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Lipozene is a diet pill that was advertised heavily on TV.


The TV advertisements starts with this statement:

"Are you overweight? Has it gotten so out of control that you've considered liposuction of other surgery? Well, you're not alone..."

Lipozene capsules consist of 100% natural fiber, named Propol. Lipozene" contains Glucomannan/Propol, which is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the Konjac Root, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Lipozene contains no ephedra.


In early 2006, Lipozene came on the scene. It is made by Obesity Research Institute LLC.


Lipozene is a fiber pill. There are cheaper and easier ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Clearly, they've named the pill "lipo" to play off the ides of liposuction (which is a surgical procedure that has nothing at all to do with this fiber pill).


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  28-Feb-2006 12:32pm created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 8:26am last update by bill

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posted 13-Apr-2006 11:34am

posted 14-Apr-2006 4:13pm

posted 14-Apr-2006 4:17pm

posted 21-Apr-2006 11:35am

I purchased this product last week for 29.95 which was one bottle plus one free bottle = 30 day supply. She tried to get me to purchase other things, but I said no. I got everything in the mail that I said I didn't want. Now, I have to ship back the 3 big bottles and they will NOT pay shipping..I have to.
posted 26-Apr-2006 12:52pm

posted 26-May-2006 12:29pm

On a search today at PubMed and Medline (the 2 largest medical study databases), I found NOTHING on lipozene. False claims of a double-blind study? They didn't bother to publish it. This is a problem.

To lose weight: exercise more, eat less. This is the ONLY way to keep it off. Forget all these pills you are getting suckered into buying. Start off with walking 30 minutes a day, eat a healthy breakfast and some healthy snacks during the day. Do NOT starve yourself.
posted 28-May-2006 9:03am

thank you anonymous for your posting on may 26, 2006. I will definitely take your advice. I lost weight the way you suggest and without any pills, last year but i moved far from the gym and lost all sense of direction and gained the weight back and then some. Decided to try these pills but thanks to your advice, they will not get my 30 bucks. I will take that money and buy some healthy foods with it. Thank you for the encouragement!
posted 28-May-2006 1:10pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:23pm

Thanks for the info from all I will not waste my time and money on lipozene I especially want to thank the individual that stated that they couldnt find a study on the pill thanks again to all

posted 30-May-2006 11:39am

I used lipozene for the whole 30 days and did not lose 1 single pound of fat. I went on a great diet and exercise often, but no fat loss from this pill. However, I noticed that my penis grew I swear at least 2-3 inches. No joke! And it does not go away, it is as if it made my penis grow permanently.
posted 1-Jun-2006 10:16am

Don't know about the penial enlargement maybe they can try a different marketing aspect. But what I need to know is if it contains ephdra or anything similar I am allergic and don't want to pay money to just have a anxiety attack.
posted 1-Jun-2006 2:57pm

Lipozene contains no ephedra. .. I don't know about "similar" things, though.
posted 2-Jun-2006 1:18pm

what side affects do lipozene have
posted 2-Jun-2006 11:39pm

well thanks for the info. have been trying the no carbs, and it is working for me, also i'm not on it fully. i do have it at least once a week and also exercise. the 1st 3 weeks i have lost 10 lbs.
posted 3-Jun-2006 5:42am

i work 13 hour shifts six days a week how do i get my daily source of exersice without jeopardizing sleep
posted 4-Jun-2006 9:26pm

Instead of using this pill, which I have not tried, I suggest trying Omega 3 which has been said to burn belly fat if it is taken right before a vigorous walk for at least 45 minutes. The article with this info was in Woman's World or Woman's Day.
posted 8-Jun-2006 12:59pm

Too sleepy to exercise? Not feeling -- perverted? Try Desk Yoga! It gives you energy and a sense of perversion and helps you lose weight!
posted 8-Jun-2006 3:03pm

what are the dang side affects duck.
posted 9-Jun-2006 9:50am

posted 9-Jun-2006 5:49pm

Did any of the people who too this pill take it the way it should have been taken. Did you work out the way you should have? I am a constant gym person so I was just wondering if you tried walking or working out of if you just took the pill.
posted 10-Jun-2006 10:34am

I've wasted money on a lot of different pills for weight loss and almost did on Lipozene until I read all of your comments. What it comes down to is less calories & more exercise. Makes sense.Get rich quick or lose weight fast...blah, blah. It's all a gimmick.
posted 11-Jun-2006 12:34am

I tried it and gave some to my husband.. It gave me the craps and my husbands penis didnt increase!! BIG WASTE OF MONEY>>> SMALL REWARDS
posted 11-Jun-2006 8:15am

When you lose belly fat your penis will look larger !
posted 11-Jun-2006 8:21am

Walking and running is not the way to lose weight its all in the swimming pool. Stretch alot and eat alot at least 6 times a day. Eat what your blood type requires. But water is the main solution. Take all intake with at least 3, 8 oz glasses of water.
posted 12-Jun-2006 7:16pm

posted 14-Jun-2006 8:50pm

Well looking at everyones comments just makes me laugh.Everyone has a different body type,blood type,genes, etc.You can't go by what everyone is saying.Just buy the product and try it for yourself,eat right,workout, all that good mumbo-jumbo.If it doesnt work just send it back.I just got my order today and planning on starting it this Sunday.If it doesnt work oh well!More working out!.I think the people who are complaining are the ones that look at these types of infomercials hoping to find that magic pill and its never gonna happen!You cant just swallow the pill and expect fat to start pouring out your ass and sweating out your pores!Work it out!
posted 16-Jun-2006 10:05pm

i need to know if there are any side affect from taking these pills is there any one that have experience any affects
posted 17-Jun-2006 6:15pm

no side affects at all
posted 19-Jun-2006 12:11pm

If anyone desides to follow the direction on the box please POST IT. SO the guys with the male enhancment how did you use the pills?
posted 20-Jun-2006 5:48am

Not everyone can lose weight by "proper"eating and exercise. I limit my caloric intake to 1000 calories a day which is no sweets and limited fats. I eat tons of vegetables and eat healthy foods. I walk 45 minutes a day at lunch time and when I come home I either work outside in the yard or use our elliptical for at least a half an hour a day. I am still 60 pounds overwieght and have not lost one single pound in the last three months of this regime. I keep doing it though because the exercise is good for me no matter what. So to the duh person- even diet and exercise isn't always the "magic" pill. And by the way, yes I am under the care of a doctor and have worked with a dietician.
posted 21-Jun-2006 3:56pm

just remember that muscles you tend to build up by exercising do weigh more that fat does
posted 21-Jun-2006 4:18pm

i think trying it would be not so much of a waste of time , its not its expenseve, im going to try it and see what i think and i will get back to you.
posted 22-Jun-2006 8:57pm

its funny how people advertise weight loss pills on tv and online and they never work,i my friend tried relacore and she says it doesnt work so no matter what product they show on tv or anywhere else it want work if u really want to loose weight eat helthy foods exercise daily and stay away from sweets and drink plenty of water i rather try the adkins diet than som pill they come up with that advertised on television. adkins diet does work try it.
posted 22-Jun-2006 9:02pm

these diet pill or so bogus they never work and if they do work u will have alot of side effects which is not healty birthcontrol pills have side effects so what make u think diet pills want they are harmful you want to loose weight get out and run walk or something and stop depending on these pill cause 60 out of a hundred they dont work those people advertising on tv had surgery done to get rid of their weight and their getting paid to advertise these fake ass products on television.
posted 22-Jun-2006 9:05pm

all weight loss pills are not worth buying u will be just wasting your money if u want to loose weight give up the sweets and drink plenty of water.
posted 22-Jun-2006 9:09pm

wake up people pills is not going to get fat off of u if u weigh 360lbs how many pills do it take to loose 30 or half of that its not worth it. U want to loose weight get your ass up and jog run or something and stop depending on pilss to help loose the weight u put on.
posted 24-Jun-2006 9:59am

The magic pill right? The only way to get rid of fat is to stop eating fat!!! Not to say you can buy a bag of fat free chips and eat the whole bag! MODERATION!!!! Get out and take a walk. Start for 15 minutes for about a week, then bring it up to 30 minutes. The next thing you know you have lost weight. And best of all, walking is FREE!!!!
posted 25-Jun-2006 12:46am

All you people that say oh the pills do not work that all you need to do is exercise and drink plenty of water. That mat work for you but there are people have are doing that right now and are still overweight. I currently eat healthy, take walks, Play outside with my 3 yr old son, water aerobics, and I only drink water. Been doing this since the 1st of the yr and nothing. I and going to get this because it seems like the only way that this weight I have is going to come off.
posted 25-Jun-2006 11:59am

I was doing research on this for my husband and found that Lipozene is mostly a fiber supplement. But, is it true- will his penis grow 2-3 inches?!!
posted 25-Jun-2006 1:37pm

I had weight loss surgery in 1995 (not gastric bypass but something simular). I lost 80lbs in 1yr but my weight loss stopped and now I have gained 50 of those lbs back. I still don't eat much at one time but now my body has learned to store the calories I guess. The two diets I have found that work the best for me are Nutra System (which can cost a lot) or Adkins (quicker fix but not very healthy from what I hear). I have never found a diet pill that works for me.
posted 25-Jun-2006 9:39pm

i know everyone wants to have an opinion about diet pills, working and not working. i do agree that the solution for weight loss is different for every person, so it's just subjective to tell people if you do x,y, and z, you'll get the results you want.
i personally have tried an culmination of things. since the beginning of 2006, i've lost 15 lbs. i changed my dietary habits and went pescan (a vegetarian that occassionally eats seafood), which caused me to watch what i ate. i think that's really important, to be attentive to your body and what you eat, how it affects you, and if the consequences of what you consume positive or negative. i also supplement my diet with hoodia (an herbal supplement that helps supress your appetite) and diet supplement that HAS worked for me. i also excersize regularly.
i haven't put any of the weight back, and i'm completely content with the diet i've chosen for myself. and if i chose to try lipozene, it'll be of my own choice, regardless of nay sayers and genital enlagements. and i would just suggest to anyone that is curious to try it, to use it as suggested and take precausions.
oh, and it says the possible side effects (not affects) are that there are non, but like other dietary supplements, i'd suggest drinking lots of water to keep from dehydrating.
posted 26-Jun-2006 12:15am

is the pill lipozene good for a person with high blood pressure?
posted 26-Jun-2006 12:24pm

lipozene is FIBER. its good for anyone. there are no side effects. i think most people here are pretty rude the way they message back to people who are only curious about the product. everyones body is different. i lost 8 pounds in one week using these pills and im only 50 pounds overweight. that doesnt mean that the next person will lose anything. yes, eating right and exercise are very important. however, cutting fat completely out of your diet is not. if your body doesnt have what it needs, it will make fat out of other things you take for penis enlargement, ha ha ha!!! if this pill makes your penis grow, then eating high fiber food should also! its called fat loss people! the fatter you are the smaller you look!!!!
posted 27-Jun-2006 3:30pm

1lb of muscle ways the same as a pound of fat. A pound is a pound. It just takes less muscle to make up a pound than it takes fat.
posted 27-Jun-2006 10:03pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:16pm

I pound of muscle is more dense than fat. This stuff is Konjac root. It is a fiber that expands in the stomach and makes people feel stuffed so that they dont want to eat. This suppresses the apetitie by expanding and filling up the stomach. That doesnt sound healthy. Why dont your people pic up a health book and read about what your body needs. Give it what it needs and you will be healthy. Thats what it is. any questions email me at
posted 28-Jun-2006 12:12pm

these comments are hilarious, thanks!!! I've tried some diet pills that never worked for me, so I am hesitant about ordering Lipozene. I try to exercise, but I get drained fast and tired. I gained about 20-30 extra pounds after having two kids-any advice on trying to lose this? Please HELP!!
posted 28-Jun-2006 7:51pm

You KNOW if you're just too lazy, you KNOW if you eat the wrong stuff. You KNOW if your lifestyle is killing you. You KNOW what you need to do. One year ago i was lazy, 325 pounds, and completely down on myself. I got my lazy butt up, got a job in construction, and stopped eating like a heathen. I dont follow any diet, i just eat what feels natural, not healthy. I eat until im hungry no more instead of eating until im full. I push myself to the physical limit EVERY DAY. I've gained a lot of lean muscle, which burns more fat, im nowhere near buffed or ripped, but my muscle is increasing and fat decreasing slowly but surely. I'm prepared for it to take a long time, maybe even forever. Every day im better than the day before. I'm convinced that work is the only way... use all of your energy and then some, every day. period.
Dig a hole then fill it up, or maybe even do something productive for yourself or your elderly parents. I'm ashamed it took 30 years to come to such a simple plan... put out more than you take in. be efficient, stop looking for gimmicks.
posted 28-Jun-2006 7:53pm

oh btw im now 250, and falling... forgot to put that in the post above lol
posted 28-Jun-2006 10:17pm

good for you, that's great
posted 29-Jun-2006 11:53am

whoever made the comment about muscle weighing more than fat needs to go back to elementary school. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat are both still a pound, muscle is just more dense than fat. Therefore you can be smaller and still weigh the same as you did when you were fat if you lost the fat and built muscle instead.
posted 29-Jun-2006 6:15pm

my wife just ordered this stuff. I don't care if it works or not. If she believes it works, she may do the other things she needs to do to lose weight (eat healthier, exercise). I have found nothing in my research to suggest that this pill works, but if this is all my wife needs to get her going, I'm all for it.
posted 29-Jun-2006 7:39pm

WOW, different oinions on the pill. Honestly I just came on the sight to check out info on the pill after seeing the ocmmercial, and I am glad I did. I was considering buying the pill, but reading your ocmments reminded me how I lost 80 pounds about 3 years ago. LOTS of water exercising, and 1200 calories a day. Dieting is not the answer for me. Then I made a lifestyle change and was doing great. I have since then allowed myself to go back to old habits and have gained 40 pounds back. Time to take control of my life again. Thanks to those of you who put serious comments on the board.
posted 30-Jun-2006 12:51am

I think there are some unfortunate people who cant lose extra weight due to medical and other insurmountable reasons. Perhaps for them this may be beneficial.

To the other 99% of the people in the world, the voice in your head justifying why you dont have time to excercise, telling you why other people hate how you look and you need to be rail thin to be attractive, the voice telling you you cant do it, you need to order some pills.. is the same imaginary voice that some people believe is "personal power" after a coffee colonic and a 2nd glance from a fake blonde.


Stop listening to your imagination and listen to your body. If you arent lucky enough to be active at work, you must work even harder to find time to tend to yourself. if you become a vessel for energy instead of a conduit, you will take on the weight of that energy, and even worse you will deny that energy to its rightful owner, the world.

How are you gonna feel after fooling yourself into losing 20 pounds when you realize you cheated and you put 40 back on later?

you take it off the way you put it on, over years, and with effort.

Stop reading this crap
posted 30-Jun-2006 1:41am

are there any side-effects from lipozene
posted 30-Jun-2006 6:57pm

Ok guys its a suppliment. Key word here is suppliment. You take it while working out. If your caloric intake is too low your body will go into starvation mode. Here you will lose no weight. If you stomache goes down your penis will appear to grow. If your working out you will lose fat and gain muscle, thus gaining weight. To find out if it is realy working, simply go to Golds Gym and ask for their free body fat test. After you get these number simply excercise take your suppliments and watch your caloric intake somewhere at about 80% of your bezo rate. This will help you to lose weight. A lifestyle change is needed most of the time do these things and you will lose weight. Stay away from excess this is where people fail most of the time. There is such a thing as too much of a good tasting thing. Stay away from saturated fats this is a gaurenteed way to plump up. These are the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.
posted 30-Jun-2006 11:58pm

Ok, I just stated taking it this week. Ive lost 6 pounds and then almost 1 inch in my waist. I drink the required amount of water and follow what they say on the box. I think people need to keep in minde that they say this is intened for people who are SERIOUSLY overweight not for people who want to loose 10 pounds or dont excersice and eat healthy. So before you bash this pill try it!!!
posted 1-Jul-2006 12:03am

I take it & I LOVE it!! Ive tryed ATON of things before this that didnt work. Ive never been overweight but do to rescent deaths in my family I found food a source to stop my pain. Well now Ive taken back my life. Ive been taking this for 4 weeks, Ive lost almost 25 pounds now, so Ill be the first to tell you it works. just make sure you excersise and DRINK water. GOOD LUCK!! (and it does work)
posted 1-Jul-2006 12:05am

PS from above: the only side effects ive had so far are, mild stomach cramps and some disgusting burps!! But dont worry thats about the worst of it!!! :)
posted 2-Jul-2006 12:46pm

This pill is just like having you gallbladder taked out.. I should know I had surgery in 2003 and i pooed everything i ate and know it is 2006 and it stopped I started taking lipozene and it started back again. I take 4 pills a day with the metabup and it just doesn't store the fat on your body it flushes it right back out the key is that you take the tabs in the morning drink a 8oz of water and wait 30 mins before eating breakfast and eat a light lunch and then have a healthy dinner it is good with a salad and you will start seeing results. Everyone is different everyone doesn"t lose weight the same. It is a fat burner!!!
posted 2-Jul-2006 2:21pm

Well, first to the woman whose says that her penis grew, I hope that you are either up too late and need some serious rest (your response posted @ 12:01 am)or you are trying to get those wishful-thinking men out there (who state that their penis grew) to see how stupid that response really is. I'm sure that their bellies were large and that they had not seen IT for quite a while, and once their bellies went down a couple of inches (so that they could see IT), they chose to believe that "IT had grown!" rather than, "My belly had lost some of its fat and I can see IT ow!" You know MOST men, if it is not a sexual subject why are we wasting time talking about it?
Now, about the Lipozene, believe me it can, and will work. Follow the directions, at least 3-8 oz. glasses of water plus whatever else you drink, and taken just before or after meals. It is a fiber pill, and fiber will cause a sense of fullness (thus less eating) and more frequent bowel movements, thus ridding your body of waste more often than usual. Do try to walk about 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week, exercise may tire you out at first, but after getting into a routine, I promise that your outlook on life will change and you will have more energy and rest better at night too. Before you go to sleep, do a little inspirational/uplifting reading if possible. I keep my daily devotional on my nightstand--Good thoughts before drifing into La-La Land. PS Who knows, a little GOOD reading might make SOMEONE out there better where it counts--in the heart.
posted 2-Jul-2006 8:42pm

have you people ever thought that you are losing weight and that in replacement of the weight you have gain muscle weight, ummmmmmmmmm think about that dumbies!
posted 2-Jul-2006 8:44pm

For those of you who said the the pills didnt work,
maybe they didnt work because you dont have that much weight to loose. They have found it to be true that the heavier you aer the more chance you have of looosing weight with the pills, so just because they didnt work for you lighter people doesnt mean that they will not work for us heavier people. And for the heavier people that took it and it didnt work, it is probly because your depressed, and depression causes weight gain.
posted 4-Jul-2006 6:19pm

I bought this Lipozene as a way to increase my weight loss on my sensible diet and exercise program... as I started taking them... I became more attracted to my pet cow.
posted 5-Jul-2006 4:22pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:23pm

Drink green tea no sugar, lots of water and eat healthy people. That means leave the sweets, and sodas alone. Try it for 30 days oh and don't forget to walk or ride a bike for 30 minutes a day atleast 3 to 5 days a week. I'll check back in 30 days to see who tried it out. DOC.....
posted 6-Jul-2006 12:44pm

I ordered off TV. They said they would record. I hope they did. I paid with my debit-credit card. They gave it out. I told them DO NOT SEND ANY OTHER STUFF, DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION OUT. They did. They gave my card number. So please people be careful! I was a fool for trusting them. All that crap they want you to get"FREE" I told NO, now my checking account is screwed up from people they gave my card number to. So just be careful. Pissed Off
posted 6-Jul-2006 5:47pm

I eat healthy people.
posted 7-Jul-2006 1:51am

to all the people who tried the pill thanks for your opinions iam going to try them i really beleave that they work and iam waiting on my pills but i will not return to this web site again to many perverts on here they are negative peoples and plain old nasty.
posted 8-Jul-2006 1:01am

Purchase Glucomannan from any other manufacturer... it is the same stuff. Glucomannan is a WS fiber that expands to 40X it's dry size (which is why you need to drink water). It adds fiber to the diet, slows down digestion, and gives you the feeling of being full. Thats it.
posted 8-Jul-2006 2:36am

I thank you for the information, as I get closer to my obese death(murder) I find myself getting more and more desperate and these commertials are more and more attractive, its a crime to feed on peoples frailtys and even worst to circle them like vultures as they slowly perish, thank god I haven't lost my mind completely yet.

OH natural cures they don't want us to know about book got me - after 20 years I finally became a succer.
posted 8-Jul-2006 2:40pm

i took it and lost 75 pounds
posted 8-Jul-2006 4:10pm

If you order it DON'T pay the extra shipping charge to "get it in 5-7 days". It's a scam, just like the pills. When I finally received my "trial offer" there was a $159 bill sent along with the five bottles. I also did not agree to the entire "deal" -- just the "trial offer". Mine are going back tomorrow -- regardless of what it costs to return them - a lesson has been learned. People need to ralley and report these types of scams to the Attorney General of your state.
posted 8-Jul-2006 7:24pm

I recently purchased the product because I am twenty five pounds over weighted. I have tried walking, running, and I do crunches and sit ups. I can not lose the fat around my core. Will this product help me?

Chubby Around The Waist
posted 9-Jul-2006 11:30am

This pill will work only if you exercise along with taking it and reduce calories. Good luck ..
posted 10-Jul-2006 7:29am

started taking the pills today, I will let you know. However, I believe if there's no ephedra it doesn't work
posted 10-Jul-2006 11:44am

does it really work?
posted 10-Jul-2006 4:15pm

I Lost 100pounds
posted 10-Jul-2006 8:07pm

just join weight watchers it is the easiest and best way to really lose weight and keep it off. I have lost 75 pounds.
posted 10-Jul-2006 9:28pm

don't pay any shipping or give your credit card number to anyone......they sell this @ wal mart smile
posted 11-Jul-2006 7:55am

i just want to ask for those who succeeded in trying this lipozene pills, how many glasses of water should one drink per day? and if one day one drinks less than the required amount, would one still be able to lose weight?
posted 12-Jul-2006 12:53pm

i just want to know if it s worth to try it.
posted 12-Jul-2006 1:41pm

Before using the product I was lifeless at 325 lbs. All I wanted to do was sit around eating pizza and watch reruns of Happy Days and Three's Company. I lost an unbelievable 60 lbs. in one week. After a few weeks I was feeling better about myself and my appearance. I now weigh 185 lbs. and I have a girlfriend, which before I did not. Women have started to notice me, and that is a definite ego boost. I'm now in a racquet ball club, I swim and I play basketball with my friends who are suprised at my dramatic change. I go dancing perhaps every other weekend, I don't smoke and drink sparingly. I look great in my new clothes as opposed to the old 50+ overalls I used to wear. I feel really good about myself now. My dad always told me "don't knock something until you try it". His advice has definitely paid off for me this time. I guess sometimes you have to really want something so bad that you set your mind to believe. I guess believing is part of the equation. A million mile journey begins with a single step.
posted 12-Jul-2006 11:00pm

60 pounds in a week. I don't think so.
posted 13-Jul-2006 9:52am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:21pm

Okay!! I have read everyone's comments and want to say something.

For the people who have not tried the pills and who are advocating traditional diet and exercise, I believe that when people (like me) come to sites like these, we are genuinely trying to get statements ONLY from people who have honestly tried the pills and have either experienced success or failure from them.

Out of all the above comments, I can count on one hand the number of people who actually tried the pills.

EVERYONE has heard that they should eat healthy and exercise from family friends and doctors. So it is kind of redundant for it to be repeated here, although the concern is appreciated.

If this is only a fiber pill then why is there confusion? Fiber is healthy. Now can those who have tried the pills please comment as to whether it (the fiber pills Lizopene) aided them in weight loss or not? Thanks Much. --Ken
posted 13-Jul-2006 9:55am

Maybe one and a half hands!! lol
posted 13-Jul-2006 10:31am

I ordered them, and yes they TOLD me I was getting 5 bottles, I paid $50 for those 5 bottles and if I keep them in 30 days they will bill me the rest (averages about $25 a bottle I think) anyways. I am going to try it but i agree with the person above... although most comments made me laugh uncontrollably while at work ... I came to this site to find genuine people who have tried it. So for you wonders... when I get the pills I will start taking them immediatly and I am bookmarking this site now so that I can keep you all up to date! The true test begins :)

I am 5'10" and currently weigh 208lbs. WOW don't admit that too much! My name is Jennifer... we'll be talking soon :)
posted 13-Jul-2006 10:35am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:17pm

Oh and my email address is if anyone else who is going to try it wants to chat or support eachother :)
posted 13-Jul-2006 1:32pm

My apologies. Please forgive me for the typo. I meant to post "6 lbs. in one week" not 60. Only a miracle , or crack cocaine, could make a person lose that much that fast. However, I am impressed with the results I have obtained. Losing those first 6 lbs., to me, was like a miracle because all I ever did was increase in weight and size. Honestly, I could not control my eating. I was like a vacuum that wouldn't be satisfied. After using the product the first week I felt full. I wasn't hungry that often and that's when the decrease started. I began to eat less, and move around more. I was afraid to leave the house for a while because I could hardly find clothes that fit and people would always make fun of "the short fat guy". Anyway, my apologies once again, only remember the pills won't do it alone, everything has to be balanced. A pair of scissors wont cut paper by itself, you have to push it through. If your going to take the pills and then pig out at the Golden Corral, or suck down three 16" pizzas, don't blame the pills, you need to ask yourself, "how badly do I want this?" and do a little kitchen and refrigerator cleaning. That's what I did. Cheers.
posted 13-Jul-2006 3:36pm

I know that everyones bodie is differet but you kno i orderd the pills and it own its way to my house and im going to try it for 30 days and ill just see for myself.
posted 13-Jul-2006 3:45pm
edited 20-Oct-2006 8:02am

if you want to give me some advice if you have already took the pill and it worked(only the people it worked for) and not the ones thats just making there own opinion. my e-mail address is
posted 16-Jul-2006 11:53am

At what age can you take Lipozeze.
posted 16-Jul-2006 10:05pm

I would think no one under 18 should take any pill their parent/doctor does not approve.
posted 17-Jul-2006 4:21pm

Jen here... update. Ok not so good for lipozene ppl yet! They shipped it last tuesday the 11th and its monday the 17 and nope... no sign of it yet. *sigh* Patience is virtue I guess ;)
posted 18-Jul-2006 5:22pm

60lbs in a week, come on, that's a little too far fetched, even for a miracle diet pill. This pill is pure fiber, thus no side effect. It doesn't work. Only a proper diet and exercise will work.
posted 19-Jul-2006 1:03am

I'm almost 15 years old and I weigh close to 200 lbs. I've tried dieting and it didn't work too well for me. I drank only water, ate right, and walked. Nothing changed. I didn't feel any better. I'm starting to fast right now. Any advice on what I should do? Let me know. Please.
posted 19-Jul-2006 1:49pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:22pm

Hey, ya'll! I just started takin' Lipozene today and after reading all ya'lls comments, I'm still a little confused as to whether or not this product is only beneficial to obese individuals... I am only five foot one and one half, and i currently weigh 117lbs. I know that it may not sound like much, be being as short as I am, believe me, IT SHOWS! So, theoretically, I'd like to loose 10-15 pounds. Is this feasible with the inclusion of diet and exercise? PLEASE HELP!
Thanks so much,
posted 19-Jul-2006 1:54pm
edited 20-Oct-2006 8:02am

p.s. Any comments, concerns, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, so please feel free to also reach me via email at:

Thanks again,
posted 21-Jul-2006 2:41am

Today, I will began taking Lipozene. Will respond in one (1) week.
posted 21-Jul-2006 2:29pm

I've never tried this pill, sounds like a bunch of hogwash but I have to tell you if you really want to lose weight diet and exercise is never enough. You need to lift weights to build muscle. The muscle will burn off the fat for you. I fluctuate on my weight unfortunately because of arthritis that keeps me sedentary off and on but I always lose afterwards by simply going to the gym and doing cardio and weightlifting. For women it is especially important cause it will prevent osteoporosis.
posted 23-Jul-2006 11:27am

I have taken the pills for 2 months and lost a few pounds but I believe this is one of those instances where it's all in your head. Your taking this pill that has GREAT reviews so now your thinking I'm going to lose the weight. I quit taking them because they just didn't work. Far as the side effects yes it does say may cause swelling in the throat because the pills are HUGE and can cause you to choke that is why you have to drink the water with it. I also may add that a couple weeks after starting Lipozene I started to have heart palpatations. This happened 3-4 times a day and would cause me to lose my breath. We don't know if it has anything to do with the Lipozene. I have never had any heart problems in my life, no high blood pressure no high cholesterol and I still continue to have palpatations. These companies cn be sneaky and Propolene is a good example. They lied so why wouldn't they lie about what all the ingrdients are in these pills?
posted 23-Jul-2006 8:12pm

the secret to losing weight is simmple. 3500cals equals 1lb. Either burn 500cals per day, or reduce your daily calorie consumption by 500 per day, and you'll lose 1lb per week. It's not a 'miracle', it's called biology
posted 24-Jul-2006 12:32am

i have seen the commercial for this lipozene but i don't believe it and was always told if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. for those who really want to shed some pounds without harsh stimulants i reccomend THERMOGENICS PLUS from GNC in a bronze colored box i was weighing in at a hefty 498lbs and i lost 128 in a year

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