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Every Other Day Diet


The QOD Diet (AKA Every Other Day Diet) is a simple concept. Eat very low calorie every other day and you'll lose weight.


The idea behind this diet is that you eat very little then eat whatever you like on alternate days. The days you eat very little are almost like fasting, but the diet recommends you still eat some low calorie but nutritious foods (and supplements) to avoid health problems.

This diet works on a few levels. First, calorie-wise, you'll end up eating less overall for the week. Second, the shifting back and forth between semi-starving and eating normally puts your body's metabolism into a kind of semi-panicked state where it wont store calories as fat (well, hopefully). Also, because you do get to eat what you want, the psychology of it helps prevent feeling deprived. You can always say to yourself, "Oh, I'll eat that tomorrow."

Clearly, it's also important to not actually pig out majorly on the days when you "eat what you want". Or, you could actually end up having more calories for the week than you did before the diet. The diet stresses eating healthy, exercising, etc. like most diets.

Another nice thing about this diet is that it's not that complicated. Once you get down what you need to eat on fasting days, it doesn't take much thought or effort. It's a calorie-reduced diet without much calorie-counting.


The QOD diet was created by Dr. John T. Daugirdas who was a kidney specialist.

There are other diets that are suggesting similar strategies:
Alternate-Day Diet by M.D., James B. Johnson
The Every Other Day Diet ("EODD") by Jon Benson


Even the author of QOD clearly states that the diet has not been tested enough and that it shouldn't be tried by people who have health problems or a great deal of weight to lose. Also, not by the young or old (no one under 20 or over 60).


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posted 4-Jul-2011 12:22pm

The EODD diet plan (Every Other Day Diet) by Jon Benson is getting many attention lately. Even though it continues to be about for numerous a long time, it seems that this diet has become significantly a lot more common in recent months!

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