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Leptitrex is a diet pill with a great many ingredients that is being marketed largely by word of mouth. It claims to help you lose fat fast, detox, suppress your appetite, and build lean muscle. Plus, you get your acne eliminated and a euphoric "high" thrown in for your troubles.


Leptitrex contains a mixture of vitamins (e.g. C, B12, B6, and Chromium Polynicotinate) along with a many "fat burning" (euphoric) mostly herbal components: Chocamine, Di-Caffeine Malate, Rhodiola Rosea, St. John's Wort, L-Tyrosine, Picamilon, Phenylalanine, hops, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Synephrine, Ginkgo, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, 5-HTP, and Vinpocetine.

Then, there are the "10 super foods" ingredients: Barley, Garlic, Cayenne, Buckwheat, Soybeans, Flaxseed, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Wheatgrass, Acai, and alfalfa.

Next, there are the ingredients to give you lean muscles: L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine, Avena Sativa, Mucuna Pruniens, Ipriflavone, Ecdysterone, and Coleus.

The detox ingredients are: dandelion root, milk thistle, licorice, cranberry, uva ursi, and sage. The anti-agine ingredients: green tea, DMAE, acetyl-L-Carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid.

Whew, that's lots of ingredients! Leptitrex calls each group a "matrix".

The vitamins prevent your body from being deficient while also promoting the proper conditions ("fat burning atmosphere") for the fat burner ingredients to do their stuff. The fat burning ingredients are various stimulants and other herbal substances that have been associated with weight-loss.

Notably, phenylethylamine is a fairly new ingredient that Leptitrex that many other diet pills don't have. It is extracted from chocolate, believe it or not. The euphoric "love" feeling these pills may give you comes from this. You may have heard that chocolate makes you feel like you're in love, well the belief here is that phenylethylamine is the source of this. This also promotes weight-loss, without all the calories and fat from actually eating chocolate.

The "10 superfoods" come from Dr. Nicholas Perricone who was on Oprah. His wife has been very successful at marketing Orovo. Leptitrex is clearly an immitator, of sorts. Though Leptitrex is also doing it's own thing with many other ingredients.

Note that there is also a product named "Lipitrex" (which doesn't have a 't' in the middle), but it is not the same as Leptitrex.


With so many ingredients and only very trace amounts of each in the pill, Leptitrex is clearly a buck-shot approach that may be spreading itself too thin trying to cover every possible angle.


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  4-May-2008 2:22pm created by babygotbackfat
  5-May-2008 11:38am last update by bill

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posted 27-May-2008 9:50am

To everyone that emailed me regarding the list I am sorry it took so long. I do all my internet from work and I was off from Wednesday of last week until today with a sick baby. I have since sent it but I read the posts of where you have already received it. Thanks for everybody else stepping in in my absence. I have been on Leptitrex 2 weeks and have lost 5 pounds. I am not really following the plan to a tee and it is still working, however, I have not taken them over the weekend for fear of being more on edge with the baby and still lost the weight so good luck to all....
posted 27-May-2008 11:20am

I'm also upset that I spent the money on these things- I haven't lost a single pound! I feel no different than before I started taking it- I only noticed a suppressant on the appetite the first day, after that I felt nothing, no burning, nothing. For those of you who it's working for...congrats and I hope you reach your goal. I don't want to be negative, but I need something more:)
posted 27-May-2008 11:49am

Hey ya'll, well, I'm alittle disappointed that people are givin up... it kinda brings my spirits down... I am very satisfied with this product.. Its very hard for me to lose weight I've done it in the past and the results were slllooooowwww.. This has helped me a lot.. I've lost 5 pounds in alittle over 2 weeks.. If I push harder I can't imagine how quick itll be.. I'm 5'5 and 165 now I'm pushin for 140 even less maybe... good luck ya'll ... God Bless
posted 27-May-2008 12:08pm

I have just recently started taking leptitrex in addition to Atkins type diet...They are working wonderfully-Atkins is great for weight loss...and Leptitrex seems to be keeping the appetite under control...and giving me the energy I need to get through it all...I am not much for taking pills but if it does nothing more than keeping my self control to not eat myself sick..I'm happy with that! I feel its worth $60 to keep me in check..Versus..being overweight and feeling crappy. Good Luck to yall!
posted 27-May-2008 12:12pm

This is our first day taking Leptitrex, and in reading the posts, I've noticed that some of you have lost scale weight, and was wondering if anyone has had any noticable fat loss in troubled areas?
posted 27-May-2008 1:20pm

Actually yes I did and I have just realized that I put on a pair of khaki capris yesterday and they fit!!! I had tried them on a month or so ago and they were tight in the hip area. I have lost 5 lbs but man I hope that is where it is coming from because hips and thighs are my trouble zones. Maybe this will give some of your hope!!
posted 27-May-2008 1:45pm

Jamsey Girl... Thanks for the incouragement. Hips and thighs are where I have most of my problems as well. I really hope this works, we are going on a mini vacation in a couple of weeks and I want to look my best. I've been loosing steadily going from a 16 to an 8, but would like to speed it up a bit and not have to work out 6 days a week to keep loosing.
posted 27-May-2008 1:51pm

Wow!! I am currently comfortably in a 12 but can fit in a 10 but I want to comfortable in an 8. If anybody finds a routine that works please post or send to Thanks!
posted 27-May-2008 2:00pm

Hi--I'm still waiting for the pills to arrive but started south beach over the weekend...
posted 27-May-2008 4:00pm

As promised, my email exchange with Leptitrex...

My email to Leptitrex:
I purchased a supply of your product (180 capsules) after reading about it on the internet. Sounds promising, and I'm willing to give it a shot in tandem with a good diet and exercise for the entire bottle to see if it works. However, often (usually in the morning) when I take even just two pills I have a burning sensation in my stomach. I don't have any digestive issues, and am concerned if this is a bad mix with my physiology, in that I don't want to cause any long-term issues such as a stomach ulcer. Can you address the burning sensation for me, as to what may be causing it? Is this standard with some of the ingredients in your product? Your input would be greatly appreciated...

Email reply from Leptitrex:
We have no reported side effect. I have not heard of any one reporting a burning sensation. It may be possible that something in it is not sitting well with you. It does contain cayenne, which may be irritating. You may want to switch the dosage instructions and take it with food and see if that helps. If that doesn't help, you may just want to return it. I have included the refund instructions below:

Sorry our product didn’t work out for you. In order to have your account refunded, you must follow ALL of the following instructions:

(Product reeturn details then listed.)

I'm going to stay on it for a bit longer before I decide whether or not to continue.
posted 27-May-2008 5:47pm

Hi! Im curious about this. I want to try it but am looking for the best place to buy it. Is their website the only place to get it? Also, have you guys gotten good results and would you recommend this? Thanks!
posted 27-May-2008 11:17pm

I bought from their website.
I just received my order today, so I'll start tomorrow. I am 5'4" and 159 pounds. Would like to get down to 135. I have been exercising at least one hour everyday and mostly following weight watchers. I will follow it faithfully and lose like .2 pounds in a week. Torture! (that's .2 and not 2) It is just so slow and discouraging for me so I felt like I needed some extra help. I hope this helps.
Well let you know - Sunshine
posted 28-May-2008 4:29pm

I am also going to start Weight Watchers along with Leptitrex Monday so hopefully this weill speed up the process. I will keep everyone posted.
posted 30-May-2008 10:24am

Hi all, well part of my order arrived on Tuesday last, and I've been taking the pills before breakfast and lunch, I too experience a burning sensation, a little like heartburn, but not as bad (reminded me of when I was pregnant!!). I don't get as hungry and even though I've not yet lost weight, I am a lot less bloated, and my tummy seems flatter. Is it the pills or is it because I'm being really careful with what I'm eating, or both?? Who knows? I'm going to stick with it because I'm desperate for whatever help I can get. Has anyone had problems with receiving their order? I have only received one bottle, and ordered four. Have emailed Leptitrex and ask about the remaining bottles and have yet to hear back from them. Jamsey Girl, I'm doing my weight watchers healthy eating with the pills too, it would be interesting to hear how it helps you. Good luck everyone.
posted 30-May-2008 1:08pm

Hi -- I am still waiting for my order - it has been just over a week - I started south beach diet for the interim---
posted 30-May-2008 2:35pm


I ordered mine on May 22 and received them on May 27th. - 3 bottles and I got them all at once, so I did not have any problems.
posted 30-May-2008 3:52pm

Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I received my order last night. I will keep you guys updated on my progress. Will post again soon. Bye for now.
posted 31-May-2008 2:36am

Hi, Ive received my order today, but had to leave to go out of town right after. I just have a question...When it says before breakfast and lunch are they referring to lunch as our midday meal, or evening meal, because ive heard it as both. Thanks!
posted 1-Jun-2008 5:55pm

I think mid-day meal, since it has some caffiene with the green tea. Lunch to me has always meant mid-day, but I have heard supper is sometimes used as either one.
posted 2-Jun-2008 7:14pm

good day is my first day on Leptitrex. I was amazed at the spur of energy that it gave me 5 minutes after I took the pills. Since I did not take them on a empty stomach(I ate a piece of wheat toast) the burning sensation was very minor... I planned my diet with a lot of proteins involved, so hopefully I should see some results soon...I will keep everyone updated...good luck to all
posted 2-Jun-2008 7:16pm

I just started today also, and I did not have any of the burning sensation, so that is good news. Well see how well this works for me and Ill post any results.
posted 3-Jun-2008 5:47pm

Do we have any progress yet for those of you that have been on these for a week or more?
posted 4-Jun-2008 2:11pm

Hi all, Kayos could you send a food listing to me too? I will be starting my pills when they arrive this week. I will post my experiences too. Looking forward to losing! Good Luck all!
posted 4-Jun-2008 4:20pm

JAMSEY GIRL... My wife said that she was able to wear skirt this weekend, that she was too tight for her to zip a couple of weeks ago. However, she does work out daily, so not sure if it would have happened anyway. We've been taking them for about a week and a half. I haven't noticed anything, no burning no euphoria, so I'm wondering if they do anything at all. Has anyone seen results?
posted 4-Jun-2008 7:02pm

Greetings Everyone..this is my 3rd day on leptitrex and I have already lost 2 pounds (OMG). At first I though it was something wrong with my scale, but I tried the one in my parents room and it gave me the same numbers(excited).I do follow a strict diet, eat A LOT of food with protein and veggies (OMG), drink plenty of water, and NEVER eat past 7pm...So I think that's mainly why its working for me...I will update everyone at the end of the week. Good luck!!
posted 5-Jun-2008 10:13am

I just finsished my first week and did not lose anything. I have been at the gym everyday for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours and weight watchers.
posted 5-Jun-2008 8:15pm

Hey everybody,

I just started yesterday on my first bottle of Leptitrex. I don't use scales, I can look in the mirror and my eyes will tell me what I need to know, IMHO.

I will say that when I read some folk's reaction to the pills with the burning, I was a little concerned. But I have not had anything like that happen to me. I do eat a lot of peppers though, maybe the wee bit of cayenne just doesn't do anything, if indeed that's even what's doing it. I did notice though that ok, wait 30 minutes to eat, when that 30 minutes is up, I don't even feel like eating, and have to force myself. This is the first time EVER that I've tried diet pills, is this pretty typical? I do feel a bit revved up, not exactly "jittery" although somewhat I guess. Just my 2 cents.
posted 8-Jun-2008 5:50pm

Is there any way to order Lepitrex other than through the website? I do wish they had a mail-in address, but there doesn't seem to be one.
posted 9-Jun-2008 7:32am

no burning sensation increased energy full all the time i eat like a horse but since ive been taking the pills ive cut my food down to 1/2 of what i normally would eat, will weigh my self after the 1st bottle
posted 9-Jun-2008 9:17am

posted 10-Jun-2008 12:00am

posted 10-Jun-2008 7:55am

Well I guess everybody is different. The first week I couldn't really tell that they did anything for me as far as appetite suppressant but after they got in my system, I guess, now I hardly ever get hungry. I take my first set at around 4:30 a.m. but I don't get to eat until around 7-7:30 and then I take the last set between 10:30 and 11 a.m. before my lunch. I do tend to get more hungry in the evening but only because I take them so early. Probably though if you are watching how much you eat during the day then you need to get one GOOD meal in at night to get your nutrition level up. Good luck to all!!!!
cowgirl up
posted 10-Jun-2008 9:22am

I just got my first bottle today and have not even opened it yet. I stumbled on this blog and would love to become part of it. I think that support and encouragement also play a big part in weight loss. I have a ton of weight to loose and I guess I'm hoping for a miracle. Could someone please email the food list everyone is talking about? I would greatly appreciate it and hope to become a regular on here with good news and good wishes for everyone.
posted 10-Jun-2008 11:05am

GREETINGS...I take my pills around 7:30am, then have a protien breakfast around 8:10am. Then I take my second set at 12:30am, then have my lunch around 1:00pm. I have my big meal around 6:00pm and don't eat past 7:30pm and it I get hungry in the evening, I have a protein bar...This process works out great for me and I am starting to see some weight loss, but like Jamsey girl stated, everyone's body is different. I also drink tons of water, which helps detox my body.I hope this helps out..GOOD LUCK!!
posted 10-Jun-2008 11:05am

prior comment from cutie
cowgirl up
posted 10-Jun-2008 11:35am

I took my first dose at about 9:45 and ate scrambled eggs around 10:15. I had a really had time getting the pills down as they are quite large. Not a bad taste or anything, just huge. I'm not sure whether it's just in my head or I really feel this way but I'm kinda nauscious and really thirsty. I feel really full but maybe it's because I'm so thirsty I'm drinking more water. I am doing lots of burping but no burning sensation. I am definately not hungry....and if this is the feeling you have I will definately loose weight. Has anyone else experienced any of this?
posted 10-Jun-2008 2:47pm

i also got the burning sensation, yet ive noticed if i drink more water at the time of taking my pills it works, ad you know what i started getting watery stools.its more like a aftermath of going potty, does anyone else have this problem.. sorry but i dont know how else to explain it.. i do drink alot of water but its for myself.. cause i am a big dark soda drinker and sweet tea all day i try to drink alot of water so that way if i drink sda for dinner i wont feel so bad about doing it.
also whats the average days it takes for someone to see weight loss. i am about 5'2 and weight 140 i have alot of junk in the trunk and sides and abdomen so thats where it stays for me.
posted 10-Jun-2008 3:05pm

My update, I've been taking the pills for about three weeks now and I have lost 5 pounds, which for me is fantastic since its been almost a year since I've lost any weight and its not been from lack of trying.
I already watched what I ate and was already on a high protein diet (I weight train) and work out six days a week, those last 30 pounds wasn't coming off. So I am thrilled to say the least.
I do get a burning sensation, but it doesn't really bother me because it doesn't make my heart race. I can't stand that side effect to a diet pill. The burning goes away as soon as I get something on my stomach.
posted 10-Jun-2008 6:12pm

Greetings, Today is my 10th day taking Leptitrex and I lost 3 pounds so far, It may not be much, but for me its a wonderful thing...will keep everyone posted. GOOD LUCK
cowgirl up
posted 11-Jun-2008 10:53am

Hi All, today is just my second day so I didn't really expect a weight loss yet but I have noticed in just that one day that I do have more energy...which is great. At least I don't just go home from work and crash in the recliner which was my usual routine. I'm going to try just 2 pills instead of 3 to see if they will still depress my appetite..I did feel a bit jittery yesterday but maybe it was just me. Best of luck to everyone.
posted 11-Jun-2008 2:35pm

Hey everybody,

Like I said, I don't do scales, but my mirror says I look thinner. Also, a blouse I couldn't wear before last week I can now wear with comfort. I don't know about the "fat burner" qualities of the pill, but it really does suppress my appetite. I also know that if you eliminate or sharply curtail your intake of carbs (breads, etc.) that alone w/o Leptitrex is gonna move you in the right direction. I did the Atkins diet years ago and the weight fell off me quick. But, it's an unrealistic diet, peeing on sticks to see if you're in ketosis, blah, blah, blah and eliminating every good thing to eat. I'd rather die, or be fat, lol. Anyway, I do appreciate everyone sharing their experience with this pill. I don't expect it to be a miracle, but, I'd really like to be confident that it does more than just suppress my appetite and it really does do what it claims to do when they say it "burns your fat" or speeds up your metabolism or whatever. We shall see.
cowgirl up
posted 11-Jun-2008 3:35pm

Hi TC, I too went on Atkins for a short time with the same results. It does work, but it really is unrealistic. I agree that so far {knock on wood}, and this is only my second day, it does tend to supress my appetite. Let's just hope the fat burning thing kicks in real
posted 11-Jun-2008 9:10pm

cowgirl up
posted 12-Jun-2008 10:28am

Good news. I am down 2.2 lbs from Tuesday. I have been taking my pills, drinking as much water as I can, and keeping track of everything that goes in my mouth. It seems to be working so far.
posted 12-Jun-2008 6:30pm

Hi All,
Wanted to update you all. I've been taking Leptitrex for 5 weeks now. My scale still has not gone down even one pound!
I have lost a total of 2-1/2" from my chest, 2" from my hips and 2-1/4" from my waist. Still don't see how this is possible without losing any poundage, but hey, I'm looking better so I guess I shouldn't complain...much.

I've cut way back on my calories (only about 1200/day) and have increased my fiber and protein and my water intake. Don't understand why I'm not losing any weight. Any suggestions?
posted 12-Jun-2008 9:47pm

Hi Everyone,

Well, I came across this website last night, and started to read all of your reviews. With the mix of results it makes for a hard decision, but I'm back again, one day later, so I guess that maybe I've been thinking about it more than I thought. Anyway, I way wondering if anyone could forward me the food list( I think after reviewing the list I will make my final decision.

If anyone has any insight for me it would b greatly appreciated.
cowgirl up
posted 13-Jun-2008 8:27am

Everyone keeps talking about a food list. I have requested someone send it to me as well but with no success. I will request it again ( As for you undecided, I felt much like you but decided to take the plunge and so far am happy with the results. Hope this helps.
posted 13-Jun-2008 11:33am

Hey all- I just recently gave birth to twins and have some major poundage to lose! I recently ordered the pills and am looking forward to trying them out. I have about 30 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and then about another 15 to get where I want to. Big goals! I would love it if someone could e-mail me the food list ( so that I can give this the best shot possible. Good luck to everyone and hopefully a much skinnier me will be writing an update in a few weeks!
posted 13-Jun-2008 12:30pm

Hi everybody!

It's so great to see you all pop in here with your thoughts. Mel, I'll say it again, who the heck cares about the scales? Those inches coming off? That's what "counts", doncha think? I think people get so hung up on what the "numbers" on their scales say, rather than what their body shape is. I have never understood why when I used the scales to determine my success with this or that, why that my weight seemed to be so in excess of what my eyes told me. I currently weigh over 160 lbs. and almost 5'4. No one can believe that. I carry all my weight in my gut (beer doesen't help (that) My butt isn't too big, and from my shoulders to my gut, well, it's pretty normal looking. But like you Mel, INCHES are coming off. Whatever!

As far as the food list everyone is clamoring for, IMO common sense would tell you what not to do. We all know that the makers of this pill is pushing a high protein diet. That means to me, ok, more % protein to fat and mainly carbs. And some carbs are better than others. There are carb counting books out there that will tell you that, even veggies. Let's see, corn, nope, artichokes nope, hominy, no, no, no, avocado, definite no-no. Have yourself a good salad with lettuce, tomato, bacon bits (I like the real deal) and you should be ok. Don't eat bread but once a day! And the after 7:00 p.m. fast is a must. If you don't have toast with your eggs in the a.m. you can eat a good sandwich at your evening meal. Again, JMO
posted 13-Jun-2008 12:34pm

That was me as anonymous, sorry!
posted 13-Jun-2008 2:12pm

Hi, this has not worked for me AT ALL: ( The pills have made me bloated, and it feels like I have gained weight! I am already thin, but have a pooch I wanted to get rid of, so maybe it just isnt right for me? My skin has improved though, and I have only been taking it for 5 days....Good luck everyone: )
posted 14-Jun-2008 9:45am

TC- I wanted a list of foods that specifically work well with these pills beyond the recommendation of high protein foods. I'm sure that everybody on here knows that a salad is low calorie but the type of salad you described has few redeeming nutritional qualities- it actually boarders on bad for you. Maybe a list of recommended foods could benefit us all- including you. :)
posted 15-Jun-2008 4:17pm

I agree momof2
posted 15-Jun-2008 8:10pm

TC...Yes, I agree about the scale thing...I am very glad about the inches...YAY!! So happy something is finally working!
And actually, I have lost 4 pounds in the last 3 days and my body fat percentage has come down 1.2%! Maybe it's really going to get rolling now :)
posted 16-Jun-2008 10:27am

Good Morning Everybody! I have responded to several emails with the "food list" and some of them are coming back saying that there was an invalid email so I am going to copy and paste it to this forum. Enjoy! Hope this helps...
Hi. Diet and exercise is very helpful. Here are some tips that may help.
You should start to see results in 2-4 weeks. I find that when I am
dieting, I always feel hungry because I am focusing or obsessing to
much. Don't think of it as a diet, just think of it as your are trying
to make some small changes that will help you get healthy and lose the
Here are the tips:

1) Carbohydrates. There are good ones and bad ones.
The bad ones reek havoc on your energy levels and
liver. The following are a list of "good" carbs that
you should put on your shopping list:

steamed brown rice
steamed wild rice
kidney beans
fat-free yogurt
whole-wheat bread
high-fiber cereal
whole grains
(NOTE: On your "Detox Phase" avoid all carbs except
those from Vegetable sources. This will cure your
"addiction" to carbs and ensure lasting success. Then
eat the healthy carbs on the list for days 4-29. Do
this for each Detox Phase.)

2) Protein. Eating lots of protein is the key to
losing ONLY body fat and maintaining 100% of your bone
and muscle tissue. Maintaining this precious bone and
muscle tissue will keep your metabolic rate high and
ensure lasting success. The following is a list of
healthy lean proteins that you should put on your
shopping list:

chicken breast
turkey breast
lean ground turkey
orange roughy
top round steak
top sirloin steak
lean ground beef
lean ham
egg whites or substitutes
low-fat cottage cheese
wild-game meat
texturized vegetable protein
soy foods
veggie burgers

3) FAT? Yes…eating FAT is good for you. As long as you
are eating the right type of fats. There are fats that
make you fat and fats that help you lose fat. Here is
a list of fats that help you lose fat that you should
put on your grocery list:

sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
cold-water fish
natural peanut butter
low-fat cheese
low-fat salad dressing
low-sodium nuts
olives and olive oil
safflower oil
canola oil
sunflower oil
flax seed oil

4) VEGETABLES! Vegetables contain TONS of vital
antioxidants that help aid in detoxifying the liver.
They are essential to any weight loss program. Some of
them that you should put on your shopping list are:

green beans
green peppers
Brussels sprouts

5) Exercise. I know it's a pain, but try to exercise
as often as possible. You don't need to exercise to
lose weight with our diet pills, but it sure does help. My
mother exercised for 1 hour a day, 6 days a week. I
exercised for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Was
that the difference between 10 pounds and 12 pounds?
Can exercising be the difference between 7 pounds and
10 pounds? I think so.

6) Your LIVER? Having already purchased , you understand
how important a healthy liver is to helping you reach your
weight loss goals. ALL of the tips mentioned above have
some sort of positive effect on your liver. Your liver is
your PRIMARY FAT BURNING ORGAN. If you have "tried
everything" and have still not noticed results, it is
because your liver is sluggish and not able to burn fat
as quickly and efficiently as it could be. Taking our diet
pills, eating healthy and exercising will all help your
liver function properly and burn fat at a much faster pace
than ever before. Try to minimize your intake of alcohol
and nicotine as they both wreak havoc on your liver.

7) VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS. I read an amazing story
once. It was about a man who desperately wanted to
lose weight. So he cut out a picture in a magazine of
what was his ideal body. Each night before bed he
visualized this body with his head on it. After
following a healthy diet for 3 months with moderate
exercise his results were astonishing. You literally
couldn't tell the difference between his body and the
body in the magazine that he had cut out.
Michaelangelo said it best with:

"What I desire, I must first imagine. What I imagine,
I create"

8) Choose "appropriate" portion sizes. USDA statistics
show that because of increased portion sizes, the
average total daily calorie intake has risen from
1,854 calories to 2,002 calories over the last 20
years. That increase—148 calories per
day—theoretically works out to an extra 15 lbs. every
year. Portion size is important to weight management.
Employ a common sense approach, such as using the palm
of your hand or your clenched fist for gauging the
portion sizes of food.

9) Plan meals ahead of time. You may even want to try
different recipes and decide what works for you before
you begin your training program. Experiment with
different seasonings, try a variety of vegetables, and
find which microwave settings work best for preheating
food. By the time you're ready to start, you'll have
the supplies you need and the confidence that you know
what you're doing. Then, fix your meals in advance and
freeze them. It's important to shop at least once a
week. If you forget, you'll run out of good food and
be tempted to cheat on your meals. Get containers to
store your food. Purchase plastic storage containers,
sports bottles, a water jug and a cooler to store and
carry your food. Having nutritious meals within reach
during a hectic day can keep you on track.

10) Find your "emotional reason" for staying on
track. Researchers at George Washington University
discovered that people who successfully transform
their bodies are set in action by some sort of
"emotional trigger" that helps to clarify their
reasons for deciding to make change. In the study,
researchers found that any event which elicited strong
emotions such as alarm, embarrassment, shame and/or
fear actually inspired people to transform their
bodies for the better. Take a moment to consider your
"emotional trigger" and use it to stay committed to
your nutrition program. Strive for consistency, not
perfection. You can be sure there will be the occasional
meal or snack that's not on the recommended food list.
When you get off track in this way, don't allow it to
slow you down. Enjoy the divergence, recommit to your
goal, and get back on track with your next meal.

11) Competition. Take our diet pills with a friend or
family member. Have a contest to see who can lose the
most weight in the shortest period of time.
Competition brings out the best in people.
posted 16-Jun-2008 10:28am

posted 16-Jun-2008 11:33am

Thanks Jamsey Girl!
posted 16-Jun-2008 1:47pm

Just started on Friday (the 13th) wasn't sure if starting then was setting me up for bad luck?? But I went ahead anyways!
Had a baby 16 months ago... thinking about trying for number two this fall - so I want to lose some pounds!
I have not weighed myself yet... plan on only doing it once a week, so we shall see this Friday how I am doing.
Thank you for the list of information above... it will come in handy.
Best of luck to all as we try to get back to our 'fighting' weight!
posted 16-Jun-2008 3:08pm

I am trying to find the best way to lose these last 15 pounds..after having 3 kids and a full time job it is just hard to get these last pounds to go away..I am usually very nervous about taking things, just wondering if this pill is worth my trouble
posted 16-Jun-2008 3:59pm

i just ordered ths product today. so could any of you that have been onthis product for a while give me an update on your progress. i would like to know if you think this product works
posted 16-Jun-2008 11:15pm

hello everyone,
i have been on the pills for about 2 weeks now, i have lost about 5 lbs. or so i am a very active person at work(hospital setting) yet i try to keep my 3 pills twice a day yet i am still hungry after work about 4-5pm has anyone tried spreading out the pills to where its 2 pills three times a day.
posted 16-Jun-2008 11:18pm

WHAT IS THIS DETOX PHASE, i havent heard of that... what do i do?
posted 17-Jun-2008 1:28pm

Hi all,
I started 4 days ago and haven't seen much of a difference besides appietite suppression. I notice some people talking about eating lots of protein after the pills. I have been thinking of taking fish oil supplements on days I can't get away for lunch. Has anyone tried these to satisfy their protein?
posted 17-Jun-2008 7:34pm

Hi Everyone,

Well, I have officially made up my mind. I just submitted my order. I'll keep you all posted as to my progress.

PS- Jamsey Girl, thanks for the food list.
posted 18-Jun-2008 1:28pm

i think its bollocks
posted 18-Jun-2008 1:51pm

Hi what is the detox phase? I just ordered today and have some questons. Is it 3 pills before breakfast and 3 pills before lunch?
posted 18-Jun-2008 2:43pm

Could someone give me the foods you should eat? I am currently do atkins already.
posted 18-Jun-2008 3:12pm

Some people mentioned they ate with the food to avoid the burning sensation. I thought you had to wait 30 minutes to eat after taking the pills??
posted 18-Jun-2008 7:09pm

Its been 7 business days,still no leptitrex... order is to canada does it take longer to ship?
posted 19-Jun-2008 11:21am

I was wondering the same thing. How long does it usually take to get to you after you order. I am anxious to try this out.
posted 19-Jun-2008 4:45pm

I also have not received my order. I just e-mailed them to ask about it. I have found that if you use Paypal it is slower than if you just use a credit card or something. That's the case on auction sites, anyway.
posted 19-Jun-2008 4:49pm

Question to all those who have taken the pill, iv been breaking the pills and mixing the exract with water it doesnt go down the best...any feedback will be great :) thx
posted 19-Jun-2008 4:53pm

@ the burning sensation... i took the pill with water(mixed) tasted like a shot of grinded black pepper lol its over in 2-5min tho
posted 21-Jun-2008 4:20pm

Hi! Ive been taking the pills for about 2 1/2 weeks. I started out good, and stayed on track of the diet, but for the past 1 1/2 weeks ive been very busy with finals and havent been able to work out or eat very healthy. I ate out a lot that week, and now I am finally getting back to normal. I will be running every morning, and trying to do crunches etc. several times a week. I figure if the pills help to raise your metabolism you will get better results when you work out. Even with being off of the recommended diet and not working out I still lost 4 pounds. I consider that a good amount for doing nothing.

I drink a lot of water normally, and drink alot of water when I take the pills. I try to take them just before I eat, but If I wait a while before I eat then I do start to feel the burning sensation. I am 5'7" and started at 194. My ultimate goal is 140-150. I hope to lost 20 lbs. by the end of july. I will keep everyone posted on my results as I work out more.
posted 22-Jun-2008 9:18am

well i ordered the pills on tuesday they arrived yesterday. i took my first dose this am, we'll see what happens
posted 25-Jun-2008 12:48pm

I wanted to know if this is doing anything yet for those of you that have been taking it for a little while? I have only been taking it since Sunday, so far a couple of pounds, but it's just water weight. I am doing good with the diet, but I am not working out.
posted 3-Jul-2008 8:28am

Hi all! Wanted to give you all an update. I've been taking Leptitrex for eight weeks now and have lost 16 pounds...More importantly is that I've lost inches in my chest, waist, hips and thighs! I'm really happy. I thought it would happen faster than this but maybe this way is better. They say if you lose it slowly you are more likely to keep it off.

I don't excercise. I eat protein in the morning and either a salad or Lean Cuisine for lunch and then whatever the rest of my family is having for dinner. I usually don't snack, but if I do I don't berate myself. I just try to do better the next day. Oh yeah...Lots of water!~ :)
posted 3-Jul-2008 8:28am

OOps that's me above as anonymous, sorry!
posted 3-Jul-2008 11:17am

That is great news Mel. 16lbs.
I have been taking for 2 weeks and lost 5lbs. I am having protein for breakfast and lunch and whatever for dinner. I do not exercise either. I also drink alot of water, and barely any snacks.
posted 3-Jul-2008 1:55pm

Hi everyone, I placed my order last Tuesday, im hoping to get it soon. So i've been reading this blog and seems that ppl are getting mixed results with Leptitrex, I am excited and skeptical. I am 5"1 and currently weigh 125 lbs. i want to lose about 10 to 15 lbs. hopefully this product will work; most of my fat is at my stomach :(. Previously I took Cytolean (diet pill) it kinda work with moderate exercise and diet.
I"ll keep everyone posted to see what kind of results i get !

to Desperate: what is you opinion on your results?
posted 3-Jul-2008 2:14pm

oh to Jamsey girl what is the DETOX PHASE????? what do u do???
posted 3-Jul-2008 2:47pm

hey guys

I am really considering purchasing this product, but there were four other products that seemed to be catching my eye. Has anyone tried Phenterfein, Fenphedra, and lipovox, or anoretix? Would appreciate any input !
posted 4-Jul-2008 1:04pm

hey everyone.

Ive been excercising and taking the pills and over the past 2 weeks ive lost about 4 pounds. I seem to keep bouncing up and down though. Does anyone have any advice? Also and advice on the best time/way to weigh yourself. Ive been weighing myself every morning. I just dont seem to see definite weigh loss results. I do feel however that this pill is helping me build muscle easier. Ive been doing a lot of resistance training, but maybe if I ran more I could get more fat off.
posted 4-Jul-2008 4:19pm

I have been on Leptitrex for 3 days. Have not weighed myself yet but I have been experiencing some hyperness, and I am very sensitive to caffeine. Has anyone else had this experience? These postings are encouring since there are no real instructions included with the pills! I have about 60 pounds to lose. Can someone forward to me the e-mail that you guys have been talking about?
posted 6-Jul-2008 12:02pm

so i started the pills today!!!!! we'll see how i feel and what results i get as I go :)
posted 7-Jul-2008 1:37pm

I eat so much like a piggy piggy. Can't wait for the good medicine to come and make me so thin that I will need a mirror to see me. I will lOve it so bad!
posted 7-Jul-2008 4:00pm

Hi, I am going to try and record as much information here about Leptitrex as I can, I was very frustrated trying to get real data from real people on-line about different products before I bought Leptitrex so I will do my best to help out.

Both my girlfriend and I started Leptitrex over this past weekend. Today would be my third day.

I am 27 years old, 5'8 and last time I weighed myself before Leptitrex I believe I weighed 175 or so (Grocery store scale). I eat 3 meals a days, usually unbalanced meals, late dinner and late snacks.
I am somewhat sensitive to caffeine and the previous products I haved used such as Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 or LipoX (maybe?) made me jittery and made feel a lil weird.

Started Leptitrex Saturday morning, 3 pills as recommended and followed up with other 3 pills before lunch. I will say that I have suffered from the heartburn feeling like 80% of the time. I feel that the feeling is contained if I eat shortly after I take the pills, if I wait more than 30 minutes I'll burn pretty bad. I won't cry about it but it's not a pleasant feeling and it usually staid with me for a good hour or so.

I weighed myself shortly after I took the product (and no I was not expecting a result already, just for reference) and I weighed 168.2 (bathroom scale). I did not feel super hyper after taking the pills nor my appetite become non-existent. I will say though that I seemed to be in a good mood for the weekend and my appetite was normal, I didn't really crazy anything sweet or so but if I didn't eat for a good few hours, believe me I was hungry as anyone should be.

I weighed myself for the last 2 nights and I weighed myself at 168.8. So far I haven't noticed any weigh difference although is way too early to tell. I have not conciouslly changed my eating habits because of the pills but I have recently started to buy "healthy" foods (trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup and other simple carbs). I am currently not exercising.

I will give these pills a month to notice any changes, if not I will try something else. I will also give status about my girlfriend's weight change, she's 27, 5'4 and 126 lbs right now.

If these pills work as expected, that is, that they help you lose let's say 10 lbs of unwanted fat for a 27 year old 170 lb male without exercising and bad side effects, then they will surely be a catch.

If they don't work, then that's 100 bux down the drain (2 bottles for 30 days each)

-Carlos (
posted 7-Jul-2008 4:19pm

i also get the BURNING sensation (especially in the morning) however, as soon as the 30 min have passed by i eat about a cup of non-fat plain yogurt with almonds and blueberries. it's very healthy and it really helps the burning sensation. I recommend it to anyone that is having that problem.
posted 7-Jul-2008 7:31pm

all I know is I just ordered the pills (leptitrex) and I know that stuff better work because i just ordered 3 bottles of it. I dont plan on just poping the pill and not working out and eating whatever. From what I found out is that you have to mix it with a cardio workout and a high protien diet. Did anybody experience increased heart rate or jitteryness?????????
posted 8-Jul-2008 4:11pm

hi THICKMADDAM, if this helps i experience the euphoric feeling all day, more energy and definately more energy when i go work out, i get fuller with smaller portions of food & no cravings. I haven't experienced jitteryness or heart rate, however everybody is different.
posted 9-Jul-2008 7:38pm

In the past few days I have noticed much quicker results. I havent done anything different. I was taking the pills for about 3 weeks with not a whole lot of change in weight. I have lost a total of 6 pounds and have recently been noticing a difference in my thighs as now my shorts are fitting better. It seemed like it took a while, but hopefully this rate will be maintained. Has anyone else had anything similar happen?
posted 11-Jul-2008 4:54pm

hey everyone! I just want to share what my results have been so far with leptitrex. I recieved my pills 6 days ago and i already lost 5 pounds! I think this stuff really works. When I first took them I felt kinda weird almost kind of high.a little bit of burning in the stomach but nothing that I cant deal with its not painful. i record how many cals. i eat for the breakfast and lunch then a hour later i burn off all the cals. i ate, on my tredmill because the tredmill tells me how much cals i burn. then i do the same for dinner but in between that i jumprope for 10 min. so basically i burn off eveything i eat and some extra and the pill gives me the energy to do that and im not as hungry so i dont have to burn off that much because im not eating that much. I think this pill makes you loose 50% if you exercise daily even if you jump rope for 10 min. everyday. so far my results are cool. I hope it can work for everybody else!!!!
posted 12-Jul-2008 1:27pm

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone on my results.

I have been taking the pills for almost 3 weeks. I lose about 15 pounds with no exercise. I have been trying to eat a litle healthier, but nothing special. I try to eat some hard boiled eggs in the morning, but a person could only eat so many boiled eggs (yukh). Anyway, I do feel the burn in my stomach, but it's nothing that a person can't handle.

For all of those out there who are not sure about the pill, I say go for it...I was very "undecided" in the beginning myself, but I am pleased with the results.

I'll continue to keep you all posted.
posted 12-Jul-2008 11:18pm

Hello everybody~

I've been taking these pills for the last 2 days and I have lost 4 pounds!
I'm very happy with the results, very happy!

I believe I'm getting great results because I run the the tredmill for 30 minutes and lift 5 lbs weights for 15 mins.
The best things I like about Leptitrex is how it suppresses my appetite, especially my sugar cravings!

Before leptitrex, I would exercise and eat healthy. Yup! little weight loss. But as soon as I heard about leptitrex, I knew I had to get it.
The product is amazing!
For those who don't work out, give exercising a try. It'll probably help you lose more weight.

Make sure to eat good amount of protein. Chicken salad with fat free Italian dressing is great!
posted 13-Jul-2008 8:12pm

hey linda thats realy good news. You are so right on adding exercise to your diet plan. results are so much quicker when you exercise. These pills really do work. I really thought the scale was busted when i saw how much weight I lost that quick. wow!!!!!! throwing chicken breast on the grill is so tasty along with turkey burgers and shrimp!!!
posted 14-Jul-2008 1:58pm

hi everyone..I just took my first dose, feel my stomach's on fire can't wait to put something into it...haha..i'm a student living in a dorm without kitchen couldn't have egg for breakfast so i'll have tuna can and whole wheat bread as main meal. i'm obsessed with all kind of carbs which should definitly be cut but i don't want to be bound by whole protein meals which will make me gain even more pounds once i start eating carbs. i don't use scale, i'll take picture of my belly everyday like a mother-to-be does. my goal is to clog into skinny jeans. i'll keep you guys posted every week.
posted 15-Jul-2008 12:28pm

I have been taking Leptitrex for 5 days and have lost 1.5 pounds!!!yay! only exercise i get is chasing my kids around..(have 5 total)youngest is 12months, but couldn't seem to budge baby weight. Have about 60 lbs to go, yet. This site has been so helpful, you all are great! Thanks!!!
posted 15-Jul-2008 1:44pm

Hi everyone, I just ordered my supply and I can't wait to get started. I will keep you all posted. Good Luck!
posted 16-Jul-2008 1:07am

Hey ya'll been on Leptitrex for 10 weeks and lost 20 pounds!!! This product is the best!
posted 16-Jul-2008 1:09am

Hey Alley, just wanna know how you been doing so far

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