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Fat Smash Diet


Detox for 9 days, eating mainly fruits. Then, eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise.


Initially, during the 9 day detox, you eat mainly just fruits and vegetables. Then, you shift to allowing more foods. You are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, lean meat, and sugar substitutes. You avoid sweets, alcohol, refined grains, fried food, fatty meats, and fatty salad dressings.

Regular exercise is a big part of this diet as well.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.


The "Fat Smash Diet" was created by Dr. Ian Smith who has a strong history in the media. He's the a medical contributor on ABC's "The View", a medical columnist for Men's Health magazine, and the diet expert on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." He has also been on various radio show and written articles for major newspapers and magazines. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and University of Chicago (medical school).


The idea of "detoxing" has no scientific meaning or basis. The book contains recipes, but some have too much salt.


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  15-Aug-2006 11:10am created by bill
  15-Aug-2006 12:21pm last update by bill

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3 times
posted 5-May-2010 10:59pm

Rae Rae

Plain regular oatmeal with a drop of honey or stevia is better than the instant and they are both natural

No canned veggies as they have lost much of the nutrtional value, raw is best but if you want it cooked steamed is great

Whole eggs and eat just the white I am sure you could but that seems like a lot of work

Beans :I eat all of them. i cook them mostly but if I do use a can i wash them pretty well as they are full of sodium

No butter No sugar olive oil is good try this salad dressing :olive oil 1 tblsp /red wine vinegar 2 tbs 1 clove of garlic oregano salt pepper and a squeeze of lemon

use hot sauce in the brown rice good luck
posted 7-May-2010 9:38am

Thanks so much 3 Times!
posted 8-May-2010 7:38pm

Green smoothies helped me through phase one....

One of the best recipes I had was

2 bananas
1 pear
1 royal gala apple
1 handful of spinach (sounds weird but the smoothie will not taste like spinach)
ice (can add milk or water)
blend....blend blend

You can get your sweet tooth satisfied, 5 servings of fruits and veggies, and another way to eat fruit.
Suzy Q
posted 10-May-2010 4:59pm

Forgot to check in last week, but lost 4 lbs. last week and 4 lbs. this week. That brings my grand total to 58 lbs. gone in 9 weeks!! YAY!! I tried a new recipe last night for Black Bean Burgers, it was delicious!!


Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes

•1 15-oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed
•1/4 cup dried breadcrumbs
•1 large egg, beaten
•2 Tbsp dried onion flakes
•1 tsp worcestershire sauce
•1/2 tsp ground black pepper
•1 Tbsp canola oil
•4 whole-wheat hamburger buns
•Toppings (optional)
•Lettuce leaves
•Sliced tomato
•Sliced onion
•Sliced pickle

1. Place the black beans in a medium-sized bowl. With the back of a fork, partially mash the beans until they are able to be shaped into a patty. Add the breadcrumbs, egg, worcestershire sauce, and black pepper, and mix together well.

2. Heat the canola oil in a large skillet over medium heat.

3. Use 1/4 of the bean mixtue for each patty. Shape each portion into patties that are about 3/4-inch thick.

4. Place the patties into the skillet, and cook on each side about 4 mintues, or until the patties becomes lightly browned and are firm.

5. Serve each patty on a whole wheat bun, and finish off with the burger toppings you desire.

Serves 4

I made my burger on a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin with mustard, topped with 2 tablespoons salsa and 3 Claussen sandwich slices pickles. Yummmy!! I used 100% Natural olive oil Pam instead of oil, spraying the pan first, cooking 1 side, and lightly spraying patties again before turning over. Make patties thin and keep heat med-low to make cooking / turning easier and patties intact. I had a sliced cucumber in vinegar along with it & can't wait to have another burger tonight.

I've been looking now at other veggie burger recipes online I'd like to try. If anyone has any favorite recipes, please share... THANKS!!
posted 10-May-2010 9:25pm

just got back from Vegas...
Had lost 10 .. now only 6.. trust me..I'm excited!!!! Really.. I had a great time.. sure put on a few... but that is really life.. with vacations!... I will start phase one again for a few days to get back on track and inbtwn events.. I feel great and motivated.. even with the gain!!!
posted 11-May-2010 11:00am

lost 2lbs already since coming back from the trip..cheated n looked at the scale... so go enjoy your vacation.. just hop right back on!!!!
posted 11-May-2010 5:47pm

BOCA classic chili = phase I
Prep Time: 10 min
Total Time: 55 min
Makes: 6 servings, 1-1/3 cups each

2 red, yellow or green peppers, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 medium onion, chopped (about 1/2 cup)
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp. vegetable oil
1 can (15 oz.) black beans, drained
1 can (15 oz.) chili beans in sauce
1 can (15 oz.) tomato sauce
1 can (14-1/2 oz.) diced tomatoes, undrained
1 pkg. (12 oz.) frozen BOCA Meatless Ground Burger
1 can (4 oz.) chopped green chilies, drained
1 Tbsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp. ground cumin

COOK and stir peppers, onions and garlic in oil in large saucepan on medium-high heat 3 min.
ADD remaining ingredients; mix well. Bring to boil; reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer 30 min., stirring occasionally.
SERVE topped with chopped fresh tomatoes, green onions, shredded reduced fat cheese, light sour cream, hot pepper sauce or other favorite chili toppings, if desired.
posted 11-May-2010 5:51pm

I've been trying to post that recipe for awhile. For good recipes check out AWESOME recipes that help cure food boredom.
I have my one month weigh in tomorrow and I will start phase III. It's been surprisingly easy. As of last week, I've gone from 210 lbs to 195. I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again and feel darn good about myself and am looking forward to the rest of this weight falling off.
I too cheated, but jumped right back on and still lost so keep it up everyone!
posted 15-May-2010 1:21pm

fell off... sarting day 1 phase one again... I didn't gain it all back... but if I hadn't started now.. I would have... I hope I can stick with it again.
posted 17-May-2010 10:34pm

I,too, have fallen off. I was thinking of just starting back with P2. Does anyone think I need to repeat Phase 1, or starting back at P2 will be suffient (or ok)?
posted 22-May-2010 1:03pm

Are you allowed to have almond milk instead of skim milk in phase 1?
posted 24-May-2010 3:36pm

Hi Everyone...
I lost 5lbs after detox and gained it all back :( I was stressed out and plus my monthy was about to start. Around that time I am hungry all of the time. I am about to get back on the ball again.
CarrieMom: I am 210 now..I so need motivation to get under 200! Congrats to you! I actually used to weigh 231 as of last october but I have a lot more weight to lose. If I can get to 199, I will be happy and continue to lose until I become the size I need to be. I am about to start phase one again. Congratulations to everyone else that is losing weight!
posted 25-May-2010 5:50pm

TM, I started at 210 and today my scale reads 190.5. I think I started April 12th. Is that motivation enough for you? lol. I have slipped but just jumped right back on. This diet works. It has changed the way I look at food.
posted 26-May-2010 3:46pm

That is Awesome Carriemom! I have to be honest, I get bored easily with food. I became so bored with beans, brown rice and salad! lol! I dont eat eggs or any type of nuts so that will limit me a bit. I saw different recipe's on this site that I have copied and printed. I am hoping that will get me back on track. I am planning to start on Monday. Was there any particular foods/ recipe's that you liked and stuck with. I also have the fatsmash book which I've had since 2006 or 07.
Just as you stated, you have slipped and got back on...I slipped and kept on slipping. But I will be back! lol

Thanks for the motivation!!
posted 27-May-2010 5:48pm

I had attempted this diet three times before and never made it past day 2 of phase 1. I finally got a car and from not walking everywhere I went from 280 to 330pounds.(the biggest I have ever been). I am currently on day 5 of detox and been going to the gym everyday. The only issue I have is I'm craving soup for some strange reason any ideas of what I can do to make that go away. I misplaced my book so Im not sure is chicken broth allowed?
posted 28-May-2010 9:57am

I actually do not see broth in the book under things you can or cannot have. I cooked brown rice with a low sodium chicken broth and it actually was delicious. I am guessing that it may be ok (?)
posted 28-May-2010 11:39am

thank you! I weighed myself today I know I wasn't suppose to and I lost 10 pounds.
Mary L
posted 30-May-2010 9:52am

Hi everyone. I am starting the diet today and need some clarification. I know that white potatoes are not allowed, but are you allowed to have other potatoes such as sweet potatoes and blue potatoes? Also are we allowed to eat corn? This is for the first phase. Thanks!!
posted 31-May-2010 4:06pm

Mike: Thats excellent!!! Keep up the good work!
Mary L: I am looking in the book and I do not see where sweet potatoes or blue potatoes are allowed. I am going to assume that corn would fall under a vegetable although its a starch...the book isnt saying that you cant eat corn. Good luck to you!
Eden B
posted 1-Jun-2010 11:37am

Hello everyone :) Starting the diet tomorrow and would love to have a buddy or a few to team up with for support and help me stay focused and vise versa. If anyone is interested please contact me at . I'll be on here frequently as well. Best of luck to everyone
posted 1-Jun-2010 3:54pm

So today is my first day on Phase I - Detox.
I ran out the door this morning and forgot to weigh myself...I'll do so tonight when I get home and use that as my starting number. I get bored so easily so if anyone has recipes they can post that would be great! I have trouble getting oatmeal down, and I don't have much time in my day to cook so I am nervous about being able to stick with this diet. Any tips??
posted 1-Jun-2010 4:02pm

This diet is amazing we had a cookout yesterday and I did eat but I only had two pieces of grilled chicken and a hot dog and felt fine, I had like 3 or 4 chips. I just went to the gym today and started right back where I left off.
posted 1-Jun-2010 8:02pm

eden b, i'm starting the regular fat smash tomorrow and also think it'd be great to have a buddy. i'll send you an email

i did phase 1 and some of phase 2 a few years ago and liked it. dont recall why i stopped but think i became bored with the food choices. this time i'm checking the web looking for recipes and very glad i found this site and the 3fatchicks site. looking forward to trying all the recipes i've found
Mary L
posted 1-Jun-2010 8:43pm

TM thanks for the info. Since it specifically states that you can't have white potatoes but not the others, I am going to assume we are allowed. Michelle and to everyone else who has a hard time getting breakfast together in the mornings, I have a great recipe for you. Since I am not a big yogurt and fruit person, I make fruit smoothies to get my servings. I basically blend one banana, some blueberries, half an orange juiced, a few slices of mango (if I have any) and about 1/4 cup of light vanilla yogurt with about 8 cubes of ice and 1/4 cup of water. It's very filling and delicious!! I use the magic bullet blender. Best $40 blender I've ever bought! Let me know if you try the smoothie and if you like it.
posted 2-Jun-2010 10:18am

Michelle- I get bored easily as well..I am really trying to get through these 9 days. Yesterday was my first day..again :( ...I just make sure I have enough food to last me througout my work day. This morning, I drank my smoothie which is similiar to Mary L's. I just ate a bowl of oatmeal which I put pieces of a banana in to give it some sweetness and a few sliced strawberries. At 12, I will eat my chili flavored beans over brown rice and around 3, I will have a plain salad with a few tablespoons of dressing. I also have a fruit cup that I may eat in a few minutes.
I think the hardest part for me is the weekends because I am constantly on the road and sometimes do not have food packed. Maybe this weekend, I will stay
Mary L..I am going to have to look into buying that Bullet blender...Unfortunately, I spend a fortune on that montell williams blender and it acts as if its on its last leg.
Mary L
posted 2-Jun-2010 5:16pm

TM- I have a great snack for you! Preheat your oven to 400. Take a can of garbanzo beans and drain it very well. Place the beans in a big bowl. Add a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and a splash of lemon or lime. Get a cookie sheet and spray a little non stick cooking spray on it. Place the beans on the cooking sheet and bake until about 20 mins or more. The beans should look dried up but not to the point where they are hard rock like peanuts. take it out of the oven and cool for a bit. Then eat with your fingers!! It's a great filling snack and totally guilt free!! Good luck and let me know if you get the bullet. totally worth every penny.
posted 2-Jun-2010 6:44pm

sweet potatoes are recommended. they will help your sweet tooth too.
posted 7-Jun-2010 7:20pm

hey guys!!
i really need help getting through phase1 if this diet..this is actually my first day but it's so hard for me to change my eating habbits..any suggestions..and what are these bad headaches that im getting?
posted 11-Jun-2010 4:18am

jazzychick, maybe you're not eating enough or drinking enough water? are you a soda or coffee drinker, could be going thru withdrawl.

well i've made it thru my first 9 days. on to phase 2
Suzy Q
posted 14-Jun-2010 4:25pm

Yesterday was my weigh-in after 14 weeks --- to date, I've now lost 70 lbs!!! I have found so many great low calorie, low fat vegetarian recipes that I've been trying, at least one every week, sometimes 2 or 3. I've had no trouble making a variety of delicious, healthy meals, and really enjoying this way of eating so much more than the unhealthy eating habits that led to my being so overweight. Keep it up, I know I am!!
posted 21-Jun-2010 10:26am

Hi everyone my husband and i started on June 5th my weight was 311 im 289 now it was hard the first few days but i was so tired of being over weight my high weight was in april at 317 and i was hurting inside tired of everyone making me the focus of a conversation i love this book and diet cause it taught me right from wrong i have been eating wrong for so long i didnt know what was right anymore its been a little over two weeks im in part 2 of the book and im glad i did it im hoping to lose another 30lds b4 summers over! Everyone keep in there and im happy we all made the decision to be better happy dieting
posted 23-Jun-2010 8:35pm

I have not been on her in a while im done to 307, I still have a long way to go but to actually do a diet and see results is an awsome feeling. I feel so much better and have more energy. I want to be at 280 by the end of the summer, the lowest weight I have been since I was 15.
posted 23-Jun-2010 8:35pm

^here down
Suzy Q
posted 24-Jun-2010 2:23pm

Way to go, Mike! Keep it up, looks like we both started the same weight, 70 lbs lighter for me feels great! I think I'm going to go back to the Detox Phase starting Sunday, I've been giving in to snacking more lately (at least it's on brown rice chips and 97% fat free popcorn) and I want to get back on the straight & narrow again. The results are just too remarkable to stray too much.
posted 28-Jun-2010 11:51am

Hello fellow Fat Smashers,

I'm on Day 1, Phase 1. Currently 193 and have to slim down to 180-185 for my best friend's wedding! (in addition to being more healthy). I'll shall inform you about my progress. I must say, mangos, although messy, is a wonderful sweet treat if you're craving actual "sweets" like chocolate.
posted 28-Jun-2010 1:54pm

do u think it's okay to eat plantains on the diet? technically, it's a vegetable.
posted 30-Jun-2010 9:26am

Is no one on this anymore?!?!?!?!?! I would love someone to talk to about this diet. I have no support from someone who is/has done this diet before :(
posted 5-Jul-2010 12:04am

Starting phase 1 tomorrow...just had El Pollo Loco for 4th of July dinner..and I stuffed my face! But I feel really bad about starting a diet while knowing I maybe created more weight for me to loose the day before... I am not overweight, but I gained 15 pounds since I've been married! Hubby has a belly too. So I'm gonna give this diet a try! Hoping to loose a nice chunk of weight in the first nine days!
posted 6-Jul-2010 2:02pm

Of all the diets, I've tried, this surprisingly was the easiest to deal with. By Day Three of Phase One, I was already down 3 pds (with only one day of exercise). Went from 193 to 190. My tummy has definitely been deflating but I i'm taking a quick pause on this Fat Smash diet and will resume 7/11. I'll update shortly.

Good luck Lindsay!
posted 8-Jul-2010 1:24pm

I've lost 1 pound so far...but I feel so weird right now!!! I'm on day 4. I'm able to excersise for about 30 minutes every day. So I do have energy. But my head and body feels so weird, I can't describe it. Hopefully it passes in the next couple days? OMG I can't wait to sink my teeth in some meat!!!
posted 8-Jul-2010 6:32pm

That was me in my previous post...ok now I've lost 2 pounds!
posted 11-Jul-2010 12:15pm

Alrighty, and I'm back! Starting at 191. Today is Day One, Phase One. Will post results shortly.
Catie in PA
posted 11-Jul-2010 11:02pm

I am 43 and have never been on a diet. It is ridiculous, but I am really nervous about starting phase one. I go to a conference in three weeks, and know that the food served there is not the healthiest. Should I just wait until after I return?
posted 12-Jul-2010 11:00am

Catie - maybe try doing Phase II first while at the conference. then when u get home, start at Phase I. The switch may also help with your transition, especially if you never dieted before.
posted 12-Jul-2010 11:22am

I'm on day 8 of phase 1! The weekend was the hardest! I'll be weighing myself later today. I made a big pot of lentils over the weekend, and I feel like I've lost 10 pounds after eating those! LOL. I'm a little concerned because all the weight I've lost is due to eating fruits, veggies, and lentils...I don't want to put the weight back on once I go to phase II. I still have that weird feeling, and I'm wondering if it's the lack of meat or lack of carbs?
posted 12-Jul-2010 1:29pm

Good luck Brownivygal!
posted 12-Jul-2010 4:38pm

What the heck! I just weighed myself and I did not lose any weight over the weekend! I worked so hard to eat only the allowed foods, and I excercised. I'm so frustrated, epecially because I was light-headed all weekend, and saw my husband chow down on a juicy handburger at dinner while I ate lettuce :( I'm on day 8 and I've only lost 3 pounds so far!
posted 13-Jul-2010 9:53pm

Just started the fat smash diet with my hubby today. I just had a baby, (4 months ago) and it is safe to say we both but on a ton of weight! I am at 180 and Gabe is at 216. We knew we had to do something or we would continue to gain weight. Phase 1 day 1! Someone send some good luck my way.
posted 13-Jul-2010 9:59pm

oh! and I do have questions. Can I eat canned beans? Also can I eat refried beans?
posted 15-Jul-2010 12:23pm

Julia - I eat canned beans, but only after rinsing them off.

Lindsay - 3 pds, it may sound low but think, in the pass, have you loss 3 pds in 8 days???? My tips would be to eat the heavier meals (like the starch that we can eat) for either breakfast or lunch. For dinner, try only the fruits and veggies. That might make a difference.

Keep pushing ladies!!! :)
posted 16-Jul-2010 2:10pm

I am on day 4 and have lost 5 pounds! not going to lie... I did cheat and went to chipotle for lunch yesterday... but that didn't seem to effect my weight loss.
posted 16-Jul-2010 8:27pm

I am having HORRIBLE headaches - I'm assuming from the caffeine. How long does this usually last for? This is the end of my 1st day in phase 1. Its so bad I'm ready to quit!
Suzy Q
posted 20-Jul-2010 2:59pm

Still losing weight, still SUPER motivated to continue, still feel GREAT! Total pounds lost since March 7 --- 78!!! I'm trying new recipes every week from, they have all been SO DELICIOUS. I search thru recipes with the filters on for "low calorie" and "low fat". The last 2 I tried were Black Bean & Roasted Corn Tacos and "Hot Tamale" Burgers, both so good and low calorie. I'm the only vegetarian in my household, and both of those recipes were HUGE hits with everyone else, too.
posted 21-Jul-2010 11:44am

Rachel - are you eating enough during the day? remember, fruits & veggies are unlimited.

if anything, you're body is probably experiencing a sugar/starch/caffeine withdrawl. by day 3 or 4, u should be A-okay.
posted 21-Jul-2010 4:04pm

Suzy Q! What motivation you are!! I need your email address, as I would loveeeeee a "partner" in all this. Day 3 Phase I.

posted 8-Aug-2010 10:02pm

Hi everyone, I started the FS diet Monday Aug 2 today I am on day 7...can't wait to get on the scale on day 10. I was struggling with my cravings for sweets during the first two days but things are a little better now. I am so proud that I've been able to cook for my family and not eat any of it. Today I made a baked sweet potatoe is that ok since it's a vegetable and I had some watermelon is that ok b/c it's fruits. Just want to be sure I am not cheating.
Thanks and keep up the great work everyone!
posted 8-Aug-2010 10:09pm

I have another question...yesterday I had some Chipotle but only had a veggie bowl only vegetables and that ok?
posted 9-Aug-2010 3:15pm

Anyone with thyroid problems having problems losing wight
posted 13-Aug-2010 1:53pm is the day before I start FatSmash. I have 2 people starting with me, but I'm worried I won't be able to stick to it. I have tried a ton of diets all my life. In the last 4 years I've gained 35 lbs. I am so tired of being fat. I just want to like wearing jeans again. I hope this works. For my own personal benefit, I'll be updating pretty often. Please: send your support my way! I am a nervous wreck about this.
Suzy Q
posted 16-Aug-2010 12:34pm

Please feel free to contact me, Kina --- We all need all the support we can get!! So yesterday was my weigh-in, after 23 weeks, I've lost 95 lbs... almost halfway to my goal!! Things are so easy now, I'm thoroughly enjoying my diet, trying delicious new recipes every week from, and I have no cravings or desire to stray off my plan. I cleaned out my closet of all the clothes that no longer fit, which is basically everything! I loaded it all up and took it to the Salvation Army to donate, I'm NEVER going back to those sizes! Luckily I have a few things that I held onto as I gained weight, in different sizes, so I can wear some of that now. I went to an event Saturday night and saw people that I hadn't seen since I started my plan, everyone's reaction made me feel SO good! And for the first time in many years, I didn't hide from the camera and actually enjoyed seeing a picture of myself. My motivation is at an all-time high!! Nothing's preventing me from reaching my goal!!
posted 17-Aug-2010 12:55am

I think Ian smith is awesome for making a diet/ lifestlye that you can follow without feeling deprived. This is my 2nd time on the diet and I quickly lost 4 pounds in like 3 days and got cocky on the 5th day and stopped and gained it all back. lol. Im on day 3 and to cut down on the gas im trying to eat only tofu instead of the beans for my protein.
posted 23-Aug-2010 2:37pm

I am starting the diet today! I am 5'9" 255lbs. My goal weight is 165. Needless to say I have a ways to go, but I know once I get there it will all be worth it. This morning I had salsa on my egg whites and for lunch I had black-eyed peas over brown rice with stewed tomatoes. Are the peas and salsa okay to eat. I do not see them on the eat or do not eat list in pahse I. Thanks in advance...Happy Smashing.
posted 25-Aug-2010 10:45pm

I started the FAt Smash diet back in mid April. I have lost over 65 lbs! If I can do can too! Good luck!
posted 31-Aug-2010 1:03pm

Does anyone know a good place to find menu ideas? I am going to start phase 1 next week and am so affraid of overeating. Thanks!
posted 3-Sep-2010 8:07pm

Hello everyone. After losing some weight on my own (23lbs)4months, I decided- I would like to kick my weight loss up a notch so that it is more consistent and efficient. So Monday August 30th 2010, I started the Fat Smash Detox Phase 1, and found a dvd in my house that would help me SHRED FAT in 30 days lol. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and the Fat Smash Diet has been very nice to me. Also, I walk 3 minles to work in the mornings after I do my Jillian workout. I HAVE BEEN KICKING MY A**. But it's going to be so worth it. So far, i've magically lost 7lbs in 4 days. I cheated by stepping on the scale, but what I saw motivated me even more. FYI, what Im doing is not easy. But I am not starving myself and I am pushing my body to the limit and getting plenty of rest. Im very healthy and feel great and energized in the mornings. Im 5'3, CW:185 lbs 40-30-47 (GW:145 lbs 36-26-39). I hope this info helps you all, and have an aweswome Labor Day weekend!
posted 3-Sep-2010 8:08pm

Oh, if anyone has questions I can be contacted at Wish you all the best, but Im at work and have to go enjoy my 3 day weekend!
posted 6-Sep-2010 4:17pm

I want to start this new way of eating but I have one question: Would it be ok to use Quinoa instead of Brown Rice?
posted 26-Sep-2010 8:10am

I started school again and have not been on here but I am down to 286 now and I might go back to phase 1, because school has cut into my gym time but I'm not eating anywhere near the way I use to. I feel so much better and I know I should not have took this a compliment but one of the customers in my work said you lost so much weight are you sick.
posted 30-Sep-2010 10:19am

Hey all ! What a lovely forum, I just started the diet 4 days back, I am on day 4 of phase 1 ! Feels good. Had a severe headache as I am a tea person. So I do cheat on that and have a cup of tea on morning and eve. Had to cheat as it wud have been impossible to continue with that crazy headache. I do have tomato soup,I think that's allowed right? It's great to read all the success stories here,what a motivation! For the oatmeal pizza can I use canneleni beans and instant oatmeal? If yes then do I cook the instant oatmeal first? Do let me know! Keepitup allof you and hang on!
posted 20-Oct-2010 6:01pm

I was wondering about tomato soup also. I loose one pound a day on the first phase! I do drink coffee, 2-3 cups per day with sweetner and ff creamer. If I dont, I get a terrible headache. Also eat hummus and veggie burgers.
posted 21-Oct-2010 1:30pm

Can you eat dried fruit on Phase I?
posted 29-Oct-2010 1:10am

I think You can eat dried fruit .., if it has not been processed.. I did have tea in the phase 1 as I got terrible headaches ! I have started phase 3 today , lost a total of 12 pounds in the first 2 phases ..... Not as much as I had expected , but that's ok .... I can feel more of inch loss than wt loss . Can't wait to finish phase 3 ,, later planning to start extreme fat smash diet !
posted 13-Nov-2010 1:27am

Hey you guys, im only 20 but I wanted to do this detox to help drop just a couple pounds that I've been trying to lose for a while (I'm 5 foot 1 and am 107, wanna be 100) I actually did lose seven pounds on it but then went crazy and binge ate and gained most of it back, i mean i ate every single thing in sight and now im totally thrown off. any tips on how i can get back on the detox and once ive lost the weight maintain it? maintaining it has been my biggest problem
Analyce's Mom
posted 16-Nov-2010 10:38am

I am on day 9 of Detox and I have lost 10 pounds. I am not going to phase 2 just yet, I am gong to stay on detox for another week and a half.. Maintain a variety of fruits and veggies. Use garlic powder. I love sliced zuchini and yellow squash mixed with a can of rotel. It's delicious.
Just stick to it and plan your meals. I try to keep some food in a tubberware just incase I get hungry and need something right away. I also went to my Dr. and he gave me a perscription of phentermine. That helps alot with cravings and energy. I walk to the high school track and I divide 1 lap into 4's and run a 4th then walka 4th then run and I do that for 4 laps and walk home. It's awazing how I feel and the way my skin looks after I put forth some effort.
Good luck to you all!
Analyce's Mom
posted 16-Nov-2010 10:48am

Also Fry's (in AZ) has a yogurt called CarbMaster. It's 6 oz, 80 cal, 1.5 fat, 100mg sodium, 4 carbs, 3 sugars, 12 protein. Assorted flavors. I eat yogurt and a fruit for breakfast, I snack on carots/celery. I made a pot of kidney beans, add salt and water and put it in the crock pot all day. Red bell peppers in a skillet with pam and garlic powder, butternut squash 360 degrees, in a glass dish with an inch of water covered with foil, 1 hour. Eggplant with pam and garlic powder and minimal garlic salt, brown rice, asaragus in oil with garlic powder..
There are so many varieties of veggies with spices to create. Just experiment and make extras to store and bring to lunch the following day. Sugarless gum helps alot and keeps your breath fresh =) also try an water pill, walmart has over the counter or your Dr. will prescribe they are $3.. Drink plenty of water and after a couple days your body will only want the water.
posted 17-Nov-2010 12:25am

What is a water pill?
Analyce's Mom
posted 17-Nov-2010 2:41pm

It helps rid access water weight, make you go to the bathroom a lot. Will help with weight loss. Go to your dr and tell them you are dieting a drink tons of water and you feel bloated all the time, they might feel your ankles and give you a water pill. Nanul- I saw you only lost 12 pounds, jump back to phase 1 for 10 days and you will shock your body. Change up your eating and don't get in a routine of eating the same foods..
posted 7-Dec-2010 2:05am

Thanks for the suggestion , will do that . I think that would help with some more weight loss!
posted 30-Dec-2010 12:17pm

Hi! Wow, what a great forum! I think I am going to try to start Fat Smash on Sunday (January 2nd). I have had so much family here over the holidays, that in reality I knew I should wait till after they all leave! smile I am currently 33 years old, 5'4 and weigh 150lbs. My goal is to be in the 130s by June (going on a trip to Peru). I have lost weight in the past, but after having my daughter (who is now 2 1/2), it has been much more difficult. I am going to buy the book and read up this weekend, then (hopefully with this forum's help) I am going to DO IT!!!!!! Any hints or tricks or advise before I start? I am up for anything! I can only make it to the gym 4 (maybe 5) times a week. I hope that is enough! I plan on using a lot of your recipes in this forum too! THanks!
posted 18-Jan-2011 7:54pm


I am on day 3 of the detox phase and am feeling somewhat weak. I very much miss coffee - to which I was a severe addict. I have a few questions for those who have been at this a while:

Is fat free half and half okay to add to tea?
Does anyone know if chai (the teabags, not store blended) have caffiene content?
Is anyone else really tired early in the evening at this stage?

And finally, I would love a buddy to email back and forth with. If someone is interested, let me know and I will post my email address. Thanks!
posted 19-Jan-2011 1:37am

Hello everyone!

I am currently on day 9 of my FS diet. It was really hard at first, but it has gotten a lot easier. I started off at 266 pounds. Hopefully, I have dropped some. I refused to check my weight early. I want to make sure my hard work pays off. I started this diet with my mom, so I felt like I had a little support. She started a day before I did. She didn't make it. Now, I am doing it on my own, and I feel amazing. I work out on my Wii. I have Wii Active. It gives me a great full body work out. So, I am going to continue with that. I wish all of you guys luck with your weight loss and hopefully I will post my success story soon!

I do have a question. I don't eat beef or pork, so my preferred choice is usually ground turkey. Since I am moving to Phase II soon, I wanted to know if ground turkey is acceptable. It isn't mentioned anywhere in the book, and turkey bacon and turkey sausage don't show up until Phase III.

Best Wishes!
Anonymous in ca
posted 7-Feb-2011 2:57pm

Anonymous in ca
posted 7-Feb-2011 3:01pm

posted 15-Mar-2011 11:28pm

Suzy Q
posted 16-Mar-2011 4:16pm

I haven't been on here in quite a while, but I just passed my 1 year mark since starting the diet on March 7. I've lost 132 lbs in a year!! I was total vegetarian, then the last 3 months I was eating seafood, but this week I decided to eliminate it again. I seem to have been not losing anything since I added the seafood back in, I just stalled out. I still have 68 lbs to lose to reach my goal. I'm starting back from the beginning this Sunday with the detox, I need to shake things up and see the number on that scale go down again!
posted 17-Mar-2011 3:47pm

First day on the diet. So far it's okay - am hungry, and had a headache until I gave in and had one cup of coffee. I have 60 lbs to lose to get back down to my pre-married weight. Have had two babies in the last 3 years and the weight isn't coming off very easily. Hoping this diet works for me! I haven't been able to find a great forum and there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on this one. Anyone have other forums they frequent?
posted 1-Apr-2011 11:03pm

I am ending day 5 of Phase 1- it's been an interesting 5 days so far! I really miss my chocolate, but my skin looks really good and I am feeling better too, so I plan to stay on the diet... Good Luck to all!
posted 2-Apr-2011 11:49am

How much weight will u lose on P1?
posted 2-Apr-2011 11:41pm

Ate veggie chili for dinner and a side of green & red peppers onions, pineapple and sodium free taco seasoning, it was delicious smile, but while I felt full, didn't feel very satisfied- still want the chocolate, but I am going strong and looking forward to my 7th day!!! Stay Strong & keep going it will all be worth it!!
posted 6-Apr-2011 1:03pm

First day of fs...I did it back in 2008 and i lost 50 pounds. So here i go again.........wish me luck!
Ms. Kee
posted 8-Apr-2011 12:24am

Needless to say I didn't make it pass phase 1 those 8 months ago. So sad, but hey I am on day 3 of phase 1 and glad to say I am holding strong and hope to see this thing through and get rid of these excess 80 pounds once and for all.
Ms. Kee
posted 8-Apr-2011 11:20pm

Made it through day 4. Wish someone else was on the forum to help bounce positive energy off of...
posted 9-Apr-2011 12:19pm

posted 9-Apr-2011 12:25pm

I am really looking forward to starting Phase 1 on Monday. I hope nothing but the best for all!! :)
posted 16-Apr-2011 8:02pm

I just started fs this week and I am on day 4 phase 1. Do any of you have any good recipes for phase 1 you are willing to share. @ Ms. Kee, I would love to hear how things went for you this time. Are you finished with phase 1?
Ms. Kee
posted 18-Apr-2011 11:32pm

@Ken. Yes I finished phase one lost 8 pounds! Unfortunately a birthday party ruined phase 2 for me so now I am starting back on phase one again. How is it going for you?
posted 19-Apr-2011 3:14pm

@Ms.Kee, it is going very well. I am happy I will be finished with phase one 2 days before Easter. Congrats on losing 8 pounds that is great! I am planning now what to eat for Easter that will be within phase 2 guidelines so that I dont have to start phase 1 again but if dont stay within the guidelines its good to know I can just do phase 1 again... hopefully that will motivate me to not cheat:)
Ms. Kee
posted 21-Apr-2011 11:39pm

@Ken. Yeah Easter will be interesting. I have a large family so we do potluck style dinners...I am on for mac and cheese. I plan on bringing salad too. Even if I am the only person eating it. Lol
posted 22-Apr-2011 11:36am

We do the same thing for Easter and I am bringing the turkey and a fruit salad, my sister in law is bringing greens. I should be fine with that and maybe a little sweet potatoes. Well Ms. Kee have a Happy Easter and hope to hear from you on Monday to see how you did. I am on day 9 today and cant wait to weigh myself tomorrow, one thing that I have noticed changed a lot since the first day of fs is that my appetite has decreased tremendously....anyone else experience that???
posted 27-Apr-2011 7:00pm

Today is Day One of Phase One! Starting out at 215 and am about 5'4. Hope to get great results! Is anyone still on this forum? Would love to have a running dialogue with someone.
posted 20-May-2011 10:51pm

I did the FS diet several years ago and lost about 30 pounds in 6 weeks. Alas, I have gained it all back over the last 3 years. I have no energy anymore and feel like a slug most days. I still have the FS book and I am re-reading it right now. I also just got Dr. Smith new book, EAT, at the library and I'm going to read that, too. I'd like to get some support and will be checking back to see if anyone is around ;). Also, can't remember all details of the phases but when you can start eating cereal, I made a FS version of "chex mix". Once I get to that point again, I'll share the recipe.
posted 31-May-2011 11:54am

Starting FS Phase 1 today. I did phase 1 about 6 years ago with slight success. This time I am doing it with hubby.
Need to lose 45 lbs...hope people are still on this forum.
posted 5-Jul-2011 2:16pm

Hello all.....Started Phase 1 today. I hope this diet will work. Wish me luck
posted 9-Jul-2011 4:34pm

can I eat canned refried beans during phase 1?
posted 24-Jul-2011 9:07pm

I am starting Phase 1 tomorrow. I am excited but nervous!! Hopefully I can stick with this diet, I am feeling determined this time! Its too hot to have the extra insulation! LOL
Hopefully we can get the forum going again! How have things gone for you so far gadrm?
posted 27-Jul-2011 9:41pm

Oh my...I am so glad to find this page. I hope its still active because I need some support. There are not many groups for this everything is the hcg..I am just not feeling that... My name is Arlene and I am hoping this site is still active.
posted 31-Jul-2011 4:17pm

I guess no one is out there. I am starting tomorrow. I am drinking my last coke right now and for dinner it will be a chicken philly. I am starting at 312 pounds. If anyone is out there and starting.I love some company.
posted 10-Aug-2011 9:00pm

I cannot believe I lost ten pounds....I'm almost scared to move on to step two.
posted 11-Aug-2011 1:39pm

Hello, Im starting the fat smash diet today. I currently weigh 190lbs and Im just 5'2! I hope to hit my goal of 144lbs within 6 months. wish me luck! Im headed to the gymsmile
posted 11-Aug-2011 8:11pm

I am on day 4 of phase 1 and running my 30 min. I am getting frustrated. I need some variety in my diet. I really want meat and cheese.
posted 12-Aug-2011 8:46pm

Renee not sure if you are still on here but I have started too- phase 1. I am 5'4 and 180 trying to get to 140lbs.
posted 16-Aug-2011 3:58am

I'm on day two of the FS and I am feeling deprived. I want other foods such as breads or sweets but I keep telling myself that they are the very reason that i'm here. My starting weight was 276 and I desperately want to lose at least 10lbs in phase 1. I hope that everyone will work together so that we can encourage each other.
posted 30-Aug-2011 1:54pm

Lost 20lbs. in last time I was on the FS diet.
Fell off the wagon, but am ready to start again. This is day
2 of phase 1, hope it works as well this time...
posted 30-Aug-2011 4:07pm

On day 2 of Phase 1. I've been so hungry today. Bean soup for dinner. I'm currently at 203lbs. I would love to lose 10lbs in phase 1. We have a wedding to go to on Sept. 10th. Good Luck Everyone!
posted 2-Sep-2011 5:36pm

On day 3 of P1 and couldn't wait 6 more days to weigh in curiosity got the best of me and to my surprise I'm down 7 lbs!!! Right now that's the only thing keeping me going. I have had a terrible headache for 2 days now and feel like I've got a touch of the flu... Anyone else having these issues? It's weird, and getting quite annoying, but I am not going to give up! 7 lbs in 3 days!!! Holy crap!!!
posted 3-Sep-2011 10:17pm

I fell off and could not complete phase 1. I am trying again. I just went to the store and got lots of fruit and veggies. Wish me luck...
posted 3-Sep-2011 10:18pm

Amy for the headache make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating every 3 hours. That helped me a lot last time.
banded and still struggling
posted 19-Sep-2011 3:05pm

I will start FS today. I have the extreme FS book but I trying to see if the first FS diet will be better to start on. Any suggestions. Much earlier in the post someone asked about almond milk.(yes or no). I'm using 2 protein shakes as my snacks with almond milk. How will this affect my weight loss? If I have time I will go out and buy the first book today or tomorrow. Starting weight is 198. My goal is 185 by Oct. 5.
posted 20-Oct-2011 3:28pm

has any tried using a little salt in phase 1. if so, did it affect your weight loss? The blan food is not good!!!!
posted 3-Nov-2011 4:20pm

hey, is anyone there? im starting the fat smash diet monday nov. 7th. want to find a diet buddy! im really excited to start a new lifestyle and lose this weight. i am 261 and want to get to around 150. im 26 yrs old.
desperately seeking weight loss
posted 8-Dec-2011 9:18pm

Hi. So nervous about starting and failing this but I know its all about lifestyle change. I'm ready to give it a try like I've done with all the other diets I've tried and failed. Nervous and anxious tired of fighting fat. This is my try before looking into weight loss surgery which is my last option. Really don't want surgery because of risks involved and cost but nothing seems to work. I feel very encouraged and motivated reading everyones blogs. Wish me luck :)
posted 5-Jan-2012 8:13pm

Hi good people, i started yesterday I'm super excited to find this forum. Day 2 terrible headache but I'm not having any cravings.. I only want to lose 20 pounds and gain muscle but I could use the support..:) super excited!!
posted 12-Jan-2012 12:21pm

Hi all!

Today is Day 1 - so far, so good. I'm 5'4", 228 pds. My overall goal is to lose 50 pounds. I wanted to jumpstart my weight loss and change my eating habits by doing the Fat Smash Diet. Hopefully some folks are still on this forum. Would love to "gripe" with someone.
posted 17-Jan-2012 12:42pm

Hi, I am 5'3 and 169 pounds!! Whoa! Today is day 6 of phase 1. I weighed myself yesterday and I lost 5 pounds. Yay! I would like to be 140-145. I will stay on phase 1 for 15 days instead of 9. I am not hungry. I feel great. The first 3 days were hell. I was STARVING!!
posted 20-Jan-2012 4:20pm

Hey Honey! Go you for getting to Day 6!!!!

:( i fell off. so i'm going grocery shopping tonight and re-starting tomorrow morning. I like you am going to aim for more than nine days. Goal: Jan 21st - Feb 4th, 15 days.

228 pds. lots to loss.
posted 12-Feb-2012 8:21am

I am on day 4 of this diet. I weighed yesterday and was only down 1/2 pd yesterday. Exercising 20-30 mins per day. I only gave up the coffee the 3 days and then I couldnt stand it anymore. I have been so bloated and gas pains, I do not want to keep going. I am trying though! Energy is good and mental clarity is great. I am wondering if I could do my own version of just doing this detox one or two day per week as a means to cut calories overall. 9 days (heck even 3-4) of me mainly eating rice, beans and veggies is too much for my IBS-C and gastritis.
posted 14-Feb-2012 7:51pm

I'm on day two of the fat smash n I'm pretty proud of myself. Getting married May 11, 2013 so staying focused n getting my body back into tip top shape for the honeymoon & to start eating healthier.. 6'3" 224 need to lose about 15 pounds.. Quick question what type of beans has everyone been eating? Also would love a little more support so if anyone is interested in emailing let me know plz.. Good luck everyone
posted 16-Feb-2012 8:48pm

@Williams2012 My fiancee and I started on Wednesday so we are just finishing up day 2 of phase 1. So far so good for us. We will be getting married on 4/13/13 and we both have a pretty hefty goal. I want to lose 75lbs and he wants to lose 50lbs. We made Red Beans and brown rice last night and tonight I made vegetarian chili with kidney beans and black beans. If you would like to email back and forth let me know!!
posted 22-Feb-2012 1:21pm

I would love to email with anyone. I'm in total need of support. I'm 230, 5'3. My goal is 180. (want to keep some of my curves!)

email address is

I'm going grocery shopping tonight so I can start tomorrow.
posted 27-Apr-2012 12:07pm

The detox Phase 1, makes me feel like I was a real junk food "junkie". I got so sick, had the runs, etc. Sugar is such a real drug, when your system rids itself you feel much better, but honestly the first few days are rough!!! On Day 5 and feeling much lighter!
Ms N
posted 2-May-2012 5:07pm

I would love to have a partner in this journey. I started 2 days ago, but had a setback yesterday because of my daughter's birthday. So, day started again today. Feel free to email me at
Mrs. Sweettooth
posted 15-May-2012 11:01am

I've had the book for over a year and gained 25 lbs. since I purchased it. Now, I really need to use it. At 203 lbs, my short term goal is 180 lbs and my long term goal is 165 lbs. I'm going to need a lot of help and motivation with this, especially some good recipes. Ms N and brownivygal I will email you.
posted 5-Jun-2012 11:08pm

By the way sparkspeople has a fat smash group....
posted 4-Sep-2012 10:26am

I stopped for a while. This diet is good, I was down to 285 and now I'm up to 293 and I have been in the gym or dieting in almost a year. I'm starting phase 1 again
posted 4-Sep-2012 10:27am

Have not
posted 28-Dec-2012 6:54am

eep. thats tricky. Im sure this diet has had serveal negative effects on your body to go along with the weightloss. I would definatly consult your physician. How it sounds to me is that you are kindof stuck on this diet which isnt good .but you cannot remain on it or eles you will get yourself into a whole other mess. trust me, you dont want to go there. Going back to eating normally can be unhealthy too. Gaining weight back rapidly is bad for your health. If you refeed healthfully, you may not gain as much weight back.Your doctor should work with you with refeeding. They can help your mind and your body get used to having normal amounts of food in it..kind of like what happens with people with ED's. Hopefully this has helped a bit and hopefully you can get healthy again. Best of luck!!
posted 28-Dec-2012 7:24am

I think it has to be The Day Off Diet and I don't only say that because it wokred for me, I also just think it's the diet that will most likely work the best for anyone else too. And it's just got the coolest features of any diet I've ever tried. The day off really does make the diet easier to follow because you always have that day to look forward to every week. And it's amazing how taking the day off actually made my weight loss speed up. So yeah, I'm definitely glad I found The Day Off Diet last summer.
posted 5-Jan-2013 5:37am

Hi I started this diet on Tuesday. I lost 6 pounds so far in 5 days. I'm sure it's all water weight. I was hoping I could find a diet buddy with who I could email back and forth with my stats. I'm female, 29, currently weigh 177 (started T 183) and I'm 5'6. Please email me if anyone is interested at Thanks!!
posted 10-Jan-2013 4:30pm

Myself and a few coworkers are starting this on Monday. we have searched and searched for different recipes. very excited to see how it works. another coworker actually told us about it-before she came to work with us she did it and lost at least 100 lbs. will keep all posted!
posted 15-Jan-2013 2:41pm

day 2 and so far so good. I have gotten a nasty cold so actually my appetite is not normal so not sure if Im not hungry because of it or not. my coworkers have had a headache-caffiene withdrawal we are pretty sure-but since I dont usually drink many sodas Ive not had that problem yet. want some "crunch" though. probably a good thing there are 6 of us doing it-noone wants the be the "quitter"!
posted 21-Jan-2013 11:43am

Hi all..I was looking through this website and it has me so excited! I am 287...the largest I have ever been in my LIFE. I used to be 140...but that was pre-kids and while I was in school. Anyway this is my FIRST day on the diet...I will update on my progress. I am excited for myself and everyone else on this weight loss journey...if only losing weight was as easy as gaining!smile
posted 8-Feb-2013 4:53pm

Anyone have current success stories? or anyone need support? I'm finally on phase 2 but will start over next week with phase 1 again with hubby. 5lbs down 20 more to go!
posted 1-Mar-2013 10:12pm

Can you have smoothies on this diet?
Any current success stories?
posted 3-Apr-2013 9:58pm

omg congrats on your sucecss and you look amazing. I did the same exact thing in the beginning of my weight loss journey. I did not go out and only worked out until recently after loosing 74 lbs. I am trying to loose another 15 to 20 lbs so I am still working towards my goal so by summer I can be where I want to be. I also do the same plan and it does work. BTW loving your hair what kind of hair is that ?
posted 19-May-2013 1:12pm

It's say on phase one you can have nuts so can't you have alomond butter instead of one teaspoon of butter
posted 13-Mar-2017 7:07pm

I completed this diet and lost a total of 30 pounds in the 90 days.

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