year now, so one tablet with 32 oz. seems to be enough for me. I am confident that if I just limit my evening and weekend eating I will lose weight. For me I was just searching for something to help be in the evenings and on weekends away from the office where I dont have such a regiment that keeps me from snacking. My final thought is it should be seen as a supplenment not a cure to any stratagy.
posted 11-Jul-2007 2:20pm

I congradulate everyone who has had success with this product and wish you continued success. I like alot of you have gone through varies diet plans and pills trying to achieve individual goals. We have found that different things work for different people. For those of you who have had no success with this product, then the search continues for something that will work. Every product or plan does not prove to be as effective for everyone. Just remember to give your body a periodic rest from any diet method and watch your dependency.
posted 17-Jul-2007 11:51am

Can I get a little feedback about a successful and fulfilling diet and exercise plan to accompany Dexatrim. I want to slim down for a family trip to a water park in 2 weeks.

I'm 5'9....173lbs....and tired of my jeans cutting off circulation and leaving bruises on my stomach!

I started Dexatrim yesterday and noticed that I was hungry throughout the day, but after dinner, my hunger subsided.

I modified my diet by only eating fruits and veggies to expedite my weight loss. Check out my schedule:

0700 - (1)16.9 oz bottle of water w/ 2 tablets, 2 egg omelette w/ salsa
0900 - carrots w/salsa
1100 - tropical fruit salad
1230 - (2) bottle w/ 2 tablets, salad w/ tomatoes, olives, carrots & vingerette
1430 - mixed fruit
1730 - California medley (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn), milk, nectarine

On Mon/Wed/Fri, I will ride my exercise bike for 1 hour in a fat suit.
On Tues/Thur/Sat, I will do different variations of situps and pushups for 30 min.

For those of you losing excessive amounts, what are you eating?
posted 22-Jul-2007 10:44am

I am 17 yrs old and have a pretty average body, i just want to lose about 10 pounds. I just want to know if sense i am a year younger then 18 if it will make a diffrence in using the product
posted 22-Jul-2007 2:05pm

I just started using dexatrim max(the pills)- I love them- they are cheaper to use then the water (75 caps for 19.95 at walmart and you only take 2 caps a day..i take one about 9 and one more about 3.. so this will last you 35 days) I am 38, a single mother of 5 kids ages 5,7,13,18 & 20 (2 are about to have thier own children) and work about 50-55 hours per week with a very demanding boss in a totally dysfunctional, always changin department. GRRRRRR- I am stressed out, have no energy and of course I WOULD be an EMOTIONAL eater. I need to lose 45-50lbs to get back down to my pre-pregro weight with my last daughter- weighed 234 when i had her- got down to 182 on weight watchers and phentermine- and now i am back up to 199lbs. Went back to the dr to try to get some more pills and he said i had to lose 10lbs before he could give me anymore- He doesnt want to encourage yo yo dieting- I wanted to strangle him- good lawd man-doesnt he realize my appetitie is out of control? that is why i went there in the first place! In the last 2 years I have only had 2 prescriptions for 2 mo each so what is he talkin about??? So I thought "how am i goin to lose these 10lbs so i can get pills to help me control my appetite, WHEN I CANT STOP EATING??" So I made an oath to stop drinkin diet pop. I know it doesnt have calories but this is ALL i drink and in ridiculous amounts. I hate plain water so I tried getting a few different flavored waters to taste. I found a winner- PROPEL- grape, strawberry or strawberry/kiwi...YUMMY. It's non carbonated and only has 30 calories per 23.7 o bottle. It also has nutrients in it. So no more pop- Then I thought I should go check out some more pills at the store and just keep trying until I found one that works for me. The last pill that worked on the shelves for me was metabolife BEFORE they removed the ephedra. Have tried most others without luck. So while I was at walmart- I saw Dexatrim and thought hmmmmm that has been around for a really long time so I'm jus gonna try it. I didnt wanna try the drink cuz im not big on fruitty drinks and i had just found the propel. I have been on it for 3 days and now I am down to 197. I have noticed a HUGE change in my appetite. I was snacking constantly through out the day whether it was at work or home. Now.......... I eat 1 bowl of cereal in the morning- and i really dont feel hungry the rest of the day-I have to make myself eat- or if i do feel hungry i cant eat alot when i eat. It has cut my appetite to 1/4 of what it was. LITERALLY. I have a 20 yr reunion in november- jus enough time to lose at least 40lbs by then- Now jus need to get back in the gym but feel like i can now cuz i have energy too! 3days and have noticed such a change-woohoo!!!!!!! Ill try to keep everyone informed of my results but now i dont need to go back to the dr cause I am just going to stay on this. They are working just as good as the phentermine did. good luck!
posted 24-Jul-2007 5:22pm

eating only fruits and veggies is not healthy either. you need meat or another source for protien and fiber and all the other important nutrients. i have been taking max 20 for about 4 days and i am not noticing a change with not being hungry. i have just not chosen to eat an extra meal or snack because i know that eating more isnt going to make this work. i was pregnant for about 4 months and did gain maybe 5lbs plus more water weight and need to lose about 20 lbs...thinking about starting some kind of exercise plan or new diet, but not too sure what to do....
lap Band
posted 26-Jul-2007 5:16pm

I have read all I need to read, I just pray the comments are legit. Two years ago, I underwent the LapBand surgery and have lost only 40lbs. I need something to curve my appetite and I hope I have found it. I am going to purchase my first box today. My sister is getting married and she asked me to be in her wedding. She is 5'2 120lbs, I am 5'2 220lbs. I cant stand next to her looking like a tree stumps. So this is my final chance and I am praying this works. I will keep you inform...
posted 27-Jul-2007 4:44pm

Last summer I took dexitrim max 2 o and lost 23 pounds in 2 months and that was without exercise then it was becoming a little pricey so I stopped taking it and gained twice the amount back so I will be purchusing it again this time I'm in it for the long haul.
posted 28-Jul-2007 12:28am

I just bought these today and the strawberry kiwi flavor is great! It can be a bit sour and too sweet for some people, but others say it isn't sour. It has helped me stay more alert and energized, but I don't know if it really works... All you really need is just a regular exercise routine with very healthy eating habits.
Mean Jean
posted 1-Aug-2007 1:29pm

Just bought some and started taking it yesterday. It really does curb the appetite. Also, I seem to be more alert. Making more trips to the bathroom. I tried two tablets in a 16.9oz bottle of water yesterday. It was MUCH too sweet. I'm only using one table this morning and it tastes great. Will make another one-tablet as soon as this bottle is done. Seems to be having the same effect. I had a slice of toast with peanut butter and I am completely satisfied. Two tablets per day seems to be working for me. I need to lose 20-25 pounds. I'm 5'11 and weigh 206. 185 is an excellent weight for me at my height.
susie b
posted 11-Sep-2007 7:49am

i have been using it 4 days now .i've been on many diets before as years go by i am 51 years old now it get harder to stick to diets i lost large amount of weight before twice i try to keep it off but it always comes back no matter how hard i try.the cravings are strong.i went to the doctors the other day my blood presure was higher then is's ever been i weigh more then i ever have.i weigh 270lbs i'm 5`8 1/2`` tall i had to do something so i'm taking 20 i do get a light headache first thing in the morning but it goes away in less then 30 minutes after waking.i take 2 in the morning about 6 am. a get up for work at 4am. the 1 in the afternoon about 2pm.i don't have the sugar cravings now thank you God and dexatrim max 20.i will keep you all posted.
susie b
posted 17-Sep-2007 9:45am

been on 2o one week today lost 11 lbs feel good my heart seems to beat alittle hearder than usual but i had that before with out taking dexatrim i'm at 269lbs now.i had headaches last week drank more water they went away i only take 1 1/2 2o tabs.aday now seems to work good still try to up date you next week susie b
posted 24-Sep-2007 2:48pm

I bought a box of this last week and left it in my desk drawer over the weekend. I used one tablet in a bottle of water before lunch on Friday. I went to lunch with friends and didn't eat much of my lunch. Today, Monday< I am back at the office and put one tablet in a bottle of water and drank most of it before lunch. Today I brought my lunch and I didn't want all of it. I am only trying to lose a few pounds so my clothes are more comfortable. I walk lots, but don't get to the gym or do anything much more athletic. I will report how it goes.
susie b
posted 25-Sep-2007 2:07pm

i lost 12lbs started walking then ended up with a bad cold or allergies so i'm not feeling to good but dexatrim stopped the cravings. i have stopped taking it right now.because i don't want to mix it with what i am taking for the cold.

posted 5-Oct-2007 4:40pm

When I first used this product I had issues with racing heart beat, chest pain, and I would wake up panicky in the middle of the night.
Then, I tried something else. Rather than the two tablets suggested I used one, with a very large glass of water. After a week or so I slowly built up my dose. I can now take four tablets a day. often times I'll take one two tablet does at once, and take the other two tablets seperately through out the day.
I don't know if it as actually made me lose weight, HOWEVER, it has given me a lot more energy, so I can work out a lot more. I ran out and just ordered some more. I'm telling you, my work out routine isn't nearly as good with out it.
posted 5-Oct-2007 4:44pm

I do have one complaint.. I'm never hungry. I've always eatin very small portions any way, pretty much nothing compared to most people, now I hardly want to eat at all. This is a problem. I don't need something to curb my apitite. I need something to speed up my motabolism.
posted 5-Oct-2007 4:45pm

posted 9-Oct-2007 3:14am


posted 15-Oct-2007 2:04pm

i am using the pills now one every other day along with yoad lost 21lbs. and 3" off my waist and exersize only 30 minutes a day
posted 15-Nov-2007 9:12am

I have been using this for about 2 months and I have lost 20 lbs. I am now able to wear all the clothes in my closet, including the ones that didn't fit me pre-pregnancy!
posted 12-Dec-2007 5:45pm

posted 31-Dec-2007 10:11pm

Hi, I purchased the Dexatrim Max Evening pills today. Anyone tried those? So far so good.Just wanted some feedback if anyone else has used these....thanks.
posted 6-Jan-2008 2:35pm

where do i get npb fl
posted 8-Jan-2008 2:33pm

my first day and I feel a little jittery..i took a turbo kickboxing class at the gym and I had a lot more energy..i usually come back starving but today not so much.. i took 2 tablets with a bottled water but i think that is a little to much if you are jsut starting going to do one tablet from now on
posted 12-Feb-2008 1:02pm

in response to this message:

posted 5-Oct-2007 4:45pm

I'm turning 21 years old at the end of the month... what does that have to do with using the product?

Anywayyy..... obviously eating a bag of cheetos for lunch isn't the healthiest choice, but eating just an apple is ridiculous! I hope you meant in addition to other food, because some people who don't know how to eat a healthy diet will read that and starve themselves. Which is probably worse than eating cheetos. Still, NEITHER is nutritionally sufficient.
posted 22-Feb-2008 4:02pm

I just bought dexatrim max20 at Walgreens on clearnace sale for 4.19 and i had
a 3.00 coupon. I hope it works. At this price it's worth a try.
posted 25-Feb-2008 5:29pm

I also bought a box at my local walgreens because it was on clearnace. It was reg priced at $10.49, and it's now 4.19 with a $2.00 off coupon on the box. I figured what the heck! For that price I'd try almost anything. Anyway, today was my first day and so far I have not had any side affects, but i haven't noticed a change in my eating yet either. But, I'll check back in a couple of days to let you know.
posted 23-Mar-2008 10:45am

I always feel tired when I take and at times dizzy
posted 29-Mar-2008 10:36am

I have tried every diet product on the market with little or no success. On a whim I saw Dexatrim MAX2O at WalMart and decided to try it. I LOVE IT!! I take the 2 tablets in water about 15 min. before my lunch and I have the feeling off fullness that lasts for HOURS!! I'm truly amazed!! I'm almost feeling full to the point of throwing up. sometimes I take about dose before dinner but sometimes I don't need to. In 1 week I've cut back on my eating and lost 4 pounds....I'm going to stick with it!!
posted 30-Mar-2008 10:37pm

posted 3-Apr-2008 3:45pm

hi my name is ronneca i am only 15 i want 2 lose weigtht ba d but i dont know how my parents are supposed to buy me some dexatrim today i pnly want to lose a couple of pounds oh and i know i am young but i want to try and i feel any side effect you better belive i will stop taking it but you know it is worth a try you know just because i am young dosent mean it can hurt me anything can hurt u so i am gonna give it a try and have faith in it.
posted 7-Apr-2008 12:09pm

I just started taking the 20 today. I'm sipping on it now. I would rather sip on it all day versus taking one with breakfast and lunch. I think i'm gonna give that a try and see how it works. I really need to help me cut out my snacking during the day and also at night time. Last night i ate cereal at 11 pm (2 bowls!). that is really whats hurting me,,,is my late night eating! it's just so hard to control myself.
posted 13-Apr-2008 4:48pm

i just purchased max20 today @ wallmart for 10.99 will post again in a wk to let kno if this product works
posted 15-Apr-2008 4:52pm

Hey everyone, after reading all your posts, I thought i would give this a try. I purchased the mixed berry flavor and to my suprise tastes real good. No side effects as of yet. But its only day one. I want to lose ten pounds before summer and i hope this will help me to do it. I will keep you guys posted and i hope you will do the same. Good Luck and Keep up the good work!
posted 16-Apr-2008 9:37am

how is everyone doing today? Well yesterday went well. No sugar and healthy eating. The dexatrim drink really helps with the hunger. I ate three healthy meals and i was good to go. Grapes to snack on in the afternoon and 100 calorie pack, it feels great. I feel energized today, lol.
posted 16-Apr-2008 9:16pm

i drank the dexatrim max2o and i find that it does curb the appetite i ate less through out the day i did the 2 tablets like at 10am and that seem to keep my appetite together but my downside is that i bought the lemon splash omg this is so nasty so im going to try the mixed berry that you suggested WISHING i think this product will be a success good luck to everyone in the success of losing those extra pounds.
posted 21-Apr-2008 8:34am

ronneca, u should not use this product to only "lose a few pounds" and if you are only 15. Obviously there are greater threats to people under the age of 18 or the box would not state that. Your body is still developing, still changing and it is risky to be taking diet pills or anything of that nature at that age. Change your diet, drink as much water as a person on dexatrim would be without the pills and exercise, see if you can't lose your wieght that way.
posted 22-Apr-2008 12:44pm

Hello to all...Its been one week today on dexatrim max20 and i have lost 4 pounds! I am very excited to say the least. It gives me energy and Im not looking to have been eating three meals a day and having 2 100 calorie snacks and fruit. I hope all of you are doing well... I am looking foward to hearing from everyone, Have a great day!
G. Levy
posted 24-Apr-2008 3:59pm

Hi everybody im starting Dexatrim Max 2o today april 24th, Im a bit scared because of my heart going fast, I dont drink coffe for the same reason so will see what happens, I hate going to the gym alone so if someone lives in Fort Lauderdalea and wants to keep this up with me please email me at I am not super overweight I want to loose like 20 pounds or so. If Anyone can givme info in racing heart of any other weird sensations. Please let me know.
Have a nice one and good luck!
posted 24-Apr-2008 6:59pm

hey G. I am on dexatrim max20 and i had no bad side effects. It boosts my energy and helps with hunger. I am not hungry and i have to see the time, to know when it is time to eat next. This product is great and i am always raving about it. Good Luck To YOU.
posted 25-Apr-2008 10:45pm

hey! so i had a run in with annorexia about two years ago and i even went to the hospital for several weeks because of a very low heart rate and blood pressure. i lost about 35 lbs in total. ive gotten better tho and gained the weight back, but my metabolism slowed down a LOT, so i was holding on to everything i ate. last week i was about 7 lbs over what i weighed before i contracted the eating disorder and i was continuing to gain weight because i just couldnt stop eating and my metabolism was rediculously sluggish. i realized my prom was coming up in about 2 weeks so i started taking dexatrim (after i finally got the courage to go up to the cashier and buy it). in about 2 weeks of taking it, i lost about 9 lbs. i was eating less and i had tons of energy to exercise. it was awesome. now i look great in my dress and im so excited.
it really works, but aparently it has somethin in it that increases risk of stroke which sux. i havnt experienced any fast heartbeats or headaches yet (and i hopefully never will). oh, but i do have to pee a lot more, which is kinda inconvenient...
posted 28-May-2008 9:10pm

does anyone know about takeing dexatrim max2o with xenical?
posted 18-Jun-2008 2:49pm

just started dex max 20 today... it feel like it does the job... i have high blood pressure though... so i will take it easy on it... keep you guys posted.
posted 13-Jul-2008 11:45am

i have a friend who uses 20, but she uses green tea instead of water. my question is does it make a difference if you use water or green tea.
posted 19-Jul-2008 5:54pm

i jus bought the product...wednsday night and........i dn't kno if its just me buti still had cravings a couple hours later but when i drink it i only take 2 tablets a day in one 16 oz glass cup........and so im walking about 35 to and hour and a half each day im waiting to see by next saturday how much weight ive lost and i only eat breakfast and maybe dinner.but i lay low on the bread...and so....i just eat something the size of my fist for breakfast and lunch if so then i only eat 10 crackers...but ive lost 56 pounds in 2004 when i gained weight at the age of 14 i was 218 goin on 220...and i never was a fat child...but i lost it all by walking atleast an hour or 2 every day and ate the size of my fist....with out n-e-diet pill if we all do the same then we wudnt need DEXATRIM truthfully all about smaller portions u can still eat n-e-thing but make sure its SMALLER PORTIONS...and then sodas becuz it will bloat you..but i hope my story will help who ever....
posted 19-Jul-2008 5:56pm

i wish they would explain more on these boxes it becomes a bad product when u just want ppl to buy it but dnt explain when to drink it.and wat not come on ppl get it right...other wise ppl will sew because u didnt explain it how sad is that.
posted 5-Aug-2008 2:57pm

I just purchased the organe 20 today. It tasted great. I hope it works! I would like to loose about 10 - 12 lbs.
posted 12-Aug-2008 12:42am

I want to lose about 60 pounds. I sometimes have an increased heart rate. Any one have any REAL bad side effects? I'm 19. My cousin is 16 and wants to lose about 15 pounds only, and I'm not sure about letting her have some. Anyone know how dangerous it would be for her?
posted 14-Aug-2008 1:55pm

posted 8-Oct-2008 10:42pm

I took it for a while and lost about 20 pounds. However, at the time i had modified my diet, exercised regularly, and made healthier choices throughout my lifestyle. So how much of the weight loss can be attributed to the product I have no idea, but my guess is that everyone out there is just going to have to suck it up, get off the couch and do it the old fashioned way. It's a commitment and lifestyle change, not a quick fix :)
posted 14-Oct-2008 2:05pm

Been on the Dexatrim "Max 7" formula for 3 days, you'll find it on First time in my life I've had control over my appetite. I still want to eat a lot but I just don't HAVE to like before. Can hear my stomach growling and howling but I'm just not hungry (after a soda). I don't notice any side affects, no headaches or racing heartbeat or that stuffed cottonhead feeling I used to get with the old ephedra pills.
posted 15-Oct-2008 8:31pm

a little advice, I mix mine with A LOT of water and a little juice. Don't forget, lots of water, other wise you'll get that racing heart problem. ALSO, DO NOT exercise directly after taking it, wait an hour or so. It's dangerous for your heart to do it directly after.
Also, when they say with a healthy diet and exercise they mean it. You can't take magic pills and think the fat will go away. These pills help give you a little more pep for exercise.
I'd also limit it to two tablets, or one, a day, if you're having head ache and heart issues. Also, EAT a balanced low cal diet, even if you aren't hungry. That's the problem with the apatite suppressant. It's easier to go without eating when you probably should be, then you don't lose weight.
posted 2-Nov-2008 6:53pm

Just started 20 today and I am hoping the combination of this drink, willpower and the sheer want to NOT look like a stuffed sausage in my clothes, will help me to get rid of the 15lbs I need to loose. I will update.
posted 11-Nov-2008 12:43pm

I have been using this since February 2008. I am a white male, 39 y/o and I weighed 208lbs. when I started. I am 5'10", so that weight puts me over my average weight for a guy my size. I take two tablets in the morning (7 am.)in my bottled water, and then two more in my bottled water at lunch tim (noon). That is it, only twice a day and then I eat a healthy dinner before 6 pm at night. I really have not been increasing my physical activity and I am down to 179lbs and holding just fine. For some reason I can not break 179lbs--my target was 175lbs, but I am no going to complain. I like the Dexatrim and I do not appear to suffer from any side effects. I monitor my blood pressure weekly and it has not increased.
posted 12-Jan-2009 7:01pm

im was taking dexatrim only for 6 days i pill a day i didnt even do that many because i wanted to start off slow omg i had a severe headache and heart aches i just stopped taking it 2 days ago i still have a headache but eventually the crap will come out of my system but hell to the no i dont recommend this crap it is not cool first diet pill in last i will stick to the gym and watching what the hell i eat.
posted 7-Apr-2009 9:11am

i just started today. i got it from the store on sale for $1.40. good price, i baught a lot of boxes just look in your loccal pharmacy stores sometimes they have good sales on them... can you do yhe atkins diet with this? can you take the dexatrim pills to? can yu have 3 times a day? well i hope all goes ok, summer is coming am ready to loose i just need a jump start theni am ok once i have lost a little then i go balls to the walls!!!!! someone let me know the answers to my questions thanks
posted 16-May-2009 8:45pm

im 15 and i just started taking this product today. i took two in a 16oz bottle of water around 12 noon today and around 3 i tokk maybe 1/4 of the bottle. (it was so gross i couldnt finish the whole thing, mixed berry flavor-ew.) i need to lose 35 pounds. im a bit overweight....(sarcasm much? i exagerate a lot). anyways, a few hours after my first bottle, i suddenly got tired and took a small nap (14 minutes i think) i didnt really sleep but i felt super tired. now its night and i just finished a 10 minute blast workout. im not even tired! i guess it does give me more neergy...still watching for more side effects. ill only take it for 2 weeks (see if i keep the metabolism rate...if not...there's always natural exercise right? *sweatmark* whatever may come,will come.
posted 4-Nov-2009 12:48am

Today is my second day on it. i just had a stomached today but, i'll keep on taking it, i want to loose weight
posted 31-Jan-2010 7:39pm

umm ok i am 14 and over weight, i have 5 months to get skiny or atleast a thin size....can i take dexatrim?
posted 10-Mar-2010 2:24pm

Have not taken the drug, but I am interested.
posted 15-Jul-2010 5:50pm

In a little bit im gonna go buy this. Im 14, 140 pounds , 5"2. On the BMI scale i'm overweight im hoping to get to 110 before school starts. or at least by like halloween. I don't care what i have to do, iv'e always wanted to be skinnny. i'll do whatever it takkes. So these tablets along with vigouris excerise and yogurt, fruit, and veggies, and a helll of a load of will power should bring me theree (: wish me luck. i'll keep ya guys posted. & to "concerned" adults. Save it for someone else. I may be a "child" but im a wise teenager. I know what i'm doing. kthanks :)
posted 27-Nov-2011 1:06am

hii people,
i was just wondering can a 12 or 13 year old drink thiz?
posted 10-Oct-2015 11:14am

You don't exactly look like a grmheaotndr yourself. Then again, the kids in high school don't look like the kids I went to school with either.Chris is a great tour guide with an amazing sense of direction. If I were "Lost", I'd want her on the island with me.

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