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Dexatrim Max20


A effervescent tablet that combines the "power" of Dexatrim with the healthy benefits of water.


Dexatrim is one of the oldest brand names for caffeine-based weight-loss pills. Max20 is a new product that contains various herbal supplements (Real Green Tea, Chromium, Ginseng, and Vitamin B complex).

You drop a tablet in a glass of water and it fizzes up like Alika-seltzer.

It is available in mixed berry and lemon splash flavors.

The tablets come in convenient foil wrappers that you can take with you easily.


Dexatrim is made and marketed by Chattem, which is a very old (since 1979) medicine company. Dexatrim became popular in the 1980s. It remains the most popular diet pill on the market.


Studies have linked Dexatrim and other stimulant-based diet pills to increased risk of stroke.


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  6-Jun-2006 10:31am created by bill

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posted 31-Dec-2007 10:11pm

Hi, I purchased the Dexatrim Max Evening pills today. Anyone tried those? So far so good.Just wanted some feedback if anyone else has used these....thanks.
posted 6-Jan-2008 2:35pm

where do i get npb fl
posted 8-Jan-2008 2:33pm

my first day and I feel a little jittery..i took a turbo kickboxing class at the gym and I had a lot more energy..i usually come back starving but today not so much.. i took 2 tablets with a bottled water but i think that is a little to much if you are jsut starting going to do one tablet from now on
posted 12-Feb-2008 1:02pm

in response to this message:

posted 5-Oct-2007 4:45pm

I'm turning 21 years old at the end of the month... what does that have to do with using the product?

Anywayyy..... obviously eating a bag of cheetos for lunch isn't the healthiest choice, but eating just an apple is ridiculous! I hope you meant in addition to other food, because some people who don't know how to eat a healthy diet will read that and starve themselves. Which is probably worse than eating cheetos. Still, NEITHER is nutritionally sufficient.
posted 22-Feb-2008 4:02pm

I just bought dexatrim max20 at Walgreens on clearnace sale for 4.19 and i had
a 3.00 coupon. I hope it works. At this price it's worth a try.
posted 25-Feb-2008 5:29pm

I also bought a box at my local walgreens because it was on clearnace. It was reg priced at $10.49, and it's now 4.19 with a $2.00 off coupon on the box. I figured what the heck! For that price I'd try almost anything. Anyway, today was my first day and so far I have not had any side affects, but i haven't noticed a change in my eating yet either. But, I'll check back in a couple of days to let you know.
posted 23-Mar-2008 10:45am

I always feel tired when I take and at times dizzy
posted 29-Mar-2008 10:36am

I have tried every diet product on the market with little or no success. On a whim I saw Dexatrim MAX2O at WalMart and decided to try it. I LOVE IT!! I take the 2 tablets in water about 15 min. before my lunch and I have the feeling off fullness that lasts for HOURS!! I'm truly amazed!! I'm almost feeling full to the point of throwing up. sometimes I take about dose before dinner but sometimes I don't need to. In 1 week I've cut back on my eating and lost 4 pounds....I'm going to stick with it!!
posted 30-Mar-2008 10:37pm

posted 3-Apr-2008 3:45pm

hi my name is ronneca i am only 15 i want 2 lose weigtht ba d but i dont know how my parents are supposed to buy me some dexatrim today i pnly want to lose a couple of pounds oh and i know i am young but i want to try and i feel any side effect you better belive i will stop taking it but you know it is worth a try you know just because i am young dosent mean it can hurt me anything can hurt u so i am gonna give it a try and have faith in it.
posted 7-Apr-2008 12:09pm

I just started taking the 20 today. I'm sipping on it now. I would rather sip on it all day versus taking one with breakfast and lunch. I think i'm gonna give that a try and see how it works. I really need to help me cut out my snacking during the day and also at night time. Last night i ate cereal at 11 pm (2 bowls!). that is really whats hurting me,,,is my late night eating! it's just so hard to control myself.
posted 13-Apr-2008 4:48pm

i just purchased max20 today @ wallmart for 10.99 will post again in a wk to let kno if this product works
posted 15-Apr-2008 4:52pm

Hey everyone, after reading all your posts, I thought i would give this a try. I purchased the mixed berry flavor and to my suprise tastes real good. No side effects as of yet. But its only day one. I want to lose ten pounds before summer and i hope this will help me to do it. I will keep you guys posted and i hope you will do the same. Good Luck and Keep up the good work!
posted 16-Apr-2008 9:37am

how is everyone doing today? Well yesterday went well. No sugar and healthy eating. The dexatrim drink really helps with the hunger. I ate three healthy meals and i was good to go. Grapes to snack on in the afternoon and 100 calorie pack, it feels great. I feel energized today, lol.
posted 16-Apr-2008 9:16pm

i drank the dexatrim max2o and i find that it does curb the appetite i ate less through out the day i did the 2 tablets like at 10am and that seem to keep my appetite together but my downside is that i bought the lemon splash omg this is so nasty so im going to try the mixed berry that you suggested WISHING i think this product will be a success good luck to everyone in the success of losing those extra pounds.
posted 21-Apr-2008 8:34am

ronneca, u should not use this product to only "lose a few pounds" and if you are only 15. Obviously there are greater threats to people under the age of 18 or the box would not state that. Your body is still developing, still changing and it is risky to be taking diet pills or anything of that nature at that age. Change your diet, drink as much water as a person on dexatrim would be without the pills and exercise, see if you can't lose your wieght that way.
posted 22-Apr-2008 12:44pm

Hello to all...Its been one week today on dexatrim max20 and i have lost 4 pounds! I am very excited to say the least. It gives me energy and Im not looking to have been eating three meals a day and having 2 100 calorie snacks and fruit. I hope all of you are doing well... I am looking foward to hearing from everyone, Have a great day!
G. Levy
posted 24-Apr-2008 3:59pm

Hi everybody im starting Dexatrim Max 2o today april 24th, Im a bit scared because of my heart going fast, I dont drink coffe for the same reason so will see what happens, I hate going to the gym alone so if someone lives in Fort Lauderdalea and wants to keep this up with me please email me at I am not super overweight I want to loose like 20 pounds or so. If Anyone can givme info in racing heart of any other weird sensations. Please let me know.
Have a nice one and good luck!
posted 24-Apr-2008 6:59pm

hey G. I am on dexatrim max20 and i had no bad side effects. It boosts my energy and helps with hunger. I am not hungry and i have to see the time, to know when it is time to eat next. This product is great and i am always raving about it. Good Luck To YOU.
posted 25-Apr-2008 10:45pm

hey! so i had a run in with annorexia about two years ago and i even went to the hospital for several weeks because of a very low heart rate and blood pressure. i lost about 35 lbs in total. ive gotten better tho and gained the weight back, but my metabolism slowed down a LOT, so i was holding on to everything i ate. last week i was about 7 lbs over what i weighed before i contracted the eating disorder and i was continuing to gain weight because i just couldnt stop eating and my metabolism was rediculously sluggish. i realized my prom was coming up in about 2 weeks so i started taking dexatrim (after i finally got the courage to go up to the cashier and buy it). in about 2 weeks of taking it, i lost about 9 lbs. i was eating less and i had tons of energy to exercise. it was awesome. now i look great in my dress and im so excited.
it really works, but aparently it has somethin in it that increases risk of stroke which sux. i havnt experienced any fast heartbeats or headaches yet (and i hopefully never will). oh, but i do have to pee a lot more, which is kinda inconvenient...
posted 28-May-2008 9:10pm

does anyone know about takeing dexatrim max2o with xenical?
posted 18-Jun-2008 2:49pm

just started dex max 20 today... it feel like it does the job... i have high blood pressure though... so i will take it easy on it... keep you guys posted.
posted 13-Jul-2008 11:45am

i have a friend who uses 20, but she uses green tea instead of water. my question is does it make a difference if you use water or green tea.
posted 19-Jul-2008 5:54pm

i jus bought the product...wednsday night and........i dn't kno if its just me buti still had cravings a couple hours later but when i drink it i only take 2 tablets a day in one 16 oz glass cup........and so im walking about 35 to and hour and a half each day im waiting to see by next saturday how much weight ive lost and i only eat breakfast and maybe dinner.but i lay low on the bread...and so....i just eat something the size of my fist for breakfast and lunch if so then i only eat 10 crackers...but ive lost 56 pounds in 2004 when i gained weight at the age of 14 i was 218 goin on 220...and i never was a fat child...but i lost it all by walking atleast an hour or 2 every day and ate the size of my fist....with out n-e-diet pill if we all do the same then we wudnt need DEXATRIM truthfully all about smaller portions u can still eat n-e-thing but make sure its SMALLER PORTIONS...and then sodas becuz it will bloat you..but i hope my story will help who ever....
posted 19-Jul-2008 5:56pm

i wish they would explain more on these boxes it becomes a bad product when u just want ppl to buy it but dnt explain when to drink it.and wat not come on ppl get it right...other wise ppl will sew because u didnt explain it how sad is that.
posted 5-Aug-2008 2:57pm

I just purchased the organe 20 today. It tasted great. I hope it works! I would like to loose about 10 - 12 lbs.
posted 12-Aug-2008 12:42am

I want to lose about 60 pounds. I sometimes have an increased heart rate. Any one have any REAL bad side effects? I'm 19. My cousin is 16 and wants to lose about 15 pounds only, and I'm not sure about letting her have some. Anyone know how dangerous it would be for her?
posted 14-Aug-2008 1:55pm

posted 8-Oct-2008 10:42pm

I took it for a while and lost about 20 pounds. However, at the time i had modified my diet, exercised regularly, and made healthier choices throughout my lifestyle. So how much of the weight loss can be attributed to the product I have no idea, but my guess is that everyone out there is just going to have to suck it up, get off the couch and do it the old fashioned way. It's a commitment and lifestyle change, not a quick fix :)
posted 14-Oct-2008 2:05pm

Been on the Dexatrim "Max 7" formula for 3 days, you'll find it on First time in my life I've had control over my appetite. I still want to eat a lot but I just don't HAVE to like before. Can hear my stomach growling and howling but I'm just not hungry (after a soda). I don't notice any side affects, no headaches or racing heartbeat or that stuffed cottonhead feeling I used to get with the old ephedra pills.
posted 15-Oct-2008 8:31pm

a little advice, I mix mine with A LOT of water and a little juice. Don't forget, lots of water, other wise you'll get that racing heart problem. ALSO, DO NOT exercise directly after taking it, wait an hour or so. It's dangerous for your heart to do it directly after.
Also, when they say with a healthy diet and exercise they mean it. You can't take magic pills and think the fat will go away. These pills help give you a little more pep for exercise.
I'd also limit it to two tablets, or one, a day, if you're having head ache and heart issues. Also, EAT a balanced low cal diet, even if you aren't hungry. That's the problem with the apatite suppressant. It's easier to go without eating when you probably should be, then you don't lose weight.
posted 2-Nov-2008 6:53pm

Just started 20 today and I am hoping the combination of this drink, willpower and the sheer want to NOT look like a stuffed sausage in my clothes, will help me to get rid of the 15lbs I need to loose. I will update.
posted 11-Nov-2008 12:43pm

I have been using this since February 2008. I am a white male, 39 y/o and I weighed 208lbs. when I started. I am 5'10", so that weight puts me over my average weight for a guy my size. I take two tablets in the morning (7 am.)in my bottled water, and then two more in my bottled water at lunch tim (noon). That is it, only twice a day and then I eat a healthy dinner before 6 pm at night. I really have not been increasing my physical activity and I am down to 179lbs and holding just fine. For some reason I can not break 179lbs--my target was 175lbs, but I am no going to complain. I like the Dexatrim and I do not appear to suffer from any side effects. I monitor my blood pressure weekly and it has not increased.
posted 12-Jan-2009 7:01pm

im was taking dexatrim only for 6 days i pill a day i didnt even do that many because i wanted to start off slow omg i had a severe headache and heart aches i just stopped taking it 2 days ago i still have a headache but eventually the crap will come out of my system but hell to the no i dont recommend this crap it is not cool first diet pill in last i will stick to the gym and watching what the hell i eat.
posted 7-Apr-2009 9:11am

i just started today. i got it from the store on sale for $1.40. good price, i baught a lot of boxes just look in your loccal pharmacy stores sometimes they have good sales on them... can you do yhe atkins diet with this? can you take the dexatrim pills to? can yu have 3 times a day? well i hope all goes ok, summer is coming am ready to loose i just need a jump start theni am ok once i have lost a little then i go balls to the walls!!!!! someone let me know the answers to my questions thanks
posted 16-May-2009 8:45pm

im 15 and i just started taking this product today. i took two in a 16oz bottle of water around 12 noon today and around 3 i tokk maybe 1/4 of the bottle. (it was so gross i couldnt finish the whole thing, mixed berry flavor-ew.) i need to lose 35 pounds. im a bit overweight....(sarcasm much? i exagerate a lot). anyways, a few hours after my first bottle, i suddenly got tired and took a small nap (14 minutes i think) i didnt really sleep but i felt super tired. now its night and i just finished a 10 minute blast workout. im not even tired! i guess it does give me more neergy...still watching for more side effects. ill only take it for 2 weeks (see if i keep the metabolism rate...if not...there's always natural exercise right? *sweatmark* whatever may come,will come.
posted 4-Nov-2009 12:48am

Today is my second day on it. i just had a stomached today but, i'll keep on taking it, i want to loose weight
posted 31-Jan-2010 7:39pm

umm ok i am 14 and over weight, i have 5 months to get skiny or atleast a thin size....can i take dexatrim?
posted 10-Mar-2010 2:24pm

Have not taken the drug, but I am interested.
posted 15-Jul-2010 5:50pm

In a little bit im gonna go buy this. Im 14, 140 pounds , 5"2. On the BMI scale i'm overweight im hoping to get to 110 before school starts. or at least by like halloween. I don't care what i have to do, iv'e always wanted to be skinnny. i'll do whatever it takkes. So these tablets along with vigouris excerise and yogurt, fruit, and veggies, and a helll of a load of will power should bring me theree (: wish me luck. i'll keep ya guys posted. & to "concerned" adults. Save it for someone else. I may be a "child" but im a wise teenager. I know what i'm doing. kthanks :)
posted 27-Nov-2011 1:06am

hii people,
i was just wondering can a 12 or 13 year old drink thiz?
posted 10-Oct-2015 11:14am

You don't exactly look like a grmheaotndr yourself. Then again, the kids in high school don't look like the kids I went to school with either.Chris is a great tour guide with an amazing sense of direction. If I were "Lost", I'd want her on the island with me.

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