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Fat Smash Diet


Detox for 9 days, eating mainly fruits. Then, eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise.


Initially, during the 9 day detox, you eat mainly just fruits and vegetables. Then, you shift to allowing more foods. You are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, lean meat, and sugar substitutes. You avoid sweets, alcohol, refined grains, fried food, fatty meats, and fatty salad dressings.

Regular exercise is a big part of this diet as well.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.


The "Fat Smash Diet" was created by Dr. Ian Smith who has a strong history in the media. He's the a medical contributor on ABC's "The View", a medical columnist for Men's Health magazine, and the diet expert on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." He has also been on various radio show and written articles for major newspapers and magazines. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and University of Chicago (medical school).


The idea of "detoxing" has no scientific meaning or basis. The book contains recipes, but some have too much salt.


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  15-Aug-2006 11:10am created by bill
  15-Aug-2006 12:21pm last update by bill

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posted 24-Aug-2006 12:35pm

I want to know how to prepare the Vegetables?
posted 28-Aug-2006 3:46pm

on the 9 days of detox, you indicate the you only eat fruit and veggies. are one to eat an equal amount of both, does it matters
Soledad H. El Monte
posted 6-Sep-2006 3:10pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:24pm

On the nine days of detox I lost 5 pounds, my husband lost 5 pounds, and my daughter lost 7 1/2 pounds. We started our diet on August 18, 2006. As of today's date September 6, 06, I have lost 11 pounds. I would of lost more but I didn't exercise the first 5 days. Soledad H. El Monte, CA
posted 17-Sep-2006 1:02am

Let's see- you eat tons of fruits or vegetables and you lose weight. Wow what a wonder!!
what you have done is decrease your caloric intake and if you have or have not increased your exercise your going to lose some weight but it will max out after 1-2 weeks- its called fluid loss. if you continue to eat only fruit and veggies your fat is broken down then your muscle ( you have not had any proteins- muscle tissue needs them). its the same as if you "splurged and purged" or just quit eating.
Gimme a break - lose weight- EAT SMALLER PORTIONS and EXERCISE- This is the ONLY PROVEN
weight loss in over 5000 years. simple math- to lose weight decrease caloric intake and or increase caloric burn up (ie exercise).
posted 25-Sep-2006 12:10pm

I'm on day 7 of the detox and I feel great. I go to gym for at least an hour each day and I do 45 min of cardio and 15 min of abs. You can eat more than just fruit and veggies. I made a batch of veggie chili b/c you can eat beans. I make smoothies b/c you can have low fat milk and yogurt. Salads, spanish brown rice and beans, oatmeal, egg whites and slew of other things can be eaten you just have to take a second and be creative. The key to this diet is to EAT EVERY THREE HOURS and EXERCISE. Those 2 things will be the key to your weight loss. Everyone needs carbs to survive, this book educates on what you should be eating, portion control, and is extremely realistic about having a slice of pizza, and dessert or even a cappucino.
posted 26-Sep-2006 10:16am

This is my second day on Phase 1. What it is teaching me all over again is actually being aware of everything that goes into my mouth and how much I was slipping little things like chocolate, extra crackers and that extra glass of wine each it has been good for me and my awareness.
The coffee in the AM, I still have my one cup, but have followed everything else perfectly. I love a challenge, and mentally its interesting.
posted 28-Sep-2006 11:40pm

I started the fat smash diet and I did the whole nine days of detox I lost 7 pounds but when I started phase 1 I started to have problems with constipation I am not sure why I am drinking plenty of water I excercise 5 days a week I thought it was from adding the new things I would love to continue because it has taught me how to eat healthy I loved it I felt so much more energy everyday. Of course I will still watch what I eat and not forget about what I have learned but if someone has an answer that can help me stay on the diet please share Thank You
posted 19-Oct-2006 5:32pm
edited 20-Oct-2006 7:50am

I lost 14 pounds on phase one. This was very hard to do but you would think only eating those few things you should loss weight. I am now on my second week of phase two and have not lost nothing. I am going to see how much I loss by the end of this phase to see if it is real. Seem like you loss all of it in the first phase and nothing after.
posted 21-Nov-2006 10:13am

I have just started Phase 1. I do not like plain yogurt. I have been adding one Splenda packet and it has improved the taste a lot. Are sugar substitutes prohibited in this phase. It is mentioned in the section outlining what new foods to introduce in Phase 2 under sweenteners but I don't think it was referred to in the Phase 1 section. How can Splenda be harmful or prevent weight loss? Still I would hate to jeopardize weight loss for one little oversight. It is really hard for me to lose, even on a restricted caloric intake.
posted 10-Dec-2006 11:15pm

posted 5-Jan-2007 12:14pm

I have completed almost two months of the Fat Smash Diet. I started November 7, which means I followed the diet fairly well even through the holidays. Yes, I did take some liberties at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but followed the diet very closely with those exceptions. I have not exercised, but have just joined a gym. My loss to date is 15 lbs, and I was amazed when I last weighed. I had no idea I had lost 4 lbs. through the holidays. The thing I have noticed mostly is my energy level has been elevated, once I got past the detox. The 9 day detox was very difficult for me, as the lack of caffeine gave me very bad headaches after a few days. My husband has been on the diet with me and has also lost 12 lbs. He usually loses more than I do, but this past two weeks for some reason just worked really well for me. I have a good friend who turned me on to this diet and I am so thankful she did.
posted 2-Mar-2007 10:57pm

Can u eat as much beans as you like?
posted 9-May-2007 5:11pm

i bought the book but its just too hard to follow. can you really not have splenda during the first stage? there is no way i could drink plain tea. did anyone lose weight and still used sweeteners in the first stage?
posted 13-May-2007 11:40pm

I just started im on my second day of detox and I was wondering the same thing about splenda. I havnt used sweetener, and it sucks, but I figure if im actually going to follow this diet, im going to do it to the T. I read somewhere that if its not on the list, you cant eat it. It also introduces it in the second phase so im just going to bite the bullet and have regular tea. I cut up some lemons and oranges and that helps. Also, I put those zero-calorie crystal light packets in my water occasionally. I am sure thats the same as artificial sweetener, but thats the only thing im allowing myself- so far so good. This is very hard because I am craving carbs like crazy but I just make sure I always have some fruit at hand to fight hunger pangs... Its hard for me to lose weight so im anxious to see if I will lose any after the 9days of detox!
posted 19-May-2007 9:05pm

posted 31-May-2007 1:40pm

I'm on day 3 of the diet...and i already lost a few pounds. I usually drink water..and last night i had club soda (no sodium)..this morning, green tea. I don't even use salt when making my veggies..just black pepper, minced garlic, ground/black lemon pepper. This morning made a smoothie using lowfat soy milk and fruit. For lunch i have a salad with tofu, chickpeas, blackbeans, asapargus, snow peas...with a little balsamic vinegar and oil. I worked out for 35 minutes on the treadmill plus abs...hanging on thru the weekend will be tough though!
posted 13-Jun-2007 5:51pm

I started the Fat Smash on Monday, 6/11 and today (Day 3), 6/13 I'm down 10 pounds of something...LOL! Of course I was bloated when I started and I weighed 244lbs so I know its mostly water and that it will slow down. I feel really good too. I have also been jogging (3mph)for 1 hour on the treadmill each day. I'll try to share more results as time goes on. So far it's okay with me and I'm not dehydrated either.
posted 18-Jun-2007 11:00am

I just started today. I felt pretty good until I read some things about people getting headaches. Then I was sure I was getting one! Ate some cherries and feel better. Does anyone have the recipe for the veggie chile and is soy mikl ok?
posted 25-Jun-2007 3:44pm

hi on day 2...I did this last month for 7 days and lost 8 pounds...then ate all wrong Im back and feeling better already.
I forgot how much I LOVE oldfashioned oatmeal....cinamon and a samll sprinkle of splenda...mmmmmmmm
posted 28-Jun-2007 1:52pm

i am on the 4th day of the fat smash diet and i have gained weight....a pound. i cannot understand are you supposed to have 4 cups of egg whites,2 cups of brown rice,2 cups of skim milk everyday?is it a must?can someone please answer this query? also i am not eating any packaged foods but still putting on weight?
posted 20-Jul-2007 6:48pm

You are not supposed to have 4 cups of egg whites. It should be 4 egg whites and if you know that you are carb sensitive it may be wise to have less rice and milk.
posted 25-Jul-2007 3:20pm

You're not supposed to eat everything on the list in a single day. The list just shows the maximum amount you can intake. Almost anybody would gain weight eating 4 cups of egg whites,2 cups of brown rice,2 cups of skim milk everyday. Have you people even read the book?
posted 26-Jul-2007 6:45pm

I am on my second day of the diet. I thought everything was great by the end of day one because my stamina was up, however by day two, I woke up and my body was so weak. Everything in my body shook. Right now as I speak I am jittering, literally. I threw up 5 or six times today, a couple of tablespoons each time. It looked like water, mixed with apple particles. My stomach is so jumbled and my legs canít stand for long, because they shake. My starting weight was 148, and now Im down 146 today. I am scared and sick. What do I do, please help me, and please tell me what is wrong with my body. I am contemplating on whether or not I should quite. I just need some advice quick!
posted 29-Jul-2007 3:00pm

You need to ensure that you are eating enough calories per day. Eat protein (egg whites) and eat the oatmeal, dairy in addtion to the fruits and veggies. Dont starve yourself.
posted 29-Jul-2007 3:02pm

I've done this diet before and am starting it again. After 10 days on the cleanse, I lost 10 pounds and felt good. This diet is super healthy and if you do it the right way really is a good start into healthy eating. Its hard though the first 10 days but worth it. My skin even started looking better.
posted 31-Jul-2007 2:52pm

I am starting the diet tomorrow although I don't look at it as a diet. I look at it as a healthy way of eating. I know most of the weight from the first 9 days will be water weight however it will be weight loss none the less. I want to lost 90 pounds however I am on a quest to lose 20 asap so I can have surgery for this hernia that I was diagnosed with.
I wanted to know if anyone has had any problems with constipation. I have been eating healthier for almost two months but after I lost 11 pounds in two weeks I started having problems with constipation. My doctor and surgeon suggested and prescribed as sorts of laxatives and meds but nothing worked. It very painful cause my stomach is so hard and I am naueous almost everyday. A friend of mine is doing the extreme fat smash so she suggested I check it out. So here I am along with one of my sisters both eager to get started tomorrow. I am looking forward to the detox cause I want to cleanse my system. I am hoping it will help with the constipation as well.
posted 31-Jul-2007 3:33pm

Thank you anonymous. The day that I was jittery, I realized that all I had eaten was all fruits and vegetable. I had not had any protein items. I revised it a little to meet my needs of a small piece of wheat bread, and cooking the veggies, helps a lot. So far I have lost 6 pounds, and it is day 6 and I feel great. Itís crazy because I really do not crave honey buns, twinkles, and Doritos. I look forward to bottled water and a salad with all the right fixings. People say that my skin is clearing, energy is way up, and I sense that I even feel lighter. This is no way a diet; it is indeed building blocks to healthy living!
posted 2-Aug-2007 4:38pm

I am on day 1. Actually i've done this 2 weeks ago and i lost 10pounds the 1st 9 days. so far i've lost 15 pounds but i'm back on day 1 of phase 1 becasue i would like to lose another 10 pounds i've been drinking alot of water which is the key and working out 3 times a day, that is all my schedule allow me to do.
posted 15-Aug-2007 2:02am

This is my second day on the fat smash diet and so far so good. The only thing is my stomach literally looks bloated and I feel very gassy. I am using the restroom but for some reason I just feel like my stomach is a poof ball. Is this normal?
posted 1-Oct-2007 12:14pm

I love the fatsmach diet. I did 2 cycles of the diet a total of 6 months. The 1st cycle I lost 25 lbs and the second cycle I lost 15 lbs (lost a little of my focus). It has been a great benefit to me and it shows you how to be disciplined, but also brings reality (i.e. the occasional slip up). You will plateau with the weight loss but you have to press through it. There is a section where it teaches you to fool the body persay and to change things up a little.
posted 1-Oct-2007 1:58pm

I lost 30 lbs on this diet the first month. The fact is if you eat less and move more you're going to lose weight. Sometimes it's easier for people (like myself) to have a plan to follow. I lost 10lbs the first week. Lost alot of water weight. (I think i have an allergy to gluton) so when i cut out the breads and pasta's i feel and look so much better. This diet is simple to follow and it sets up good eating habits. I was one that didn't eat breakfast, overate at lunch and then ate a late was hard adjusting to eating all thoughout the day, but once i did, i didn't feel the need to binge and purge as often. I think this book and diet is a great way to change your eating habits. It's a way of life, not a diet. Diets will fail you.
posted 5-Oct-2007 1:21pm

First of all, don't do this diet without reading the book. There's also a forum you can join, google for it.

I lost 17 pounds before I had to suspend. It is a lot to maintain, prepping all those small meals, but it was effective. Key is exercise -- if you do not keep up the exercise, you're not going to get anywhere on this diet (or any other diet). I had a migraine the second day of detox but that's not unusual -- after that I was fine. Getting enough protein is critical, so eat those egg whites, that's FOUR egg whites, not four cups. Beans and tofu are also good. Tofu takes whatever flavor you give it. Salsa, roasted garlic, fresh herbs, lemon and lime juice are all great flavorings that fall within the diet.

Re splenda, there is a theory that your insulin levels increase in expectation of getting something sweet. If you don't supply sugar, but have elevated insulin, you're not doing your body any favors. Break that cycle -- have some fruit with whatever you used to artificially sweeten.

And yes, to all of those who say "duh" about this plan, some people need structure. This diet provides that. If you expect some other miracle cure, you're living in a dream world, and if you don't need to diet, what are you doing on this site, anyway?
posted 11-Oct-2007 12:28pm

I started using the principles of this diet 4 days ago, not just to lose weight but as a spiritual cleansing as well. I think we all need to take a break from things of norm to focus on what's important-our health. I haven't done too much exercise because of my schedule but I will start on the weekend. I do feel like I lost some pounds and my metabolism has increased a great deal. I plan to stay on the detox phase for of at least a total of 14 days just to continue with the discipline of eating fruits and veggies.
posted 1-Nov-2007 9:51am

I started the fat smash diet yesterday and eating just fruits and veggies had me hungry at the end of the day but I was good. I worked out and had a cup of soup and veggies.
Can you eat other things beside veggies and fruits i.e. oatmeals and add chicken w/ your salad?
posted 12-Nov-2007 1:22pm

I have lost 3 pounds, 2 inches off my waist in the past 9 day on the fat smash diet. I am still eating healthy and its been hard going back to rice. I am going to continue up till thanksgiving day and see how much more weight I can loose.
Anonymous E.F
posted 3-Dec-2007 10:01am

Anonymous S.D
posted 17-Dec-2007 9:26am

I am starting phase one today. Will post again after the nine days. I did this approx. 4 months ago and lost 11 pounds in nine days. I felt sluggish at first and after day four I felt better than I have felt in years and I had tons of energy. I also exercised daily. The key I learned to make this diet work for me is meal planning. I took oatmeal, baggies of salad, cut up fruit and veggies, and water to work w/ me as well as jazzed up a red bean and brown rice recipe w/ onions,pepper, garlic, bay leaf and I was never hungry. All I drank was water, water, water. Now there was a day I went to work unprepared and I was hungry with all the temptation around me and learned my lesson. So take it one day at a time and prepare yourself and you can do it. What I love about this diet is it teaches you how to eat and stay healthy and if you fall off the wagon just get back up and start again.
Anonymous - MMG
posted 27-Dec-2007 9:48pm

I just started this diet TODAY! Yikes it is difficult. Well I guess I need to be more like S.D, plan, plan, plan. Home until after New Years with a excited four year old. Don't get much time to myself. But I do stay busy, to say the least. I would love to lose 15lbs. A bit of depression from normally life situations and I guess I have lost my footing. But now I am trying to get back on track. The holidays didn't help. Along with "that time of month" and I was eating anything that wasn't nailed down. So day one, and I remain hopeful. I will return with updates. Thanks for being here!
posted 3-Jan-2008 12:42pm

I am on day two, it is very hard but listening to the sucess stories it is really keep going..
Anonymous NM
posted 8-Jan-2008 11:55am

I did the fat smash started on 10/31 to date 1/8 I have lost 12 lbs. added more carbs and protein to my diet since I go to the gym 5 days a week. pants that I could not wear in 2 years fits great. It starts in the mind... WILL POWER. Good Luck!!
posted 10-Jan-2008 11:23am

Wow. Listening to these stories are great! I'm on day 4 of Phase I and I think I'm doing pretty well. It's actually not as hard as I thought it would be. Like someone said, you just have to be creative with your meals. I'm not going to weight myself until the end of the 9 days but I'm excited listening to you guys. Keep up the good work!
mom of two
posted 18-Jan-2008 4:31pm

Hi, I am on day 3 of the detox and feel very proud of myself. I'm not really missing the meat right now, but I have had a headache since day one. I am just hoping that it is my body trying to get used to getting healthy and not having all the fatty foods and starches. Let's hope I make it through the weekend.
posted 24-Jan-2008 3:56pm

I havent read the book, I'm a normally healthy eater and I exercize allot, however I would like to take off 10 lbs...and clean out my system after the holidays. Can you have black coffee on it? Diet soda? I was thinking I would try to just eat fruits and veggies..but if I feel faint add some good protien. Is there a web page that explains the diet better?
posted 15-Feb-2008 12:36am

what foods can you eat on the extreme fat smash diet? and how does it work?
posted 26-Feb-2008 9:01pm

I'm in phase 1-day 2. Is it okay to cook the oatmeal, or do you have to eat it raw? And, can we have dried fruit even though there are sugar/salt additives?
posted 5-Mar-2008 6:32pm

how much excersise do you need per day/week?
posted 24-Mar-2008 4:52pm

i'm starting this tomorrow (3/24) and can't wait! i bought a ton of fruits and veggies so i'll ready to go in the morning. thank goodness i love brown rice so that will help me out alot. i'm going to take my measurements and weigh in the morning and post those at some point tomorrow and when i'm done with phase 1 i'll post my results. not that any of y'all really care but just more for myself :)

to anyone who is doing phase 1 now, how are you doing??
posted 24-Mar-2008 10:54pm

Hi i was wondering where you all are getting the phase 1 phase 2 is there a website that i can go to so i know how to do this diet? I was just about to start a diet where i only eat fruits and vegetables is this the same diet?
posted 25-Mar-2008 8:17am

while i'm sure there is a website i don't know it, i bought the book. you can email me if you want more info and i can email it to you.
posted 25-Mar-2008 4:48pm

I am only on day 2 of the Extreme fat smash phase 1. I am surprised the menu seems to be keeping me full. The only problem I have is that I have to do meal 2 & 3 together because I can't eat at work. I hope it doesn't mess up my weight loss. Anyone else done it that way? What were your results?
posted 25-Mar-2008 10:58pm

Im on Phase I ending day 2 and my head hurts a little but am i supposed to see any results? or does that come later in the 9 days?
posted 28-Mar-2008 5:14pm

so i sneaked a peek at the scale today (started tuesday) and was down 2 lbs! it would probably be more if i gave up my coffee and sugar :)
michael instincts
posted 30-Mar-2008 9:17pm

almost done with phase I and let me say this, my farts have never been so potent! Anyone just starting phase I, I can tell you that it gets easier as the phase gets close to ending. Hang in there it will be worth the challenge!
posted 5-Apr-2008 11:26pm

It is common to have really awful headaches during the first few days of Phase One. For me, I figured it was from the caffeine withdrawal from not drinking coffee and probably some withdrawal from sugar. It does eventually go away- in the meantime I drown mine out in water and ibuprofin.
posted 7-Apr-2008 4:55pm

The book doesn't tell the quantity of beans you're allowed each day on Phase I. It only says, "Beans are a good source of protein." How much beans can you have a day on the diet?
posted 9-Apr-2008 2:14pm

I am on the last day of phase I and I feel great. I had a really bad headache on the first day and the 8th day but my energy level has def. gone up. Not only that but I'm regular! Yes! I'm excited to weigh in tomorrow and see how much I have lost. I feel like my clothing is looser. Regardless, even if I did not lose that much its worth it because I have so much more energy!
posted 11-Apr-2008 4:21pm

I am starting the diet and I want to know what kind of beans should I buy and how do I cook them. Can someone help me?
posted 13-Apr-2008 6:08pm

HI everyone
posted 14-Apr-2008 11:28am

I haven't gotten the book to read yet and this is the first place I've seen someone really stressing that part, so stupid question of the day: the 1 cup of oatmeal and 2 cups of rice maximum... is that before or after cooking? (I'm thinking *after* because for someone my size that'd be a heck of a lot of food even as a maximum.)

I'm thinking that brown rice will we a staple in my diet when I do this - I experimented awhile back and was cooking rice with veggies:
-1 cup of brown rice in ~1 1/2 tsp olive oil, plus a chicken boullion cube in the water to add some flavor,
- add a cup or two of cooked frozen mixed veggies.
- simmer about a half cup of edame (soybeans) for a few minutes, then add about a cup of mixed frozen veggies (the ones that have peas, carrots, lima beans, corn). I drain the veggies and mix them with the rice after the rice is cooked. If you cook for several people, make extra, it microwaves nicely in small portions and has good protein content due to the soybeans. Health food stores and Trader Joes would have edame if you have trouble finding them in the local supermarket.
posted 14-Apr-2008 9:06pm

I started Phase I last week and my nine days willbe up on tommorrow. I had headaches teh first couple of days but I do feel good. I started working out on the same day ans my energy level is really high. I think this is a really good diet
Stop Being Negative
posted 17-Apr-2008 1:54pm

I did the fat smash and lost 7lbs in the Phase 1. By the end of Phase III I was down 25lbs and was smaller than I had ever been in my adult life all while not doing a bit of exercise. I stuck to the diet religously and it worked! Everyone that saw the results and decided to stick to it has seen great results as well. Once you add the meat, bread etc in, it is still possible to lose weight! Good luck!
posted 18-Apr-2008 11:45am

Ilena - The two cups rice is AFTER cooking. The 1 cup oatmeal is BEFORE cooking.
posted 5-May-2008 12:12pm

Anonymous CF
posted 8-May-2008 8:57pm

I'm on day 4 of the diet and so far so good. It has opened my eyes to eating more fruits and vegetables daily and being creative with fresh food. I had a serious headache/migraine the second day and major bowel movements days 2 and 3. My husband has gas from the diet and constant cravings, however, my evil ways (cookies, cupcakes, chocolate) are not really appealing to me at this point. I'm starting to crave more veggies. Sample menu: Breakfast (oatmeal/banana/spanish omelet), Snack (Yogurt/fruit), Lunch (Bean, lentil, veggie soup and salad, fruit), Snack (yogurt, fruit, veggies), Dinner (brown rice, stir fry veggies/chili, beans), Snack (Fruit, tea). Sweet potatos aren't forbidden so try baked sweet potato fries and soup, yummy!Good luck!
posted 12-May-2008 9:22pm

obviously if u starve yourself u will loose weight!
posted 28-May-2008 4:18pm

I am on day two of phase one and so far so good. I too have had headaches but I know it is because of caffeine withdrawls. The basis of this diet is really easy to understand but I like the structure. I have really started to realize how much bad food I have been eating. Eating four or five times a day is working well because I am not completely starving at dinner. Before I would be so hungry that I would overeat or make poor food choices.
posted 11-Jun-2008 11:53pm

I am on day two of phase one and I am extremely bloated will it go away??
posted 1-Jul-2008 11:45am

Can you use low-fat chicken broth in Phase I?
posted 2-Jul-2008 9:20am

I'm on Day 9 of Phase 1 and finding this diet extremely easy to follow. I like to cook so I've made several recipes during this Phase which I found at corn chowder, meatless chile, bean and tomato salad, rice pudding, baked oatmeal, smoothies, pizza (crust made from beans, oatmeal, spices...), etc.. I'd recommend some variety along with the unlimited fruits and veggies. I sneaked in a weigh on Day 6 and had lost 6 pounds.
posted 2-Jul-2008 4:20pm

So far I'm down 50 pounds. i quit smoking in Aug/sep and was already fat and didn't want to get bigger... Now, almost a year later.. I'm thinking of starting over with phase 1. my birthday is in 2 1/2 months.. would like to be around 125# but in addition to the diet.. I started on the treadmill all winter and now that it's nice i bike about 10 miles 3-4 days a week...
posted 23-Jul-2008 3:39pm

i started the diet last monday. I checked my weightlast thursday and found that I had lost 6lbs. Thing is i went to a social event on saturday and i had 2 hotdogs and a budlight at the liberty game. I got back on course after and i was just wondering if I should start phase one again so that I could lose more.
posted 23-Jul-2008 3:42pm

Can someone tell me what I can eat in phase two and how long it last. my friend told me about this diet and she is out of the country so I cannot contact her. i lost 7lbs in phase 1 and want to keep going.
posted 12-Aug-2008 10:18am

Carrie-Just purchase the book from, I did for 6.53 including shipping OR go to the library, they have it there too. You should try reading it before anything else.
posted 13-Aug-2008 3:47pm

This is my third day of the diet on Phase 1. I am a picky eater. I want some ideas of creative dinners. I do not eat alot of beans but the other veggies I do like to eat. For example, brocolli, green beans, and etc. I do not like plain yogurt either so I am just eating plain fruit salad. Need some creative receipes.
posted 24-Aug-2008 1:50pm

Hi, This is my first day on the fat smash diet. I have read the book and am ready to experience what many have been through. Today I weighed in at 243.6. I will return on the tenth day and update you all on how my progress went.
posted 26-Aug-2008 10:55am

Love this diet(change of eatting) I started in March- lost 45lbs to date. From a size 12-13 to a size 3-4 I started my sister (in new york)on it who has lost 20lb. My now husband lost 25lb on just the way we eat. And I gave a set of books to my daughter (in phoenix) who is starting it with 2 freind. I now live my life with it.. IT GREAT!
posted 27-Aug-2008 12:29am

I am on the detox phase, and cannot believe how much better I feel!
posted 2-Sep-2008 11:27pm

I am on day one of the Fat Smash Diet. I have a terrible headache but I am going to try and push through it. I am hoping once I get used to the diet the headaches will go away.
posted 21-Sep-2008 2:07am

People lets think about these headaches... Maybe they are caffine withdrawl headaches... You drink coffee and sodas all your life and now we decide to go cold turkey!!! I am pretty sure that is where the headaches come from.
posted 1-Oct-2008 8:25am

Can anyone tell me if we are allowed to use the recipes in the back of the book for the first phase? There is nothing mentioned in the book about how to use the recipes and when. I was really dizzy last night (day one) and I am wondering if I am taking the menu for the day too literally? Thanks!
posted 16-Oct-2008 11:47pm

ok so today is my second day on the fat smash diet and im proud of myself for makin it this far...especially when everyone around me has been eating pizza and I am staying strong!! But I was wondering if anyone could tell me if i can eat soy products in the first phase?? I wanted to make some chili and i thought adding some soy into it but didnt know if this was ok??
posted 16-Oct-2008 11:49pm

does anyone know if it is bad to use instant oatmeal versus the oatmeal in the can
posted 6-Dec-2008 11:22am

posted 9-Dec-2008 3:56pm

I don't know what fuze tea drinks are but I think on phase 1 you cannot have anything but water and like two cups lowfat milk.

I'm on day 5 and so far have lost 4 lbs, I feel full with less food and not so bloated anymore- I don't miss meat much honestly, but I still kind of miss bread lol.

And yes people, eat all the stuff, only fruits and veggies isn't enough, eat the egg and brown rice and milk daily. I also eat lentils and things to help keep me going.

Here is a sample menu for me:
piece of fruit such as banana or apple or orange

Piece of fruit

Lentil soup with large salad (usually all sorts of veggies than a low fat dressing)

cucumber and tomatoe salad- no dressing, splash of lemon juice

brown rice with grilled or steamed veggies


It's a lot of food but I don't feel hungry at all and I'm still losing- I haven't gone to the gym much though- normally I get 3x a week in.
posted 11-Dec-2008 11:25am

I'm a little frustrated. I did the first phase but I didn't exercise as well as I should have. today I weighed myself since I started. I was the EXACT same weight. I am so discouraged.. I think I'm going to start over again tomorrow and keep a food journal and make sure I exercise every day. no matter if it means getting up at 5 am before the kids and before I have to get ready for work.... I CAN DO IT!!!
posted 5-Jan-2009 10:09pm

I lost 10 pounds in the 9 days of detox and have kept the weight off. I feel amazing and have developed much better eating habits. I'm starting the diet over again and hoping to incorporate more exercise this time. But, 10 pounds without any exercise- I really can't complain.
posted 9-Jan-2009 5:15pm

Can someone tell me if we are allowed to have mustard in the Phase 1. In the recipes in phase 1 the tomatoes have mustard and mayonnes. I was wondering why, is it because it is such small amounts.
posted 13-Jan-2009 6:09pm

I am 15 years old and a healthy weight (about 5'6" and 112 lbs, so lower end of the healthy scale but could lose about 10 pounds according to wii fit). Does anyone know if this would be an unhealthy idea for me to pursue? I would like to learn how to eat healthfully and be fit so that it will last my entire life, and this sounds like a great method. Also, looking at what I have found online, I think I naturally eat about the same amount but in less healthful foods, so it sounds really safe so far (how is switching from burgers and grilled cheese to veggies and fruit gonna hurt anyone?), but I just want to be sure. Any advice?
posted 14-Jan-2009 3:58pm

Well, to anyone interested in my findings thus far regarding teens/healthy weight etc and this workout (see my above comment), I spoke to my gym teacher today, he's done alot with this kind of thing. He looked over some of the information I'd gathered online (I made a printout of my findings), listened to what I had to say, and said that he didn't see anything wrong with it. However, he definately recommended speaking to my doctor first, as a doctor would be better certified to make a judgement on this &c &c. Just thought I'd post that in case anyone else was wondering the same. I'll probably post what my doctor has to say as well grin
posted 21-Jan-2009 9:22am

To my understanding. Mustard is not allowed during phase 1. I have read the book, but I need to skim over it again. I did the diet over 2 years ago. I shifted to taking phentermine(I know that was the wrong approach) and lost 30 pounds. I have kept the 30 pounds off for almost 1.5 years. I'm restarting the detox to cleanse my system and maintain my current weight.
posted 21-Jan-2009 12:09pm

I lost 7 pounds in Phase I and might have lost more if I got in all of my exercise. I look smaller and my clothes are fitting better which is really encouraging to me. I feel like I've learned a healthier foundation for eating and it is one that I know I can continue. I'm moving on to Phase II but I don't plan to bring in too much meat. I'll post my results as time goes on!
posted 27-Jan-2009 12:01pm

Hi all!! I am on day 2 and so far so good. My problem was a sweet tooth so I really had to close my eyes and pretend the fruit was candy but now its getting better! I always been a veggie person so I dont miss meat that much. Yesterday I had scrambled egg whites with strawberry for breakfast, carrots and grapes for a snacks in between, and dinner I had sweet potatos with brocolli. Besides a slight headache I am doing great!!! I hope to see a difference on the scale in 7 more days!!! Keep up the good work everyone!!!
posted 29-Jan-2009 7:31am

I am on day two of phase two...not going to weigh myself this time. I can tell there are a few pounds missing, and I am getting a whole lot of exercise cooking, preparing etc the meals! The 3 fat chicks website has a lot of recipe ideas which are helpful. Good luck everybody!
posted 11-Feb-2009 5:25pm

Hi, this is my second month on the Fat Smash diet, so far I've lost 22 pounds. The detox wasn't too hard for me because I incorporated it into my annual spiritual fast at the beginning of the year. Other than the headaches and constant gas, it was ok. I like it and plan on continuing it. Before the diet, I was 210 today I weigh 188!!!
posted 16-Feb-2009 11:19pm

It says you can have unlimited fruit, but it seems if you eat too much of anything, you would gain weight. I see most people have a piece of fruit or two during the day. Has anyone been successful who eats a bunch of fruit? Pinneaple, bananas, pears, apples, strawberries, etc. - in a day?
posted 2-Mar-2009 4:00pm

Has anyone tried his next book, the 4 day diet?? THat's what I'm trying starting tomorrow!
posted 9-Mar-2009 12:03pm

I just started on phase one today...does anyone have any suggestions for dinner? Since I eat salads for lunch, I'm not sure what to eat for dinner.
posted 9-Mar-2009 4:46pm

Thats really ironic, my name is Nikki also and I just started today too and only had a salad for lunch. I am thinking about rice for dinner with a side of sweet potatoes. Chick peas and mushrooms are also really good with garlic powder and 1 or 2 tsp of low fat olive oil.
posted 12-Mar-2009 1:00pm

Can somebody tell me how bad it is to have ranch dressing? I know its bad but it's the only thing I haven't been able to give up though I only have about 2 tbl spoons a day. I plan to stop eating it soon. I'm only on day 3 and I'm doing much better than I thought I would.
posted 15-Mar-2009 11:27pm

my wife started the diet 5 days ago. she has lost 6 pounds. she has also forced me to sleep in the other room! her gas would make a maggot cry!! i know the whole dieting thing is to be more attractive to her spouse, which she is, but the constant farting has kept me away from the bedroom! she stinks!!!!!!

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