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Lemonade Cleanse e-book


The Lemonade Cleanse e-book is the fastest way to lose over 10 pounds in 10 days while removing excessive build-up from your colon


The Lemonade Cleanse is not an easy weight loss solution, but it is fast and effective. 10 days will completely reverse your health and lifestyle. However, the truth is; most people don’t last 3 days on the Lemonade Cleanse because they lack the right knowledge, tips, and tricks that experienced users have developed over the years. Few people realize that getting over this “3 day hump” is the hardest part of cleansing.

Lemonade Cleanse Ingredients

2 Tablespoons (or half of a lemon) of Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons of Pure Grade B Maple Syrup
1/10 of a Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
1–2 Cups of Purified Water

You can expect amazing results such as:

Increased Energy Level
Revitalized, Positive Attitude
The Ability to Control Your Eating Habits
Detoxified Colon, Removing POUNDS of Excess Waste
More Efficient Metabolism
Clearing of Skin and Glowing Complexion
Healthier Sex Life
Regularity and Reduced Constipation



Some people dont like The Lemonade Cleanse because of the taste of the 'lemonaid' or the taste of the salt water flush.


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  4-Sep-2011 5:37pm created by ndv2393
  6-Sep-2011 12:02pm last update by bill

posted 31-Dec-2011 2:15pm

Just got my lemon juice today, I'm gonna go make this right now and see how it tastes. I plan on sticking with it so ill be posting my journey

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