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Fat Smash Diet


Detox for 9 days, eating mainly fruits. Then, eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise.


Initially, during the 9 day detox, you eat mainly just fruits and vegetables. Then, you shift to allowing more foods. You are allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, lean meat, and sugar substitutes. You avoid sweets, alcohol, refined grains, fried food, fatty meats, and fatty salad dressings.

Regular exercise is a big part of this diet as well.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.


The "Fat Smash Diet" was created by Dr. Ian Smith who has a strong history in the media. He's the a medical contributor on ABC's "The View", a medical columnist for Men's Health magazine, and the diet expert on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." He has also been on various radio show and written articles for major newspapers and magazines. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and University of Chicago (medical school).


The idea of "detoxing" has no scientific meaning or basis. The book contains recipes, but some have too much salt.


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  15-Aug-2006 11:10am created by bill
  15-Aug-2006 12:21pm last update by bill

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posted 20-May-2011 10:51pm

I did the FS diet several years ago and lost about 30 pounds in 6 weeks. Alas, I have gained it all back over the last 3 years. I have no energy anymore and feel like a slug most days. I still have the FS book and I am re-reading it right now. I also just got Dr. Smith new book, EAT, at the library and I'm going to read that, too. I'd like to get some support and will be checking back to see if anyone is around ;). Also, can't remember all details of the phases but when you can start eating cereal, I made a FS version of "chex mix". Once I get to that point again, I'll share the recipe.
posted 31-May-2011 11:54am

Starting FS Phase 1 today. I did phase 1 about 6 years ago with slight success. This time I am doing it with hubby.
Need to lose 45 lbs...hope people are still on this forum.
posted 5-Jul-2011 2:16pm

Hello all.....Started Phase 1 today. I hope this diet will work. Wish me luck
posted 9-Jul-2011 4:34pm

can I eat canned refried beans during phase 1?
posted 24-Jul-2011 9:07pm

I am starting Phase 1 tomorrow. I am excited but nervous!! Hopefully I can stick with this diet, I am feeling determined this time! Its too hot to have the extra insulation! LOL
Hopefully we can get the forum going again! How have things gone for you so far gadrm?
posted 27-Jul-2011 9:41pm

Oh my...I am so glad to find this page. I hope its still active because I need some support. There are not many groups for this everything is the hcg..I am just not feeling that... My name is Arlene and I am hoping this site is still active.
posted 31-Jul-2011 4:17pm

I guess no one is out there. I am starting tomorrow. I am drinking my last coke right now and for dinner it will be a chicken philly. I am starting at 312 pounds. If anyone is out there and starting.I love some company.
posted 10-Aug-2011 9:00pm

I cannot believe I lost ten pounds....I'm almost scared to move on to step two.
posted 11-Aug-2011 1:39pm

Hello, Im starting the fat smash diet today. I currently weigh 190lbs and Im just 5'2! I hope to hit my goal of 144lbs within 6 months. wish me luck! Im headed to the gymsmile
posted 11-Aug-2011 8:11pm

I am on day 4 of phase 1 and running my 30 min. I am getting frustrated. I need some variety in my diet. I really want meat and cheese.
posted 12-Aug-2011 8:46pm

Renee not sure if you are still on here but I have started too- phase 1. I am 5'4 and 180 trying to get to 140lbs.
posted 16-Aug-2011 3:58am

I'm on day two of the FS and I am feeling deprived. I want other foods such as breads or sweets but I keep telling myself that they are the very reason that i'm here. My starting weight was 276 and I desperately want to lose at least 10lbs in phase 1. I hope that everyone will work together so that we can encourage each other.
posted 30-Aug-2011 1:54pm

Lost 20lbs. in last time I was on the FS diet.
Fell off the wagon, but am ready to start again. This is day
2 of phase 1, hope it works as well this time...
posted 30-Aug-2011 4:07pm

On day 2 of Phase 1. I've been so hungry today. Bean soup for dinner. I'm currently at 203lbs. I would love to lose 10lbs in phase 1. We have a wedding to go to on Sept. 10th. Good Luck Everyone!
posted 2-Sep-2011 5:36pm

On day 3 of P1 and couldn't wait 6 more days to weigh in curiosity got the best of me and to my surprise I'm down 7 lbs!!! Right now that's the only thing keeping me going. I have had a terrible headache for 2 days now and feel like I've got a touch of the flu... Anyone else having these issues? It's weird, and getting quite annoying, but I am not going to give up! 7 lbs in 3 days!!! Holy crap!!!
posted 3-Sep-2011 10:17pm

I fell off and could not complete phase 1. I am trying again. I just went to the store and got lots of fruit and veggies. Wish me luck...
posted 3-Sep-2011 10:18pm

Amy for the headache make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating every 3 hours. That helped me a lot last time.
banded and still struggling
posted 19-Sep-2011 3:05pm

I will start FS today. I have the extreme FS book but I trying to see if the first FS diet will be better to start on. Any suggestions. Much earlier in the post someone asked about almond milk.(yes or no). I'm using 2 protein shakes as my snacks with almond milk. How will this affect my weight loss? If I have time I will go out and buy the first book today or tomorrow. Starting weight is 198. My goal is 185 by Oct. 5.
posted 20-Oct-2011 3:28pm

has any tried using a little salt in phase 1. if so, did it affect your weight loss? The blan food is not good!!!!
posted 3-Nov-2011 4:20pm

hey, is anyone there? im starting the fat smash diet monday nov. 7th. want to find a diet buddy! im really excited to start a new lifestyle and lose this weight. i am 261 and want to get to around 150. im 26 yrs old.
desperately seeking weight loss
posted 8-Dec-2011 9:18pm

Hi. So nervous about starting and failing this but I know its all about lifestyle change. I'm ready to give it a try like I've done with all the other diets I've tried and failed. Nervous and anxious tired of fighting fat. This is my try before looking into weight loss surgery which is my last option. Really don't want surgery because of risks involved and cost but nothing seems to work. I feel very encouraged and motivated reading everyones blogs. Wish me luck :)
posted 5-Jan-2012 8:13pm

Hi good people, i started yesterday I'm super excited to find this forum. Day 2 terrible headache but I'm not having any cravings.. I only want to lose 20 pounds and gain muscle but I could use the support..:) super excited!!
posted 12-Jan-2012 12:21pm

Hi all!

Today is Day 1 - so far, so good. I'm 5'4", 228 pds. My overall goal is to lose 50 pounds. I wanted to jumpstart my weight loss and change my eating habits by doing the Fat Smash Diet. Hopefully some folks are still on this forum. Would love to "gripe" with someone.
posted 17-Jan-2012 12:42pm

Hi, I am 5'3 and 169 pounds!! Whoa! Today is day 6 of phase 1. I weighed myself yesterday and I lost 5 pounds. Yay! I would like to be 140-145. I will stay on phase 1 for 15 days instead of 9. I am not hungry. I feel great. The first 3 days were hell. I was STARVING!!
posted 20-Jan-2012 4:20pm

Hey Honey! Go you for getting to Day 6!!!!

:( i fell off. so i'm going grocery shopping tonight and re-starting tomorrow morning. I like you am going to aim for more than nine days. Goal: Jan 21st - Feb 4th, 15 days.

228 pds. lots to loss.
posted 12-Feb-2012 8:21am

I am on day 4 of this diet. I weighed yesterday and was only down 1/2 pd yesterday. Exercising 20-30 mins per day. I only gave up the coffee the 3 days and then I couldnt stand it anymore. I have been so bloated and gas pains, I do not want to keep going. I am trying though! Energy is good and mental clarity is great. I am wondering if I could do my own version of just doing this detox one or two day per week as a means to cut calories overall. 9 days (heck even 3-4) of me mainly eating rice, beans and veggies is too much for my IBS-C and gastritis.
posted 14-Feb-2012 7:51pm

I'm on day two of the fat smash n I'm pretty proud of myself. Getting married May 11, 2013 so staying focused n getting my body back into tip top shape for the honeymoon & to start eating healthier.. 6'3" 224 need to lose about 15 pounds.. Quick question what type of beans has everyone been eating? Also would love a little more support so if anyone is interested in emailing let me know plz.. Good luck everyone
posted 16-Feb-2012 8:48pm

@Williams2012 My fiancee and I started on Wednesday so we are just finishing up day 2 of phase 1. So far so good for us. We will be getting married on 4/13/13 and we both have a pretty hefty goal. I want to lose 75lbs and he wants to lose 50lbs. We made Red Beans and brown rice last night and tonight I made vegetarian chili with kidney beans and black beans. If you would like to email back and forth let me know!!
posted 22-Feb-2012 1:21pm

I would love to email with anyone. I'm in total need of support. I'm 230, 5'3. My goal is 180. (want to keep some of my curves!)

email address is

I'm going grocery shopping tonight so I can start tomorrow.
posted 27-Apr-2012 12:07pm

The detox Phase 1, makes me feel like I was a real junk food "junkie". I got so sick, had the runs, etc. Sugar is such a real drug, when your system rids itself you feel much better, but honestly the first few days are rough!!! On Day 5 and feeling much lighter!
Ms N
posted 2-May-2012 5:07pm

I would love to have a partner in this journey. I started 2 days ago, but had a setback yesterday because of my daughter's birthday. So, day started again today. Feel free to email me at
Mrs. Sweettooth
posted 15-May-2012 11:01am

I've had the book for over a year and gained 25 lbs. since I purchased it. Now, I really need to use it. At 203 lbs, my short term goal is 180 lbs and my long term goal is 165 lbs. I'm going to need a lot of help and motivation with this, especially some good recipes. Ms N and brownivygal I will email you.
posted 5-Jun-2012 11:08pm

By the way sparkspeople has a fat smash group....
posted 4-Sep-2012 10:26am

I stopped for a while. This diet is good, I was down to 285 and now I'm up to 293 and I have been in the gym or dieting in almost a year. I'm starting phase 1 again
posted 4-Sep-2012 10:27am

Have not
posted 28-Dec-2012 6:54am

eep. thats tricky. Im sure this diet has had serveal negative effects on your body to go along with the weightloss. I would definatly consult your physician. How it sounds to me is that you are kindof stuck on this diet which isnt good .but you cannot remain on it or eles you will get yourself into a whole other mess. trust me, you dont want to go there. Going back to eating normally can be unhealthy too. Gaining weight back rapidly is bad for your health. If you refeed healthfully, you may not gain as much weight back.Your doctor should work with you with refeeding. They can help your mind and your body get used to having normal amounts of food in it..kind of like what happens with people with ED's. Hopefully this has helped a bit and hopefully you can get healthy again. Best of luck!!
posted 28-Dec-2012 7:24am

I think it has to be The Day Off Diet and I don't only say that because it wokred for me, I also just think it's the diet that will most likely work the best for anyone else too. And it's just got the coolest features of any diet I've ever tried. The day off really does make the diet easier to follow because you always have that day to look forward to every week. And it's amazing how taking the day off actually made my weight loss speed up. So yeah, I'm definitely glad I found The Day Off Diet last summer.
posted 5-Jan-2013 5:37am

Hi I started this diet on Tuesday. I lost 6 pounds so far in 5 days. I'm sure it's all water weight. I was hoping I could find a diet buddy with who I could email back and forth with my stats. I'm female, 29, currently weigh 177 (started T 183) and I'm 5'6. Please email me if anyone is interested at Thanks!!
posted 10-Jan-2013 4:30pm

Myself and a few coworkers are starting this on Monday. we have searched and searched for different recipes. very excited to see how it works. another coworker actually told us about it-before she came to work with us she did it and lost at least 100 lbs. will keep all posted!
posted 15-Jan-2013 2:41pm

day 2 and so far so good. I have gotten a nasty cold so actually my appetite is not normal so not sure if Im not hungry because of it or not. my coworkers have had a headache-caffiene withdrawal we are pretty sure-but since I dont usually drink many sodas Ive not had that problem yet. want some "crunch" though. probably a good thing there are 6 of us doing it-noone wants the be the "quitter"!
posted 21-Jan-2013 11:43am

Hi all..I was looking through this website and it has me so excited! I am 287...the largest I have ever been in my LIFE. I used to be 140...but that was pre-kids and while I was in school. Anyway this is my FIRST day on the diet...I will update on my progress. I am excited for myself and everyone else on this weight loss journey...if only losing weight was as easy as gaining!smile
posted 8-Feb-2013 4:53pm

Anyone have current success stories? or anyone need support? I'm finally on phase 2 but will start over next week with phase 1 again with hubby. 5lbs down 20 more to go!
posted 1-Mar-2013 10:12pm

Can you have smoothies on this diet?
Any current success stories?
posted 3-Apr-2013 9:58pm

omg congrats on your sucecss and you look amazing. I did the same exact thing in the beginning of my weight loss journey. I did not go out and only worked out until recently after loosing 74 lbs. I am trying to loose another 15 to 20 lbs so I am still working towards my goal so by summer I can be where I want to be. I also do the same plan and it does work. BTW loving your hair what kind of hair is that ?
posted 19-May-2013 1:12pm

It's say on phase one you can have nuts so can't you have alomond butter instead of one teaspoon of butter
posted 13-Mar-2017 7:07pm

I completed this diet and lost a total of 30 pounds in the 90 days.

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