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Lipo 6


Lipo 6 is a stimulant-based "fat burner" with 6 active ingredients made by Nutrex.


There are actually two versions of Lipo 6. The old version contain Ephedra, the new one does not (because Ephedra was banned due to health risks).

The 5 common ingredients are: Caffeine, Coleus Forskohlii, Guggulsterones, Bioperine, and Yohimbe. The non-Ephedra version has Synephrine instead.

Many of these ingredients are stimulants. Others are natural extracts which likely have little to no effect in small doses. They are safe, but likely ineffective.


For the past decade or so, "fat burner" supplements have been common. Lipo 6 is yet another in a field of many products. Ephedra-based supplements have shown to help people lose weight. But, Ephedra was banned because it might kill you. Reviews seem mixed about these new, non-Ephedra products.


Taking a pill to lose weight is perhaps a dream. But, most experts would say that for real, long-term, weight loss, one needs to cut calories and increase exercise.


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  25-Apr-2006 8:44am created by bill

posted 18-May-2006 5:07pm

i've been using Lipo 6 for about a month. I haven't lost a single pound. It seems to have a "stimulant' effect that helps me push my workouts up a notch.
posted 18-May-2006 7:51pm

So, do you think it's helping you get into better shape?
posted 12-Sep-2006 5:12pm

more tired and more hungary have ganed a couple of pounds, bad poo smelly farts
posted 30-Sep-2006 3:22am

I have tried it and it gave me heart palpitations. My blood pressure went up to the roof.
posted 15-May-2009 8:10am

I tried it expecting good results as it suggested to me by someone who really knows what they're talking about. I'd advise people to stay clear of it. It works well as a stimulant, and does suppress appetite if taken on an hour empty stomach. However, the thermogenic effect is questionable and the withdrawal symptoms horrible. I took a week off work to get off them.
posted 31-May-2009 1:34pm

I tried Lipo6x about a year and a half ago. I did feel a slight increase in energy, but no thermogenic effects at all. I maintained my same eating and exercise habits but did not notice a change in weight loss at all. :(
posted 30-Oct-2009 2:25am

Only have experience with the newer version. It didn't do much for me at all. Maybe 2lbs in 4 weeks.
posted 4-Jan-2010 6:08pm

I lost 10 pounds using it. just make sure to excercise too
posted 1-Jun-2010 3:54pm

I've been taking lipo 6 for a month not any weight loss but increased energy for working out. Trying to stop taking them but feel sluggish and tired if I don't. I also have irregular bowel movements when I stop taking it.

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