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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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posted 9-Dec-2010 4:11pm

that was @ shelley..sorry I missed your extra "e"
posted 9-Dec-2010 11:12pm

I have been doing this diet for 3 days...going on 4. I feel a huge difference! In a good way. I started at 141; hoping to get to 130 by the end of these loooong 12 days. I'll keep everyone posted with my results... Will I see a difference in my clothes? Appearance?
posted 10-Dec-2010 9:06am

*LADIES HELP* Dear all I have a question I know this diet should be a NO SUGER Diet well I kinda feel dizzy I us ladies we LOVE chocolate so I found this chocolate called " CANDEREL ' Its SUGER FREE I guess you guys heard of it of course anyway is it okay? or is it going to ruin my Grapefruit Diet? thanks oh the kinds of chocolates are ' milk chocolate and milk chocolate with crispy cereal '
Vanessa uk
posted 10-Dec-2010 9:10am

HI is it bad to skip dinner? actually I feel so full from all the meat and salad and grapefruit so I dont feel like eating at night/dinner? so should I eat a grapfruit for dinner only???????
posted 10-Dec-2010 9:55am

@Lupe..I didnt feel much different at first. I actually felt bloated and heavier. But it was just all in my mind. I think my body was getting used to eating meat regularly. I lost abt 9lbs my first 12 days..and I am in my second 12 days and still going down. Im about to have to get some new jeans because they are loose! I have been told by my friends I look smaller..but mainly my inches are shrinking. A Good feeling after less than a month. smile

@ Megan...I think that the GFD is really trying to reduce sugars and carbs. I would look at the carbs...I know alot of bars have a ton of carbs in them. I know from others that if they really enjoy something that isnt listed on the GFdiet plan, they eat that item on their days off. The grapefruit has alot of natural sugars in it...your body may just need time to adjust to the high protein...low carb & sugar foods.

@ Vanessa uk..the only thing ive seen on the GFD is not to omit anything from the diet plan. I felt VERY bloated at the beginning of the I just ate less at lunch so I could still eat dinner. I started by eating a ton of meat at I put my chicken or tuna in my salad at lunch...and wait to eat alot of my meat till dinner. The grapefruit will help burn the fat, but this diet already limits eating to three times a day. I know if you dont eat enough..your body actually stores fat instead of burning it. So I would just portion control your lunch and dinnner. It has really helped me smile
posted 10-Dec-2010 7:28pm

Frustrated......i cheated today for lunch. My 16 months old baby boy is very sick, with many of things and we had to take him to the hospital today n stayed for I ate fast food. Have you cheated before? If so, is it ok? Or should i give up n try later....
posted 11-Dec-2010 4:52am

@ lupe...Of course..I have cheated. I started my first cycle right b4 Thanksgiving...So needless to say..the food was to tempting to resist! No worries..Henry always says just keep trying even if you mess up. I agree...dont give can do it. The GFD is a hard lifestyle change..but the results are worth it!
posted 11-Dec-2010 8:28am

Dear Lupe, hope your little one is feeling better? Frustrated is right, if you slip just jump right back on the diet...NO WORRIES!!!! Everyday won't be perfect but being a mom comes first, so eat that fast food w/your little boy (it was only once). Sometimes life's challenges will throw you a curve but the trick is to not fall back into old habits. It sounds to me that you are doing great so don't beat your self up. Please let us know how you & your son are doing :) Remember we are always here if you need us & give your son a BIG GRAPEFRUIT Kiss from all of us!!!!!!!!!
posted 11-Dec-2010 1:38pm

Hey guys! I've been doin some research on this diet cuz I'm DESPERATE! I'm 20yrs old and have a 4yr old via c-section. My body isn't that bad (minus my hanging stomach and saggy arms) but for some reason I'm very heavy for my size. I weigh about 180 but I look like I'm 150 :( Well, I'm starting my diet this Monday but I wanted to kno if I can drink chocolate milk at bedtime because I absolutely HATE skim milk and tomato juice. *ugh* My goal is to lose 30lbs by my birthday in March. Wish me luck!!!
posted 11-Dec-2010 7:17pm

Dear BrownTooPretty, WELCOME!!!!!! As far as I know you are not allowed to drink choc. milk :( but maybe someone else will chime in. Hope it helps & good luck on your weight loss journey!
posted 12-Dec-2010 7:53pm

Hey it was my 6th year anniversary yesterday. I wrote on the calendar that I would take a day off..cause my husband told me if I didnt I would mess up his plans! (In fact he wrote DAY OFF with a black sharpey in BOLD on the calendar!) lol...We went away for the weekend...but I DID stay on the GFD for breakfast & lunch yeterday. I ate dinner, breakfast, and lunch today with him today. I stuck to mailny meats and veges..but did enjoy some chocolate & chips. Oh & a blueberry muffin too! I think I did pretty well considering! I decided to only take one day off at the end of the "12" days instead of two. But wanted to ask Henry & everyone else..when anyone else has eaten foods not on the diet. Do they consider the next day..Day 1..or lets say it was supposed to be "Day 9" the day you cheated..would you just say "Day 9" is the next day when you are back on track? Not sure if this makes sense. lol...I dont make it a habit to fall off the wagon..but sometimes important things will mess up the cycle.
@ lupe...How is your baby?...Hope he is better smile
posted 12-Dec-2010 8:01pm

@ BrownTooPretty...Ive only read Skim milk & Tomato juice for the nightly snack. But I have seen sugar free chocolate syrup at the store. Its the same price as the regular chocolate syrup too. If you added a little of that to your skim might taste better..and you would still get the calcium from the milk without taking in alot of extra sugar. smile Hope that helps...
posted 13-Dec-2010 7:29am

Dear Frustrated, congrats on your anniversary :) For me, if I cheated on day 9 then I start the next day as day 9. I don't start from the beginning because I only messed up that 1 day. Hope it helps, but you'll be just fine. 1 day isn't going to ruin that P90X body (lol). You have worked so hard so GRAPEFRUIT CHEERS to you my friend! Take care & have great day :)
posted 13-Dec-2010 1:53pm

Hi guys! Today is my day 2 on grapefruit diet, I've read most of the coments and I was wondering am I allowed to eat sugar free jello? I have a sweet tooth lol
Also do I really have to drink coffee at night? I usually have 3 oz of black coffee w the morning,am I doing it wrong?
Can I eat iceberg lettuce and cucumber w peel?
Thanks in advance!
posted 13-Dec-2010 1:59pm

Is unsweetened almond milk ok? I'm lactose intolerant :( so no skim milk for me and I HATE tomato juice ...
Thx again
posted 13-Dec-2010 3:33pm

Thanks Henry. smile My bod isnt quite where I want it yet..but with all yalls support..I know I can finally get to my goal weight! It just takes forever...One grapefruit at a time!
Just to let yall know. I lost 8.5 lbs in my first 12 day cycyle. I Havent weighed again..but I have lost inches in my waist line. 3 inches. I have this measuring tape you use when you make clothes, and I measure my inches. For me... the scale scares the Heck out of me. I dont like to discourage my self when I get on the scale and only see a little lost at a time. So...since last December.. I have been measuring my inches lost more often than lbs lost. Then I MAKE my self get on the scale once every month or once every two months. Its exciting because then I will see ALOT of lbs gone instead of a little.
@ Estela...I have read not to snack on anything that is not listed in the food list. And to only eat the three times a day it lists. So I dont think Jello would be okay. But..if you really think you will cheat by eating something sweet...Jello would be better than cookies! Also...The nightly snack of 1 glass of skim milk or tomato juice. I would say if you lactose intorerant, you may want to try the tomato juice. I know it seems nasty..but if you warm it will taste like your eating soup instead of a cold glass of blended veges! But really I think the nightly snack just stops us from cheating late at night. You know..cookies and all those wonderful treats that call to us at night! glass of your almond milk shouldnt hurt. But maybe make it only 4ozs. Just enough to keep you from snacking on other goodies smile
posted 13-Dec-2010 3:37pm

Oh..and iceburg lettuce is okay..any kind of lettuce is okay for your salad. And I have read cucumbers are okay too. Just stay away from califlower..beans...and stratchy veges.
posted 13-Dec-2010 4:21pm

Frustrated thanks a lot!! I never thought of " heating up" the juice, I'll try it tonite!!!
Good luck to you all
Yesterday I weighed 154 lbs im Hoping to reach 145 lbs...Ill keep u posted :)
posted 13-Dec-2010 6:02pm

For dinner is it ok to eat sauted zucchini w red bell peppers? Is garlic ok to use? Oh boy I'm new on this gfd so many questions sorry
posted 13-Dec-2010 11:59pm

Any seasoning is good when preparing your meat and veges smile
Butter is okay to use when preparing ur actually says to use butter generously...
Bell peppers are on the okay list I have..but not sure about zuchini?
Maybe Henry or someone else will know smile
No worries about the questions..we all have them. I usually check this site at least once a day if i have Ill help answer them if I can...
posted 14-Dec-2010 7:39am

Dear Estela, WELCOME!!! Don't worry we all have questions & thats what this site is used for. On my diet print out it states that you can have any green veggie & red bell peppers are ok. You may also have garlic or any other seasoning that will help you on this journey. The GFD can be a challenge so if your menu is creative then you'll stay on it longer & won't get bored. Hope it helps :)
posted 14-Dec-2010 9:55am

is okay to eat hot dogs without buns like just the hot dog no bread no ketchup no mayo ? is has a lot of protein since its meat , because I'm bored of eating grilled steak and grilled chicken everyday , and I don't know why but at my first cycle i weighed myself after my 2 days break and i gained? is this going to happen every time I'll be on my break gain everything back!!! ;(
posted 14-Dec-2010 10:52am

Dear Regina, hot dogs are ok & stay away from the scale. Your weight will fluctuate but don't worry you will shed the pounds if you stick to it. I have been on this diet since July and have only about 20-25 pounds. Some people shed 14 pounds in 1 just depends because everyone is different. So stick to the regimen & see how baggy your clothes will start to fit. I used to wear a size 18/ I wear a size 12. Hope it helps:)
posted 14-Dec-2010 1:37pm

I've been following the grapefruit diet for about a week, and I'm wondering how to keep the calorie count between 800 and 1000 calories. With drinking the juice three times a day at 110 calories and pop, and then the tomato juice or skim milk at night, I'm not able to stay in that range. How is everyone else doing it?
posted 14-Dec-2010 2:26pm

Thank u guys for Answering my questions :) I really appreciate it !
I understand I can eat fat, but is there a limit for calorie intake?I haven't been counting my calories at all...
posted 14-Dec-2010 5:23pm

Dear Wannabehealthy, you want to chat w/"Frustrated" she is the QUEEN of this diet. She usually checks in everyday so wait & see what she says :) Good Luck.
posted 14-Dec-2010 6:31pm

Thanks, Henry! I'll check back in later. :) I have to say, though, I can't believe how much my energy level has increased since starting this diet!
posted 14-Dec-2010 6:56pm

Dear Estela, I'm not sure because we are allowed to eat until we are full. However, you should really chat w/"Frustrated" she is the QUEEN of this diet. She usually checks in everyday so wait & see what she says :) Good Luck.
posted 14-Dec-2010 7:09pm

Lol ok Henry thanks :))))))
posted 14-Dec-2010 7:53pm

Is it normal to feel bloated? Also I thought I'd go extra times in the bathroom but nothing changed... Just this feeling of being bloated.
I'm not drinking the coffee at night and fo I really need to have bedtime snack? Im so full I'm eating the snack " just because"
Thank u all for the support!
posted 14-Dec-2010 7:55pm

Can I have 1/2 grapefruit for my bedtime snack?
posted 14-Dec-2010 8:46pm

Dear Estela, I did feel bloated @ the beginning. This diet allows you to eat until full so you will feel bloated @ times. As long as you are not dizzy or constipated you should be ok. That bloated feeling should pass but let us know how you are doing :)
posted 14-Dec-2010 8:49pm

Dear Estela, sorry I forgot this print out states that you may only have tomato juice or skim milk @ night (no grapefruit). But maybe someone else will chime in on this question. Have a good night.
posted 14-Dec-2010 8:53pm

Henry you r so sweet thanks! I'm not really hungry after dinner and yes I'm a little constipated :$:$:$;$ but I guess it will pass...
posted 14-Dec-2010 8:55pm

Henry how u doing w ur diet? I hope you'll reach ur goal soon ;)
posted 14-Dec-2010 9:00pm

I'm having sooooo many cravings already mostly sweets like a nice mug of old fashion hot cocoa, peanut butter CHOCOLATE!!!! Ughhhhh so hard , but I'm hanging there!!!!
My boss gave m a huge chocolate bar w almonds ( my favorite) and I gave it away, I'm kind of proud of myself!
Oh boy!!!
posted 15-Dec-2010 8:44am

Dear Estela, "Hersheys Kisses" are my weakness (lol). I'm still hanging in there w/the diet. I am 204pds but would like to be under 200pds for a change. I also chew Trident sugarless gum when I'm having a craving. It may not be allowed but I don't care. I'd rather chew a piece of gum than have a slice of chocolate cake :) The cravings come & go but during the holidays it can be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!!!! So I'm proud of your will-power, you are keeping me motivated! Hang in there my friend your 2day break will be here soon :)
posted 15-Dec-2010 12:12pm

Oh Henry u r soooo sweet :$:$:$:$:) thank uuuu !Today is my 5 day and I just went on the scale and nothing changed :s
I was kind anxious but I gave to say im disappointed :(
I'm very active (nanny ) I'm doing everything rite... When did u see the difference? Is my metabolism slow? Oh boy!
posted 15-Dec-2010 12:15pm

I mean some days I did not drink the milk or the juice, and the coffee I only have it in the am ( 3 oz) black w splenda, could this b the reason y I didnt see any difference?
posted 15-Dec-2010 2:06pm

Dear Estela, RELAXXXXXXXX! You are doing everything right. I did not see results until a month had passed. My clothes were extremely baggy but the scale didn't reflect my hard work. So please stay away from the scale for a while it may discourage you :( I can't tell you for sure about your metabolism but I think you're just fine (everyone differs on this diet). I never have the snack @ nite & still shed the pounds. However, you MUST drink the grapefruit juice EVERY TIME or you won't burn the calories. So make sure you always carry some juice w/you. I even leave some in my car (it stays cold because its frezzing in my part of the world). Hope it helps & stay away from that scale :)
posted 15-Dec-2010 3:43pm

Hey guys... smile I read the posts and wanted to talk about the calorie intake a bit. The GFD is different than a normal diet. Or I should say than all the other diets that I have read up on or done myself. This diet DOES NOT say to limit your calorie intake. In says to eat as much meat and veges that you want. Until you are full. Weightwatchers and other diet programs limit your calories to around 800 or so a day. But that is why alot of people will gain the weight right back when they are off the diet. Limiting your calories to such a reduced amount is not good for your body. It will actually cause your body to slow down. Yes you will lose weight....
because you are basically starving yourself. Your body needs enough calories just to function..breathe...pump blood...etc. I think this is the first lesson I had to learn on my weight loss journey. I used to eat very little..maybe one meal a day. I would be so busy with work & my the time I would eat, It would be late. I could never figure out why I was so heavy. I was 270lbs when I finally broke down and made myself try to lose the lbs. Its frustrating when you look in the mirror and cant figure out why you are so big. So..last December..I started my journey. I read alot of different diet programs. First I ate More..Not Less. Taking in a healthy 2,000 calories a day eating GOOD foods. Like Lean Meats, Fruits, Nuts..not soda..etc.

Then I joined p90X. And found out how important food is to our bodies. Its our energy source. All the other programs I had been a part of in the past said..."Execrsise...Eat Less Calories..Then you will lose". But p90X said. "NO!..Exercise..Eat MORE throughout the day..and if you exercise eat even more because your body is burning your calories." It said.."Just to function correctly you have to eat enough for your body to operate." I listed this formula before on this site. But it has really helped me. (your body weight x 10= RMR (resting metabolic rate)..then take your RMR x 20%=Daily Activity Burn) Then add your RMR and your DAB together (RMR + DAB= Energy Amount) This will show you how many calories are required for you to even fuctions..pump blood..breathe..grow hair.

For example: I am about 160 lbs ( well..i wont get on the scale till the end of the month..scales are bad! lol But i am just about this weight) So...
160 x 10=1600...
1600 x 20%= 320....
1600(my RMR)+320(My DAB)= 1920 calories (my required energy amount).
P90X gave 3 levels. Level 1= 1,800 through 2,399..Level 2= 2,400 through 2,999, Level Three=3,000 +. My Number of 1920 falls in Level 1. So when trying to lose weight I should eat at least 1,800 calories a day. This is to stay healthy and lose. Whatever your number should take in the lowest number of calories in that level. For example. If your number is 2,458 after you do the should take in at least 2,400 calories a day. The p90X also said if you need to add your "Calories Burned" with your RMR & DAB. This will give you the energy amount you need for that day. So when you actually have to eat MORE..not LESS to function in a healthy way. Of course with that program the calories I would eat to reach my Daily Energy Amount were still healty calories. NOT EMPTY CALORIE FOODS.

This formula seems weird. Eat more lose More. But It works. I have had grueling arguments with family (who are on weight watchers..and believe in it to the 9th degree) They told me I was crazy to think you should eat that much. But our bodies are science. We should not neglect them by starving ourself. Now my family is not laughing because I went from 270 lbs to 166.5 lbs (the last time I weighed i was 166.5..but I know Im less now). It took me about 11 months. But I did it! smile

So anyway...I was looking for a way to still lose the weight and NOT exercise a TON. Just down play my exercise to 2 or 3 times a week. So I found this program. You dont STARVE yourself with this program. You limit your eating to three times a day. And at lunch and dinner you eat unlimited amounts of meat and veges..until you are full. You can even use butter (I use butter..but only a little cause of cholestral).

I have said before...its a MIND TRICK. You feel full..but most meats are high in protein..low in fat.and veges are naturally high in Fiber..fat free. The protein and Fiber is what fills us up. The calories & foods we are taking in are actually good calories/foods. Not carbs and sweets. Weight watchers primarily has low points on carbs items. bars...drinks...etc. Most ALL of the low point items are filled with Carbs & Sugars. Those are EMPTY energy sources. Carbs and Sugar give us energy..but no nutrients. That is why when I stumbbled onto the GFD I was interested. It does not limit our calories to an unhealty amount. And we are eating the kinds of foods we need. Grapefruit juice is high in Vitamin C & natural sugars..and we arent drinking enough a day to effect our kidneys. We are drinking just enough a day to help our bodies lose the weight. I choose lean meats mostly..but do eat hotdogs..meatballs...brisket..etc occasionally. To mix it up. I am really not a guru on diets..I AM just a FRUSTRATED person who TRIED IT ALL..ALWAYS GAINED it back...and NEVER understood why. smile

So my pointers
1) Stay off the a measuring tape and measure inches lost instead. Try to limit getting on the scale to every other week or once a month. If your inches are getting are too! smile
2) Make healthy choices..and stop CRAZY calorie counting. You are already limiting yourself to only eating three times a day. Enjoy lunch and dinner. Eat like the program say. Till your full. Try eating mostly veges first. High in fiber foods will fill you up faster. But enjoy your meat too!
3) Dont think you can only eat at home & that your whole family has to go on this rollercoater ride with you! smile I have found that most places..out to eat..serve PLENTY of veges and meats and salads perfect for the GFD. Just wait till your will power is good enough to resist the chips & desserts! smile

Here are some places I think have alot of great food for us GFDers. (Just dont
forget your glass of grapefruit. I usually put my GFJ into a water bottle..and carry it in my purse if I think Im gonna eat out smile
Golden Coral-ALOT of meat & vege choices
Super Salad
Any mexican Resturant (chicken fajita meat..ask for only bell peppers instead on onions or salads with the fajita meat)
Dennys or Breakfast Places (they always serve the bacon and eggs)

Anywhoo..I gave that list for anyone out there who has a husband that hates when you are on a diet cause he enjoys eating out! lol..(LIKE ME!) You can go out to EAT..let your family get what they want..and YOU CAN STILL EASILY STICK TO IT!

This is a long LONG LONG post! lol..Sorry..Hope it helps yall!
posted 15-Dec-2010 6:02pm

Thank u very much frustrade!
posted 15-Dec-2010 6:10pm

Buttermilk biscuits, girls scout cookies, Boston cream pie ughhhhh I hate it!!!! Lol oh boy is so hard to b around kids.... But Im hanging there w my nice batch of chicken breast " nuggets" oh boyyyyy
posted 15-Dec-2010 6:27pm

Frustrated: Thank you so much for all the information. I'm not sure where I got the calorie restriction from, some website about the diet, I think. I'll lighten up on my calorie counting and see how it goes. I'm in the long haul for this. I weighed in at 259 when I started and am now at 255, so I want to proceed in a way that I'll actually stick with it and finally get back to the person I used to be. I've tried so many things in the past few years and I'm just so tired of the yo-yo dieting. I have to finally get serious about this. Once I realized that by this time next year I could actually almost weigh what I want to just by losing at a rate of 2 pounds per week, I wanted to kick myself for not starting earlier. My mother is morbidly obese and seeing her struggle so much because of her weight now that she's in her late 60s just makes me sad, but more than that it makes me all the more determined not to put myself through the same thing when I'm her age. She's been on the yo-yo-diet circuit for as long as I can remember.

Thanks for the restaurant suggestions. My daughter likes to go out to eat when we go shopping and I hate to deprive her of that outing. She's a big salad/vegetable eater anyway, so that should make it easier to stick to those choices for myself. My husband has been a great support since I've started and picks up bagged salad and grapefruit juice whenever he goes to the store.

I'm so happy to have found this board where I can come for encouragement and tips and hopefully offer some of my own after a while. :)
posted 15-Dec-2010 11:36pm

Hello guys again! Do u wanna know sometging? It is REALLY hard to loose weight!!! But guess what ? We r in control of WHAT we put in our bodies and no one else will help us but orselfs! Off course we can support each other, and that's why we r here because people don't really understand how hard it is for us nobody feels the same way we do or think, but I'm trying really hard to b strong and I than all of u for being there :) thank u very much!
I began this journey I was 185 lbs, 3 months later Iam 153, nobody helped me but myself, but now is easier cuz we can talk thru thanks again for being here :)
posted 15-Dec-2010 11:37pm

I am so glad that I found this group. I started the diet on Dec 13th and just need motivation. I have done this diet about 3X and can never make it pass the 10th day. I know I get so close to having 2 days off.
posted 15-Dec-2010 11:58pm

Hey Quan Welcome! It is my 6 day and I totally understand u, it takes a lot of willpower but like I said only YOU R IN CONTROL no one else, so before u " cheat" think about how u are in control at THAT moment and think if is really worth cheating, u know what I did? I put pictures of the " fat" me on the fridge door and also on my phone, so when I want to " cheat" I look at those pictures and I drink a big tall glass of water, if I can I'll call a friend or go outside, and I think to myself " I'm in control I can do this!!
It mAy sound weird but it works for me everytime ;)
posted 17-Dec-2010 11:45am

Thanks Estela...We had our Xmas party last night and those cookies sure did look good but I did not cheat I am so proud of myself LOL
posted 18-Dec-2010 3:12pm

Hey guys..yesterday was my day off. I only took one day off because I took one off on my 9th day for my anniversary. I did pretty good not going crazy on carbs and sweets. I found these gingerbread marshmellows at the store for my kids hot coacoa. They love makes the hot chocolate taste like a cookie! So..I had a cup smile I also had a small bowl of apple jacks cereal, some cherries, and ONE slice of pizza. Dont know if I said before but my husband works at a pizza place! Yes..he comes home smelling like pizza DAILY! lol..I also has two hersheys hugs (do yall remember hugs?...delicious!). Anyway...I did pretty good..I try hard not to binge eat..or eat alot of the bad foods on my break!.So.. back on the GFD today..12 days till my next break!
posted 18-Dec-2010 4:53pm

Dear Frustrated, OMG........I had no idea your husband works @ a pizza place. How cool is that? But once again I have to applaud your willpower. I mean if my hubby smelled like pepporoni everyday I'd probably gain 1000pds or we'd have to divorce (lol). And yes... I remember HUGS, its just a sin for something so tiny in foil wrapping to bring so much pleasure :)
posted 19-Dec-2010 7:20pm

Thanks Henry! My kids love having a pizza man in the me I will tell is not easy! I am a CHEESE crazed person. I would eat cheese all day if I could. Cheese dip, cheese cubes, cheese pizza! So..I have just stayed away from cheesy foods altogether this year.. smile Thats my weakness..well cheese and chocolate!... The GFD is challenging..but worth it. How are you doing? Me..Im on day 2 of my 12 days. I have to say days 1-3/4 are always the hardest for me! I have had to resort to water...gum...and I did have some lifesaver breathe mints. I know they probably arent allowed..but it gets me through my cravings! smile
posted 20-Dec-2010 5:13pm

Hey Frustrated, well, its day 1 for me on the 12 day count down. I'm doing ok....10pds shy of my goal weight (195). I haven't weighed that since high school :( Cravings are always hard & if you want a lifsaver don't deny yourself (you've earned a treat). I always keep trident bubble gum in my purse (even if its not allowed) :) Hang in there my friend we're almost through the holidays!
posted 21-Dec-2010 1:05pm

I was getting tired of the same old baked chicken all the time and found this recipe. I had it for dinner last night and it was so good! Just wanted to share.

Oven Baked Parmesan Chicken
4-6 Boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 cup Italian Salad Dressing
2 cups Fresh Parmesan Cheese, finely shredded
1/2 cup dried Parsley Flakes (I used the grated)
1 Tbsp. Garlic Pepper Seasoning

Mix the cheese, parsley and garlic pepper and set aside. Dip the chicken in the Italian dressing and then into the cheese mixture. Bake in a greased dish at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

I adjusted the recipe for just one breast and made it for just myself, but I'm sure my family would love it as well. I cut mine up and put it in my salad. Yum!
posted 21-Dec-2010 1:06pm

I meant to say I used the grated parmesan, not parsley!
posted 22-Dec-2010 9:38pm

Thanks for the recipe wannabehealthy... smile

I like getting new recipes to eat on this diet. It keeps it mixed up so I dont get bored. I figured out this salad that tastes really great. I just take whole carrots..dice them. Add shredded lettuce, 1 to 2 cans of tuna, and some cesar dressing. It tastes really good & Its quick and easy. The cesar dressing and the tuna makes the salad taste like tuna with mayo. Its one of my go to salads when Im in a hurry smile

Im on day 5 of my 12 days..doing really well. Hope everyone else is doing great too. Christmas is just around the corner...I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
posted 22-Dec-2010 11:57pm

I feel like giving up every other day..dieting is frustrating. I dont know if anyone else feels this way. But..I got on the scale today. First time since my first weigh in. I have lost another 6.5 lbs.

Start weight: 175lbs size 11/12
Now: 160lbs size 10/11
Total lost on GFD: 15 lbs
My first start date: November 18th

I say..that is a pretty good amount lost in about a month! smile Ive done two 12 day cycles & I am on day 5 of my third cycle. I have cheated a few times. Thanksgiving & my anniversary. I also had a glass of Baileys once & I have had some breathe mints/gum. But all in all..I have done okay. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of where I started one year ago.

One year ago: 270 lbs size 22/24
Today: 160 lbs size 10/11.

I can get to size 8....I can do this.
posted 23-Dec-2010 1:10pm

That salad sounds great! I'm going to have to try it.

Fifteen pounds in a month is awesome! I can't wait until next year when I can look back and hopefully have the kind of success you've had. You're an inspiration!
posted 24-Dec-2010 7:54am

so..I weighed myself at my families house last night. My mom has a digital scale. Mine is the regular weighted scale. Anyway..I am 12 lbs heavier on the digital scale then on my scale. Which means...from day 1..last year...I was not 270..I was 282! And I am not 160 lbs...I am 172 lbs! I know that it isnt but 12 lbs & I should still be happy. Cause when I started this GFD I was actually 187 lbs not 175 lbs like I had thought. So I still went from 187 to 172..and still lost 15 lbs in about a month with this GFD. And I still lost just as much weight over this year. But I was very upset last night. I know every weighted scale is different..but I was happy to be at 160 finally frown

Needless to say..I ate popcorn, had a small slice of cake, and one glass of Baileys when my husband had one last night. frown Thats silly huh? Eating when your upset. Now..back on the wagon. Felt like some of yall might understand what I feel? frown

Today is Christmas Eve...So I am happy! I am not going to worry about cheating till Sunday. And I will have a great Christmas..and so will ALL OF YOU. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS smile
posted 24-Dec-2010 9:41am

Dear Frustrated, you just don't know how amazing you really are? Guess what? This time last year you couldn't fit into those skinny jeans but now your a hottie! Here is my Christmas gift to you....stay away from all scales & throw your mom's in the TRASH (lol)!!!! How dare that scale say you weigh 172 "HOG WASH" Listen to me my friend, a few months ago I could only shop @ Lane Bryant but now I can shop anywhere ( & I am way bigger than you). You are the ultimate "BIGGEST LOSER" Don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE make you feel bad or discourage you. I believe in you & I am extremely proud of you! You stand in that mirror & take a look @ that gorgeous person staring back. You accomplished that, no one else & depite what that "STUPID" scale says you're a whole new person. We all have good days & bad days, thats life. However, the difference is that you now realize when you may have cheated or fallen off the wagon. Now you jump back on the regimen & do what needs to be done. Do you remember what 270 felt like? Now think how you feel in your new skinny body? I think its safe to say that you'll never go back to that person. So if you want a little something @ Christmas don't deprive yourself, just eat small portions & jump right back on the plan. If there is anyone on this planet that deserves a day off, its you. So enjoy your holiday & remember its not what the scale says its how amazing you look! Merry Christmas my friend!
posted 27-Dec-2010 3:54pm

hi everyone...i'm about to start on this diet wish me luck ;)
posted 27-Dec-2010 4:57pm

Dear ladyreign31, WELCOME & GOOD LUCK!!!!!
posted 27-Dec-2010 8:22pm

Thank's Henry...i am a little nervous about the Grapefruit with NO SUGAR!?!? :(
Maines Mama
posted 29-Dec-2010 12:07am

Just curious what you all do if you do get dizzy/light headed? Do you cheat or take vitamin/supplements?
posted 29-Dec-2010 1:54pm

Dear Maines Mama, I never experienced dizziness, however if it continues I would stop & see your doc. I am just concerned about your safety. This diet isn't for everyone & maybe thats what your body is telling you. Please don't misunderstand me I am not trying to discourage you from losing weight but I want you to do it safely :) Please let us know that you are ok.
posted 29-Dec-2010 5:02pm

@ Henry...Thank you for your kind words. I am sticking with it...but I was emotionally upset after the "scale situation" lol..But needless to say..I bought a digital scale on I will know when I do weigh every few weeks that I am getting an accurate measurement. I think I am emotional about my weight because I never saw myself as large as I was. I went through my family pictures & I just cant believe how big I was before. I always felt heavy and sad about my body. I just never really realized how I had let myself go. Now, at 172..all I see is a big person..a big belly. Its all in my mind. I should be proud of my results thus far..but Its hard to be happy when you still feel like you have a long way to go. My ideal weight for my height is 140 based on doctors charts. Im about 5'6. I just dont know if that is a weight I can get to after two kids via C-section? We will see..and this is a great place to stay encouraged.

Good luck everyone...its nearly the New Year..and we are all on the path to the results we want!
posted 30-Dec-2010 10:32pm

Hi everyone, I started the gfd on the 24th of nov and lost 1 stone ( 3 and a half to go) the problem is i have had a long break for about 10 days and just need some encouragement to get back on, however i have stayed the same and haven't gained any weight so i suppose i haven't done too badly. Henry i appreciate your comments and encouragements. I am only 5'1 and i am 12 stones now. Help
posted 1-Jan-2011 1:46pm

hi everyone...I started tuesday of this is Jan.1st 2011, and I have lost a total of 8lbs wow!!! ;)...
posted 1-Jan-2011 9:08pm

Hey guys tomorrow I'm startin a diet very similar diet tomorrow. I'm currently 152 lbs wanting to get to 120. I'm 5'3" and givin myself till april first to get to my goal. I hope I can do it! I plan on breakfast plain green tea a grapfruit and hardboiled egg and a multivitamin. Same for lunch minus the vitamin and for dinner a grapefruit and regular dinner....fist sized portion! I'm so excited to start and will update every week. I plane too work out 4 times a week and will be keeping a journal and updating here to stay on track! Good luck to all and happy new year too!
posted 2-Jan-2011 5:57pm

HI erika, just to encourage you iam also aiming to get to 119, at the moment i'm 12 stones so we are aiming for about the same weight. i am 5'1 though so maybe we can encourage each other. i am starting back on the grapefruit diet tomorrow mon the 3rd of jan. I do think we should give ourselves til end of may as weight loss will start to slow down. This site is very good as it is very encouraging. I am currently waiting for henry's advice as he knows what he is talking about. I also welcome any other comments. goodluck erika
posted 2-Jan-2011 10:22pm

Hey yall , i am 5'2 and 158 i want to get down to at least 130. I'm also starting tomorrow.
I also just recently joined a gym so hopefully this will help shed the lbs off .
Having it being a new year is defiantly motivation !
Good luck to everyone :)
hopefully we can help each other !
posted 3-Jan-2011 12:18am

Hi everyone. I did this diet about 2 years ago, and did it for 3 sets of the 12 days with my 2 days off included. I lost 26 pounds and couldn't believe how quickly my clothes just fit better. The weight has slowly crept back up, so I started again today. I never felt really hungry, but I did get bored. Although I never cheated, I did add a handful of salted peanuts to my supper meal on occasion. It was a nice treat and I felt it was just more protein too.
I will keep everyone updated on my weight loss.
posted 3-Jan-2011 1:26pm

rach. we def should stick together! i think its very doable to lose what we mant by may. im just shootin atleast for the summer months. im up north and it gets warm usually around may or june. im definatley looking forward to seeing how much i can lose. ive eatin 2 grapfruits today and some plain green tea ( as that is a weight loss aid aswell) weighing in next week. cant wait to see how it goes!
posted 3-Jan-2011 3:09pm

HI erika, i have just started back on the gfd today so glad as i can't wait to see weight start coming off, yes i am also aiming for a slim figure for summer. I will also add green tea to my diet thanks. keep on going.
posted 3-Jan-2011 5:40pm

Does anyone have the list of veggies you can't have on the Grapefruit diet? I would like to know if I can use beets or squash or mushrooms. What about Velveeta cheese?

My husband did this diet and lost 25 pounds. He was loyal to the diet and it does work. I started today with a goal of 30 pounds in four months.
Thanks for your help!!
posted 4-Jan-2011 5:49pm

This seems like a great place to blog while going through this diet. Day 2 and I am stuffed!! I have never eaten so much food on a diet before smile !!!

I am sticking to this to a tee. Has anyone here had difficulty sleeping? I am very proud of myself for making it through two days of no diet soda, that is huge for me!! Lots of water and of course GF juice. I love to cook so this is a great opportunity for me to branch out and be creative. Last night I made medium rare steaks for the hubby and me along with zucchini slices grilled in a little EVOO, salt and pepper, salad with cucumbers and tomatoes and I made a Parmesean crisp which was awesome. just put a little of that cheese in a non stick pan and heat till slightly brown, take it out and let it cool, and put it on your salad. It almost fools the mind thinking it is like bread. Do not use oil in your pan, the cheese releases enough oil by itself.

Tonight we are doing salmon and veggies..... good luck to everyone who is doing this!!!!
posted 4-Jan-2011 6:02pm

What about fruit in general, what are the rules for that?
posted 4-Jan-2011 7:37pm

Hi ladyval, this is my copy of the grapefruit diet.(hope this helps).

The Grapefruit Diet Plan

12 days on - 2 days off

Vegetables Allowed:

Red onions, green onions, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, peas.

Vegetables to Avoid:

White onions, potatoes, celery.

Grapefruit Diet Breakfast Every Day:

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
2 Eggs (any style)
2 Slices Bacon

Grapefruit Diet Lunch Every Day:

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
Meat (any style, any amount)
Salad (any kind of dressing)

Grapefruit Diet Dinner Every Day:

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
Meat (any style, any amount) (fish may be substituted for meat)
Vegetables (any green, yellow, or red vegetables cooked in butter or any seasoning)

Grapefruit Diet Night Time Snack Every Day:

1 glass tomato juice or 1 glass Skim milk
posted 4-Jan-2011 8:26pm

Thanks Rach! I am thinking fruit is too risky, natural sugars.
posted 4-Jan-2011 11:56pm

Yes LadyVal, avoid fruit. Sticking to the diet works Good Luck.
posted 5-Jan-2011 9:15am

I was wondering if i could fry my shrimp with breading since it says meat prepared any way....does any one else know
posted 5-Jan-2011 1:20pm


I would say no only because breading=carbs which breaks into sugar. I would recommend that you become very familiar with spices and seasoning. The Food Network website has wonderful recipes that you can incorporate into this diet.

If you like Asian flavor try: 1 tbsp dijon mustard, 4 tbsp olive oil, 1-2 tbsp soy sauce, and 1/2 tsp minced garlic or use 1/4tsp of dry garlic. work out the flavors to your taste. I used this on Salmon and it was wonderful!!!
posted 7-Jan-2011 3:09pm

Can you eat Zucchini?
posted 8-Jan-2011 9:45am

I need help! This is a list of the foods that I found that you can eat. I have found several sites that list different foods and I have read some of the comments and notice some of them are listed that you can eat.... Can someone correct this for me? Thanks in advance
The Do's and Dont's of the what you can eat!

Things you May Have: Red onions, bell peppers, Radishes, Broccoli, Cereal, Corn, Starchy vegetables, Leaf Spinach, Pasta, Peanut Butter, Corn chips, Jelly or Jam, Sweet pickles, Pretzels, Fruit, Low-fat / fat free or diet salad dressings
Things you May Not Have: White onions, Potatoes, Celery, Peas, Cucumbers, Carrots, Green Onions, Potato chips, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Lettuce, Chili (no beans), Mayonnaise (hence the term Mayo diet), Any cheese, Hot Dogs, Cole Slaws, Reg. Salad Dressing, Green Vegetables, 1 tsp Dried Nuts, Dill or Bread / Butter Pickles
posted 8-Jan-2011 2:51pm

Hi anonymous, Please follow the diet plan that i put up a few days ago it's much better. Your diet plan seems to have alot of carbs into which will prevent you from burning much fat, hope this has been helpful.
posted 9-Jan-2011 7:05am

are you allowed to eat ham instead of bacon?
posted 9-Jan-2011 12:52pm

Hi anonymous, You can have turkey rashers instead of bacon.
Miss piggy
posted 10-Jan-2011 11:51pm

I want to start this diet along with phentermine, what do u guys think? .. Any advice will be greatly appreciated:)
posted 11-Jan-2011 5:12am

Hi I have started this diet yesterday and I am really looking forward to loosing some tubby rolls from my tummy this year. I am currently 12'4 and 5ft 4' so lets see what happens after 12 days woo hoo bring it on! any helpful tips and hints very welcome
posted 11-Jan-2011 12:42pm

I just started the GFD yesterday. I bought grapefruit juice and the ingredients say sugar, I couldn't find any that said non sugar. Am I drinking the incorrect type of grapefruit juice? Its the Simply???? (something) brand. Should I focus on finding some without sugar in the ingredients?
posted 11-Jan-2011 3:10pm

i done the grapefruit diet, its so true, and suprising. i had tried every diet, this was the one work for me, bc i was an emotional eater.The first 10 days i lost 10 pounds, by the end of mont 20 pounds, in two months it was over 20 pounds so i thought i was losing too fast, so i stayed off three days instead of two after the first two months. I was wearing 300 pounds, now down in 200's. this also started helping me to monitor my meals by not snacking and eating between meals. good luck because it can be done!
posted 11-Jan-2011 3:42pm

I just started this diet yesterday. I weighed in at 184.5 lbs (I am 5'5"). I am 34yrs old and a mother of four the youngest is 7 mos old. I did the atkins diet years ago and lost 80 lbs total, This diet is very similar but allows a few more vegis and of course grapefruit. My goal is to get down to 145lbs by May. Do you thin this is reasonable or even possible? Also the diet I have says 8oz of juice for breakfast lunch and dinner. Is it 4oz or 8oz? I noticed I had a tummy ache last nght, might need some tums lol. The acid is kinda hard on me. Also, does anyone take diet pills, or supplements. I saw some that said they were designed for this diet. Thanks
posted 11-Jan-2011 3:57pm

Miss piggy: phentermine has to be prescribed by a doctor. Maybe you already have an RX for it. I used it in the past. I does give you a ton of energy and makes you lose your appetite all together while its working but for me what I noticed was I got extremely angry, irritable, aggressive, couldn't focus on anything very long but could clean my house like I was on crack lol. Then when it wore off I got the worst headaches,joint pain and was starving and would stuff myself generally late at night then repeat the next day. I only lost 5 lbs on that stuff and nearly lost my marriage. I did have a friend who also took it and she lost 20lbs in a few weeks but also almost lost her marriage due to aggression which is crazy because she is the sweetest person I know. I have also read that yes it takes your appetite away but then you stop eating and your metabolism dies down. Maybe our prescriptions were to high? This is just my experience with it. Good luck
posted 11-Jan-2011 4:03pm

I started yesterday, but I will not weigh myself; I check how my clothes fit, that's how I do it. I used to get so frustrated when on stillman diet cause the scale wouldn't budge for 2 days or so, then all of a sudden 2-3lbs down...but sometimes I ate junk over that reading, so I said 'what's the use'. To 'Frustrated' I eat emotionally too, so I completely understand, Sometimes at night when I'm about to break the diet...I lie to myself and say 'you can have those cookies tomorrow, they will still be there' and then I go to morning I'm happy we did another day.
Good luck everyone and thanks for all your imput! will check back
Miss piggy
posted 11-Jan-2011 9:59pm

Wannabe145: Thank you for your advice, im just soo desperate to loose weight! Im 24 years old and weigh 300 lbs!!! Im scared that im getting older and fatter each day! Ive always been heavy it runs in the family lol, but this is the heaviest ive been. I know im never gonna be model- skinny nor i want to but i dont want to be THIS heavy. Ive heard soo many bad things about phentermine but ive also heard that its not that bad if you use it for a couple months and take breaks off of it. I just hope i can stick to this diet withoutneeding some kind if appetite suppresant....
posted 12-Jan-2011 1:25am

Miss Piggy: You need to change your name. That makes me sad just to write it. Quick question, have you ever had your thyroid checked? Also, I have polycycstic ovarian disease. Sounds scary but basically it means I don't ovulate each month due to insulin resistance. It causes obesity, irregular cycles, and in some women facial hair and fertility problems. There are some blood tests you can take to find out if you have it also just your health history is a good indicator. I was supprised at how many women have it. You might want to look this up. It is also called PCOS. Basically if I eat a low carb diet and don't cheat my insulin balances out and I shed pounds like crazy. I have also in the past taken metformin which is a medicine for diabetics but aids with PCOS in utilizing the insulin I do make. Its hard to explain, but there are many sites you can read about it. At my heaviest I weighed 213 lbs. I started Atkins and took metformin and in two months lost almost 60 lbs. It was crazy! I walked a little and played with my kids but no extreme work outs. It just fell off. I recently had a baby so I stopped taking the metformin and gained alot of weight. I can honestly tell you that this diet does work as does Atkins if you don't cheat alot. My advise: stay positive, set small goals "I'm gonna lose 3lbs in two weeks." Then when you exceed your goal you will be so happy and motivated you will want to lose another 3 lbs. Its so hard when you think of the long term goal ( me 40 lbs) that you get overwhelmed and quit. This diet DOES work. Give it a try, forget the phentermine and go to a great doctor who cares and have some blood work and physcial done. Natualpathic Drs are great for this type of stuff as well.
Miss piggy
posted 12-Jan-2011 2:13am

Wannabe 145: dont be sad to Write miss piggy lol! Ive been called that since i was little, like i said ive always been fat but now im extremely fat lol! Well anyways wanna hear something crazy? I had my thyroid checked last year and i have Hyperthyroidism! Not hypo. Hyper! ... My dr was surprised to see how heavy i am having an overactive thyroid. I know i shouldnt even be thinking about phentermine as one of its side effects is heart palpitations, but i feel ok and ive taken it before and had no trouble with it other than being a little grouchy and i did loose weight. Im gonna start this diet and see how i do with out the phentermine. Thank you for being so nice and helpful. :)
posted 12-Jan-2011 3:13pm

This is my 3rd day on this diet( just finished lunch). I got on the scale this a.m. and I am 3 lbs lighter. WOW what motivation.. I've tried other diets and I hate to have to think to much about what to eat or go out and spend extra money on things I don't like. This diet is a no brainer and that's what I need. Seeing results is my motivation and I am only trying to lose 20-30 lbs and I plan to stick with it. I love this forum just to be able to show positiveness to all regarding the GFD.. It's sooo easy..... Good Luck everyone..
posted 12-Jan-2011 3:46pm

Miss Piggy: Not all Drs know how to read the test results from a thyroid test. Mainly they check your TSH but fail to check T3,T4, T4 free and other tests related. Also, your thyroid changes all the time thats why it is important to check it every year at your physcial. If your thyroid is fast do you get panic attacks, heart palpatations,buggy eyes, touble concentrating, insomnia, menstrations irregularities? Just curious because my girlfriend has hyper as did my dad and these were some of the symptoms. I am an MA going to school for my PA. I have worked with alot of Drs and some just want you in and out the door. It seems like they only do minimal tests so that you will be forced to come back and pay for another office visit. There are some Drs out there that really do care however and will run every test under the sun to try and help and if they don't know the answer will consult with another Dr to get the answer. I had PCOS for several years and my Dr did nothing. Also for a year I was experiencing severe "heart pain" I went to the ER like 10 times that year. My Dr told me I was over weight and needed to go for a nice brisk walk. I cried my head off. Then during an ultra sound for my pregnancy the tech of all people found my gallbladder inflammed and ready to burst. I was 34 weeks pregnant and they had to do an emergancy surgery. This was my heart pain I had for a year and a tech with only one year of experience found my problem! Sorry to ramble on but I have just had so many bad experiences with uncaring Drs that I tell everyone I know to research on your own, and when one dr tells you something, sometimes its best to get a second oppinion. Just the other night I went to the walk in for my 7 month old son. He was diagnosed with an ear infection and given meds. I took him home and his fever spiked to 104. I couldn't bring it down with meds or cool baths. We ended up in the ER. The ER Dr said he did not even have an ear infection and to take him off the meds. He said it was viral and gave him IBP and IV fluids to rehydrate him.The walk in Dr told me no IBP just tylenol. My point is every Dr has an oppinion. Honestly alot of the time they don't know what is wrong and just give us stuff hoping it will solve the problem. That is why it is called PRACTING MEDICINE. Ok I'm done now lol.Good Luck on this diet!

Okay so this is going on my third day and I still don't know if I should be drinking 4oz or 8oz of GFJ at each meal because every website I have seen says 8oz but Henry says 4oz. Does anyone know for sure? If I drink 8oz that is about 60 carbs a day which seems high vs the 30 carbs for 4 oz. I did this diet before years ago and I really can't remember. All I had then was a print out from a nurse friend of mine.
Miss piggy
posted 12-Jan-2011 6:33pm

Wannabe145: thanx for the advice. Im getting my thyroid checked next week. :) lol
posted 13-Jan-2011 12:05am

Miss Piggy, my friend went to a natual pathic dr and oh my gosh She lost soooo much weight it was crazy! I must say I am jealous. She did some allergy tests, thyroid tests ect then was told she should cut out milk and soy. My friend is 4'11 and has never weighed below 220. In three mos she dropped down to 175 then a few weeks later 145. No drugs, no diet just flaxseed and no dairy or soy. She also had some skin issues which are now totally clear. If this diet doesnt work for me like it did last time I am going to save up the money and go myself. Its $200.00 but I think it would be worth it.

Have you started this diet yet? Also did you know that grapefruit can not be taken with some meds? Ask your Dr about phentermine to be safe, or I believe you can find a list on the web.

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