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Fat Burning Furnace


Fat Burning Furnace is an online-based diet program that is being marketed directly to the public (not sold in stores).


The website guides you to watch a fairly long promotional video. Ultimately, you can buy the program right off their website with credit card or even paypal. What you get is an ebook (pdf) that you download right to your computer. Also, videos you can watch online plus motivational emails and updates for a year.

The program consists of lowering your calories and exercising. It focuses on raising your metabolic rate so that you're conditioned to burn more calories even when you're resting. Your Resting Metabolic Rate(RMR) is mentioned specifically.

There are also dietary changes that are tuned to improve your metabolic exercise routine. Vitamins and supplements are promoted. Also, natural whole foods.

The exercises are resistance training that you can do at home without expensive equipment. Also, Poulos does not recommend cardio exercise equipment (no treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.)

The main concept seems to be that you build lean muscle and thus raise your metabolic rate such that you burn more calories and attain a healthy body weight.


Fat Burning Furnace was created by fitness expert Rob Poulos. Also, his wife Kalen Poulos is part of it.



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