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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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posted 2-Oct-2011 11:18am

Cosmochic... Thanks.. I'm buying these rest of the thing today..tomorrow ill weigh my starting weight and I shall begin the diet
posted 3-Oct-2011 2:31am

I'am 150 lbs right now.. ( was 160lb) LOST 10 in a mth. I have found out I have diabities & I used to weigh 128lbs last yr. Lost my dad n had lots of stress in family so gained weight n diabities. I stopped taking tabs as per my doct. Unless I really feel the need for it. I am a vegan so can any one suggest the substitute for meat. I am going to do the diet from tomo. I will also try to get to the gym as of tomo again. I read everyones article its so good to see ppl being so motivated..
posted 3-Oct-2011 8:28pm

First day of the diet ..I was 201 first weigh in before I began.. Anybody else experienced headaches when they began? ..11 more days to go guys..anybody have any dinner tips to make this interesting?.. My goal by the end of the month is 10lbs.. Mu ultimate weight is 155-160
posted 4-Oct-2011 12:47am

this has yet to be my hardest diet ive tried esp when i get the urge to always wanna snack...a habit i seriously need to break! keep pushin everyone!!!
posted 4-Oct-2011 7:33pm

..Just came back from the gym ..I need some dinner ideas I get bored fast lol .. I weighed my self on the digital scale before I started on sunday I was 205.. The dial scale said I was 201 (lies) monday morning... Today I couldn't help but weigh in again I'm 204.2 on the digital.. My next weigh in is not til saturday morning.. Keep going guys!!
posted 6-Oct-2011 4:14am

hello everyone, I'm currently on day 5 today.... I really like this diet. I also workout everyday for about an hour and a half! It's all working
Out pretty good! I'm never hungry or get the urge to snack!! It's alot of discipline, I know I can do it. Sept 25-oct1st I was juz eating healthy, but 10/2/11 I started this diet I've lost 9lbs.... yay me!! I wish you all the best of luck! I will keep you posted...
posted 6-Oct-2011 10:01am

Dulce..good job... I was a lil down yesterday guys..this college stuff isn't easy..ever feel alone when your surrounded by a bunch of people? ..anywho..that was yesterday and todays a new day.. Day 4 of the diet..
posted 7-Oct-2011 2:01am

just weighed in I'm 220lbs I started last Monday and so far i have lost 7lbs. I so excited because even my fiance has noticed a difference so I'm gonna keep it up. I don't work out hard I just walk every day with my daughter for 30 mins to an hour. My goal weight is 150lb I at least want to be 175-180 by my birthday 12/02 i'm keeping my fingers crossed because I have been hiding from everyone I know since I gained over 70lbs during my pregnancy. So I want to just want to surprise everyone. I want to be saying "LOOK AT ME NOW" on my bday.
posted 10-Oct-2011 5:02pm

I did this diet ten years ago and lost 12 ponds in twelve days. I drank 8 glasses of water. I didn't smoke or take birth control. I ate steak for dinner and lunch. I ate green leafy salad with ranch dressing,cheese, and bacon. I didn't vary the diet. I want to eat sausage, ham, and hamburger meat this time.
My lifestyle has changed, but I want to do this again. Can you drink diet Dr. pepper, take birth control pills, and/or smoke? Can you eat link sausage?
This is my first day and I am starving.
posted 10-Oct-2011 5:31pm

I experienced headaches and dizziness throughout the twelve days. I didn't loose a pound until the fifth day. From that day on, I lost a pound a day.
posted 10-Oct-2011 5:32pm

excuse me- on the fifth day I lost five pounds and then started loosing a pound a day
posted 11-Oct-2011 2:37pm

I've been on this diet for 22 days and I've lost 20 pounds :) ....this grapefruit diet really works, plus extra hours in the gym, remember everyone, CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO, and tons of water to keep you going, STAY MOTIVATED!!!
posted 12-Oct-2011 2:21pm

help i'm not losing any weight off this diet what am I doing wrong?
posted 12-Oct-2011 2:38pm

mznubi are you following the grapefruit diet and NOT snacking in between...and another most definitely putting atleast an hour or Cardio in your daily routine?? Stay motivated, it takes time to shed the weight.
posted 13-Oct-2011 11:30pm

hello everyone, im so happy for all you guys who have lots tons of weight, im a vegetarian and overweight i have pcos and i have gain 70 pounds in 3 yrs, today my weight is 230, and i have to loose the weight so i can get pregnant, im a emotional eater so its really hard, my doctor recomended atkins, but a friend told me about the grapefruit diet, please give me some tips, all i want is to be a mom and im so sad because my body controls me, is so hard to loose the weight.
Please Greta tell me what you eat and how is a normal day for you, when do you do exercise am or pm? what do you eat in a daily menu?
thank you!! :)
posted 14-Oct-2011 10:53am

Hello everyone -

I have been on the GP diet for 1 week and I have lost 3 lbs..I know it should be more - but I am a soda pop junki(reg not diet:() I really need to kick the habbit!!
I did this diet years ago and lost a lot of weight!! I am not going to give up I am so determined (although my brain was thinking of a burger and fries!) I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE IN!!
Good luck to everyone!!
posted 14-Oct-2011 10:55am

oops...I meant grapefruit diet not GP diet....:-8
posted 14-Oct-2011 7:02pm

Alex- daily exercise routine- 6am-7am yoga or cardio
830am- breakfast(follow the Grapefruit diet)
10pm-12am(30 minutes on each machine)
After every workout I send 30 minutes in the sauna or steam room to relax my muscles... I hope this works out for you...
posted 14-Oct-2011 7:13pm

Alex-Oh I also forgot to mention, I don't cook... So I bought myself a NUWAVE from Target... It comes with instructions on how to cook your food, so that was one of the exciting part or it and another one is, that it drains the oil out from the meats that I cook in there, especially the Bacon I eat every morning... And another thing, chicken and any kind of salad for lunch is my lunch everyday...and for dinner... It's Salmon or shrimp with steamed mix veggies.... NUWAVE is a big help.
posted 14-Oct-2011 11:33pm

Greta thank you so much !!! for your help, i will keep posting i hope this diet works for me too, i will get my nuwave online too.
posted 15-Oct-2011 12:31am

Alex- no problem, STAY MOTIVATED, and you'll be there in no time!! :)
posted 17-Oct-2011 1:10pm

Hey guys...when I began I was 205 ..weighin in on saturday I was 202.0 but I just came off of my 2 day break I felt guilty eating bread lol! ..anybody have a specific gf juice they buy?
posted 20-Oct-2011 4:52pm

Ms Coco, I buy the OceanSpray no sugar added 100% grapefruit juice. I just started this diet this past Tuesday (Oct. 18th) and I haven't weighed myself. I am so nervous because I fried my pork chops and chicken initially using flour without thinking. I am so nervous to weigh myself but I will post tomorrow and advise as to what the scale reads tomorrow morning. I hope I don't see additional pounds and get discouraged. I weighed in initially at 246 so we'll see in the morning. I need to lose this weight before going to Vegas for my bday the 1st week in March. I know I won't lose it all but I will take at least 50 pound loss and be estatic. Need to lose 76 to get back to the size I was pre-hysterectomy pills and injections.
posted 20-Oct-2011 4:53pm

I forgot to say HELLO to everyone smile Let's keep the encouragement and drive going on this board!
posted 22-Oct-2011 9:42am

Thanks nikki! first I had tropicana but I can't find it where I live now..I tried the oceanspray I like it ...nikki don't be discouraged I use flour when I fry its says prepared any way unless we're both wrong lol..I need to lose about 50 as well..I get discouraged sometimes but it can't be done.. I'm in mother nature stage right now we I want to eat everything..ill get back on the diet on monday..its okay to fall off guys take your time! Stay encourage
posted 26-Oct-2011 9:34pm

Is anybody else SICK of eatin salad? Any good dinner ideas?
posted 27-Oct-2011 8:58am

I never get sick of eating salad. I LOVE salad. Then again, I did just begin. Well Tuesday I weighed in at 246 and as of last Saturday morning, I was 240 so I dropped 6 pounds in 4 days. I have since gained 2 because I became sick with a sinus cold and just grabbed anything to eat since I didn't feel like preparing anything. I am getting back on track this Sunday. I am about 70% better so by Sunday, I should be good to go as far as starting back on the plan.
posted 27-Oct-2011 10:18am

MsCoco, I am in my 30's and after my hysterectomy it seems my body doesn't shed weight like it did previously. I only had my uterus removed so I am not in menopause stage or anything and yet it's more difficult. It's like it altered my metabolism but then again, I think it was all those different pills and injections since that's what caused me to gain weight anyway.
posted 28-Oct-2011 5:12pm

This is my 2nd time doing the grapefruit diet. I will tell you if you stick with it its going to work. Typically, I don't see weight lose until after 6 to 8 days of being on the diet. Hopefully this time I can keep it off. My problem is I love drinking "long island ice teas" so my weight lose will be slow come off.
posted 31-Oct-2011 12:55am

I really enjoy drinking grapefruit juice and eating them as well. Sometimes I dont feel like eating them because it's more of a chore trying to peel them and stuff. lol but anyways, Im going on a cruise on December 1st. I would like to shed some of my tummy that "hangs over" because it makes me very discouraged and guilty.
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with getting a flatter stomach while doing the grapefruit diet?
Anyone have any advice for me?
please and thank you!!
posted 31-Oct-2011 12:58am

Oh and by the way this is my first time on the site.
Sorry I didn't introduce myself more properly.
I feel like I just merged into everyone's conversations lol
posted 31-Oct-2011 11:47am

It's okay. welcome to the board Samantha! It seems like this board has slowed down in regards to posts. I am trying to find another forum for this diet for constant motivation. MsCoco is great about posting also. I am sorry I can't answer your question about getting a flatter stomach. So how much did you lose previously since you stated this is your 2nd time doing the diet? I love to drink beer so being off for 12 days should yield good weight loss.
posted 31-Oct-2011 3:37pm

Ive never really done the actual diet lol.
I just like eating grapefruit and especially drinking the juice because it's more easier to do with my schedule, and I really enjoy the taste.
But I wanted to see that if I would actually do the diet routine if there would be noticable results by the 1st of December?
posted 31-Oct-2011 4:54pm

I would think you would definately see the fruits of your labor by December 1st. You could easily be 15 to 20 pounds smaller by then.
posted 31-Oct-2011 6:11pm

The only thing I don't want to lose is my chest and back side lol.
That is what I think is holding me back:(
I need some advice and encouragment, please
posted 1-Nov-2011 12:21pm

Well if you always had chest and back side when you were at your ideal weight, then I doubt you will lose that once you lose weight; however, if you acquired those because of the excess weight, then they very well might go away. You can always excercise doing squats etc to ensure you keep your back side from going away. I am not too sure about the chest area.
posted 7-Nov-2011 9:34am

Hi All! After 2 weeks of putting it off I'm finally starting this diet. Been a bit skeptical before because I'd heard of people complaining about what the citrus was doing to the insides of their mouths. I'd initially planned to use this diet to lose weight for my graduation but that's next Tuesday so definitely not happening so I'm just planning to loose a 'nice' amount in the next 3 weeks to feel better about myself. One thing I wanted to know was, can I have sweetcorn as part of the diet. I LOVE it so much but I know it's also quite sweet. Also, I'm assuming that breaded chicken and fish are off limits.

Quite excited about starting but I'm already craving for a doughnut lol!!!
posted 7-Nov-2011 3:06pm

Hello Cass. Unfortunately, corn is not on the approved list of vegetables; no doubt due to the sweetness of it. Also, the diet stipulates you can have the meat any way you want it and thus, I have fried my chicken and pork chops with flour and it hasn't interfered with my weight loss at all. I am not sure though how much breading is on the chicken or fish. My suggestion would be to try it, and if you aren't losing, then try consuming chicken or fish without the breading on it to see if that makes a difference! I wish you well in your weight loss journey also! :)
posted 10-Nov-2011 10:41am

Thanks Nikki_ATL. Got another question .. Is it ok to drink grapefruit juice from concentrate because I can't seem to find any other kind. Also, do you have to drink/eat the grapefruit before having a meal or can you eat/drink it during the meal?
posted 14-Nov-2011 2:56pm

Cass, it's recommended that you use 100% grapefruit juice but if you can't find it, then I would use the concentrate. In regards to consuming the grapefruit juice, I drink a little before my meal and finish the rest as I am eating my meal. Some would argue that you should consume it all 10 minutes prior to eating your meals, however, I haven't had any issues doing it my way. I hope this helps :)
posted 16-Nov-2011 12:35pm

I started this diet today and I was wondering if you could drink one diet soda a day?
posted 17-Nov-2011 9:38am

You can drink diet soda, however, since caffeine is to be limited, I would suggest a diet caffeine free drink.
posted 21-Nov-2011 9:00pm

Nikki is the 100% grapefruit juice the stuff your talking about? Like Florida's Natural?
That's what I drink anyways and its soo tart and bitter and i lovvvveeeee it!!
posted 22-Nov-2011 12:08pm

Hi Samantha. I actually drink the Ocean Spray 100% no sugar added grapefruit juice. I am going to see if I can find the Florida's Natural brand of it to see which one I like better.
posted 22-Nov-2011 3:04pm

I drank the Ocean Spray before too but I much rather Florida's Natural.
Hope you find it! :]
posted 23-Nov-2011 9:03am

I started this diet on Monday and I am already down 3lbs I don't feel hungry at all
I think I might been able to do this one question though on the 2 days off what do you eat??
posted 23-Nov-2011 3:59pm

I love this diet I started this diet back in late Aug my weight was 192lbs by Oct I was 172lbs I fell of the wagon for over a month and just started again 3 days ago I did not restrict myself from eating anything I had cheeseburgers, tacos, chips, cake etc To my surprise my weight was only at 174lbs only 2lbs heavier but I felt awful my jeans fit tighter and I was feeling bloated So today is day 3 and I am at 170lbs and I feel great. This is the only diet I have tried that reduces my appetite and I can see results immediately. Anybody doubting this diet give it a try you will be amazed. I still want to lose 20lbs to bring my weight to 150lbs. Lets stay motivated everyone!
posted 27-Nov-2011 2:28pm

hi everyone, I've been reading all of your posts and feel very motivated! A few years back I lost 70lbs doing the Atkins diet, but I've since had a baby and gained it all back. I hate feeling so fat! I weigh 240 and I want to lose 80lbs. This sounds like a really good starter diet. I am going to start tomorrow but I'm wondering if I can have turkey sausage instead of bacon? also, I like to eat fajitas...can I still use the seasoning?
posted 29-Nov-2011 12:16pm

Congratulations everyone! I fell completely off the wagon but I am about to get back on it starting next Monday. I wish everyone the best and Samantha this time I am going to buy the Florida's Natural brand and see how I like it. Congrats on your weight loss Jen and Lilly!
posted 30-Nov-2011 12:27pm

Isabella you and I are the same weight and both aspire to lose 80 pounds. We should exchange email addresses and K.I.T. Yes you can have turkey sausage instead of bacon and use the seasoning too. the meat can be prepared any way you want it :)
posted 1-Dec-2011 12:00pm

Today is Day 1 for me, I am really scared because of past experiences with diets. But it sounds like many of you did great:)So I will give it a shot. Thanks for all the tips.
posted 1-Dec-2011 12:53pm

If you stick to it, you will lose weight! Welcome to the board Liz.
posted 2-Dec-2011 9:45am

Thanks Nikki :) Day 1 was not bad at all, actually I have more energy today! :)
posted 2-Dec-2011 11:02am

That's good Liz! More energy is always better! :)
posted 3-Dec-2011 12:08am

Hello everyone this is my second time doing the Grapefruit diet. The first time I lost all of the desired weight that I wanted to last year. I started again this past Monday and so far I have lost 6lbs even. I am leaving to go to Miami for a cruise on 12/17/11 and I am going to stay on the diet until them to see how weight I will be able to lose until then. My starting weight was 228.8, I weighed in today at 222.8 and I started walking yesterday.
posted 5-Dec-2011 9:03am

Welcome aboard Nabyhill and good luck to you also. :)
posted 5-Dec-2011 1:09pm

hey i just have a question about the diet are u aloud to eat chicken nuggets or orange chicken?
posted 5-Dec-2011 3:17pm

It says you can have meat prepared anyway you want it so I would say yes. The orange chicken question kinda had me perplexed because doesn't the orange chicken sauce have alot of sugar in it? I definately say yes to the chicken nuggets though.
posted 6-Dec-2011 9:30am

Hey guys..I just like nikki have fell all the way off lol ..I plan on getting back on the diet starting next monday ..holidays always kill me lol ...I'm having a reduction surgery as well coming up and want to shed atleast 30 lbs..I think I'm too little to be at the weight I am now
posted 6-Dec-2011 9:31am

Sry guys that last post was from me! Forgot to put my name
posted 6-Dec-2011 10:35am

Hey MsCoco!!! We need to encourage one another. I will get back on the plan starting next Monday as well and let's motivate each other regularly!!! We can do it!!! smile
posted 7-Dec-2011 8:33am

Hi everyone. I have been on this diet before and I did not stay on it more than a month. I did lose some weight and went down a size. But since then have gained some weight so I got back on before Thanksgiving. Of course it was hard to resist Thanksgiving so I did not lol. I didn't over eat but ate good and had alcohol drinks. Anyway I got back on the diet a few days after thanksgiving and I do not have a scale in my house, but I do feel good and lighter. My stomach has gotten smaller as well. I will buy a scale when I get the chance so I can be more accurate number wise. When I was on the diet the last time I did eat meat any way I wanted. I did lose some weight but I just want to say to everyone out there..Why would you want to eat chicken nuggets or anything processed and breaded? I think this should not just be a temporary thing, but a total lifestyle change! This time around I am not eating processed meats, nor would I even eat anything breaded. I will sautee my meat in 1 tablespoon of butter and a small amount of olive oil such as a tablespoon. But breaded and deep fried? No. Yes you can still lose weight but are still keeping the bad habit of eating something that is not good for you. Chicken nuggets are not good for you. This is just my opinion. But this time around I am looking to change my whole way of life. I plan to lose weight and keep it off. I hope I am not offending anyone who feels strongly about eating foods that are not good for you. I am just giving you soemthing to think about. Why eat orange chicken when it is breaded and has sugar in it? You can just bake, grill or sautee a seasoned unbreaded chicken breast and have just as good a meal like that. Just my .2
posted 7-Dec-2011 12:17pm

I agree with what you are saying KayO but there are people that have eaten the chicken nuggets and still lost weight. I understand your reasoning though and your reasoning is the truth in regard to being as healthy as possible while on this diet for maximum weight loss and health benefits. I guess it's a "to each his own" type situation. People have to do what works best for them. I wish you the best on your diet KayO :)
posted 9-Dec-2011 8:31pm

I just looked in the mirror and was shocked at the "wattle" neck and poochie cheeks (not to mention the mid body flab)I have acquired over the past couple of months. Am starting the grapefruit diet TOMORROW, and the only thing I am going to miss are my nightly 2 kahlua and milk drinks! Am sure I can't sneak them in, even using skim milk.
posted 9-Dec-2011 8:35pm

I just went back and read some more comments and I agree with KayO, but also feel that if that kind of chicken is what you like, go for it, and you can still lose weight. I like fried chicken and buy KFC sometimes, eat a LITTLE fried skin, and then peel the rest off. That satisfies my desire for fried!
posted 12-Dec-2011 12:30pm

I totally agree JB! Also, I wish you the best in your weight loss endeavors. My cheeks are so puffy it's gross! Gotta get this weight off and the alcohol is a HUGE challenge for me because I like to kick back and have a few beers at least 4 nights out the week.
posted 12-Dec-2011 10:16pm

Alcohol is a challenge for me too. I like to drink sometimes, but I will have some on New Years. Oh and I hope nobody thinks I am trying to tell them what to do. I just feel for me it is time for a life style change. I remember being healthy and in shape, and eating right. Then later on in life developed bad habits. For me, it is best to try my best to steer away from fried foods such as fried chicken. Deep fried that is. I am not saying never ever ever eat fried chicken. Just saying it is easier to develop better habits while dieting if you do not. Then the transition away from a specific diet such as this will have much better results. I love friend chicken too! And fried fish and fried green tomatoes etc. Fried chicken wings and fried tilapia are some of my fav foods. I just am trying to get out of that bad habit. It's working for me. If it does not work for others, that is fine. After all, we are all doing this for ourselves.
posted 12-Dec-2011 10:17pm

haha "fried" not friend. I guess fried chicken has been my friend too long :D
posted 13-Dec-2011 1:22pm

KayO, we need to converse on a weekly basis. I need a motivational speaker in my life! HaHa
posted 14-Dec-2011 9:15pm

Hello Everyone, I have been on this diet before and lost approx. 30lbs. I found that eating the leaner cuts of protein, drinking lots of water, taking cod liver oil, a multi-vit, and pro-biotics help with relief of constipation and bloating. Good Luck to you all.
posted 14-Dec-2011 9:51pm

Hi everyone I'm about to start the diet again,I got married last month and I have not been thinking about dieting "if you know what I mean"lol.I'm actually going to weigh myself this time my start weight is 209,I will write again in about a week
posted 20-Dec-2011 10:02am

welcome to the board MoniLove and Diamond
posted 28-Dec-2011 8:11am

Day 1- 191.5
Day 2- 190
Day 3- 188
Day 4- 187
Day 5- 188
Day 6- 190!!!!!!
Ugh.....Idk what the problem is :/
I drink all the water, I dance everday which is what i consider my workout
I DONT cheat on the diet.....Im just getting discouraged...Any advice?
posted 28-Dec-2011 3:02pm

Well actually I peed a lot today and im still at 188 on Day 6....but today i accidently ate a little bit of white onions while eatin some of my momma's squash....UGH....Will this hurt me??
posted 30-Dec-2011 11:27am

I don't think onions will hurt you at all. Your doing good if you are at 188 in 6 days. That means you lost almost 4 pounds. That's awesome!!!! Don't give up! Just hang in there and you will see even more results!
posted 30-Dec-2011 11:27am

That was me who just sent the previous post that came up Anonymous.
posted 1-Jan-2012 6:12pm

Well its day 8 and i had went down to 186.6 yesterday but today it says 188 again..but now that i am thinking about bowel movements ive only had 3 during the whole diet...i am wondering is anyone else experienceing this?? constipation as well..
posted 2-Jan-2012 8:23pm

Hi I just started today and did well for day one. I'm curious if any of you that are losing quickly have any tips for me as far as what you you are eating on your days off or any changes you make to the plan. I look forwaqrd to losing this weight ASAP.

Before I got pregnant 160
CW 186
GW 145
posted 2-Jan-2012 8:25pm

Sorry I have another question are you counting your calories or just winging it? I counted today and stopped at 1200
posted 4-Jan-2012 9:07am

started this diet on jan 1 as my new years resolution...did it after my last son 14 years ago and lost 90 pounds. dont need to lose that many now but hope it works just as those cheating...i did the first 12 day cycle, but the longer you stay on it the more you body becomes acustomed to it and you wont cheat...just stick with it..and dont weigh yourself every day. i did mine only at the end of the 12 days. you will go back and forth in the beginning..Let's do this everyone!!!!
posted 5-Jan-2012 7:26am

The object isn't to count calories. You can eat fried foods if you desire. I am getting back on track too this coming Monday for sure and will exercise also since my place of employment has a new gym. Looking forward to starting this year off on a healthy note.
posted 6-Jan-2012 12:11am

Hello every one started this diet yesterday. I'm a first timer on the diet.Looking forward to talking to you all. I have never been this heavy unless i was with chid. I'm over 40 and the lbs seem to be jumping on me. I'm 5'1",145 lbs. I told myself I would go to bed at 9 but im still up I know sleep is important so good night all.
posted 6-Jan-2012 8:43am

I started monday and I'm down 4.5 lbs today so it's a good start. I'm not really craving anything and don't feel hungry. I'm getting sick of grapefruit to the point where it makes me gag and I miss beer lol. 40lbs more to go it seems like it will be forever :(.
posted 6-Jan-2012 10:11am

1/3/12- started today I weigh 209.4 so my two days off this diet will be sun/mon :(, I should've started on a! I was on this diet a couple years ago I did lose some weight... I would like to weigh 165....

1/5/12- ok I know i should wait to weigh myself but I can't help it so with that being said I weigh 205.6!.. I was taking turkey bacon, but imma make that switch to regular bacon-it's toooo nasty! Turkey bacon that is. I will try not to weigh myself until the 12th day but I know I'm lying....
posted 6-Jan-2012 12:22pm

Hi All, So glad I found this. I started Wednesday. I have eating more veggies, some fruit a quite a bit chicken. Every meal I am having a glass of unsweetened Grapefruit Juice. When I weighed in Wednesday I was exactly 200 pounds. I am 5"7 so yes i am over weight. I have stuck to it and was just curious this morning and weighed myself. I lost 2 pounds. Now i know it water weight and giving up breads, sugar will make you lose weight and also my cooler drinks. I really wonder if the grapefruit juice actually helps or just following this very low cal and low fat diet? I am going to try it for a month and see what happens. I wish you all lots of luck!
posted 6-Jan-2012 5:36pm

Hi every one.I picked up a dail scale today my true weight is 155. wont weigh myself again until next friday.
posted 6-Jan-2012 5:38pm

Sorry a typo i picked up a dial scale lol.
posted 7-Jan-2012 9:03am

today will be day 7. weighed myself this mornng and down 7 pounds....1 pound a day is good for me..i keep this up will only take a little over a month to lose what i want..i have been exercising some but with my back and heart it makes it hard to do anything really strenous, but still getting there...yayyyy me and everyone that lost
posted 7-Jan-2012 2:27pm

Hi all...I'm a first timer to this diet. I have tried numerous other diets before and have lost my desired weight on them however found it hard to stay on the diet and have put back on my weight plus more. Hopefully this diet will help me to loose my target weight of 3.7 stone before May (hopefully that will be possible in the timeframe)and also hoping that I will find it easy enough to stick to it. I am planning to start this diet on Monday. I do have one question in relation to the grapefruit though - Is it a full grapefruit or a half a grapefruit you can eat as this web site just says grapefruit but on another site for this diet it states a half a grapefruit... Can anyone tell me which is correct? Want to start off on the right foot. Thx all..
posted 10-Jan-2012 12:04pm

Decided to go with half a grapefruit...nit sure if makes much odds or not. Started yesterday and not finding it too bad. Thought wld miss crisps and bread more but don't which is suprising. Planning to weigh myself once a week... Hope ye are all doing well...
posted 11-Jan-2012 9:33pm

Just started Monday havent weig hed myself but I guess I should. This my first time. My husband wants to do this diet he exercises everyday and drinks protein drinks after his work outs and he doesn't want to give up protein drinks. Does anyone know if he can drink his whey protein with peanut butter and still do this diet. he only uses ice and water. Please help.
posted 12-Jan-2012 9:08am

Sorry MryIvn... I have no idea if the diet wld still work while taking the protein drinks...I just started Monday myself there too... Hope your getting on ok with it...
posted 12-Jan-2012 8:56pm

Thanks san didn't weigh myself but I do notice my stomach is getting flat. I'm wondering if this is also a flat belly diet It's hard to even eat a patty with veggies after my grapefruit. How Lon should I wait to eat after eating grapefruit? Does anyone know
posted 13-Jan-2012 6:45am

MryIvn... I eat straight after the grapefruit. I am using the grapefruit as my starter before each meal and then eat the main meal. So basically eat half a grapefruit and then get my bacon, eggs and glass of water and have them...and so on. That has been working well for me. I started on Monday and down 5lbs so far (in 4 days). Not going to weigh myself again now until the 12 days are
posted 13-Jan-2012 12:49pm

Dr. Oz recommended taking CLA which helps with belly fat. My sister has been taking it for 2 1/2 weeks and her stomach has decreased. Her boss actually asked her 2 or 3 days ago what she was doing to lose weight. I am getting some this weekend.
posted 14-Jan-2012 1:06am

I am starting this diet tomorrow. I'm a nurse and it's kind of embarresing telling patients that they need to lose weight to improve their overall health and here i am 5'3/191lbs (pot calling the kettle black). I know if I can lose 25-30 lbs on this diet my patients will take me more seriously when i suggest life style diet changes for them.
posted 14-Jan-2012 8:14am

Hi all! As of today with this being the 12th day on this diet, I weigh 200.6lbs...... So I lost a total of 8lbs 8oz, I was expecting more I will not give up! I'm off of this for the next 2 days, I'm sooooo looking forward to eating frosted mini wheat! # dont judge! Good luck everyone :) until next america!
posted 14-Jan-2012 8:16am

I meant until next time america! Smh@ myself!
posted 15-Jan-2012 12:17am

Hello all(:
I started this diet on the 9th of this month. I'm 5'5 and my initial weight was 180. Yucky, I know. As of now, Idk how much I weigh, but I will weigh myself and post results at the end of the 12 days. My goal weight is 140. The first time I did this diet (a few years ago), I lost 9 lbs in 12 days. This time around, I have more to lose, so I'll be doing this for a lot longer than 1 cycle. Good luck to everyone trying to reach their goals. Stay DETERMINED and MOTIVATED guys! :D
posted 16-Jan-2012 12:14am

Im on my 9th day on this diet and i already lost 12lbs yay me

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