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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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posted 20-Aug-2011 12:18am

I jus had a baby 4 weeks ago and I am trying this diet out 2 see if I can lose my weight faster than I did with my other 2 kids. I've been doin it for 5 days now and I've lost 4 lbs. So I'm pretty happy with the results so far..hopefully I'll keep losing! I've been eating some cheese with my salad or a slice with some lunch meat for lunch. I didn't know if you could or not but I've been losing so it hasn't hurt me. I can't wait to start excercising but can't do that for 2 more weeks...but so far I haven't had a hard time doing this diet.
posted 20-Aug-2011 1:04pm

Haha. I woke up down today. You've cehered me up!
posted 20-Aug-2011 7:52pm

1 day on the diet...weighed myself this morning..i knowww its too soon to weigh in..but i cldnt resist. I was 152.4 when i began. Today I'm 150.8lbs :) im happy with the drop so soon :) i cheated a bit today....staying away from sweets is soooooooooo hardddd!
posted 21-Aug-2011 12:33pm

149.4lbs today!!! Day3!!! :D
posted 22-Aug-2011 11:14am

Hey everyone, I am starting the diet today, and was wondering...I loveeee my Starbucks vanilla could I get a plain latte with nonfat milk or skim milk and add a sugar substitute to it? I don't think I can do without coffee or lattes of some sort during the week. Also, if you do this for 12 days, what are you supposed to eat the 2 days in between you are supposed to stop? Also, this is not a balanced diet, so going from this to another diet...does that work? I hope this diet works out! It seems difficult.
posted 22-Aug-2011 11:50am

its not too difficult as long as u make ur food as interesting as possible. I've lost 6.2lbs in 4 days with this diet so far. I do drink coffee once a day...2% milk and sugar. so i think u shld b ok with ur lattes :) Good luck!
posted 22-Aug-2011 8:01pm

Hi I just started the diet yesterday I will keep everyone posted.
posted 23-Aug-2011 3:15pm

went up a lb today :( i suppose it was all the teriyaki sauce in my stir fry
hoping to reach 135 and then mayb 125lb if i can keep to it. it will be my lowest ever.
posted 23-Aug-2011 3:58pm

Do you have to take 2 days off after 12 days, or can you skip the break and continue with the diet?
posted 23-Aug-2011 4:04pm

i think its safer to take the 2 days off like they recommend.
posted 24-Aug-2011 11:03am

im up another lb today! and i ate fairly well yesterday! 147.4lbs! wats going onnn???? im getting so disappointed!!! anyone else experience weight gain?
posted 24-Aug-2011 5:48pm

i am on day two of this diet and i plan to get off after i lose my ideal 25-30lbs and exercise and eat healthier
posted 25-Aug-2011 9:41am

My clothes are fitting better I'm on day 5 and I can tell I'm slimming down I workout everday so I don't own a scale becuz they say muscle weighs more than fight so I'm going by my body image.I havnt had any side effects but I do want to eat a big chocolate cake lol.Willpower keep it to people it works!
posted 25-Aug-2011 2:18pm

down 0.4lbs. :( im so disappointed. I don't seem to be losing anything. im on day 6.
posted 26-Aug-2011 12:20pm

145.8lbs! Day 7! exactly 1 weeks and 7 pounds! another 10lbs to my first goal!
first goal is to reach 135lbs.
second goal is : 130lbs
third goal is : 125lbs

I'm only 5'2.5 so i look heavy with this amount of weight!
posted 26-Aug-2011 12:23pm

Diamond - Goodluck! the feeling of ur clothes fitting better is suchhh a nice feeling! thats motivating enuf to keep u going!
posted 26-Aug-2011 8:27pm

Well I Have A Question ,
What Does It Mean To Take 2 Days Off Before ?
posted 27-Aug-2011 6:05pm

I am not on this diet this week I am on cabbage soup diet will go on this one the first of next week like next Wed. Or perhaps I will do Adkins for two weeks and then the grapefruit diet. I have been on this diet for four days and usually I drop between 10 or 20 pounds so far only one pound. I need to exercise more. I am keeping a food diet on that helps. One of the things that have helped me the most is to keep busy then I do not eat from boredom. Well will let you know how it goes
posted 29-Aug-2011 7:48am

Thank S 88 this is my ninth day and I did cheat a little I had a glass of wine n I ate two cup cakes but I'm still losing weight also I am running on my treadmill about 1 to 2 miles daily.My waist line has gotten so small and my legs are much slimmer.Before I started this diet I was taking lipo6 pills which are fat burners and I was working out but I wasn't losing any weight.This diet works I use to bloat all the time but since one been on this diet my body isn't retaining water like it use too.If you need to lose stubborn weight than this diet is for you I love it!
posted 29-Aug-2011 7:54am

S88 are you working out at all? If not you probaly need to start so you can really lose the weight than maybe you won't yoyo
posted 29-Aug-2011 10:28am

Diamond - I'll definetly start that today! I havnt been working out at all since i started..I was worried my calorie intake would be too low and id feel tired. Do u feel tired after working out or is ur nergy level stil good? I weighed in today and im back to 148. :( feeling depressed and not lik i cheated either. sad :( I'm on day 10. 2 more days to go til 2 cheat days :D I'll let u kno if theres a drop in weight tomorrow...I'l work out 20misn on ellptical today!
posted 29-Aug-2011 10:53am

I have done this diet and I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. I never would see the pounds until the 5 th day. Like I started on a monday, and would check on friday or saturday morning and I was losing 5 pounds every week. Very versatile diet on the kind of meat you can eat. I was eating popeyes chicken with green beans, or chicken nuggets from wendy's with a salad...just many combinations. I mainly ate fried meats actually and never exercised because the fat is important in this diet. This diet is great for a great jump start, and I would not do this past the recommended 2 1/2 months for 54 pounds. That was a couple years ago, but now I will be starting this again...good luck everyone.
posted 29-Aug-2011 2:37pm

S 88 no I don't feel tired after working out but if you do try to add a b12 pill to ur diet they give a great amount of energy
posted 29-Aug-2011 2:41pm

S 88 also don't give up I'm rooting for you ;) And stop weighing yourself your going to drive yourself crazy.
posted 29-Aug-2011 2:47pm

S 88 also remember when you see an increased number on the scale it may be water weight gain
posted 29-Aug-2011 7:55pm

Just a quik question to all ladies. While doing this diet durin period time of the month did u notice is harder
To see any weight loss scale wise? My scal seems to b goi g up now arnd period time.
posted 30-Aug-2011 11:43am

Diamond - didnt end up doingexercise yesterday..felt realy weak n tired. body aches. down to 147.4lbs today
i will do some exercise today..atleast a bit..its my 12th off diet for 2 days tomorrow..then back on friday :)i think ur right..most of it is waterweight..i cnt seem to get rid of it.

r u planning on weighing in at all at end of 12 days? Hope ur doing good with this diet!
posted 30-Aug-2011 2:14pm

Hi S88 I'm glad ur losing again and no I'm not going to weigh in at all I'm just going to go by my body image also as far as the water weight gain are you drinking alot of water? I added a detox tea to my diet n it seems to help_Enjoy your two days off;)
posted 31-Aug-2011 6:02am

Hello everyone. I was really glad to find this site. It's very inspirational to find others like myself, using the same diet plan to conquer one common goal.....The battle of the buldge. By reading all the testimonies I know this diet is not a gimmick. I can recall doing the diet many years ago and had excellent resuls so I know for myself it's effective. I don't know what prompted me to try it again ( I do...I am uncomfy and tired of being chunky), I want this weight off of me. I was laid off my job 10 months ago and I have packed on a whopping 30 lbs. I started the diet three days ago on Monday. I must say I feel great, most times by dinner, I am not hungry. I have decided not to weigh myself as often, but go by my bodies image and feel. Perhaps I will designate a day to weigh in. Good luck to all and I will keep you posted.
posted 31-Aug-2011 9:59pm

weighed in at 146.4lbs today but its day 1 of my 2 days off :( Im sure i'll be back up the scale by the end of the 2 days... :(
posted 1-Sep-2011 11:03am

the previous Anonymous was me...forgot to put my name in...
I've come to find out...12 days on this diet..and i can no longer tolerate too much sugar...what i thought was normal amount before the too much sugar for me now...kind of interesting
posted 1-Sep-2011 3:05pm

S88 you are doing great, I see you are losing like 2 to 3 lbs every day or so? Honestly I started on Monday and I feel so amazing and rejuvenated. I am not hungry, I don't even taste or miss the need for starchy foods. I got excited by reading all the post and broke down and weighed myself on Tuesday (I had lost 2 lbs), which was only my second day. I had promised myself that I was not gonna go scale crazy and designate a day to weigh in. Well I weighed again this morning and it looks like 2 or 3 more pounds down.....that is just about 5 pounds. I am sooo excited . I wanted to test the theory and see how much weight I would lose without exercise the 1st twelve days, after my two day break then I will incorporate exercise. How much is everyone losing after the initial 12 days? And there after , every other day? Also what type of results are you guys getting with working out ? And if you do work out, at what point in the day do you do so? Before breakfast? I am curious because I know the experts say that you must replenish after exercise with a meal , but I would not want that to affect the menus of this diet plan.....any suggestions, let me hear them.
posted 1-Sep-2011 3:10pm

Diamond you doing so good too!
posted 1-Sep-2011 3:25pm

cosmochic - i was losing great in the beginning then for some reason i started to gain back and i was freaking out and worrying and depressed. turns out it was my water weight from my monthly visit from mother nature. Im on my 2 day break right now but I will start back tomorrow and I will be incorporating some exercise in. Im doing what you are doing as well. 12 days no exercise...another 12 days with exercise. I will stop after that. I think I lost abt 6-7lbs average within the 12 days. I can't really tell you for sure as my water weight wouldn't let me find my actual weight without interfering! Cosmochic keep me posted on your progress. I actually feel really good today, looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. I think I will be losing bit more until I am back to my old weight of 130 and I'l be happy. Not that I wont mind 125 either! Good Luck!!
posted 1-Sep-2011 3:28pm

oh and by the way I will be working out in the afternoons. Before I have dinner as I think that is best. I will probably be doing 20mins every 4 days atleast.
posted 1-Sep-2011 3:34pm

sorry.. i meant 4 days a week..not every 4 days.
posted 1-Sep-2011 3:55pm

I was so happy to find this site. I have done this diet previously and lost about 30lbs in six weeks. I have really let myself go and now weigh 182 lbs and I'm only 5'2. My goal is to reach 140-145. I'm on day 2 and I feel great. Yesterday was tough but anything worth having is worth fighting for.
posted 1-Sep-2011 6:17pm

Welcome nini! Did u tke 3 dAys off wen u did the diet before? Im on my 2 day break and just had a burger and fries. Feeling guilty.
Im worried im going to go up the scale again. Back on diet tomorrow!
posted 2-Sep-2011 12:18am

Hello everyone! I was looking around trying to find a diet that knocks off lbs in very few days and decided to go with the GFD! A friend of mine said it def worked for her so this is day 1 for me. I didn't check my weight at all before the diet so 11 days to go and will def know from the fittings of my cloths if its for me. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!
posted 2-Sep-2011 1:43pm

S88 I took the two days off after every 12 days. Everyone loses weight differently and sometimes it really depends on how much weight you have to lose. I was about 164 at the time.
I'm so happy its midway through day 3 for me. I'm trying to be strong. I feel good and everything is going well.
posted 2-Sep-2011 3:53pm

Nini - thanks for the response. im on my 3rd week. I hope I lose the amount i want. I haven't weighed in yet. Waiting a while before i do so.

Im back on the diet today.will also be working out as well! I have a small get together this weekend where i will be expected to eat. Im dreading that. i don't want to mess up my steady diet.
do any of you know if it will make a big impact? im worried im going to ruin the weight loss.

Diamond - How is ur diet going? havent heard from you in a while. Hope your are going strong!
posted 2-Sep-2011 3:53pm

by the way...that post was me..again posting as anonymous . soryr guys!
posted 2-Sep-2011 10:08pm

S88 hey Im still doing well I'm on my first day of the two days off and I'm eating healthy.Of course you know I don't weigh myself but I am a little bloated thanks to mother nature ;). I'm glad to hear your going to start working out that should really help you with your weight loss. Hello to everyone that has recently joined us.
posted 3-Sep-2011 9:56am

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement. I started the diet August 8th. I found it really easy to follow. I mainly scramble my eggs because it is easier. I would make enough for 12 days to keep myself on tract. I weighed 205 when I started. I lost 5 lbs after the first 12 days. I am on my cheat days today. I weigh myself only once the 12 days are up. I weigh myself in the morning. I don't want to get obscessed about my weight. I decided to weigh myself after a week in to the second 12 day period and I lost 3 lbs> I was excited. Well I weighed myself this morning and I gained a lb back. I am a little discouraged.I did have barbeque sauce on my porkchop, so maybe the suger could have did it. I will keep trying . Good luck everyone! :) Thanks Caraboo
posted 4-Sep-2011 12:13am

:( had icecream today. Im a badbad girl:(
posted 4-Sep-2011 5:46am

ok I had a week moment 2 days ago ....was stressed had a right back on track though!
posted 4-Sep-2011 6:04am

Glad to see that everyone's diet is going GREAT!! I am on day 4 so far no cheating (YAYY! But I am constantly going to the bathroom urinating. A close friend of mine told me that I should be having more than normal bowel movements but I am not. Does any of you know if this is normal or not? I just would love to know if my body is on the right track or not. I still have not weighed myself yet. And I also do not drink the skim milk for my bed time snack. Will that affect anything?
posted 4-Sep-2011 6:09am

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY EVERYONE!!!!! All the great selections of food will be VERRRYYY tempting to eat. Its gonna be very hard to resist...
posted 4-Sep-2011 1:28pm

Well today is day 5 for me. I cheated yesterday and had some vodka. I somehow thought by adding grapefruit juice that would make it better. But it was still cheating. I woke up this morning with a hangover so I definitely don't have to worry about cheating with alcohol again.
Anyway on to something positive I weighed in this morning and loss 6 pounds YAYYYY!
Starting weight 182
Today's weight 176
Dee84 I don't drink the milk or tomato juice nightly this time or the last so I don't think it makes a difference.
I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
posted 5-Sep-2011 2:45am

Thanks nini! Great job, the LOSS of 6 pounds over powers the cheats any day! Your doing good so keep it up and everyone else too!
posted 6-Sep-2011 10:43am

posted 6-Sep-2011 1:47pm

Day 7 for me. All is well. I haven't weighed in and I dont plan to until day 13. My weight fluctuates and its not a good idea for me to weigh myself often. I will weigh myself after the important days to keep an accurate record. The morning of the fifth day, the morning of the thirteenth day, and the morning of day 1 after the two day break. I'm feeling really good knowing I am taking control of my life and changing my body. I'm feeling both mental and physical changes. This diet does cause you to examine everything you put in your mouth and in doing that it makes you consider why you were eating terribly in the first place.
S88 I haven't ever tried chicken bacon some I'm not sure.
I hope everyone is having a good day.
posted 6-Sep-2011 10:22pm

Hi everyone I'm getting tired of this diet and ok so tired of eating meat what do you guys thinkbwill happen if I follow the diet minus the meat?Help I need some good motivation I'm ready to throw in the towel ;(
posted 7-Sep-2011 9:55am

hey guys.
im so disappointed today. back up to 148 on the scale :(
i started exercising probably weigh in on friday. every day weigh in is killing me.
taking those 2 days off was no help.

Diamond - i know what you mean. there seems to be a lack of variety with this diet..especially the meat. But I would keep eating it. you will need protein.
Nini - thanks for the reply. I've been eating chicken bacon for a w hile now. hopefulyl its the same as normal one

goodluck guys!
posted 7-Sep-2011 12:06pm

Diamond I know its not a large variety of meats but stay focused. Keep your eye on the end results or the goal you have set for yourself. All the foods we are missing now will be there when we reach our goal. Once we reach it We can start incorporating those foods into our diet in morderation. I wish you success with whatever your goal is.
S88 you might want to weigh yourself less often. I'm more concerned with the way my clothes fit and not that scale. I hop your day is going well and good luck everyone.
posted 7-Sep-2011 4:41pm

Hey Gang, well this is Day 10 of the diet for me. According to two different scales ( they are the old school needle scales), I have lost 10 pounds.....I know I should be excited but problem is ....I am not. The reason being is because I am wondering if this weight is accurate. I am skeptical because I just dont feel lighter. When I first started the diet and I lost just a few pounds I could feel the difference , so at 10 pounds I should feel it more right? Here is the thing, the diet says you can have any type of meat in any quantity. On Sunday I had steak....lot's of it. Today is Wednesday and I still feel the heaviness of the steak in my body. So I wonder , although it says any type of meat, if when eating steak it should be modified??? Has anyone else experienced this? I am getting myself a digital scale tomorrow.
posted 7-Sep-2011 4:49pm

Thanks for motivationS88 and nini I will keep at it ;)
posted 8-Sep-2011 4:25pm

cosmochic - hi there - congratulations on the 10lbs lost!
i actually find the digital scale more brutally honest then the old pointer scales.. i have both and i HATE getting on the digital one because it always shows a heavier number. I lovvee getting on the old one though, always shows me what I like to see, few lbs less!

I've been doing 20mins exercise since tuesday and i haven't gotten back on the scale yet maybe i will weigh in tomorrow or monday. I hope i'm losing. I think the older you get, the harder it gets to lose weight. This was so much easier a few years ago :(

Diamond - Are you still keeping up with the diet? I hope you are! Keep yourself motivated and remember the feel of the diet and exercises combined - much healthier feeling!
posted 8-Sep-2011 11:46pm

Thank you s88, anyone been eating steak? Any experience?
posted 9-Sep-2011 12:21am

S88 Thanks I'm still at it your my motivation I've been feeling bloated this week so I may take a water pill tomorrow.Has anyone been constipated while on this diet I really feel like I need some fiber so I can go make a bm lol.
posted 9-Sep-2011 1:10pm

Day 10 Yayyyyy! I've been tempted to get on the scale but I'm going to wait until Monday.
I have been feeling extremely bloated as well I think I am going to try the salt water flush that goes with the master cleanse and some smoove move tea to release this icky feeling I have been having the last few days. Once I do that I should be feeling better.
I have tried steak on the diet and I love it. I think that nauseous feeling your having might also be related to constipation and being bloated. Idk
The thing I do love about this diet I know I am going to wake up and see a change in my body and that feels great. I can't wait to the second cycle already.
I hope everyone is doing well today.
posted 9-Sep-2011 1:24pm

Sorry Cosmochic congratulations on your 10lb loss!
posted 10-Sep-2011 1:06am

Thank you Nini, I am just gonna remain consistant and take the weight loss as it comes, I start exercise next week back in the gym, I am gonna gradually get back into spinning( Cycle class) I used to love that.
posted 10-Sep-2011 1:08am

By the way today is my 12th day, 2 days off tomorrow, I also got the digital scale and s88 you were so right, they are the most accurate.
posted 10-Sep-2011 1:45pm

Hey guys. So ive decided to somewhat come off the diet. Im stil going to eat my veggies but il b includin whOle wheat bread, pitas etc. Im also going to b exercising. Il let u guys kno how it al goes!
posted 10-Sep-2011 2:42pm

I went on this diet on July of this year and i have lost a total of 17lbs in a month, i modified it a bit, but i worked out on the treadmill everyday for 40 minutes "speed walking" and the weight just melted away.. I am currently off the diet, i still want to go down to 100lbs, i currently weight 107, starting tomorrow again. I do want to tell you all that i would recommend taking a multi-vitamin on this diet, and watch out with your teeth, my teeth started to hurt from all of the grapefruit which kind of freked me out and my hair started to falling out while on the diet so vitamins RECOMMENDED!. Def, not a long-term diet! :) Will post again in a week.
posted 10-Sep-2011 10:37pm

Hi S88, I am still losing weight but I changed the diet up a lil also.I follow it for breakfast and limb lunch,kit for dinner I eat what a want and I still have lost weight.Of course I'm still eating a healthy dinner but I'm snacking too and still losing weight ;)
posted 11-Sep-2011 7:24pm

Hi Diamond,
I actually feel great eating healthy and exercising. Im also going to stick to my salads for lunch and a healthy dinner with whole wheat and something small and light for breakfast. You were sooo right about working out. I can feel a change in the way my body looks and feels. I LOVE IT! I'm going to keep on doing this and limit junk food to a minimum. I don't put sugar in my coffee and tea anymore either. Instead I have some small snacks that already have sugar in them with the tea.
I'll weigh in a few days later and see what my scale says as well but I am satisfied with the change I feel.
Im actually happy to have some carbs now :)
posted 12-Sep-2011 5:04pm

S-88 that is so great I think the diet makes you think about healthy choices that are better for yourhear body.My eating habits are so much more healthier now.Keep up the good work and I'm glad to hear that your exercising
posted 13-Sep-2011 11:48am

145.6lbs guys! feeling so good. have to keep at it. The grapefruit diet def jumpstarted my weight im very careful with what i put in my mouth. Im eating very healthy but i have a sweet tooth so I indulge something small every day :D
How are you all doing? Any good updates guys?
posted 14-Sep-2011 7:10pm

I just started this diet today. I love it so far, and I hope that it works. :)
posted 14-Sep-2011 11:01pm

Okay, so I started this diet today and already cheated today. I really wanted pita and hummus. >.<
posted 15-Sep-2011 11:49pm

Hi Gang! Congrads s88 on your continued success. I am on my second set of the 12 day round. Although I think I have only lost a pound since Monday. I have started exercising for an hour a day in the gym and my body feels soooo great. I am trying to go everyday , I want to drastically change my body. I have been doing excellent on the diet, i have not cheated at all. I think the two day break really helps not to deprive yourself, those are the days I treat myself to my favorite foods in modest amounts. My body aches a little because I am just going back to the gym but each day I go, I feel stronger and I know my endurance is improving. I started my spinning classes and I will be alternating with a Hip Hop Class, Kickboxing and weight training. Everyone keep up the great work.
posted 17-Sep-2011 12:02am

Hi all I'm still having sucess losing weight everyone around me is saying how slim I'm getting.
posted 17-Sep-2011 10:57pm

That is great Diamond!
Ms. James
posted 18-Sep-2011 2:11am

Hi, I started the Grapefruit diet Monday & already I have lost 5 lbs. I also excercise about 30 minutes 3 times a week. I'm excited to keep going!! Good luck to everyone. :)
posted 18-Sep-2011 10:26am

Thanks cosmochic
posted 18-Sep-2011 1:45pm

The best bacon to use is the thick cut bacon, you need the fat in this diet and I bbq on weekends and fix green beans for the side. Me and my hubby is doing this and it's very versatile. That is why the diet says any dressing on your salad and any style meat, put butter in your veggies... don't cut the fat out. Will weigh in after 12 days but I have done this a few years ago and had results so I am not doing anything different but good luck again everyone
posted 19-Sep-2011 12:36am

Well I've decided to try this program and see if It will help me lose some weight.I have hypothyroidism and have such a hard time to get any weight off.Not to sure if anyone else with thyroid problems has had success on this diet. If you have I would love to hear about it.
posted 20-Sep-2011 1:01am

I'm starting this diet tomorrow, I'm really excited and I hope I stick with it...
Current weight:214
Goal weight:135

Wish me luck :)
posted 20-Sep-2011 2:26pm

Breakfast was really good this am, excited to hit the gym later on tonight :)
posted 20-Sep-2011 4:33pm

Hey guys! HOpe all of your are doing wll!
Weightloss has been quiet slow since i stopped the diet and started eating healthy but I am enjoying it better. still at 145lbs as of this morning..keep going up and down a few lbs. started exercising 45mins a day about 4-5 days a week. Hope this process gives me some results.
Good luck guys!
posted 20-Sep-2011 4:33pm

cosmochic - how is it going for you? are you getting any results?
posted 20-Sep-2011 10:22pm

Hi s88,
well like I mentioned in the last post, my overall body has been feeling great since I started the exercise, It just seems like the scale is not moving, I am still at an 11pound lost and this friday will be my 12th day of the second round. I know the weight seems to fluctuate throughout the day, perhaps I am weighing in too frequently. I may be just losing inches because I certainly see a difference in my body. Thanks for asking, glad you are still going strong, I know I am.
posted 21-Sep-2011 3:51pm

Could we eat tofu on this diet??
thick britt
posted 21-Sep-2011 3:54pm

starting tomorrow!
I am 5`3
275 pounds
I have a 6mth old son who is very active...
I have to lose this weight for myself and him!
goal #1 15 pounds by Oct 1st!
I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!
posted 22-Sep-2011 5:57pm

Good luck thick britt
Nikki nik
posted 22-Sep-2011 6:00pm

We'll I'm just getting started on my grapefruit diet ... hopefully it wrks for me and good luck to u all but dose anybody know how to get rid of the rolls or love handles off the back
posted 23-Sep-2011 1:41pm

I lost 5 pounds in 3 day :) thought I'd share that with everyone...STAY MOTIVATED!!!
posted 24-Sep-2011 6:26pm

So I just went through and read back this post awhile and y'all definitely have me motivated. I'm not sure how much I weigh exactly (I've been hiding from the scale)but I'm pretty sure it's around 195 and I'm 5'2. I plan to start this diet on Monday (grocery shopping tomorrow)... wish me luck!!! I really hope it works... my first goal is going to be 15 lbs... I'll post here when I weigh in.
posted 26-Sep-2011 3:15pm

cosmochic & Diamond:
hows the diet going for you guys? Im officialy off dieitng...just eating healthy and lots of exercising. I started HIIT yesterday. Its intense workout but i read it gives u results that's what im doing. How are you guys doing?
posted 27-Sep-2011 1:08am

Hi everyone, I just had my daughter almost 4 months ago. I went from 170lbs to 244lbs. I'm currently 5'8 and 230lbs. I just weaned her from breastfeeding and going to do this diet for the second time around. I would like to be 150-160, so that's 70-80lbs i would like to lose in 3 to 4months. Does anyone know if that is possible and what are some extra things I can do to lose?
posted 27-Sep-2011 4:49pm

Hope everyone is doing great...just wanted to share that I've been on this diet for a week now, and I've lost 10 pounds....STAY MOTIVATED!!!!
posted 27-Sep-2011 10:15pm

Hi S88 I stopped doing the diet too but I am eating healthy and I'm still losing weight.
posted 29-Sep-2011 2:27am

Hi S88 and the rest of the gang, I have diverted some in my diet and incorporated more things in my diet for this week only but going back strict next week. I am still losing, thanks, I will keep you guys posted.
posted 29-Sep-2011 1:12pm

Last post was me S88
posted 29-Sep-2011 4:31pm

So excited for whats to come..starting tmrw;)
weighed in @ 216..ugh
goal weight 155
wish me luck!!
posted 30-Sep-2011 11:10am

Hey gang, I have been so discouraged lately in losing weight and disappointed with myself
But I found all of you guys testimonials and I feel encouraged! I'm 21 a junior/senior in
College and I'm surrounded by lots of young women with low self esteem and I mean they want surgery ..I choose to be healthy! ..anywho I'm going to start this diet on monday morning..does anybody have a certain time they eat lunch and dinner?
Also I'm short :( like 5'1 and I'm sure I weight atleast 205 will buy scale later and update!
posted 30-Sep-2011 9:16pm

Can u still lose weight if u don't exercise, also has anyone experienced irregular bowel movements?
posted 2-Oct-2011 3:16am

Ms.Coco you can certainly do it without the surgery. It can be done.

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