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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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posted 18-Aug-2010 10:09pm

wow i didnt notice it said to deink 64oz. of water a day. .i need to start.maybe it will help with the weight loss.
posted 18-Aug-2010 11:33pm

Hi Determined22, NTMY. I am in the same boat as you I need to buy a scale too! lol. I just caved and had a Venti skim sugar free caramel latte, but I looked it up and it was only 100 cals so I don't feel awful, but I know I need to knock it off.

On salads you can have pretty much anything you want except starchy foods...can't have: cauliflower, carrots, peas, white onion, corn, and I've gotten mixed messages regarding tomatoes and cucumbers so I have stayed away from those, but I'm sure they wouldn't KILL you.

I am usually a big water drinker but I haven't been drinking enough water on this diet I know I need to drink more too. Have your cravings gone down? I can't believe how hard this has been for me.

Good luck!
posted 19-Aug-2010 7:21am

Dear Sandieth, thanks for all the posts & especially about the water.I haven't been drinking enough :( Cravings are hard...there are good days & bad but just take it one day @ a time. We're all right here w/you :)
posted 19-Aug-2010 9:19am

Ok I am REALLY getting sick of the same stuff. I almost gagged on my HB eggs this morning. I'm going to look into some low carb sugar free protien powder or something. i was really nauseas last night :(
posted 19-Aug-2010 11:12am

Thanks guys for the support, our only problem has been the night time cravings and to combat that i have just been.... GOING TO BED EARLY :) So henry you have read that cheese is a go? That would be great on eggs. Couldn't help but weigh myself today again, lol. I am down another 2.3 lbs just in a day! That brings my five day total to 7.3 lbs lost.
posted 19-Aug-2010 4:27pm

dear,Sandieth thanks for the tips. ill be more careful with what i put in my salad. and i actually cleaned out the fridge and pantry of food i knew i couldn't eat,and thats helped. The only time i have the urge to cheat is when im around my family and they decide to make cupcakes or something:/ but Ive managed not to cheat.
posted 20-Aug-2010 5:10pm

hey everyone i am on day 7 and i have not weighed myself but it is going good i must admit i cheated i eat a whoe grape fruit do anyone think that will effect me because i love the grapefruit ihave been eating the fruit and drinking the juice. i was up to 3eggs and 3 bacon but am on 2 of each now. my weight started at 272lbs i will inform you all at day 10.
posted 20-Aug-2010 6:46pm

Hi Everyone, will be away from my computer for a while. Just wanted to let u know, so please hang in there & I'll chat asap :) Remember we are all in this together so PLEASE DON"T GIVE UP!!!!!
posted 22-Aug-2010 2:30am

hi everyone :).this grapefruit diet seems like it really works and im starting tomorrow it sounds tough but i think if i stick to it, it will really work for me. i was just wondering iv'e heard that you can lose about 20 pounds in a week or a week in a half is that possible? btw im 16 and i wanna lose some weight before i go back to school thats why i am doing this. do you think its okayy for me to do the diet at this age? well i hope someone reply's i could really use some support.
posted 25-Aug-2010 7:15am

Hey everyone just to update you all I started at 272 and am at 258 am doing good a tip for all with all the water u are taking in I take a water pill and take a vitamin And I walk
posted 25-Aug-2010 4:51pm

Hi everybody!
I started the grapefruit diet today and so far I had the breakfast and it was great, now im having lunch. Day 1 almost over...
posted 26-Aug-2010 12:23am

I really hope this diet works. I started it on Monday and tomorrow will be day 4. I follow it the way it says except that instead of two eggs and two bacons I do one egg and one bacon. I also don't eat the yellow of the egg due to cholesterol issues and I eat turkey bacon. I hope this doesn't change the results for me. I usually skip the snack of skim or tomato juice but tonight I had green tea. Does anyone think it's a big deal? I honestly just want to lose 10 pounds. I'm short and the extra weight I gained in the last year and a half has forced me to buy new clothes. I can't really afford this because I'm a teacher. I want to fit into my old olds again.
posted 26-Aug-2010 10:26am

Okay so I weighed myself this morning as soon as I woke up. Today is day 4 and I went down about 4 pounds.
posted 27-Aug-2010 1:18pm

This diet sounds great, I hope it works for me I am 30years old and at 172, I just want to be thin and sexy again.
posted 28-Aug-2010 9:32pm

Hello to all!

Very motivating forum, I am starting diet tomorrow reading all your success stories made me run to supermarket and get started.
I weigh 220 stand 5'10 and want to lose 50 lbs. Congratulations to all of you keep up the good work!
posted 29-Aug-2010 4:14pm

I started the diet on Monday and it's Sunday. I'm not overweight but I'm short and every single pound I put on makes a difference with my clothes. So I'm very motivated to fit into my clothes which I grew out of within the past 2 years. I don't know maybe age forces you to gain naturally cause your metabolism slows down. Anyway, I have lost 4 1/2 pounds so far. This makes me feel good. I know it may not sound like alot but it's a big deal to someone who can't fit into her clothes. I am afraid that I might plateau now though. I'm afraid that now it will be a slower process to get rid of the next 6 pounds. Hope not. Also getting major cravings for things I never usually eat like
posted 30-Aug-2010 5:54pm

posted 30-Aug-2010 5:57pm

posted 30-Aug-2010 6:26pm

Hi All, Just got back from vacation (pure agony on this diet) but I survived! Dear Melissa, please check w/ your pediatrician before you start this diet. There are so many restrictions for someone your age. I'm not an expert but I want you to be alright:) Mzmmoemoe25, I wish I was 172 & just remember that you are already sexy this diet will only enhance that:) Kuita,I've been on this diet for over a month & my weight loss has been VERY SLOW (started 222 now 209). Just don't give up, we're all in this together. R7, not sure about the no yoke & turkey bacon? However, if you are seeing results keep doing what you are doing until you reach your goal. Listen everyone, these are just my thoughts 7 opinions. I'm just a 1st time dieter who chats on this site because it helps me stay on track & motivated. So hang in there my new friends only 11 more days to my next break (LOL).
posted 31-Aug-2010 6:49pm

@ Henry Thank you for your comment that really made me feel good
posted 31-Aug-2010 10:18pm


I can sense you're frustrated with diet, years ago when I did this diet I lost 24 lbs.
It's a common misconception that "you can eat everything you want and lose weight" losing weight means you're lowering your caloric intake so you're body can use "natural stored fat" as energy.
Depending on how tall you are your caloric intake will be XYZ. I am not sure what your routine is, or what you're eating, etc.
If you've followed the diet to the exact "instructions outlined" than we need to take a look at "other things" the human body cannot be deprived of certain things otherwise your body will compensate by retaining other nutrients.
What is your weight? Height? Workout routine? Are you "taking in too much protein" and lifting weights this would result in muscle development which again muscle weighs more than fat
posted 1-Sep-2010 8:25pm

Hi All,
I'm starting to lose my appetite when it comes to dinner. After dinner I don't feel like eating. I force myself because I don't think it's good to skip a meal. Today is day 8 and I lost 6 pounds altogether. I don't eat all I want. I think my stomach has shrunk so I eat small portions of meat and veggies. I also go to the gym every day and do the burn fat option of the treadmill. I don't do weight yet because I want to get down to my desired weight before I start building muscles. I splurged today and had a piece of watermelon and I hope it doesn't hurt me.
posted 2-Sep-2010 12:11am

R7 Congratulations on your weightloss! That's impressive and motivating. As for your appetite it's normal to notice a decrease in appetite when dieting. All this means is your creating healthier eating habits and portion control. Our bodies have a way of letting us know when they've had enough. Also keep in mind that the reason this "diet" works so well is because studies show that it helps control and lower your insulin levels. Good luck and keep up awesome work!
posted 2-Sep-2010 12:29pm

@R7 WOW! 6 pounds lighter...way to go:)
posted 2-Sep-2010 10:37pm

Now I'm really worried about the fact that I'm coming up to my first 2 days off the diet. I don't want to gain it back or lose the momentum I'm on. Any advice? Can I just eat similar to the diet without the grapefruit?
posted 3-Sep-2010 11:38am

@R7, you should enjoy your 1st break. As far as I know you can eat whatever you like, so give your self a break from the grapefruits (lol). Relax & celebrate your accomplishments! Don't binge eat but savor all your favorites (remember moderation). Those 2 days always fly by so quickly so don't worry about the pounds because you'll start back up on Monday. Hope it helps & have a great weekend!
posted 6-Sep-2010 2:57pm

Thanks for all the help, Will be starting the diet Tuesday 9/6/10.
posted 8-Sep-2010 11:29pm

So I had my two days off. I didn't go crazy at all. I ate less than regular in fear of gaining but I gained 1/2 a pound anyway. So now I'm back on it and it's day three and already cheated one day but trying to stay strong. I would love to lose just a few more. I hope I haven't plateaued. I go to the gym every day and run/ walk for 50 minutes between 3.5 and 4.5. I hope to see some results soon with the gym because it has been almost three weeks now.
posted 9-Sep-2010 11:05am

@R7 Hey, its sounds like you are doing great. I wish I had you dedication when it comes to working out. Don't beat yourself up about the cheating (things happen). The important thing is that you are still doing the diet. I'm proud of you my friend (hang in in there)!
posted 10-Sep-2010 2:29pm

posted 10-Sep-2010 4:21pm

@Kuita Hey, not sure about your phase situation so let's start @ the beginning.I started @ 220 & now weigh 206 :) The weight loss was...still is slow but I'll take it any way I can get it (lol). The diet is posted @ the top of the site & will tell you what exactly to eat. I always check in so if you need any help I'm here. Just remember that I'm not an expert just a friend reaching out. So relax...take a minute to review the diet plan,& make sure you have plenty grapefruit juice :) Hope it helps & hang in there.
posted 10-Sep-2010 8:08pm

Henry,9/11 and 9/12 i start my two monday i will start my third phase.i see that the diet at the top of the page states that you can have a whole grapefruit instead of a half.tell me what you eat exactly(if you dont mind).thank you soo much hun, i am really trying to get this darn weight off of me
posted 10-Sep-2010 8:23pm

@Kuita Sure...breakfast= 2eggs,2strips of bacon & grapefruit juice. Lunch= grilled chix, salad w/regular dressing, grapefruit juice, diet coke. Dinner (meat & veggies vary) Chix, steak,or shrimp,w/string beans, collards, broccoli, or spinich,grapefruit juice, & diet coke. I never make it to the snack @ night (so I skip it all together). I should also mention that I don't exercise so you'll burn your's off more quickly. Each day varies but I try not to stray from the plan listed above. Hope it helps:)
posted 10-Sep-2010 9:10pm

do u eat until you get full? i eat the same but i eat three eggs and maybe four strips of bacon and i eat alot if fried chicken and i eat it until im full-and i also walk-i was taken vitamins until i realized it has corn starch in them.i am doing something wrong some where.and i did not take two days off i only took one
posted 11-Sep-2010 7:05am

@Kuita, @ the beginning I did eat until I was full. However, now I'm not always that hungry so I just eat what's listed (I don't skip meals). But you are supposed to eat until you are full(so you're doing that right). Today starts my 2-day break (yeah!) & I enjoy BOTH days! The break is important because it allows your body to return to normalcy for a while. Its only 2 days so you can't do that much damage (no binge eating). In fact, Monday always seems to arrive too soon, so take your 2-day break & enjoy. You are doing great...don't worry. It took me a while to see results because every resonds diffrently to the diet. It may take your body a moment to adjust to the new regimen. So don't beat yourself up if you don't see rapid weight loss. It will happen because I can see how dedicated you are :) Hope it helps.
posted 11-Sep-2010 1:08pm

Thank u Henry,no im not that hungry but i will go at this diet full force monday and work out harder.thanks a lot Henry,im so glad i found this site
posted 16-Sep-2010 9:48pm

Henry, how is it going on your diet. We are suppose to have no intake of carbs and sugars. can we have barbque sauce? green beans has carbs. can we fry our meat in grease or do we have to use butter
laura ♥
posted 17-Sep-2010 8:18am

hi everyone im on my 4th day of the grapefruit diet & already lost 8 lbs!! thats amazing im very motavated to continue for the hole 2 1/2 months!! im 5'4 & weigh 173 lbs i would like to get down to about 130!! keep you guys posted!!

by the way this is what i eat EVERYDAY....

BREAKFAST: 2 fryed eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, half a grapefruit & a bottle of water

LUNCH: salad with just lettce with 2 tablespoons canola oil & 1 tablesspoon apple cider vinager & salt & peper & 2 pieces of grilled chicken & half a grapefruit & a bottle of water

DINNER: 2 pieces of baked bonless skinless chicken breast & a cup & 1/2 of broccli & half a grapefruit & a bottle of water!!!

& i have a bottle of water in my hand throughout the hole day!!!

good luck everyone don't give up stay postive & you can do it!!
posted 17-Sep-2010 1:10pm

Great job to you all! I tried this diet for the two weeks and was successful in losing 8lbs. I did however give up because I couldn't stand the bacon and eggs (I'm not a fan of breakfast), and the grapefruit/juice was a bit of an inconvenience if I happened to be away from home and forgot to bring it along. I ran across this site and wanted to share it with you. It's also a low carb diet, not nearly as restricting as the grapefruit diet (you can have strawberries, whipped cream, and snack in between), and has worked out great so far! I've lost 4lbs in 4 days, and many lose a pound a day :)

Here is the website His book is a great quick read that was very informative to me and how weight is gained through the consumption of sugar, and how insulin is affected causing weight gain.

I just wanted to share with you all in case you are becoming discouraged and feel like jumping I did :)
posted 17-Sep-2010 5:50pm

@ Kuita, I'm hanging in there (still 206 down from 222). Thanks for checking in :) I don't use BBQ sauce but I have been inhaling green beans (they're my fav.). On my diet print-out it states that you are allowed to eat ANY green veggies. And yes, I use butter to fry my foods. Hope all is well on your end. Have a good weekend :)
posted 19-Sep-2010 9:54am

I just wanted to check in. As of today I have lost 11 pounds and I'm so very happy. Those jeans I wanted to fit into are fitting. Three more pounds and I will be down to the weight I wanted to be. I am working on a maintenance plan. Any suggestions? I don't want to eat any white rice or bread or pasta because that is what caused the weight to get packed on. I think I'll do them once a week or once every two weeks. Any suggestions?
posted 19-Sep-2010 10:55am

ANONYMOUS, what is it that you are eating different that makes you want to stay on the diet?
posted 19-Sep-2010 9:25pm

@R7, Congrats on your slim-down :) Determined 22 posted on Aug 14 that after goal weight is achieved go to for ways to help you maintain new shape/weight. I haven't checked it out yet because I've still got a ways to go but please let us know if it works. Good luck my friend, hope it helps.
posted 19-Sep-2010 9:51pm

well guys im off to try this diet tommorow again ,i did it months ago and lost 11lbs in 7 days and gave up,,but im gonna do it agin ,i wish u all the best ,lets keep each other motivated...good luck too all ..
posted 20-Sep-2010 7:45pm


whipped cream, strawberries, sugar free jello mousse, mayo, wheat tortillas to make quesadillas, almonds....There are lots of recipes in his book, as well as in his cookbook...things I never even thought about eating on a low carb diet. I've always seen it as meat, eggs, salad, and cheese, but his book has great recipes!

I've been drinking coke zero and rootbeer (I'm addicted to soda), and been able to snack :)
posted 20-Sep-2010 7:50pm

oops, I forgot to type "diet" for diet rootbeer :)
posted 21-Sep-2010 12:31am

Anonymous, Are you eating those things now on the grapefruit diet??
posted 21-Sep-2010 12:40am


No, I'm following this I posted earlier and forgot I had to enter my name. I tried the grapefruit diet for 2 weeks and couldn't handle the bacon anymore. I thought I was smelling bacon everywhere and anywhere I went...yuck! Anyhow, this low carb way of eating isn't as restricting as the grapefruit diet with the option to slowly introduce more carbs into your diet. His book can be downloaded or purchased at your local bookstore, and is a quick and easy read, being VERY informative as to why we should be on a low carb diet if we don't want to be gaining weight. I've been on it for almost a week and I've lost 6lbs :)
posted 21-Sep-2010 5:28pm


that is so awesome ,keep me updated on your diet and good job sticking with it!
posted 21-Sep-2010 10:27pm

can someone tell me if i can have non dairy creamer and trivia in my coffee ?
posted 22-Sep-2010 1:48pm

BECKY & ANONYMOUS,iam on my third cycle of the grapefruit diet(1month and 1/2). i have only lost five pounds. i looked at the website and do i have to buy all three of the books to understand the diet? i need to loose weight fast or at least faster then what i have lost.
posted 22-Sep-2010 6:37pm

i want to just stop this diet but i have come so far.i have only lost five pounds and i am now on my third the beginning i had was doing the diet a little wrong and now i am doing it correctly. im starting to think that this diet and this site is not real(NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE) im past discouraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 22-Sep-2010 9:06pm

@ Kuita, you are not the only one that gets discouraged...we all do! Remember, that everyone is different so results will vary & may not be as fast :( I'm a prime example..I started in July & now its almost October & I've lost 15 pds. Believe me when I tell you thats its been a SLOW process. I can't express to you how much I despise eggs but I endure it because its apart of the diet. I don't won't you to give up on your goals but this may not be the diet for you (its very restrictive). Becky is on the plan. Have you taken a look @ that? Or what about Atkins? If you do decide to stay w/the grapefruit..I'm here & there are a lot more of us out there struggling together. We will be here if you need us. Just think about your 5 pounds off..I bet those skinny jeans are fitting a little bit better? Do you think you can hang in there until your next break? Can you give your self one last try & see if your clothes fit differently (not the scale)? I really want you to reach your goals but I understand if you need a change. Think about about it & let us know if you're up for one more try? You are not alone my friend & I'm proud of you & your 5pd. weight loss. Sweet dreams :)
posted 22-Sep-2010 10:32pm

Kuita,,dont u give up girl shes right wait one more cycle..Ill be your buddy if u want ,ive been on this diet before ,,im 247 lbs and started back on monday ,,we can check in with each other
posted 23-Sep-2010 6:02pm

i started the diet on Monday!!! :) i weighted my self and 225pounds was on the scale. i couldn't believe that thats how much i weight. i need to change the way i eat and try to stay on this diet so i can achieve my goal, my goal right now is to weight 130 pounds. I know i can do it, don't know how long it will take me but I know its possible.
now any one any ideas on how to start with the day! well @ mornings its hard for me to have a breakfast, i take my girls to school and always in a hurry, so i just eat a bowl of cereal its called special K for lunch i eat a progresso soup its only 80 calories i also drink a 8oz of grapefruit juice and lots of water during the day, for dinner i eat another bowl of special k cereal and @ bed time i drink a cup of grapefruit and thats what i'm doing so far. am i doing the diet right or am i missing out on something please let me know.
posted 23-Sep-2010 6:51pm

I wanted to lose three to four more pounds before I stopped but it has been over a week and nothing more has come off. I like the idea of this fattoskinny diet. Do I have to buy the book?
posted 23-Sep-2010 7:05pm

@R7, look @ Becky's messages ( think you have to download the book & recipes for a small fee. Sorry, I'm not quite sure but I wish you all the best. Take care my friend :)
posted 23-Sep-2010 7:10pm

@Diva1719, Welcome to the blog :) I'm not sure what diet plan you are following? I don't want to give you any wrong info. but the plan I'm following is listed @ the very top of this site. For example, Breakfast includes 2 eggs,2 strips of bacon & grapefruit juice. Lunch includes meat cooked any way, salad w/regular dressing & grapefruit juice. We aren't allowed to have cereal,milk,soup, bread, potatoes, sugar, etc.... Unfortunately,this diet plan is very restrictive but you will see results. I hope it helps & good luck on your weight loss :)
posted 24-Sep-2010 10:25am

i completed the third cycle of the grapefruit is friday and saturday i will start my two days off. i dont know if i will start back on the grapefruit diet or try the fattoskinny diet.
posted 24-Sep-2010 5:15pm

@Kuita, Did you not see the results you wanted? Believe me I totally understand how you feel. I'm off tomorrow too..& I'm counting the minutes (notice I didn't say hours)!!!! Anyway, just wanted you to know that you have a friend & I wish you the best of luck as you make your final decision. No matter the outcome, I'm proud you & keep in touch skinny girl :)
posted 26-Sep-2010 1:51am

I'm so sorry that I haven't been here to answer questions. The Fat to Skinny book can be purchased at your local bookstore, but can also be purchased on the site for $10 and immediate download. It's a quick and easy red with many recipes included. Yes, it's similar to Atkins, however, I think it's a little less restrictive (at least I think so). Not only is it a good diet, but I see it as a perfect lifestyle after reading his book. I've never realized how food is converted to sugar, and then pretty much to fat. I LOVE this diet because I can have something sweet when I want it (it may not be perfect, but a sugar free Jello mousse topped with whipped cream is awesome!), I snack on almonds, string cheese, and the list goes on and on. I have to admit that I went to the fair the other night and cheated, and felt terrible! I had been so used to the limited carb intake, that I no longer had cravings for junk. For some reason I caved at the fair, and totally regretted it :(

There is an active forum, where the author is very involved and encouraging. I wish you all the best on the grapefruit diet, and just wanted to let you all know about Had I known about this a very LONG time ago, I wouldn't have searched for a quick and easy diet., just by the actual Fat to Skinny Book ($10 immediate download). The cookbook is just recipes, and the other book is just quick info on sugar...for example: 1 cup of grapes is 4 tablespoons of sugar.
posted 27-Sep-2010 8:33pm

posted 27-Sep-2010 8:46pm

@ Chrissy I'm sorry we're losing you but that seems to be the theme lately. No one is seeing the results they want :( Try the, everyone seems to be migrating towards that site. However, I'm still here. Started @ 222 now I'm down to 204 but its been VERY...VERY...VERY... slow. I began in July but I don't mind that its slow...I just try not to get discouraged. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck & let us know how the new plan works out!
posted 27-Sep-2010 9:32pm

Henry ,

I dont know why it is happening the first time i was on this i lost 11 lbs in one week ,im so sad, but thank you for the support ...
posted 27-Sep-2010 9:33pm

I will look that iet up thank you ,,is everyone doing well on that?
posted 27-Sep-2010 9:36pm

Hi every one
i sarted G.D. 0n 16th sep. tomorrw is last day of 1 phase but i see that afeter five days is stop loosing my wait its just 5 pound i loose now its stop loosing i dont know why can any body help me out for this i want to stick on it beacuse i think its work on me but suddenly its stops......... so.....?????????????
posted 28-Sep-2010 1:09pm

@ Archi, it sounds like you're are doing everything right :) Maybe after this phase you'll see more weight loss? Just remember that every responds diffrently to the diet. @ 1st it may come off quickly then slowly taper off, so try not to get discouraged. Keep up the good work & enjoy your break :)
posted 28-Sep-2010 1:14pm

@ Chrissy, It seems that the few that've switched to the fattyoskinny plan enjoy the food choices. You have more variety & the diet is less restictive :) Not sure about their weight loss...haven't heard back from them? So try it & see what happens? Hopefully, it will be a plan that you can stick too & see the results you want. Let me now how it works, I'm gonna stick it out here. Take care my friend :)
posted 30-Sep-2010 6:45pm

Can anyone tell me if you can have a cocktail or a bourban and water with this diet?
posted 30-Sep-2010 7:03pm

@ anonymous, Sorry...but you aren't allowed alcohol while on the grapefruit diet :(
posted 2-Oct-2010 4:04pm

Hello everyone.

I am going to start this diet tomorrow.your comments are helpful.
Will log in a week to let you know,ow it is going.
I am 95kg of 1.62cm , sorry, don't know about Pound wise,i guess around 220lb or something.
posted 2-Oct-2010 6:26pm

I'm starting this diet tomorrow with a starting weight of 286. Hope to have success.
posted 4-Oct-2010 11:57am

Hello all i started this diet exactly i week ago and i'm down 9 pounds. I have not done any excersing so i know i could have lost more if i had.
posted 6-Oct-2010 9:47am

Hi everyone. I tried this diet before, and of all the diets out there, I feel this is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective. I will be starting it This weekend wen I get a chance to go to the store to get the food for it. Actually it will be saving me money on my grocery bill :)

Someone above asked if you can drink alcohol. The answer is no. It will hinder your weight loss goals. I know how you feel because I love to drink wine, but I think I like it a little too much lol. Trust me, you wont lose much weight if you take in alcohol with any type of weight loss diet. Most alcohol turns into sugar in your body, and sugar helps to store fat!

Anyway, I don't know my weight but I guess it is around 210 lbs. Last time I weighed myself I was 190lbs, and I have gained weight since then. I am only assuming that I weight between 200 and 210 because I went up a size in clothes. The proof is in how I fit my old clothes in the next month. I wll report back here my progress. Last time I recall I had some headaches while on this diet. I imagine thqat is from not drinking enough water to wash out the salt from the bacon, and acid from the grapefruit?
posted 6-Oct-2010 9:53am

I see someone posted they drink coke zero on this diet? Do you still lose weight drinking it? Please let me know, because I am a coffee addict, and I can only drink 1 glass of coffee a day. When I don't drink coffee, I drink coke, but of course can't drink regular coke on this diet.

Other than the tomatoe juice (I don't drink milk) grapefruit juice, tea, and coffee, is there anything else we can drink that will NOT cause us to gain weight or lose? Please let me know.

If not, I will just stick to the game plan. I have no problem cutting out the things I like to drink.
posted 6-Oct-2010 11:00am

Hi all you great losers that are becoming Gainers of Feeling and Looking Better. I'm 53, 5'8" and started on my birthday on Oct 2 at 205.3 lbs and today I am 199.9 lbs. I have 2 questions, do you drink the grapefruit juice before or after eating your meal for best results? I also wonder why I haven't gone #2 in almost 3 days now which would hold me back from losing. I have not cheated and even last nite didn't drink the tomatoe juice. I have about 4-5 ounces of meat lunch and dinner, pork and beef so far. I also drink over 80+ ounces of water daily too.
posted 6-Oct-2010 5:55pm

@ candygirl, WELCOME! I started in July @ 222 & now I weigh 205. I am ADDICTED to coke, so I feel your pain. We are allowed to drink any diet beverage & yes, I have been drinking coke Zero & have maintained my weight loss (so far). Good luck, hope it helps!
posted 6-Oct-2010 6:01pm

@anna, WELCOME!There have been mixed reports on when to drink the juice so I'll just tell you that I drink mine @ the beginning of the meal. However, there are those that drink during & after. Honestly, I'm not sure but the bottom line is make sure you don't forget to drink your juice @ mealtime. Some of the bloggers have mentioned constipation. I'm hoping that you've already gone but if not HOT beverages help (coffee, tea). If it worsens than you may need a laxative or speak to your doc (just to make sure that you are ok). Good Luck, hope it helps!
posted 7-Oct-2010 9:00am

Thank you Henry, and congrats on your progress! I am so glad to know I can have a diet drink. The last time I tried this diet I was told I could drink coffee or tea with each meal everyday. Now a year later they are saying only 1 cup of coffee per day because it hinders weight loss! arrghhh I LOVE coffee. Sometimes I drink like 3 to 4 cups a day! I actually have cut down because I would make a pot every morning, and drink the whole pot by maybe 3pm. No sugar. I don't like sweets all that much, and prefer black coffee. All the coffee addicts out there can feel my pain on this one. So I guess it's 1 cup per day :(

@anna I recall having a constipation problem the last time I was on this diet. Like henry said, you may want to contact a dr, but if not maybe try a mild laxative. Maybe go to a health food store and see if they have any natural laxative? Do you eat spinach? Maybe try eating dark green veggies for dinner. I would imagine that eating leafy green eggies can help. Laxatives are not meant for prolonged use because your body can build a dependence on them, causing you to be totally dependent, and not being able to go even on your own.
posted 7-Oct-2010 9:15am

Thanx Henry and Candygirl, I think having meat 3 times a day is doing it. I haven't used butter for anything and after today being 4 days straight, I'm trying some metamucil. Do you always have a snack at nite. I have missed 2 days but haven't cheated or am tempted. Candygirl what did you use when you were constipated? I will also try coffee this morning. I only drink decaf, are the rules mainly for caffeine. So then I could drink more than one a day.
Hope you are all doing well.
Blessed, anna
posted 7-Oct-2010 9:42am

@anna, I never do the snack (I forget all about it). Today I weighed 203 so hopefully I'm doing something right? Anyway, the diet print out that I have says you should limit your coffee intake because it affects insulin levels which hinders burning process. But don't quote me because there are so many versions of this diet floating around. Basically, just do your best I know its hard to break the coffee habit:( Just remember moderation & I think you'll be just fine & skinny :)Take care.
posted 8-Oct-2010 4:27pm

Henry, Well, it will be the weekend soon and hopefully with taking Ex-Lax pills, Metamucil and drinking hot water my problem will be eliminated. I think because I rarely eat meat that my body is rebelling and in order to probably take care of it, I need to exercise more. I'm going to walk on my treadmill while watching TV. Back to Sams Club to buy more eggs, and stuff for salads and more veggies. Tomorrow will be one week. Hope you have a nice weekend.
Blessed, anna
posted 8-Oct-2010 9:39pm

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to check in. I stopped the diet some time back and lost about 8 on the diet. I remember a site that basically said you could only loose about 5 - 10 on this diet. I am in the process of keeping it off now. I eat carbs only about 2 times a week and if so it is in the form of brown rice. I also go to the gym almost every day which has made a big difference because I think the diet messed with my metabolism. Now my body has returned to normal and the gym is helping me to lose. I lost another few pounds and I'm really happy. fit into so many of my clothes and every morning for the past few weeks I've seen my weight go down. I don't eat between meals, boiled egg for breakfast, salad for lunch, regular dinner with carbs only twice a week. I do splurge for special occasions.
posted 9-Oct-2010 7:06pm

@R7, Congrats on your weight loss! Please continue to keep in touch & let us know how you are doing :) Take care & good luck!
posted 11-Oct-2010 12:52pm

So..started this diet today! I am sort of skeptical that it is not going to work for me. I just feel like I have a really hard time losing weight. Does anyone else have these problems, but has found this diet still works for them?
posted 11-Oct-2010 10:23pm

@jaw2512, WELCOME! I know its difficult but give the diet a chance, you may surprise yourself :) I have been overweight my entire life so I've tried all the fad diets. For me, this diet works but the results have been slow but steady (July was 222 now 203). Everyone & every diet are different but this one may work for you,so be positive. I know thats easier said than done but we are all in this together. So good luck & chat when you need us!
posted 16-Oct-2010 10:50pm

Hi all! I just started the GFD today. However I got grapefruits as well as grapefruit juice. I've had the juice for breakfast and for dinner but I just realized that it is unsweetened concentrated. Does it need to be un-concentrated? Just a little confused. Best wishes to all!
posted 17-Oct-2010 9:02pm

@Emily, WELCOME! As far as I know the only important thing about the juice is that it must be UNSWEETENED. However,sounds like you are on the right track. Take care & good luck :)
posted 17-Oct-2010 10:58pm

I did the Atkins diet and lost five pounds but Gosh the headaches I got where just not right for me... I stopped, and did the cabbage soup diet OMG I did lose 10 pounds in one week but got really tired of eating soup even when I changed it to healthy choice soups. Then this diet but since I dont like Bacon I got Turkey Bacon instead and still lost 8 pounds in 7 days with 3 days of walking only I did not have the strenght to jog or run. I'd say the fact that I can make my meats anyhow makes up for all my loss of bread, rice and all the really yummy stuff. I will try this for one more week and see how I feel.
posted 18-Oct-2010 9:04am

@ Tonica, sorry about the headaches & set backs :( Hopefully, things will improve. However, I'm proud of you for sticking it out! Good Luck my friend :)
Roni Raye
posted 19-Oct-2010 9:43am

Hi everyone,
today will be my first day starting the grapefruit diet. i did this diet back in 2007 and lost 30 pounds.It seems like the only diet that works best for me.I am trying to loss 55-60 pounds this time around.
posted 19-Oct-2010 2:29pm

@ RoniRaye, WELCOME! If you don't mind me asking?....was it difficult to keep the weight off after you stopped this diet? How long did it take you to lose 30pds? Sorry for so many questions but I've been on since July. Started @ 222 now I weigh 202 :) However, I'm stuggling & am now becoming EXTREMELY tired of grapefruits & bacon (lol).
posted 19-Oct-2010 9:31pm should check out Fat to Skinny...there are so many recipes you can make, including many with pumkin right now for the season, and there's no requirement to eat bacon. Really it is a simple way of eating when you have all the support that there is on the forum, as well as so many different ways to do things WITHOUT grapefruit and bacon. I can guarantee you'll lose weight quickly!

Right now they have recipes for pumpkin bread,pumpkin seeds, pumpkin as a side with syrup and butter, and pumpkin cookies! The wife of he man who began it all is on there and even tries her best to convert your favorite recipes to make them Fat to Skinny friendly.

I fell off track for a bit because I just got lazy, but I started again yesterday and I'm already down 2lbs, and here's what I ate yesterday...

strawberries for breakfast
fried "pizza" for lunch with pepperonis, musshrroms, and bruschetta topping
cilantro lime chicken with squash soup (mexican squash with onion, corn, diced tomatoes all simmered in water with a cup of mil...then topped with cheese)
sugar free jello with redi whip whipped cream
tablespoon of peanut butter as a snack
crystal lite to drink

I wish you the best, but really, you can eat more of a variety over there than here and it's not as limiting as Atkins seems to be :)
posted 20-Oct-2010 11:34am

@Becky, THANKS SO MUCH! That's just what I needed to hear. I can't express to you how much I truly loathe both the sight/smell of bacon & eggs (lol). I'm only a few pounds away from my goal (20 pds). Hopefully, I'll be able to maintain the weight loss (once I've stopped) w/the fat to skinny program. Thanks a bunch & take care :)
posted 20-Oct-2010 1:29pm

Henry, you're welcome! There's so much support over there and lots of great stuff! I wish you the best...and maybe I'll see you on the forum over there encouraging others just as you did here :)
Roni Raye
posted 20-Oct-2010 2:41pm

Hello Henry it took me a month in a half to loss 30 pounds. i can say i kept it off for a good two 1/2 years.But once i stop exercising(getting lazy) i put about 15 pounds back on. when i first started in feb.2007 i was 224 & in a the middle of ending of March early APril i was down to 194-195lbs. so now i am 209lbs and want to loss about 50lbs.i did notice doing the grapefruit in the past that cheese would sometime slow my weight down.once i started to limit my cheese intake the weight went down faster. My doctor recommended me this diet back in Feb of 2007.So hopefully this time it works again.LOL....
posted 20-Oct-2010 5:39pm

@Roni Raye, Thanks for the all the info. I wish you the best of luck :)
posted 23-Oct-2010 12:44pm

i am in grapefriut diet since september 12 and so far i lost 25 pounds my starting weight was 235 and today i am goal weight is 170 . in 2008 i did this diet and lost 30 ponds .
posted 23-Oct-2010 8:55pm

@ Marry, WOW!!!!!!! Congrats on your weight loss. Keep up the good work & you'll reach your goal in no time :)
posted 25-Oct-2010 9:21am

thank you henry

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