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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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posted 24-Sep-2012 10:04am

Hi everyone i was going trough this forum from 1st page and everyone are mentioning that after we stop this diet we will gain back all the weight? Is that True the day u stop after u reach ur goal weight we are gona gain back all the weight?
posted 24-Sep-2012 10:06am

i lost 10lbs total this last phase 16 lbs total. Today is day 1 of my 3rd phase. I gained 1lb back from my 2 days off. 189! 24 more to go.
Hi JGirl! Congrats. I too am bored with the food. But I noticed Im not that hungry either. Congrats on your loss. I can eat the grapefruit. I like it. But the bacon is yuck.
Im hoping to get another 7-10lbs off this round. I know its going to slow down. My next goal is 185. And then 179. I hope I have as much luck this round as last 2. I also hope eating all the carbs I ate on my days off will help shock my body again.
Good luck to everyone!
posted 24-Sep-2012 11:48am

DTS, if you stop and eat like crazy, for sure will gain back. you should change your eatting style after the diet. You should try to avoid eatting to many sugar things and carb. For me, I didn't gain back. I just make sure there is no carb after 6 p.m. Every week only have 1 sweet day.
posted 24-Sep-2012 11:50am

Hey everyone, you won't feel bore on the food if you don't eat salad everyday. Breakfast is bore but if you use other way to make it and make some fun on is still ok. what else you can eat beside salad. you can have steak with vegetable boiled, or fried. you can stir fly veg. with meats too, or you can use carrot, tomato, chicken breast to make soup, very delicious. give yourself some creative will help you pass the bore time fast
posted 24-Sep-2012 11:51am

Hey Hey, I am going back to the diet today. 158 to star with. after 5 month off, I don't know this around I can have some pounds off......good luck to myself and everyone.
posted 24-Sep-2012 4:54pm

good luck afanta
posted 24-Sep-2012 10:55pm

Bea, congrats on your success. I'd love to learn more about your experience with this. Pls email me: LisaMaxb(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks. Keep up the good work!!
posted 25-Sep-2012 8:52am

bea... i am unable to eat bacon for breakfast i am just having vomiting's the whole day. is there any alternative to bacon for breakfast.. except for breakfast i am following the diet exactly.. and today is my second i dint had any bacon today fopr breakfast as i am vomiting yesterday....Please help me
posted 25-Sep-2012 10:32am

DTS - if you really cannot eat bacon even Chicken or Turkey Bacon, try smoke ham, is the ok for you? it will better if the ham has fat on it. Or can you eat smoke salmon?
posted 25-Sep-2012 10:33am

today is my 2nd sweet, no a good girl !
posted 25-Sep-2012 11:57am

i can eat chicken,fish but i am unable to eat any kind of bacon.. i am seriously vomiting....
posted 25-Sep-2012 12:22pm

can you eat pork chops? and sure Lisa Ill send you an email.
posted 25-Sep-2012 1:11pm

DTS, try eat smoked ham, smoked salmon, ok?
posted 25-Sep-2012 1:31pm

can i eat fish/chicken strip for breakfast along with eggs or only eggs and grapefruit?
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:18pm

DTS, you need fat in the breakfast in order to make the buring happy. you only can eat fish and chicken, no pork, no beef?
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:22pm

opp, make the burning happen.
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:39pm

so i can have small slice of chicken and eggs along with grape fruit for breakfast???????
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:40pm

why you only eat chicken? what about beef, pork?
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:41pm

chicken fat is too less........
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:45pm

i dont eat beef and pork...
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:51pm

my god...

can you eat Vegetarian bacon? this is not meat for sure
posted 25-Sep-2012 2:58pm

i tried finding it but dint find any vegi bacon.... and y is bacon so must for breakfast....
posted 25-Sep-2012 3:04pm

the theory behind this diet is egg + bacon + graphfruit will have a chemical reaction to let you burn your fat......why bacon as bacon has good amount of fat to spark the chemical.....that is why people follow this diet has 10 lbs lost, not just 2 lbs, 3 lbs lost.

as your only eat fish and chicken is very hard. So just eat eggs and chicken or fish then and try it out......hope it for you. give us a report after 5 days......

don't let yourself disappointed, please don't expect you can lost 10 lbs by 12 days.....if you do, you will feel happier, ok
posted 25-Sep-2012 3:19pm

Hey guys. If a canned food has sugar 9g, is that no good to eat it? as this diet need no sugar.....pls adv
posted 25-Sep-2012 4:14pm

Any advice like how to follow the diet.......... please i am new to this site
posted 25-Sep-2012 4:33pm

hi New.......very simple, take out all the carb, that is no bread, no pasta, no rice, no noodle, no flour. take out dessert, any sweet thing cannot be eat.

BREAKFAST: 2 eggs + 2 slice bacon + 1/2 grapefruit (a must follow)
LUNCH and DINNER: any meat, any cooking way but no breaded, + any veg (except white veg, white onion, potato, yam, beans, snow pea......) + 1/2 grapefruit

you can take grapefruit juice but make sure 100% no sugar one.

you can have 1/2 cup of skim milk before bed time or snack time
posted 25-Sep-2012 5:42pm

Hi Everyone. First Off Afanta i'm so happy you started back, I cant wait to here you great results. Just finished my 2nd round and lost 8 pounds ( I took a whole week off). I am very happy with my results so far total of 15 pounds lost. Stated at 280lbs now at 265 lbs in only little over four weeks. I am taking a few days off, will not be sting over round three until 09/30/12, hoping for another 7 pounds. DTS the only thing I can say is try the chicken in the morning with your eggs for a week straight with no other changes to the diet and see if you can still lose weight. Evedn if you just lose 3 pounds a week is still great. You will never know what works for you unless you try it. Granted the say to eat bacon in order for it to work, but as i posted in some i my prev post i dont always eat the bacon and i still have been losing ana average of 7 pounds. Diet from the pasts has been updated with a little tweek and called something else. Take for example the 17 days diet, if you look at phrase one it pretty much the same as this diet. You can check out that diet phrase one it does give a lil alternative to bacon. like eating instead turkey sauges, patti etc. Good Luck DTS hang in there and find you nitch as to what will work for you.
posted 26-Sep-2012 9:43am

Hi today is my 3rd day but still i weigh the same :( I dint eat bacon only yeterday. I had it on monday and today.... I dint see any change in my weight and many people said they lost around 5lbs in 3 days . Why i am not losing any weight.... :(
posted 26-Sep-2012 10:07am

are you drinking enough water DTS? That really helped me. Today is day 3 for me on round 3 and i lost 2 lbs. It is slower this time. Im hoping to get to 179 by next Frisay but wont be dissapointed if I make it to 183. Im stil at 16lbs lost total as I gained some from my days off. Dont be discouraged you just need to tweak something. Also are you exercising at all? Might help now and in the long term if you incorporate 30 minutes of aerobic activity 3 times a week? I know it says its not needed but my feeling is its always neccessary for long term weight loss. Also I eat the grapefruit 10 minutes before I eat my meal. Also you may need to analyze what youre eating. Write it down or get an app for your phone where you have to list what youre eating. You might not be eating enough fat or protein. Hope this helps
posted 26-Sep-2012 10:34am

Hi my schedule for the days goes like this
breakfast : 2 boiled eggs,2 bacon and 1/2 grape fruit..
lunch : salad with italian dressing and crutons (8) and chicken and half grape fruit
around 4: 1 tea with splenda
dinner: salad with italian dressing and crutons (8) and chicken and half grape fruit
and water at regular intervals but no weight loss :(
posted 26-Sep-2012 10:41am

hi DTS, normally you will find weight lost at Day 6 as this is your 1st time in this diet. 3 days won't see anything. No need to get upset. you will happy on Day 6. For the bacon, you cannot eat, no? did you check your supermarket they have bacon make by Turkey or chicken?
posted 26-Sep-2012 10:42am

Today is Day 3, yesterday night I was a bad girls as I eat a lot of peanut after dinner......I will be a good girl today. didn't step on scale don't know it works or not
posted 26-Sep-2012 10:45am

ya i am eating bacon made from turkey.... An di doing workout from about 30-60 mins
posted 26-Sep-2012 10:50am

DTS, good for you. Execrise is good but don't work too hard. 30 min is enough. Because this diet is high potein diet, if you work too hard, you will build muscle and become muscle woman or man.....2nd, if you really count cal, it is a bit low. if you workout too much, your body will feel you are starving.....and nothing will happen.....Just don't look at the weight 1st, feel your body, Day 4 you will start to feel the clothes is a bit loose......and in Day 6, you can try to weight yourself.......
posted 26-Sep-2012 12:01pm

Hi 8lbs now not much but tbh ive had breaks ! Wine etc !!! back on track now but events at wkend so alcohol involved wat do people do about that??? also can i eat red grapefruit? thanx all x
posted 26-Sep-2012 12:05pm

you always eat ruby (red) grapefruit, not yellow, not white......

wine, try to keep it only 1 glass if small one or 1/2 glass is big. Or mix with grapefruit juice......haha
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:00pm

y everyone are loosing weight and i am not losing any is there something wrong in my diet?
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:07pm

DTS, you are too rush, I told you after 5 days you will see you lose cannot see it by just 3 days.
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:08pm

DTS by the way, what kind of grapefruit you are eatting?
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:16pm

i am eating pink and red grape fruit... but to be frank my grape fruit is not real pink or real red but when i bough in shop the label says pink and red grape fruit... and how many calories can we eat / day...
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:18pm

DTS if you on this diet, no need to count the cal.......also depend on your height and activities......for me i like to have 1200 -1300 cal per day......but this diet I count it is about 1000 cal......

don't worry now, just eat as per the diet, and come back on day 6 after you weight yourself, ok
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:20pm

ok afanta hope i loose some weight... and the garpr fruit which i bough is serious not red but the label says it as red grape fruit.. should i stick with that or do i need to check other juice kind of stuff..
posted 26-Sep-2012 2:25pm

DTS you are eatting real grapefruit or grapefruit juice?

both are ok but if you are taking juice, you have to make sure there is no sugar in it.

if you eat real one and it is ruby or red grapefruit, even the color is not red, is ok.....

don't worry, you will loose, give your body sometimes to work it out.......
posted 26-Sep-2012 4:18pm

OH thanx ive been having mainly white !! also i gym 5 times a week do u think thats too much as not enough cals to loose weight ??
posted 26-Sep-2012 4:19pm

that last one was me btw x
posted 26-Sep-2012 7:46pm

dts i wouldnt eat croutons on my salad. carbs...also i eat yellow grapefruit and havent had an issue...the red tastes better though.
i agree with afanta give it a few more days to see
posted 26-Sep-2012 7:59pm

hi Zoee, you can go gym but don't do the muscle execrise.....if you do, you will be a muscle the cardio one but not too hard this diet is low cal and the grapefruit will do it work, you don't need to be hard on yourself. The 1st time i have this diet, I just sit in front of computer, not even execrise.......and I lose 8 lbs easily.....
posted 27-Sep-2012 2:36am

Thanx : ) x
posted 27-Sep-2012 8:44am

3 days done and not a single pound :(
posted 27-Sep-2012 8:45am

DTS, I want to ask you are meal very salty? Why I ask that as if you eat too salty, it will cause water retain and it gives you more weight.......double check. Also your italian dressing, check the carb % and sugar % and let me know.....for the dressing, i suggest you to use just olive oil + frech lemon juice + herbs + little salt + pepper....those dressing normally has a lot of sugar on it.....
posted 27-Sep-2012 8:48am

Day 4: last night in the dinner time i eat a lot of peanuts as there is no meat to eat....i take ham 2 slice + a lot of peanuts.....I hope it is ok.....otherwise I am a good girl so far, no treat.....tomorrow is Day 5 yeah....will weight myself and let you guys know this time work or not.

DTS, you can keep on dispointed but then it will cause you not loosing weight as your stress will make the diet not working......take it easy, just eat and follow, you will get suprise later.....I won't stop you to upset everyday, it is up to you
posted 27-Sep-2012 8:57am

hmmmm i eat chicken which is kabab like the meat is grinded and grilled with herbs and spices. i take italian dressing only 1 teaspoon not more than that i don t know y i am not lossing any weight i dint even cheat anytime in the diet ... :(
posted 27-Sep-2012 8:58am

and my meals are not salty....
posted 27-Sep-2012 9:17am

DTS, you need to be patience, the more you think not losing weight, the more it stand, you just past 3 days. this diet only see result after 5 Day 6, both of us to measure, ok.....
posted 27-Sep-2012 9:24am

ok afanta...thanks for ur moral support
posted 27-Sep-2012 9:33am

DTS, trust you will lose it, even not still have 11 days to go......who knows what, after 2 around, not even 1 lbs lost.....i still keep it up.....i won't give it up......
posted 27-Sep-2012 10:21am

i didnt lose anything last few days...but gonna keep going. i think im retaining water though necause I feel it. Ill wait and see what happens on Saturday. The days off killed me. I think Im going to just have one meal whatever I want because eating whatever I want for 2 days made me gain 4lbs which I lost but geez. I knew the weight loss would slow but I am determined! 24 more lbs to go! :)
posted 27-Sep-2012 10:24am

DTS give the diet some time. Drink lots of water. Its the only way to g et rid of the waste. Give it the 12 days. Its a chemical diet and sometimes takes a while to kick in. Youre doing great!
posted 27-Sep-2012 10:36am

Bea, as per my experience, for that 2 days off, still better to keep taking grapefruit juice and try to have less carb as possible.......
posted 27-Sep-2012 10:40am

oh forget to say, carb does cause water retain and it is a serious one.....but no carb is no good will have to be smart to pick the carb thing when eating.....brown rice, whole wheat is the best choice
posted 27-Sep-2012 2:35pm

yes Im learning as I go along what I cant and can do. Thanks for all your help afanta!
posted 27-Sep-2012 2:37pm

oh Im starting P90X in 2 weeks. Im thinking thats going to help a lot too. Im close to my goal but I need to firm up.
posted 27-Sep-2012 4:30pm

please advise me where i am going wrong because i was reading all recent post from page1 everyone seems to loose weight around 3rd day itself and i dint loose even a single pound.... can some one please help me what is the exact food which u r eating for breakfast,lunch and dinner and timings too if possible
posted 27-Sep-2012 10:11pm

me, i don't see I have 1 lbs lost in 3rd, only 3 lbs lost on Day 6.........
posted 28-Sep-2012 9:14am

day 4 completed not even a single pound... :(
posted 28-Sep-2012 9:55am

Day 5 now.....yeah....keep going. I will weight myself tomorrow to see any result. I measure my self, i loose 1 inch on my waist..great !
posted 28-Sep-2012 11:29pm

Today is the end of my first 12 days of this diet. I am proud to say that I have lost 12lbs. I was wondering what those of you that are doing it eat on your 2 days off? I plan to eat oatmeal for breakfast. Not sure about lunch. I do want to eat some green beans and peas for dinner Saturday and Sunday. I don't want to go overboard, but there are a few things that I miss...chocolate is my biggest one. When I found this diet it said it was given to heart patients who needed bypass surgery and that I could lose 52lbs in 2 months. Has anyone lost that much? There are so many variations of this diet out there, that I hope I am following the right one. I am eating carrots, which 1 said I couldn't have. The others said I could. I am eating red, yellow, green and orange bell peppers and have eaten zucchini a couple of times. I am eating salmon, shrimp, lean beef, boneless skinless chicken breast, ground turkey breast, and tuna in water. Are all these allowed? I am sorry, if I have asked too many questions. I really want to lose the 52lbs before I go home to see my family in January.
posted 29-Sep-2012 7:42am

hi Ready4achang - keep the grapefruit juice after each meal, and just have carb in either breakfast or lunch, dinner make sure no carb.......other thing you can eat but make sure no over.
posted 29-Sep-2012 7:43am

Day 6 - I measure myself, it is 155.5, great for me, only 2.5 lbs loose.....that is fine, better than nothing. DTS, how about you?
posted 29-Sep-2012 8:08am

Ready4achang - they said 52lb lose by 2 months is really depend on person to person. Some people lose it by more than 2 months. Me i Lose 15 and then stop.....and I take the diet off for 5 months and re-start now.......

when you are on this diet, you just have to make sure you don't eat any flour, bread, pasta, pita, wheat, cereal, potato, yam, white color veg, white onion, no dessert, no sugar during cooking, everything else you are ok to eat. If you are not sure, just double check the indigent list.......if you see carb, drop it.
posted 29-Sep-2012 10:36pm

at of 18lbs lost...22 more to go!
congrats afanta...i know how hard it is for you to lose! i had gained back 4lbs during my off days. i lost 6lbs this week. Hope next be at 183! sounds like you are doing very well. Most I lost in 2 months on this was 40lbs. I doubt ill make that this time.
good luxk everyone
posted 29-Sep-2012 10:49pm

I am not losing any weight 😢
posted 30-Sep-2012 9:35am

DTS, can you get Tropician Ruby Grapefruit juice from super market? if yes, try drink the grapefruit juice instead of eatting the grapefruit.....and keep going. Your body is not yet reacted...just like me before. no matter what I do, it is not working....
posted 30-Sep-2012 9:44am

DTS, also, how big is your chicken or fish and how to cook it? Are you man or woman. Before this diet, do you eat many potatio, rice, pasta..etc?
posted 30-Sep-2012 9:46am

thank you Bea, just next round when you done, don't think it is like you are on diet but you can add some sweet, bread, pasta but make sure the amount is not crazy over......I see some people even take that 2 days off out and keep on eatting the diet for 1 months.....and lose more...
posted 30-Sep-2012 10:29am

Day 7, today I weight myself again and gain back 1 lbs.......opps
posted 1-Oct-2012 5:24am

Gosh everyones doin so well ! Im starting my first proper 12 day round today!! Really gonna try hard ! still gyming 4/5 times a wk hope thats ok ? n NO alcohol this time !!! another half a stine qud b good ! : ) x Good luck all !
posted 1-Oct-2012 8:55am

hi i am female 25 years old and weight 175... i started the diet last monday and dint loose a single pound..
my daily schedule was
1.grapefruit+2 slices od bacon + 2 boiled eggs
2.Lunch : Grapefruit + chicken + salad
3.Dinner : Grapefruit + chicken + salad
gym : 3 times a week cardio for 45 mins

before grapefruit diet i used to eat 2 chapathis made of wheat flour and curry....

Please help me in getting my weight down....
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:07am

DTS - can you get the brand Tropician Grapefruit juice? if you can, can you change to grapefruit juice 1/2 cup, instead of eatting grapefruit.

It might you have eat too much Carb before, your body need time to get the buring work.........did you to toilet often?
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:16am

ya i do... but i am not sure about the brand of juice u r talking.... i need to search in store today
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:18am

ok, go check it out and let me know......
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:18am

Also DTS, after 7 days grapefruit, how many times you go toliet? 1 times per day or few times per week?
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:26am

hey afanta i dint get ur question...
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:28am

after you eat grapefruit, do you go to toilet ? how many times you go per week?
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:31am

I mean defecate
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:45am

yeah i go like daily for about 6-8 times
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:48am everything is ok.......

just check you can get that brand grapefruit juice as that one has no sugar on it......i am not sure other brand.

if you can get it......try the rest of the 5 days with juice instead of fruit. and when you have that 2 days off, just don't take it, keep on going the diet.......
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:51am

Also DTS, try to measure the chicken you eat. Keep it 4 oz per meal, and have a lot of vegetable. Try eat some fish, you can take 5 oz fish per meal.....

for the salad, I suggest you remove it. Instead cook the vegetable by boil it, add some salt to make taste, you can add chicken bothe into water to make taste also......can you do that?

if you cannot, when you take salad, just take it with olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs and lemon juice only......
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:57am

i will try eating salad only with 1 teaspoon of dressing that too italian no bread crums from today....
posted 1-Oct-2012 10:04am

i don't like that italian dressing even just 1 teaspoon as you see, so far you didn't lose a pound, right? so have to change something to make it happen. I really prefer boil vegetable......but if you just want salad please make the dressing by yourself. we have to make sure no carb and no sugar in it.....
posted 1-Oct-2012 5:49pm

Gosh everyones doin so well ! Im starting my first proper 12 day round today!! Really gonna try hard ! still gyming 4/5 times a wk hope thats ok ? n NO alcohol this time !!! another half a stine qud b good ! : ) x Good luck all !
posted 1-Oct-2012 6:49pm

Zoeeee, let us know how it goes
posted 1-Oct-2012 9:59pm

same weight today...i hope to get to 183-185 by end of this round! Day 8 18lbs lost round 2
posted 1-Oct-2012 10:10pm

bea can u please tell me what all u eat and how much quantity and at what intervals please
posted 2-Oct-2012 6:36am

Sore throat n temp are we allowed paracetamols n throat sweets??
posted 2-Oct-2012 7:38am

Hi All.
DTS how tall are you? I'm asking because when i was 175 (A century ago lol) I had a difficult time losing weight because i'm 5ft 8in with Medium built frame. No matter what I did I could not lose actual weight because my body frame is not small built; however at that weight and hight i was wearing a size 10. I was able to tone up but then I was very active in college doing track and field. Now some 20 plus years later im 265lbs after Marriage and children and not being active at all. It's easier for someone like meto lose alot of weight really quickly because of the starting weight. I started my round 3 today and hoping to lose at least 20 pounds over the next 30 days. My goal is to get back to 175 - 180 and a size 12. I will be very happy at that goal because with my height. Maybe look into Atkins and do their first two weeks (induction) to give you a jump start and then switch to the grapefruit diet. Their website is it completely free and give you a complete week by week diet to follow. As I mentioned before I switch betwen both diets because the only difference is on Aticking you are allowed 2 protein snacks. Thanks
posted 2-Oct-2012 7:41am

well I lost about 1lb. 19 lbs but its def slowing. Afanta breakfast bacon or sausage no eggs. grapefruit juice. lunch large salad grilled chicken cabbage carrots greens bacon. salad dressing...not light. grapefruit juice. Dinner sometimes I skip because of time. but generally its similar to lunch. I also exercize 1/2 hour aerobic. Im thinking about going to Atkins.
posted 2-Oct-2012 8:57am

i am 5'3 and my frame is large frame. I am doing this diet with 100% sincerity but no results i am very disappointed with this :(
posted 2-Oct-2012 9:05am

Bea, you just don't take that 2 day off and eat for a month and see it help you loose more......

me very bad, after 2 round, it is no action. 5 month restar last week so far didn't lose anything as I weight myself on Day 6, it is 155, then Day 7 weight again is 157, then today is I still on the same damn old weight 158. I think it might be my period will come soon, so gain back weight so fast......but normally when this weight is up, there is no way down, so I have to start all over again from is a nightmare for me......
posted 2-Oct-2012 9:06am

DTS, did you measure yourself. If not, measure your waist, hips and after the diet, measure again. it might loose some inch but not weight....

also some people eat grapefruit cannot lose weight but when they switch to juice, it works.....maybe you try juice and see what happen. Make sure the juice is no sugar one......

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