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Glucofast is an over-the-counter diet pill that targets people with insulin-resistance.


Glucofast is a cocktail of all-natural ingredients which are designed to help people who may be pre-diabetic or insulin-resistant. The ingredients help you lose weight and keep it off, while also giving you more energy.

Here are the Ingredients: L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Guggul, Licorice, Juniper Berries, Gymnema Sylvestre, Banaba Leaf Extract, Chomium Chelate, Cayenne, Bitter Melon, and Vanadyl Sulfate.

It contains no stimulants, so it has none of the bad side-effects (increased heart-rate and blood pressure) of diet drugs that do.

People on Glucofast take one pill, twice a day. It takes 4-6 weeks to show improvement.


The long list of semi-random ingredients, in trace amounts, likely wont have much affect on you. This expensive pill is safe and has no side-effects, but it probably wont have an affect whatsoever.


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  14-Jul-2006 10:02am created by bill

posted 17-Sep-2006 1:07am

Wow of course this MUST work it has banaba leaf extract !!! and vanadyl !!
all natural products and have YEARS of double blind studies backing not only results
and dramatic results----NOT
don't believe in miracles- lose weight by exercise and decrease caloric intake that is the only
way- remember elk pee is natural- and I would not care to have it in a tablet form- although I could probably lose weight with it- all the nausea and vomiting that it would cause
posted 21-Oct-2006 5:19pm

I just started this 5 days ago - it is controling my hunger and seems to be helping my Insulin resitance. This product has not had not done anything bad to my blood pressure - in fact I think my blood pressure may be lower.

This product will only work if you insulin resistance problem. What I am trying to figure out is if it is truly safe. Does anyone know of any problems with it?
posted 8-Nov-2006 1:25am

I have been taking glucofast for about 9 weeks now. I definitely can see a difference on my whole body especially on my middle section. In past I have never experience anything like this. I could only put on weight on my stomach, not loos it, and that frustrates me vary much. Not matter how hard I worked in gym. I look very feet! But my stomach does not look flat as itís should be.
I have tried so many diet pills nothing worked for me.

The differences I have noticed since taking Glucofast include:

Better sleep
Feel energetic (I feel stronger every where in my body)
I think better (I read more)
My skin look heather
My blood pressure is lower
And I am loosing inches
I donít feel like eat as I used too

My Girlfriend has also noticed that my stomach is getting flatter, and I enjoy it better in bed as well.

I am Adams
31 yo and 11days
18 st
6, 3
My background is full of blood sugar problems,
I choose what I eat very careful
Father, Grand mother, Sister, Uncles are all Diabetic

Adams from Coventry
posted 9-Nov-2006 12:26am

Hello Kris


Glucofast is definitely for me!

I donít know about others.

It does not necessarily mean that itís going to be good for you. we are all different genetically.

My friend Sam lost weight by using Hydroxycut which I have tried for four months with diet but I did not loose any weight!!!

Now! Since I am taking Glucofast, I am loosing inches and noticing big muscles on my stomach especially last two weeks.

In matter of fact! I just came back from jogging. I was sleeping too much earlier today so I donít feel sleepy tonight and I feel so well being and very energetic. So I decided to go for a 20 min running.

I recommended you give it a try.

Please let me know!


posted 17-Nov-2006 8:40am

My girl friend and I have both been taking Glucofast for about 4 weeks now. Neither one of us has lost a pound. We are not huge eaters and we have been religious about taking the pill 30 minutes before each meal. I do not believe I am gaining muscle either which would explain why I am not losing weight. Why is it not working for us? I am losing faith fast.


posted 27-Nov-2006 8:35pm

The most effective way of flattening your stomach is a combination of strength training cardiovascular exercise. and taking Glocofast for stable blood sugar

posted 15-Dec-2006 2:38pm

I stopped taking glucofast last Thursday, because of charismas coming up and I am drinking heavily lately so I decided to take a break. For one month because I donít like mixing glucofast and alcohol too much. What I have noticed this week is that I sleep less than before?
And I am not as good as I was in bed any more.

Now! I donít really know 100% if this is because of stopping glucofast or is because of drinking too much alcohol. I am a little bit confused at this point.
One thing is for sure. My stomach is less big than it was 12 weeks ego.

posted 5-Jan-2007 9:04am

I have been taking Glucofast for about 12 weeks and have also lost a couple of pounds but the one thing I noticed was that my clothes felt bigger. So maybe I am not losing pounds but inches which is stated by the company can happen first I look forward to the next few weeks seeing what will happen.
posted 1-Feb-2007 7:44pm

This product sound really good, which is something i need to try. I have been trying different products to lose weight and haven't had to much luck. I do suffer with high blood pressure and a few other health problems and i can't take anything so i think this is something i need to check into. If anyone could give me any kind of suggestions i will greatly appreciate them. The problem is they are a little expensive and any suggestions before i spend my money, something that i have to be careful about doing if you know what i mean.
Pharmacy Man
posted 19-Mar-2007 7:30am

Let's face it: diabetes and cancer are expensive! Seeing the typical diabetic will be on about six medicines, if not more! WBR LeoP
posted 21-Mar-2007 7:18pm

I've been taking Glucofast for 6 weeks now and nothing!! I feel more energized but am so frustrated because I am losing no weight. I wonder if it's even worth it to try another bottle?
posted 29-Mar-2007 8:26pm

The most effective way TO flattening your stomach is a combination of strength training cardiovascular exercise. and taking Glocofast for stable blood sugar

It not always what you put inside you is the problem!!! the problem is how to stablelize your blood sugar? ( big Secret for black and overweight people )

posted 13-Apr-2007 12:25am

I am impressed by what I am reading about the product Glucofast but not impressed by the negative comments that I am reading about it. I am thinking about trying it so I hope it works as I have at least 60 pounds to lose. Wish me luck! Thanks.
posted 23-May-2007 3:45pm

i been taking glucofast for about 6 weeks and have lost may be 2 pounds. my cloths do feel better but i need to lose the weight as well.. not sure how long i will use it ..
posted 23-Jun-2007 10:41pm

I'm just starting this product and am excited to see the results..will keep you posted one way or another on my progress.
posted 7-Aug-2007 10:56am

I have taken Glucofast for 7 days and I have lost 4.5 lbs. It really is helping to control my hunger. I am very happy so far.
posted 14-Oct-2007 7:12pm

i am thinking to start this product, any suggesting , the only think i m worried about is if i stop it will i start gaining weight and also if i started it what if i started gaining weight instead of loosing, any side effects.
posted 17-Oct-2007 1:04pm

i have taken glucofast for nine weeks now and nothing .......
it not only is expensive but has done nothing for my weight and cravings even with exercise included.
posted 27-Oct-2007 6:33pm

I am starting glucofast tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on my progress
posted 9-Dec-2007 10:39am

I have been taking Glucofast for about two weeks. I notice my clothes feel looser. I weighed this morning: I have lost 5 pounds. I have more energy, feel more alert. I haven't tried any other supplements in the past. I'm looking forward to continuing Glucofast. I think if you have a predisposition to insulin intolerance (family history), this product works well.
posted 17-Mar-2008 10:58pm

Well it sounds to me like maybe just maybe the people whom this didn't work out for may not be insulin resistant, I could be wrong,just a guess and the people it is working out for are insulin resistant. This pill is designed for insulin resistant people. My bottle is on the way and I am very excited to try it. I want to balance out my body so bad without the use of Glucophage or birth control. So I hope it works!
posted 22-Mar-2008 2:14am

I am 40 years old and have had trouble keeping weight off for many years. I am active, as I train in Martial Arts and play city league flag football, but my eating habits have never been great. This is mostly due to a fast paced lifestyle and a job that involves alot of food is easier and less expensive then packing food that is better for you. I started Glucofast several months ago and have had great success! It took about 6 weeks to take effect, but my clothes are hanging off of me. I don't weigh myself, so I couldn't tell you how much I have lost, but I dropped 6 pant sizes in 2 months time. The best part is I had to stop taking it due to finacial reasons and I haven't gained one pant size, my appetite has stayed light and I am filled on far less food then before. I feel and look better!! Might not work for everyone, but it has changed my life for the better. Thanks!!
posted 1-Aug-2010 5:53am

Have been taking Glucofast for one week; GAINED a couple of pounds and am sleeping too much (I don't know if it's from Glucofast or just a coincidence).
posted 22-Feb-2011 11:30am

I take blood pressure meds, synthroid, and metformin.... My question is can I continue to take these meds while taking glcofast? I would love to lose weight and feel better, none of the pills I am taking now do that for me!

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