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Leptitrex is a diet pill with a great many ingredients that is being marketed largely by word of mouth. It claims to help you lose fat fast, detox, suppress your appetite, and build lean muscle. Plus, you get your acne eliminated and a euphoric "high" thrown in for your troubles.


Leptitrex contains a mixture of vitamins (e.g. C, B12, B6, and Chromium Polynicotinate) along with a many "fat burning" (euphoric) mostly herbal components: Chocamine, Di-Caffeine Malate, Rhodiola Rosea, St. John's Wort, L-Tyrosine, Picamilon, Phenylalanine, hops, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Synephrine, Ginkgo, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, 5-HTP, and Vinpocetine.

Then, there are the "10 super foods" ingredients: Barley, Garlic, Cayenne, Buckwheat, Soybeans, Flaxseed, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Wheatgrass, Acai, and alfalfa.

Next, there are the ingredients to give you lean muscles: L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine, Avena Sativa, Mucuna Pruniens, Ipriflavone, Ecdysterone, and Coleus.

The detox ingredients are: dandelion root, milk thistle, licorice, cranberry, uva ursi, and sage. The anti-agine ingredients: green tea, DMAE, acetyl-L-Carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid.

Whew, that's lots of ingredients! Leptitrex calls each group a "matrix".

The vitamins prevent your body from being deficient while also promoting the proper conditions ("fat burning atmosphere") for the fat burner ingredients to do their stuff. The fat burning ingredients are various stimulants and other herbal substances that have been associated with weight-loss.

Notably, phenylethylamine is a fairly new ingredient that Leptitrex that many other diet pills don't have. It is extracted from chocolate, believe it or not. The euphoric "love" feeling these pills may give you comes from this. You may have heard that chocolate makes you feel like you're in love, well the belief here is that phenylethylamine is the source of this. This also promotes weight-loss, without all the calories and fat from actually eating chocolate.

The "10 superfoods" come from Dr. Nicholas Perricone who was on Oprah. His wife has been very successful at marketing Orovo. Leptitrex is clearly an immitator, of sorts. Though Leptitrex is also doing it's own thing with many other ingredients.

Note that there is also a product named "Lipitrex" (which doesn't have a 't' in the middle), but it is not the same as Leptitrex.


With so many ingredients and only very trace amounts of each in the pill, Leptitrex is clearly a buck-shot approach that may be spreading itself too thin trying to cover every possible angle.


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  4-May-2008 2:22pm created by babygotbackfat
  5-May-2008 11:38am last update by bill

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posted 3-Oct-2008 11:18am

Hello Newbie's :) - I got my bottle in 3 days! wasn't long at all for me!... hope you guys get them so you can start......

Soooo - Remember I said I was going to start the bootcamps they have at my gym, well no one signed up so I ended up getting a 1 on 1 personal training session for free! OMG he kicked my booooty! - He also taught me a lot of new moves, and told me better things to do. I also talked to him about my thigh, hip problem. He said that that is usually the last thing to go for women. Sooo as my tummy flattens more and more, I will lose more of my hips and thighs.... ALSO - I told him about doing the Fat % test again at the end of next week... He advised me not to. He said.. well you can, but I really advise you to wait 4 - 6 week with the eating of 6 - YES 6 times a day!!! I told him that eating 4 was hard enough, but he said that if you eat 6 times a day it will send your Metabolism into Hyperdrive! he said at first your body will go into shock, then it will start losing!!!! - he said he has had 1 lady lose 12% body fat in 6 weeks doing that~!!!!! WOW!! soooo I urge all of you to try this with me... I'm excited to see my own results, and if anyone else decides to do this as well, I'm excited to see theirs as well...................... A Plan! - he said that when you get up that morning, or later at night, write out your eating schedule, if you have to, set your cell phone alarm, your wrist watch, something, to remind you to eat--- well at 6 times a day it's a snack! lol - but nevertheless.. SO- that I'm going to try and at the advise of the trainer, I'm going to wait 4 weeks.. :( -

sooooo, is anyone going to join me on this challenge!!!!! WHose up for a lil excitement! .. lol - like we don't have enough in our lives now huh!! hehehee
AZ -
posted 3-Oct-2008 11:19am

Hey.. sorry guys.. that's me up there..!! :)
posted 3-Oct-2008 11:26am

6x a day AZ....I dunno...Im gonna feel like an oinker doing that LOL...jk. Hey ya know what...Im down...any lil thing to keep us motivated right. Ok, do on day one for me, I just took my first set of pills, I weigh 201. I go to the gym for 30 mins on my lunch 5 days a week and am gonna start going some weights after next week so....after 4 weeks right? I'll give you an update on the actual weight....sound like a plan stan? I will still give updates weekly as to how I feel, how my pants fit and all that but at the 4 week mark, I will give my actual weight. Woo we go...our very own biggest loser!!! Sweet!! Who else wants to play? grin
AZ -
posted 3-Oct-2008 11:57am

Yeah I know SQ - 6 times a day... but at that point it's just small healthy snacks... a small salad for one... eggs for another... protein bar for another.... it's like you don't eat any REAL meals, I guess that is why you lose more,, you are not putting as much in your body at one time, so your body can actually burn it all up, thus losing more weight.... but I figured.. let's make it fun, ya know! - We can start this Monday!!! WHOO HOO!!! yeah! - I'm excited to see my body lose fat in hyper drive.. lol
AZ -
posted 3-Oct-2008 12:15pm

By the way.. CONGRATS on being down ScorpionQueen!
posted 3-Oct-2008 2:02pm

Hello, I am new to chats but have thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed reading everyone's comments. They all have been very helpful and encouraging. I finally decided to take the Leptitrex plunge-based on research and all of the postings. My overall goal is to lose 15 lbs, but really I want to be lean and not focus so much on the scale. Lost 5 lbs. the first week and still holding at 5 lbs going with second week ending Sunday. I am eating fish, N/F yogurt, blueberries, apples, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, brown rice, legumes (edamame, black beans, etc.) chix breast, egg whites, whole wheat wraps, protein skakes, etc. Basically, I am trying to eat VERY clean. It's killing me sometimes but I know my body is getting the fuel that it needs. I also drink about 3 liters of water. I workout 6 days a week, doing cardio and about 3-4 doing weights (arms, legs, shoulders, tri's, bi's, etc.) Even though the scale isn't moving I feel like I am losing inches. I forgot to take my measurements. I will keep to push through like everyone else!! I hope this helps someone else!

Again, thanks for all of your postings!!!
AZ -
posted 3-Oct-2008 2:07pm

sounds like you are on your way JD! the scale usually doesn't just keep dropping, it will sustain for alil bit, then drop again, My trainer told me that sometimes your body goes into shock, then it will start back up again!
posted 3-Oct-2008 2:10pm

Has anyone experienced any negative effects? I am a little nervous I am going to start smelling like garlic and cheyanne pepper by the smell of the pills.. Has anyone been sucessfull in sending the pills back and receiving a refund?
posted 3-Oct-2008 3:28pm

Yeah, that's another reason why I stopped taking them. My urine was starting to stink like the pills. How attractive. :)
AZ -
posted 3-Oct-2008 3:30pm

ZZ - umm who else is smelling your pee!!! lol - I haven't heard of anyone smelling of any of the spices that are in the pills... that's a new one on me!
posted 4-Oct-2008 1:38am

Hey Guys!

Anonymous--the only negative effects I had were the burning in my stomach and the acne. I actually broke out but now it's getting better. I eat a string cheese with my first set of pills in the morning otherwise it burns like crazy. But that's all the negatives I've had. Oh and not losing anything. haha. ;)

So I tried on a pair of my jeans today that were getting too tight about 2 weeks ago and in the thigh area I can actually grab a little fabric now. I wasn't too excited because the waist didn't seem to fit any better but maybe I'm starting to lose some inches in my butt/ thigh area. I was excited for that at least.
I'm heading into week 3 so it's all downhill from here. The next 14 days will determine if I go for bottle two.

Stay tuned.
posted 4-Oct-2008 4:20pm

I just ordered a couple of bottles. I'm not looking for a miracle in a bottle, but at this price, I sure hope it works. Anyway, I'm noticing several people who have lost weight, but many that say they haven't and are very disappointed. My question is, "How many people whom did not lose weight actually work out?" I'm doing P90X by This is an intense workout series and I've lost about 5 lbs in 3 weeks with only protein shakes as a supplement. Again, another way to really see if the pills are having any effect is to take a measure of your body fat using calipers from different parts of your body; don't just go by the scales.
posted 5-Oct-2008 2:05am

lmao AZ(who is smelling your pee)!!
posted 5-Oct-2008 11:53am

Greets! Really amazing. keep working! Tnx!
posted 5-Oct-2008 8:57pm

Hey dieters!

I've been on a big trip from work and ... *sigh* .. forgot the pills!! *facepalm*
Such a stupid thing to do really, and I just got them. But oh well, I'll start taking them right tomorrow morning. I've also started with Atkins and am really quite happy with it. The strict no carb phase is tough, but it seems to make sense to grow into low carb through induction. I had been thinking about starting Atkins for quite a while and now that I forgot the pills at home I had the pressing need to do *something*, so I just went ahead and started. In just the few days I lost about 5 pounds, I'm so happy! Some of it might be water, but I was on a diet before as well as watching what I ate, so I'm not sure. But anyways, I'll continue with taking the pills and doing Atkins at the same time. Thinking about it, shouldn't Atkins be perfect with the pills? You're supposed to eat mainly high protein foods anyways. Or are there any significant carb/sugar amounts in the pills that I don't know about?

I'm still motivated, I hope everyone else is as well! Keep it up! : )
posted 6-Oct-2008 10:26am

Hey everyone! I did receive my order on Saturday. I started this morning. Already I feel energy. It is great to hear everyone's stories. I am not sure about the whole "smelling the pee" thing. That is too funny! I would agree that you definitely need to work out and eat healthy with any diet that you do. There is no miracle in a bottle. But I am expecting great results and I sure hope I don't have disappointment as others have. Good luck everyone and keep your head up. A positive attitude makes all of the difference in the world.
AZ -
posted 6-Oct-2008 12:22pm

Hello all, well I woke up this morning sick! :( I hate being sick... I'm going to still try to eat my 6 small portions, but we'll see how it goes. I might end up sleeping through a couple of them... Although I do have to say, that on Friday I tried to do it and ended up only eating 5 times, becasue I just couldn't eat anymore.... but on that last meal, I swear I took no more then 10 small bites and I was done! I felt like I was stuffing myself. soo If that is the way it's going to be.. I'm going to be HAPPY doing the 6 meals a day. Barley eating anything, but 6 times a day, and you feel completly full!!! Weight loss here I come!! hehee

Good Luck everyone!
posted 6-Oct-2008 2:32pm

Day 4 of taking the pills. I can fit a pair of jeans that I wasnt able to fit into a couple weeks ago but it could be water weight...Im gonna weigh myself to see if Ive lost anything. I started working out two weeks before taking these pills so we'll see if its given me an edge. I'll keep ya posted.

Day 1 of our 4 week challenge...we'll see how this goes...Im not feelin well either today so im not looking forward to the gym.

I noticed the burning sensation in my stomach as well when I take them. What I found that helps is along with my 16-20oz of water that I drink w the pills, I also drink a protein shake to help cool off that burn. What Ive noticed is that Im fuller longer and the burn isnt there. Im also not as HOT and sweaty as i was the first two days.

posted 6-Oct-2008 4:13pm

Hello all! I started my pills today as well. I followed some of the advice and had some string cheese along with my first 2 pills this morning and didn't experience any burning. I have a ton of energy today as well, but that could just be anticipation of the "new me"!! I'm not a "power" exerciser, but do walk 2 miles at least 5 times a week. Also, I eat fairly healthy, but am trying to do "no carbs" to "low carbs" to get my weight loss started. In addition, I'm drinking water, water, water. I had 2 cups of coffee at home and then started the water as soon as I got to work. I do plan to increase my exercise plan, but also have a 3-year old. Does that count as an exercise program in itself?? By the way, I'm 40 years old, currently weigh 190.5 lbs (but am considered "solid", so I guess I wear it well), and am 5'-8" tall. My doctor has told me that, with my frame and body type, I should ideally weigh between 170-175. Wish me luck!!
posted 6-Oct-2008 5:55pm

Frankie: I have the same issue with my size/weight. I wear it well because Im naturally an athletic person. 175 is my goal weight too! Good luck to ya girlie!!
posted 6-Oct-2008 8:04pm

Hey ya'll I've been trying to order Leptitrex online but for some reason I can't get thru to purchase!!!!.. I'm anxious... is anybody going thru this???
posted 7-Oct-2008 10:33am

Day #2 and I was down from 190.5 to 188.9. I'm sure it's all of the water I've been drinking, but I definitely have more energy. I told myself I wasn't going to eat after 7 p.m. last night, and although I thought about it, I resisted the temptation - and it wasn't hard at all! I'm trying to set an example for my husband and hopefully he'll jump on the bandwagon as well. We've both been pretty hard on ourselves for the weight we've both gained and need to get back on track!!
AZ -
posted 7-Oct-2008 12:37pm

ScorpionQueen - how did you do with your 6 meals yesterday? I only got to 5. - but I was sooo full at 7pm when I ate dinner...a turkey burger..Now that I'm feeling better, I'm going to be eating the 6 meals and going to the gym later on tonight. Hope things are going well.

Congrats Frankie on the loss! it's always a Booster to see the scale go down!
posted 7-Oct-2008 1:49pm

I Have been trying to purchase another bottle and I click on it like I ususally do and nothing happen. Help
posted 7-Oct-2008 1:50pm

Hey Roxy, I see you are having the same problem as I am. I don't see a number anywhere to call either. I am out and I really need to order more.
posted 7-Oct-2008 2:15pm

Hey ya'll... I just got an email back from Saying they sold out.. They don't know when they'll be getting them back in.... I'm anxious!!!!
posted 7-Oct-2008 2:57pm

oh no, sold out. i am in a wedding in two weeks, i am afraid not to have any. does anyone have any other suggestions for pills. has anyone had luck over the counter with anything?
AZ -
posted 7-Oct-2008 3:36pm

e bay, google it, and you have have other sites you can purchase it....

DENI - where are you!!??? did we lose you??
posted 7-Oct-2008 3:46pm

I don't have an account with ebay, i have been searching and no luck. it keeps brining me to a pill called proactal, but it is 100.00. let me know if anyone finds it on another site. My clothes are fitting better and I seem to be losing, I don't want to stop taking it. Also I love that I do not have any bad side effects like I have with other diet pills.
AZ -
posted 7-Oct-2008 4:05pm

well it takes 2 -3 mintues to create an account on E bay... not a big deal.... I haven't searched it so I don't know too much!!
posted 7-Oct-2008 4:30pm

okay thanks, i will try e-bay and see how much they are going for.
posted 7-Oct-2008 5:49pm

AZ: I tried the six meals and only made it to four. But Im building up. Ive lost 5lbs but Im guessing its just water weight but Im staying optimistic. My job just approved a 3 day hour and a half lunch for the gym so Im pretty excited about that. We'll see how it goes after a full week; Im hoping for a solid 5 lb loss but we'll see. Glad youre feeling better.
posted 7-Oct-2008 5:49pm

Did you get headaches at first with these pills....on my second dose I usually get a headache about 2-3 hours afterwards...I drink plenty of water so I was just curious if anyone else was experiencing headaches.
AZ -
posted 7-Oct-2008 7:28pm

cool SQ :) - and no, I don't get headaches. The only thing that happened to me was the Tummy Burn! but I'm ok now, I just eat a small bit of cheese. I made it to 5's hard isn't it.!! it's like you are sooo full, even though you are eating tiny portions.. I was thinking of making them even smaller to see how many meals I can get in there... more cardio, more weights... it's going to be tough! but I'm going to really try hard to get this done! I'm soooo sick and tired of carrying around this extra weight! :(
posted 7-Oct-2008 10:58pm

Just started the pills today along with my girlfriend. Both of us had fluttering heart rates throughout the day. Anybody else felt this? No headaches though. I can't really comment on a first day weight loss. I have lost weight, but I got food poisoning today as well. So, I'll comment when I actually break through the 190 plateau.
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:05am

Omg!!! Everybody Leptitrex has run out for good. They won't be making there pills no more!!!!!!
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:08am

I guess we'll be fatasses forever
posted 8-Oct-2008 10:39am

LMAO @ desperate!!!
Tilly: Who lied to you?
Guys, day 6 of these pills and Im feeling alright...havent noticed a significant amount of weight loss besides the 5lbs of H2O weight...and WTF can you hold 5lbs of water in your body just for no damn reason....WTF! LOL. But my body is a bit of a slow "learner" so it may just be taking a while to kick into gear...I start my weight sessions today so maybe that will help too.
How is everyone else doing.

The headaches went away after this weekend. I dunno what the deal was....maybe it wasnt Lept related.
posted 8-Oct-2008 10:50am

Tilly who told you they are out for good?
I never received a response from

I do go on e-bay last night and there was one seller, but they have never sold anything before so I obviously won't by from them not knowing if it is a scam.
Not what everyone if these are never coming back? Has anyone else done reserach on any others?
And advise would help, I am officialy out and I am down a pant size and lost 15lbs since March.
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:08pm

Hi all,

I just received the response from customer service. It doens't sound good. see below

We are completely sold out. We most likely will not be receiving any shipments under the name Leptitrex. What I hear from the manufacturer is that they will be changing the name and packaging but we haven't heard when that will be happening.



Customer Relations
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:23pm

Well Damn...Tilly, I stand corrected.
Desperate: F**k!!
All: BOOOOOOO on the unknown of changes...oh well. It was fun while it lasted.
AZ -
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:27pm

WOW - does that mean that this thread/ blog will no longer exist?? :( where will we all go!?? - just keep up the exercise and everything else we are doing, the weight will come off.. Don't fret! You don't need a pill to eat right and go to the gym and work out on a regular basis!
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:33pm

I am afraid the weight will come right back now. I know in the past I was taking weight loss pills and I now find that is bad, we need fat loss pills. I am continuing to do research. I need that boost. Let me know if you come across any that sound okay. I will do the same.
AZ -
posted 8-Oct-2008 12:54pm

I'm done with pills after this... I'm going to do what I did before to lose all my fat! Personal trainer! - If this stays open, it would be nice to see what directions everyone takes and what the outcome is... soo everyone, if you are no longer taking the pills, it would still be nice to know what is working for some and not for others...... :) ya know!!
posted 8-Oct-2008 1:41pm

I am here - going through crap at home all you need when trying to lose weight!!! Have lost a couple of lbs with the tea but nothing
AZ -
posted 8-Oct-2008 2:17pm

Awww Deni, I'm sorry to hear that! - well try to keep your head up, hope to hear some better news soon! from both of our ends!!!! lol
posted 8-Oct-2008 10:32pm

I havnt been taking these pills since july 2008 and I lost almost 15 pounds on one bottle... and have retained my weight... that's why I been trying to purchase the bottle again.. I am soooo bummed I really am cuz Leptitrex really did work it was a big booster for me... if anybody finds anything effective please let me know.
posted 9-Oct-2008 10:26am

I hear ya Roxy. It has really helped me as well. I did alot of reserach yesterday on different pills and alot of them were 90.00 to 100.00 and there is no way I could afford that, and some of the sites seemed a little sketchy. So I went to Walgreens last night and bought xenadrine. I have taken this before. It was 30.00. I figure it might not work as well, but I feel I need a booster with my diet and exercise. So we'll see, I will keep you posted. I took my first one this am and then drank a protein/low carb shake like I did with Leptitrex and I am not feeling any bad side effects.
posted 9-Oct-2008 12:31pm

I hope it works for you.. I've tooken zantrax3 and that made me feel like I was on crack... tnen I took hoodia That did nothing for me I've tried a lot... I just need a hunger supperessant.. I did some research as well and I think ima try METABOLIFE ULTRA CAFFIENE FREE...its suppose to curb hunger... so ima try and keep you updated.. Take care and Good luck to all!!!!
posted 9-Oct-2008 6:52pm

Has anybody tried buying Leptitrex from ebay???
posted 10-Oct-2008 10:37am

Whoever that seller is on eBay has 98 bottles of Lept...grab them! If they arent real, you can send it back for a full refund and if the seller wont refund, paypal will. May take about 2 weeks but you'll get your $ back.
AZ -
posted 10-Oct-2008 11:24am

Soooo Scorpion Queen, how are you doing with eating the 6 meals a day! I thought I gained weight actually, but weighed myself this morning and I've lost 3.3 pounds!! WOW!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I'm almost at 140 - just need another 10 pounds to go!!! slowly but surely getting there.
posted 10-Oct-2008 12:42pm

Yeah, I have tried most of the over the counter pills and they make you jittery. That's what I loved about Leptitrex there was no side effects. I figured I would give it a shot. Today is day two and I feel better than I did yesterday so we'll see.
I noticed that there is one seller on e-bay, but haven't giving it a try, i was a bit skeptical ordering pills off of someone that has no reputation on e-bay.
I wonder why they are pulling leptirtrex, the lady said if it comes back it will be under a different name and packagaing. I wonder??
AZ -
posted 10-Oct-2008 1:06pm

Have any of you tried Nutrisystem?? when I was 160 pounds, I did, and I lost 15 pounds in 2 months!!! it seems expensive, but for all the food you get, it saves in grocery bills - I lost it and only gained 5 pounds back, but didn't go on it again since.... just an idea you might want to try.... but yeah, I'm just saving for my personal trainer!!! I'm determined to look HOT!!! in my bikini next summer!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! lol
posted 10-Oct-2008 4:27pm

Hey all! Well I am really impressed with the Lepitrex. I feel the best I have felt in a long time. I am on day 4 and have lost 3 lbs. I feel great. I am rather disappointed that they are not producing Lepitrex under the same name or packaging anymore. This makes me worry that they will also change the ingredients too. I guess I will just keep on exercising and eating small portions 6 times a day and finish out my bottle. Good luck to everyone.
posted 11-Oct-2008 12:52am

Omg!!! I think I regret it!!! I automatically bought the pills on ebay and have not heard back from the guy!!!!.. I'm so pist!!! I'm hoping he just hasn't checked his account.. I'm so upset... its been since yesterday.. I hope he comes thru.. Cuz the money came directly out of my account... I can't help but to beat myself up about it
posted 11-Oct-2008 12:57am

Scorpionqueen... did you buy the pills on ebay??.. If so, when??.. Have you heard back?.. I havnt set up my paypal yet.. But if I do soon.. Will I still be covered if he doest come thru... it was a dumb move but sadley, I was desperate!
Please let me know asap
posted 11-Oct-2008 6:36pm

Anyone tried Zylorin?
posted 11-Oct-2008 7:15pm

Where you find that Rose?
posted 12-Oct-2008 5:03pm

on the website review of diet pills along with Fenphedra, have ordered the latter but with a few misgivings we shall see
posted 12-Oct-2008 11:40pm

I wouldn't trust
posted 12-Oct-2008 11:44pm

I wouldn't trust... most websites you go to are fake, the ratings and all about it
posted 13-Oct-2008 12:49pm


Have you heard back from the seller on e-bay? I am still taking Xenadrine RF-1 or A something like that, but I get headaches and fill jittery. With Leptitrex, I did not get these feelings.
posted 13-Oct-2008 3:55pm

Desperate that's not good!!!...hold off on the piils and I'll let you know if this ebay guy is good.. Then you can order Leptitrex from him.. He has less then 100 bottles left! I actually did hear back , thank god.. I should be receiving it 3 to 7 bussiness days I ordered it on the 9th.. Hopfully sooner!
posted 13-Oct-2008 4:19pm

oh okay perfect, let me know how it goes. Thank You
posted 14-Oct-2008 10:42am

Hey desperate, my email is In case this chain diapears
posted 14-Oct-2008 11:14am

Hi Ladies,
Sorry for the late reply; Ive been a little busy with planning this wedding.
Miss AZ: The six meals are actually going good. I have managed to do it 4x a week and am building up to all 7 days because there are some days where I can only hold in 5 little meals. Ive lost the 5 lbs but nothing more...I think my body is just lagging big time on losing the fat but Im holding strong. I will probably buy another bottle off of the eBay guy and when I do, I will spread the news...good or bad. But I usually trust eBay sellers so we will see...Im a little sceptical still...but am going to do it anyway. I think this stuff ROCKS!!

posted 14-Oct-2008 1:38pm

What ebay guy scorpionqueen?.... sadley to say I got a message from the ebay guy.. "Yourlifenutrion" who he is and he refunded my money cuz he said Leptitrex was sold out so there's no way he can sell it.. So I'm bummed out now.. I was thinkin of trying metabolife caffiene free... anyone try it?.. I'm gonna try it
posted 14-Oct-2008 2:42pm

ROXY: frown Same guy.
I havent tried anything else except Lipovox and a green tea extract type pills....both not as helpful as far.
posted 14-Oct-2008 2:57pm

I started back again - but now I am doing P90X along with diet and the pills. I will let ya know how it's going next week. So far Tony Horton is kicking my butt on these videos!
posted 15-Oct-2008 8:38pm

I just recieved a shipment using Ebay and had no issues with the seller named fibersyn, who has many transactions and positive feedback...however, when I went back to make sure of his name, I noticed that he is no longer selling fact, when I did a search on EBAY for other sellers, there were do I now have the last three bottles?
posted 16-Oct-2008 3:05am

I hate you!!!! Above
posted 16-Oct-2008 5:21am

hey all been taking leptitrex for a week now and all i can say is wow!! ive dropped 10lb and feel fantastic!!! if any1 is worried about a hot burning sensation, bare with it!! i too had it it soon goes!!!
posted 16-Oct-2008 9:02am

I have already lost 4lbs in 3 days! Hope it keeps coming off. Who ever suggested a bite of cheese with the pills, Thanks it totally takes care of the burning and sick feeling. These pills just make you feel better - and with no side effects. Good Luck Everyone!
posted 16-Oct-2008 9:03am

Kitty 2 - Congrats on the 10lbs! Are you eating a specific diet plan or doing any exercise along with these pills?
posted 16-Oct-2008 7:29pm

So now I guess the question can be raised, if you find yourself running low of Leptitrex and cannot find the product, what will you do?

1. Take nothing and see if you continue with the weight loss using the exact same diet and exercise program that you used while taking the pills?

2. Take nothing but change your diet and exercise program in anticipation of potential weight gain?

3. Find an alternative product such as DecaSlim, Ephedrasil Hardcore, or Anoretix?
posted 17-Oct-2008 4:59am

thanks bb!!! yes sticking away from the carbs and eating plenty of protein... chicken, tuna, salmon, lean bacon and plenty of eggs!!! and exercise is just walking on a treadmill for 20mins!!!! congrats on ur 4lbs though keep it up!!!
posted 17-Oct-2008 2:34pm

Gmahler - what are you going to do???

I've already stated what I'm going to do... but I'm just curious what you are going to do??
posted 17-Oct-2008 7:21pm

Well AZ, luckily I have 3 months before I need to decide since I managed to acquire 3 bottles from Ebay, so it will depend on how much more I need to lose at that point in time....
posted 20-Oct-2008 11:02am

yeah I have 2 more bottles myself... So we will see where I stand. I think in the end the personal trainer will be the best bet for me. - Just need to get past these crazy Holidays without gaining all the lost weight back. :(
posted 23-Oct-2008 12:06pm

soooo did everyone drop off the site or what??
posted 23-Oct-2008 12:17pm

Hi everyone,

So I am still taking the xenadrine, mo more side effects. I had them the first week. I was walking 2 1/4 miles about 3-4 times a week and doing good not eating alot of crabs. This past week, I have not walked and have been splurging but I still weigh myself daily and have not gained any weight staying at 142. I still have weight to lose, so I need to get back on track and continue walking and watch the carbs. The weather is colder so I am hungry, or leptitirex really did work, cause I wasn't not hungry on it. How is everyone else doing? I would be happy to lose 10 more lbs. If I could get to 130 I would take it. I realize I will never be a size 4 anymore. lol
posted 23-Oct-2008 12:23pm

I'm right there with you Desperate.. I keep losing track of my goal. I'm almost to the point where I'm going to post picts of my in a bikini all around my house so that I can constantly be reminded that I need to get my BUTT to the gym .. lol - and it's bad becasue my husband is an enabler.. he needs to go too, but if I say I don't want to, he will be like.. "OK" and that's it.... but when I want to.. I MAKE him go.. I wish he would do the same for me.. Just call me FAT, that's enough to get me up and going again..... Nevertheless.. I can't remember to keep taking the pills, I was never good at that!!! - but I'm trying, as well as trying to eat 6 times a day. I have been doing well with the food intake. haven't weighed myself... just got off "that time" so I'm a lil worried.. lol - but we'll see... maybe later.. hehee :)

Got home from School this morning and went on a jog before I started work, so that was nice..... well... Hope everyone keeps updateing.. I like to read them.. it's always encouraging.. if not, then maybe it'll push others to work harder... :) -
posted 24-Oct-2008 10:10pm

So what are we going to do without leptitrex????? I need help!!!!! I bought lepovox and its not the same!!!!
Im begining to wonder if something wrong happened with the pills, why they stop making the pills if the pills work??? Somebody.... I need help!!! Im desperate.....
posted 25-Oct-2008 10:11pm

Hey ya'll ... FEGI.... I feel you girl.. I've been on metabolife for about almost a week.. And in 4 days I lost about almost 3 pounds... I Miss Leptitrex.. Cuz I felt som much better when I was on them... that's true.. If it was this Fabulouse product ..which it was... why would they take them off??. That smells alittle fishy..don't ya think?... anybody on diet pills actually good for you?.. I want diet pills that have the 10 superfoods.. Anybody have good results on anything?..please let me know!!!
posted 25-Oct-2008 10:20pm

posted 25-Oct-2008 10:25pm

..Sounds like somebody needs to get laid
posted 26-Oct-2008 11:52pm

posted 27-Oct-2008 8:52am

Hey all,
I recently ordered two more bottles from a seller on ebay and I recieved them within 4 days. In could only afford 2 bottles but the seller had 98 when I ordered.
posted 27-Oct-2008 11:09am

WOW!!! - I think hormonal is hungry!! she said she doesn't eat! I think that is why she is so angry!.... lol - anyways...I just wanted to say Hello, I'm still working out 5 days a week, and eating well, but I have to admit that my Husband and I have been drinking (alcohol) more then we should!! and that has contributed to the weight gain, no matter if we are eating the 6 meals a day and exercising 5 days a week, it's still not enough to counter-act the alcohol, and I knew that... Just been tired and ...... ok no excuses, I need to stop and I know it! it's a new week, and it's back on track for me! - I have still been taking the Liptitrex, don't feel any different anymore, I wonder if my body got used to them... oh well, I will continue till they are gone... good luck everyone!
posted 28-Oct-2008 12:16am

Captower... hey you still ordered Leptitrex?
posted 28-Oct-2008 5:56pm

wow skinny bioootch, the bioootch part, fits you perfect. who the hell do you think you are saying all that crap to all of us.

not everyone is fortunate (genes) to be able to eat what you want and stay skinny. oh i forgot you don't eat. that's practical.

what the hell are you doing on this site anyway if you are so perfect. if i was so skinny the last place i would be is on a diet pill website bitch!!!!

by the way, i eat healthy and do exercise, that doesn't always work.

i feel so sorry for your 5 kids to have a bitch as mom as you. get a life!!!!
posted 29-Oct-2008 10:11am

Dont buy lepovox, they dont work!!! as Leptitrex, Anybody try something diferent what about orovo???
posted 30-Oct-2008 5:35pm

I have been taking xenadrine rfa or something like this. I just finished 1 month supply and lost a few more pounds. I am now 140. I have been eating a little bad as well and still loosing. Had side effects the first few days, but I stuck with it and no more side effets. Still trying to cut back on carbs.
posted 1-Nov-2008 11:35am

I was doing research and I definitely am gonna try Decaslim... I am currently taking metabolife ultra.. Its kinda working I lost 3 pounds the first week.. And that's about it
posted 3-Nov-2008 4:05pm

Hey Roxy,

I just read a little about Decaslim. It sounds promising. Let me know if you order it and how it goes.
posted 3-Nov-2008 9:15pm


posted 4-Nov-2008 11:04am

EV if you read above, it seems that Liptitrex has stopped making the product. My Husband and I think that a larger company bought them out and is going to make it their own..... You will probably see a New weight loss product come out saying, formally known as liptitrex....
posted 4-Nov-2008 2:12pm


posted 4-Nov-2008 2:52pm

Wait!!!!!.... they already selling the new leptitrex???

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