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Fenphedra is a diet pill based on the CART/NPY systems. It decrease appetite and reduces fat storage and stress.


Fenphedra is a diet pill which is very similar to Nuphedragen. It is based on the same concept of CART versus NPY. In your body there are two competing systems battling it out for control of your metabolism. One of this is CART, which stands for Cocaine and Amphetamine Regulated Transcript. Cart is beneficial. It stimulates your metabolism, reduces your appetite and prevents the creation and storage of fat.

NPY is the other side of the coin. It's a hormone associated with stress that has the opposite effect. It causes your body to store fat and increases your appetite. In humanity's distant past when food was scarce, this may have served a good cause, allowing people to survive for periods without much food. But, in our modern society, where food is abundant and so is stress, it just causes us to get fat.

Fenphedra's formula turns off NPY while activating CART in your body. Your appetite will go down and you'll stop adding fat. Also, you should find you're less prone to feeling stressed out.

Fenphedra contains these ingredients which trigger the CART process:
DiCaffeine Malate, ChocamineTM, Phenylethylamine (PEA), and Synephrine HCl. And Humulus Lupus to deactivate the NPY process.


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  12-Jun-2008 10:24am created by bill
  12-Jun-2008 10:36am last update by bill

posted 12-Jun-2008 5:07pm

I love Fenphedra. It kind of gets you stoned when you take it. Its a really cool feeling. Humulus Lupus is one of only 2 plants in the cannabis family... the otheris mariajuanna. Fenphedra gives you a ton of energy but its a "cool" "relaxed" type of energy. I can only compare it to drinking 1-2 margaritas and 4-6 red bulls at the same time.

Appetite suppression is awesome and fat comes off crazy fast.

Just don't take Fenphedra too late at night or you won't be able to sleep.
posted 5-Aug-2008 8:00am

How much weight have you lost?
posted 16-Aug-2008 1:52pm

Help, I need a PM diet pill.

Well, I've researched just about every pill and tea and cream(no creams work). Most pills don't work at all, but the teas will make you give the toilet god more gifts than you ever thought your body could produce in a 24 hour period of time. Then 3 days after it's worn off, the swelling in your entire digestive tract (yes from start to finish) might go down. This gives you enough time to ask yourself, was this really worth the painful burning I still feel from behind for the 3-6lbs of crap that I gave up to the toilet god. Prep H will be your new best friend. Oh did I mention you won't eat. You will never feel a hunger pain because of the major griping pains from the liquid fire shooting out of you round the clock until it wares off. Several times I had the silly thought I could get up, but my legs had fallen asleep and any movement I made produced more bowel actions.

Ok, now pills, this nuphendragen is $10.00 cheaper than fenphedra. It is missing the humulus lupulus(canabis/hops). Same company. Hell same web page, but the bottle and name is different. I give I took this(fenphedra) about 2 years ago and lost 32lbs in 30 days. Didn't sleep the whole time. Probably why I lost my mind. I felt great, but I was compared to a drug addict by my not so lovely altered personality which left everyone around me fearing the worst outcome for their lives. But I was happy even though they weren't. I felt no one should disturb my happy time. Had no conscience, but I was happy. I am 5'10" 180lbs and 3 kids to prove my abnormal shape is natural. My daughter took all my prettiness and made it better for herself. Now that's just selfish she could've left me something. I love her, I made that. She is so beautiful. I'm ok. She'll have it easier than me. Back to pills. Orovo detox seems interestingly enough to try. Also I took 4 atro-phex(1 a day) couldn't sleep for two weeks, but I couldn't eat either. So, since I am insane, and obviously immortal, I will have a cocktail of orovo detox, atro-phex, fenphedra, and now I just need a pm diet pill that works. Any thoughts, anyone? I really like sleep. My favorite past time, but insomnia problem is reaccuring reguardless of diet pills or not. Explains the insanity. Well, it's my excuse.
posted 25-Aug-2008 7:02pm

Save your money, it doesn't work! It made me more hungry and very thirsty in the beginning.
posted 28-Aug-2008 10:01pm

Didn't work for me, either. Still have probably more than half a bottle left. : (
posted 29-Oct-2008 11:20am

tlp120 - there is no way a diet pill like this could make you hungrier. i call shenanigans. my little sis took fenphedra, which is totally differen then the nufedragin. she was able to lose 10 pounds in a month. that is safe weight loss. she was always cranky before the fenphedra but noticed a change in attitude which has to be because of the chocamine. i haven't tried it but know that it works for some people.
posted 8-Nov-2008 10:04am

Not sure if anyone else is on this but thought I'd start a diet diary for anyone who might be thinking about it. I'm 47 and have about 1.5 stone to lose and want to do it as fast as I can its been hard to shift with other methods so giving these a try. Yesterday was day 1 - apart from being on the loo a lot and not being hungry not much difference though I felt irritable all afternoon and evening with a bit of a nagging headache, slept well though. Today much the same made myself eat breakfast and lunch so feel a lot better than yesterday, drinking loads of water and coffee is probably not a good idea too often. Not hungry at all. Did all my measurements so will re measure and weigh after the 3 day detox and see if there is any immediate result.
posted 24-Nov-2008 5:18pm

Ive just ordered a bottle , really excited! when is the best times to take them ? before a meal of after?
posted 19-Dec-2008 6:09am

i just ordered apidexin. i heard that it works good but i really want to try fenph.
posted 15-Jan-2009 3:18pm

ok so I got my first bottle today and I think I have internet toxication because after reading all this stuff i am ascared crapless to take the fenphedra. I do have alot of weight to loose and I also dont have any sensitivity to caffein. But jeez the one lady said she's now insane? For crying out loud some one that has taken fenphedra please tell me what its like and the best time to take it etc...
posted 15-Jan-2009 4:49pm

can some one tell me a good story about this just got a botttle and as above I am too scared now can any one who has used it say its at least safe and curbs your appetite. I would love to know
posted 16-Jan-2009 6:25am

I took my first pill today and I don't fell jittery at all and I do not have the euphoric feeling either. I don't feel hungry though either. So far no side effect and appetite is curbed so all I can say is I will keep posting and we will see.
posted 16-Jan-2009 1:19pm

I started taking Fenphedra this morning along with FEN-72. It gave me a little energy, but it also made me hungry. So far, I am not impressed with this product.
posted 20-Jan-2009 9:31pm

Well it has given me a smooth mellow feelgood feeling w/in 10 to 15 min. of taking it. Im not as hungry and Ive lost 10 lbs in a little over a week. no jitters no increased heart beat. last sunday I took one at 1130 am and it was cold out and nuttin on tv and was bored and actually fell asleep w/in 1hr.(so much for keeping you up)
FaQ Maheed
posted 30-Jan-2009 2:52pm

Do it work? Or do it be a lie? Please tell truth so I can decide what to do.
posted 1-Feb-2009 11:56am

hey!I start taking fenphedra 1 day ago.lost 2 pounds and felt no side effects.i also drank cofee in the morning after I took the pill.keep u posted!I have to lose 20 lbs.Hope it will work!:)
posted 6-Feb-2009 9:17pm

I got my bottle of Fenphdra today, will start tking it from tomorrow. I am a little scared after reading all the comments, but i need to get 20lbs off and all other pills have failed,so will take my chances and keep u guyz posted! I am also taking bromalite colon cleanse just to get my body working.
posted 7-Feb-2009 12:00pm

ok guys!here I am after one full week of taking these tablets.I lost no more(at the begining I lost 2 pounds and since then nothing).I did a mistake cause i ate after 9 pm and i think this is a reason why.From today i will not eat anything after 7pm and i will also start to take 3 tablets a day.I wrote an email to the company asking them if i can take 3 tblets a day and they answered me back that it is fine as long i will take one tablet at 7am,one around,11am and one 2-3pm but not later then 3pm.I ewill try that for one week and let u know.I also exercised almost everyday since i started the fen tablets and no help.I feel and felt no side effects.I really hope that some of u also posts ur experience cause i think these tablets doesn't work.But as i said i will still try them for another week wth exercise and not eating after 7 pm.(I am sleeping after midnight everyday so...)keep u posted!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 8-Feb-2009 3:40am

well I have to say I wasnt dilligent in taking it like I should. One pill one day then none for a couple of days and I have not increased my exersice. my eating has decreased due to no appetite. But I have lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks. I will try one eeveryday for this week starting today (sunday) and I will keep you all posted. I realy didn't have any side effects at all.Maybe alittle more energy but not jitters or not able to sleep. No headaches and I have not had the benefit of the mood lifter. Anyone know wy?
posted 19-Feb-2009 3:30pm

I am not on fenphedra anymore.I started to eat raw and feel great.In one week i lost 5 lbs and wth no effort.It's really healthy to eat raw andu r safe cause ur body will adjust naturally to it's weight .
posted 16-Apr-2009 2:52am

I'm not writing this intending to scare people but I felt I should tell my negative experience. I stopped taking the pills today, Wednesday. I started 2 pills a day on Sunday, along with the 3 day detox pills and I feel TERRIBLE. I did not experience many of the effects everyone else is talking about (rapid weight loss, happy feeling). When taken on an empty stomach I did notice a suppress in my appetite, but it wasn't consistant. One day I wasn't hungry, the next I would be. I always felt crapped out, really strange pressure in my head and chest and would zone out and not feel like moving. My husband also noticed that I had a short fuse and i noticed starting to feel really negative actually, a little depressed. Just felt gross. The last pill I took was this morning @ 6:30am and I am up right now scared because I cannot sleep,my heart/chest feels terrible and my breathing slows down as I start to fall asleep then I gasp awake and the whole nightmare repeats...I asked my husband to stay up with me cause I'm a bit nervous and scared. I thought I would write warning others of this product. Everyone's body chemistry is different so I believe that people have a good experience with this drug, but I have not. I won't be taking another pill and just have to wait out the withdrawl I guess (if that's what this is). I can't wait for this feeling to be over and the drug out of my system, it's just not worth it. Did anybody else have an experience like this??
posted 26-Apr-2009 5:06pm

So me and my mom ordered these pills a week ago, we've been taking them for 2 days now.
I feel less hungry, and very thirsty.
I feel just a little bit of the edge of being tipsy, the first day my mom said she felt dizzy a little, but it has most deffinitely helped our hunger.
I'll keep you guys posted on wether we've lost any weight...
posted 29-Apr-2009 6:56am

I started taking fenphedra on the 20th april. 1 at 7am, 1 at 12pm, 1 at 3pm. each time on empty tum but with a pint glass of water. im not one for brakfast anyway but found that i quite happily sailed through to lunchtime and then only managed a small salad roll half hour after 2nd tablet. After my 3rd tablet i had a pile of veg with a fishcake and felt 'stuffed'. ive been keeping a food AND WATER diary to keep track, water is very important and i find that i can get really thirsty at times. i decided not to weigh myself til today to give them a chance to get in my system. starting weight on 20th April was 10st 4lbs, 9 days later with similar food intake as above i am now 10st 2lbs! A loss of only 2lbs! i havent felt this happy feeling that some people talk about but my partner says ive been very chatty! I have feel less hungry and dont seem to think about food as much but as for any miracle weight loss i dont think 2lbs is that! has anyone else had a similar slow start and does it 'pick up' as i am undecided to whether i should order the 2nd bottle or not! how long does anyone advice to 'give it a chance to work' or should i give up and try something else? help!!!!
posted 15-Jul-2009 11:44pm

skinny bitch
posted 28-Aug-2009 12:49am

I'm just wondering where everyone learned how to spell? Fat camp maybe?
soon to fenphedra!
posted 20-Feb-2010 6:39pm

Do any of you people exercise? Not 1 person mentions taking these pills properly! Maybe if someone mentions sleeping properly, getting up off the couch during the afternoon, eating properly, and exercising for ATLEAST an hour a day to stay healthy we would have some viable testimonials! I am someone who will take advantage of fenphedra and use it properly along w/ doing all the above mentioned.. This sounds more like a chat room for over weight, lazy, unmotivated people!! If anyone is interested on true results of a properly used diet pill, I will continue posts! I am looking to lose 20lbs in 35 days!!
posted 25-Feb-2010 6:55pm

I've been taking Fenphedra for a week now. First three days, I didn't feel like eating a thing except for a yogurt or banana, something small, and that would be it for the rest of the day, but the morning dose would almost make me sick! I would be light headed, jittery-though not extremely, a little out of it, laid back-not "cool" as I've heard in other reviews, then the next two-three days, I would actually have one full meal during the day, like at lunch time an hour after my second pill, and I would feel a bit hungry later on, late evening or so, but not enough where I'd be starving, so I'd head to bed. Also, I'd try to take my third pill before 3 or 4 at the latest. This morning's dose made me extremely nauseous, more so than the other morning doses, and then hungry an hour later, so I decided to, since I woke up late today, just take my "before lunch" pill, which gave me that super sick feeling again, then hungry. I had a full meal and noshed on some fruit. I don't know if this is a sign of decreased effectivity, I really hope not, but who knows? I have lost three lbs. since I've been on it, and for a week with only one day of light pilates, I don't think that's so bad, but I don't know if it was worth the horribly sick feelings, oh and, lack of sleep, it's caused... This is just my experience thus far, and I will continue to take it before I judge any further, but hopefully those of you who have purchased Fenphedra will have a better outcome!

Good Luck!
posted 25-Feb-2010 6:59pm

"Soon to Fenphedra" - The problem I had with not being able to work out, is that this pill would, atleast for me, make me extremely light headed and dizzy. Again it's my first week. Hopefully I hit my target of losing now, 12lbs, and that some of these side effects at least, somewhat, subside.
posted 5-Apr-2010 3:42am

how do i take fenphedra! iive had my bottles for about 3 weeks now but dont take them because the first pill i took didnt make me feel happy not hungry or anything i felt exactly the there a certain way ur suppossed to take them. i want to lose ten pounds. does it really work that fast 30 pounds in 32 days? how do i make it so i lose ten puounds just as fast as u guys?
posted 9-Apr-2010 11:01pm

This product is great. Along with a healthy diet and exercise I am confident that I will loose the 25 pounds I need to shed. No pill is enough exercise and eating right is important. My third day and 4 pounds off already. I do ride bikes everyday my last was 15 miles pushing for 20 next. No bad side effects so far. Everyone is different if you are having bad side effects don't take it. That is your body telling you that it is not the right product for you.
posted 12-Apr-2010 2:39pm

This is in response to Anonymous, posted 16-Apr-2009 2:52am.

I have had the EXACT same symtoms. I feel horrible. Sick and queesy. I get VERY hungry (originally made me think metabolism was speeding up) but I've gained back the 7 lbs that I lost with just diet. I feel hungry and then eat and feel SO sick! I drink at LEAST a 1/2 gal of water a day, I've felt so sick that I can't drink my normal full gal.
I am depressed/moody all of the time and I have a VERY short fuse.
It's good to hear that some ppe are having success - keep it up!
posted 12-Jun-2010 3:44am

Will the Humulus Lupus ingredient make you come up positive for marijuana on a urinalysis?
posted 29-Jul-2010 1:00am

I love these pills. When I first bought the 3 bottles last June, I started with two pills a day. I gradually went up to 3 pills a day, drinking LOTS of water, atleast one hour and a half of exercise 5 days a week. I lost 20 pounds that month. I stopped taking Fenphedra because my schedule was too hectic and I started feeling a burning pain in my stomach when I used to take them without eating. Just remember to eat right! Exercise! and drink lots of water, if you do you should be fine. Take the pills half hour before your meal or exercise. Goodluck guys!
posted 30-Oct-2010 4:09am

okay so how many tablets would i take in each day..and during what time?? thats juss wat i wanna know
posted 2-Mar-2011 7:00am

So I've been debating getting fenphedra for almost a year now. I did sooooo much research and finally decided to invest in a bottle. I saw 90% good reviews about it and was excited to take it. WOWWWW!!!! I am soooo amazed how GREAT this pill is, seriously. I JUST started ir yesterday and felt the difference after one pill! I wasnt hungry all day, had to force myself to eat 1/4 of a salad, was sooooo hyper (which became a calmer high later on) SO FOCUSED, i have neveer been in SUCH a good mood! AND i actually motivated myself to workout and was like intense! This stuffs like legal crack! i kept joking about it yesterday. But yeah, i just wanna say im a completely normal 18 year old girl from NY so this isn't some promotion review, i just have had SUCH a good effect from this, I NEEEDED to share it with everyone. Good luck!
posted 20-Dec-2011 6:22pm

okay, so been taking fenphedra for little less than two weeks. have lost about 3 lbs. in the first week, felt crappy, nauseau, headache, totally messed up my sleep. 2nd week better now, figured out to take last one before 3 and I am a coffee drinker so have gone from 3 or 4 cups a day to less than 2, and make sure that I don't drink any after 6pm. My one problem I do have, and not sure if anyone else has experienced is I have not gotten my period this month, was supposed to get a few days ago and haven't gotten it yet. I know I am not pregnant since I was just at the doctors. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem???
posted 22-Jan-2012 9:23am

Love it!!!!

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