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Grapefruit Diet


The epitome of a fad diet, though many say it works.


The grapefruit diet is really just a set of standard rules you follow for mealtimes. There are some variations in the rules, but they usually look something like this:

o Drink 8 8oz (64oz total) glasses of water each day.
o When eating a meal, stop when you are full.
o Follow the meal-plan (below) exactly, no substitutions and you have to eat everything listed. No snacking
o Do the diet for 12 days, then take a break for 2 days.


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
2 eggs prepared any way you choose
2 slices of bacon


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice
all the meat you want


grapefruit ( or 8oz of grapefruit juice)
salad with the dressing of your choice OR a red or green veggie prepared with butter/spices
any meat or fish
1 cup of coffee or tea

Bedtime Snack:

1 cup of skimmed milk or tomato juice

The grapefruit juice is suppose to be a catalyst that helps burn fat. Coffee hinders fat burning, so you're limited to that 1 cup per day. You can basically eat all the meat and fat you want. Exercise is generally encouraged as well.

There are some supplements on the market that leverage the grapefruit diet as part of their gimmick.


It is believed this diet started in the 1970s. It was so simple, it could be printed on a single sheet of paper and photocopied to share with others.


Many health professionals and organizations have stated they diet is not healthy. Though recent studies seem to have shown it really does work.


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  23-Mar-2006 9:34am created by bill
  28-Aug-2006 2:17pm last update by bill

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Wendy's World
posted 11-May-2010 2:23pm

Hi MsD,

I will definitely try to stick by the diet as indicated. I am just anxiously waiting to tell a difference in the way my clothes fit. I know that this may be several weeks out, but I am still anxious nonetheless! My husband and I ate at the Golden Corral yesterday. They had meat and vegetables so that I could keep on track with the diet, but the waiter told me "No grapefruit juice." I was bugged. So from now on, I will be taking small cans with me when we dine out. ENJOY your two day food free fest!!! P.S. I already am planning a trip to Carraba's on my 2 day break...
Wendy's World
posted 11-May-2010 2:29pm

Hi kmdubya,

Take advantage of the eating until your stuffed at mealtime. That really helped me for the first few days, because like you, I felt like I would starve to death! The meat is really satisfying though. After the first week, the hunger has seemed to subside and you will not crave those carbs and processed foods so much. Keep us posted on your progress. You can do this, and if you stick by it, you will see the weight start to come off. My weight loss journey started at 193 and I am now at 186. The first 5 pounds was from counting calories which I just cannot do. The second 2 pounds that I lost were from being on this diet for the 1st week. I have six more days until my 2 day rest from the diet period. I feel like that will truly be a milestone for me.
posted 11-May-2010 2:38pm

Hey guys mind if I join in? I just started today! =) After an overindulged mothers day weekend I was feeling gross and unmotivated. Started searching around and remembered this diet. It is easy to do and best thing for me is no counting calories! Quick question......can you eat any meat for lunch or is it just lean meats? Say if I want bacon on my salad is that ok?
posted 11-May-2010 2:39pm

kmdubya...I think you have the right idea....whenever I feel hunger, I grab some water. Surprisingly, it works!
posted 11-May-2010 2:44pm

Hi lotus...good for you...this is day 9 for me. Not hard to follow at all. This diet was given to me by my gyn. The lunch and dinner meat, says, any style, any amount, so I'm guessing you can have bacon! I'm not weighing (don't want to be upset if it is not what I want), so I am just continuing, thinking that this is good for me to stay off the breads and sugar anyway. I feel slimmer, and have quite a ways to go. Remember, follow it EXACTLY, no additions, no snacks. So many others have added to it and I don't think they have the success they would like to have.
posted 11-May-2010 2:57pm

Thanks for the tips MsD. I feel like I am actually ready to really lose weight and do it this time. I think I never fully commit to anything because I am afraid to fail. Weird I know but I actually feel really at peace with myself this time and like I can do this. So I will post my progress on here! Glad to find you all!
posted 12-May-2010 1:22pm

Yesterday was really hard. I didn't sleep well, plus I felt really light headed. I took your advice Wendy and ate till full but it didn't help. I ended up drinking a protein shake mixed with just water and it helped between lunch and dinner. I hope I didn't mess anything up but my body was very weak. Yesterday was just a bad day. Suprisingly today, I am eating til full. I haven't felt hungry at all today, I have more energy. I just finished a great workout, and I dropped two pounds (I couldn't resist). I'm excited to continue!
posted 12-May-2010 2:56pm

kmdubya....I, too, felt dizzy a couple of times in the first week. I didn't change anything on the diet, and it does go away, but it does make you question yourself if you can continue this diet. Not sure what that was from, but at that point I began taking vitamins. So, lotus, you will probably have those lightheaded moments, too...IT WILL PASS. Drink water. Eat more, even if you are full. That should help. DONT STRAY FROM THE DIET. Keep going!! I'm am looking forward to my free weekend, and I hope that the lightheadedness doesn't happen the first week again after my free weekend!
posted 12-May-2010 3:12pm

If I recall, I think that dizziness set in on the third day. Might have been on the fourth day, but less. So just be prepared for it. Take your vitamin. Power through it.
posted 12-May-2010 4:30pm

this diet doednt work for me!
posted 12-May-2010 7:02pm

Anonymous....that is too bad. I don't think that every diet is for every body. I think different people respond to different diets. It's just hard finding one that fits!
Mae Mae
posted 12-May-2010 8:39pm

How do i make a taco salad please respond anybody that nice and don't mind. I'm 5'1 and weight 143 and want to lose 30 or 35 pound
Mae Mae
posted 12-May-2010 10:21pm

Can anybody tell me how to make taco salad I'm 5'1 and weight 143 and want to lose 30 to 35 pound
Mae Mae
posted 12-May-2010 11:12pm

Can you take diet pills while on this diet would somebody please answer my back thank you
posted 13-May-2010 2:06pm

Mae Mae....taco salad on the grapefruit diet? If you are not on the grapefruit diet, you could have any salad you want. But if you are on the grapefruit diet you cannot have taco salad. Oh, and I would imagine you can take diet pills while on the grapefruit diet.
posted 13-May-2010 5:16pm

Hi all. First things first - Congratulations to everybody for their success stories they have really encouraged me to try this diet (just hope it works for me!!)

I am 20 years old, 5'1 and currently 175lbs. My weight ballooned from a perfect UK size 10 after going to university. I now have 1 month left at university till I graduate and am celebrating by going on holiday on 4th July for two weeks with my boyfriend, his best friends and their girlfriends (skinny minnys - just my luck).
My goal is to get down to 125lbs (though not expecting this to happen by the time I go away!! - but anything will be a bonus as i am desperate to start losing weight!).

Will keep everybody updated and just hope that I can add to the amazing success of the majority of you beautiful women :)

posted 13-May-2010 5:26pm

Sorry just read my comment through I would like to retract my final statement and chnage it...

posted 13-May-2010 10:20pm

All is going well so far. Did forget to take some grapefruit juice last night to have in between classes...oh well. Will have to see if I can find little bottles to take on the run. Other than that everything is going great so far.

Thanks for the lightheaded heads up LOL Maybe it is adjustments to lower carbs? I did eat and embarrassing sized salad for lunch today though! LOL But I wasn't starving by the afternoon.
Wendy's World
posted 14-May-2010 12:45am

Hi Lotus,

I think the lack of carbs on this diet can have all kinds of weird side effects, especially initially. I know I have had headaches (and never do) at least twice this week. However, the headaches could be the stress of yet another extension of our closing date on our home! Ugh!!! Anyhoo, I truly believe this diet is going to work for me. My husband is already noticing subtle changes about my physical appearance (the standard losing weight in all the places you do not want to)!
posted 14-May-2010 12:54pm

Good for you Wendy and Lotus! My husband is noticing change in me, too...I do not want to get on the scale for fear it will not be what I want to see! If it is a measly two pounds, although good to lose any, I would want it to be more, and would have a tendency to go OFF the diet. I don't want to do that. I do notice and my husband noticed first, that I seem to have more energy, and that is always good. Today is day 12. It has been VERY easy to stay on this diet. Off days this weekend...pancakes! :)
posted 14-May-2010 2:57pm

Hello! Day 5, 5 pounds gone. I am so excited! The first 2 days were rough, but it has become much easier to stay on this diet especially with the weight loss. So much of my diet before incorporated carbs of all kinds, good and bad. But honestly, this hasn't been that bad because I'm really not ever hungry, and I've found different ways to eat the food allowed. I have good energy, it has just been getting better. Although I am craving some waffles. I will have some next weekend when my two days get here, whole wheat of course.
posted 14-May-2010 3:07pm

Woo-Hoo kmdubya!!!!
posted 15-May-2010 4:16pm

Hey guys! I have had a blast reading all of your success stories with this diet. I started working out about 2 weeks ago and have lost about 3 lbs and this is with eating anything I choose. Because I am not getting the results I desire, I am going to start the gf diet tomorrow. I am 5'7, 185 lbs. I want to lose about 60 lbs, so I hope this diet helps. I will keep everyone posted on my results. Keep up the great work!
posted 16-May-2010 1:13pm

MsD, this thing is the real deal. I have to be honest and say I was very skeptical even after my aunt told me of her success. People, PLEASE stay with it, it works I promise. Man, I dropped ANOTHER 3 pounds. Seriously. I had to recheck my scale. I don't know how much is fluid, fat, or whatever but it is gone. Keep in mind, I am also doing a very strenuous workout program called Insanity 6 days a week. I take a multivitamin to get other key nutrients, and that has helped keep the lightheadedness gone. I really do not get that hungry except for in the evenings. Because I am doing Insanity, I do take a protein recovery drink after the workout since it is so strenuous and highly recommended. That is the only addition to the diet that I have b/c of the workouts. I am a believer!
posted 16-May-2010 1:29pm

Woohoo! Great loss kmdubya!

I needed to hear that motivation is a little down.

Thanks to all that share their successes!

Hopefully next week I can join that club LOL
posted 16-May-2010 1:31pm

Wendy~ That is stressfull, we went through it this fall. Thought we were going to be homeless for a couple of weeks they kept messing with it so much!
posted 16-May-2010 6:48pm

I started this diet 6 days ago, I'm down 6 pounds so I'm happy about that. I had 1 small piece of chocolate today but I don't think it will mess me up to bad. I work out 4-5 days a week at a local gym, mainly walking up hill 30-60 mins, and some light weights. I'm hoping I'll stick to this until sat. day 12. I have lost 40 pounds since last September but this is the first time I'm trying the grapefruit diet during this time. I got on a plato and thought this couldn't hurt. I'll keep you'll posted on how I did.
posted 17-May-2010 9:45am

what happens if you miss a meal beacause ur not hungry? but have a grapefruit.
posted 17-May-2010 11:58am

Hey guys. Well I've been reading reviews and love the sounds of this diet! My goal is thirty pounds in two months. I'm currently 149 as of yesterday. I'm a 21 yr old mama 5'3". I'm currently on a two week pureed food diet trial so if I don't have a loss of 5 lbs by the end, I'm jumping on this diet. Yoursuccess stories are rally motivating. Keep up the good work!
posted 17-May-2010 12:40pm

Good Morning All! Okay, back on the diet today after my first two days off. It was strange eating "normal" again! I felt like I was cheating! On Saturday, I was not very hungry at all, and my favorites just didn't taste that great! Only had a pancake and a half of my husband's great pancakes. Sunday though, I have to admit, I was back to my old eating. So, it's great that it is only two days off! Happy to be back on it. Anonymous...I think that it would be fine to skip a meal, but I would be worried that you would be ravenous at the next meal. As you know, I am not weighing, for fear that it would dis-motivate me. I really do feel like I have lost quite a few in those first 12 days. Will weigh after the first month.
Texas girl
posted 17-May-2010 3:16pm

Hi everyone. My husband just completed his first round. He lost 20 pounds by the 12th day. I guess I should mention though that his job requires a lot of walking/running, so I'm sure that helped. We started the diet at the same time, but I quit.. Just didn't like the eggs and bacon and the salad every single day. But since he has had such great success, I decided to give it one more try. I'm not going to weigh every day, just at the end of every 12 days. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. But just wanted to give everyone some encouragement knowing that it worked by my hubby!!
posted 17-May-2010 3:19pm

Awesome for you husband Texas girl!
posted 18-May-2010 7:14am

OK, day 8 for me and I haven't weighed myself since day 6. Going to wait until day 12 to see what it says. I was wanting to know if anyone else is having skin problems on this diet. My chin has broken out from all the grapefruit juice, I never had this issue before so I know it's the acid in the juice. I'm going to deal for the few days I have left but I might try Atkins when I'm done.
Texas girl
posted 18-May-2010 10:48am

Are any of you ladies/gents exercising with this diet? If so, about how long daily and how many times weekly. I want to try walking for about an hour a day but with the small amount of calories we are on, I'm scared I might pass out LOL!!!
posted 18-May-2010 2:40pm

I exercise 3-5 times a week and been on the diet for 8 days. Sometimes I get a little dizzy after I'm done but that goes away after I drink more water. I can tell a difference in my pants already. But what I do is walk on the treadmill. I try mostly uphill since it seems to burn more calories, anywhere from 30-60 mins.
posted 18-May-2010 2:59pm

this diet does not work. you will gain all the weight you lose back. you all sound ridiculous. just eat healthy, don't stuff your face, and be active. this is a big excuse for all of you who do not know how to eat healthy. learn.
posted 18-May-2010 3:00pm

This is for anonymous....get a life....
Texas girl
posted 18-May-2010 3:42pm

Thanks so much Newt1979. As for anonymous, i don't plan on eating grapefruit three times a day for the rest of my life.. but the rest of the diet is "healthy." How can eating a salad with a small portion of meat or eating vegetables until you are "stuffed" not be healthy. If you don't like the diet, then stay off of this BLOG!! We are here to offer support to one another.. NOTHING MORE!!
posted 18-May-2010 6:57pm

ANONYMOUS~~Thats awesome that you became an expert in 1 day!!!! WooHooo!Going to do everything you said because you just sound so super smart! =)
posted 18-May-2010 6:59pm

Just made a big pot of veggie soup to mix things up a bit. Hope you all are having a great week!
posted 18-May-2010 7:02pm

Correction~~ so sorry anonymous I looked back and saw it took you over a month to become an bad!
posted 19-May-2010 12:33am

Hello all. I had a baby in july of 09 and have yet to get rid of my baby weight. I am at an all time high right now, in the 220 range, and feel aweful about it. I went from a size 8 to a size 16/18 in a year of being prego. I need to do this, for my sake, and health. I've been working out everyday, for at least an hr a day, walking at least 3 miles. Im going to start this diet..hope for the best love good luck to all. I would love an email buddy to talk about our progress on this diet!! =] let me know if youre interested.
posted 19-May-2010 12:18pm

Congratulations on the baby samantha....good luck with the diet! I think it is fabulous so far. Really not hungry at all. Very easy to do. And you get to look forward to being off the diet for two days! I've done Atkins (back in 2000, before the newest Atkins craze), and I think this is not much different, but easier to stay on.
posted 19-May-2010 12:27pm

Lotus....could have been another anonymous! I'm sure there is always more than one...I know that one day, someone will be as judgmental toward anonymous as anonymous was toward us. How sad to go through life being negative with ugly behaviour!
Miss M
posted 19-May-2010 6:50pm

I'm on day 3 of this diet, and I know I'm still in the beginning stages, but I feel good so far. I realize it's just water weight at this point, but I'm down 3 lbs from the morning I started which is nice little jump start. I've been having a light string cheese in the afternoon as a snack to get me by until dinner and also a single glass of red wine with dinner. I'm keeping my calories right around 1200, which is a little higher than some people seem to be doing, but I worry about going below that. Also taking a 20 minute walk each morning before breakfast. I was expecting major sugar withdrawals the first few days, but nothing yet amazingly. I've managed to leave the chocolate candy alone! :) I'm using Simply Grapefruit juice and skipping the bacon in the morning. I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing, what day you're on, how you feel, and how much weight you've lost.
posted 20-May-2010 11:48am

Good Morning Miss M....Good for you! I'm on day 18, and so far, this diet has been a breeze. The two days off was strange, and I'm back on. I do not know the weight I've lost (I have so much to lose!), but I know I have lost noticeable weight. I will weight after one month. (I didn't want to be discouraged by only a few pounds lost, and then go off the diet!) I have not strayed from the written diet at all. I have not begun any exercise program yet.
posted 20-May-2010 11:50am

Is chicken in breadcrums allowed or should it just been plain chicken? Are we allowed to add seasoning or anything to it ourselves? Also, am I allowed steak? I'm an avid lover of it and would like to keep it in the diet if it is possible. I'm not looking to loose loads of weight, only around 13 pounds to slim down for summer. Thanks :)
posted 20-May-2010 12:04pm bread crumbs. Nothing bready or sugary at all. Yes, add seasoning. Yes, you can have steak. You should be able to lose 13 pounds rather quickly if you stick to the diet exactly. Don't add anything to it. Good luck!
posted 20-May-2010 2:47pm

Day 10 and I told myself I wasn't going to get on the scale until day 12 but I did. I'm happy with the results, 9 pounds gone and still have 2 days. I'll let you all know on day 12 how much the total is.
posted 20-May-2010 4:03pm

Woo-hoo Newt1979!!! Great job!
Miss M
posted 21-May-2010 6:36pm

Wow!! Nice job Newt1979 - that's amazing! MsD, can't wait to hear how things go after the full month. I can't help but weigh myself each morning. I'm down 3.5 and I'm on the 5th day today. I'm very happy with that. I did the Ultra Simple Diet a couple of years ago, and that was so hard. Major sugar withdrawals! I love that I haven't raided the candy dish on this diet yet or made cookies at 11 at night which is something I was doing way too often. Totally addicted to sugar, but I feel good and I'm not craving it now. Hope it stays this easy as I continue on the diet. It's great to hear how you all are doing. :)
posted 21-May-2010 8:20pm

Congrats to all the losers here ;)

I will weigh in on sunday. Crossing fingers lol
posted 22-May-2010 6:14am

What times of the day do people eat their food? Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner... I'm having trouble actually being hungry to eat, and i think i could be leaving it too late to eat before bed.
posted 23-May-2010 1:59pm

Oh... and are you allowed to boil the vegetables for Dinner?
posted 23-May-2010 9:03pm

Ok everybody I'm at my wits end I need to lose 60 lbs to be at goal weight but I'm going on vacation 6/19 and would love to lose 20 lbs by then. All your stories were an inspiration so I'm going to start tomorrow. I love red grapefruit so so that part should be easy. I'm confused about the salad part w/dressing??? What vegetable can't you have??? Good luck to everybody and I'll keep you posted.
posted 24-May-2010 6:53am

I'm keeping posted as promised, I am starting back up today after being on my two days off. I did lose 10 pounds over the 12 days. I did have a couple off had about a total of 5 little squares of chocolate over the last 5 days but other then that I stuck to it good. I exercised about 4 days a week and drank allot of water. I weighed myself today and did gain back about 1 1/2 pounds but that's still pretty good. So I'm on round 2, I'll keep posting and I'll let everyone know if the 2nd round went as good as the first.
posted 24-May-2010 12:13pm

Great job Newt1979!! Wasn't it strange to be off for two days? Anyway, I'm on day 22, and going strong. I will weigh on June 8th (at a doctor's appt), which will be 37 days into the diet. I wanted to lose 50 by the time I have a sorority reunion in the middle of July. I think it will happen! I can feel a difference and people are starting to notice (If I am going to be truthful with myself, I need to lose at least 100 pounds.)

k-w...I eat breakfast about 7:30AM on weekdays, and usually later on the weekends. I eat lunch at about 12:30 on weekdays, and I'm not really sure on weekends. Dinner during the week is about 6:30PM. Last Saturday I only ate two meals, and probably would have done so yesterday, but my family wanted to eat late, so it was dinner at about 8:30PM. And, yes, k-w, you can boil your veges.

Den-my "salad" consists of lettuce, whichever kind I want that day, and whatever full-fat dressing I want. Today it will be romaine with cesaer dressing. The veges that you can have are: red onion, bell peppers, radishes, cucumber, broccoli, green onions, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and green beans. You may NOT have white onions, potatoes, celery, or green peas. When it comes to veges you have to eliminate whatever is high in salt (amazingly that means celery), and starch. You can also have mayo (make sure it is not the sugary kind, meaning miracle whip). Make sure you are taking a multivitamin. You can put butter on your veges, and you can cook your meat in butter or oil. I fry unbreaded chicken wings in oil until crispy. I also dip raw veges in blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing.

Keep up the good work everyone!
Miss M
posted 24-May-2010 2:21pm

K-w, I eat breakfast every morning at about 9:15 - I work from home and that's my first break of the day. I skip the bacon and just have 8 oz. of grapefruit juice and two fried eggs. I spray the pan with olive oil spray first. I eat lunch right about noon and have 8 oz. grapefruit juice, a salad with about 3 oz. of chicken on top of it, some cherry tomatoes, and a light Italian dressing. I sometimes have a snack of a light string cheese (60 calories) and some cherry tomatoes around 3 pm. Dinner is usually around 6:30 or so and consists of 8 oz. grapefruit juice, a ton of brocolli with Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray (soybean oil, really), and about half of a baked boneless skinless chicken breast. Also have subbed salmon for chicken. I keep track of every calorie throughout the day (bought an electronic scale from Walmart) to make sure I at least get up to 1200 calories so I don't send my body into starvation mode, and to make sure I don't go too far above that. If I have room in the calorie allowance, I'll have a glass of wine with dinner. I've lost 4 lbs in the first week. I had to attend a wedding this past weekend - I did my best but I still had a nice piece of cake. I know I'm not following the diet to a "t" by having a snack in the afternoon and having wine here and there, but it helps me stick to it and not feel deprived. Works for me. :) So 4 lbs. down, and 13.5 more to go.

Love hearing the updates everyone - keep checking in and letting us all know how it's going for you. :)
posted 24-May-2010 2:41pm

I'm a student at university in england. I started my diet yesterday - 126lbs, only wanting to lose 13lbs since im only 5' but I seem to have just put lots of weight on as fat, so toning up too :) Thanks MsD! Great help, needed help with what to have lol. Hope everyone is doing ok. I'm finding it really hard not to snack through the day and im especially missing pasta and potatoes, as well as crisps and pizza's lol. Doing quite well at the moment though, fingers crossed only got 10 days left till my 2 days off :p hehe.

Keep positive :)
posted 24-May-2010 2:52pm

k-w....drinking water helps my morning hunger....that seems to be the only time I am hungry. So try that. Meat that you can have is anything broiled, grilled, fried in the pan, baked. Add seasoning as you like. Cook in oil, butter, or use a pan spray. Make a list of what you want to have on your two days off (crisps and pizza!). This morning, I'm adding Reese's peanut butter cups to my list for the weekend because my co-worker is eating them today!..LOL It was hard not to snack through the day only on the first day for me. So that is good! Miss M counts calories, but that is not required in this diet. I am not. The important thing on this diet is to stay within the guidelines of what you can eat, and it says to eat your salad and meat, or your veges and meat until you are stuffed at your lunch and dinner. You will soon realized it takes less and less to be "stuffed". Good luck!
posted 24-May-2010 6:20pm

Thanks again MsD :) really helpful. I'm usually hungry on a night time rather than the morning. I'm also trying to sort my sleeping pattern out so that I can wake up at 7am and not feel tired. I have noticed today that I am quite tired, even without doing anything. But it's back to the gym tomorrow :) I've added chinese to my list for my week off, and possibly a jacket potato lol. I really enjoy drinking the grapefruit juice, its a shame we can't drink more. Thanks again for all the support.

Goodluck people :)
sarah s
posted 25-May-2010 5:56am

hi can you do this diet when your pregnant?
posted 25-May-2010 12:02pm

Hi sarah s....I would check with you ob doc before going on any diet. I don't think this would provide all the nutrients that you and the growing baby would need. But I think it would be great post-pregnancy!
posted 25-May-2010 4:10pm

Day three and i've already noticed a VERY big change in the amount I'm able to eat... could only manage 100g of broccoli and half of the chicken, quatered tomatoe and sliced onion i cooked :) very happy, but feel very full. Went to the gym today to :) please with the way its going, so fingers crossed. Not weighed myself yet and don't think i will be till a few more days yet.

How is everyone else doing??
posted 25-May-2010 4:26pm

Hi k-w....good job! Yes, don't weigh yourself yet. You wouldn't want to be discouraged if the scale doesn't fit how you feel! Good that you went to the gym. I was just online checking out "Curves", the workout place for women. I might see what they are all about next week. In the meantime, I am planning what to eat on my next two days off! Day 23 for me. I'm feeling much more energetic!
posted 25-May-2010 6:04pm

Hey MsD, Curves does look quite good :) Ooo, I've still got 9 days left and already planned what im having on my days off. lol. I've been calorie counting today, and it's surprised me how little I've actually eaten.
It's good to know the diet works and it's good to be able to talk to others about the same thing.
Keep up the good work MsD :D
posted 25-May-2010 7:05pm

Hi everyone I started this diet on 5/21/10, today is 5/25/10. I'm beginning to get a bit discouraged. It's now day 5 and I don't feel like their has been any weight loss. Furthermore, I have bloating in my stomach. The only thing that i have not been consistent with is drinking 64oz a day and haven't work out yet. I would like to know from everyone how many days its taking for you guys to see results? should I be worried at this point?
posted 26-May-2010 4:11am

Hey NuNU-I started on the 23rd, so today is my fourth day. I've exercised 2 out of the four days so far and will be going to the gym again today. I don't drink the 64oz of water either, and yes i have felt a little bloated from time to time. Make sure you eat slowly and don't scoff it down because it does take some time for your body to realise that it's full, which could cause the bloatedness. I can feel slight changes such as my mood and energy levels, even though im eating no carbs. Keep at it and i'm sure you will be ok... If not and you're having doubts then you could always see your doctor? :) Hope this helps.

MsD... Are we allowed to add milk to scrambled eggs? I tried to make mine in the microwave and it came out like an omlett thing lol. I didn't add any this morning because i didnt know whether i could or not.
posted 26-May-2010 8:33am

hi all i have started this diet again today i gave up after four days last time due to bad news but i did lose a few pounds so bk on it today n this time im sticking to it i need to lose 2 stone for my brothers wedding in august! good luck everyone
posted 26-May-2010 9:06am

Sorry about the bad news but goodluck saz :)
posted 26-May-2010 10:01am

thanks k-w you too
posted 26-May-2010 10:26am

can you have chippy fish/ fish cake or fish fingers or does it have to be plain?
posted 26-May-2010 12:21pm

Good Morning! milk to adding anything other than what is on the list. I know it is difficult sometimes! Eggs in a microwave turns into rubbery eggs sometimes. Try scrambling them in some butter on top of the stove and then you can also crumble your bacon into them. You can also boil them or make them "over easy".

Sorry about the bad news saz...glad you are back. chippy fish or fish cake or fish fingers...sorry...but it does not have to be plain. You can pan saute in butter or olive oil or any oil and whatever spices and herbs that you like. Butter adds a wonderful flavor. We had some red snapper the other evening and while I put a crust on my husband's and sons, I just sauteed mine in butter with some salt and pepper. Delicious!
posted 26-May-2010 12:29pm

Not that i know of because they've got batter/breadcrums on. You can add seasoning to plain fish from the supermarket though :)
posted 26-May-2010 12:29pm

thanks MsD you seem to know alot about this diet how long have you been doing it? can you have tinned sardines, tuna, salmon etc? with the meat i only eat chicken or burgers an as for the salad its just cucumber and tomato thats all i like, what type of veggies do you have? for example could i have chicken with fried mushrooms for dinner? thanks

does anyone know if you can have tinned mince beef with onions?
posted 26-May-2010 1:08pm

Hi everyone...Thanks k-w for those encouraging words. I will consider eating slower to see if that changes anything. So has anyone else been getting slow results or is it just me. I feel like my scale is broke but I'm going to stick it out for the full twelve days and see what happens. Good luck everyone!
posted 26-May-2010 1:10pm

sorry that last anonymous message was from me. Hi everyone...Thanks k-w for those encouraging words. I will consider eating slower to see if that changes anything. So has anyone else been getting slow results or is it just me. I feel like my scale is broke but I'm going to stick it out for the full twelve days and see what happens. Good luck everyone!
posted 26-May-2010 2:07pm

Hey Nunu, don't worry :) It seems to be quite slow for me too... no change in weight (that i can see... since i haven't weighed myself yet since starting) just energy levels and feeling better about myself so far :) Keep it up and im sure we'll both do great, gotta keep positive :) Goodluck!
posted 26-May-2010 2:35pm

Saz....This is my 24th day. I have not weighed myself and will not do it until a doctor appt on June 8th. That will be 37 days on the diet. I don't want to get discouraged if by weighing myself all the time it is only a small amount or none at all. Just cutting down the carbs and no sugar has got to be good for us. Sardines, and tuna and salmon will be fine. And as long as the chicken has no batter or breadcrumbs on it, you are good. Slice and fry the mushrooms in butter. I would not use the tinned mince beef with onions because you are not supposed to have onions (except for red and green onions). The veges that are allowed are red onions, bell pepers, radishes, cucumber, broccoli, green onions, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, muschrooms, green beans. Keep up the good work!
posted 26-May-2010 3:40pm

MsD i cant wait to hear how much weight you have lost you are very inspiaring! can you mix saled with veg for lunch an dinner do you think? like have cucumber, tomatoe red onion an mushrooms and broccoli, ive also notised after i have breakfast i dont get hungry at all but i have my lunch anyway if that ok :)
posted 26-May-2010 4:01pm

saz....Yes, I think it is okay to have your lunch anyway if you are not hungry. It might prevent you from being starving and "cheat". You can mix your veges, but I don't think you can mix your salad with your veges. The diet says salad OR veges. My "salad" consists of lettuce (whatever kind I want that day) and no veges and whatever dressing I want that is NOT diet. Be careful with the tinned meats that they do not have any other added ingredients except the meat. Any filler, or starch is not acceptable on the diet.
johnny d
posted 26-May-2010 4:16pm

ive just come across this website are you allowed to have alcohol on this diet jack daniels with coke zero?
posted 26-May-2010 4:18pm

so would mushrooms be veggies an ok to have with broccoli
posted 26-May-2010 4:21pm

johnny d....I would say no to the jack daniels, and you are only supposed to have one caffeinated drink per day. My thought is that you cannot have alcohol on this diet at all. If it doesn't say you can, then you cannot. saz...Yes, mushrooms and broccoli are okay.
posted 26-May-2010 6:02pm

:) MsD you really do inspire!! I'm glad I came across this website now, it has made me so determinded and has given me the encouragement that i needed. Thank you so much :D

p.s. I have a SMALL bottle of alcohol (WKD) on my list for my two days off. Shouldn't effect me too much I hope, but still got a fair few days left to go yet.
posted 26-May-2010 6:18pm

k-w...LOL...yes, we all have our lists for our days off!
posted 26-May-2010 9:12pm

Hi guys, are we allowed to use sweetners for the tea or coffee? I've been putting minced garlic in my spinach, is that ok?

P.S. Thanks k-w, definately going to keep it moving with a positive attitude.
posted 27-May-2010 8:58am

Hi Everyone! I've been on this diet for 18 days and have lost 12lbs! I am trying to lose 70 to get back to my pre baby weight. Reading your posts have been really inspirational to me!
posted 27-May-2010 10:05am

hi MissCee im trying to lose my baby weight aswell i had my baby 4 months ago only started yesterday but good luck :)
posted 27-May-2010 11:43am

Congrats on both baby accounts, goodluck saz at starting out :D and Well done MissCee at the loss :D

NuNU - I'm positive sweetners are ok, as long as its not actually sugar. But I'm not too sure about the garlic, I have ground garlic that i add to meat for seasoning, I don't think it should be too much of a problem :)

Day 5 for me and I daren't weigh yet, although the scales are deffinately calling! lol. Hope everyone is having a good week so far :) and keep up the good work.
posted 27-May-2010 12:00pm

Sounds like everyone is doing well! Great job MissCee! I believe that garlic is just fine, as is artificial sugar for sweetening. You guys are great!
posted 28-May-2010 10:29am

Hey guys, Came down with a cold last night and cant really swallow or anything, so all i've had today is my 2 lots of grapefruit juice. Hopefully it clears up soon, i'm sticking to the diet as much as possible!! Fingers crossed. How is everyone doing?
posted 28-May-2010 12:06pm

k-w....yes, stick with it. I was sick two days this week. Wednesday all I had was my breakfast at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Yesterday I had bits and pieces of the diet at the three meal times. Today, I'm about 90% recovered. I didn't eat anything I should not have.
posted 28-May-2010 12:08pm

Sorry k-w. For some reason that was tagged anonymous and I'm not!
posted 29-May-2010 12:39pm

Hey MsD it's ok :) And yea I still don't feel too great today, sore throat, got a cold. But I made it to the gym and did my workout, so im feeling good lol. Other than that I ate what I was supposed to, Had breakfast for lunch today though because I woke up really late.
How is everyone doing?
posted 1-Jun-2010 12:39am

hi everyone i can really use the lift im day 7 and i ost 6 lbs my first 3 days ,,now ive been gaining a pound everyday ,,,could it be im adding organic sugar and cream to my nightly coffee??? this is hard enough and thats my only joy at night ,,,any suggestions
posted 1-Jun-2010 12:08pm

Good Morning everyone. Well, after 26 days on, without cheating one iota, and taking my two days off over the weekend, I am off the diet. I was having some unpleasant side-effects, and the only thing I can think of what it was was the grapefruit. ( sugar and no cream to your coffee.) Anyway, I am off to explore the possibility of Atkins (no grapefruit). In fact, grapefruit sounds really, really bad right now. Best to you all as we search for what works for each of us!....MsD
new mommy:)
posted 1-Jun-2010 1:19pm

Hello everyone, i am starting my diet today iam weighing in at 160, hoping to get down to 130 so wish me luck, ill let you all know how i am doing on my diet every couple days:)
posted 1-Jun-2010 2:57pm

MsD I was looking forward to see what you had lost when you did your weigh in in June, but I do hope your health is fine and not affected by this diet. Did you lose any weight as we're all expecting too, and if you don't mind, can you share what the side-effects were? I tried this in March and lost 8lbs the first 2 weeks, but EVERYTHING smelled like bacon all the time, wherever I went. I had to stop because it was making me sick to my stomach. I started the diet again today in hopes of not cooking bacon everyday, but doing it for the week, hoping I don't have that terrible bacon smell everyday again.
posted 1-Jun-2010 3:06pm

Becky....Thanks, so was I! I have not weighed myself, but my guess is about 15-20 pounds. Side effects were not pleasant, so please stop reading now if you do not want to know. I was having a very watery stool for over a week, and worried about the effect on my electrolytes. Then, over the weekend, bloating and extremely bad gas from both ends. It was too much for me to handle. I was not able to eat much and was very unpleasant to be around. I hope you have success!

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