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Leptitrex is a diet pill with a great many ingredients that is being marketed largely by word of mouth. It claims to help you lose fat fast, detox, suppress your appetite, and build lean muscle. Plus, you get your acne eliminated and a euphoric "high" thrown in for your troubles.


Leptitrex contains a mixture of vitamins (e.g. C, B12, B6, and Chromium Polynicotinate) along with a many "fat burning" (euphoric) mostly herbal components: Chocamine, Di-Caffeine Malate, Rhodiola Rosea, St. John's Wort, L-Tyrosine, Picamilon, Phenylalanine, hops, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Synephrine, Ginkgo, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, 5-HTP, and Vinpocetine.

Then, there are the "10 super foods" ingredients: Barley, Garlic, Cayenne, Buckwheat, Soybeans, Flaxseed, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Wheatgrass, Acai, and alfalfa.

Next, there are the ingredients to give you lean muscles: L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine, Avena Sativa, Mucuna Pruniens, Ipriflavone, Ecdysterone, and Coleus.

The detox ingredients are: dandelion root, milk thistle, licorice, cranberry, uva ursi, and sage. The anti-agine ingredients: green tea, DMAE, acetyl-L-Carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid.

Whew, that's lots of ingredients! Leptitrex calls each group a "matrix".

The vitamins prevent your body from being deficient while also promoting the proper conditions ("fat burning atmosphere") for the fat burner ingredients to do their stuff. The fat burning ingredients are various stimulants and other herbal substances that have been associated with weight-loss.

Notably, phenylethylamine is a fairly new ingredient that Leptitrex that many other diet pills don't have. It is extracted from chocolate, believe it or not. The euphoric "love" feeling these pills may give you comes from this. You may have heard that chocolate makes you feel like you're in love, well the belief here is that phenylethylamine is the source of this. This also promotes weight-loss, without all the calories and fat from actually eating chocolate.

The "10 superfoods" come from Dr. Nicholas Perricone who was on Oprah. His wife has been very successful at marketing Orovo. Leptitrex is clearly an immitator, of sorts. Though Leptitrex is also doing it's own thing with many other ingredients.

Note that there is also a product named "Lipitrex" (which doesn't have a 't' in the middle), but it is not the same as Leptitrex.


With so many ingredients and only very trace amounts of each in the pill, Leptitrex is clearly a buck-shot approach that may be spreading itself too thin trying to cover every possible angle.


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  4-May-2008 2:22pm created by babygotbackfat
  5-May-2008 11:38am last update by bill

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posted 8-Aug-2008 12:38pm

Day 2 on the pills and funny enough, my appetite has already gone down! WOW! unless it's all in my head. I'm just not hungry at all, I had a tiny granola bar just to get rid of the queezy feeling I get from taking the pills and was planning on eating a real breakfast but now I'm not even hungry, which is unusual. hummm I like it already!
posted 8-Aug-2008 1:16pm

I experienced the same loss of appetite after starting daily use of Leptitrex.

Since I do intensive daily weight training I try to eat a lot of high protein foods each day, but I have to actually remind myself to eat. I no longer have the urge to eat and the hunger pains are gone.

I think taking Leptitrex would be excellent for someone that believed in 'fasting' (which I myself wouldn't recommend).
posted 8-Aug-2008 1:49pm

Oh yeah, I agree. I was thinking of getting Protein Bars just to snack on throughout the day just to keep something in me, because I do sometimes forget to eat if I don't get hungry. - as for the drinking a lot of water. I don't think that I have to remind myself to drink a lot of water either. I am always feeling thirsty. I usually drink a lot of water anyways, but these pills remind me to drink it! :) and the every 15 minute potty breaks... :) - so far I like this stuff, despite the queezy feeling after taking them.
posted 8-Aug-2008 2:35pm

I 'bend' their recommendations slightly, as I don't like taking vitamins or any other supplements on an empty stomach. This is expecially true with Leptitrex after reading all the contents in each pill.

Not sure if I would do it with high carb foods, but I drink a full glass of water and eat a couple slices of high protein type food (cheese, chicken, turkey) or maybe a little tuna about 5 minutes before taking each 'dose', and make myself eat more about a half hour later.

The fat burner Ecdysterone needs protein to work anyway, and by having a little food in my stomach when taking the pills I haven't experienced any of the 'stomach burning/warmth' that many have mentioned.

But then again, what is best for one might not be best for others.
posted 8-Aug-2008 2:48pm

Good Advice... I'll try that for Lunch! umm right now! thanks!
posted 8-Aug-2008 5:04pm

Update - I ate a couple small pieces of cheese before I took the pills and I was fine! thanks for that Tip!
posted 8-Aug-2008 5:25pm

Glad to hear that the "little protein in the stomach before pills" trick worked for you as well...

Might as well make the experience of taking Leptitrex as pleasent as possible....
posted 9-Aug-2008 7:56pm

i have been on this pill for only 3 days and havent notice any weight loss. however, it has given me many bad side effects. i never had terrible headaches unitl i started taking this pill. it has been only 3 days but the headaches are horrible, i know it is the pill because i haven't added anything new to my diet. it stinks that this didn't work for me but hopefully everyone else has better results
posted 9-Aug-2008 10:43pm

Sorry to read that you are having headaches Anon...all pills react differently for each individual and it is a shame that this is happening to you. Do you take any other medications which might be causing a counter-effect? I recall reading about one of the other diet pills I was looking at, that over the counter allergy medicines can have adverse effects.....
posted 10-Aug-2008 6:08pm

okay guys i am ordering a bottle of lepitirex, i am not overweight or anything but i just wanted to lose that last couple of pounds. i'll let you guys know how it goes.
posted 11-Aug-2008 11:23am

Update: well I went to the gym Sunday afternoon and stepped on their scale since I don't have one of my own. I was consistantly 150 - but this time.,........ it said 146 or 147 - it was hard to tell, it was the kind with the lil lines... :) but hey!!! nevertheless - I LOST WEIGHT! I don't feel any differnt, or like I have lost any, but the scale says I have. soo YEAH! It's working.!!!
posted 11-Aug-2008 11:57am

Oh yeah I didn't mention.. SUnday was only mt 3rd day on the pills
posted 11-Aug-2008 12:37pm


Sounds great, and it appears that you are getting good results in the few days since you began taking Leptitrex.

But you should realize that the actual "weight loss" experienced is only one indication of how well the pill is working. You mentioned going to the gym, so I assume you are involved in some type of exercise program, which is good as exercise will assist in both burning excessive body fat as well as increasing lean muscle growth.

In the long run the amount and speed of actual 'weight loss' will depend on many factor, including eating a proper diet, a good exercise program, and your current BMI.

The pills will assist in both burning fat as well as building lean muscle mass, and if a person has a lower Body Mass Index their fat loss might not be as rapid as someone with a higher BMI, and the fat loss might actually be offset by muscle growth. This might be disappointing to someone that only judges success by rapid 'weight loss'.

During the past week or so my weight hasn't changed one bit, but my muscles are becoming more defined and my BMI continues to fall. Since I began using Leptitrex I've "only" lost 8 pounds, but my BMI has dropped from 14% to 10%, which is a major improvement, even if it isn't reflected on the scales. I do eat healthy foods in moderation, am involved in daily weight training, but my exercise routine and diet haven't changed since I started taking Leptitrex.

Anyway it sounds like things are working for you, and hopefully you will continue to see improvements each week.
posted 11-Aug-2008 12:58pm

Thanks. Anony.... Yes, I workout about 3 -4 times a week (cardio & weights) and I eat pretty healthy ( I think anyways :) ) but the weight just wouldn't come off of me! Very frustrating. I am not only looking at weight loss as you mentioned, you are judging your muscle defination; I am also looking at that becasue we all know that muscle weights more then fat! I'd be more then happy if I was still the same weight but muscle!! that would be awesome! - I'm just very happy that these seem to be doing the job here, I'll step on the scale again this Sunday morning at the gym to see where I stand. - I'll also keep an eye on my body to check for Muscle defination, more / less / same.... OH ALSO - at my gym they do a free body exam / BMI and all of that every 5 weeks, and by the time I finish my bottle I will be due for my exam, sooo we'll see how much actual FAT I've lost and I'll post that exciting news as well!!!

I love reading about everyone's sucess and expierances with these pills, soo please keep posting them.
posted 11-Aug-2008 12:59pm

JERRY - GOOD LUCK WITH IT!!! Please post your results / problems, issues here as well. There is alot of help and motivation to give out! :)
posted 11-Aug-2008 2:58pm

well the sad thing is that the sales rep at leptitrex says delivery to canada will take 10-14 days and even 3 weeks...
posted 11-Aug-2008 3:18pm

Oh wow! I got mine in 3 days, of course I'm not in Canada, but I believe that is becasue of Customs... unfortunatly! :(
posted 11-Aug-2008 6:33pm

hmm anyone know of a easy way to figure out your body fat %? i wanna track my progress without using scales as they're not accurate.
posted 11-Aug-2008 7:16pm

sooo I don't know what is going on but today I have been sooo hungry! I've been trying to eat small pieces of cheese, or lil 100 calorie snack packs, keeping it low and small but I am still hungry, chugging water isn't helping. - Anyone else having this issue.
posted 11-Aug-2008 8:50pm

Hey guys! Love your message board....I've been taking them for 3 days, drinking lots of water, eating protien bars, and have lost 5 pounds! I weigh 160, but until a year ago my average weight was 115, I AM DETERMINED to get back to 115!
posted 11-Aug-2008 10:56pm

AZ...regarding your hunger...I would say that since April, I may have had a total of 6 or 7 days tops where I felt hungry even though I was taking the only happened for single days and I was back to my usual program the next day....One thing I am doing now is taking such days in stride and not worry about it...even when I felt that I over ate on a given day, the end result was that I was still losing weight...that is why, as I stated in my initial post, that I will not weigh myself and become a slave to a long as my clothes continue to gradually become looser, then I am fine with how I am doing, even if I have a day where I eat more than I want to....
posted 11-Aug-2008 11:15pm

...le me give a recent example of how the pills affected my desire to eat which outweighs (no pun intended) the occassional overeating moment....last week, I took my morning pills and had a decent sized breakfast...I was planning to spend the day at the shore, on the boardwalk, and I brought along my afternoon pills because I was going to enjoy some seafood..well I walked the boardwalk for close to an hour and could not find a decent seafood joint to save my life...everything was pizza, burgers and what seafood was there, it was fried...since I had alot more boardwalk to cover, I bought a bottle of water and took my pills, thinking that I would certainly find a decent place to eat....well, an hour of more walking still netted me no seafood...I was surprised that with all the walking I did, I was not hungry after an hour had passed since I took the pills and my breakfast was consume a good seven hours ago! So, after walking around for well over 2 hours, I decided to leave... what is important to understand is that this is not me....had I been on a lo-carb diet, I know I would have eaten. In fact, there was a Kansas City BBQ place on the boardwalk that looked enticing, but I shrugged it off and continued on. The old me would have certainly gone inside. I also would have very easily come up with the excuse, that "hey, I'm here so I might as well enjoy myself, diet be damned!" attitude and ate everything in sight. But, I had no desire to even do that. Knowing my past history of straying off my diet, even when I am doing well on it, the fact that I stuck to my convictions and turned away from all of the choices on the boardwalk, was definately not my usual M.O. I have to say that the pills helped me on that day, that fact, I am most certain of, so as I see a gradual change in my habits, I forgive myself if I eat a bit more on another day.....I hope this helps
posted 12-Aug-2008 4:17am

hi all, well i agree - you have to enjoy yourself occasionaly and not feel guilty. An occasional overeat won't do anything to you - it's when it becomes more than that you pile on the pounds.if you take the pill - and do not eat - does it have an effect? does anyone know?
my pills never arrived ordered over 3 weeks ago (UK) they have now said they will re-despatch them. All this time i could have been benefiting....
posted 12-Aug-2008 11:23am

Well, that was really good to know GusMahler. I started to get nervous, that my appitite would go down for a couple days then I would be hungry hungry hungry and want to eat everything in site to make up for those couple days of not eating all so much. - ALSO - I went to the gym last night and did a bootcamp, and I know I wasn't going to step on that scale again, but I was curious that if that couple pounds the scale said I lost was a fluke and it I was back up to 150, but to my surprise... I was down even more.. I even stepped on the scale like 4 times or more... I adjusted it, made sure it was on ZERO, and stepped on it again.. nope, it was repeatedly saying that I lost 5 pounds... WOW - it hasn't even been 1 week yet! - I've been working out harder while at the gym as well, I started taking my dog out for extra morning jogs as well... that could be helping out with it all as well... I do feel like my belly chub is going down some, nothing more yet. I was going to take measurments but I can never remember the EXACT place that I took the last measurement so it's never right... lol - sooo I have these low rise pair of jeans that I am measuring by. they are non-stretch and low enough that I can watch the belly over-flow go down. I figured that would be the best way to keep track! - If I can get back into those jeans and a short top and look sexy again!!! crap!! This is definatly the Pill for me!!! - lol - ALSO - My husband and I got his dad on these pills. Today is his 3rd day on them. I don't know how he is doing today but I know yesterday he said that he couldn't feel any difference, no change in appitite, energy, anything... Hope he can feel a dfference today. Let's see!!! - DENI - that really sucks!!!! - too bad we can't just send it in the mail to you. Customs is sooo difficult to deal with. Hope you get them soon!!!!
posted 12-Aug-2008 11:32am

BTW - Awesome News Determined... I want to get to 115 too. that is what I weighed while in highschool, then when I was training and down to my smallest as an adult, and I just haven't been able to get back to it! - I was once a model and want to try to get back into it (EASY MONEY TO PAY FOR COLLEGE) and need to lose this weight quick to get back up and running!!! - Keep the news posting... very encouraging! YEAH FOR US ALL!!!!
posted 12-Aug-2008 4:33pm

Still on the first bottle and I'm down one notch on my belt. That's at least an inch lost.
posted 12-Aug-2008 5:34pm

DENI..I believe a side effect for not having any food is light-headedness..I know it happened to me on one occassion when I failed to eat breakfast due to becoming busy... I will be critcal of one thing, the bottles come with no docmentation. You would think they would invest in a producing a pamphlet to help guide you along......
posted 12-Aug-2008 9:30pm


At the very least I'd sure recommend some type of protein rich food when, or within a half hour of taking Leptitrex.

Depending on your diet this could be a little cheese, tuna, chicken, turkey, red meat, peanuts/peanut butter, etc...

Although it isn't mentioned anywhere on the bottle, one of the main "fat burning' supplements in Leptitrex (Ecdysterone) requires protein to work properly.

Many times I'm not hungry when I take my morning or afternoon dose of Leptitrex, but I will still make sure that I eat at least a little high protein food.

Once again this is just my opinion..
posted 13-Aug-2008 4:14am

hi Guys - thanks all for the comments. I am so frustrated that mine haven't arrived - it is in the 4th week now. i hope the new lot arrive!
i bet someone in customs is losing weight using my pills!!! x
posted 13-Aug-2008 7:34am

Hey everyone,
Started my bottle of Leptitrex 3 days ago and I've already lost 5 pounds! As with a few people here, I've tried virtually EVERYTHING: From Slimfast and Herbal Magic to other not-so-healthy dieting practices. The upside of this pill, I have an abundance of energy (I work out 5 days a week for 1hr 30mins) and my appetite has been curbed like you wouldn't believe. The down side, I do get killer heartburn about 10mins after tking the pill and I do find muself to be a bit jittery for about an hour or so after each dose. Overall, I'm pretty excited and motivated to keep on truckin'! I think with excercise (a bit more than "moderate") and a high protien diet with a lot of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, success with Leptitrex is definately achievable :) Good luck to everyone out there and I'll keep you all posted.
Take care.
posted 13-Aug-2008 9:01am

well done Jaezee - do you eat after you take the pill - maybe if you dont thats why you feel jittery?
posted 13-Aug-2008 12:15pm

Deni - yeah I Bet someone is grabbing those pills in Customs.. I know it gets done from here-say but - who really knows.. - ALSO - Jaezee - if you follow the advise of Anony... they said to eat a couple small pieces of cheese a couple minutes before taking the pill, it REALLY settles the stomach. Ever since that was suggested I have been doing it and no longer have the queezyness - and I'm sure that the jitters are also a part of that whole reaction thing.... I didn't have that issue, but eating some cheese wouldn't hurt - Give it a try and let us know if it works for you as well.
posted 13-Aug-2008 2:58pm

Hi guys!! Thanks for this thread.. I've spent the past few days keeping up with it and it's really getting me excited!! My hubby HAS to loose 40 pounds (or gain muscle weight) by mid Oct in order to keep his job!! He started doing Slim Fast and then I did some research and found Leptitrex online. This weekend we ordered them for him and me (I need to loose about 25 lbs) They came today (we ordered the 4 bottles at once) so we'll be starting tomorrow. DH is going to continue doing slim fast twice a day and eating a normal dinner.. I'm just going to eat healthy... we both work out 5 days a week. Thanks for all the tips here, I am going to put them to good use and hopefully we'll be successful.. I've been stuck at 163 for SO long.. lost 50 pounds on South Beach Diet and kept it off for a year.. have slowly gained back 40 of it, then lost 20.. now I'm stuck :) Hopefully this will help! I'll keep everyone posted with our results :)
posted 13-Aug-2008 4:01pm

Hi CJ,

Just wanted to say 'hello', and I hope you and your hubby enjoy excellent results while taking Leptitrex.

If you exercise, eat a healthy diet, watch the carbs and total daily calorie intake you should do fine.

Leptitrex is an excellent supplement that will really help a person obtain their end goal, but we all know there is no such thing as a "magic pill" that can make up for continued bad eating habits, lack of exercise, etc.

My opinion is that dropping weight is much like gaining weight. Both take time and neither happen overnight.

But Leptitrex appears to have the 'right stuff' to put your system into overdrive to accelerate the process of reaching your desired goal.

Good Luck, and keep us posted on your results.
posted 13-Aug-2008 5:01pm

sooo I hear this that "detox" part of taking this pill sucks! Have any of you had any issues, and what happens, do you just go pee constantly to wash it all out... or are you cramping up....etc... I don't know I read it on another site and I kinda got worried, wondering what is going to happen....

posted 13-Aug-2008 5:39pm

This "detox" issue is new to me, as I said previously, the only side effect I had was light-headedness if I failed to eat, but even that did not happen every far as peeing goes, I have not needed a pair of depends yet...every single diet pill that I have read about has it's pros and cons and this product is no exception, but so far, I have had good results with no problems....
posted 13-Aug-2008 5:55pm

good to know... and since you have been on this for a while I'll take that info... :) - hearing something like that and the info was so general and didn't give any real info as to what was going on it was a lil wierd. - WELL - today is my 1 week on the pill and I haven't weighed myself today - but I am going to the gym tonight, soo we will see what I weigh after a full day. I'll post back a quick memo when I find out. Hopefully I haven't gained it all back.. hehehee :)
posted 13-Aug-2008 6:20pm

I believe the possibility of experiencing minor side effects from initial Detox (especially when supplement assisted) will vary from person to person.

Detox is nothing more than eliminating toxins and contaminates from your body, and the amount of toxins and contaminates in a persons body can vary greatly, depending on prior diet and other considerations.

Guess all I am saying is that one person might experience side effects like headaches and major fluid loss during the first couple of days, while someone else might not experience or notice anything out of the ordinary.
posted 14-Aug-2008 9:10am

Hey AZ, thanks for the cheese tip but unfortunately, I'm lactose intolerant :( However, I did take deni's advice and had a bite to eat when i took my dose this morning. You see, I try to head to the gym at 5am. Waaaaaay to early to eat a real breakfast. I still take my pills though for the energy boost. This morning I ate a small piece of some left over grilled chicken (cold) with quite a bit of water. That helped a lot! I must say, all you guys are awesome! Super helpful and supportive :) ***OH YEAH! Must share this, If any of you ladies out there take the birth control pill, I think you should be careful. Leptitrex contains St.Johns Wort which is proven to lessen the effects of the pill. It's the 3rd ingredient on the label which may mean that it could be in a high enough quantity to affect your pill. I'm researching and consulting my doctor but in the mean time, it would be wise to use a backup method of birth cotrol. I'll keep you guys posted with any info.
Take care.
posted 14-Aug-2008 11:06am

Update: 1 week down and 5 pounds lost. - it feels like my stomach is tighter, could be my imagination but, that's ok. - Jaezee - Glad someone's advise worked for you! :) - the jitters is not a good feeling, so I'm glad that is taken care of. regarding the St. John wart... hummm I have the NuvaRing, I'm praying that it doens't effect this method of Birth Control. I don't want anymore kids.!!!! - ALSO - Update for my husband (speaking of kids..hehehe) there was a pair of pants that he couldn't wear because they were too tight and uncomfortable and yesterday he was able to put them on and wear them all day with out a problem.. not only did they fit but he had some room to spare. He has his evaluation with the Gym today to see how much he weighs but we are thinking that he has lost at least 5 - 7 pounds already on these pills.
posted 14-Aug-2008 3:00pm

well done guys... i'm still waiting! but by the time they arrive (if they do) i will be an expert he he x
posted 14-Aug-2008 3:31pm

I'm glad you mentioned how Leptitrex can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. I began taking Leptitrex almost a week ago. When I pulled it out of the shipping package I immediately read the ingredients and saw St.Johns wort on this list, which decreases the effectiveness of birth control by about 50%. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find any info about Leptitrex and birth control. I still wanted to give Leptitrex a shot, so I went to the pharmacy to seek an alternate method of birth control just in case. Good thing I read the ingredients, because I started spotting yesterday.

I read this on the NuvaRing website, "Pregnancies and breakthrough bleeding have been reported by users of combined hormonal birth control who also used the herbal supplement St. Johnís Wort. You may need to use a nonhormonal method of contraception during any cycle in which you take drugs that can make oral birth control less effective."

I love all the feedback and support on this message board. I will try to check back everyday. It has been 6 days and I have only lost 2 pounds so far, but I feel great. K2O protein water has helped me get additional protein without having to eat high calorie protein bars.
posted 14-Aug-2008 4:37pm

Thanks Ali - WOW! I guess I better do something huh?? - Thank you for finding that for me! If Jaezee didn't say something I would have never paid any attention, then I would have been in BIG trouble!!! - I'm not going to stop taking these pills, so I just need to do something else for now! -

I am drinking more Milk, and eating Cheese and Chicken to help this along as well. I found myself start to eat just to eat, back to my old habits. I quickly stopped myself, and I'm back to only eating small portions to satisfy my hunger, and to accomplish my small protein filled meals during the day. I am going to try my best to stay away from the scale at the gym till Wed. my 2 week mark and give update then....

Keep on treckin everyone... don't give up!
posted 14-Aug-2008 5:48pm

Hi Everyone,

I am glad to here a few of you have been hungry. These past two days I have done nothing but eat I swear. I hope this goes away. I am about half way through on my second bottle, still 5lbs of weight loss.

I am going to start working out and get back on track and I think they will work.

I am still concerned about the heart issues these pills can cause. There was an anonymous person up there that also mentioned people have died from diet pills and when I read about the risk to your heart I am still pretty nervous. Any one else concerned about this? I do remember two young people died from diet pills with ephedra a couple years back, so I know it is possible and it does happen. I am 27 with no health problems. Was also 120 until I had my first baby who just turned one. I am now 145 and want to get back to 120 so bad. I just don't want to risk my health. Any advice? Thanks!!!
posted 14-Aug-2008 6:33pm

Desperate - Honestly there is a health risk with everything you eat and/or take these days. Just make sure you are healthy, talk to your Dr. if need be. But, I would say that if you feel like something in your body just isn't right, don't just ignore it, stop taking the pills and go to the Dr. GusMahler has been taking them for a while now and (he-I think) said that there hasn't been any side effects except light-headedness from lack of food intake.
posted 14-Aug-2008 7:14pm

so how are everyone's results? my paypal order won't clear till the 19th and then they'll ship...
posted 15-Aug-2008 10:30am

Just wanted to say hi and give everyone an update on our first day.... we both took 2 pills twice yesterday (instead of 3).. I could "feel" them working, gave me a little energy (considering I'd managed to sleep about 4 hours the night before :) ) I was thirsty all day, and hungry :( but at the same time I didn't really want to eat, so I ate small portions. DH got home from work and said he didn't really feel anything... I did notice when I went for my run.. and through the rest of the day.. that my heart would speed up easily.. and also I was hot/cold all day.. I'd get hot, then cool down and freeze for a bit then get hot again.. who knows what's up with that. Today I took 2 pills this morning again.. DH said he was gonna take 3... I did loose 2 pounds between yesterday and today.. sure it's mostly water weight, but I'm happy with it since over the past week that darn scale has really jumped up all of a sudden, so this was good to see it go back down to "normal". I'll be happy if I can be down to 160 by the end of the month (5 lbs) we shall see :)... today I'm hungry again... so far today I've had 1/2 slice of swiss cheese w/ my pills; low-fat yougart w/ Kashi granola; a South Beach Diet cereal bar and I just ate a few raw veggies... seems like a lot of food for 10:30 in the morning?? I did the eliptical for 30 mins and then did aerobics/kickboxing for 30..what do you guys think???
posted 15-Aug-2008 10:59am

Mildly confused;
I thought the proper dose for Leptitrex was 3 pills in the morning and 2 and lunch, but the bottle says 3 before each meal. No wonder I wasn't really feeling the effects of the second dose! I came to this site to ask all of you if you thought adding an extra pill would be a good idea. Guess I answered my own question!
posted 15-Aug-2008 11:08am

I've mentioned this before but I'll discuss it again:
About heart issues: these pills contain stimulants. It's common sense that if you have any heart issues, you should not take any stimulants. Any doctor will tell you that. However, for an average healthy person, a slight increase in heart rate will not do any harm and is in fact good for you. These pills aren't poisonous and are no more dangerous than coffee would be. If you need to avoid caffeine, avoid Leptitrex.
About the Ephedra incidents:
All of the people who experienced serious side-effects from ephedra already had heart and health problems. If you're dumb enough to take these types of products when you have a sensitive heart, then you shouldn't be suprised when you get sick. Ephedra in mild doses is actually very GOOD for you, especially for those who have sinus/breathing issues. But I suppose it doesn't matter, since the US has banned the stuff. It took a long time before I could find a comparable product to ease my allergies... nothing worked like ephedra!
posted 15-Aug-2008 11:09am

I have been taking the prescribed dosage for 3 weeks now and haven't had any change. I started taking 4 now in the a.m. and p.m....all this change...I'm starting to think this is a weight loss and no inch loss..clothes still aren't fitting any better. Has anybody gotten to the point of asking for the guaranteed $ back?
posted 15-Aug-2008 11:12am

I have been taking 3 pills with cheese in the morning, drinking tons of water, eating 2 small pieces of cheese before I take my lunch dose at 11:30am, eat a turkey samwich at noon on wheat bread, then go back to drinking tons of water, I do find myself getting a lil hungry about 3 or so, so I have a 100 calorie snack pack and that is good, till my small chicken dinner. - I lost 5 pounds in 1 week doing this..... as for working out. I speed walk/jog with my dog every morning for about 20 minutes, then circuit training for about 45 minutes, then 20 minutes of cardio - try to do that every day..... things seem to be working well. - Sometimes I end up going on another 20 minute walk with the dog after this work out as well, depends on if the Hubby is feeling up to walking the dog or not.... soo I definatly get my work out in - I do have to say that I feel really good taking these pills. Energy is good, not over exsessive but just right, when I work out I feel like I can go further and faster - even though I'm tiredddd :) - Well I just thought I'd share that as well.
posted 15-Aug-2008 11:36am

Disappointed - I remember the website saying that if you didn't follow the High Protein Diet/ drink LOTS of water, exercise daily, you arne't going to lose any weight or very little. it's not a magic pill. Just a pill to help you along. - Follow everything and you should lose it with no problems. Don't over eat. Don't eat high calorie meals, eat small meals with the protein. - I know people personally who get pills that people are raving about becasue they follow the plan and they don't do anything except sit on their couch and eat Bon Bons and expect the weight to come off.... NOT SAYING THIS IS YOU Disappointed. Just sayin in general. - Try going to the gym and get a personal Trainer - They will Kick your BUTT into weight loss... I used to train.. I know.. LOL
posted 18-Aug-2008 3:50am

took my first dose - experienced the burning BUT I GOT MY PILLS!!!! I think i will weigh myself end of week. I brought two pairs of trousers that are really tight, can just about do them up but can't wear them. I didn't return them because they were nice and thought i will lose weight and wear them. They are not the size i want to be but the next size down. I have already lost 42 pounds on a low fat diet but it just stopped for over a year now and i need to lose another 42 pounds. So i am hoping this will kick start the weight loss for me. I already follow a pretty healthy diet from losing the initial 42 pounds. wish me luck. this forum is so encouraging and i hope i am one of the ones who actually lose and not the a dissapointed one!
so excited - i have been reading this forum for one month waiting for mine to arrive and i just about gave up - atleast i know to order a month in advance now!
posted 18-Aug-2008 7:22am

Deni, YAY!!!! glad to hear that you finally got them!! Hope you see some great results.
I went out of town for the weekend and ate fairly well considering I had to eat what everyone else was eating (lost of seafood) but I still managed to eat healthy-ish :) Came home and I believe my scale is broken.. says I lost about 12 pounds!!! LOL.. I KNOW that's not possible over 2 days, so I'm off to buy a scale today.. but I have lost 1/2 an inch from everywhere (hips, waist, thighs, arms) since last Thursday.. so I can't complain :) :) :) Has anyone ever used Protein shots with these pills? I worry about getting enough protein in my diet, my cousin reccommended these protein shots he gets from GNC that have either 25 or 45 grams of protein and about 130 calories 0sugar in each... thinking about making a trip there today when I do my grocery shopping and picking up a few to see how they work.
posted 18-Aug-2008 12:22pm

Hi CJ - i'm curious did you get new scales? so....let us know....
posted 18-Aug-2008 7:02pm

You know, one thing that troubles me about this company is the fact that they have been stating they will be "sold out in 24 to 72 hours"...problem is, they have been stating that for months and suggest that once they are sold out, you'll need to go to ebay or a comparable site to buy it..what, they are not planning to produce anymore? Is this some "limited edition" pill?...though Leptitrex is working fine for me, it does bother me to see such lo-brow pressure tactics displayed on their website...
posted 19-Aug-2008 5:45am

Deni-- no, we haven't gotten new scales, although the old ones appear to be working.. so I've lost about a pound.. which takes me to 4 pounds lost since last Thursday, so I can't complain too much.. of course, these are the SAME #'s I've been seeing since May, I really want to get rid of them and get below 160 LOL.. it was fun yesterday seeing #'s like 150 and 147 :)....
How did your first day go??

Gus-- I will agree with you... I hate that line, I hate those "buy it now" tactics..we almost didn't buy from them because of that sales line

How's everyone else doing?? This board has gotten quiet lately
posted 19-Aug-2008 11:39am

Hi CJ - my first day went ok - abit of burning but it was ok - i felt like something was happening - wasnt that strict - had an ice cream in the evening! but my meals are healthy. will it still work you think if i still have the occasional treat? i dont eat fried stuff anymore - havent done for about 2 years - ofcourse i do occasionaly have chips but that's like once every few months or so.
my other query is - if you take the pill and eat before the 30 min - does it still work? i dont always know when i am going to eat and then if i wait for 30min the food gets cold.

it's true gone really quiet. what's happening, are you guys still on the pills?
posted 19-Aug-2008 11:51am

Hello, Gald you finally got your pills Deni! - I am very excited, although I don't have an actual scale in the house so I was using the one at the gym that was a little hard to tell what you actual weigh because of all the little lines, and standing up and trying to see exactly where you stand, you sometimes just can't tell... sooo my excitement comes from..... We just got the Wii Fit yesterday.. OMG! if any of you already have the Wii, for family fum or "for the kids" - get this Wii Fit. You wouldn't think that it's really going to do anything but WOW! My husband and I were doing it yesterday for over an hour... it's exhausting. Not only that, it is a lot of fun. it tells you what you currently weigh. in EXACT numbers, and your BMI - so you can also keep track. it's GREAT! - so, my numbers yesterday were 147 - BUT - it's also... very close to that TIME! - soo I usually retain about 3-5 pounds of water... ALSO - we went to the Jacuzzi last night and when I put on my suit I can tell that I wasn't bulging out of it so much, or as much as I was before... So, We will see... I'll weigh myself in another week or so, once my body is back to normal and we will see where I stand.!!! Good Luck Everyone... :)
posted 19-Aug-2008 3:31pm

thanks Az - i will weigh in next week - keep the comments cumin cuys xx
posted 19-Aug-2008 9:48pm

Thanks for the tips on protein eating before taking the pills..however I've not lost anything...still...I don't think these are for me. The company says that you should even experience better skin...HA! My skin has actually gotten worse..breakouts every day. My skin has never been so bad. My husband and I eat very well. We kicked the sugar habit 3 months ago. I hope they refund me at the end of this bottle!
posted 20-Aug-2008 4:01am

disappointed - how long have you been on them?
sometimes when the body is detoxing first the skin gets rid of all teh bad stuff, hence the spots then it clears.

well i'v e only been on them for 2 days and i was so excited reading all the reviews however, even though i wasnt going to weigh myself before the end of the week, i was curious as people had reported loss in two days - well i gained 2 pounds!!!! i'm so upset. why would i have gained? like disappointed i already eat healthily because of another diet i was on - yea, on the first day i had a small ice cream and yesterday i had 1/2 a muffin but then i only a snack for dinner (watermelon on the first day and prawn salad yesterday 2nd) why have i gained??? i am eating fish and salad for my lunch and poached edd with tomatoes, onions m a brown toast for breakfast - all low fat high protein. Am walking atleast 30-45mins. my measurements are the same too - so i cant say it's turned to muscle especially not in 2 days....
posted 20-Aug-2008 6:56am

Dissapointed- did you do measurements when you started to see if you've lost inches? I've lost about 3-4 pounds this week on the pills (mostly water weight, i'm sure) but I've also lost about 1/2 inch from my thighs, hips, waist and arms by not changing much besides the pills and the times that I eat (now i'm eating less at each meal and eating more often). I agree with Deni about the detox making your skin worse.. last week I had worse skin then I've ever had (and I usually have a breakout or 2---or 3 every day) but after the first few days my skin got much better and now I actually have no breakouts at all which is fantastic!! I say give it till the end of the first bottle and wait it out till then (how much longer do you have?) This doesn't work for everyone... my Hubby has been taking them the same amount of time and they don't seem to be doing a thing for him.. although he's not listening to me and eating protein, so that might be why.

Denni-- Keep with it...this is why it's not a good idea for a lot of people to weigh themselves every day, some people fluxuate a LOT.. I have weighted myself almost every day for several years, it keeps me on track, but I've also learned the best time of day to weigh myself :) and i don't let it bug me when I see it go up one day cause I could loose all that and then some the next day... I only let it bug me when I see the weight go up and stay up several days in a row.
Have you been drinking a lot of water? I know that has helped a LOT with the detox and getting the first few pounds off... really helps flush out your system.
posted 20-Aug-2008 8:56am

i have been drinking water - not alot - but around 1 litre a day plus a couple of mugs of herbal tea and one mug of coffee. I will keep with it and not weigh myself again until the end of the week. surely i couldnt of put on fat in two days. YOU know how hard it is to lose it so when it goes up it hurts!!!
whenever i do try a new a diet (apart from the low fat one i did where i lost 42 ilbs) everyone loses and i gain!!! it doesnt matter how much i stick to the rules, it's like my body is fighting me...i wrote to leptitrex to see if they could help.
posted 20-Aug-2008 11:29am

I totally agree with the weight thing... I know that I myself fluxuate a lot. As Women that is what our bodies do. I know especially for me, when it's HOT, like it is here in Arizona, I hold water, when it's colder I am lighter becasue I'm not holding water. After I have done any exercise, walking, working in the house, on the yard, anything makes me hold MORE water, I can tell in my Rings! :) they get tighter and tighter... :) I think it's our bodies! they don't like us sometimes.... heheee

ALSO - in regards to that Break out issue... I don't have breakouts, my husband does though... and all of the sudden I started getting breakouts! I thought the same thing..."I thought this stuff was suposed to help me, not make me worse!" but they have since gone away and I am back to being clear! sooo not to worry!

Deni, try drinking more water. I go through at least 1 gallon a day! - but then again, I have always been a water drinker, so I can do it more easily then others.

One other thing that I have noticed, and it can be just my imagination, but on the days that I don't time my eating 30 minutes after taking the pills, those are the days that I am more hungry then others. - Like yesterday, I didn't time my pill taking and eating and I was hungry all day, a couple days ago I did the same thing, and I was hungry all day! - I wonder if they are related or just in my head..hehee :)

Anyways, Stay away from that Scale and just use clothes to tell if you have lost any... I didn't tell a difference in my bathing suit till just the other day... 1 day from 2 weeks on the pills... soo give it time! As they say.... you didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not going to be gone overnight either....

Good luck and keep the comments coming.. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one with the breakouts!!!
posted 20-Aug-2008 11:35am

Deni, OH, also, if you have any weights, try doing that. Trainers say that if you have a choice in doing something because you only have a Certain amount of time on certain days... Weight train. the muscle burns the fat for you and does more good then walking for 30 - 45 minutes. alternate, just try to put weight training in there... it really does help.

Just a thought for all of you I guess, except anony... who already is in great shape and we need her advise in working out more then mine! lol
posted 20-Aug-2008 11:39am

thanks az - i only have a couple of really really small dumbbells - hardly weights, hey!!!
posted 20-Aug-2008 11:45am

:) - I know that for me, personally Deni, I have always gone to the gym on and off, but I can definatly feel that I am and have been building more muscle while weight training now, then I was when I wasn't taking these pills. Perhaps purchasing some 5 pound and 10 pound weights wouldn't be a bad purchase... If you are anything like me... it's... ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP ME GET THIS FAT OFF!! lol

good luck and keep us informed.... Also - have you made your other purchase for your pills - 1 month in advance.. hehehee
posted 20-Aug-2008 12:18pm

This blog is really helpful. I have been on the pills for about 2 weeks and haven't lost a pound...very frustrating. I haven't been making sure to eat protein 30 min after taking the pills so I am going to try that and see if it helps...
Any other ideas?
posted 20-Aug-2008 12:18pm

i got three months to start with...!!!! so if all goes well then next month - remind me x
posted 20-Aug-2008 12:40pm

Deni - hehee - it's funny but it sucks at the same time as well! - I got mine in 3 days and to have to wait just about 1 month...that's crazy.... I talked to my Husband about it (since he deals with Customs) he said that with something like this, they will always give a hassle with because it's not FDA approved and they don't know what EVERYTHING in it is, soo it's always going to be like that unless it's stated Exactly how much of what is in the bottle/pills.... - but hopefully next shipment will be much smoother! :)
posted 20-Aug-2008 12:49pm

CP - Drink Plenty of water, Exercise, weight train, eat small portions. Be careful not to eat as much as you were in the past, healthy meals.

I know sometimes still, I find myself overeating, I'm not hungry anymore but I'll continue to eat just because either (A) the food is there, still on my plate or (B) I'll be thinking about something else, talking, watching TV, whatever the case may be, and it's just like a trance. you don't know why but you just keep eating. - I still really have to watch myself and what I eat and when and why? I always try to think about that now! I serve myself smaller portions to keep from overeating.
posted 20-Aug-2008 12:55pm

Thanks, AZ. I don't feel that I eat a lot though....and I eat pretty healthy...I probably eat around 1500 calories a day....
I don't have much to lose..maybe 10 pounds at most...could that be why it takes longer to see results?
posted 20-Aug-2008 1:38pm

CP - Oh yes, I remember it being stated that if you only have a small amount of weight to lose like the last 10 - 15 pounds, then it will naturally take longer! - that is with ANTYHING you do though. - it sucks I know, but nevertheless, it's life.

Also, on that blog above, I was mostly stating about me personally, I find myself overeating at times. I also do eat healthy, but sometimes too much food intake for me.. lol - and if it related to anyone else.....

I need to lose about 20 -25 pounds. I was once at 15, but I started eating a lot... not good! :(
posted 20-Aug-2008 1:52pm

I guess I will just have to be patient.....
I suppose drinking alcohol doesn't help AT ALL...LOL!!!
posted 20-Aug-2008 2:07pm

I just ordered today, and after I ordered I read that paypal takes a little longer.... I am excited to see what happens when I get the pills. I need to lose about 25lbs to be back at my ideal/pre-kids weight. This blog helped me decide to order! Look forward to coming back!
posted 20-Aug-2008 2:09pm

LOL - OMG - nooooo, useless calories! Have you ever looked up how many calories are in some of that stuff... it's Crazy!! - I know I like to have some drinks too, but I have been really trying hard to NOT have any, or at least only one to get that urge overwith/ or just to relax...:) -
posted 20-Aug-2008 3:01pm

CJ-I didn't do measurements, but my clothes haven't fact I'm more bloated & everything is tighter! I actually had to go and buy noxzema pads for my face last night! I'm 35 and haven't done that in 20 years! I'm trying with these darned things and ready to give up. It has been 3 weeks now. I will continue the whole bottle and ship it right back, ready for my refund. Good luck to you all!
posted 20-Aug-2008 3:04pm

Awwwww I'm sooo sorry to hear that Disappointed! that really sucks and I can imagine your pain! I hope that you find something that really does work for you! Good Luck!
posted 20-Aug-2008 3:48pm

oh disappointed - i really hope i dont end up like you.But i have a horrid feeling especially i started gaining and not losing. But i will review at the end of the week. That must be so frustrating especially as so many people are having great results. I know everyone is not the same but WHY WHY WHY do we have such drastically different results ??? i thought yea we are different so i may LOSE slower than someone else but still LOSE not gain!!!
Anon - yours is a small amount so it will take longer but good luck.

Az, i dont think i will end up buying weights - i know myself , got to be realistic here! the 42lbs i lost prior to this (which is still off) was a low fat diet and walking. Lots of walking - which they say uses every musclein the body. i love walking and i know i will stick to it - weights i know i wont so i really hope it works without....
posted 20-Aug-2008 4:08pm

well.. i guess i need to drop off of this list guys have been active today!!! :) I just found out I'm pregnant, so I'll have to stop taking the Leptitrex. I'll be back in a year or so... good luck everyone!!
posted 20-Aug-2008 4:25pm

Deni, You are right, you have to do what you know about yourself and your body! - I hope you lose the weight! I can't wait till I weigh in Officially next week which will be 3 weeks! I am hoping that I have lost 7 pounds at least!!!! but we will see. If not weight loss I would like to see a difference in my clothes and the way my body looks! - we will see....
posted 20-Aug-2008 4:27pm

CJ - Hey, were you on Birth Control and taking these pills, or were you just not using any protection... as I stated before I have the NuvaRing, and I just hope that I don't get Prego becsaue of the St. Johns Wort in this thing...... GOOD LUCK WITH THE BABY!!!
posted 21-Aug-2008 12:05am

Update...Hi all! I am about two weeks away from finishing my third bottle of Leptitrex. I have lost 23 pounds and several inches off my waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. I am back in a size 8 jeans and a medium shirt. I still have about 20 pounds to go so I'll be ordering another shipment.

My eating habits have changed drastically. I have finally kicked my carb addiction and now choose more high protein foods and veggies. I don't tend to snack during the day, but if I do it is a very little amount. I have successfully shrunk my stomach by eating normal portion sizes so I don't need a lot of food to fill me up.

I have been losing approximately one pound per week. This is not as fast as I had hoped to lose the weight but I'm learning a new lifestyle and new way of eating and losing it slowly is much healthier and more likely to keep it off. Before I had always concentrated on eating as few calories as possible to try and lose weight. This did not work because I was always hungry so would end up binging at the end of the day. Now I eat about 1200 calories of high protein and veggies and I'm rarely hungry. I'm going to order two more bottles of Leptitrex. I think after two more months my new eating habits will be set and I'll be good to continue to lose weight on my own.
posted 21-Aug-2008 4:04am

Hi guys this is what lepitrex said about my weight gain in 2 days; if you note it also says that some people need 3-4 weeks - so disappointed maybe give it one more week?? u neva know....

"Most people see results in the first 2 weeks, for some it takes 3-4. The results of our pills are different for different body types. We have found that when taken properly this product works for 95% of our customers. Your body might might just be having a reaction and adjustment to the Leptitrex. Give it some more time. And remember, if it doesn't work, there is a money back guarantee."
posted 21-Aug-2008 4:11am

CJ - congratulations. how many weeks are you? you didnt fall pregnant because the pills had an adverse affect on the contraception did you? good luck.

AZ - let me know how your doing. Are you hoping you have lost 7ilbs in the last week or 7lns in teh three weeks.

mEL - well done . how encouraging. losinga 1lb a week is bound to stay off . slow as it may seem it came off. plus if you get a 1lb of sugar you then notice how much a 1lb is. YOu don't think the weight will come back once you stop the pills? obviously if you keep up the healthy eating it shouldnt - but the fat that turned to muscle - it won't go back again will it???
posted 21-Aug-2008 4:17am

Mel-- No, I was not on any form of BC...DH and I have been married for 6 years and have never used any form of BC.. the past 2 years we had started going to a fertility Dr and found that I have endometriosis and we would likely never get pregnant.. so I had convinced myself that I didn't want kids anyway and we were happier on our own... SURPRISE :) I hadn't even thought about it.. was getting ready to post on the boards yesterday that all day (yesterday morning) I was feeling light headed and queezy.. then started thinking about when I was "due" and realized it was 10 days late.. figured "Nah.. not pg, just running late this month" bought a test showed positive in like 2 seconds... took another test.. positive :) I think DH is more stunned then anything.. I still keep thinking it's a dream... but hey... I dropped another 2 pounds yesterday LOL...
On a more related note... DH has decided he's going to give Leptitrex another week or so to see if they start working... I told him he needs to give them a month and he needs to start eating protein with them... but he's hard headed and not really seeing much results. we might be returning our pills and getting a refund (we ordered 4 bottles!) we'll just have to wait and see
posted 21-Aug-2008 8:17am

that's great news CJ - youre pregnant and still losing weight, i think i am going to cry xx
posted 21-Aug-2008 11:38am

CJ- that is GREAT news... you know they say that when you are trying to get prego then you don't, but when you arne't thinking about it you will, but on the other hand, with your other conditions, it's different.... I think it's FAB that you are going to have a baby! lil money suckers, hehehe, but they are great, and always there to put a Smile on your face when you are sad, or depressed, especially when they hit about 1 or 2, they are soo funny!! nevertheless, I wish you great luck! as for the DH - men are soo hard headed.. lol - mine is the same way! - I have to get on him constantly, BUT, I have to say that he finally started eating like I do, and SURPRISE!!! he is losing MORE weight then I am!!! - sooo, if you listen, it works... moral of the story.. lol

on another note Deni - I am hoping to have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I do have to say that MAN O MAN!! my husband and I both feel and see our muscles becoming more defined and being tighter, and more soar (which is a good thing) then when we have taken other things. If I am gaining muscle like I think I am under this fat layer( heheh ) then I wont lose the 7 pounds but I will definatly see a difference... by next Wed, I should have lost most of this water weight I'm holding and see where I stand... as of this morning I am still at 147 - soo even though that "time" I am still down 3 pounds from when I started 2 weeks ago... not too shabby... Next week will be the REAL test!

Good News! - My husband just reported to me that he has lost 7 pounds - soooo CJ you might want to tell your DH that! :) sometimes people need a little push.. if other men who are following the plan are loseing that much... maybe I can too.....
posted 21-Aug-2008 12:35pm

hi az
so do you reckon it takes three weeks for the water weight to shift?
i am not weighing myself until monday when it would have been one week - but im worried that i am gaining as i feel heavy and my clothes feel snug. yet i am eating chicken and salad or fish you know all healthy stuff.
oh i dont know...
posted 21-Aug-2008 12:42pm

Deni - No, when it's that "time" for me... I gain water weight for like a week and a half till a couple days after it's over then my weight goes back to normal... sorry if I confused you on that....

I don't know what to tell you about the gaining of weight, I think it really is hard. I just lose weight, starting at 150, but then again, whenever I have really worked out like I have been, I do lose it pretty quickly, how my body is.... it's just when I start eating all the junk and a lot of it, I gain.. lol - funny how that works.....

but it sounds like you are eating well. that is what I am eating, Fish, chicken, veggies, a little rice (yeah I know carbs, but I need them for working out) but I also eat well, I just work out more.... I know you said you liked to walk.. have you tried putting in more time walking?? Try that for a couple days, see if that changes things?
posted 21-Aug-2008 1:07pm

YEA - been walking every day since i started 30 mins, 45 mins - sometimes two shots... maybe mine is that too - i feel abit menstrual, but since i had my coil fitted i dont really get periods so not ever sure when i am on or not!!
posted 21-Aug-2008 1:22pm

ohhh, there ya go.. don't get down! I know one thing for myself also... when I get down or depressed.. it's soooooooooooo much harder to lose the weight then when I am in a good mood. - Try to think, it's just the "time" again, and give it a week or so and lets all hope it goes back down!!! :)
posted 21-Aug-2008 8:52pm

Just wanted to add to mention that I did not lose even one pound in the first 4-5 weeks. I was about ready to give up and try to get my money refunded when the scale started going down (I weigh myself every morning so that I can keep accurate records). I had lost about 1-1/2" from my waist in that time, but no weight loss. I finally stopped worrying about the weight and concentrated on the inches and how my clothes fit. I am very pleased with the results :)
posted 21-Aug-2008 11:03pm

I have ordered myself 4 bottles. I am considered obese and I have over 100lbs to loose. What I'm reading from some people that most of you only have 25 or less. Which I believe will take you much longer. The more fat one has to loose, the quicker the weight loss. Also keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, the best way to check is to go by inches, like Mel suggested. I've tried everything too, but my problem has been persistence. I think a lot of diets work, you just have to find the right one. I don't seem to have the patience it takes. It has taken me years to gain this weight, I now realize that it's foolish to think that in a month, it'll just leave. This blog is very helpful but I know that it's going to take the hard work that before I wasn't ready to do. My doctor told me this...if you think about your grandparents, they didn't eat a lot of 'junk' food or a lot of process foods. They normally ate lean meat and vegetables. not a lot of sweets. To my grandparents, to get ice cream meant it was a special occasion. Now with our society demanding everything microwaved, we have did more damage than good. When my shipment arrives, I'll take yall's advice and cut back on the sweets and white starches and eat lean protein and vegetables. I'll drink more water and do more training. I think these pills are an aid not a cure! thanks.
posted 22-Aug-2008 4:54am

az - you are so encouraging thanks. the theory on thinking yourself slim is apparently true (mind u i would be stick thin if it was as i was imagine myself slim all the time , then i look in the mirror and rememeber - hehe!!) being happy helps it releases some hormones that do something!..

mel - 4-5 weeks is so long for no change on the scales but as u said if the clothes get loser and we need smaller ones that is the important thing . it's not what the scales read but how we look at the end of the day.

ritamey3 - you are absolutely right. As you have more to lose you should see results quicker. Good luck. You don't have to wait for the pills to arrive before you change your eating habits - if you weigh yourself today and follow the same diet WITHOUT THE PILLS until they arrive , then weigh yourself again before you start them -I bet you would have already started to lose. The body will lose straight away if you change your eating habits drastically -. i find it harder because i changed my eating habits 2 years ago when i started a low fat diet. The first two weeks i had lost 5 Kilos that is 10 lbs!!! my doctor was shocked - it was because it was the FIRST drastic healthy eating i had done consistently. Now 90% of what i eat is healthy so doing this diet is not doing much quickly and i am hoping the pills will just kickstart it all again so i can carry on where i stopped.
posted 22-Aug-2008 12:01pm

Deni - I try... You know it's soo much easier to think positive, then it is to think negative! - and yes, I agree about thinking yourself thin... lol - I'd be a super model! lol but realistically - I'm not... :) - Keep me posted on what happens next week. - like Mel stated, didn't see any weight loss but saw inches, I saw 5 pounds right off the bat, but then no more yet that I can tell... but I can definatly see a change in my body. - Keep on sticking with it and doing your walking Deni - I'm really looking forward to your report next week...

Ritamy3 - I have to say.. I really hate those terms (obese, overweight) you know according to the scales, I am considered Pre-Obese... I'm 5'4" and 147 pounds. I wear a size 10 US - seee they just don't make sense!!! - let's just say.... we all need to lose it, that is why we are here.. :) - I do agree though, if you only have 10 - 15 pounds to lose to get "skinny" again, then you will lose it very slowly. but if you have 50 or more pounds to lose to get "skinny" again, then it will come off much faster, till you get to that point, then you too will lose slowly. - I do agree with Deni though, start eating healthy now, it will definatly help in the weight loss battle we all face! :)

Mel - thank you for sharing that, I think that is a good thing to know.
posted 22-Aug-2008 6:20pm

AZ- I'm 5'4, wear a size 10 and weigh 150 lbs... so we're pretty close! I want to get back to 130, which is what I weighed a little over a year ago.
posted 22-Aug-2008 6:29pm

New York Girl - to be quite Honest with you... the only "natural" weight loss comes from proper diet and exercise, no pills, shakes, powders... in either case, Good luck to you!

Ali, yeah, we are VERY close, I actually started at 150 too so.... I'm really praying that I can lose much more weight, I want to get to about 120 I think will be good. I have 2 HUGE clear plastic bins of clothes that I can't wear becasue I'm too fat! I refused to ever throw those away becsaue " I'll get back into them" sooo that is my motivation... that and the fact that I haven't bought any new clothes, I have been hanging on to my "fat clothes" which is like 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shorts for a while now... and I'm tired of looking at all my clothes that are soo cute that I just can't wear!! and it sucks...!!! sooo LETS ALL LOSE IT!!! lol

ALI - also, keep me posted on how you are doing with the weight loss, I'm curious how we both will lose the weight.. since we are very close it's an easy comparison..... :)

posted 22-Aug-2008 8:28pm

It seems hard to cut out thoz sweets. I have type 2 diabetes and my entire family on both sides has it 2. I know what to do but since I'm between jobs right now, it's hard to really eat healthy the way I want to. And yes, if your bmi is over 34 and your 100 lbs or more overweight , then u are obese.

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