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Fat Smash Diet


Detox for 9 days, eating mainly fruits. Then, eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise.


Initially, during the 9 day detox, you eat mainly just fruits and vegetables. Then, you shift to allowing more foods. You are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, lean meat, and sugar substitutes. You avoid sweets, alcohol, refined grains, fried food, fatty meats, and fatty salad dressings.

Regular exercise is a big part of this diet as well.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.


The "Fat Smash Diet" was created by Dr. Ian Smith who has a strong history in the media. He's the a medical contributor on ABC's "The View", a medical columnist for Men's Health magazine, and the diet expert on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." He has also been on various radio show and written articles for major newspapers and magazines. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and University of Chicago (medical school).


The idea of "detoxing" has no scientific meaning or basis. The book contains recipes, but some have too much salt.


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  15-Aug-2006 11:10am created by bill
  15-Aug-2006 12:21pm last update by bill

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posted 21-Nov-2009 7:57pm

Hey guys, i'm starting the fat smash again on monday 23. Hoping to stay on track and be help accountable I guess I mean with a support system so that I do not fall off the wagon again.
Perreira Carmon
posted 28-Nov-2009 12:31pm

Hello , it is Thanksgiving Day! I'm enjoying my extra day off, and I am planning to make something fun that will probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Lauderdale Lakes I haven't seen yet.
You write something new at Thanksgiving?
Kenni J
posted 1-Dec-2009 2:58pm

Can you eat nuts on phase 1
posted 2-Dec-2009 11:30pm

can you eat cottage cheese on phase 1 or any phases
posted 2-Jan-2010 3:59pm

Just started Phase I today. I tried the diet back in 2006, lost some weight, but didn't complete all phases.
posted 4-Jan-2010 5:48pm

I am on day one - all the postings are very helpful - the book is in the mail!
posted 5-Jan-2010 12:46pm

does anyone know if sugar free gum is okay to do? I am proudly on Day 2
posted 14-Jan-2010 3:48pm

this is my 3rd go round with phase 1. In 2007 I lost 30 pounds, in 2008 i did it FS for just phase 1 and lost 9 pounds now today I'm on day 8 and lost 5 pounds but at the same time, it was that time of the month. I started to add cardio so we will see how this go. Good luck to all!
djh- i'm not sure if sugarfree gum is acceptable but i sure chew sugarfree gum to help me through the day.
posted 19-Jan-2010 6:29pm

Hey guys! Glad to see some of you are still here and to the newer people - HANG IN THERE

I have the BEST diet ever. Have your boyfriend sleep with his daughter's middle school art teacher! I'm down to 125!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays

posted 20-Jan-2010 12:07pm

Which Fat Smash Diet allows you to have alcoholic beverages in the 3rd phase?
posted 26-Jan-2010 1:39pm

i have been on fat smash since Dec 1, 09. as of today i lost 24 lbs. 12 1bs by end of phase 1. i have been averaging 2 lbs a week since then. I work out 45 min a day 5 to 6 days a week. now starting phase 4 but i have not really eaten everything i could have on phase 3, no bread unless i am out with family. now i can have a drink or two. I will be increasing my workout to 60 mins. 30 in the morning and 30 in the evening. I love it.
posted 27-Jan-2010 11:23pm

Hey!!! Well I am fat smashing AGAIN!!! I am on day 4 and my my my....exhausted ;) I am not new to this however, after changing how I eat etc the first time...I was up to no fast food for two years and BOOM...I got pregnant!! My bundle of Joy just turned one years old...sooooo it is time to smash the fat!!! I was wondering...what if I do Phase I and II....then do the four day diet for 8 days (2 cycles) then go to Phase III....Any thoughts??
posted 27-Jan-2010 11:24pm

And tiffsmiff how much exercising are you doing? Congrats on the weight lose ;)
posted 30-Jan-2010 12:01pm

I have been reading about the Fat Smash Diet on the internet for a while now and will begin this journey soon. I plan to purchase the book today to make sure I fully understand the whole concept. I am looking as this as a life change not a "diet". Wish me luck.
posted 8-Feb-2010 12:17pm

Does anyone doing the FS diet have a thyroid issue? I just completed phase I and I lost 6 pounds. However, I can see problems ahead since I have NO metabolism. I'm taking thyroid meds and I'm interested to know if anyone else with a thyroid problem is having any real success following the plan.
posted 19-Feb-2010 11:57am

Hi all! I'm on Phase 1, Day 3 of Fat Smash. I've been doing really well, diet wise. Just have to squeeze in that workout. I'm joining World's Gym today. I started the year off at 190, with no specific plan, just cutting back on certain foods. On the day I started Fat Smash, I weighed ultimate goal is 125, no matter how long it takes. Can't wait to see the results.

I've read all of the posts, it was really helpful. Good luck to all, and congrats to those whose been successful!
posted 20-Feb-2010 7:48pm

Hey guys! I"m on Phase I of the Fat Smash Diet. But today, i did cheat...I had a few brownies, and some cookies. Do you think i should start over, or continue going? PLEASE HELP!
posted 20-Feb-2010 9:04pm

On the book's website, Dr. Ian states that if you cheat, it's best to start over, if you want the full effect of the detox...You won't be tempted to cheat again after doing that. :)
posted 21-Feb-2010 8:34pm

hey i have a question i am a 31 year old female who is tired of being overweight so i will be starting the Fat Smash Diet i have always given in when i say im going on a diet but im dead serious this time my husband just left to go overseas and i want him to come back to a healthy sexy confident wife, I have a few questions do i have to eat oatmeal i think it is very disgusting and can someone please please give me some examples of breakfast, lunch and dinner im so tired of feeling like this about myself.. please help!!!!
Fran Fran
posted 22-Feb-2010 3:47pm

Hello everyone! I started the Fat Smash Diet January 4 of this year. I lost 17 lbs this year already. I do Phase I for 2 to 4 days if I ever over cheat over the weekend. I have really studied this diet. Although Phase I is a great start, I find that by adding fish and high fiber wraps I'm losing really well! Especially losing in inches. I love tilapia and I love to eat those wraps that have 12 grams of fiber (they only have 71 calories in them) I eat about 1200 to 1300 calories a day and probably 1500 on the weekend. I follow the Fat Smash and Extreme Fat Smash Diet simultaneously. It has been very beneficial to my health.

I have a serious sweet tooth and I studied the diet to see how I could incorporate a few deserts. I LOVE oatmeal, so I buy the box of High Fiber Instant Oatmeal/Cinnamon Swirl and a can of NO SUGAR Cherry pie or Apple pie filling and make an oatmeal crisp. It is good! My kids even love it. I make the same thing with peaches. Sometimes I add some fresh berries to the pie fillings. I take the oatmeal packs and mix in a little classic oatmeal and 2 egg whites and evenly distribute on top of the pie filling and melt about 1/2 stick of I Can't Believe it's Butter over the top. It is a great substitute.

I exercise every day, except Sunday. If it is possible to get a workout on Sundays, I will do about 30 minutes. When I just don't feel like exercising, I do the Wii "Just Dance", its fun and after about 10 songs I've danced about an hour. If I'm not dancing I'm running walking on the treadmill 30 to 40 minutes or Leslie Sanson "Walk Away the Pounds."

Lastly, I take a One A Day Vitamin every day.
posted 23-Feb-2010 11:52pm

Tiel -

This is a great recipe... and can help make a FANTASTIC breakfast!

Crust - 1 cup oatmeal, 1/2 can garbanzo beans, 1 egg white, 1 tsp olive oil - mix in food processor (add a little water do make more dough like) Spread out on a cookie sheet and back @ 400* until the edges start to lift.

Toppings - In your food processor, blend 2 apples until it makes 'apple sauce' Spread onto cooked crust. I like to bake the apple onto the crust for about 10-15 minutes. Top with fresh bananas, berries, or any kind of fruit you like! Refridgerate overnight and you'll have breakfast in the morning, or dessert at night! I seriously think it tastes like pie, but super healthy!

Use the same crust for pizza! Instead of apple sauce, blend a couple tomatoes and onion, maybe add some basil.. top with bell peppers, broccoli, whatever sounds appetizing to you! If you have to have cheese, Veggie Shreds makes some really good soy based cheeses.

Good luck to you! I hope this helps get you started!
posted 24-Feb-2010 2:32pm

Fran and Ashley, I've been looking for something to do with fruit other than fruit salads, those recipes sound yummy! Thanks for posting!

Just 2 more days to go in Phase I, chicken breasts and salmon, here I come!
Fran Fran
posted 25-Feb-2010 12:25pm

thanks Ashley - the pizza idea sounds great!

Tasha, I can sympathize with you awaiting your chicken and salmon. I try to do the Detox every time I get a chance, but I find that it's a great boost, but you can lose just as much on any of the Phases. The only difference is the pace in which you lose it.

My pastor called a fast for 5 days, it started Monday and it ends Friday night. We fast everyday until 3pm. I have been doing great on my diet still. I thought I would be rushing to food, but everything is still on track. Just for those that wanted to know if they could still fast on the Fat Smash Diet. I end my fast with a High Fiber Antioxidant bar or a Fiber One bar. Then that gives me time to prepare my mind for what I will be eating and I try not to exceed 500 calories. I eat a evening snack of about 100 calories and I don't eat anything after 7pm. After 3 days your brain starts to wonder when are we going to eat, but physically you're good!

I had 78 pounds to lose and now I have 61 pounds to lose. I would love to lose a quick 10 pounds, but I'm not gonna stress it;)
Vicki Vail
posted 26-Feb-2010 10:38pm

Hello Everyone!

I have only lost 3 punds in Phase I. I am really fustrated. Can anyone tell me how to find the Extrem Fat Smash Diet program? Thanks and keep up the great work.
posted 27-Feb-2010 11:36am

Hi All!

Well, yesterday was my weigh-in and official began of Phase II. I lost 4 pounds! I really wasn't expecting a huge drop since I rarely Vicki I hear ya, but 3 pounds is still better than none at all and from what I've read about the program, results can really vary, so don't be frustrated. What I really love about FS is that it's shrunken my appetite, because I had a HUGE problem with overeating.

I've just recieved my copy of Extreme Fat Smash, which I'll be moving into at the end of Phase II. I've read the book, and it's much more structured than the FS. Your diet will depend on how you rate your metabolism, or how easy it is for you to lose weight.. alpha if its easy, something if its kinda easy, and something if its not so easy..sorry I forget the terms :) Anyhoo, seems pretty interesting.

Based on that you follow your eating regimen along with the recommended workout plan. With this the workout is detrimental to losing the weight, which is for most at least 12 pounds after the first cycle.

Best of luck to everyone!
posted 10-Mar-2010 2:51pm

Hi everyone I read a lot of the earlier posts. Today is my first day of The Fat Smash Diet so I'm day one into detox. So far so good, I like it. I did 45 minutes of aerobic walking via an exercise tape (123 mile walk with Leslie Sansone). 223 lbs looking to get down to 145. We'll see... hehe.
posted 12-Mar-2010 2:51pm

Hey everyone! I am currently on day 2 of phase 2. I am feeling fine today, but last night, I went to Bikrham Yoga, and felt like crap after class! I was really weak! My stomach was churning, and the last thing I wanted to do was continue this diet! But I boiled some Collard greens, and ate that as a soup subsitute.
I must admit... I have realized that I do not like FRUIT! But I am trying to eat as the diet is instructing me. I am playing with recipes and would love some ideas to help me get through pahse 1. Good luck to all, and the most important thing is we are making a "healthy" change!
posted 12-Mar-2010 2:52pm

Sorry I meant day 2 of Phase 1!
posted 13-Mar-2010 11:44pm

Soo going into day three seemed like a breeze! I woke up feeling good, but somewhere during the day I wanted something sweet so bad! I ate two fat free fig newtons! After that little episode I went for a two mile run! And I'm hoping I hve continued will power to finish this detox. I really want to see resultssmile welp... I'll check back in and hopefully hve great news to report.
Chris B
posted 14-Mar-2010 12:20am

Hey everyone. Im on week two of Phase I and for some reason I have already hit a plateu. I am super motivated to keep going but Im just wondering if anyone knows why this may be? I am sticking to the diet strictly. Im 5'3 and started at 145. I lost 7 lbs in Phase I and then 3 lbs by day 3 of Phase II. However in the last week I have lost nothing. Some of my friends are saying its because my body is just transforming into mucle from all the running etc Ive been doing. I dont know...Im frustrated but not hopeless. Let me know what you l think! Thanks!
posted 15-Mar-2010 1:59pm

I'm on day 8 of detox. Have lost 3 lb so far. found a recipe for oatmeal pancakes that were outstanding. Then when I needed something sweet, I added 1 TBL of cocoa powder and some splenda and WOW that did the trick. Hoping for continued success.
posted 16-Mar-2010 1:02pm

Now im on day 6 in phase 1! I'm starting to feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I started this Detox with two co-workers, they have both quit... giving lame excuses that Diets just arent the healthy way to do it. Yea.... so when I'm looking good in my bathing suit... I will kindly remind them of how diets were not for you. But this one has done wonders for me.
I will be running about 3 miles today. I am really inspired to see this thing through! I am rooting for everyone here, we can do it!
I forgot to tell you my goal, I am 5'5 1/2 and I weigh 140. I want to lose about 15 pounds over the course of the 90 days. Overall, I want to learn how to eat healthy, I'm an ex athlete who never "had" to eat healthy in order to stay thin, now that I am in my mid 20s, the weight is not falling off like it should! Soooo I am trying more than anything to have a lifestyle change. And learning how to eat healthy is step #1!
Detox Newbie
posted 18-Mar-2010 4:14pm

Getting ready to start this thing. Daya, do it while in your 20's cuz when you get to your 40's the wait doesn't come off as easy as it will for you. My goals.....I'm a dude, 40, 6'2 and 352 lbs. My goal is more about being healthy than weight loss. I hope that is a major side effect of being healthy. I got a physical three weeks ago and fully expected diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol but all of my levels were normal. My doctor told me that I must have really good genes and that if I didn't make a change these genes wouldn't keep me healthy for long. As a side affect from my weight I have poor circulation in my legs which has it's own issues. Anyway, if I had to pick a weight goal it would be to get down to 200 lbs. Doable? Yes.
posted 19-Mar-2010 2:06pm

can I eat mustard and turnip greens in phase 1 seasoned with smoked turkey meat (I will not eat the meat)?
Suzy Q
posted 19-Mar-2010 3:04pm

Hi everyone! I started The Fat Smash Diet 12 days ago. I am continuing Phase 1 for 2 more days, then moving to Phase 2. Although I feel SO GREAT, that I'm going to try to stay vegetarian, except for fish. I have a loooong way to go, I am 5'6" & weighed 330 before starting the diet. I weighed after 9 days, and lost 16lbs!!! That's why I decided to continue Phase 1 until my 2 week mark. I will weigh again in 2 days, then weekly after that. My ultimate goal is to reach 130. I am enjoying the diet, I already loved fruit, and I like most vegetables and brown rice, but I had a hard time with the oatmeal... it's never been my favorite. But I have even started enjoying it now, I make it using skim milk and cut up a banana in it. I have a juicer that I use to make carrot juice every morning, and I have found the oatmeal goes down much yummier along with a cup of carrot juice. I have an elliptical machine that I started doing 30 minutes (1 mile) 5X for week 1. Now, in week 2, I'm doing 33 minutes (1.3 miles) and haven't missed a day this week. I'm going to bump up to 35 minutes Sunday. I am extremely motivated & ready to change my body! :)
Fran Fran
posted 22-Mar-2010 3:07pm

I had a crazy springbreak and got off base with the fsd, but i'm back on. I weighed in Thursday at 225lb and I've been Detoxing since then I'm down to 215 lbs not so bad, just glad I got back on track in time. My first target is 210lb. Hopefully, I'll be there soon:) I'm detoxing for 14 Days. Today is Day 5. I love the detox - it's fun trying to think of more meals I can make out of such few options.
Chris B
posted 30-Mar-2010 8:40pm

Okay well I have continued to lose weigh slowly. Ive lost 14 lbs total so far. Since finishing the detox phase I started on phase 2 and then kinda had parties and things that came up that would get in my way of really sticking to phase 2. Now im in this limbo of going from phase 1 to 2 a few days each week and then Ill have a meal here or there thats completely off the diet. I have yet to gain any weight back but as I said I am not really on the diet completely anymore. I still want to lose another 10lbs and want to find th strength to get through. Someone help me get motivated to get back on. And someone tell me where to pick up?!
posted 8-Apr-2010 7:07pm

Okay, so I started today, and it's been a heck of a challenge! I'm used to having steak, eggs, and cheese everyday, and I feel this is going to be a great diet. I was wondering, will extending the detox phase increase weight loss? And for you guys already into this, how much do you lose a week in like phase II? I'm at 178 right now and I want to get down to 138! You guys inspire me.
posted 9-Apr-2010 11:46am

Hello all! Just started 2 days ago on Phase I...I feel bloated, and when I woke up today, I felt like I weighed 50 lbs heavier..and I have a moderate headache...why is this, I could barely pull my heavy butt outta bed after 2 days of water and fruits, and 3 miles of exercise a day??
posted 9-Apr-2010 5:20pm

the pizza crust with oatmeal and garbanzo is wonderful... I cook it longer to make a cracker... but .... since we use one cup uncooked that would be 4 servings... how come that part is never discussed... or am I totally wrong!
posted 9-Apr-2010 5:22pm

On day nine! I cheated and looked at the scale... 6.8 so far! liken' it!
posted 9-Apr-2010 8:02pm

Can I have bean salad with vinegar, a bit of EVOO, and some carbonated water? I don't want to screw up my work!
posted 9-Apr-2010 11:55pm

Day 5 of Phase I and I feel energized. I am still struggling with cravings; my daughter's oreo cookies are calling me right now but I am holding on. I had fried rice for dinner with pineapple, red pepper, peas, onions, mushrooms and tofu tonight. The tofu wasn't half bad.
My only complaint is that I don't seem as regular as I was before. You would think that with all the fruits and veggies the digestive system would be kicked up a notch.
Good Luck to you all.
Suzy Q
posted 10-Apr-2010 9:57am

Today is the last day of Week 5 for me. After 4 weeks I had lost 32 pounds and I weigh in again tomorrow morning. I cannot express how happy I am with this diet. I have had no problem whatsoever staying on this diet, staying full, and feeling GREAT!! I am staying vegetarian, but adding in everything else except meat, as instructed. Now up to 40 minutes daily on the elliptical,which used to be such a chore, but now is a necessity. I got a stomach flu 10 days ago & could not work our for 4 days. The last 2 of those days it took me 2 hours to fall asleep each night. Got back into my routine on the elliptical, and no sleep problems at all... snoozing as soon as my head hits the pillow. I love sitting down to eat my colorful brown rice stir-frys with various veggies and egg whites. Vary the veggies & seasonings and the meal possibilities are endless! I think the people having trouble with headaches are either having caffeine withdrawal or not drinking enough water --- both can cause headaches. I have a Brita water pitcher at home & at work and I have drank only water for several years, so I have not had any issues with headaches at all. Good luck all!! Raise a glass (of water) to getting healthy!!
posted 11-Apr-2010 2:00pm

Hey Everyone,
tomorrow will be my first day on the detox. Wish me luck. I have read the encourage ment from everyone and I really think with your help I can do it. I don't have a lot of support in my surreal life and am looking forward to chatting with you guys. Just one question, can we eat Almond milk and raisin bran crunch in phase one? Let me know and also Good luck to everyone and know that I am here for you all. Contact me at
posted 11-Apr-2010 2:42pm

ok.. so I guess the piza crust is suppose to be made with 1 cup cooked oat meal... not bad. But I'm telling you if you use dry oats with the garbanzos and egg white.. its a cracker!!!!
posted 11-Apr-2010 7:37pm

Hi All,

I just finished watching the final epsiode of the current season of Celebrity Fit Club; very interesting! I've never thought of trying a diet before (275 lbs, 5'5' tall = morbidly obese) but I think this might be a good one to try. About 6 years ago I weighed 325 lbs and I decided then to start working out/eating right. After a year I was down to 205 lbs-then I fell off my routine and gained 70 lbs back. I need to do something. When I was losing weight I felt sooo good about it. If you guys have any ideas/suggestions, please let me know. I will be starting the 9-day detox today. Good luck TMK40+less!
posted 12-Apr-2010 11:52am

another tasty treat... shredd zucchini add egg white and some pulverized (uncooked) oatmeal..seasonings ... make pancakes... use Pam. toatlly phase 1.
posted 14-Apr-2010 9:51am

I started Phase I 4/9/10. I am on day 6. I am 5 4 and started this diet at 162. As of this morning I have lost 4 lbs, just looking to lose 15 lbs total. I think this plan is a great way to change you eating habits for life. I was an avid runner and gym rat who never worried about what I ate. Due to knee issues I put on a lot of weight and have to change my eating habits. This program helped me break my plateau. I am going to do phase I for 14 days. After the first 3 days its not bad.
posted 14-Apr-2010 6:11pm

Well, day 8 and the bloating has pretty much subsided, and no more headaches. The cravings have really also gone away alot. Now, of course they are there, but I can recognize when they are the worst, and sugarfree gum helps alot. I can see where stress sends me running for chocolate, and late nights when everyone is in bed (i.e., loneliness) makes me want to make a sandwich with some Doritoes. I see it clearer now. The detox kind of detox's your mind too. I am so afraid to add more foods and do the wrong thing, or go back to old habits :( Fighting a lifetime of habitual overeating is tough. I will drop by and give you the update on the scale!!!!!
posted 14-Apr-2010 9:09pm

totally addicted to the pizza crust... warning... only make one batch at a time!
Though the other day I over indulged in it.. I did not eat any brown rice.. so I guess it equalled out.
posted 15-Apr-2010 4:57pm

I stayed up late reading all these postings. So inspirational! I'm compelled to write something about the diet. I'm on day 4 Phase I. I cheated and weighed myself but I won't give a # out to anyone until day 10. Lets just say this diet is working fantastically. The only prob I had was no caffeine and the headache withdrawls. I decided to have a cup of tea in the morning so I'm cheating, but I consider that not so bad. It's not like I'm eating papa johns!
My saving grace has been the oatmeal cookies that satisfy my sweet tooth.
2 packets plain oatmeal, 1/4 c unsweetened apple sauce, 1 egg white, and cinnamon for flavor. Mix together, drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake in 350 degree oven for 12 minutes. Mmmm mmmm good.
My 18 month old daughter loves them more than me!
Good luck to all!
posted 16-Apr-2010 10:58am

oh I'll have to try those.
I'm in week 2.. 9.5 lbs down! really my cravings are gone... as long as I'm not around it and watch !Tired yesterday and today.. so I did drink coffee.. I actually have had some a few times along the way... did it slow down my weight lose? I'm guessing that if it's the worst thing I did ... I'm doing just fine!
posted 16-Apr-2010 6:40pm

it's nuts!! Day 10, lost 12LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, hope it's not too fast, I guess I'll either succeed, or fall-off and double my starting weight...yikes!
posted 16-Apr-2010 10:40pm

posted 17-Apr-2010 10:06am

That's great! 12 lbs!! I hope I'm that fortunate. I started at 209 and would be ecstatic if that scale reads below 200 at the end of this Phase I. I can't believe my will power during this. I've been able to stick with it and not give in to temptation, even though it was hubby's bday yesterday and they had a steak dinner with cake afterwards. I had salad. lol. tough but I did it. Good job to everyone who's sticking to it. We're going to see wonderful results!
posted 17-Apr-2010 11:43am

Can anyone give recipes for the egg whites?
posted 17-Apr-2010 11:46am

I'm currently on an anti depressive medication (Lexapro) & has gained a lot of weight. I was wondering if this diet will be able to shed some of those unwanted pounds. Has anyone in my situation had good results with this?
posted 18-Apr-2010 7:24pm

I'm on antidepressants too. And I am having phenomenal success. Two people told me I was losing weight today! And, eating all those veggies and fruits make you happier naturally.
posted 19-Apr-2010 12:29am

Ah! I cheated yesterday by having some cheese with my broccoli as well as some bread and tomorrow I'm getting back on track! Should I totally start the detox over again? Or detox a couple of days then on to Phase II?
posted 19-Apr-2010 10:59am

I think you would be just fine going back on phase two... but you might mentally feel better from the 'cheat' if you gave yourself a day or two of detox.
posted 21-Apr-2010 2:36pm

Day 10! 10.5 lbs lost! i'm under the 200 mark. yippppeeeeee!
posted 21-Apr-2010 7:30pm

great job!!!!
posted 21-Apr-2010 9:12pm

That's fantastic!
posted 22-Apr-2010 10:22pm

I had some geat success on this diet and Im on Lexapro as well. It works if you follow it. I got a little stuck on phase I and hate to move to the other phases because I dont seem to lose any weight on the others. However, this last week I have totally fallen off! I am seriously stressed but I was doing well for so long. I need something to click in me again to get me fully motvivated to stick to the plan... Good luck everyone!
posted 23-Apr-2010 2:27am

Excited to start this diet tomorrow! Went shopping tonight and picked up a whole lot of veggies and fruit! Question... is there a limit to how much brown rice you can have per day? And does it matter if you eat instant oatmeal rather than regular oatmeal? Thanks and Good luck to everyone! Let's all get hot by summertime!!!
posted 23-Apr-2010 12:54pm

Is there such a thing as exercising too much in Phase I or II ?? I like to spend about an hour on the treadmill or elyptical machine. The book says only 30 min in the first phase.
posted 23-Apr-2010 2:10pm

well, the book looks at exercise in a progression. That's fine if you're exercising that much, but be prepared to exercise harder and longer in following phases!!
posted 23-Apr-2010 2:11pm

i think brown rice is limited to a cup per day??
posted 23-Apr-2010 6:50pm

Brown rice is two cups per day in phase 1. It is up to 2 cups a day.. you don't have to eat it all... for me... most days I did... and it really helped me feel full and not deprived. Cravings went away quickly. Regular oat meal is better then instant.. but either is fine and work. Make the oatmeal garbanzo bean and egg white crust I wrote about earlier.. it's great!
As for excerise... sure, no problem doing the hour.. but if you haven't done anything in a long time.. start slow, set yourself up to succeed.. you'll get to an hour in no time. If you burn yourself out to quickly in the bginning you won't want to continue.
posted 24-Apr-2010 7:25pm

hope everyone's sticking with it. Good luck all!
posted 24-Apr-2010 11:35pm

Does it matter if you boil the veggies? I know you probably get less vitamins that way, but I'm so used to cooking them like that! Hope it doesnt take away from the diet plan...
posted 25-Apr-2010 11:46am

try not to over boil to smush.. but I like them boiled too... so I did... I would even make a vegi soup that way by boiling alot together and blending.. almost tasted like a cream soup.
but yes, boiling does take some of the goodness away... But really I think just getting the vegi's in so you stay full anyway you can (minus cheese sauce and butter) is great!!!
posted 25-Apr-2010 11:47am

ran out of oatmeal for the cracker/crust I keep mentioning.. usd some of my brown rice for the day... that works too! YUM!
posted 25-Apr-2010 12:42pm

Hey, is it just me... or does this diet give you tons of energy?! Day 3 and feeling great!! Who needs coffee?!!
posted 25-Apr-2010 1:35pm

When buying frozen veggies, does the sodium level matter? The lima beans I bought were "butter beans" with 5% sodium per serving, at 3 servings per bag. That adds up to 15% of your daily sodium value. Ofcourse I ate the whole bag! Seems like a lot of sodium
for just lima beans!
posted 25-Apr-2010 6:15pm

Yes I have energy... but yes.. I cheated and had some coffee. Still losing.
posted 25-Apr-2010 7:11pm

Ooops!!! I had a donut today! Please don't tell me I have to start over!!!
posted 25-Apr-2010 11:18pm

This diet has actually made my skin look better!!
posted 26-Apr-2010 1:26am

Whats causing the mild headaches? I've never been a coffee drinker, so the whole "coffee withdrawel" theory is out the window! What else could it be?
Suzy Q
posted 27-Apr-2010 12:56am

OK, yesterday was my 7 week weigh in. I lost 11 lbs last week!! That makes 50 lbs in 7 weeks!! I'm astonished every week at how well this plan works. I've never had results like this in my life, and I'm never hungry whatsoever, I even leave food on my plate regularly. And all the energy!! It's AMAZING!! I'm doing 45 mins daily on the elliptical, and I feel great!!!
posted 27-Apr-2010 9:18am

How should I calculate the weight? Today will be my last day on P1 & I know I can weigh in today, but what about P2 & P3 (how often should I weigh in)? I've heard that weighing yourself first thing in the morning is the best becuase that is your "true" weight. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Happy losing to everyone.
posted 27-Apr-2010 1:32pm

SuzyQ- that is so great. Gives me inspiration to keep going. I haven't seen a loss this week (1st week phase II) but know that if I keep going I will see results. (10 lbs lost in 2 weeks not so bad). It must be water weight from introducing caffeine again. Can you give us a sample menu of what a typical day for you is like?
JH- I weigh in the mornings/weekly on the last phases. Anymore than that and you may get dissapointed if you don't see any loss after a few days. weekly is the best.
As for the headaches...try drinking more water. I had headaches bad the first 4 days but took an ibprofin and they went away.
posted 27-Apr-2010 7:16pm

Thanks CarrieMom !
posted 27-Apr-2010 7:18pm

Hello Everyone,
I have a Redi Set Go & George Foreman. Is there any good recipes out there for these two machines that is compatiable with the FSD?
Suzy Q
posted 28-Apr-2010 2:28am

Thank you so much CarrieMom! Sample daily menu (I decided to go vegetarian when I started this diet, and I intend on staying vegetarian, so my menu is vegetarian):

1 cup carrot juice (made with juicer)
1 cup oatmeal or bite-size shredded wheat
3/4 cup skim milk

7 oz. plain fat free Greek yogurt with 3/4 cup berries
Spring greens, spinach, cabbage, tomato, celery with 2-3 tablespoons fat free balsamic vinaigrette
"Grilled cheese" sandwich with whole wheat sandwich thins and 3/4 oz. slice reduced fat swiss cheese

Piece of fruit

Stir-fry: 1 cup brown rice; 3/4 cup liquid egg whites (All Whites by EggBeaters), scrambled; lots of veggies (I use varying combinations of mushrooms, broccoli, snow peas, cabbage, spinach, artichoke hearts, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots); cooked in Pam 100% olive oil spray or 1-2 teaspoons olive oil. Add 1 tablespoon reduced fat soy sauce. Delicious!
Cucumber in vinegar, sugar twin, water, dill seed & dill weed (my mom's famous concoction)
2 ears corn on the cob with lime squeezed over & sprinkled with chili powder
1/2 can black-eyed peas or Steamed broccoli with 1 tablespoon red. fat soy sauce or Steamables Brussels sprouts with 2 tablespoons fat free balsamic vinaigrette
1+1/2 cup serving of 16 Bean Soup with chili seasonings (dried, in bag, I've only found at Target), soaked overnight and made in the crock pot all day with 3 cans diced or Ro*Tel tomatoes, and 1-2 cups frozen corn, add additional chili powder & garlic to taste. (Makes a big pot)
"Pizzas" using whole wheat sandwich thins for the crust, on 1 half I put sliced or diced tomato, basil and reduced fat shredded mozzarella or Italian blend cheese, and basil. The other half chopped artichoke hearts, torn spinach leaves, and the shredded cheese, making sure to not use more than 1 oz. cheese total. I got some sliced black olives that I want to try on them this week.


Those are the things I eat most often and enjoy. Hope that helps. And PLEASE, if anyone else has any menu ideas or recipes to share, I'd LOVE to see them!

Keep Smashing that FAT!!
posted 28-Apr-2010 9:43pm

I have some whole grain blends by near East products. I selected the Chicken & Herb. It is a blend of whole grain brown rice with barley and pearled wheat grains. Can I eat this on P2? It has 2g of total fat. Can you have barley on P2?
posted 28-Apr-2010 10:58pm

make the cooked oat, garbanzo mixture and egg white... for pizza crust or crackers as mentioned before... but you can also take that mixture and add lots of veg like shredded zucchini or red and yellow bell peppers and make cakes out of them... flatten ball in skillet thats sprayed with pan.
posted 29-Apr-2010 11:38pm

Any suggestions for those late night hunger pangs?
posted 30-Apr-2010 9:59pm

Hey Anonymous,
Late night hunger pangs, huh?
Try to snack on almonds (10-14 pieces). They seem to do the trick for me.
Hope this helps.
posted 30-Apr-2010 11:59pm

Hey there, ME, thanks for the suggestion of almonds for the late night hunger pangs! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to nuts!! Got anything else?
posted 1-May-2010 12:16am

a can of garbanzo beans!
posted 1-May-2010 12:17am

and make sure your eating what is allowed... it will help.. especilly at the beginning before your stomach 'shrinks' some
posted 1-May-2010 5:34pm

Thanks for the tip, LL ... i will try it!
posted 2-May-2010 3:20pm

Anybody else having trouble giving up alcohol? These weekend BBQs are killing me!!
posted 2-May-2010 8:29pm

this is my second time trying this diet but i am more determined this time. The first time i gave up on day 4 of phase 1. Tomorrow will be day 4 again for me, but this time i don't have any desire for unhealthy food. I keep telling myself that food is the reason I have to be on a diet in the first place. Good luck to everyone. Stay strong. We can really do this
posted 3-May-2010 10:36am

Yes, the weekend was the hardest time for me. I started off eating healthy on Saturday, but ended up eating chicken and sipping on wine. :( Trust me, I paid for stomach was in a tizzy all day yesterday!
This is day 7 for me and so far I have lost 4 lbs. I will take that over 0 lbs. I do notice that my clothes are fitting me a bit looser so it is probably inches that I am losing. I have worked out 6 days so far. I walk 2 miles or I am in the gym on the elliptical for 45 mins.
We definitely can do this!!! It is rough but we can be each other's support!!
posted 5-May-2010 4:26pm

Hi all. Giving up a few beers was hard for me. I cheated this weekend and had some (I was camping) and I still lost 1.5 lbs this week, but it could have been more so shame on me. Someone told me that drinking leads to munching so stay away from the booze.
Good job to all who are sticking with it. I'm curious to see how much you lose after detox is through for you TM.
posted 5-May-2010 7:18pm

Hi everyone! Got a few questions if someone would please help me! I'm getting ready to start phase 1 and am not 100% sure what I can eat.

Question 1: Can I eat flavored instant oatmeal or does it have to be plain regular oatmeal with nothing added to it?

Question 2: Can I eat canned vegetables? I dont have the book, but one website said it was ok as long as you rinse them off before cooking.

Question 3: It said I can have 4 egg beaters, but can I just boil eggs and not eat the yolks?

Question 4: Can the dried beans and lentils be any kind of beans or peas like black-eyed peas, lima bean, great northern beans, etc?

Question 5: Someone posted that you can eat 7 saltines a day in Phase 1 but I did not find that anywhere else. Is that true?

Question 6: Are you allowed any kind of salad dressing, sugar, butter, or olive oil in phase 1 or does that not start til phase 2? I'm thinking about plain oatmeal and plain brown rice. Not too exciting :( LOL

Thanks everyone! I am so excited to get started!! I am getting married May 29 and I wanna drop a few pounds, but most importantly, I wanna be healthy!!
3 times
posted 5-May-2010 10:35pm

This is my third time on phase one only and it does have results. 10 pounds the first time 12 the second and on day 4 for the third. I am extremly active and i like fine food and fine wine. I use this just to snap myself back in for the cleanse because it does work! The only time I have issues is when I get to busy to exercise and gain back the 10 to 12 pounds i have lost. I am sure that this could be avoided by watching my diet, but alas we are human. I am looking for some creative recipes that incorporate many of the foods in phase one/two as i would be more apt to stick to it . Veggie Chili? Spicy Rice? Anyone,Anyone? Buheler Buheler

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