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Fat Smash Diet


Detox for 9 days, eating mainly fruits. Then, eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise.


Initially, during the 9 day detox, you eat mainly just fruits and vegetables. Then, you shift to allowing more foods. You are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, lean meat, and sugar substitutes. You avoid sweets, alcohol, refined grains, fried food, fatty meats, and fatty salad dressings.

Regular exercise is a big part of this diet as well.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.


The "Fat Smash Diet" was created by Dr. Ian Smith who has a strong history in the media. He's the a medical contributor on ABC's "The View", a medical columnist for Men's Health magazine, and the diet expert on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." He has also been on various radio show and written articles for major newspapers and magazines. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and University of Chicago (medical school).


The idea of "detoxing" has no scientific meaning or basis. The book contains recipes, but some have too much salt.


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  15-Aug-2006 11:10am created by bill
  15-Aug-2006 12:21pm last update by bill

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Aren't U Worth It?
posted 27-Mar-2009 3:54pm

To TAM (about Ranch Dressing). Yes, it's bad to have Ranch dressing. It's not part of this diet, because this is a weight loss diet. Stop trying to get people to justify your weaknesses. Part of a diet is developing life style changes, which include giving up foods that assisted in you being overweight or obese to begin with.

It's up to you if you want to continue using fat ladeled dressings or not. But just remember. . .if you're not willing to give it up, you can't bitch about that fat ass you have lurking behind you!

It's all or nothing. Don't half-ass this! Don't you think you're worth it?!
posted 28-Mar-2009 5:37pm

I am on day 3 of Phase I. I've lost 3 lbs. I know the book says don't weigh yourself until the end of 9 days, but seeing that I lost a pound on day one was motivation for me to skip the pizza and brownies that were served at a lunch meeting. Of all days there was NO salad. However, I was prepared and ate strawberries and was very satisfied. I'm already losing cravings for sweets. My weakness has always been the white potato (FRENCH FRIES)!!!! I also noticed that I'm not as puffy in the face. I am very gassy though and I'm constipated. I've been doing moderate exercise (walking). I'm mostly excited to finally start treating my body right. I have not missed meat at all. I have 47 more pounds to lose and I look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Good luck!
posted 28-Mar-2009 9:18pm

Well, night 3 of Phase I and I had a delicious dinner. Who would've thunk it? I made a fried rice w/peas, carrots, egg white. I added soy sauce for flavor and also had a Boca burger since I ate about 1/2 cup of fried rice. I think this new diet just might work! I'll never eat white rice again. Now away with the white potato!
Shorty B
posted 29-Mar-2009 11:35am

I just started my Phase 1 today. I have had this book on the shelf for almost 3 years until I read last week. It featured a woman who started the diet last April and lost 125 pounds in 9 months. That made me dust off my book and get ready. I purchased the foods that I needed, signed up for the 50 million pound challenge and started my journey today.

I have never tried a "diet" before and there are a million of them. Some say they don't work and that's why I never tried them. Some may work others, some may not. I'm going to give it a try. I have a gym membership and equipment at home. I have all of the tools and know how to use them. I just have to stop being lazy and just do it if I want to get healthier and live a lot longer. Good luck to everybody!
T. Bell
posted 29-Mar-2009 10:20pm

Shorty, the Essence article was my inspiration as well. I ordered the books through Amazon and will pick them up from UPS tomorrow. I'm looking forward to starting by the end of the week. Definitley ready for changes in my life.
posted 30-Mar-2009 8:48pm

Shorty, I also read the Essence article and was very impressed. Like you I have had the book for a few years. Today is the first day of Phase 1, and I have also joined the 50 million pound challenge. To all 'm smashers out there good luck..I'm looking for a walking buddy in the Freeport, NY area...if anyone is interested my e-mail is
posted 30-Mar-2009 11:22pm

are you allowed to eat dried fruit on phase II?
posted 31-Mar-2009 1:09pm

Shorty, T. Bell, and Lesles - I think the article in Essence was a blessing. It is amazing how many people have been touched by this article. I ran out and got the book the same day. My husband and I started detox yesterday. So far so good. We have been pretty creative with veggie burgers and veggie sausage. My husband is a meat man. We even joined our local YMCA and started working out yesterday as well. We are in the Washington, DC area. Keep us posted on your weight loss (
posted 31-Mar-2009 1:10pm

Starting today! i am starving!!!! but i will get through this day with out cheating!
posted 31-Mar-2009 4:02pm

I am on day 4 and it's not as bad as the first two days. I had extreme headaches that made me feel like I was going to pass out. Currently, I am 4 lbs down and am starting to feel renewed. I'm going to incorporate exercise after day 5 just to make certain that I am fully adjusted to my new lifestyle. My husband and I ate brown rice and corn last night and surprisingly were full and not upset about the fact that no meat existed with our meal. This can be done. I'm not giving up.
posted 31-Mar-2009 9:15pm

This article was the same inspiration for me. I bought the book the same day and already feel a life change. I have not missed meat at all. I'm on day 6 and down 5 lbs. I did have a little craving today, but for nothing in particular. I think my body has JUST realized I haven't been eating bread or
posted 1-Apr-2009 4:45pm

The article brought me to this new life style as well and the 50 Million Pound challenge. I am on day 3 of Phase I. I have not weighed myself, I will do so at the end. I am having slight headaches since yesterday though. The meals that I made have been delicious so I am excited still. Good luck to you all.
posted 3-Apr-2009 6:51am

Well, the beginning of day 9 and I'm still at only a 5lb weight loss. A little disappointed in that, BUT hoping it's the balance between muscle gain from exercising and weight loss. On to Phase II.
posted 3-Apr-2009 6:18pm

Actually, I had a Dr.'s appt today and I'm down 8.2lbs from my last visit. Hmmmmm. My scale must be broken. Yay Fat Smash.
posted 5-Apr-2009 6:50pm

Today is day 6 of the diet, and all I have to say is WOW....I know I'm suppose to wait until day 9 to weigh myself again, but I could not wait...I have lost 6lbs...keep up the great work everyone...
posted 7-Apr-2009 1:12pm

I have entered phase II with no desire for things outside of the phase I. I will probably treat myself once a week so i don't grow tired of the same foods but I'm 11 pounds down in 9 days and I never thought I could reach this number after childbirth. In addition, my exercise begins today. I put that off so I could focus solely on my food choices.
posted 7-Apr-2009 2:39pm

I have been doing the vegetarian baked that legal..LOL!
posted 8-Apr-2009 3:46pm

Today is Day 2.... and I, like many of you, was inspired by the article in Essence. I have lost weight before on the Atkin's diet, only to regain. I'm determined to keep it off this time! I did have a slight headache this morning, but I figure it's my body trying to adjust to the new lifestyle. I plan to come back and post an update after my 9 days is up. Anyone have any good dinner recipes for Phase 1?
posted 8-Apr-2009 3:56pm

ok...I still need to know about these baked vegetarian is the only thing getting me through..someone...anyone..please tell me these are ok....

posted 8-Apr-2009 3:58pm

Hi NikkiB,

I have enjoyed fried rice or veggie burgers (Boca/Morningstar)and sweet potato fries. I'm down 10lbs in the two weeks I've started. In phase II, I'm really enjoying seafood again!


YES! Vegetarian baked beans are illegal. LOL...
posted 8-Apr-2009 4:05pm

That's what got me the Essence Article and me tired of getting bigger, I started on my birthday April 6th and will see how it goes- I used to be so small, I want to look great by the summer..
posted 9-Apr-2009 12:47pm

Anonymous 1, Congrats on moving on to week two!!! I'm on Day 3 and going strong.. No headache today, and I got a good workout in yesterday. I bought some sweet potatoes, and I'm going to try and make the fries tonight. Thanks for the heads up on the veggie burgers.

Anonymous 2--- you're about one day ahead of me. Would love to keep in contact and keep each other motivated. Sometimes having some support helps. My email address is

I welcome any other supporters as well!
posted 11-Apr-2009 11:49am

OH NOOO!!!! Ive been eating them like EVERYDAY....however I havent weighed myself but I FEEL a more veggie baked beans..Im gonna start over..I think Im going to do phase one until the end of the month (around the 26th) and then go to phase two...good looking out on the sweet potatoe fries...

Just is it I can have sweet potatoes but no veggie baked beans...LOL! (Im really going to miss those the way my name is DeShon...aka anonymous...I was just hoping someone said baked beans were ok...:(

NikkiB..I was also inspired by the essence article...try this for breakfast..oatmeal with cut up bananas, blueberries and strawberries...Its wonderful!

but I am can I eat fried rice and not veggie baked beans? I thought fried anything was wrong..and I have the book..Im confused...Nikki I will definitely email email is

it seems as though we are the only three still replying on this site...all others are really old comments....
Anonymous in NC
posted 13-Apr-2009 2:42pm

Hi. The article in Essence really expired me as well...especially since the individual is from the same town I work in (I dont know her though) I went out and got the book. Today is Day 1 for me. I want to lose 25-30 lbs so I'm excited to get started.

I didnt know I was supposed to have plain oatmeal, plain yogurt and that I couldnt do crystal light in my water. But....I'll do better the rest of the day.This morning I had a smoothie with yogurt, a banana, strawberries and soy milk. I ate oatmeal 3 hours later. For lunch I had brown rice and I decided to mix onions, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic and red beans to put over the rice. Then I had some carrots. Pretty tasty.

Today is only day one so I'm glad I looked at some more information online. I have a gym membership and actually started a Kickboxing class last week so I'm going to attend today use that as my exercise today. Its 60 minutes so that should be perfect!
posted 13-Apr-2009 3:36pm

OK, Easter weekend and I failed miserably. I am not starting the diet over though. I'm back on track today and I even started the day with 45 minutes of cardio. I mean could I really resist the cornbread stuffing? Thanksgiving is like 7 months away? I didn't overdo it though. OK, maybe just a tad bit, BUT I did skip dessert ;o) I'm currently 10 days into Phase II. I have a vacation next week and another in May. At least by May I'll be entering the Temple phase and do not have to worry about available choices too much. Good luck Everyone. I'm curious to know how folks did over the Easter weekend.
posted 13-Apr-2009 3:44pm

I was the Anonymous that spoke about the veggie baked beans. I absolutely love them, but the deciding factor is when you look at the nutrition facts. The FS diet encourages very little sweets and pretty much none during Phase I except for what you get in fruits. If you look at the sugar content, it's relatively high. I have used other canned beans and legumes, but read the label for content. There is a lot of food out there, but I'd have to say brown rice is the saving grace of Phase I.
posted 14-Apr-2009 12:21pm


My husband and I enjoyed the Easter weekend as well. We were back on track yesterday. We decided we would not weigh ourselves this week. We started Phase II last Wednesday, 4/8. My husband actually lost 17.3 lbs during detox. I lost 9.6. We have truly been inspired. We are going to the gym 5 days a week; so I am sure we will make up for enjoying Easter. The one thing Dr. Ian mentions many times about this diet is the fact that it is so forgiving. Don't lose sight on what you have accomplished thus far and look forward to where we are going!! You are correct, the brown rice and oatmeal were the saving grace of Phase I.
posted 14-Apr-2009 3:24pm

Hey Anonymous who posted on April 8th who has a birthday of April 6th. My birthday is April 6 also and I also used to be sooooooo small. I was always a size 3 maybe 5. I started the detox today April 14th and you are my inspiration. I can't let a fellow Aries lose weight without me. Stay strong and let's do this together LOL.
posted 14-Apr-2009 4:43pm

Im an aries too and my bday was April 4th...I noticed the young woman in essence started on april 4th so I felt that was a KayKay count me in...I cant have any Aries getting sexy without me being involved...LOL!

Shaunda you are right and I let them that I know I can eat sweet potatoes its like another world has opened up for me....seriously..I love them!

I weighed myself yesterday and I was down 11 pounds...cant say its all due to this diet though b/c I was on Weight watchers and the last time I weighed myself was late Feb...

so today is DAY ONE AGAIN of PHASE ONE because I want to get an accurate reading without the veggie baked beans being involved....LOL!

Plus I want to exercise and see how much that adds to the weight I will be back and by next thursday I can see whats really good with this

Oh yeah I need to lose at the least 40 pounds so I gotta stay focused....

Lets get it!
posted 14-Apr-2009 10:41pm

Hey DeShon you made me laugh. But big Whoo! Whoo! for Aries people getting sexy. LOL Tell me do the sweet potatoe fries really taste good? I have never tried them cause it doesn't seem like they would taste good. Anyway I'm gonna borrow your line cause my new anthem for 2009 is "LET'S GET IT". LOL
posted 20-Apr-2009 10:49am

Hey Kay Kay...

bought the sweet potatoe fries and I was not impressed...back to the regular old sweet potatoes..but you should try might like them...

oh is day one my son is playing baseball and I swear the concession stand is calling me...I can hear it...
but Im not discouraged b/c I did it once so I know I can do it again...but I want to get to phase two doing the right thing all the way through...

thats right KayKay...just turned 33 on 4/4....Lets Get it! :)
posted 20-Apr-2009 2:36pm

I started the diet on Friday April 17 and am in the middle of my 4th day.
The rice, beans and oatmeal are what keep me sane. 2 cups is a lot of rice so I'm only eating 1 and having soy sauce helps.
This morning I made an egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms, red peppers and low fat mozzarella- you can have low fat cheese or the veggie burgers (you can have 1.5 slices so I bought low fat string cheese and use only one. It was actually really good.

Am I the only one who thinks 3tbsp of salt is a lot? I'e been allowing 1tspn per day and that is plenty - and I'm a salt-a-holic!

a good snack choice is the 7 salitines listed in the back with a hummus spread

How do you make the sweet potaoe fries without oil?
Can you have oil oil in the detox phase? that part confuses me
posted 20-Apr-2009 4:12pm

I'm happy I found this site. I have a total of 20 pounds to lose! I am on Day 7 of Phase 1. I've already done 5 days of exercise since I've been on the diet and headed to the gym today after work. I've done good and havent stepped on the scale. I feel so much better and I can tell my clothes are already fitting different so I'm pleased thus far. I will update everyone with my weight loss after my Day 9 is over.

I agree about the rice and oatmeal being the saving grace. I love oatmeal so that helped. I also bought heat and serve "Organic Veggie Chili" from the grocery store and I have been eating a lot of salads. I'm tired of the salads so I'm going to make veggie Kabobs with brown rice tonight.

Oh, and I'm so happy I get to add coffee back in a few more days. LoL.

Good luck to everyone with this lifestyle change!
posted 20-Apr-2009 5:17pm

Can anyone provide some sample menus for phase one? What do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner and snacks?

Just starting but so far so good!

:) Eve
posted 20-Apr-2009 6:13pm

Here are a couple suggestions:

cut up yellow squash, zuccini, corn, red peppers, onions, (roasted) green chili and grill(in an aluminum foil pouch) eat with brown rice. I ate that for dinner last night and it was delicious and very filling. Might be heavy on starch though...

I live in the SW so I am more than happy to eat pinto beans because Mexican food is a staple at my house. This might sound gross to you, but put beans (whole, not refried), lettuce, tomato, onions and red chili (make chili by re hydrating chili pods and blending with garlic, cumin and some water). I make the beans in a crock pot so I don't have to worry about whatever they add to canned beans. This is basically a Frito Pie without the Fritos or cheese. If you live anywhere near NM or even Texas you know what I am talking about. try it!
posted 20-Apr-2009 6:14pm

can you have low-fat salad dressing in Phase I? I don't think you can. It sure would make my life easier
posted 20-Apr-2009 6:16pm

grill pineapple and green bell peppers and onions and put over rice
it is a pseudo sweet and sour
posted 20-Apr-2009 10:39pm

Yummy food ideas all phase 1 add more or less of ingredients you choose

Plain no fat yogurt + strawberries + a little vanilla combine in food processor (eat alone, top with fruit, or use as dip for sliced fruit)

egg whites + oatmeal (uncooked) a little vanilla or almond flavor whisk together

egg whites + garbanzo beans+ rolled oats+ (any seasoning you want I use crushed red pepper and Italian seasoning)

combine in food processor making a dough add a little water if needed cook at 400 about 30 min or until crisp all over

top with tomato sauce and whatever you like onions peppers mushrooms spinach pineapple add a few veggie shreds if you need or a little parmesan cheese pop back in the oven for a little while to cook lower heat to 350

in blender one banana+ pineapple+ non fat yogurt + ice cubes

taco salad
cooked brown rice + corn +pinto beans + taco or fajita seasoning mix and heat in microwave put it on top of lettuce add a little salsa

slice zucchini and use instead of noodles add whatever vegetables you want ( ex. onions peppers broccoli carrots cauliflower)
layer zucchini sauce and vegetables until pan is filled cover and cook at 350 for 45 min

flavorful soup ( if you like spiciness)
one can low sodium chicken broth + one can your choice tomatoes(stewed crushed pureed) + can white beans heat on stove top till beans are heated through then add 1/2 cup chopped basil 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper 1 cup fresh spinach let cook a minute or two and its done

trim ends spray with cooking spray put in oven on a pan at 425 for 15 then when done sprinkle with salt and pepper
save left overs for egg white omelet for breakfast

tofu the right way
for stir fry get firm tofu chop in 1/2 inch cubes coat in cornstarch to soak up liquid season with your favorite flavors. cook in frying pan about a min (high high heat) just to heat through remove from pan add to your stir fry when ur veggies are done
posted 21-Apr-2009 7:44am

thanks anonymous (the last post)

you are not playing games...this just opened me up to a lot more ideas....thanks!
posted 21-Apr-2009 11:57am

Thank you anonymous for the receipes. My husband and I are on the third week of phase 2. We do find ourselves limiting meat. This is the great thing about this diet. You can do the "detox" phase or parts of it at any time. Congratulations everyone. Keep up the great work. DeShon - stay away from the concession stands. If you have to give in, go for plain popcorn and lots of water. The sugarless gum really works to help stop cravings or take your mind off of something you can not have. We weigh ourselves tomorrow, I'll be sure to check in.
posted 21-Apr-2009 12:17pm

you can have canned tomatoes?
I thought every thing needed to be fresh?
posted 21-Apr-2009 1:03pm

Hi Lou,
You can have the canned tomatoes, but you need to limit the amount you use because of the preservatives. In the place of canned tomatoes, I usually cut up my own tomatoes. Fresh is always better!
posted 21-Apr-2009 2:20pm

Thanks, NikkiB
I'm confused about the salad dressing and olive oil. My understanding is you can't have them until phase II
posted 22-Apr-2009 1:28pm

You're welcome Lou. In phase I you are allowed 3 Tablespoons of low-fat dressing and one to two teaspoons of virgin olive oil. Hope that helps!
posted 22-Apr-2009 6:02pm

Thanks, NikkiB
It helps A LOT
posted 22-Apr-2009 7:06pm

This is day 3 I feel so bloated, really think the diet is working I really hope so need to lose about 20 pds. Pray that I stick with it, sometimes hungry at night.
posted 22-Apr-2009 8:00pm

This is day 5 of phase I. Too scared to step on the scale, but my clothes are loose, and I have a lot of energy. I have worked out everyday. I am proud of myself today b/c today was "student appreciation day" and there was pizza (my weakness), fried chicken, taco salad, sandwiches, etc. and I walked right past it to the veggie tray and fruit tray (secretly crying inside), but at least I didn't partake. Will post after the 10 day weigh in. Good luck everyone!
posted 23-Apr-2009 9:40am

Everyone hang in hang up believe it or not has not been the food...its the EXERCISE...I just work so many hours and then when I get home their's my son who of course DESERVES all my time...( I know...excuses...excuses...) I see results but the issue is I know I could be doing a lot better with the today I am going to exercise for the rest of the week which will give me four days in....

everyone stay focused and keep your head up...

Anonymous...I understand about sometimes being hungry...but remember you can eat all you want on that list (with the exeception of rice oatmeal and a few others) that means unlimited when you get those hunger works....
posted 23-Apr-2009 10:59am

This is day 4 of cycle 2 for me. Last week was really hard for me... I followed the diet to a T and only lost 2.5 pounds during cycle 1. I also did not have a bowel movement during that time so I think this could have been a factor. However, since beginning cycle 2 i am doing much better. I have been going to the gym everyday and my clothes are extremely loose. I will report again on Monday to let you know how it goes.
posted 23-Apr-2009 6:14pm

Thank you, DeShon
posted 24-Apr-2009 12:07am

Have any of you actually read the book? You can NOT have boca/veggie burgers, nor can you have fried rice, any sort of fries, no cheese, no noodles, no dried fruit, no coffee, no soda, no bread, no meat, no fish, no nuts...NOTHING.

Read the book so you can get the real skinny on the diet, don't just assume you can eat those things.

You are allowed on PHASE1/DETOX:

2 cups skim milk per day
2 6oz containers yogurt (like yoplait light, 100 calories!)
4 Egg whites
1 cup cooked oatmeal
2 cups cooked brown rice
Any herbs/spices you like

unlimited fruits and veggies except for potatoes and avacado. NOTHING canned. it must be raw/grilled/baked. Chick peas, beans, lentils are good sources of protein.
posted 24-Apr-2009 12:24am

Hey ladies! Reading this forum has been very insightful and encouraging. I'm going to start my phase I tomorrow. I'm a very picky eater so I'll probably stick to the basic fruits and veggies. It's going to be REALLY hard eating oatmeal without brown sugar, but I'm really going to try! Am I understanding correctly that we can eat fried rice? I know it's nothing but old cooked rice with veggies and maybe I can put a little egg white in it. Also, what type of brown rice can I get that will cook up nice and FAST? I've tried buying brown rice in the past and the bag said to let it cook for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES!
posted 24-Apr-2009 10:22am

Krusty the cat...

I have the book..and it clearly says on page 21...

1 1/2 slices of low fat cheese OR 1 veggie burger without he bread...

also in the snack section on pages 142-143 6 snack crackers are allowed with low fat jelly or just 7 plain salt crackers....

so Im not sure why you think you cant have the veggie just cant have the cheese and the veggie burger....

Keisha...keep your head up! It will get better...

Anonymous...Youre welcome!
posted 24-Apr-2009 3:08pm

Krusty the cat

Just so you don't confuse other readers... like DeShon said you can have either 1.5 slices of low fat cheese or a veggie burger. It is clearly listed on the page. In the snack section it also says you can have 10 almonds or 1tsp of sunflower seeds for a snack. The crackers with jelly is a phase 2 snack, but you can have 7 saltines for a phase 1 snack. It doesn't specify that the oatmeal is one cup cooked although that is plenty. You can also have some butter and olive oil so if you want to use it to cook your rice it should be ok. You can slao have 2 cups herbal tea to keep from getting too bored. Oh and don't forget you can have 1 packet of artificial sweetener if you so choose. The diet is nowhere near as harsh as you make out to be.
posted 24-Apr-2009 3:09pm

BTW I am on day 8 and even though you aren't supposed to weigh yourself I cheated and I've lost 6 pounds!!!
I can't wait to eat some meat on Sunday. I bet it will be the best tasting meat I've ever had :)
posted 24-Apr-2009 5:48pm

DeShon, what book are you reading? I'm reading the Fat Smash Diet, the yellow one, and there is no mention of that at all on page 21. maybe you have a different version than mine, because there is no mention of that at all, allowed on Phase 1.

The diet is working well for me, I am just past Detox and lost 11lbs. I'm guessing you guys have a different version than mine, mine is from 2006.
posted 27-Apr-2009 9:25am


my book is blue and white..has his pic on the front..maybe my version is more updated...but its working b/c I keep doing the detox over and over..have lost close to 15 pounds...maybe there are different versions.... I didnt bring my book today..I couldve sworn those crackers and jelly were phase one...LOL! probably just me wishing...

in all honesty I usually have a meal I want (with/in moderation) during the weekend and I do phase one all week....the thing I notice is if you arent big meat eater then you can do phase one longer than need be...and it really does....with me doing my one meal I want on the weekend(dont get me wrong its not pizza or pasta) but I have gotten some subway b/c I will be out and get the urge for something and that is the healthiest thing available...even with me doing that and then on monday doing phase one until saturday....I am losing weight....

so just do what works for you and lets all get sexy by july....

lets get it!
posted 27-Apr-2009 3:07pm

I'm on my 2nd day of phase II and hallelujah for coffee and meat is all I can say
posted 28-Apr-2009 3:58pm

Hey guys, I am on day 9 of the phase I detox and I've lost 9 pounds! This is so exciting. I also have the blue and white version of the book DeShon.

And Krusty are you sure that it says you can't have vegetables out of the can because I've been dropping weight and tearing up peas and carrots that are canned, LOL.

Oh yeah, plus I've been doing the exercise 5 days a week. If I can sugguest tennis as exercise. I just realized it's so much fun, and you can really lose track of time and end up playing for an hour.
posted 28-Apr-2009 6:33pm

Hi DeShon, I like that lets all get SEXY by July. U go girl, 2morrow is day 10 for me I lost only 2 pds, but I'm not going to give up.
posted 29-Apr-2009 11:39am

Anyone else get sick to their stomach when starting Phase II? I've been going to the bathroom A LOT more than in Phase I, which is weird because I didn't eat many fruits and veggies before the diet.
posted 30-Apr-2009 4:34pm

Lou, the bathroom thing into Phase II happened to my husband also. We just finished Phase II. We begin Phase III today. I have lost 20.4 pounds in four weeks! My husband has lost 23 pounds in four weeks. This is definitely working for us.

The veggie burgers got us through phase I. We also did, veggie chicken and veggie ground beef for sloppy joes (no bread of course). The veggie saugage works great in 15 bean soup. You learn to be creative and I never thought I would look so forward to having brown rice.

DeShon, I would suggest you alternate between Phase I and II. You need to be sure to get enough protein. Protein adds muscle and muscle burns fat. You want to change it up a little bit, otherwise your body will get use to the same thing. In the end, I say do what works best for you! If it works, go for it!

Hang in there everyone! I agree with being sexy by July!!
posted 1-May-2009 9:10am

Hey all!

Ive finally started exercising (45 minutes everyday this week on the elliptical before work) so Im going to weigh myself on sunday and see what the results are....

Glad to see everyone is on board with the theme "Get sexy by July!' LOL!

Fran you are right....I think I will alternate between phase one and two because protein is very important....

The veggie burgers are what get me through to but I must say my bowl of oatmeal along with my infamous veggie omelete(mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and low fat cheese but thats only if I dont plan on having the veggie burger) is what saves me...

that and all the smoothies I make...:)

Lets all stay focused and stay exercising and remember as Bob Greene said (Oprah's trainer) its not about being perfect...if you do right 90% of the time you will be sucessful 100% of the time....

Until later...;)
posted 1-May-2009 2:26pm

I need some new recipe ideas. Getting bored of rice as a side dish
posted 1-May-2009 4:13pm

Hello All!!!!!

today is my first day with the detox, and like most of you, i have a mild headaches. i have been snacking on carrots and fruit all day. Just need more breakfast, and lunch ideas, can anyone help please.
posted 1-May-2009 4:15pm

breakfast didn't go to well I tried plain yogart, of course it was nasty. Lunch went well, I had veggie burger and broccoli.
posted 2-May-2009 7:55am

Lou and Getting fit: Im no chef but these things help me...

try the omelette I mentioned above...

also try making the rice into a stir fried rice..adding carrots egg whites green beans...taste just like the chinese rice...

and please dont forget the sweet potatoe..boil them..bake them...throw a smidget of butter on them and you truly have a wonderful meal!

but the savior for me is favorite one is banana and mango...I drink about two a day....put some ice..a splash of milk and half a packet of splenda...DELICIOUS!

also remember on phase one you can have a jello smoothie snack or low fat granola bars...these help as well.....

Stay the late great Bebe Moore Campbell once stated:

"Discipline is the servant of inspiration"

so lets all stay disciplined and get inspired!

have a great weekend!
posted 2-May-2009 12:37pm

I just started the Fat Smash Diet today. Everyting is going well so far. I am a little confused about canned beans. Can I have them or not? I like Great Northern, Pinto, Corn, Hominy, Sweet Peas, Green Beans. Can I have these canned? I have several of them in my cabinets and I just need to know if I can eat them. Thanks to anyone who can help me with this question. BLESSINGS!
posted 4-May-2009 12:18pm

Thanks, DeShon

I'm on my 2nd week of Phase II. Do you all think I can have corn tortillas?

You are supposed to eat your food as fresh as possible, but I don't think canned beans is going to throw you too off. Just check for excess salt, sugar, and fats. I think those are the things that mght throw you off.

hominy (or posole as I know it) is a good idea! You can make it fresh - check your grocers refrigerated section.
posted 5-May-2009 7:38am were right..weighed myself was the same (and trust I exercised my behind off) I ate more protein..weighed myself in two days(just had to see) and lost 3 let me ask you? Do you think I could do one week of phase week of phase two...go back to phase one...or maybe even do half and half during the week...b/c the last phase is lovely but to be honest Im trying to get away from junk food and sodas for good...if I have them I want it to be maybe once a month...not once or twice a week....Holla at me and let me know...thanks..

Hey Lou...not sure about the corn tortillas...seems almost kind of close to having a bread product even if its made from corn...LOL! I will find out and let you know....
posted 5-May-2009 7:47am

oh I have another phase two it says you can have 1 10 oz cup of coffee and/or two diet sodas...I was wondering if I could have two cups of coffee and no soda...I dont miss a lot of things but coffee is definitely one of those things I miss...I can do without the soda...someone please let me know if I can substitute...

posted 5-May-2009 2:15pm


Dr. Ian recommends to do at least one day of Phase I a week during Phase III. I do not see anything wrong with alternating weeks. These types of things will boost your metabolism. I say try it and see what happens.

I am a tad bummed out because my thyroid is out of wack and causing my heart rate to go crazy when I am at the gym. They say this is common for women after having a baby. The only thing I can do it walk in the neighborhood; and with this I must be careful. I was really in a good rhythm and doing really well going to the gym. Hopefully, I will not be out for long. I will not be weighing myself this week.

We are in the day six of Phase III. I never knew Turkey multi-grain spaghetti could taste so good! Hang in there everyone and have a great week!
posted 5-May-2009 5:41pm

Hi Fran, you said u lost 20.4 and husband 23 pds what kind of work out did u do and how long. wish i could lose 20 only lost 2pds I'm not going to give up. What did u have for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I may asks:).
posted 6-May-2009 1:45pm

I've been on the diet since the 17th of Arpil. The first week or so I lost 6 pounds. I've only lost 1/2 pound since. don't know what I am doing wrong. I'm measuring/weighing my food and working out. I am doing more weights (I know it says not to till Phase IV, but...) than cardio. I do about 20-30 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week. I didn't do any ecercise the first week and a half
not fair
posted 6-May-2009 5:09pm

Hi Lou,
You may be picking up muscle weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. Have you noticed your clothes getting loose? You also may need to make sure that you're eating enough. Dr. Ian recommends eating 4-5 times a day in order to keep your body from storing fat.

I start Phase III tomorrow, and I've lost about 15 lbs. Finding time to exercise with working and being in school full time is kinda hard.

How's everyone else doing???
posted 7-May-2009 12:38pm

Hi NikkiB,

Yes, my clothes feel loose and I look thinner. I just didn't think I could pick up muscle weight in such a short amount of time.

Good for you losing 15 pounds thus far.

I'll keep my head up :)
posted 8-May-2009 12:52pm

Hey Fran....

thats what Im going to do then....I weighed myself this week and still maintaining a 3 pd weight lost for a total of 30 pounds since November....(I wasnt doing the fat smash then) I will try alternating as suggested...

as for feeling bummed just remeber this...Anything worth having is worth working for....each and everytime we as humans decide to do something positive for ourselves, LIFE comes into play and we have a tendency to give up....DO NOT GIVE are more than a number on a scale...and remember this isnt just about weight loss..its about overall health...stay focused and get it!

Lou...yep...muscle weight..happened to me before...go extra hard on the cardio and until you lose the weight you want shy away from lifting..wait until phase four as suggested...

Nikki..just wanted to say what's up! :)

to everyone else...lets keep getting it....

posted 10-May-2009 12:44am

I lost 9.5 lbs durine dtox and I am in Phase 2. There are two different books. One is The fat smash diet (blue) and one is the Extreme Fat smash (gold). That is why there is confusion.
posted 11-May-2009 9:19am

Thanks Lou....I'm sure that its probably muscle weight. If your clothes are loose and you look thinner, I wouldn't worry.

What's up, DeShon! Congrats on the 30 lb loss! :)

Stay encouraged everyone!!
posted 11-May-2009 12:09pm

I cheated and had a scoop of potato salad and a sip of normal soda yesterday. I'm not going back to phase I though...
Hey! It was Mother's Day and I slaved over a hot grill all day :(

Everyone is doing great!!!!
posted 13-May-2009 11:34am


I feel dont even want to know what I ate...yours was nothing compared to mine...but like you..bump phase one...I started back on phase TWO monday....and Im feeling ok and back to exercising.....

we are all doing great...

keep up the good work...

posted 13-May-2009 2:25pm

posted 13-May-2009 4:41pm

Thanks for the encouragement, DeShon
posted 15-May-2009 9:24am

Anonymous...Im no expert but I would say yes...b/c you gotta shake your body up...and its gonna be hard to lose 90 in 90 I would do exactly that...go through the program and then start over...seems like a long road but just take one day at a time...
Good Luck... are doing great....keep going!
posted 15-May-2009 9:37am

oh yeah Lou I forgot to tell you..even after that mothers day meal (and I do mean I ate a MEAL) I weighed myself and was down a pound as opposed to going up like I thought it would...maybe my body was in shock b/c I havent had anything sweet in forever..LOL!

hey we gotta laugh our way through this process.....:)
posted 15-May-2009 1:43pm

Good to know, Deshon because I'm going home in 2 weeks and you know what going home means...FOOD
You keep this board fun :) and congrats on the bonus pound lost :)

Anonymous - I agree with DeShon. You're going to have to go through at least 2-3 cycles. It isn't too hard - promise!

Sunday I'm moving on to Phase III. YEAH PASTA and a drink!
posted 16-May-2009 10:53am

Hey Lou...

I wouldnt worry about it because at least you are following the program..if you go back up on the boards Im the one flip flopping b/t phase one and two and eating a meal every here and there that I like(within limit)..I know it sounds crazy but so far its working for me...

HOWEVER...I am thinking about starting over and doing it the CORRECT way...thats if I hit a far so good...I can say I FEEL a lot better eating what I know is right...I eat lots of fruits and veggies EVERYDAY..and thats something Ive never we shall see..

so dont worry about going home..tell your folks to have some pasta and wine ready for you b/c at least now you can have it....

I will let you know if I decide to move to phase 3(Im chicken..Im scared if Im allowed to have the wine my mind will let me go back to a daily glass of wine)...LOL!! lord help me..

oh yeah..this is probably TOTALLY off subject but can ANYONE tell me why is it on these infomercials that come on around 4-6am the ones that are about weight loss...this is my can it be that these people lose 40 pounds and then say that with that weight loss they are down 5-6 pants/dress sizes...CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THIS!?!? I know its where you lose the weight but still....Im gonna be hitting 40 pounds lost soon (hey gotta claim it) and my size 14 pants are lose but with a good belt I can still wear them...I mean really....seeing stuff like that makes me want to ALMOST eat some cookies...operative word...ALMOST....

someone please help me with that though....

ok....sorry for this extremely long post but I work on saturdays(I just aint right!)

Continue on my fellow fat smashers..and lets get it!
posted 16-May-2009 9:02pm

I am on day 6 and I have lost EIGHT pounds. I was the antidieter and honestly, this really works if you commit.
posted 17-May-2009 8:37pm

Just started phase I, thought I was doing well but am feeling sick, and having a headache. It is hard to stay focused when you feel yucky. I really need to do this thing but not sure I can tough it out. HELP!!!
posted 18-May-2009 11:49am


not sure how you were eating before you started but what it sounds like is withdrawal..happened to me...I was a huge SUGAR person before this...

if you can stay focused..I promise..this works..its like detoxing....once you get past the icky will feel wonderful..

try to think about what you are doing for yourself.....hang in there...

posted 18-May-2009 1:00pm

I totally hit rock bottom last night, I had a migraine, felt like I was going to throw up...wished I would throw up. I admit that I was eating like crap but not sure if eating good it worth feeling like crap. Woke up this morning feeling a little dizzy and weak. It's only day 2 and I can't imagine it getting better.
posted 18-May-2009 1:07pm

40 pounds is nothing to shake a stick at. that is HUGE!
Just remember they also show commercials for bowflex trying to say those rock hard bodies were achieved in 60 days with their product. Marketing and advertising. Ignore it or it will make you crazy.

In Phase III you CAN have a glass of wine every night :) !!!!!
I'm waiting for Phase IV where I can have a slice of pizza. Phase III is a little scary because you can eat so many new things like sherbet and cookies. I find that I have a good handle on portion control and I think that is the point. One glass of wine a night is actually good for you, no?

Dani, if you were a regular coffee/soda drinker you will have caffeine withdrawal. either way stick with it... you will feel better than you have in a long time within a few days. Get creative with recipes (there are some great suggestions if you scroll up on this page. Drink lots of water and remember to exercise.

posted 18-May-2009 2:06pm

Thanks Lou & DeShon, the support helps. I can't wait to get through this phase. Gonna try some other receipes need to incorporate some more beans and protien I think that will help.
posted 18-May-2009 2:35pm


Make sure you are eating enough. You shouldn't let yourself get hungry - THIS IS KEY!
posted 18-May-2009 3:36pm

I obviously don't feel like working today

The second day of Phase One I went to Costco to pick up a boat load of veggies and what not. It was beyond hard. I wanted to sample every thing they had and it was pure torture. After being on this for a month I go there every Saturday with no problems. This past weekend I went and sampled turkey bacon because I can have it now. I took a bite and spit ot out. Same with a chicken nugget covered in bbq. A CHICKEN NUGGET COVERED IN BBQ!!! yeah, that was a cheat item, but it tasted so bad I spit it out. Amzing what eating fresh and healthy food does for you. Do I still have a hard time in the frozen burrito and eclair sections? of course, but I didn't cave.

We are stronger than food cravings

ok I'll quit being a board hog now
posted 18-May-2009 5:11pm

Just want to know what type of workout everyone was doing and for how long need to lose about 20 pds going to a family reunion in Julywink
posted 19-May-2009 10:02am

Day 3 on Phase I...everyday seems to be getting easier. I actually got out for a 2 mile walk last night and woke up feeling pretty good. I am finding though that I will prepare something that I am really excited about but when I eat it, I can't stomach it...veggies I use to enjoy are like torchure now. Fruits...I love can't get enough. I love the egg whites and the yogurt, brown rice and oatmeal. Work my beans in there too, but having issues with my veggies. Don't know what I'd do without this board!!! I hope I soon can be as positive as you all are.
posted 19-May-2009 12:17pm

I am not a fan of veggies either so in Phase 1 I ate them by putting them in my eggs. Egg whites with peppers and spinach with low-fat mozzarella is YUM! throw in some mushrooms if you are so inclined. I also buy the grape tomatoes at Costco and eat them like candy.

I also ate lots of spinach salad and squash medley. grilled red peppers got me through too.
good luck!

I've been doing cardio 4-5 times a week for maybe 1/2 hour and weights 4-5 times/week. I know you aren;t supposed to do weights until Phase IV, but I enjoy them more than cardio and I'm seeing great results even though the scale is slow. I've been on this diet a month and I've lost only 9 pounds, but I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in over 2 years.

DeShon, you figure out if I can have corn tortillas yet? I'm phase II :)

Keep the faith and work hard - it will come
posted 19-May-2009 12:18pm

I meant I'm Phase III
posted 20-May-2009 6:17am

Thanx Lou

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