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Hoodia Vex


Hoodia Vex is a diet pill that helps you lose weight while also clearing your skin.


Hoodia Vex is a diet pill that contains a number of ingredients, including the well-known diet compound Hoodia. The other ingredients in Hoodia Vex are based on the "10 best foods" concept (similar to Orovo).

In this case, the 10 foods came from a Time magazine article: "10 Foods That Pack a Wallop". These 10 foods are: Broccoli, Spinach, Garlic, Salmon, Oatmeal, Tomatoes, Nuts, Blueberries, Green Tea, and Red Wine. Most of these foods are good sources of important nutrients like vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

Hoodia is a cactus-like plant from Africa that has been shown to curb one's appetite. It has become somewhat common in diet products in recent years.

Similar to Orovo, Hoodia Vex also claims to help get rid of acne.


While it's unlikely that these pills could do you any damage, it's also unlikely that you would help you very much. The 10 foods are indeed good for you. But, the amount of them in the pill is so small, that it doesn't really matter. The point of these 10 healthy foods is to actually eat those foods. The idea doesn't transfer well to a pill. Must is lost in the process.

A similar issue exists with Hoodia. While, it's true that Hoodia has been show to have a marvelous ability to reduce people's appetite and thus promote weight-loss, it only works when it's eaten in significant quantities, and this costs. The amount of Hoodia in pills like this is not even close to the amount you'd really need to have an effect.


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  19-Nov-2007 3:19pm created by bill
  19-Nov-2007 3:39pm last update by bill

posted 9-Mar-2008 9:12pm

This stuff is a scam. It's expensive and leaves you feeling stupid with an empty wallet.
posted 6-Nov-2008 7:53am

does this suff really work,because I'm doing a school project on it,and I don't believe it works.
posted 22-Jan-2009 11:59pm

I am a 34 year old mother of 4, I have tried Hoodia Vex and yes, it does help- it might not help everyone, but my face has cleared up and I will start getting hungry around 11 am for lunch but I'll take a couple capsules and wait 20 or so minutes and I ususally forget about lunch- I don't feel hungry, just empty, so I'll eat something small. It's been great for me-
posted 12-Mar-2009 9:15pm

These pills do work to clear your skin.Now people have give them a hard time and now you cant get them and my skin is right back the way it was.Thanks alot folks
posted 26-Jun-2009 11:33am

Thanks a lot folks? Really, lady? Pity you for not recognizing a gimmick and not stocking up on your miracle face cure. Boo frikkin hoo!
posted 18-May-2010 2:09pm

I wonder if the people that posted negative comments on Hoodiavex actually have facts to back up their opinions? Really, I am curious because I am all for really "knowing" what your taking and if its a gimmick then it's a gimmick but is there facts to prove it??
posted 2-Aug-2010 7:44pm


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