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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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posted 2-Oct-2012 9:10am

but y the fruit is not working and juice will help...?
posted 2-Oct-2012 10:28am

Hi Afanta Im going finish this round Ive lost 6lbs since last Monday. Thats not too bad. I gained some on my days off 4lbs...But I cant complain. Its still.coming off. If it stops after a week Im going to switch over to Atkins. I need to lose 21 more lbs. Atkins works too. Youre right your body needs a recharge sometimes. Atkins might do it. Well see what happens when I go 1 more round of this. My plqn was to switch over anyway to reintroduce carbs to my body. Im still pretty happy with the results 19lbs in little over a month. Cant complain! :)
posted 2-Oct-2012 10:33am

bea can u please post the meal plan for atkins... and also can u say me where i am going wrong in grapefruit diet?????
posted 2-Oct-2012 10:47am

DTS, don't know, each person react differenly. there is a lady she drink the juice but not losing any pounds but when she starts to eat real grapefruit, she start to lose. really, there is no reason, you have to keep on trying whatever way work for you. Also are you sure you didn't take any sugar?
posted 2-Oct-2012 10:49am

Bea, right I don't complain but just feel frustrated when you work hard on it. I don't know why only 2 round success and then after, never sucess......

I tried the other diet during that 5 month off but none I get back to grapefruit diet. It works for me last week but this week......humm, i will see, it is only 5 days left. I will not take that 2 days off and keep going another 12 days and see what will happen.
posted 2-Oct-2012 11:08am

no sugars at all.... i take only splenda for tea... i am eating chicken and salad
posted 2-Oct-2012 11:23am

DTS ok did you check the supermarket they have the no sugar grapefruit juice?
posted 2-Oct-2012 11:32am

no there was no juice with no sugar added... :(
posted 2-Oct-2012 11:48am

ok, do this way, instead of half grapefruit you eat now, try eat 3/4 fruit per meal and see what happen
posted 2-Oct-2012 12:39pm

dts you have to eat or drink the grapefruit. now that were talking about it ive been.drinking the juice because i cant find and grapefruit here. That might have slowed things down. Ill see if I can find any today and let everyone know...
posted 2-Oct-2012 2:58pm

dts...go to induction is what you want.
posted 2-Oct-2012 4:15pm

DTS, please measure yourself and keep it in record, when you finish 1st around, see you have some inch lose, maybe you lose in inch, not the weight yet
posted 3-Oct-2012 8:47am

should i eat 1 full grape fruit or a half of it...
posted 3-Oct-2012 9:57am

DTS, it should be 1/2 grapefruit or 1/2 cup juice. But maybe your grapefruit is small, so try eat a bit more. if you don't have stomach problem, you can try 3/4 or 1 full each meal and see it works for you......
posted 3-Oct-2012 10:02am

i didnt lose anything but i think its because im not eating enough food. Going to try to resolve that today and see what happens by Saturday. Wish me luck!
posted 3-Oct-2012 10:20am

Bea, you mean we have to eat a lot of meat in order to make it works?
posted 3-Oct-2012 11:42am

DTS, Bea, see below, very helpful inform

You must drink eight 8oz. glasses of water daily (64 oz. total per day).
At any meal you may eat until you are full.
You must eat the minimum listed at each meal. (yep, this diet list the minimum you should eat).
You cannot eliminate anything from the diet. Especially the bacon at breakfast and the salads. You must eat the bacon and salads. These combinations of food burn the fat, omitting one part of the combination will cause the whole thing not to work.
The grapefruit or fruit juice is important because it acts as a catalyst that starts the burning process.
Cut down on coffee, it affects the insulin balance that hinders the burning process. Try to limit to 1 cup at meal time.
Don't eat between meals. If you eat the suggested foods you will not get hungry.
You can fry food in butter and use butter generously on vegetables.
Do not eat desserts, breads, and white vegetables or sweet potatoes.
You may double or triple helpings of meat, salad or vegetables.
Eat until you are stuffed. The more you eat the more weight you will lose.
Stay on the diet 12 days, then stop the diet for 2 days and repeat.
posted 3-Oct-2012 2:06pm

yes I think that is what happened. Today Im eating again. Thanks afanta!!! ;)
posted 3-Oct-2012 2:08pm

well i only ate breakfast yesterday day before breakfast and had a small piece of chicken.for dinner. Vut today Im not doing that...eating 3 meals again. Hope it works! :)
posted 3-Oct-2012 3:11pm

oh....ok.....good luck to you. Me no luck. after 2 around, no weight lose, after 5 months, only 1 week i have weight but then now all back. I am still 158.....damn..
posted 4-Oct-2012 7:22am

that sucks afanta its so frustrating
posted 4-Oct-2012 9:25am

bea, even more sucks, i gain another lb.........well it might be because my period will come soon. But normally i don't lose a lot after the period, so i have to start from 158 again....oh man !
posted 4-Oct-2012 10:24am

i noticed that when I increased my exercise i started losing again. I lost 1 lb its not alot but its not a gain or being stuck. I also ate 3 meals yesterday. That seemed to help. Im at 185. My goal was to be at 183 by Saturday. So far Ive lost 20lbs. 20 more to go! I know the diet says not to exercise but I do. I keep my heart rate up during that time to optimal. Not sure if that will help you or not.
posted 4-Oct-2012 12:38pm

Bea, i tell you 1 thing. When I 1st start of this diet, i just sit in front of computer or TV, no execrise and I loose pounds so easily......2 round no problem

but after 2 round, i go execrise, i change the meal a bit, nothing work.....right now I am in yoyo stage, i down then back up......that is what happen in that 5 months and this 12 days, same thing happen, yoyo stage, I am down 155 and then back to 159.......Right now i do aerobic 4 times per week, still in this yoyo stage......i don't know why?

I will try to eat 30 days instead of 12 days after my period and see what happen
posted 4-Oct-2012 12:45pm

how tall are you afanta?
posted 4-Oct-2012 1:10pm

5'9 (173 cm?)
posted 5-Oct-2012 12:25pm

Thats a great weight for your height afanta. Why do you want to lose more
? Do you have a small frame?
posted 5-Oct-2012 12:26pm

i have a large frame and am 5 7" i want to weight
165. I didnt lose anything yesterday.
Its because
I didnt have time to eat unfortunately.
Gonna eat for sure today
posted 5-Oct-2012 1:23pm

I have a big frame too......I want to loose to 148, looks better

my god, not eat will not lose weight, that sounds strange
posted 5-Oct-2012 4:14pm

yes it does but my doctor said your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto all your fat to protect itself. Weird I know but thats what was happening Im losing weight when I eat. Have you ever tried Atkins Afanta?
posted 6-Oct-2012 5:57am

Help !!! i cant do it !!! Do people think.i will lose if follow diet wk days n wkends just eat carefuly n hav few glasses wine ?? im out most wkends with friendz n cant resist!!! id b happy to follow mon to fri n.lose 2/3 lbs a wk n drink a bit at wkend ?! do people wud work ? also gym 4 times wk x
posted 6-Oct-2012 11:21am

bea, i did but not working.....I tried low GI diet, I tried cal count diet, I tried south beach diet.......always yoyo.....and only this one really give m 15 but i want another 15.......but so far that 15 is really hard
posted 6-Oct-2012 11:23am

Hi Zoeee, if you want to lose weight, you have to give up something for that 10 days. Zoeee, when you want to drink a wine, just think it will make you dead.....and you will give it up or drink some diet coke to replace it. you have to make yourself eat full so you want think other food or drink, keep on drinking water.

also think after 10 days you have 6 lbs off and then you can have a wine again......

if you don't follow the diet, then don't do it.......that is the rule
posted 6-Oct-2012 12:33pm

Thanx Afanta i know thats true but i just wondered if follow on wkdays i wud at least lose little bit ? c
posted 6-Oct-2012 12:34pm

Suffering with virus atm so will b back.on it monday wen better x
posted 6-Oct-2012 4:46pm

Zoeee, if you really like to drink, make sure you have 1/2 cup each time and no more than 3 per week, and check you can have weight lose. it is same as me when i have the diet 1st time. cut out sugar is very hard as i love chocolate.......and i still eat that but make sure myself no more than 3 per week......and i do still have weight lose.........follow the diet is not easy but make sure you keep it at least 95%
posted 6-Oct-2012 5:01pm

i finish my 1st around but as hit to my period time, no weight lose so far. i will have to try again next around and see what happen.......
posted 8-Oct-2012 8:27am

Start again. I have 3 more days my period will be finish but I still re-start it again and take 22 days diet instead 12 days......start with 159 !
posted 9-Oct-2012 10:50am

Day 2 of 22 days diet......this is my last chance. if after this 22 days not working.....will have to wait till next year to start again as Winter is too cold and I need more hot thing to eat and keep myself warm
posted 10-Oct-2012 12:49pm

Hi all ,.hope doing well ive been soo ill all wk.! Some kinda flu type virus ! Been eating GF but akso the odd thing i shudnt !! Im gonna get back on it Mon xx
posted 10-Oct-2012 2:02pm

Zzoee, if you are sick, don't have the diet, eat health food until you recover.......
posted 11-Oct-2012 10:13am

I am sick too but sticking to it.
Lost another 1lb 19 more to go!
posted 11-Oct-2012 2:11pm

bea, if you are sick, better don't take it as grapefruit and pill is not a good match
posted 12-Oct-2012 10:18am

yesterday I had a bad day as I only tooke tofu and veg for lunch. Then after 2:30 i started to feel hungary and very hungary by 3:00 and i thought that my blood pressure was low or whatever i started feel headache and dizzle. so i had no choice but to eat some candy but still not good.....when i went home, i took a cup of tea and half slice of bread and potato chips and I felt very good after......oh boy! My whole day diet was ruined. I have to restart today and hope didn't affect my weight loose. So guys, make sure you eat enough of meat and make sure you don't feel hungary; otherwise will be very bad after......

after 4 days, today is 5th day, no pounds lose yet
posted 12-Oct-2012 12:34pm

hey, i just have a thought. we only said 1/2 of grapefruit but we have very big grapefruit, medium grapefruit and small grapefruit, is that 1/2 of grapefruti is same among 3? or we should have a standard measurment?
posted 13-Oct-2012 11:01am

feeling better now will get back to gym n gf diet monday ! hope everyone doing well , Afanta i just take it as rough idea n have half of whatever size GF i can get or half a tin as cheaper x
posted 13-Oct-2012 1:58pm

i sometimes eat the whole grapefruit. Im still at 21lbs lost its coming off much slower but I expected it.
posted 13-Oct-2012 6:10pm

keep on going.......will make it
posted 14-Oct-2012 1:24pm

finsih 1 week, my water weight is gone for 1 lbs only......damn damn
posted 14-Oct-2012 1:36pm

Starting 12 day round tomoro written out a plan ,.half a stone will do !!! X
posted 14-Oct-2012 6:53pm

keep it up Zoeee
posted 15-Oct-2012 1:35pm

Hi everyone it's been a while for me to post (was on vacation)I still have not start over my other round as yet but the great new is I didn't gain any weight over the past three weeks. Still at 265 lbs and will be starting back tomorrow.
posted 15-Oct-2012 3:24pm

Good for you DD. I am trying my last shoot on this diet. If nothing happen will drop it till next year to re-start as Winter is coming. I need hot stuff in the morning instead of eggs and hot chocolate, hot soup, hot noodle......i miss them very much !
posted 15-Oct-2012 11:23pm

Good luck ladies x
posted 16-Oct-2012 12:38pm

I need a new scale, something is wrong with it. how could be 2 hours differet, i am up down 1 to 2 lbs.......that make me sick now......
posted 16-Oct-2012 12:44pm

afanta have you seen your doctor about this problem youre having losing? There might be something else wrong here. Oh im adding some stuffto my diet. I still eat the grapefruit etc but im adding some other proteins like sugar to it. Ive still got 18 to lose but im sick of the food yo be honest...well i guess its sort of my transition to atkins. Im not ready to drop the graoefruit yet tho.
posted 16-Oct-2012 2:38pm

hi Bea, I have no problem on my heath. Just have blood test 4 months ago........I don't know what is wrong. I eat the same way except it is my mom this time. Not myself prepare all 3 meal, will that be a different? I don't think so. I have told my mom no sugar no flour when cooking......she is very cooperated......just I don't know why I am not losing any weight......I will stop this diet on Nov as Winter is coming, i like to have hot chocolate or hot soup for breakfast.....I just hope the weight won't come back after I stop...
posted 17-Oct-2012 10:08am

Today is Day 10 for me but I gain 1 lbs instead of losing.......don't know what is wrong?
posted 19-Oct-2012 11:50am

Can u eat fried foods? Even tho flour is a carbohydrate??
posted 19-Oct-2012 1:08pm

fried food is ok but mo breaded, no flour
posted 19-Oct-2012 2:53pm

posted 19-Oct-2012 3:25pm

just fried it...
posted 19-Oct-2012 3:26pm

actually it is not good to eat fried food as too much fat, high cal.......if you stop the diet, will get weight bound back
posted 22-Oct-2012 12:09pm

Got down to 182 but gained back 2 lbs...went a little crazy on my days off. Back on it again today. I hope I can lose about 5lbs. Well see!
posted 22-Oct-2012 12:10pm

that was me above
posted 22-Oct-2012 12:14pm

Anonymous yes, you can fried any type of meat without flour or any type of breading. Frying with lots of flour, breading and batter is more of a Western thing; most people of other countries (Caribbean, Indians, African, etc) does not really fry with a lot of flour or batter. Maybe that's why they are so much slimmer. Just need to make sure that the oil or butter is hot not just warm.
posted 22-Oct-2012 12:17pm

How much all together is that for you now Bea? What is your goal weight and are you seeing major reductions in you clothes sizes. What size did you start and where are you now? Honest I will be happy at 200lbs if I can fit into a size 10 or 12 for my almost 5ft 9in. lol
posted 22-Oct-2012 6:29pm

i started at 275 lol.. I lost about 70lbs on.another diet. I started this diet at 205 Im 183 now so I lost 22pounds so far on it. Im trying to get to 165. Thats ny goal weight. Im 5' 7". I wear a 12 now. Started at 24 was a 14..goal is to be 8/10... Ive seen major reductions in my stomach and legs mostly. I look a lot better but still have 18lbs to go. Its slow going but Im tweaking it a bit also. You cant do this diet forever. Im going to Atkins then through the phases until I accustom my body to eat carbs again.
posted 23-Oct-2012 12:40pm

That really great Bea.. Which diet did you lose the first 70 on? I still have a long way to go my ultimate goal is 175 - 180 because i'm tall... I do like Atkins (even though some peoplegive it negative comments) but I really dont think they read the book before starting it. I swithc between this diet and Atkins and it seems to be working for me....
posted 23-Oct-2012 11:37pm

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posted 24-Oct-2012 10:23am

dd i did the zone diet for awhile watching my calorie intake. But it stopped working. I tried other things. Now Im doing this but Ive had to tweak it a bit. Im defenitely not losing anywhere near 14lbs in 2 weeks at first I lost about 11 or 12 now it varies about 3 or 4 every 2 weeks. Ive also gained on my days that slowed it down considerably. Im 182 today lost 23lbs. 17 more to go! I started end of August. Im hoping to have it all off by Jan 1. I eat cheese now and other proteins. I stay away from carbs. I eat sugar free. I still eat the grapefruit. Most of my meals include salad with bacon and lots of non light dressing. I stay away from red meat most times. I like chicken turkey fish shrimp. I keep my protein intake above 70 grams but below 100..its hard on your kidneys. I also take a multi vitamin. I drink a lot of water. How much do you have to lose?
posted 24-Oct-2012 10:31am

its def slowing ive been on this for 2 months and lost 23lbs. I was at 189 on sept 27th 182 today on the 24th. Id probably lose more if I didnt take the day off from it. But Im not giving that day up!
posted 24-Oct-2012 3:58pm

bea, i tell you 1 thing, this diet only work if you are never take it before and only work for 2 to 3 round, that it. after that, no matter what you eat, it will drop 2 to 3 but give you back 2 to 3, so you are stay on the same.

i will switch to 1200 cal diet but will only take carb for 1 meal only, either breakfast or lunch. I will remove the grapefriut from my meal as I think my body doesn't like it anymore as there is no reaction anymore. I will still keep the sugar away but not ask my mom to remove from cooking, that is hard for her....
posted 26-Oct-2012 2:35am

Hi all lost another 3 lbs but ive moved to scarsdale diet now its still lots of gf basically it same but few variations which seem to help me n no wine just few spirits at wkend !!! X
posted 12-Nov-2012 6:21am

Hi all still stuck at my last weight I told you guys but the great news is, i'm not gaining anything. I'm trying another diet call the three day diet with carb cycling to give my body another jump start. check it out, I think it's the first diet listed above under new far so good; it's slightly different from the original 3 day diet because this one allows snacks for the three strict days, on the other three days i switch between high carb and low carb days and the 7th day is my cheat day..yea they said best to start it on a Monday so that your cheat day will be a sunday.. i'm giving it a shot for 14 days and see how i do..
posted 13-Nov-2012 10:06am

i went to Atkins diet and lost 3lbs. 181lbs 16lbs to go. Lost 24lbs since end of August on grapefruit/Atkins.
posted 14-Nov-2012 8:59pm

Congrats Bea. That combination of the two diets does work.
posted 22-Nov-2012 7:15pm

Hey, I have been reading these posts since I started this diet. I'm so glad I found it. I hope there are still people here. It looks like no one has posted anything in a few days. I started this Grapefruit diet Nov 18th (176.9 lbs) Its now Nov 22 and I am at 169.7. I haven't been hungry at all. I have followed it to a tee. Although I stil have my coffee with one milk and half a sugar in the morning. This is the easiest diet I have ever done. I'm so glad I found it :)
posted 23-Nov-2012 5:19am

Day 7: 167.9 :)
posted 23-Nov-2012 6:44am

Sorry, day 6 not day 7
posted 3-Dec-2012 1:58pm

What was your final weight loss after your 12 days?
posted 11-Jan-2013 9:40am

I am on day 5, first round. No weight loss yet. This diet is tough, because I am addicted to carbs. I have been following it right though. There are so many variations.
posted 15-Jan-2013 12:55pm

I went on this diet 10 years ago, if you follow it as stated it will work. don't worry about the color of the grapefruit, just follow the plan. I am starting again to day. weigh today and then wait about 5 days and see the difference. I lost 35 lbs in thirty days go for it.
posted 18-Jan-2013 11:11am

I am back on this diet after half years......well give another 5 lbs lost.....i am still on it now..... but soon will stop
posted 22-Jan-2013 3:11pm

Hello all I started 12 days ago and lost ten pounds going for second round and two days
posted 23-Jan-2013 11:11am

I just started this diet yesterday. I did do it about 13 years ago and lost about 25 pounds. It helped me change my eating habits. Now several years later the weight is back and my cloths don't fit. I do drink regularly with friends. I know I'll drop weight because this diet there is no alcohol and I need to not drinksmile today I weigh 175. My goal is 145. I just need a jump start to a change and I'm exited I just started thissmile my day off falls on the Superbowl which was my plan. Good luck and ill keep ya posted❤
posted 24-Jan-2013 8:26pm

Good luck to you as well Luv!! Tomorrow I start back!! :)))
posted 30-Jan-2013 10:47am

any1 have any idea if we eat quinoa can we reduce the weight?
posted 31-Jan-2013 8:16am

posted 2-Feb-2013 11:03am

When starting the diet for the second round do you stay on it for 12 days or 7. I have read about a 21 day diet? I have been on the diet for 10 days and lost 7 pounds.
posted 3-Feb-2013 9:34am

Each time its for 12 on 2 days off!!
posted 3-Feb-2013 1:48pm

I tried this years ago and lost lots. I started last been on it for 6 days and lost 6 lbs.
posted 4-Feb-2013 12:54am

Thank you red for getting back to me😄hope your diet is going well. I lost 9 pounds in the 11 days and I feel great. Yay!!!!
posted 6-Feb-2013 10:47pm

Jc how much did you lose and how long?? That's good Luv!! I will weigh tomorrow for my second round!! Then I will start my third one!
posted 12-Feb-2013 12:05pm

Starting today. 174.5.
posted 13-Feb-2013 10:26am

eating only grapefruit will help in losing weight i eat oatmeal and quinoa only adding extra grapefruit will it help me in reducing weight?
posted 14-Feb-2013 6:31am

Has anyone else experienced headaches on this diet? I'm sure it's the carb and caffine withdrawl. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.
posted 14-Feb-2013 8:49pm

Amanda, when I first started I did experience headaches, but I took a goody powder and after a couple of days I didn't have any more headaches. Anonymous I don't know about that I follow the diet exactly.
posted 14-Feb-2013 11:21pm

Day: 2.
I am ssuuper nervous about this diet.. i keep readin' that it all comes back i really NEED someone who has the best tips for me.. my boyfriend is movin' into my house in a month and i want to feel pretty.. PLEASE HELP. ._.
posted 15-Feb-2013 3:46pm

Rose good luck to you I started this diet a month and four days ago and already lost twenty one pounds!! This is my third cycle!! When you loose the weight just like any other diet its best to watch what you eat!! This diet basically teaches you how to eat more healthier. Just follow the diet exactly and you should be fine!! I lost more weight during my first phase!!
posted 15-Feb-2013 3:53pm

Day 3: I woke up feelin' healthy.! :D and I have a question.. how much do I need to worrk out.? or walk.? please tell me what worked for you red. i am tryin' this with all my heart and want to do it the best way i can. oh.! can i eat a pear or orange for a snack.?
posted 16-Feb-2013 6:54am

Rose I work out or walk for thirty minutes two times a week and no you can not have any fruit or snack between meals
posted 16-Feb-2013 9:22am

Oh. i've been walkin/workin' out an hour each day and 20mins at night. and I ate a pear on day one and two. damm. ._. thank you Red.. you have been much help.!
posted 17-Feb-2013 7:11am

Rose you are so welcome and good luck!!
posted 17-Feb-2013 6:25pm

Does anyone know if I am allowed to chew gum to stop myself from snackin'.?
posted 17-Feb-2013 8:00pm

Rose I read on here some people chew sugar free gum
posted 18-Feb-2013 10:46am

Thank you Red. (: much help.!! how is your diet goin'.?
posted 19-Feb-2013 4:52pm

Got a late Valentine Day gift from my boyfriend.. its a heart shaped box of assorted fine chocolates. God I have never felt soo weak.!! its day 7. oh lord save me.! D:
posted 24-Feb-2013 7:36am

Rose you're welcome I am back again my two day break was amazing!!
posted 25-Feb-2013 11:59am

I fell off the wagon. my boyfriend broke up with me.. and I kinda just said f-it. :/ but i know that was a mistake. i did 10days.
posted 26-Feb-2013 2:18pm

Rose it be like that sometimes, keep your head up and start he diet over!!
posted 1-Mar-2013 5:36pm

I don't know about you guys.. but I have found its FREE AND HELPS COUNT CALORIES.. CARBS.. Its amazin'. I have losted 20lbs in 2weeks and 4days.! i did the grapefruit diet with it too.! (:
posted 8-Mar-2013 9:51pm

@ Rose that is wonderful keep up the good work!!
posted 17-Mar-2013 1:48pm

Hi everyone I'm going to trying this diet today! My starting weight is 220! Hope it works..i'm also going to exercise with insanity
posted 5-Apr-2013 9:12am

i swear we are juss the same. lol. i didnt want to see anyone. no one rllaey knos about my weight loss but my job and some family. and boyfriend. i wear big clothes still til i get to where i wanna be in weight loss. ive lost 30. and´╗┐ now im workin on the last 20 .ekk
posted 25-Apr-2013 10:56pm

I've been on the gd for 3 days now. I started at 212 with a goal of 170...
posted 25-Apr-2013 10:57pm

I'll weigh myself Tuesday and post any weight loss..
posted 30-Apr-2013 2:18pm

I tried this diet 3 years ago and lost 20lbs. I am started it again today. I need to lose 25lbs this time around. I was sick and couldn't eat salads for a year, so I gained all the weight back and then some! Goodluck to everyone on the board! Wish me luck too.
posted 17-Jun-2013 11:15am

i am back on the diet and today is the 7 days, and i gain 2 pounds instead of losing 5 pounds as i have done before. strange, anyone has the same exp?
posted 19-Jun-2013 6:25pm

hello everyone I am loving everyone's comments and how this plan helps lose weight. I so lack motivation but I see howe excited everyone is and I am willing and able to do this my mind is saying yes but I keep doubting myself....
posted 19-Jun-2013 6:28pm

all i need to do is lose 30 to 40 lbs and keep it off..... so i wonder after the diet what do i eat to keep it off without doing the diet or will i forever have to eat just this?
posted 26-Jun-2013 2:57pm

my exp to me is you will get back some no matter what unless you give up carb and sugar forever. To keep it better, stay away the sugar for sure but carb, you can have it for breakfast and lunch but with small potion only......dinner don't have carb will be better
Misses Benson
posted 27-Jun-2013 10:45pm

Hello I have been on this diet since may 31 2013 and today is July 27 2013 I have only lost 9 lbs. is this normal or should I take a break and start over at a later date.
posted 28-Jun-2013 4:37pm

Misses Benson, you can take a break but make sure still no sugar or dessert allowed, keep the carb low, otherwise you might get back all the pounds you lose
posted 12-Jul-2013 1:57pm

I started the diet three days ago, I haven't even weighed myself. This is the first diet I ever went on in life but it seems fairly simple I guess the first thing I need to do is weigh myself but I;m feeling full and I'm hoping everything is going well
posted 22-Jul-2013 5:51pm

I will bestarting this diet tomorrow. Want to see how well I do on my first round. Has anyone been on this diet for more than a month? if so how is it working for you and how much per week or round realisticly can a person lose with and without exercise? Is anoyone working out with this diet? do you have the energy? what type of exercise are you doing? I have a lot of weight to lose. starting weight 272...goal weight 170
posted 2-Aug-2013 12:02am

This diet is fabulous. I used it since my 20's and now in my sixties. 3 years ago I went on it for my son's wedding. I lost 20lbs to reach my goal of 120 in 3.5 weeks. Normally the closer you are to your ideal weight the more difficult the lbs are to lose! I kept these lbs off for 3 years without any grapefruit diet routine. I eventually gained most of it back from enjoying more sweets and carbs than I normally would as a healthy person. I am back on it and have lost 10lbs. The only reason you gain any weight back is from eating has nothing to do with backlash from this strict diet.
Free Dating sites
posted 5-Aug-2013 10:09pm

Hi there, I love your website if I'm sincere. Where did you obtain it built?
posted 13-Aug-2013 10:48pm

Can u eat avocadossss cheese and salad dressing
posted 16-Nov-2013 10:56am

Is weight loss stalled when you're on your period
posted 5-Dec-2013 2:47pm

I have aunt who lose 50 lbs on this GF diet. And i lost wt on it 20 lbs doing to 2 cycles at different times
. But it does work it turely does work and i would cheat. Not now tho. But if didnt have bacon i would use turkey bacon or 2 breakfast sausage . Links. And ate fried batter chicken occasional with flour. N still lost weight. And back on it 11/31/2013 to present and i have lose 10lbs already with out working out just cleaning up the everyday and zumba on wii 2/3days a week. If feel like it.

Aso im not doing 2 days off for dec to how much i lose.
posted 5-Dec-2013 2:50pm

Also i dont drink the milk or tomoto jiuce thats optional. .. wish u all will dieter. Stay syrong.. smile
posted 5-Dec-2013 2:51pm

With on my pms. Yes wt stay the same.
posted 5-Dec-2013 2:52pm

To lisa- yes but not much n u can drink half Crystal lights
posted 6-Dec-2013 9:38am

I have been on this diet since monday.12/2/13 n lose 6 lbs omg. Today is friday. smile wink Osmile :-$ new vlthes here i come..
posted 6-Dec-2013 9:38am

posted 14-Dec-2013 11:22pm

Or better yet try dansi drop enhancers. O calories it to flavor water.
posted 24-Dec-2013 12:16pm

man, i had lost 15 lbs from this diet a year ago. I stopped for few months and now i gain back all those lbs, why???? when i stopped the diet. i didn't touch sugar and carb too......
posted 18-Jan-2014 3:14am

I started monday 1/13/14 going great so far. I did it before in 2008 and lost 40lbs in a month and a half. I ate out alot just ordered meat any style and green veggies. Drank wylers in almost every btl of water. At McDonalds i ordered my burgers without bun and a side salad. Even ate nuggets. It was fairly easy just made sure I kept a grapefruit in my purse. Good luck to all and stay encouraged. Oh and I danced to music at home for half hour everyday. Hope this helps.
posted 17-Mar-2014 6:49pm

Katrina, don't know if you're still on here, but did you exercise to lose the 40lbs?
posted 13-Apr-2014 7:16pm

My auntie lose 50 n 5 months and didn't exercise one bit. And kept it off. And im on it now i lose 8 lbs in 7 dys. And at alot of fried stuff w flour fish. Pork chop
. Chickrn n still did the plan. I also had tuna salad with wheat crackers and im still losing. N drink 8 cups of water.. we can do it.
posted 13-Apr-2014 7:22pm

Just dont eat much cheese,
posted 13-Apr-2014 7:26pm

And yes u can repeat the 12 day cycle off n on or just stay on til goal is reached.: :)
posted 13-Apr-2014 7:31pm

No snacking. U will be full if u eat food on list. I drink 4 oz gf a day. N lossing like b4.
Just wait til. 2 days off . We can do this ladies n gelts.
If u have any questions just as. N looking woman support buddy.
fad girl
posted 5-Aug-2014 11:06am

Does anyone know if you can eat fried chicken on this diet
posted 22-Oct-2014 11:48am

What's new I started this 2days ago and I'm down 2.5lbs
posted 8-Nov-2014 9:18pm

Thats greats.yes can just dont eat breading but u can use pork breadin. Its just like atkins phase1.
posted 14-Nov-2014 7:32am

#5 LOVE! I am a mommy to a one year old and I work a corporate job from my home oficfe so I rarely (ok, never) have the chance to dress up anymore. Oh how I looooong for a glamorous make over and a night on the town done right with my hubby!
posted 15-Nov-2014 1:08am

I do find that when you start off with a bad day (alarm doesn't go off, wake with a headache) the day seems to atlumucace more bad stuff! So if I find myself falling in a bad mood vortex, I try to take a breather- listen to happy music, eat my favorite pumpkin bread- and once I'm back to sunniness, I really do have better luck! I just need to stop the chain reaction!Hope you get a ton of good luck soon!
posted 25-Jan-2015 2:50am

My stomach really hurts when I go pee & I want to know if it's normal? This is my second day and I also wanted to know if it's normal to goto the bathroom more lately?
posted 26-Jan-2015 9:28am

Hi everyone! I tried the GF diet before and it worked really well, I lost 20 pounds. But it didn't last because at the time I use to drink a lot of wine, not exercise, and developed a habit of eating too much sweets! That was years ago. I no longer drink alcohol,and I started working out again a few months ago. While I do have more energy and feel better from working out, I really have not lost weight because I didn't even try to eliminate the bad foods from my diet, or at least eat them less. I weighed myself at the gym the other day and I weigh 207 pounds. A few months ago I weighed 198. So I am not sure if I put on muscle weight from working out, or just weight from eating too much sweets. Probably a little of both. So I decided to start this grapefruit diet again. I'm 207 pounds, 5'5 and size 16. I ordered some size 14 dresses dresses last week. I'd like to fit those and size 12 by this summer! So here goes day one. I just had my breakfast of 2 boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, half a grapefruit, water and tea.
posted 10-Apr-2015 7:31pm

Everything on the menu is doable except the milk and tomato juice, I don't drink either, what should I do? Also, can the tea be unsweet iced tea?
Carol in TX
posted 16-Apr-2015 12:31pm

This is my 4th day and I am down 4#'s already! I drink V-8 juice for the evening drink. Really good and packed with vitamins. I also drink diet - caffeine free coke. I am tired of the eggs already - but love the bacon. I put my bacon on a paper plate lined with 2 paper towels and covered with 2 towels as well. Micro 2 minutes to start. Easy! I pull out 4 Ozarka waters a day and drink 1 before breakfast and the rest throughout the day. I drink 6 to 8 ounces of gf juice with the meals. I have seen anything from 4 to 8 out there. My old diet from years ago (that worked great also) says 6 ounces. So I keep between 6 and 8. Hope this helps. Don't be discouraged. As long as you are not gaining you are moving forward. My the inch (day to day) it is a cinch!
Carol in TX
posted 16-Apr-2015 12:39pm

P.S. Will switch from fried eggs to an omelet mixture - maybe green peppers, gr onions and mushrooms. For lunches and dinners have enjoyed cube steak and add mushrooms once I flip the cube steak in a pan - fry together. So good! Hope this helps. I took this week off from work so started on Monday. Have to figure out how to manage next Monday when i return to work. May I add - I prayed before starting this and asked the Lord to help me. I believe He cares about everything we care about and will help us. Happy to lean on Him. : )
Carol in TX
posted 16-Apr-2015 1:25pm

Jackie - maybe you need to drink just a little more water. Also,forgot to mention I use Paul Neumam's Olive Oil & Vinegar dressing. Has no sugar. Years ago I did this diet for 10 days and lost 9 #'s. After that I went to eating 2 meals a day (Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich at lunch) - sometimes and apple or a small milk carton. I had a regular dinner but no bread. Only had something sweet for our birthdays. Walked every day. Over a few months (end of January to 1st of October) my total loss was 33 #'s. If I decided to have a big lunch then I had a light dinner. Just not 2 heavy meals in one day. I found if I skipped breakfast I wasn't as motivated to eat the rest of the day. Am thinking when I come off of this I may do the bacon and gf juice for my breakfast and as mentioned above for lunch and dinner.
posted 22-Apr-2015 2:38pm

This diet does work, I do not care what anyone says. I have been on and off of it for years. Currently I am doing Atkins and still struggling with the last 20lbs that I need to lose! I am going to try this diet again! It always seemed to work well with the transition between it and Atkins.
posted 30-Apr-2015 8:20pm

Can you use bbq sauce on your meat?
posted 1-May-2015 10:09am

Hi everyone. I have been reading this forum for 2/3 days now trying to follow you guys jorney. I started the GFD 13 days ago. I'm presently on my 2 day break. My starting weight was..... 316lbs and this morning it was 299lbs. I did not cheat on the diet and I have walked everyday for 30-45 min. My plan is to not go crazy during the break but I will not be drinking any grapefruit juice (lol). I want weigh again until I start my second cycle on Sunday.
posted 7-May-2015 11:00pm

Just wanted to do a quick update incase someone else is looking for this diet. I took 3 days off of the diet instead of the two you are normally suppose to take because my 2nd cycle start date fell on a Sunday and my family eat out after church so..... I started back on Monday. My weight when I started back monday morning was 300.2lbs so I gained 1.2lbs on my 3 days off. I am presently on day 4 and my weight this morning was 298.2 so I have lost 2lbs. I will update again before my next two days off.
posted 18-May-2015 1:06pm

Hi, is there any one that is back to this diet after a while and success. I have been successfully lose 15 lbs but now I gain all back. So I go back to this diet but nothing working...any adv
posted 23-May-2015 10:49am

Hi. I don't know if anyone is still reading this.....but, maybe someone will find it while googling this diet. Update: I did not loose any more weight during that cycle. I took a 3 day break and when I started back I weighed 304. I was drinking ocean spray ruby red grapefruit juice (100%) juice and I had a lot of fluid because of my menstrual cycle was the week before my break. Moving on.....this morning I weighed 295lbs and I am on the 7th day of a 12 day cycle. I will update before my 2 day break.
posted 23-May-2015 11:14am

ocean spray ruby red grapefruit juice - has added sugar, no? Tropicican has no added sugar, maybe more safe to use it
posted 9-Jun-2015 7:26am

My husband and I are starting this today. I'm 182.2 and he is 250.
posted 13-Jun-2015 2:36pm

Been on this diet working through day four. After two days I was down 2lbs. Weighed myself again this am and back to what I started at. I am not cheating and I am doing Jillian and using my bowflex. I will continue on and keep at it. Beach in two weeks!
posted 9-Jul-2015 3:49pm

Just started diet my question is can you drink alchol since its summer Im curious. Also where can I buy sugar free grapefruit juice and can we drink oj
posted 10-Jul-2015 12:37am

I will be starting this diet on Monday, July 13th. I will try to post as much as possible about my journey. Anyone like to start with me?
posted 31-Jul-2015 11:02am

I started this diet on 7/27/15 and I weighed myself today and have lost 4 lbs. I haven't been sticking completely to it, as I've skipped breakfast a few times and I had popcorn and wheat thins for dinner instead of vegetables and meet twice because I really wasn't that hungry and just wanted to snack on something. But I just ensure I stay within 1 serving and watch the calories instead of eating aimlessly. I've also being doing 5 miles on the elliptical every day. I started out at 230 and I'm currently at 226. I'm hoping to get down to 160. I'm 6ft tall. I lost 20lbs last time I did this diet and I didn't even work out, but I was 26 at the time so my metabolism was higher. Hopefully, I'll lose the 60 I'm looking to lose in combination with this diet and working out. I don't know if anyone is out there trying this, but if you are, post something.
I'll check in again at the end of my two week cycle.
posted 28-Aug-2015 4:28pm

started 4 days ago down 2lbs do I have to drink milk or tomato juice at night
posted 5-Sep-2015 7:09pm

Hello everyone. are caffeine drinks allowed on diet plan.
posted 10-Oct-2015 11:39am

Hi there- Juice isnt all good for you. Some fruits coatinn a high level of sugar beleive it or not.. Now fruit is definetly better then choclotates and cookies. Here is my recommendatiosn for you- dont do a one type diet- have a healthy approach. But not all fruits are good for you when you are on a diet, believe it or not, grapes, watermelon have high sugar percentage; Banana are a solid carbohydrates- you have to be careful, You have to get online and research fruit, veggies etc I recommend that you get up inthe morning, boil some water, squeez a lemon in it and drink it- do this for six weeks straight, it will do wonders- it will clean you up, your skin is gonna look great too! Next=- try to avoid starchy food, and fried food, opt up because it is summer to eat grilled meats and vegggies- lean meats.. PLus its all about moderation and portion control. Another hint: take your hands and make a fist- this should be your portion sizes in regards to meats/chicken as well, your rice service shouldnt be bigger then a medium sized light bulbs, be careful whats inside food. You can still get great food and filling food. Oh- As well, Lettuce, cucumbers and those empty fillers are great way to curb your hunger. Oh- by the way- drink plenty of water- the more you pee, the clearer the pee, the better..If you need any more tips- let me know
posted 8-Nov-2015 10:15am

Hi, I started this diet on yesterday 11/7/15 at 260lbs. My Goal weight is to be at 160 again one day. I will track my progress after the first 12 days. I might go 24 days straight with no break but I will see how it goes. If anybody is thinking about starting this diet and would like to be diet partners on this journey for progress and motivation Let me know. It would really help!

Day 1: 260lbs
posted 3-Feb-2016 8:31pm

Great started this diet and I ate corn 2 nights in a row! Hope it don't effect my diet to much?
posted 19-Feb-2016 1:24am

I been on Atkins and I been on this in 2013 and lost 20 lbs in two mths. But I don't know if if should get back on this or not it's easier bc on Atkins u gota counts carbs for everything n help me ladies???? I want start back email me at pynkrose06 at gmail dot com
posted 1-Mar-2016 6:56am

Hi everyone! My husband and I started this diet yesterday. Start weight is 182. Ive done the GF diet a few years ago and list 25 lbs. I will update my resuts! Happy losing :)
posted 2-Mar-2016 6:51am

Well no one seems to be here anymore but we are on day 3. I am down to 177 and hubby is hown to 250! I guess it really does work fast :)
posted 9-Mar-2016 7:25am

Well i cut out the grapefruit cause it was harsvon my stomach. Im down to 174on day 10 :)
posted 1-May-2016 9:31am

Anyone still lurking here? I started the Grapefruit diet two days ago and am down a pound. Would like to see this board get active again.
posted 22-May-2016 3:03pm

Hello everyone, I'll be starting tomorrow! I'll get back with my starting weight. Awesome AmandaJ!
posted 23-May-2016 9:37am

Today is my first day, starting weight 279.5, I am a female, 5'4" tall.
posted 4-Jun-2016 9:49pm

Can you eat more grapefruit that the diet says??
posted 16-Mar-2017 12:29pm

I am 55 5 2 175 the largest I have ever been in life have to do something going to start sunday any body here
posted 7-Apr-2017 11:06am

Hey day 1 today. Did it 3 years ago lost 30 pounds
posted 18-Jun-2017 4:01pm


I did this diet 18 years ago. I was 26. I lost an estimated 80- 90 pounds. I even ate ketchup, BBQ sauce, and corn on the Cobb. Other than those items, I was religious about the diet. In addition, I worked out really hard an hour six days out of the week. I worked up to two hours a day as the weight loss accelerated. I was never hungry. Even after I reached my goal weight, I continued to eat the same diet but cut but limited bacon as I seemed to get headaches subsequent to including bacon in my breakfast, so I ate it infrequently. I included more veggies the more weight I lost. Now, I am 44. No kids or marriages under my belt, but I have managed to get up to 255 pounds now. An awful miscarriage with a subsequent relationship breakup and DEVASTATED career spiral did not help prior to this weight gain about three years ago. So, here I go starting again. We will see where this takes me. My previous results lasted for several years. If not for those lasting results, I would not be trying this again. Of course, I'm 18 years older since my last success with this grapefruit diet. Oh, also I do remember really only needing "one day off" from the diet after the two weeks as it made it easier for me to get back on. Two days was too much for me.
posted 18-Jun-2017 4:04pm

Oh, also what REALLY filled me up was eating grapefruit rather than just drinking the juice. It did not matter if I ate it before or after the meal. 6/18/2017
posted 23-Jun-2017 8:33pm

Hey everybody, I've been on this diet for 10 days have only lost 3 lbs.I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Am I supposed to be watching the carbs in the meat I eat. I was told you can have hot dogs and sausage. I did this diet when I was in NY 20's and it worked like a charm. I'm 31 now maybe its because I'm older and im not really exercising.Also I'm not eating between meals.

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