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Leptitrex is a diet pill with a great many ingredients that is being marketed largely by word of mouth. It claims to help you lose fat fast, detox, suppress your appetite, and build lean muscle. Plus, you get your acne eliminated and a euphoric "high" thrown in for your troubles.


Leptitrex contains a mixture of vitamins (e.g. C, B12, B6, and Chromium Polynicotinate) along with a many "fat burning" (euphoric) mostly herbal components: Chocamine, Di-Caffeine Malate, Rhodiola Rosea, St. John's Wort, L-Tyrosine, Picamilon, Phenylalanine, hops, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Synephrine, Ginkgo, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, 5-HTP, and Vinpocetine.

Then, there are the "10 super foods" ingredients: Barley, Garlic, Cayenne, Buckwheat, Soybeans, Flaxseed, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Wheatgrass, Acai, and alfalfa.

Next, there are the ingredients to give you lean muscles: L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine, Avena Sativa, Mucuna Pruniens, Ipriflavone, Ecdysterone, and Coleus.

The detox ingredients are: dandelion root, milk thistle, licorice, cranberry, uva ursi, and sage. The anti-agine ingredients: green tea, DMAE, acetyl-L-Carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid.

Whew, that's lots of ingredients! Leptitrex calls each group a "matrix".

The vitamins prevent your body from being deficient while also promoting the proper conditions ("fat burning atmosphere") for the fat burner ingredients to do their stuff. The fat burning ingredients are various stimulants and other herbal substances that have been associated with weight-loss.

Notably, phenylethylamine is a fairly new ingredient that Leptitrex that many other diet pills don't have. It is extracted from chocolate, believe it or not. The euphoric "love" feeling these pills may give you comes from this. You may have heard that chocolate makes you feel like you're in love, well the belief here is that phenylethylamine is the source of this. This also promotes weight-loss, without all the calories and fat from actually eating chocolate.

The "10 superfoods" come from Dr. Nicholas Perricone who was on Oprah. His wife has been very successful at marketing Orovo. Leptitrex is clearly an immitator, of sorts. Though Leptitrex is also doing it's own thing with many other ingredients.

Note that there is also a product named "Lipitrex" (which doesn't have a 't' in the middle), but it is not the same as Leptitrex.


With so many ingredients and only very trace amounts of each in the pill, Leptitrex is clearly a buck-shot approach that may be spreading itself too thin trying to cover every possible angle.


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  4-May-2008 2:22pm created by babygotbackfat
  5-May-2008 11:38am last update by bill

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posted 25-Aug-2008 11:14am

UPDATE: 2 3/4 weeks - I am back down to 145 this morning. yeah!!! still down 5 pounds, hoping to be 2 more by Wed, but I doubt it! lol - I feel like my stomach is getting flatter, and it seems like I am slimming down on my sides, on my upper 1/2 of my body. I seem to be smaller, or again, since I'm not measuring... just my imagination.. :) I'll try on my "tight" jeans on wed to see where I stand with that... Hopefully they are a tad bit manageable!
posted 25-Aug-2008 1:11pm

well done Az.
7 days today since i started - the initial 2lbs i put on has gone plus 1 lb. so really just 1 ilb.i did measure but i m not sure if i measured in the exact same spot again - if i did - i have lost 1.5cm in the thigh, put on .5 cm on the belly and lost 0.5 on the waist. hmm - i think i didnt measure in the exact same bits ?? my clothes still fit the same but i feel like my tummy has flattened a bit but according to the tape measure it hasnt. i am confused so i will wait another week. i am not 100% strict - i do have a small treat everyday worth around 150 cals - but i balance it - i only eat one dinner - the other two meals are light breakfast types. i will try on my smaller clothes when i lose a bit more weight!!!
posted 25-Aug-2008 1:12pm

that was me just above.....
posted 25-Aug-2008 1:18pm

Oh Deni - that is good, I'm glad you are losing some! it's a bit unsetteling when you don't lose soo that is good. About the Measuring.. lol - that is why I don't measure.... I can NEVER seem to measure in the same spot again. :) keep going... and I don't think a small treat will hurt. Every now and again I'll treat myself as well. Last night I just had some ice cream which I haven't had in a long time! - I tried on my low cut jeans just because I had to find out if I really did lose some of the belly weight and I did.... I don't have much of an overlap anymore, it's smoothe, sill have a pooch, but it's not overhanging my low rise jeans.. hehehehe :) yeah!!! still tight around the thighs and butt, which are my problem spots. But, it's been almost 3 weeks and I'm down, soo I am happy!!!!
posted 25-Aug-2008 2:40pm

Quick Tip - If you want a Quick Protein snack that is YUMMY!!! - Beef Jerkey! and not the jerkey stick... those are soo greasy! - I just started eating the Jack Daniels Beef Jerkey - 15grams of Protein! quick easy snack when you just want something small.....

just thought I'd share that! :)
posted 25-Aug-2008 9:51pm

posted 26-Aug-2008 6:31am

yea - beef jerky is great i snack on that anyway!!! 3 weeks and a noticable difference is great AZ..
posted 26-Aug-2008 12:09pm

I have lost 5 pounds... From what I saw on the Scale at the gym it looked like I started at exactly 150 pounds... as of this morning I weighed 145.5 pounds... I lost .2 pounds from yesterday to today...sooo as long as it keeps coming off I am HAPPY!!!!! - my stomach is really getting flatter, sooo I am soo happy about that!.....
posted 26-Aug-2008 12:31pm

az - that is great. the gym is really working for you. i am keeping up with the walking, i know it takes longer but its still some form of exercise. plus i do these stomach things where i suck it in and hold, i do this throughout the day and the doctor says it really helps the stomach muscles. my down fall is my treat - i never used to fancy sweet stuff like this before but hopefully by only eating only one dinner and the rest light snacks it compensates. ur 5 lbs is in 3 weeks right?
posted 26-Aug-2008 1:03pm

:) Yes Deni, that is correct... Also, for the sweet treats, have you tried or thought of the 100 calorie snack packs, or a 90 Calorie chocolate pudding..... if you do that you will be fine... your body needs the calories to burn more, just not too much!!! so don't under do it either.... Some days I eat more then others, but in the end it all equals out somehow!...

ALSO - I have to admit, since I got the Wii Fit, I have been doing more of that then going to the actual gym... since I am actually paying for the Gym Monthly, I think I need to go back to doing that more.. :) it would make sence!!! lol - Keep up with the Walking, like you said, I know it works just takes longer, and perhaps that is why you have been able to keep that off is becasue of the walking... soo just keep on going! :)
posted 26-Aug-2008 3:11pm

az; u shud cancel the gym - save money and do your wii fit and still keep fit! then you can buy clothes with the money you save from the gym. There u go - problem solved. he he!
i used get those low cal deserts alot - i shud stock up again...
what do you think about taking the pills 3 x a day? do you think it will work beta or have no more effect?
i remember someone above said they were going to do that but everyone else has gone quiet!!!
posted 26-Aug-2008 3:25pm

Yeah I saw that too, but no more other feedback! - Honestly, I thought about that as well... I don't want to waist the pills if it isn't going to do anymore work then it's doing, but if you lose fasterrrrrrr .. hummmmm lol - I think if I stop losing I will do that, for now, I'm still losing slowly which is the way to go, so I'll stick with the 2 times a day.

As for the gym... hehehee - funny... naa I should really start hitting the gym more, I can work much more of my body there and plus they have these free Fitness Bootcamps.. man they kick your BUTT, but it's fun, and they makes jokes and stuff... - good Suggestion though.. :)
posted 26-Aug-2008 4:57pm

So it is very encouraging to hear that everyone seems to be losing weight. I just started the pills Sunday. I am trying to lose 25lbs by December cause my best friend is getting married and I don't want to be a chubby Maid of Honor. My sister is getting married in January, so I would really like to have it all gone by then. I used to be very healthy and then I had twins and lost control after I had them. You would think that chasing tw of them would keep me in shape. I hope to report some positive feedback very soon.:)
posted 26-Aug-2008 6:34pm

WOW EMM - Twins - well, I can totally understand how it gets away from you after having a baby, I was also always thin before my daughter, now I can't seem to lose it and she is 8 - lol - well, I lost it once when I was with a Trainer for 6 months, then a bad car accident, and I'm back to square 1... so I know it can be done... just work hard, eat healthy, small amounts... these pills sure do help because you are not all that Hungry to begin with.....

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted on your progress!!!
posted 26-Aug-2008 9:07pm

So far I've lost a total of 24 pounds. What sucks now is that I got poison ivy. I'm really allergic to poison ivy and it tends to really blow up on me. It's all over my face! I had to go to the dr. and she put me on prednisone for two weeks. I'm scared to death it's going to make me gain back the weight I've worked so hard to lose! I've been on it for two days now and I can already see a difference in my stomach. It looks so bloated! I don't even have the nerve to take a measurement or get on the scale. I'm so pissed...I don't even know how I got the poison ivy. The only thing I can figure is that I got it off of the dog's fur after she came in from the woods :( I get put on prednisone whenever I get stung by a bee or wasp for the same reason. Always makes me gain about 10-15 pounds :(
posted 26-Aug-2008 11:37pm

Mel- don't get discouraged... it's not your fault that you have allergies! did you lose the 24 pounds while on leptitrex?

EMM- I'm trying to lose weight for weddings too! Well, of course my main reason is to be healthy, but the weddings are a good motivator. My sister's wedding is in October and I'm a bridesmaid. My wedding is in May. Even though I have only lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks while using leptitrex, I can definitely tell a difference in the way my clothes feel. I went wedding dress shopping before taking the pills and picked out my top 3 choices, but the samples that they had to try on were really hard to zip. A couple weeks later I went back to try on the same 3 dresses again and they fit better!

AZ- I use wii fit too! I put my elliptical in front of the TV so I can do the wii running on it. I also like using weights while doing the step aerobics. I find myself skipping over most of the yoga.
posted 27-Aug-2008 3:47am

Mel - does the prednisone make you gain weight? does it have a side effect? dont weigh yourself until u come of them and then give yourself a week to read ajust. It wont be fat you are gaining but water ie the bloatiness - so it should come of just as quick. u have done so well and maybe the leptritex will help you keep it off this time. mel how long did it take to lose ur 24 lbs?

Emm - good luck. i think ur goal is realistic, it is doable if the pills work with u and if they dont it is still achievable with diet and exercise.
posted 27-Aug-2008 7:36am

I've been on Leptitrex since May and just ordered my second shipment of 3 bottles...should arrive in the next two days or so. I've lost quite a lot of inches on Leptitrex and 24 pounds and am now quite loose again in my size 8 jeans (I was up to a very tight size 12). A lot of my weight gain before was from Prednisone. Weight gain is a nasty side effect from the medication. Last time I was on it for a full month, though. I did step on the scale this morning and I'm up 2.5 pounds in two days :(

When I first started Leptitrex it took 4-5 weeks before I saw the scale budge even one pound--although I did lose inches during this time.
posted 27-Aug-2008 8:19am

mel - i'm sure it is water. maybe that is the side effect - water retention? maybe tablets that eliminate excess water will help during this time.
it is encouraging to hear that even though you didnt lsoe weight on the scale the inches fell off. 4-5 weeks is a lot of patience. well done for sticking with it.
posted 27-Aug-2008 10:50am

Az- Thanks I know it can be done too. I did it once before, before I had kids, but it seems that my body wants to do it different this time.

Ali- I am ultimately trying to get back in shape too. I have always struggled with my weight. I was always 15-25lbs heavy in highschool. I lost all of it about a year after I graduated (which has been a while) and kept it off for 3-4 years. I was really good all during my pregnancy, but about six weeks after I had the kids I started gaining and got really heavy. Since then I have lost about 40lbs but have plateaud with about 25lbs to go I had lost 10lbs more but put it right back on. I eat fairly healthy (for the most part):) Good luck losing the weight for your weddings.

Deni- Thanks for the good word. I think it is doable too.

Mel- I hope that you are able to get off the medicine soon. That can be so frustrating to be doing a great job lossing weight, and then put some of it back on. I hope that you start feeling better soon.
posted 27-Aug-2008 11:25am

Official 3 week mark - I have to say that I messed everything up last night, I had like 4 or 5 beers... It was just a bad day for me alltogether. :( - but I'm feeling better now, Yes, I'm back up to 146.2 - I'm up .7 pounds from yesterday, not even 1 pound but I'm ok... Back on the Wii Fit and the Gym... Hope to report better news soon.

Ali - you should really do the Yoga, it really helps your core! - also, Hula Hoop. We (hubby and I) have unlocked the Mega Hoop, I think it's called, and the 10 minute one.... OMG - I do that at least once a day... it REALLY WORKS!!! I'm telling you, if you want to build those core muscles, the hula hoop on the Wii Fit really pushes you to get as many rounds as you can and HURTS! but a good hurt... :) - I think that weights on the Step would be good, I have the 2nd step one unlocked but it's at the point where it's too easy. I used to take Step classes so I'm used to all these moves, but it's fun!

Mel - I'm sooo sorry to hear about what you are going through, that really sucks!
posted 27-Aug-2008 1:31pm

I'ven been taking Leptritrex for over a week, and have not seen any results, I try to eat protein for the meals, also I am always hungry it didn't eliminate that. any suggestions? also scale says Im up 3 lbs.
posted 27-Aug-2008 1:47pm

Jojo- I have noticed that I seem hungrier too. I know that when I eat breakfast that I seem that way. I haven't figured out how to stop that. My scale hasn't gone up, but I am also drinking a ton of water/crystal light. I don't like water so I try to drink an occasional one with crystal light to break up the monotony.
posted 27-Aug-2008 2:09pm

I know that they tell you specifically that you need to drink a ton of water in able to lose the weight that they say you will or are suposed to. The Protein is good, just make sure you drink a TON of water and get your exercise in. I have days where I am hungrier then others, but for the most part, I'm not hungry at all.

Hope things work out for you Jojo!
posted 27-Aug-2008 2:46pm

Jojo - i also gained 2lbs and mine was in 2 days!!! after my first week i had lost that 2lbs and then lost 1 lb more. my clothes still feel the same. this is the middle of my second week and i don't feel like it will get a lot better, but then i read other people's reviews like Az and Mel and think - it may still work, look at Mel - it took 4-5 weeks before she had any change at all.

i asked leptritex why had gained and this is what they said;

"Most people see results in the first 2 weeks, for some it takes 3-4. The results of our pills are different for different body types. We have found that when taken properly this product works for 95% of our customers. Your body might might just be having a reaction and adjustment to the Leptitrex. Give it some more time. And remember, if it doesn't work, there is a money back guarantee."

obviously we want it to work so we dont get a refund.
posted 27-Aug-2008 3:00pm

Mel - did you do a lot of exercise to lose the weight or was it more with the diet/ pills?
posted 27-Aug-2008 3:24pm

I usually drink about 1/2 gallon of water, I may have to increase it because my body is used to it, I'll try that first and kick up my cardio.
I tried so many products and nothings worked this was my last chance to see the results I wanted, I lost 10 lbs on a 1200 calorie diet and exercise in Jan, and have been up and down with a few, Ive been able to keep that off, but nothing more. I'll give it a few more weeks.
posted 27-Aug-2008 5:55pm

Jojo, try to increase your water intake, I drink 1 gallon of water a day, at least! I hope that things start changing for you! I know it sucks when things don't work and you feel totally let down. Keep your spirits up, and think " this is going to work" keep positive, it really helps....

Good Luck again!
posted 27-Aug-2008 9:55pm

Deni - I do not do anything more than housework and running the kids...working in the yard every now and again. I hate to sweat!

I have been trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet....lots of protein and water and concentrating on what a normal portion size is. I have started living by the motto, "I eat to keep my body going, not to keep my body growing!" Leptitrex has helped me to realize what real portion sizes are. The appetite suppressant in the pills has helped to successfully shrink my stomach so that I only need a true portion size to fill me up, thus eating fewer calories. If those calories are loaded with protein then I'm doing double duty to build the lean muscle which will work to burn the fat.

Seemed to be working till I had to start taking the prednisone. The poison ivy has almost gone away. I think I'm going to google it and see about just stopping the medication early. I'm supposed to take it for two's strict schedule of 3 pills for 5 days then 2 for 5 days then 1 for 4 days. That part makes me a little leary about stopping it, like you have to be weaned off it or something. Anyway, I'll look it up first and see, cause I've only been on it for the first 3 days. I don't want to have some kind of bigger problem to deal with. If I can't stop it I guess I'll see about adding some water pills into my daily regimen :)...maybe that will help.
posted 28-Aug-2008 12:26am

I find that drinking more water while using Leptitrex is a lot easier than when I wasn't taking the pills. If I don't drink at LEAST the recommended amount of water I get sooooo thirsty. Now I carry a stash of water bottles in my big purse :P

AZ- I'll get into the yoga again. I've had the wii fit since it first came out so everything is unlocked, so I should really make use of all of the exercises. I love super hula hoop too! You're right about it really working those core muscles! You can't help but look completely ridiculous while doing it, but that's just part of the fun! I know how you feel about the step aerobics. The routine doesn't ever change so it gets too easy... kind of like the boxing. I like doing the free step while watching tv. Too bad the balance board isn't higher off the ground.
posted 28-Aug-2008 4:07am

mel - well that is good - i know you can not dispute exercise but as it doesn't solely rely on gym or hard graft exercise then hopefully the lots of walking i do, capped with 3 kids, running a business, doing everything at home will be ok. dont stop ur medication as u said you dont want to end with a bigger problem.

my appetite has got smaller - i do feel like eating every few hours but a snack doe it - i cant eat a big plate of food. for example scrambled egg on its own fills me up or just 1 breast of chicken with nothing else!

i have been itching like crazy on my chest - i mean non stop at night time. i got a bit of heat rash a month ago but the there is no heat now (were in the uk!!!), yet the rash is realy flared up - does anyone know if the pills have a reaction like that or maybe its coincedence?!

i dont drink enuf water - it just doesnt enter my head and i dont feel thirsty. i know more water will help but i kinda remember at the end of the day i havent had enuf!
posted 28-Aug-2008 12:14pm

Ali- Have you tried to place a board or box under the balance board. you can do that as long as it's stable and level. You know at first I was like I hate this stupid Yoga too, but My husband and I are sooo competitive we try to beat each other constantly on all of the events. Sooo that alone keeps both of us going. Now I love the Yoga, I find it relaxing, while also working my core... I hate the push-ups into the 1 armed up (forgot what they called that) but it SUCKS! lol - Try doing that Mega Hula Hoop 1 or 2 times a day.. OMG.. I did it 3 times one day and my abs hurt sooooooooooo badly it wasn't funny. :( -

Mel - I like your New Modo.. I totally agree.. Also a good Modo is " Eat for your body not for your mouth" People eat becasue it taste good, not because your body needs certain things in it to survive. It's hard sometimes with all those goodies out there, but Disapline! I always think, " if I have this much, how long is that going to take me to work off? Is it really worth it? are there other alternatives?" that is my thought process when I think of eating, drinking junk.... Except like when I have just really really bad days like the other day... I need to relax with some Alchie! :)

In any case.. Since I haven't been going to the gym latley, or doing Wii Fit as much as I was, I'm not losing anymore weight... so, today!!! BACK TO THE GYM!!!!
posted 29-Aug-2008 5:55am

Hello all, it's been a while :) Unfortunately I'm gonna have to jump pff the Leptitrex band wagon. Weeks ago I brought up the issue of the St.John's Wort and it's affects on the birth control pill. I wen't to my doctor and she advised me to use a back up method of birth control or stop taking the pills altogether since the bottle doesn't list the quantity of the St. John's. I opted for the latter. Can't afford to mess with my pill! Espicially sincr my results were not as mind-blowing as the website advertised. I workout for an hour a day and eat well 90% of the time. I have lost 5lbs but that was probally water. Anyhoo, I haven't given up on my weightloss journey. With the help of my doctor, I actually stumbled upon something amazing on the market. I'm gonna purchase the product on the weekend, give it 2 weeks with 100% effort and get back to you guys with the results...good or bad! Good luck to you all and I'll be in touch :)
posted 29-Aug-2008 2:59pm

hi Jaezee - good luck to you. what did you come across i would like to look it up especially as your doctor recommended it? waiting in anticipation for your results.
posted 29-Aug-2008 7:31pm

Jaezee, I guess I should stop taking Leptitrex as well.... especially if that's what your doctor recommends. It's just too risky. I might just finish this bottle first. Keep us updated on your progress!
posted 1-Sep-2008 3:46am

i am so disappointed. today is the end of week two - even though last week i gained 2 lbs then lost it and 1 more lb, today the scales show i have GAINED 5 LBS from my original start weight. i am confused - i don't want to carry on gaining. i can accept no change to start with but not gain. i am eating as healthy as i can and doing my walking - the only major change is taking these pills.
when i asked leptritex they said it is the body adjusting - noone elses adjusts this way.
i know there is a money back guarentee but how am i supposed to lsoe the extra weight gained with these pills - already losing weight is an issue?

also i have started fasting today (religios reasons). no water or food from sunrise - sunset. this is apx 16 hours. i know teh body will get confused as i will now eat at night and nothing during the day, this i am scared will make me gain more weight. mot sure what to do?
posted 2-Sep-2008 12:37pm

Has anyone had any problems with headaches while on letritex? Everyday I get one at about 12:00 and I have a hard tiem gettign rid of it. I quit taking the pills and I don't get headaches. Just curious if anyone else has hd similar syptoms?
posted 2-Sep-2008 1:26pm

Deni, WOW, I'm soo sorry to hear that. Unfortunatly I don't have any advise. I wish I did. I haven't lost much weight myself. I lost the 5 pounds, then I have been going up and down now between 145 and 147.... I don't know if it's becasue of the heat and me holding water weight while it's hot. or what is going on. NEvertheless, I can still see a difference in my upper body. I am due to take my evaluation with my gym this week which will be 4 weeks on the pills. I'm curious if my body fat % has stayed the same up or down. I'll let you all know once I find out.

Emm, I'm sorry, I haven't had any headaches with the pills, nor has my husband.

Ali,so, does that mean you are going to stop taking the pills as well.???

I'm personally just hoping that these pills end up really working. I'm going to be upset if I have gained body fat rather then losing it!.... update to come...
posted 2-Sep-2008 2:16pm

please let us know AZ. If you have noticed none of the people at the begining are on this site anymore - i would imagine they all stopped taking the pills too?
mel seemed to have done well but hers took 4-5 weeks to kick in, however she did say she lost inches in those 4-5 weeks - none of that happening with me!!
curious about jaezees new find - let us know!!!
posted 2-Sep-2008 5:14pm

I'm interested as well... there was also a Noticable difference in an Anony writer who worked out alot. She said that she only lost like 7 or 8 pounds in total but there was a Great change in her body. Sooo, we'll see what happens with me. I have 2 more bottles and I'm seeing some difference so I'll continue to take them.
Yes, I have noticed that alot of people have dropped off this site as well, I wonder if they just got too busy, stopped writing, or if they actually stopped taking these pills as well. huh! who knows.
- Hope things get better for you Deni... If you don't start losing weight and continue gaining then I'd get off the pills... you don't want to put on anymore weight, like you stated, it's difficult as is to lose it, you don't want anymore to lose.
posted 2-Sep-2008 7:02pm

AZ- like you, my weight has been fluctuating (usually between 150-152).... and I weigh myself at the same time everyday. I'm going to finish this first bottle and see where I'm at. I'm really tempted to try something else, especially because Leptitrex inactivates my birth control pill. It just makes me nervous. Better safe than sorry!
posted 2-Sep-2008 7:50pm

I hear ya Ali - I've personally gotten preggo 2 times on the stupid pill, so right now the Nuva ring has been working well. No scares or anything with these pills yet.
After I get the Fat Content of my body....( which I'm very interested since I can see some difference in my stomach) Hopefully it's good news. I'll post my results.. Hopefully the fat hasn't just misplaced itself.. LOL
posted 3-Sep-2008 11:37am

Wed. Official Weigh in. 4 weeks.... I'm back to 145.1 - lets hope that I don't keep going up and down and I can actually keep this going lower... :) yeah!
posted 4-Sep-2008 12:06am

congrats AZ!
posted 4-Sep-2008 12:11am

Hello~all..I've been on this pill for almost 2 months,finishing 1 2/3 bottle. This product has changed my appetite a lot. I used to be an emotional eater, craving enormous portion in a short period when feeling anxious. I didn't consider carb the crucial fact building my pounds, so I didn't control carb intake at all. Not until taking this pill that I start reminding myself a 3S spell, small portion, sufficient protein, and slowly munching, during every meal. To be honest, my appetite was out of control couple weeks ago, I thought it was the hormonal changing before period's coming. And I also experienced once or twice severe headache. It was the efficient result that kept me sticking to this product.
I don't scale myself, but I can see the changes in the mirror. I don't exercise, but the pill works pretty well for dieting alone. I eat swiss cheese, multigrain crackers, tofu, soy yogurt, soy milk, and peanut everyday since I don't get a kichen in my dorm for preparing real meal.
I have one bottle left, but I've ordered 4 more already because I'm going back to my country for a while where leptitrex's not delivered. I'll have them come along with my luggages, and they're gonna be my last order. The reason I'm here is to encourage those who have tried so many other ways to losing weight but failed. Give Leptitrex a shot. I know being chubby have led so many bad things happened. BTW, watching Hollywood celebrities' bodies inspires a lot; everybody works very hard keeping in shape.
posted 4-Sep-2008 7:16am

Update: I had gained five pounds on Prednisone (for the poison ivy). I still have four more days left on the prescription. In the last two days I have managed to lose four pounds of it! How? By increasing my protein GREATLY. I did some more research about the protein needs. Do you really know how much protein you should be eating per day? Multiply your weight by .37 (for sedentary) and thats the minimum amount of protein you should be eating per day. I've been drinking a protein shake in the middle of the day which provides 36g of protein...over half of what I need per day. By the time I concentrate on eating my other protein rich foods throughout the day I've consumed approximately 80-100g of protein! It really speeds up the weight loss and controls your appetite. I only ate 1100 calories yesterday but felt like I ate a Thanksgiving meal by the end of the day! Oh, I also watch the fat!

The Barilla pasta Plus is excellent. You get pasta packed with protein. I mix it with tuna salad and few cherry tomatoes for about 21g of protein. Cottage cheese is great too...13g per serving...I have that as a side dish with dinner instead of a starch.

I wish I had realized this from the beginning of my Leptitrex journey. I was eating protein, but not even what my minimum daily requirements were...I didn't even know what they were. I'll be interested to see how this continues with the highly increased protein intake. I had been losing about 1 pound per week. Would love to see 3-4 pounds per week. We'll see... :)
posted 4-Sep-2008 11:51am

az - good on you girl. what was the fat measurement?

mel - what fantastic information!!! so you multiply your weight in pounds by.37 - and this speeds up the weight loss? you clever woman - they really should supply some of this info at leptritex

i know i don't eat my minimum and i don't drink i enuf water either - i just don't think about it. I have started to drink some chinese diet tea and am going to the toilet a bit better now that helps with water retention. I lost 3 of the 5 lbs i gained, i'm to scared to weigh myself now. i don't feel lighter i feel heavy and my clothes vary - one day lose next day fitted! i can't get rid of this desire to eat something sweet; i am sticking to low fat , low cal puddings tho!!!
posted 4-Sep-2008 12:35pm

Deni - I haven't done that Fat measurement yet... I need to make an appointment with the gym.. :) I'm slackin... but I'll get it done...

Mel - LOVE that new info. I'm going to give it a try, fluxuating is driving me crazy! I want to lose some real weight, not play around here.. sooo I'm going to try that and take Protein Shakes and bars, whatever I can find.... I drink a TON of water every day so I'm not worried about that part, but I know I'm not getting enough protein if that is the case!! lol - Hope this works!
posted 4-Sep-2008 12:35pm

that was me above!! :)
posted 4-Sep-2008 5:15pm

My wedding is next year and i hope to lose 25lbs!! i just started taking Leptitrex for 2 days now and hopefully it works..will update later ;)
posted 4-Sep-2008 5:33pm

Hi everyone,

I have been so busy,haven't been on in awhile. After reading some reviews it seems like it's 50/50 with results. As for me, I just finished my second bottle and I am either 145 or 147 every day, no more weight loss in this past month. I think I am going to take the advise of more protein and get my butt working out to see if this helps. I am in a wedding coming up and I was really hoping to have lost some weight.
posted 5-Sep-2008 12:58am

I started taking them today and my stomach and chest were burning but I see quite a few people got the same effects so I am at ease now.. I also felt VERY nauseated after taking them I keppt myself from throwing up.
Has anyone taken this and alli at the same time?
posted 5-Sep-2008 3:40am

LM - if i am not mistaken Alli stops the body from absorbing up to 30% fat or so - i thought of combining the two but then i thought maybe they would counter act each other - because protein foods have high fat content and if the alli stops your body taking this in then maybe you won't be getting enuf protein for the pills to work? just a thought.
i took xenical which is almost the same as Alli but prescribed by the doctor along with a very low fat diet and i did lose weight. it just stopped though because my body got used to the healthy food and adjusted so the doctor said there was no point taking it anymore. i gained only 3-4 lbs and that was because i started eating sweet stuff!this is why i am trying these pills now - but so far 3 weeks and nothing amazing - have gone up in weight and come back to where i started so far !
posted 5-Sep-2008 2:24pm

I have been taking them for about a month and have lost about 5 lbs, I feel alot better but I feel like I am stuck - I do only take 2 pills before breakfast and 2 before lunch due to the burning in my stomach after taking them - I guess I should try taking 3. I do workout pretty regular - just waiting on the results. What is the best diet plan to follow??
posted 5-Sep-2008 2:34pm

Thanks so much deni... I am actually taking the mexican version of alli which is redustat.. twice the strenght.. I have lost 27 lbs in 9 weeks eating foods from the low glicemic index and working out average about 2 times per day but I strated taking redustat about 2 weeks ago... I took the leptitrex again this am and just now about to go eat lunch and I am still feeling nauseated and burning sensation.. ugggg it feels like bad bad heartburn!
anyhow hope to see results but if I am taking redustat as well I may not know which one is working.. perhaps I will just take leptitrex for now and see the results!
Thanks again this website really does help :)
posted 5-Sep-2008 3:05pm

LM - 27 lbs in 9 weeks is fantastic - good girl - what did your diet consist off?
twice the strength - doesn't that may you go to the toilet every 5 mins?!!!
posted 5-Sep-2008 5:31pm

hahaha no I have a hard time going to toilet normally so this works perfectly lol
example meal for me
cardio workout on empty stomach before breakfast
breakfast-egg whites
lunch-lean meat and veggie
dinner-lean meat and veggie
about a gallon of water a day with lots of green tea
and I get another workout before dinner.. strenght and cardio
posted 6-Sep-2008 5:00am

LM - i know straight off i won't do that exercise - but the diet side is not that different to what i eat. I also drink green and herbal teas, not enuf water tho! I do think that eating these foods is the key to losing weight with or without pills!!!
i eat eggs too but the whole egg not just the white. i prefer the yolk. do you think this has an adverse effect?
blueberries - yep love em, infact i like most fruits and salad and veg - so lucky there. you were so well on your diet alone - why did you feel the need for pills - did it stop?
they say that when it stops you should adjust what you eat slightly because the body gets used to it. Good luck.
how effective is redustat supposed to be?
posted 6-Sep-2008 11:36am

exercise is hard and actually i been in this plan for a while now so my body is getting used to the exercise and in a way I almost crave it on weekends lol
I think the carton egg whites have a whole lot of less calories and no fat.. i think one serving of egg whte is 25 cals so I get 3 servings, dash of salt, I hate the no color to it so I add fat free shredded cheese and mix it when cooking once is done it looks yellowish and white like regular scramble eggs lol and I add some chunky salsa and it taste yummy :) all that for about 130 cals give or take :) and NO FAT
blueberries I really do not like but I moist them and add a teaspoon of splenda and I eat them like that I do like them :) plain I just dont lol
the weight has not stop I haven;t stall it had been two years I ad not seen my period and this diet and working out have showed her the light.. I hate it but it makes me feel like my hormones are working fine now so is good ina way lol...
The reason why I wanted to give the pills a go, I have a photoshoot the day after thanksgiving and it will be a "bridal trash the dress" I have long ways to go to fit into my wedding dress so I rather use mine and not buy one as I want that asa gift for my 10 year anniversary and it will make it more special being my own dress instead of buying one form craiglist so I just want to speed things up.. but I know if I just continue without the pills I will still loose.. just maybe slower.. I dunno I will find out next week as I weighed myself yesteday and will weigh myself next friday!
redustat works really well.. if you happen to eat smething a bit greasier than normal, you take it and well it all goes down when you flush the toilet... I have a lot of family members who have lost just being on that pill no diet and no workout.. I want to do this the right way by dieting and working out and honestly my diet at this point does not feel lik a diet it almost feels like a way of life.. I haven;t taste a hamburger since July 3rd, or pizza, or ice cream and honestly I am not craving it contantly.. maybe every few days I think about oh that could taste good.. but not as bad as the beginning lol
off my soap :)
posted 6-Sep-2008 3:13pm

LM - egg whites in a box? do you think they do that here the UK - how easy . will look for that next time. My eating regime doesn't feel like a diet anymore either - it is a way of life and that they say is how it is meant to be. I do still have a treat if i'm having a meal with my family for a special occasion - but i still chose my meals carefully. I hadn't had a burger for ages , i mean ages can't remember when - and today i had one - i only managed 1/2 of it and feel so guilty that i am not eating dinner - just fruit later on. I love walking and will fit that into my day atleast 5 times a week - min 30 mins - 1 hour, all other exercise is just short term. I just do not have the time - i have three small kids, run a buisness and a home - if i am lucky i get 2 hrs to my self a day - and honestly i do not feel like doing exercise! x

Redustat sounds like the xenical i was on - it doesnt tolerate greasy fat food - i think xenical was a weaker dosage as it was prescribed by my doctor. however when you improve your diet so much as i did it stops working because there is not much fat left in the food you in eat!!!

trashing your wedding dress!! why woman why! i thought you would do that if you were a divorced not happily married . hehe
posted 6-Sep-2008 5:02pm

hi everyone! I can't seem to get in touch with anyone on this.. I bought my leptitrex off ebay, but it came in a grey and red bottle. Is this a scam bottle?? I can't find any pictures of the bottle on information online and I want to know if it's the real leptitrex or not, since if it isn't I don't want to open it and then lose the chance at returning it. Please help! Thank you so much! I am so frustrated at having the pills here but not being able to start my diet yet :(
posted 7-Sep-2008 1:53pm

the picture of the bottle is at the top of this discussion, its orange and grey with sort of a person on it.
posted 7-Sep-2008 1:56pm

and i would like to ask everyone what kind of results they're seeing and how long they've been on the pill
posted 7-Sep-2008 3:47pm

I actually spoke to a customer service representative at Leptitrex and they told me that the new bottle is red and grey.. so all good. Thanks anyway!
posted 7-Sep-2008 7:34pm

Glad to hear you got a good bottle Chris!
I hope you find those eggs Deni :) they are very helpful in hectic mornings, as I too have 3 little ones.. all boys as is why i will not need my wedding dress lol.. so I am trashing it getting one last set of pics out of it before I give it away for free to someone.. but I figure I can be careless now as is not that valuable to me anyways.. it will be for my 10th year anniversary and thank Goodness I am happily married :D
yeah this pills when eating healthy is useless to take so sounds like xenical to me.
I made myself some bbque lean snadwich and well I feel guilty too eventough I made it healthy lol
have a great week everyone and Good luck!
posted 7-Sep-2008 10:08pm

I just started Leptitrex today. I started out by taking only 2 capsules 2 x day this weekend to see how it would affect me. The first dose I experienced a headache and took 2 iboprophen, the second dose I was fine. I just turned 50 and had a heck of a time with the weight gain in my 40s so I'm hoping Leptritrex will help get my body back.

I also was concerned I got a bogus batch of Leptritrex since my bottle was orange and grey, not the one on the website. Glad to know the bottle design changed and I have the correct supplement.

As for the stomach burning--I would bet it's the Cayenne that's causing the burning. I took Cayenne suppements previously and got the same burning sensation in my stomach.

I will keep you posted to my progress. Since I determined that 2 capsules 2xday were ok for me I'll try the recommended 3 capsules 2xday and see how it works.

Good luck to all of you--may this suppement work to help us all lose those stubborn pounds of fat!!
posted 8-Sep-2008 9:45am

i brought a pair of trousers about 4 weeks ago just before i started. i could not do the button up - not even close. i wore them yesterday!!! - the button done up and i was not uncomfortable - but they were not roomy - still progress hey? hopefully soon they will be roomy!!!
was supposed to weigh myself today but decided not to as i had missed two doses over the weekend due to not having the pills with me, will wait until next week.
jaezee - any news for us??
posted 8-Sep-2008 12:29pm

Hello all:
Deni - So you are seeing a difference finally, that's great! glad to hear it!
I haven't weighed myself nor took the Fat test.. LOL - just been lazy! I need to get back on the bandwagon! well I'll write back when I know the news..
posted 8-Sep-2008 2:35pm

I just got my order(3 bottles) this morning and have taken both doses of three capsules each. I have not had any burning sensation as yet. I am 74 years old and have always thin.I have been gaining weight stedily for the past six months. I can't get into any of my clothes except the ones with elastic in the waist, and still feel bloated. My stomach even looks like I am pregnant. I hate looking at myself in the mirror!!! I am 5'9" and weight 155 lbs. My back really bothers me when I weigh this much. I would like to get back down to 135 lbs.

I am glad I found this blog. I have been reading all the posts and seems there are all kinds of pros and cons. I will keep checking back to see how all of y'all are doing and to report if I lose weight or not.
posted 8-Sep-2008 3:00pm

thanks Az - lets hope it carries on!

Woody have you been to the doctor about your weight gain over the last 6 months - it could be thyroid if you have always been thin and you have not suddenly started eating more?
posted 9-Sep-2008 9:36am

Hello All!
This is Day 3 for me. I haven't lost any weight (which isn't the important thing), BUT I have lost 1/2" from both my waist and tummy (which IS the important thing). Dunno if this is actual fat loss or water weigh loss, but either way I don't care-I feel better and more motivated and am glad something positive is happening. I don't think I'll bother weighing myself much--the only important thing is how my clothes fit.

I've read through all the blogs and am making sure I eat enough protein, esp for breakfast and lunch.

My appetite has decreased significantly and I get full eating a lot less than before I started taking Leptitrex. Also, not craving the carbs like I used to.

It's really great to have a forum where people share their experiences, thoughts, tips and suggestions--it's a wonderful support vehicle! Thanks, everyone!

Keep ya posted...
posted 9-Sep-2008 9:38am

good luck nikki!
posted 9-Sep-2008 10:59am

This stuff curbed my appetite in the beginning, but now, back to normal. I finished up this bottle and I will not be ordering another.
posted 9-Sep-2008 2:52pm

ang - did you not lose any weight or inches?
posted 10-Sep-2008 9:59am

It really works!!! I combined Leptitrex with fat loss 4 idiots diet plan, I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks....
posted 10-Sep-2008 11:22am

Anony. I looked up that fat loss for idiots and that is $40 - on top of the Liptitrex! - can you share with us the Secret and the Diet Plan? - I am sooo frustrated now because I'm fluctuating between 147 and 145. I started at 150, but I need to lose more weight and it's just not coming off!!! :) I don't want to spend anymore money on weight loss stuff. I feel like I'm just throwing all my money away on fat! - sooo frustrated!!!! :( - ANONYMOUS - anything you feel like letting us know about this diet would be great!
posted 10-Sep-2008 11:28am

AZ- I am totally in the same situation you are in - very frustrated! I am not losing any weight or inches and I am exercising more than ever. I did very good the first 2 weeks and encouraged my friends to buy these pills and so far they haven't had any results - Someone tell me what are we doing wrong??
posted 10-Sep-2008 11:29am

I just ordered a bottle and am excited to try it as I feel all I've read is very favorable. I already have been taking various herbal supplements with good results - not for weight loss, though.

I am 50 and I notice a lot of you seem younger. Here's my question, and I know catpower1818 spoke to this, but does anyone know if someone with borderline high blood pressure but no known heart problems is incurring any risk with this product?

My bp is borderline high and never used to be - my doc said stress, menopause and weight gain has a lot to do with it! So, obviously losing the weight is important! The list of ingredients doesn't worry me too much, but not knowing quantities is a little bit of a concern.

I do drink coffee, always have. About 2-3 cups each morning. I really want to try this but certainly can't, I guess, if it's really risky blood-pressure wise.

I hope someone has some information on this. Thanks so much!
posted 10-Sep-2008 11:55am

Yeah BB- If you go to that website fat loss 4 idiots it seems like it could work, but then again, EVERYTHING seems like it could work. I just know that the last time I lost a ton of weight after having my daughter I worked out at the gym 5-7 times a week, ate pretty much nothing but chicken, some rice and beans every single day! no pills, shakes, drinks, nothing... it was just such a bland diet and really don't want to go back to that again. Not to mention that I had absolutly NO LIFE at all except, work, gym, school, shower, bed... every day! it sucks, but I guess if it means losing these last pounds I have to do it! :( - sad and depressed!!! I'm going to the gym on my lunch break! :(
posted 10-Sep-2008 3:03pm

hi all - fat loss for idiots works without the pills. The reason - is is mainly a protein based diet - you eat small amounts until you are satisfied BUT NOT FULL. they ask you to chose from a list of foods - they then give you a combination diet for about 10 days i think, you follow their meal plans throughout this - i think it is 4 meals a day, you take them in any order throughout the day. After the 10 days or so is up - you have a 3 day break where you can eat anything - then you start again with another diet plan they devise for you. When you pay they give you a password and you then go in with that and they combo new diet plans for you.
Only down side is - i found the meals a bit boring, no salad, fruit, veg - so i got constipated. Example they say eat cashew nuts, turkey, eggs - this is one meal. No portion sizes. But how do you really get a meal out of that combination. I id it for 4 days and lost a 1 lb a day - but the meal plans just didn't suit me. I will try and find one of my diet plans and write some meals out.

Az - my target weight is your starting weight! i wish i could get down to 145 - 150 lbs!!
posted 10-Sep-2008 3:39pm

Deni - thank you for that. I was curious and YES, you are right, I don't think I could ever live off of those meals... YUCK! I'd rather work my ass off at the gym and eat El Polla Loco all day! lol - Chicken, Rice, Beans, tortilla every now and again, Veggies and rice, Pasta and chicken! that is better for me! ok well I'm headed off to the gym..... I need to get back on track! I was getting lazy and de-motivated! :(
posted 10-Sep-2008 3:40pm

ok found some of my diet - sorry i madea msitake you can eat fruit/ sald/ veg but only if it is part of that meal.
diet rules - you get 4 daily meals, you can eat any order but you must eat on the day they are scheduled for. No snacks inbetween.
you follow the plan for 11 days then have 3 cheat days - where you can eat anything you want - you then go back on their site and they do you another 11 days. The reason the diet works is it every 11 days the diet shifts calories around and so your body never knows what is going on so continues to burn! you are allowed any diet soda, ice t with lemon, water, coffee or low cal drink with less than 10 cal per glass.

some of my combos were like; day 1 -
meal 1 = cottage cheese/ hard boiled eggs/ bowl of green beans
meal 2 - roast beef slices/ tuna salad plate
meal 3 = cashews/ scramble egg/ fresh apples
meal 4 = low fat milk/ chicken/ bowl of oatmeal

day 2 =
meal 1 = deli sandwich
meal 2, 3, 4 - fruit only for all three - they gave me a selection of 9 fruits

day 3 =
meal 1 = cheese slices/ macadonia nuts
meal 2 = walnuts/ turkey slices
meal 3 = cottage cheese/ hard boiled eggs/ fruit salad dessert
meal 4 = roast beef slice/ tuna salad plate

day 4 =
meal 1 = cashews/ scramble egg
meal 2 = low fat milk/ chicken/ fresh pears
meal 3 = cheese slice/ macadonia nuts
meal 4 = walnut/ turkey slices

this was taken taken straight from the list in order as they prepared it for me, as you can see - they are not really proper meals, all protein based, very bland and most do not go together - i mean nuts and cheese?!! their was some fruit there but i prefer to have salad with most of my meals.

I think the purpose of the diet is to eat for fuel but not enjoyment - there is only so much you can eat of the above so the body will not over indulge. i personally do not think you can keep up with such a boring restrictive diet, even though it works!
posted 10-Sep-2008 5:05pm

I agree with you Deni, there is no way I'd ever be able to stick to this diet, that's crazy.! well, I went to the gym on my lunch and worked out for a bit. As it gets cooler here I'm going to get outside and exercise, ride my bike, run, rollerblade. The gym all alone does get quite boring... I'm also going to start taking these pills 3 times a day, see if there is any difference. I'll let you guys know.

thanks Deni!
posted 10-Sep-2008 9:11pm

I know the diet can be boring but when you see the results at the end of the eleven day, and you weight yourself and you are down 7 pounds... it is worth the sacrifice, with the diet, you are never hungry and you learn the most valuable lesson: to eat 4 times a day, small portions, you are going to feel your metabolism its working again, its only 11 days!!!! the pills help you not to feel anxious and it gives you energy... for those who have not seen results yet, try to walk 30 minutes everyday...
posted 11-Sep-2008 1:17am

Well here it is three days for me. Nothing to report. Kind of boring, really, as I don't see any difference in the way I feel or anything. At least I don't have any bad affects. I went to the Doctor today. I weighed 158 instead of the 155 I weighed on a friends scale. I told the Doctor I was going to go on a diet, but decided not to tell him about the Leptitrex, cause I didn't think he would approve. I actually went for something else. I have to go to the hospital Friday and have both my Carotid Arteries checked. If I don't lose any weight by the end of two weeks, I am going to contact them and send all three bottles back. I think that will be long enough to give it a try.
posted 11-Sep-2008 4:33am

annony - you are right the results are good. But it isn't really only 11 days - because you carry on after the three days off. The lesson is correct - eat small and frequent and it is protein based. I agree with the walking as i love walking and every muscle gets worked! if you can stick to the food on offer well done. I personally just didnt enjoy it meal after meal, even though they were foods i like.
posted 11-Sep-2008 12:24pm

not only that but what is going to happen when you start eating normal again. Not saying fatty foods, but foods that aren't wierd Protein based meals. You will most likley gain all that weight back.. soo the bigger question is.... do you plan on eating like that for the rest of your life in able to stay thin??
posted 11-Sep-2008 1:44pm

So I have been taking the pills for three days now consistantly. I had stopped cause I thought they were giving me excrutiating headaches, bu they were from all the lovely hurricane fronts we keep getting in FL from the hurricanes. I have lost a couple lbs so far. If I can keep this up I should be able to lose what I need in time.

Deni- I am looking at getting to 145-150 too! It is nice to hear that someone else has to reach that weight as well.
posted 11-Sep-2008 7:10pm

I just want to lose the weight, and the diet is working along with the pills, I will worry later of what Im going to eat, I know something for sure There is no way Im gaining the weight back!!!!
posted 12-Sep-2008 4:08am

good luck anony...
emm - i don't seem to be going anywhere - but will keep it up a bit more...
posted 12-Sep-2008 10:36am

Hey everyone,
I just started my second bottle this week and last night I finally went back to the gym. And already this morning, I notice a definite difference in my muscle tone. Yay! The first two weeks I was taking Leptitrex, I was noticing dramatic differences, then at week 3 I started getting bigger again. I was following the instructions and was very careful about my diet, but I wasn't excercising properly.
But now after one workout, I'm already toning and shrinking!!! VERY HAPPY! So I will keep up with it and I'm sure I'll get the results I'm looking for.
Just a friendly reminder: these are not "magic pills." If you don't follow the instructions exactly, they won't work!!! Don't waste your money. Drink LOTS of water, at least 7 or 8 cups a day. Eat LOTS OF PROTEIN. Don't eat refined sugars or complex carbohydrates. Take the pills every morning and afternoon, and eat 30 min afterward (they won't work otherwise.) Do this, be patient, and watch your body transform.
Good luck all!!!
posted 12-Sep-2008 2:22pm

hey catpower - you're back! if going to the gym is the only way these pills will work then i better not bother - as i won't go to the gym. Mind you mel lost weight withou the gym. The rest of what you say makes sense though as that is what they recommend. I always wandered what happend if you didnt eat exactly 30 mins later - so they don't work at all?
posted 12-Sep-2008 4:27pm

well Deni, didn't you say that you started seeing a difference finally.... and your right Mel did say that he/she lost weight with out exercise.... who knows.. it all goes back to your body I think... when I stopped working out at the gym for 1 1/2 weeks I stopped loseing weight, cuz I got lazy.. but now I'm back at the gym and feeling better then every... STILL haven't done that fat test I need to do.. I totally lost track of what week I'm on.. lol - but I'm curious... soo I'm going to schedule tht test soon. I'll let everyone know. :) Deni, don't give up, if you are losing then keep taking them and keep with the diet.
posted 13-Sep-2008 6:33am

az - i won't give up dieting and watching what i eat and walking as it has become a way of life now. On monday i will weigh myself, i haven't done since the first time a few weeks ago, i have even forgotton when i started! i will attempt to measure again ! if there is no change then i don't want to take pills unneccasary - it would have been atleats 4-5 weeks like mels then. each time i feel my clothes are loser then i feel bloated again.
let us know on your fat test.
posted 14-Sep-2008 9:24am

Hi guys! Don't give up on these pills. While I'm sure they are not right for everyone, I do think they take time for your body to adjust to them. It took 4-5 weeks before I saw the scale budge at all....but I did lose inches during that time....with no exercise. I think Cat is right in that the pills do not work if you don't have to eat the protein. As I'm typing this I'm eating 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters with one slice of ham chopped in it and 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese...this is 24g of protein, about half of my daily requirement of protein. You have to get the protein in there...lots of it.

I found a pretty good recipe yesterday for a great protein rich snack, or lunch...Turkey balls
1 pound lean ground turkey
1/2 cup part skim ricotta cheese
1/2 cup dry bread crumbs
1/4 cup fresh chopped basil
1 egg
salt and pepper

Mix it all up. Shape into 1-1/2 inch balls, brown on all sidesin skillet sprayed with cooking spray. Place on cookie sheet and finish cooking in 375 degree oven for 15 minutes until done. Four of these balls served with marinara dipping sauce provide about 28g of protein and fill you up. The next time I make them I'm gonna add more spices...they need a little extra kick, maybe some onion powder, garlic and some italian seasoning...YUM!
posted 14-Sep-2008 10:05am

Actually, I calculated my breakfast protein wrong...I usually eat 1/4 cup of Egg beaters. This morning I had half cup, so my protein for breakfast was 30g! Don't skimp on the protein...get as much as you can :)
posted 14-Sep-2008 11:32pm

Tomorrow is the end of my first week. I have gained 3 pounds!!! I feel like I am starving and I really have the jitters. These pills do not do anything for me like they are suppose to. I finally called and told my doctor I was taking them. He asked me to come by and get a diet to go by. I have COPD, so there are all kinds of things that I should not be eating and should be eating lots of carbohydrates. This is the first I have ever heard that there is a diet for people with a lung disease. Guess I will just email the company and ask how to go about sending my bottles back to them.

Hope all of you have real good luck.
posted 15-Sep-2008 4:08am

hi woody - it is good you spoke to your doctor. When on medication you must be so careful. The diet they give you will help you lose those extra pounds you gained. good luck.

i decided not to weigh in 2day as it is kinda my time of the month, as i don't get a proper period due to teh coil - i still get something and i feel bloated.

mel you lost inches while not losing weight but i don't seem to be losing any. I do eat a protein rich diet.
posted 15-Sep-2008 12:27pm

I Just started taking the pills yesterday and I woke up 3 pounds lighter today!!!! I feel skinnier and I have more energy!!! They make you feel a little jittery but its just from bookooos of energy, but not near as bad as my experience with hydroxycut. I am happy with it so far and cant wait to see what I look like in a month from now!!!!
posted 15-Sep-2008 4:54pm

wow - lucky you !!!! i can't wait to hear how you are doing to...

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