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Fat Smash Diet


Detox for 9 days, eating mainly fruits. Then, eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise.


Initially, during the 9 day detox, you eat mainly just fruits and vegetables. Then, you shift to allowing more foods. You are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, lean meat, and sugar substitutes. You avoid sweets, alcohol, refined grains, fried food, fatty meats, and fatty salad dressings.

Regular exercise is a big part of this diet as well.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.


The "Fat Smash Diet" was created by Dr. Ian Smith who has a strong history in the media. He's the a medical contributor on ABC's "The View", a medical columnist for Men's Health magazine, and the diet expert on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." He has also been on various radio show and written articles for major newspapers and magazines. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and University of Chicago (medical school).


The idea of "detoxing" has no scientific meaning or basis. The book contains recipes, but some have too much salt.


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  15-Aug-2006 11:10am created by bill
  15-Aug-2006 12:21pm last update by bill

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posted 20-May-2009 11:32am

Last night was by far my best night so far. I ate the pizza that you make out of chick peas, egg whites and oatmeal, with a strawberry banana smoothie...was awesome!!! I also got a hot air popper and made some popcorn with no oil, lightly salted it with a bit of molly mcbutter and it may just be the peace of resistance for me. Day 4 of phase I today and I am feeling confident that I can do it. YIPEE!!!
Come On Lets Do This Thing!!!
posted 20-May-2009 1:18pm

Hello Everyone!

And congratulation on the "Fat Smash Diet", I sat and read everyone comments and response, and I must say this is a very supportive group, especially DeShon, you're very supportive. I started the 4-day diet on 05-13-09 and have lost 12lbs already.It is hard as HELL, but I want to be healthier and be an inspiration to someone else. So, to everyone keep your head up, we can do it. All supporters, please contact me personally @ WE CAN DO IT!
posted 21-May-2009 9:26am

Today is day 5 for me. I weighed myself this morning and had lost 3 lbs in 4 days. I was hoping it would show more or maybe less so I would have an excuse to quit. Going camping for the next 4 days and it doesn't seem to be as much fun if I can't eat chips and drink.
posted 21-May-2009 10:27am

Kay, I have to admit that I haven't read the book yet, just downloaded somethings, ordered it on ebay and its on its way. I hear so many different things, crackers on phase I???? Almonds???? Coffee phase II I thought couldn't have coffee until phase III
posted 21-May-2009 12:40pm

you can have 7 saltines/day as a Phase I snack. You can have 10 oz coffee/day OR 2 diet sodas/day in Phase II

YOu can have 10 almonds/day in phase I

you can have an alcoholic beverage/day in Phase III
posted 21-May-2009 5:24pm

Hi everyone... just thought I'd drop in for a few minutes. Needed a bit of encouragement, and reading the posts usually does it for me. I've only lost 1 more pound since going into Phase III... and I'm not enjoying that at all (Been in Phase III for 2 weeks). I know that I haven't been exercising like I should, so yesterday I got back active and walked 2 miles... Hopefully I'll have better news the next time I post...

posted 23-May-2009 9:28am


seems to me you pushed through and you should be real proud of yourself..and you basically lost a pound a day so dont think it shouldve been more..that is more than enough..just imagine in about 3 months how you will feel and look!

Lou...I feel did NOT want to work that day...LOL! thanks for the inspiration...I havent been doing well but stepped on the scale and lost 3 pds...

I think thats stress though....Ive been eating like once a day...when I say a BADD WEEEKK a really bad week (12 year relationship ended...job issues and a HUGE fight with my mom to name a few)....Lord help me...

plan on getting REFOCUSED monday..however that three pound weight loss put me at my 40 pound thats one good thing (Hey Lou..these size 14's are still fitting...but they are lose...Im gonna go try a 12 for the hell of it and see what happens....)

to everyone else...please remember that just b/c we have decided to do the right thing....LIFE is still happening...lets stay focused and not let NEGATIVE things get us off track...


Lets get it!
posted 26-May-2009 12:31am

hey Deshon
sorry to hear you hit a rough patch. keep your head up. God only gives us what we can handle.
I bet those size 12s be lookin FINE in no time...if not already. congrats on hitting 40.

I'm getting bored and not eating as many fruits and veggies as I should. Still working out 4-5 days a week. Abs are killing me!!!! Since I am doing weights I am measuring myself instead of weighing myself because according to the scale I have only lost 10 pounds. not bad in a month+ but still disappointing.

hope you are all feeling good
we can do it!!!!!
posted 26-May-2009 11:31am

Lou...10 pounds in a month not good...please...thats GREAT!

ate like a fool over the holiday weekend....DO NOT want to talk about it...

starting over...:)
posted 26-May-2009 12:56pm

No worries, Deshon
I am going on Phase I this week so I can pig out next week when I go home

that is what is so great about this diet - it is so forgiving!
posted 26-May-2009 12:56pm

that Anon was me - Lou
posted 26-May-2009 1:17pm

LOL! can just start again and again....have a good time at home next week....:)
posted 27-May-2009 10:48pm

ok so I've been extra good with the diet and I'm working out. I am expecting my period this week and feel the usual bloating, etc. I feel like the blob i was before the diet. I've gained 3.5 pounds since Sunday. Do you think that could be retained water from PMS?
posted 29-May-2009 10:07am ease up on yourself know how hard it is for us women...I havent gained but I havent lost

IVE BEEN CHEATING...not real bad but not real good either..Ive been real yesterday I did the smoothie...egg white omelet with spinach....but then I just didnt feel like the brown rice or I went to Subway and got a flatbread veggie sandwich and some light chips...and a drink(sweet tea...I KNOW I KNOW!!!!)

man life is trying to win...just been real emotional these last two weeks...and I wont even start on exercise...havent done it since LAST monday....

my son is in a baseball tournament this I know its gonna be REAL hard to do right...if I plan it wont...but I cant say that I will...

All I monday the "whoa is me" game is over..back to the gym...back to the diet...back to winning...

as usual...

Lets get it...

and ease up Lou...its WATER....;)
posted 29-May-2009 2:41pm

Thanks, DeShon. I get crazy obsessed on diets sometimes

I was just trying to justify Subway for lunch ha ha
great minds and all that

enjoy your weekend and good luck to your son and his team
posted 29-May-2009 2:42pm

that was me (I don't know why it keeps chaning to Anon) -Lou
posted 1-Jun-2009 1:08pm

LOL! thanks Lou..

they lost the tournament...and I DID NOT get up and exercise this now I have to make myself do it this evening...

oh yeah..didnt eat bad this weekend..didnt eat good either...

still fighting...

still trying...

determined to "get it"

have a good week at your fams house and dont obsess about this....

all things in Due time...

posted 2-Jun-2009 12:43pm

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I checked in. I was pretty bummed when I could not go to the gym. Amazingly, I still lost another 7 pounds on Phase III. I am not okay to go back to the gym and I am going to do detox for 9 days starting today. This will boost my metabolism. My husband is doing it with me.

I am glad to see everyone is hanging in there. It does get tough, especially around holidays and celebrations! We allow a cheat day after detox and they seem to help a lot.

DeShon and Lou, glad to see you hanging in there. I appreciate all of the responses on this page; it provides a source of inspiration when things do get tough!

I will do a better job of checking in and responding...

Take care!
LCpls wife
posted 3-Jun-2009 1:13am

Okay for all of the idiots on here who keep saying things like "duh you're going to lose weight if you starve yourself." how about actually reading up on the subject first. This is not even really a diet it's a lifestyle change guide for people who need more structure. Also you are allowed more than just fruits and veggies you just eat mostly fruits and veggies for the first week which is not unhealthy at all. It's actually better to slowly prep your body for such a dramatic change.

so please stop posting mindless comments on here

posted 3-Jun-2009 9:28am

Hi fran...

Ive had a breakdown...gained 3.5 pounds back...cant even lie and say I dont know why...I DEFINITELY know Im refocusing....

gonna do better today and this week....

to everyone else...lets keep trying....

and lets succeed!

posted 3-Jun-2009 12:46pm

I'm with ya DeShon.... I've been cheating like mad the past few days. I'm going to take some time and get back in focus as well.

It's a process, but we will ALL succeed!!!!
posted 3-Jun-2009 4:48pm

Weighed myself this morning. Up 1.9 pounds from when I last weighed. Good thing we're detoxing! :)

Hold your heads up! You've accomplished much. Don't lose focus! We're doing great!
posted 3-Jun-2009 5:48pm

Can you eat flavored yogurt?
posted 3-Jun-2009 9:40pm

Im on my first day of Fat Smash. i bought brown rice and need suggestions on how to prepare it and what to add to it? ive never actually made rice (sad to say) and i needed some help.

My second question ism is it beneficial to continue phase 1 for an addition week.
Thank you
posted 4-Jun-2009 7:49am


not really a pro...but for me the best thing to do with brown rice is to add veggies to it...make it like a stir fry...I add onions....mixed veggies...and egg whites to mine...and I try my best to simulate chinese fried veggie rice(but of course it cant be fried)..but try stir fry...use pam olive oil(zero calories)....

and someone pointed out on this board(I think Fran) that you can do the fast an additional will begin to decrease when it comes to weight loss b/c you will need protein..and protein is added in phase two....

I hope this helps...

Danielle...I ate flavored yogurt..just make sure its low fat....

NikkiB...girl what!?!?! Im STILL trying to refocus....however..I have gotten back into I am not going to weigh myself until sunday..hopefully I will be back on track...

Fran...that aint nothing but water!! 3.5 thats weight....LOL!

Cant lie...right now Im b/tween phase one and hopefully the going back and forth will shock my body and get it back in gear...

By July 4th...I want to be down another 10-12 pounds...

as always...Godspeed...

posted 4-Jun-2009 12:50pm

Hello everyone -

DeShon - I too am hoping to get 10 - 16 pounds off by July 4. Hopefully this next 7 days of Detox will take at least 1/2 of that away. I seem to be more hungry this time with Phase I than previously. It is not as easy going back, but I know it will be of great benefit.

I agree the stir "sauteed" fried rice works great. We also do Beef and Broccoli without the Beef. It is delicious with brown rice.

Creativeness is key. By the time you get to day 9, you feel like you've become a pro.

Take care
posted 5-Jun-2009 11:17am


at least you are back at phase one...LOL! I dont know what phase im on...however..I am still eating lots of veggies..and fruit..some egg whites..getting my water and dairy...but I agree..when you get a little meat...its hard to go back to phase one..(smile)

Im so determined..that by July 4th..I will be 10-12 pounds lighter...we can do this Fran...

all of us can do this...


Lets get it!
posted 6-Jun-2009 2:36pm

I'm on day 3, and i feel great. I'm a tru chocoholic, and i'm not having any cravings. I hope I can continue to the end. Phase1 teaches dicipline, and self control, and that's something I need.
posted 7-Jun-2009 11:42pm

Well, I'm going to start tomorrow. I am pre-menopausal and have gained some weight that i just can't seem to get off. I have always watched my weight and exercised, which makes this weight gain so frustrating. But I am determined and focused! Day 1 - I'm ready for ya!!!
posted 8-Jun-2009 12:33pm

Hi all!
I was on vacation for 6 days
A little nervous to get on the scale
ate lots of white bread type foods

Stick with it and we'll all be hot by July!
posted 8-Jun-2009 1:28pm

I started this morning. So good so far. I love fruits and veggies. Pasta and bread is my downfall. I'm not a coffee drinker so I shouldn't have a problem w/ the headaches.

The hardest part is that I have to cook for my family and that's when I'll see all the foods that i can't eat. They don't need to lose any weight.

I'll keep everyone updated!
posted 8-Jun-2009 4:04pm

Welcome back Lou! I missed your posts. I am sure you'll do fine on the scale.

My husband and I are still struggling through re-do-detox. The good news is we are on day 7 and only have 2 more days to go!! I can not wait! We were tempted to cut it short and move on to the next phase, but we decided to stick it out. We will definitely benefit from the results and the metabolism boost.

Andie, hang in there. It really works! Try chewing sugarless gum as you cook for your family. It helps with cravings. Good luck!

DeShon July 4th is near......I know we will all do just fine!!

I look forward to my celebratory steak from Morton's. When I hit my first milestone of 30 pounds! At last check I am less than five pounds away. By the end of this detox, I plan to be there!!

Have a great week!!
posted 8-Jun-2009 4:33pm

getting ready to start day one! i've got 10-15 pounds that i have been having the hardest time getting rid of. i'm so inspired by everyone's experiences and i can't wait to commit to this and hopefully see results! i'm hoping to be at least halfway to my goal by my birthday which is at the end of this month.
posted 8-Jun-2009 10:31pm

I made it through day one. It wasn't bad. Suprisingly, I made the brown rice w/brocolli, onioins, carrots, and mushrooms w/ soy sauce. My daughter liked it and didn't want any other food.

Tomorrow I'm traveling so I have planned, prepared, and packed as much as I can ahead of time. I'm in meetings and I know they will have pastries and junk. This will be the test.
posted 9-Jun-2009 3:11pm

the prep work is the hardest part of Phase I

I'm doing a mix of Phase I and II. It is really easy to fall off the wagon and so hard to get back on. I'm trying to get back on. ugh

Camille, if that is your goal make sure you are doing your cardio work
it makes all the difference
good luck!!
posted 10-Jun-2009 4:42pm

Hi every body! I'm in phase one as well but the thing is that I'm so frustrated. It's day 8 and I go to gym every day for 1 hour and then walk to home for about 30 minutes but I only have lost 4 pounds. Do you think it's normal? I read you're reviews and every body has lost way more. I tried to follow the instruction in the book. I s there nay trick? What should I do?
posted 11-Jun-2009 11:13am

Checking in very disappointed this morning. After 9 hard days of re-do detox, my husband loss 7 pounds and I only loss 1. I think I am retaining water. I have to be! Timing is everything. If you do detox at the wrong time of the month, the end will not look so good. I hope everything will kick in and my numbers will look better next week. I have to add meat back in my diet today. We'll see how it goes.

Maah - this may be your problem as well. It sounds like your activity level is great. How is your eating? Do you feel like you're losing inches. I know I can feel the difference from ten days ago. Hang in there.
posted 11-Jun-2009 1:04pm

Maah - 4 pounds in 8 days is amazing...that is two pounds a day. Certainly nothing to frown upon.
Stay focused and keep with it. It is all you can do. I started in April and it is now June - I didn't start to really notice the difference until a couple weeks ago. You'll get there. As cliche as it sounds, good things take time and it sounds like you are right on track.

Fran - around my period I gained weight and felt like a blob again. I think you are spot on with retaining water and what not. I bet next week you'll look and feel better. It happened to me. You'll hit your 30 pound mark---and if it takes an extra week who cares? working to make yourself look and feel better is worth the wait, not weight ha ha

Stick with it girls! We'll get there

Deshon, if you are reading this hope all is well :)
posted 11-Jun-2009 2:47pm

dear friends thanks for your support.I found this page just yesterday and today I feel I'm not as desperate as before because there are people here who have same challenge as me. Let's keep going. We can make it together.
Fran- I think you're right. That might be the problem. I'm trying to eat only things that we are allowed and so far so good.tomorrow I can add some meat and that's good. I'm actually on birth control pills and it may be somewhat responsible for water retaining. I'm sure next week you'll do great. All of us before period are lumpy dumpy. nothing to lose sleep on it.

Lou- I'm happy that you started to see the results. Hopefully after couple of weeks I'll see some change as well.for now I'm just proud that I am doing something positive for my life and my body.thanks anyway for your words. I feel much better.
posted 13-Jun-2009 12:44pm

Hello all

Hey Fran and Lou...

I dont know what my problem is...but I do know that I have fallen OFF the bandwagon...
HELP ME!!!!!

Ok it all started monday when I took my son to a braves game...well I had the grande nachos...(dont even want to tell you whats on there)
and then I thought..well its one day and I will do better all week...
and I THOUGHT I did...
then I stepped on the scale this morning, and saw I had gained another 3 pds..which puts me back to a 29 pd weight loss instead of getting closer to 40pds by the 4th of July like I wanted...
so what did I do...
what did I do???
I know the suspense is killing you....:)
I got my but up and went to the gym this morning at 4am(like Ive done ALL week)...but guess what? I forgot about the crab legs with potatoes I had at 11pm on tuesday night..the wine to go with it(who knows how many glasses you drink when socializing)....forgot about the subway sandwiches I ate three times this week...(although not bad that is ALOT of carbs)..forgot about the 20plus ounce coffee I had EVERYDAY this week....the rice(that wasnt white) and the 4 cookies I had....

so yes..I exercised everyday this week...but my eating habits were wayy it proved to me that it truly does matter what you matter how much you may have GOT to eat right..and this doesnt mean a treat every now and then...but as I look over my food journal from this week..I have to be honest with myself....I did a LOT of treating this week..

Im glad to report though..unlike old times..instead of getting depressed(ok I cant threw me for a minute) I remembered that the 4th is 3 weeks away and I can still lose some weight before then.... I up at 4..and Im back on phase one detox..instead of trying to do me..Im going to do something I rarely do...FOLLOW DIRECTIONS..from a to z....

and I know victory will be had....

Fran and Lou..Im on the pill and rarely get a period but I can feel when Im lets not give up...its water...try putting a tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice in a glass of water..its a natural works...

for everyone...Here is a new quote I read this week that I found to be mind blowing:
"I get pretty impatient with people who are able-bodied but are somehow paralyzed for other reasons"
-Christopher Reeve(superman)'s a man who was paralyzed in a freak accident from the neck down..yet dedicated his life to stem cell research and NEVER gave up.....

it made me feel really I say to all of you...WE CAN DO long as you can get up in the morning..we can win this war...we can become healthier..and we can become HAPPIER..b/c it all comes as a total package...

so in my words..LETS GET IT

sorry for this being so long..

posted 14-Jun-2009 8:06am

I started last Monday. i couldn't wait and I got on the scale this morning. I lost 4.6 lbs. I can't believe it. I have never lost so much weight so fast. i have been working out for months but only lost 2 lbs. I cheated Tuesday night. i was stuck in the airport from 5pm until 2am. I ate a crabcake w/o in sides, fries etc. Then I caved in with two slices of pizza at a birthday party. But 4.6 lbs and 3 days to go. I'm amazed and motivated to finish part 1.
posted 16-Jun-2009 9:31am

day 4 and Ive cheated..had some was either that or pass out....but Andie has given me hope...other than this coffee that Im sipping right now(with only splenda and some skim milk) Ive been on track...

lawd help me...

still focused though....

posted 16-Jun-2009 11:53am

DeShon - glad to hear you're sticking to it. It is much harder to go through detox when you have already been through it. It will definitely be worth it. You do notice the difference in your food choices. You're right, don't beat yourself up; just get back on track and don't look back! You can kick butt by the 4th.

I have noticed it is harder now to lose. It is easy to lose at first because of all the water weight. So the clothes are not getting as big as fast. So we're kicking it up a notch or two at the gym.

I too had a some cake and apple cobbler this week. (I could not decide, so I took a little of each one. But, I'm done cheating until next weekend. smile I look forward to the one cheat day. It gives me something to strive for towards the end of the week. I weigh in tomorrow morning, so I will definitely keep everyone posted.

My husband is really doing well. We have created a maniac. He is the one keeping me in line. Although I bought some snack size chips for a bake sale and church, and he admitted he was not strong enough to keep the leftovers in the house. I promised to hide them. (I guess I better do it when I get home tonight. :)

Congratulaions everyone!!! Let's push and see what we can do by July 4th! Then we can celebrate a little for the holiday.

God bless...
posted 17-Jun-2009 8:27am

Quote for the day;

Just when the catepillar thought the world was became a butterfly"

hold tight to all the possibilities and never lose hope...WE ALL CAN DO THIS!

Fran..same here...the first detox I was so excited b/c as you stated all the "water" weight came like you Ive kicked it up at the gym...and I plan to add 5 minutes each week to the elliptical and more reps as each week goes by for my aerobics...I would be satisfied with 5-6 more pounds by the 4th...we will make it...

Lets Get it!

posted 17-Jun-2009 11:41am

Hi everybody,
I have a question. It may sound stupid but I was looking for an unsweetened cereal and I couldn't figure out which one really doesn't have added sugar. Could you please let me know which brand you usually buy.
posted 18-Jun-2009 10:27pm

i'm excited. i lost 6 lbs in the detox phase.
posted 22-Jun-2009 12:23pm

Hello everyone!

Congratulations on the six pounds Andie! Keep up the great work!

Maah as or unsweetened cereal, it depends on the phase you are in. If you are on Phase I, you can only have Oatmeal. You can sweeten with with Splenda.

Phase II you can move to whole grain cereals like Cheerios, Life, etc.

I decided not to weigh myself last week. I thought since I did not do as well the weekend prior, it would not be wise to weigh myself. Tragically, one of my employees passed away at home and I was the one who went to his home when he did not show up to work. This has been quite a bit to deal with in the last week. I've been doing my best to hit the gym and stick to the plan as much as possible. I have a new attitude this morning and I know I will be kicking it into high gear. My husband continues to do great.

I will go ahead and weigh myself on Thursday and see how we are looking. The 4th is next week and I would at least like to be at my 30 pound mark! After redoing Detox, everything kinds of runs together. I do not believe my husband and I consciously entered phase 4. Also, since my weight loss is starting to slow down, I need to adjust my food again. This is another reason I am not losing as much as I did in the beginning. I can not eat as much fruits and vegetables as I did previously and loose the same amount of weight. It is not easy for the girls at all!! My husband on the other hand looks awesome. At last check he has lost about 41 pounds. His whole body has changed. It is not fair!!

I have decided I am going to try adding the protein to my water (Biggest Loser) before I work out. This will be helpful as well. I am not getting enough protein.

DeShon - How you doing?

Lou - Have not heard from you. Hope all is well.

Sorry for the long entry, but I must admit, I look forward to checking in especially on Mondays. I get a jolt of encouragement for the week!

All the best to everyone and have a great week!!
posted 23-Jun-2009 2:30pm

Hey Fran....

wow...Im really sorry to hear about your is just just never know and that is the reason we should all live it and not make excuses...we have this life and we can be and do anything...I will be praying for you...and your employees family...

Like you I decided not to weigh myself this week either....Fathers day is hard for me b/c my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack last year (2/8/08)...although it was still a nice day....(took my sons father out)...I still felt really sad..and my eating reflected that...I keep a food journal and was really honest with myself..I did horrible the ENTIRE weekend...however...I did exercise 6 DAYS last week..and Ive exercised so far everyday this week....

yeah its extremely UNFAIR how men breathe and seem to lose weight...but it is what it is ...either we(women) except it and push harder..or we stay unhealthy and this point in my life failure is no longer an option..diabetes, cancer, heart disease..all run in my family...Im 33 years old and this weight battle has been an ongoing life issue...and Im tired of it....


a quote for you Fran (one of my favorite)
'Life is not about learning to get through the storms...its about learning to dance in the rain"

Keep your head up...


P.S... LOU...WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!? LOL!!
posted 23-Jun-2009 2:31pm

Fran that anonymous was me...LOL!

oh yeah...never did do an entire 9 days of the DETOX...but Im trying to mix phase one and two together....

still trying...

posted 24-Jun-2009 12:43pm

Thank you DeShon!

Unfortunately, I had to weigh myself afterall because of my personal trainer. I gained 0.6 pounds. I am going to modify my diet a little more because I think between the problems with my thyroid levels and other hormones, I have just hit a little bit of a plateau. I am kicking up the cardio in my workout a little more. Outside of the cheating, we have pretty much still followed phase 3. I'll see what happens in the next week. By the way, my personal trainer thought the added protein in my water in the morning was a good idea. We do not want a whole lot because we are not trying to bulk up, but having some in the morning will help with energy levels and help to burn fat. I'll let you know how it goes.

We are going to have to put out an APB on Lou!! Lou where are you??

God bless!
posted 25-Jun-2009 12:17pm

Funny how it takes a week to prepare to be away from work for 5 days and it takes 2 weeks to catch up.

the diet. oh the diet! I think I'm on Phase IV. Actually, I'm just making better food choices and not eating so darn much
Hate to say it, but I've been too busy to be on Phase I or II. I lost 3 pounds this week so I must not messing up too bad. Actually, I've been so busy at work I've been skipping meals. I know, I know BAD BAD BAD.

I haven't measured myself with a tape measure in over a month. That is the real test because my 3-5 pound fluctuation might be water. Anyone doing this or checking body fat? My gym lost their body fat thingy (technically speaking) and I'm too cheap to buy my own. rats

Looks like everyone is chugging along and making gains (or losses ha ha). GOOD!

Hi Deshon! Sorry to hear about your misfortune, Fran.

I didn't hit the gym in over two weeks. I started back this week. Lord help me!

If anyone is looking for a cardio workout that will kick your butt into gear and lift it at the same time try the stair stepper. Holy smoke that thing works me half to death and I love it.

July is just around the corner and if you haven't hit the number on the scale you were hoping for...who cares? You've been focusing on YOU and as we women and moms know...that rarely happens. Be proud of what you HAVE accomplished and no worries over what you haven't.
posted 25-Jun-2009 4:22pm


So glad to hear you're back and sounds like your doing pretty good. I'm so happpy!

You are right the stair stepper is no joke! It gives you a great intense workout and really gets the heart rate going. Since we have kicked up the cardio I KNOW I will see a difference next week!

Take care! :)
posted 29-Jun-2009 10:11am

Hey Everyone..

Hey Lou and Fran...

UMMMMMM I walk past that stairstepper thingy EVERYTIME I go to the gym....I think I might try it since you both are raving about it...LOL!

All I can say is I was off last week..and I ate like I was off..last I weighed myself I gained 2.8 pounds..pulled my hamstring last week so I only exercised 3 days....

what more can I least you both are in a "phase"...Im just all over the place...remixing it like my name is P Diddy or something..LOL!!

monday..back to work...hamstring back to the gym....I am making an effort to go to 5 CLASSES this week...

something isnt going right b/c I cant seem to lose anymore like Fran said...Im gonna kick up the cardio...veggies...and water...and protein..and pray it gives my body a boost...

the war continues...

posted 30-Jun-2009 12:59pm

Hello everyone!

I think we have just hit a plateau and like you I did not do so well over the weekend. I am still going to the gym. This is a big plus! My personal trainer told me not to be discouraged because she started training weighing 115 wearing a size 11, after six weeks, she was 135 wearing a size 4. Keep up the work and I'm glad to hear you're back in the gym. I think it gets more difficult around holidays. However, this will be a hurdle you have to figure out what works best for you. Don't beat yourself up. Once we pull through the plateau, the weight will start coming off again.

Be very proud of what you have done thus far. Keep your eye on the prize at the end.

Have a great week!

God bless....
posted 1-Jul-2009 7:20am

wow you can weigh 115 and wear a size 11!?!?!?!

yeah...muscle really does weigh more than fat....

posted 3-Jul-2009 3:36pm

Happy 4th everyone!!!

Job well done. Aim is to get back on track after the Holiday!

DeShon - I know you're looking good!!! :)
posted 5-Jul-2009 12:13pm

Hello everyone, I am getting ready to start fat smashing tomorrow. I am currently on W.W and I have feel off track...I need something to jump start me again. Has anyone been able to incorporate ww and fat smash together and still get the required pts.
posted 6-Jul-2009 2:13pm

Hello everyone! How was the 4th? Ready to kick some Fat Smash butt? Or, are we still eating leftovers. :) I won't even begin to lie and say I was an angel over the holiday. I actually did not do too too bad either. My biggest downfall is that I did not make it to the gym. Outside of that and a few leftovers, I will make it to the gym today and back on track completely by tomorrow. Good luck to everyone this week!!

Car'ren, if you plan on doing Fat Smash, you will need to stick to the phases at least through one and two. As you incorporate more back into your eating habits, you will be able to follow the point system more easily. Hope that helps!!

God bless...
posted 7-Jul-2009 6:30pm

115 wearing size 11 - is she 3 feet tall?
sorry. that just made me scratch my head a little.

I just ate a double cheeseburger and 6 piece nugget. Needless to say I'm slacking. Haven't gained anything back (yet). Been going to the gym 3 times a week. Not nearly enough, I know.

So hard to get back on when you've fallen off the wagon. Starting was easier than getting back.

I'm discouraged, but I know I cna do it. Just a lot of drama going on right now.

Good to see the rest of you still striving to do this.
posted 9-Jul-2009 2:46pm

All I can say is I go to the gym faithfully! LOL! eating...well Im keeping a food diary...hopefully this helps...

Lou....I said the same thing...Im still baffled at how you can weigh 115 and be a size 11...Fran I need to see this woman...LOL!!!

All we can do is try...try..and try is all about striving to be the best we can be...

so get up..get back on the horse..and lets get it!

P.S. yes Fran..I do feel kind of fabulous today in my babyphat jeans and cute shirt...LOL!
posted 9-Jul-2009 3:28pm

I must admit, I too had to scratch my head. She is a little teeny thing. I may have my numbers wrong, so I will ask again to clarify.

I weighed myself this morning. Although the scale only shows I lost 0.3 pounds (WOW! - this is actually pretty amazing after all I ate over the weekend.) I can certainly feel the difference in inches. I will keep everything up with the hopes that the weightloss will kick back in.

I heard Dr. Ian on the radio this morning. I may switch up and try the 4 day diet at the beginning of August. I am thinking if this might help. My husband and I leave for a cruise on 8/21. My goal is to lose at least another 15 pounds. We plan to try for another baby by the beginning of September!

Keep feeling fabulous and good about all you've done so far!

Lou - oh that double cheeseburger sounds delicious!!! I'll have to have one on my next cheat day!

Keep on keeping on!!!

God bless!
posted 11-Jul-2009 9:29am

FRAN!!! You are going to lose all this weight and then have a BABY!!!!

LOL! Im just joking...continued success in all you want to do....

Its the weekend yall..Im at work...going on a date tonight..will do my best to not cheat!

P.S. Ive basically remixed the diet and now Im stepping back off breads and drinking water only...trying my best to get my whole grains, and five servings of fruits and veggies a day with 8 glasses of water..everything else is open game...

P.P.S Fran I was thinking about trying that 4 day diet too...maybe I will start July 31st and see what happens...Im not going to weigh myself anymore until the 31st...if I still havent shed at least 6 pounds then Im going back to being more strict on this diet and will most likely start the 4 day diet...

Until then....LETS GET IT!!!!
posted 11-Jul-2009 9:32am

But then again Fran trying for a baby is

I couldnt resist...

ok..back to work while all normal people are off on the weekend....:(
posted 13-Jul-2009 1:39pm

I am starting with phase I for the second time which is so hard for me. The first time I didn't make it all the way through b/c once I got to day 6 I binged on a lot of naughty things, but I did lose 7 lbs in those 6 days. I am going to dust myself off and try again. I went to Miami last month with my girls that I haven't seen in 10 years, and it seems that I am the only one who has totally let my body go so I felt really self conscious, and worried about those pics ending up on fb. Let me re-read the article that inspired me to start this diet in the first place and get it together! All of your comments are really encouraging especially those of you who fall and get back up again.
posted 13-Jul-2009 3:23pm


aint fb a ------

I feel you...but just like you said...try..try..try...again..Im sure you will be just fine...

Lets Get it!
posted 14-Jul-2009 12:57pm

I am on day 5 of the detox. Overall I feel good. However, I am really scared to get on the scale on day 9.
I am scared that I didn't lose weight. I have been going to the gym every other day for 90 min, when I
don't go to the gym I use the treadmille at home for 30 min and do a jane fonda video for 30 min. I am still
very nervous. Do you think I could have a good result by day 9?
posted 14-Jul-2009 1:13pm

Ana - based on the exercise you have been doing and if you're sticking to Phase I, you will not have any problems losing weight. That is the great thing about this diet.

DeShon - you are too funny! Yes. I am losing weight to gain it back. However, like you said, I will have fun in the beginning and this will be "good" weight. Based on the experience I have had with this diet, it won't take too long to get it off. I hope you had a ball on the date! You know we do not typically eat much on the first few dates anyway, so you should be good. ;) Think about how good you look since you started the diet. Diva!!!

Everyone - give yourselves a pat on the back. It is very difficult to lose anything this time of year. Hang in there and do what works best for you. Stick as closely as you can to the plan and make it work. I have found on 5 days and off for 2 is working pretty good for me. I am not gaining and I have lost inches. I have to take my wedding bands in to be sized. I waved my hand the other day and my rings went flying across the room! (That actually made me feel pretty good!!!)

Lou - Hope you're doing okay..

Have a great week!

God bless...
posted 14-Jul-2009 2:16pm

Deshon - thank you and yes fb is a -----! Puts your business out there for all to see, but its cool, I always choose clothes that still make me look fabulous in photos despite the extra pounds.

Ana - I agree w/ Fran that you should see a difference when you weigh yourself w/ all that activity and the diet. Even if you don't see a huge difference on the scale, your clothes may not fit as tight.

This is day 2(again) and I'm feeling good. Not starving. Spent one hour at the gym.

My bday is 7/31 and I usually have a dinner party w/ liquor, but in light of the circumstances, I will plan something else. I'm hoping to lose 10 lbs by then and 20 lbs before school starts back. Also, I am going to Jamaica at the end of October and those pics will be fb ready!

Good luck everyone!
posted 14-Jul-2009 4:02pm

First day i have a really bad headache no caffeine. What do i do to make my oatmeal taste better?
posted 14-Jul-2009 9:34pm

I am on Detox Day 5. But, I am going to the gym tomorrow. I am even keeping a food diary! I really want to weigh myself because I do not feel as though I have lost weight. I have been following all the guidelines and exerscising. Should, I weigh myself? I might need the extra motivation. ^^;

Try adding some fruit into your oatmeal. That is what I usually do, and it tastes better, not so much like paper? LOL ;O;
posted 15-Jul-2009 4:24pm

I am almost on Phase 2 only 3 more days. I was wondering how much weight anyone on phase two has lost?
posted 16-Jul-2009 1:02pm

hi everyone,
I am just starting the EFS -- my day one is tomorrow. I have been leading up to this day by starting a slow transition to eating the right foods. I need to lose 20-25 pounds. my blood pressure is borderline high, and diabetes runs in my fam.
i am going out to buy the book and would like to continue the love and support and question answering i've seen here. I don't weigh myself a lot because it has become depressing. i work at a desk 8 hours a day and i am a single mom with 2 kids. i try to work out (power walk and dips for my flabby arms) at lunch. i am starting with the extreme fat smasher because i know i can do it. Anyone else want to chime in? how is your EFS going?
posted 17-Jul-2009 11:14am

Ana- if you are doing all you say you are...then you will see success by day 9..stay will be really surprised..

Nikki- yeah FB is something else..but I know you look fabulous and like you said you will be FB ready fa sho by the end of october...this dam* internet...LOL!

Fran- Girl Im trying...your plan sounds really good (5 days on 2 days off)..once again call me Diddy b/c Im remixing....I have been going to the gym faithfully and I am still doing my whole grains...watching my bread intake and eating lots of fruits and veggies...Im not weighing myself though..b/c Ive been taking a step sculpt class at the gym...and I know that when you being strength training the numbers act Im staying away from the scale...maybe sometime in august I will weigh myself....your rings flew off!?!? yep..keep doing what you are doing!

Lou....where are you!!?!?!?

Heather...I keep a food journal as well...this really keeps me in check....

to everyone else...lets keep getting it!

My new be extremely fabulous by Thanksgiving so my family members can hate...LOL! (I am envisioning myself in a cute turtleneck fitted sweater(think gap) some really tight cute jeans and these fly wedge heal boots I already own....) gotta have a vision....LOL!!

Talk to yall later...
posted 17-Jul-2009 11:55am

come to think of it my girlfriend is having her babyshower sometime in september(I hope she makes it the end of me time to lose more weight..) it possible to lose 50 pounds in 2 months...LOL!! there will be alot of people from high school there..people I havent seen in 15 years...ummm...I do want to look cute...dang...I might have to start the 4day thing in august...give me a good 20 pound weight loss by the middle of september....lord help me...

ok...I just had to laugh at myself...
Thin Inside
posted 18-Jul-2009 4:10pm

Well, day 5 on phase 1. All is going well, and I hardly miss the meat. Thank god for the sweet potato fries. They are my savior. Please forgive me everyone, I have not made it to the store to buy the book yet. (it is on my "To Do" list) Are canned refried beans with salsa mixed in okay to eat? I have about 50 pounds I want to lose before Halloween so here's to all the success and motivation you all have given me. If you can do it, so can I.
posted 18-Jul-2009 4:38pm

Hey last day of Phase 1.
Can I ever have crackers again?
Crackers are never mentioned in the book.
Thinkin' Thin
posted 19-Jul-2009 1:25pm

Can not eating enough protein hinder my weight loss and how much protein should you be eating a day?
posted 19-Jul-2009 3:48pm

Thanx Heather
posted 19-Jul-2009 5:08pm

Hi all, just found your blog and found a lot of the posts encouraging! I have 35 lbs to lose. I am on day #7 phase 1. Some of the posts are confusing... can you have sweet potato or not in phase 1? Also, what are allowable cheat foods (the stuff besides egg whites/beans/milk/veggies and fruit/yogurt)?
posted 24-Jul-2009 6:09pm

Ana you can have 7 saltines a day! look in the snack part of the book

Hi all. I'm 6 pounds away from my goal. SLOOOOOOOOOWWWW going, but ok.

DeShon, I like the outfit in your vision. Winter clothes are so much HOTTER than summer clothes :)

keep on keepin on

it's all we can do, que no?
posted 24-Jul-2009 6:11pm


you can have sweet potato in Phase I. Don't FRY them is all. hell, you can even put a tsp on butter on it!

In Phase II you can have coffee or a diet coke and CHEESE AND MEAT

Scroll up for recipes for DeShon's smoothies. those rock
posted 26-Jul-2009 10:14pm

I am sorry I don't know exactly which snacks are for what phase. Its not labeled.
Also, I just found out about the snack section. I feel dumb T^T
posted 27-Jul-2009 12:25pm

Hey LOU!

where you been?

how is it going?

be back to really reply in a minute.....
posted 29-Jul-2009 2:04pm

Hey gang!! Guess who's checking in! Glad to see Lou is so close to your goal weight! Good for you. It is still slow going me as well.

DeShon, I like the vision of the outfit! I am going to have to come up with something cute. In fact, I have a full length mink that has been a little fitting. I know it will look good really soon. (With my luck, it will not even get cold enough this winter! I'll wear it anyway!)

Just back from a long weekend in Niagara Falls and trying to get back on the right track as usual. We leave for a cruise in three weeks, so I am pretty hyped to see what we are going to get accomplished in the next three weeks! I bought the four day diet book yesterday (I'll let you know how it goes.)

Keep the motivation going! There is a lot of inspiration from this blog!

Have a great week!
posted 5-Aug-2009 1:04pm

Hey everyone....

Fran you stay on vacay!! I aint mad...

well I have been switching it up..hit a barrier and did not lose a pound for almost three weeks...laid off the fat smash and did some Weight watchers(yes Ive been a member of them all..LOL!) and Im happy to report that in two weeks Im down 7 pounds...I switched my exercise routine up it seems I was able to bust through another barrier...God is with this I pray I dont hit another road block...if I keep going this way (at least 1-3) pounds a week by november I should be hitting my goal..(by then I may even go further b/c its always good to have some breathing room)

anyway just wanted to say hello...this plan works...but sometimes you have to step away from it to give your body that extra boost...

lets get it!
posted 6-Aug-2009 1:01pm

that anonymous above is pc
posted 12-Aug-2009 12:16pm

Lou, thanks!! Happy to report I'm on the 2nd week of phase 2 and I've dropped 12 BIG pounds!!!!!!!!!!! I've fallen off a couple of times, but got back on, thanks for encouraging me. Sweet potatoes are my friend, and DeShon's smoothies :)
posted 12-Aug-2009 5:47pm

Happy to hear a change worked for you as well! I am also happy to report that with my change, I lost 5.5 pounds in one week! I am so excited. Of course getting ready to leave for vacation again, but it will be just fine. Of course, my husband lost double at 10 pounds and some change. (ugh!!!)

DeShon - I sent a couple of e-mails to the account listed above and never got a response. I was trying to check up on you.

Keep up the great work! I am going to have to try one of your smoothies. You may have to put a patent on those things!

Way to go Jerri! Keep it up!

Have a great week!
posted 14-Aug-2009 8:18am

Hey all....

hard week....what more can I say? I mean really...:)

I have been able to maintain lost to report...:(

Jerri...glad you like the smoothies..they definitely help....

Fran...old email..hit me up at pounds!! I am so JEALOUS!! LOL! CONGRATS! of course you stay on VACAY(Im still jealous)...please feel free to email me....with this email they come to my phone and Im addicted to my blackberry so I will definitely hit you back..Have fun!

Lou...Holla at

To everyone else...LETS GET IT!
posted 5-Sep-2009 8:54pm

well gonna give this a try after labor day .........wish me luck
posted 5-Sep-2009 8:56pm

one more thing whats wrong with using canned beans?
posted 12-Sep-2009 2:49pm

Anyone on this diet?? I have gone on it in 2007, 2008 and on it again now in 2009. I gain weight during the summer (BBQ'S and ice cream) and want to get it off. I assure anyone that is on it, IT DOES WORK!! I always kept it off for months, then OOPS a few pounds sneak up on me. I lost 21 pounds the first time, I really stuck to it, 10 pounds the second time. Now 5 pounds on day 5 now. Can anyone come up with any new recipes ??
posted 15-Sep-2009 4:03pm

I started on the Fat Smash Diet on 9/1, lost 13 lbs. in Phase 1. Tomorrow will be a week on Phase 2 and it seems like my weight loss has stopped. I haven't gained so I guess that's good. Should I go back to Phase 1 again so soon or wait the entire 3 weeks of Phase 2? Any suggestions?
posted 23-Sep-2009 9:59am


Be careful about weighing yourself more than once a week. This can cause you to become discouraged. Most times the second week is hardest because of the initial adjustments your body makes to eating properly. Are you working out? Physical activity definitely makes a difference. Also, do you have variety in your meals? Sometimes if you continue to eat the same things your body will get comfortable and your metabolism is not reved up.

Anonymous - check out the recipes listed on back in April. They are really good.

I returned from the cruise and did not get back on track fast enough. I am not detoxing again. It is going pretty good. We'll see how we're looking at the end of 9 days.

God Bless.....
posted 6-Oct-2009 3:07pm

I lost 10 pounds in phase one when I did it in May 2009. Lost about a pound or 2 in phase 2 and then I took a break from dieting and lost more weight. Now after losing 50 pounds since January, I have hit a serious plateau and I'm going back on the fat smash phase 1 to conquer it. I want to lose at least 20 more pounds so let's see how it goes. I"m on day one of phase one and I love lentils and egg whites! Happy smashing - fat that is!
posted 8-Oct-2009 12:29pm

I'm on my 4th day of this new diet.... it has really been easy... I've lost 3.5 lbs so far! Hopefully I can get my 50 lbs off. I know it's going to be hard. I really miss my red wine in the evening.... we will see.
posted 30-Oct-2009 3:21pm

DESHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you? I need inspiration. I started this diet on April 14th and I was totally hyped. I lost about 8 pounds on the detox and then I stopped. I don't know what happend. I should be so sexy by now. :( I haven't stopped walking yet. I walk an hour 5 days a week and that has trimmed me down some but I'm not where I should be. I am starting detox again tommorow so everybody keep me in there diet prayers. LOL! To everybody who is doing good, don't stop. "Let's get it".
posted 3-Nov-2009 1:50am

just started the diet today! i weight 124 lbs and i am 5'2". goal is to lose 10 lbs!
posted 6-Nov-2009 10:45am

Hello All,

I started the fat smash on Nov 1, 2009, today is day 6, the 1st coupla days were really hard, shows how much Im addicted to sugar and caffeine. I'm feeling ok,but I was wondering why I was feeling soooo tired and guess what? its b/c it is that time of the month for me!!! ugghhhhh!!, I was wondering y I felt bloated n all, although I was eating way less. I have been sticking to it faithfully but have not had the energy to work out, only went walking one morning, but Im not going to weigh myself until day 10..will try to keep you posted..and good luck to all, I think its a lifestlye that I can follow 4ever tho, its realy not a "diet"
posted 17-Nov-2009 10:52am

Hang in there Candice. You will do just fine. It does really work. Even for those of us who go on and off of it! :)

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