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Lipozene is a diet pill that was advertised heavily on TV.


The TV advertisements starts with this statement:

"Are you overweight? Has it gotten so out of control that you've considered liposuction of other surgery? Well, you're not alone..."

Lipozene capsules consist of 100% natural fiber, named Propol. Lipozene" contains Glucomannan/Propol, which is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the Konjac Root, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Lipozene contains no ephedra.


In early 2006, Lipozene came on the scene. It is made by Obesity Research Institute LLC.


Lipozene is a fiber pill. There are cheaper and easier ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Clearly, they've named the pill "lipo" to play off the ides of liposuction (which is a surgical procedure that has nothing at all to do with this fiber pill).


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  28-Feb-2006 12:32pm created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 8:26am last update by bill

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posted 26-Jul-2006 8:10am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:18pm

Iordered my pills and i'm going to give it a try.Check back in when i start them. The person want to get together to talk and help each other through the process, i'm in....
posted 26-Jul-2006 1:45pm

Well i have been taking the pill for a week and my tongue has turned blue from the pills.But i have lost 1 pound.
posted 26-Jul-2006 2:47pm

ok i am a new mom gained 75 lbs when i was pregnat and also had to have a c-section that was a year and a half ago and i havent been able to lose the weight i ordered the pills and i am hoping that these pills work because i am about 30 lbs over wight. Does anyone have an idea on what can help me shed these pounds?
posted 27-Jul-2006 1:33pm
edited 20-Oct-2006 8:02am

my name is frances i am a new mom looking to lose weight 100lbs....i'm looking for your E-mail is
posted 27-Jul-2006 2:24pm

I think all of yall are crazy!
posted 27-Jul-2006 2:55pm

I just wonder how people can put down something they never tried. Yes healthy diets are very important and no one thinks that they take this pill the weight is just going to fall off there is work involved, but sometimes people have to have something to believe in besides themselves and they don't need to here from people who are judgemental and abusive. They need support, we are already depressed, and we just want a chance to be normal. Do you know how much it means to someone who is starred at and people point their judgemental fingers at. No I bet most of you don't. So please if you have no encouragement to give keep your mouth close and go somewhere else with your opinons. Thanks
posted 28-Jul-2006 8:31pm

I have been takeing it for 3 months now. when I called in I only wanted the trial bottle and nothing else if it worked I would continue with the plan or send it back for a refund.LOL, the joke was on me. On the phone they held it over my head that if I didnt get the 6 month supply my trial ofer would be delayed for 3-4 weeks, but if I got the 6 months I would have it in a few days and if i didnt like it after the 1 month trial I could send the un-open bottles back for my refund. I tried to send it back called for a return number and was told I could not return any of the other bottles, i told them I did not want to order anymore and to remove me from there billing system. One month later heres 3 more bottles and my account charged. When I called the ans was sorry this was not a trial period all sales are final. I will say I didnt eat as much, but I could still use lipo surgery. THIS IS A SCAM, THIS COMPANY IS UNDER INVESTIGATION FROM THE BETTER BUSINESS AGENCY, THEY HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO REPAY FOR THERE FALSE CLAIMS ON OTHER PRODUCTS THEY MAKE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. iF YOU FEEL U MUST DO SOMETHING GIVE HALF OF THE MONEY YOU WERE GONNA SPEND ON THIS PRODUCT TO A PERSON TO TAKE YOU OUT BACK AND KICK YOU IN THE NUTS YOU WONT BE HUNGRY ENOUGH TO EAT THEN EITHER AT HALF THE COST!!!
posted 29-Jul-2006 7:31pm

It is nothing other than a fiber pill! Look up the plant it is made from. The Japanese have been using it for hundreds of years! I am shocked that soooo many people would take something without looking it first. A friend of mine asked me to look into it for her and have found that it is nothing more than fiber. It swells in your stomach and makes you feel fuller so you won't eat as much. Look it up, look in to it and you will find out for yourself. Don't rely on what anyone one else says, look into it your self and you will see!
posted 30-Jul-2006 10:53am

I purchased lipozone and never got it. i have been trying to fight with them for two months now to try and get my money back. they took my money but to give it back is a fight
posted 30-Jul-2006 9:20pm

I tried it for 2 days and a lot of swelling and bloating. Constipation and headaches. it's going back. I did lose 50 pounds on prescription phentermine but at a stand still so decided to try something else.
posted 31-Jul-2006 3:41am

Why don't you guys just eat fiber from cereal, keep your caloric intake under 2000 calories - eat right - excercise atleast 30 minutes a day. It takes months to get the weight off. Think about it, it took years to put it ON! it's going to take months or even a year to get rid of it. Try the KETO diet. Google it. It's a healthy Atkins diet, and quit wasting your hard earned money on this scam! I started excercising at 19.9% bf, and it took me 6 months to get it down to 7%. So if you are 30+ percent, it's going to take atleast a good year to drop the weight. Most diet pills are scams and most diet medications do work to some extent until your body gets used to it and stops (like phentermine).
Get rid of the sugary sodas.
Stop eating anything that comes in a box or a bag- like chips, cookies, processed foods.

Eat healthy. Veggies, meat, 1-2 slices of bread per day. Juice. KETO diet works. 2 lbs per week guaranteed. It's just plain science.

But the real problem with most people getting sucked into these get skinny scams is that the real problem lies with motivation. No one has it. It's not that hard to find 1 hour a day to excercise and the rest to eat right. Excercise first thing in the morning and eat right throughout the day. And if you are truly obese, get lipo and start from there.
posted 31-Jul-2006 3:50am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:21pm

obtw, i forgot to mention that i went from 177 down to 140 lbs (20% body fat to 7%). I have a real small frame - so 177 doesn't seem like much to most, but believe me, I dedicated myself to the task and it worked. I weight trained 1 hour a day with 20 - 30 minutes of cardio afterwards every morning. Some days, if I was up to it, I would do cardio in the evening after work. This way, your metabolism will stay high all day and burn more fat. And btw, for those of you counting your fat intake, just remember, it takes FAT to burn FAT. So if you wonder why the atkins diet works so well, it's because it's so fatty and no carbs. If you follow the keto diet, you can cut your carbs but still eat fat and still lose the weight. i just hate seeing people throw their money away. If you can motivate yourself for 2 weeks, then you can motivate yourself for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc. Also, buy a scale which monitors your fat levels (usually a good one runs for about 70$ - okay ones run about 40$). on a daily and weekly basis, this way, you can actually see your progress and track your fat loss.

In my fat loss, I noticed I lost a lot, I watched my fat loss on a weight scale every friday, went from 19.9, 15, 13, 12..then got stuck at 12% for weeks. It was due to my body getting used to excercising, lower calories, etc, so I added 2 cardio sessions per day, then i suddenly went from 12, 10 , 9 8 , 7 , etc. It's tuff work and it can be done, but if you think that you can take a pill and your fat will magically go away, think twice. Think about this, what did people eat 100 years ago? Eat that. They weren't eating chips, cake, ice cream (not like todays standards), pepsi,, hotdogs..just eat healthy in moderate portions 5-6 times a day ..keeps your metabolism high.
posted 2-Aug-2006 3:42pm

Y'all know what they say about a fool and his money...
I'm a personal trainer with clients of all different sizes
and shapes. Some of my, let's just say, more impatient
clients are always looking for a quick fix. Lipozene is the
latest miracle cure for them. As a responsible trainer and
friend, I've done some research on this latest fad. It is
indeed a fiber pill. However, it is the 8 to 16 oz of water
that they recommend you to drink with the pill, prior to
your meal that controls your appertite, not the pill itself.
You would have take a lot of fiber to sate your hunger. This
is nothing new. I've been telling my clients for years to
drink a nice cold glass of water before every meal, but,
they never do. Oh, well, if it takes spending 30 dollars
extra a month on worthless fiber pills to get them to do
so, then, the it is well worth it. As far as I'm concerned,
diet and exercise are the key to stay healthy. The math is
very simple, calories in must be less than calories out to
lose weights. When it comes to miracle pills, those that
contains Ephedrine do work; however, they are not for

Good luck and remember to drink your water
posted 2-Aug-2006 5:10pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:19pm

I was just wondering about the comment someone made about "eating what your blood type requires".....what's that all about?

I recently joined a weight loss center, Physicans Weight Loss Center, and it is basically low carb dieting, protien shakes, vitamin B12 shot every week and writing down your daily meals. Which you can do it with out paying someone to tell you what to do...but some of us need someone watching over us.....When I dont write down what I eat, I end up forget that you already had a snack or what ever;

Well, I have lost over 25 lbs (near my "before baby weight")...but I am at a stand still...O did I mention, I didnt have to even exercise? I was taking in less calories than I had been before dieting. Like they say it is a "Science". I was eating fast food and snack cakes, then went to low carb....the lbs. fell now I am needing to exercise to go past my regular weight.....and must I mention that once I got to my regular weight...I got comfortable and stopped it was my fault.....

I use to take Total helped give me energy...perhaps that is good for those whom need the jump start. I still take it from time to time...but I wanted the B12 shot (They also have the time release pill -cherry flavor at GNC).

So I guess over all you have to want to do it...and like the trainer above said....if thats what it takes to drink water than so be it....if you think you need the jump start...than take something.....healthy. But always remember the Science of it all and add it to your routine. You gotta wanna move to move the lbs off of you.

I was 250 at babys delivery....I lost to 225 on total lean (I ran some, but ate badly) than lost from 225 to 190 on the low carb and b12 diet. I am 5 ft 9....180 is comfortable for me, but for the military I have to be 165 in order to not have to measure my Body Fat.

You just gotta wanna do it. Its worth your health. Its worth your heart being healthy.

I also do a whole body cleanse often. It too contains FIBER. You can buy fiber anywhere. You feel better. Yeah we all can eat bread...but some of us need the extra fiber to push those bowels.....(just being honest)

You have to change your whole life style really...."If you keep on doing what you're doing, you'll keep on getting what you're getting" Point Blank. If you have any questions.
posted 5-Aug-2006 3:45pm

I WAS 265 I AM 5 ft 4 and now IAM 245 SO YES IT WORKS
posted 5-Aug-2006 9:23pm

posted 6-Aug-2006 7:09am

posted 8-Aug-2006 7:17pm

yeah it works but i know if u have sex u could losse weight 2 what im saying is deit pills is not always da right thing 2 do
posted 9-Aug-2006 9:12pm

I have tried lots of products and delt with some bad companiesm, I said that I would not spend another dollar on junk like this, who needs to spend 30 extra dollars a month for fiber when you can get benefiber for 8 extra dollars a month?
posted 10-Aug-2006 7:59am

this is great!
hahaha god u guys r funny, well im guna try it for 30 days i guess, still hasnt came in the mail but when i get it ill keep u guys posted, im just tryin 2 lose alittle weight not even alot prolly like 10 pounds, right now im 5'3 about 114 lb roughly
bikini season yyaa knowww, im glad im not fat though, that would suck
posted 12-Aug-2006 10:40am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:19pm

this is to the july 23rd post who said they had heart palpitations, email me at, put in the subject line "july 23rd heart" i may have an idea of what may be causing this.
posted 12-Aug-2006 2:26pm

I recently started taking the pill lipozene, it's been about a week. I do not work out at all. I havent weighed my self yet but my boyfriend saya i look thinner. so i do think it works ill keep you all posted
posted 16-Aug-2006 10:16am

If you bought that crap Lipozene then I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. If you lost weight while taking it, then it was NOT because of the LIPOZENE. It's just fiber.

If it really worked, the inventor would get the Nobel prize in medicine.

Has anyone seen the double blind study they mention in the TV ad? NO - because it doesn't exist.
posted 16-Aug-2006 4:03pm

this product doesn not work
posted 18-Aug-2006 3:42am

as far as the product goes, everybody has a different opinion on it. i remember when zenadrine came out, and everybody said it didn't work. but ill tell you i lost 35 lbs in 2 months. god praise ephedra. everybody's body is different. look at it this way if you add diesel to a gas engine, the engine wont run, but if you put in super unleaded, it performs great. for some people, the pill wont do a thing, but for others it will work wonders. i just started taking it, if it doesn't work ill send it back but ill come back in a month and let you know how i did. and most of you are right, pill popping itself will not help you lose weight, but a healthy diet and a little bit of exercise combined with pills will go a long way.
posted 18-Aug-2006 10:21am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:21pm

will, to what i think, if it doesn't work, then why are you not getting your money back, you didn't lose 30 dollar, it's called trying it out for free. it said money back grauntee. so your not losing anything... if it's so bad why are they offening your money back, it's because they stand by there produces. And if it didn't work, it means your body wasn't meant to eat sleep and crap.... ok so, people who are trying this go ahead, you have nothing to lose, so i'am going to try it for free and if it doesn't work, i'll get my money back..... And for people who are getting side effects, why don't you sue, if it make's you mad do something about it, cause it should said whats on the box.... so they are telling you ahead of times.... duh..... learn how to read before, trying... will love always, nandy...
posted 19-Aug-2006 4:01pm

hello i just read that llipoozene is just fiber withch helps you lose weight and you can get fiber from fruit and vegtables so i think were all being duped by the diet pill world
posted 19-Aug-2006 4:07pm

oh and i tryed to get my money back and they just offered to send me a free bottle of metobo up to take after meals as well it seems like a lot of pills to take but they think it might work ive been on it for more than 30 days and have not seen any results i excercise regulary and eat right it still not helping
posted 24-Aug-2006 10:22am
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:19pm

I agree with Ken about people that write comments on something they have NEVER even tried.
I don't know about you but I came to this site because I wanted to hear things from people
who have actually TRIED Lipozene to see how it is working for other people and maybe to get support and give support to others that are on the same treck as I am.
I must be honest, I got pretty frustated because I had to spend MY time reading thru all the CRAP from people that have NEVER EVEN TRIED IT!
I am a 43 yr. old working mother of 6 kids and weigh 167 lbs. I have been pretty good at keeping my weight down until the birth of my last 2 children. My normal weight is 130 and I REALLY would like to get back to that but, I don't want to go back onto the Atkins diet because I have heard that it is very unhealthy, plus I HATE the middle of the night leg craps that I got while I was on it. It does work but I don't want to sacrifice my health just to "get skinny". Plus, problem is........ let the truth be known, I LOVE TO EAT! I REALLY, REALLY DO! There's nothing like the feeling you get from taking a bite of something fabulous - I love bread and butter. I try to eat these things only on occasion because I LOVE it!~ LOL! Anyway, I really HATE to exercixe too! I work all day and when I am done and come home to kids to demand my attention I am just too tired to get on my stairmaster. By the way, thats why they call it a stairmaster..... Cuz people just STARE at it.
Anyway, I have had LIPOZENE for 2 days now and have started using my Jacuzzi again. I will let you know if it works.
Thanks for reading
posted 25-Aug-2006 8:52am

i have tryed all kinds of pills and diets and non of them worked for me till i found out about this protein diet. it works, i lost 40ibs. its not going to taste good so i added cystial flavors to it and drank it all day. its going to build up your muscles. and i weighted like 250 and i am only 5'5. it was a lot of weight to carry around. but now im still losing weight with the protein diet. and i didnt even excercise either, i just did my daily things and drank this protein all day. breakfast,lunch and dinner and between meals also. so try it and see if it works for u.
posted 25-Aug-2006 8:54am

ny son would drink vinegur, he would drink a tablespoon of it 3 times a day and he lost lots of weight just with it and watched what he ate too.
posted 25-Aug-2006 12:12pm

DOes this pill work thats all I want to know
Amy Lee
posted 25-Aug-2006 4:36pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:20pm

I suggest anyone who wants to take Lipozene check with you doctor before taking it. My mother died 9 days after starting Lipozene. The verdict is still out whether or not Lipozene caused her to die. She was severely obese with high blood pressure, high cholestrol, and diabetes. She was only 56 years old and in a wheelchair from a car accident. Exercise was out of the question. Her eating habits went from 3000 calories a day to only 1000 a day after starting Lipozene. She lost probably 10lbs the first week. Increased her dose to 2 pills twice a day like suggested on the bottle. After 2 days on the increased dose, she was found dead in her wheelchair. She was on the way to the phone to call for help. She never made it. The only thing she had done different was take the Lipozene pills. I have researched the main ingredient and it lowers your blood glucose levels, cholestrol levels, and blood pressure. So please consult with your doctor first. If not taken 1 hour after your prescription meds, your meds will not absorb into your body. I believe that these pills caused my mom to die on July 30, 2006 at the age of 56. She had no signs or symptoms. She had no illnesses. Just the common ailments that most people who are overweight have. I will post another comment when we find out what her cause of death was. We won't find out for another month. Please hear my warning. Thanks, Amy Lee
posted 26-Aug-2006 11:32pm

all these pills are a waste of money they never tell you every ingreadent in the pill because most people cant take a lot of stuff they put in them dont waste your money or risk your health
posted 28-Aug-2006 1:39pm

yes i have experience takeing al types of diet pills i think they will work if i stick to them i cant seem to stick to it because i forget to take them. then i get relaxed with my weight again and it doesnt matter but truely and really i want to loose weight but the pills are to expensive for me to buy them i have a family. everything sounds good but i cant afford it.
posted 31-Aug-2006 4:22pm

I'm sorry to hear about your mother.
posted 2-Sep-2006 10:47pm

Ok..been heavy for many years..hardly metabolism sucks. I've had great results with Hydroxycut, I have High Blood Pressure and my Dr told me it was safe! I've lost about 20 pounds this past month and still counting. Haven't had to change anything in my eating habits or exercise. So I'm not changing over to a glorified fiber pill.
posted 6-Sep-2006 10:43am

my sister had started taking lipozene and she doesnt work out at all, although she does work in a home for mentalaly disabled people so she is always on her feet, anyways, after she started taking the pills she began to lose weight and she looks really good, my mom bought me some and im going to start taking them so i can look good in my wedding dress, what im trying to say is the pills have a very diffrent effect on diffrent people, it works with some and not with others.
posted 6-Sep-2006 2:04pm

Today is my second day on the pill, the only side effect is that my throat feels a little swollen but not to the point of choking or anything like that. I'm currently weighing 150 lbs.....I will post another comment in a week with my results.
posted 8-Sep-2006 1:20pm

Bought the pills about a month ago but did not start taking them until today. I have to lose about 40 lbs Hopefully they will help I will post again in another week.
posted 11-Sep-2006 2:40pm

well now that i have read the above, i no longer will buy the pills, i too believe that the pills would work, thanxs to the comments i won't waste my money.
posted 11-Sep-2006 4:09pm

If the pills are brought how long before I could see proof that the pill actually works, really what are the side effects of these pills
posted 16-Sep-2006 12:49am

I just started taking the pills on Monday it is now Friday i have a slight headache and right now it feels like something is stuck in my throat...
posted 17-Sep-2006 8:53am

ok, I read the whole page, i just bought my pills yesterday at Walmart and paid 19.99 for two bottles of thirty pills.. i only took 2 pills yesterday and felt pretty good.I lost my appetite and didnt even eat dinner. and just took 2 more before breakfast today. so far, so good. i have taken all kinds of diet pills and nothing worked as good as ephederia,which you can still get from some shady GNC employee. but the risks aren't worth it. so here's how i look at it, i'm only out of 20 bucks it it doesnt work. but at the same time I'm adding fiber to my diet.. ~ big deal!! I'm sorry to see how many people paid what they did to get these pills.. i think i would be pissed too. 60 dollars? wow. well just like all the other diet fads we get suckered in and spend our money, then when it doesnt work we all complain. good luck and i will let you know how well i do. I'm only 5'8 and 206lbs my goal is only to be 180lbs not much, but the belly fat needs to go. :o)
Amy Lee
posted 19-Sep-2006 6:03pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:19pm

I am reporting back as I said I would. My mom's death was inconclusive whether or not the pills added to the cause of death. They really couldn't come up with any reason why she died at age 56. So to save their butts they said it was natural causes do to a heart problem. People she did not have a heart problem. She had typical health problems that overweight people have such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholestrol. All were under control with prescription medicine. She went to the doctor monthly and had blood work up done on a regular basis. So natural causes is hard for me to believe. I still believe that Lipozene added to the cause of her death. Please check with your doctor before starting any over the counter diet pills. None are regulated by the FDA so be careful. Thanks, Amy Lee
posted 23-Sep-2006 8:16pm

If you are working out and eating right why would you need to take a pill you are doing the right thing anyway don't let a pill make you feel like its doing the job for you
posted 23-Sep-2006 8:17pm

I have had experience years ago with a diet pill but like I said before if you have to watch what you eat and exercise...why do you need a diet pill you are doing everything yourself......don't let the pill have you thinking its working when it is actually you that is working...
posted 23-Sep-2006 8:21pm

The only diet regime that worked for me was under a doctors care and it was a very strick (liquid diet) and exercise I lost 100lbs in 9months and have kept it off for 5 years now but the cost of the doctor's visit and the special food well....that cost was over 5,600 to 7,500 hundred worked.
posted 25-Sep-2006 12:49am

I agree the pill is probably hype & sold for profit. The adkins diet does work but having to get off lipitor I was afraid to continue and found that eating smaller amounts [200-350 calories]at each meal and more meale [4 to 5 or 6]works just as well even before I started walking [now I'm up to 4 miles 3 to 4 times weekly]. Don't wait more than an hour after rising to eat your first meal. Something I read that makes some sense is to have no more than 3 hours between meals... this may help when cutting calories to keep your body from fighting back by lowering your metabolisim and keeping you from loosing weight even though you are eating fewer calories... I would not go less than 900 to 1300 calories a day for the average man.
posted 26-Sep-2006 8:25am

I have been taking lIpozene for about 2 weeks and I have lost 6 lbs. But I have been taking the most reccomended amount. I needed to loose weight fast for my wedding. But now that I know it is just fiber I'm going to just buy those glucomma (spelling) pills that are like $7 a bottle rather than $90
posted 26-Sep-2006 3:38pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:20pm

hi, everyone, i agree i think it has to do with your body nad how will respond, im 34 years old, i have 2 kids they both weight 10 pounds when they were born, they are way way older know, my weight is 196 im 5ft. 9 inches tall so my weight does not show on a average heighth, as for being so tall for myself but i do want to lose just 30 pounds at least, i have been eating right and walking with my husband at this big sidewalk that goes around a pond at a public park, so i just started so im doing good and dringking more water, and staying off soft drinks that really is the key to losing weight, and away from sweets and chips. if anyone can do that then they are on their way to living a healthy lifestyle. from mary.
posted 26-Sep-2006 5:53pm

I also wanted to add , is that in my opinion, i think pills are really bad for your heart and it aslo can give you liver problems my husband is the proof of that, and the reason that is, he has lost gain lost gain right back, he took prescription diet pills like adepex, in the early 80s he took adfidimines when it was prescription pills before they took them off the market, oh yeah we weighed about 245 pounds from start, he went from 245 down too 185 in 2 months with taking them, thats sounds crazy, but thats what that type of diet pills they were. and very dangerous I took one and it was the last, it made my heart palputate really fast, so i said no more for me, those pills were actually considered speed for your body, so i believe that pills may work but they can also damage your healthy heart and your other organs, i believe in doing the right way, and you will concor all. im not here to down anyone here, by no means, im just sharing my story and thought. take car all. ill will be here, if you would like to respond. from mary.
posted 29-Sep-2006 9:40am

I haven't tried lipozene but, I am a fitness Tech at a gym.It takes a well balanced diet amd exercise 3x week and cardio 5 times a week. And as for the people who continue to muscle weighs more than fat ha ha ha so incorrect....."If you a pound of fat on one scale and a pound of muscle on another?...which one weighs more?...A pound is a pound. So the only way muscle can weigh more than fat is if you have MORE muscle. DIET AND EXERCISE PEOPLE
posted 29-Sep-2006 11:04am

I ordered it on line and I just checked my credit card on line and they havent even processed it, so i am calling to cancel,.,,if not too late, I have started working out 3 times a day,. for 2o mintues each and I can do this by myself...damn I wished I would have ignored that stupid commercial
posted 30-Sep-2006 3:19am

I ordered it and tried it with no results in two months. My doctor told me it was a rip off for fiber pills you can buy at walgreens for less than 7 dollars. My doctor says diet and exercise.
posted 2-Oct-2006 11:38am

People kill me, I feel as though a pill is just a mind thing something to waist time on. I truly belive that diets do not work, changes in your lifestyle is what works if you do not change the way you eat and excersise than you are messed up in life.
posted 2-Oct-2006 1:18pm

I bought the pills at Wal-Mart for $20. I think what it will mostly do for me is to help me think about what I'm eating. If it's just fiber so what. If it fills me up and level out my blood sugar that's awesome! I am eating better and working out. Hopefully, it will help me unconsciously think I am doing something and keep me on track.
posted 4-Oct-2006 1:42pm
edited 6-Oct-2006 3:20pm

i started to take it but it came out the same way as it went in, i also put 2 tablets of lipozene in a glass of water for 2 days and the capsule did not burst, whats with that?- i just swelled slightly...Nicky
posted 7-Oct-2006 2:27pm

Hi Everyone yes I too just saw the commercial and tapped in online. I have lost 65 1bs in six months by the low fat lifestyle, not diet- drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and yes working out 4 times a week at the gym. I was a whopping 255 at 5'6 and now feel soooooooo much better at over half that size! So why did I come check out the reviews of this product you ask? Well,simply put curiousity did get the better of me. The scary thing is the advertisement sounds great doesn't it..Yikes! The above sounds like hard work but believe me once you start it, it gets so much easier and belive me when I say you get so use to it as a part of your daily routine. The low fat foods are awesome and I am never hungry and never deprive myself of anything except greasy, fatty,sugary, salty and unhealthy foods.It took me a long time to put all that weight on so I tell myself it's going to take time to come off, that is reality. There is no magic cure or I would have found it believe me. Food is an addiction and needs to be treated as such and the solutions, gimmicks and diets won't help anyone unless they are ready to face why they became overweight in the first place. I had to face this as well and believe me it was emotionally hard but well worth it for my recovery.I feel and look so much better today and wish this for the world of suffers of obesity and food disorders out there. You have the answers within you; all you have to really do is find the strenghth to win this battle.You can do it I believe you can now just need to believe in yourself.
posted 9-Oct-2006 7:49pm

As a student at a pharmacy school, a student asked one of our professors about it. Instead of answering the question, he made us research it ourselves and do a write-up (as any good teacher ought to do). Lipozene is not approved by the FDA, and doesn't really need to be. The main ingredient is glucomann, a complex sugar that has some clinical proof in lowering cholesterol, fat level, and blood sugar levels. It does, however, seem to bind to other nutrients in the body. Typical reccomendation would be to supplement with a multi-vitamin
It should be noted that glucomman is merely a fiber nutrient. You can get this same nutrition from apples and fiber flakes on your cereal. No one can argue the simplicity of a few capsules though.
It should also be noted that th manufaturers/ advertisers have been previously by the FTC for making false claims.

posted 13-Oct-2006 12:52am

what are the side affects of Lipozene? If we ever stop taking the pill would we gain the weight all back? Do we have to continue taking the pill once we start? Is there a certain weight we have to be in order to use the pill?
posted 14-Oct-2006 3:37pm

thank you all for your comments; go to vitamin world, or swanson's vitamins and supplements(web site is or similar) and educate yourself about the natural supplements you can purchase and buy and a lower cost than paying for this product!i found the equivalent to lizopene for a fraction of the cost. but first, i read several books on alternative ways to cut your cholestrol, hi bp, and fat naturally. and yes, walking for at least 20 min a day makes a difference too! lipton green tea really helps too-it helps clear your kidneys to work better-add that to your water regimen.
posted 18-Oct-2006 10:07am

The Pill does not work. Any of the others you see on tv... DO NOT WORK!!

If you try to purchase this product, you will feel like a fool for many years to come.

* *
posted 19-Oct-2006 1:13pm

I am not a pill taker but after having twins i had to do something. I started lipo 6 and do a little bit of exercise in the morning and little at night and in three months i have lst 30 lbs!!!!!!! I am scared to try other pills because lipo 6 is not a big pill. I do not want to take anything big. Is lipozene a big pill????? Lipo 6 works for me!
posted 21-Oct-2006 10:23am

why taking this pill could u be taking phentermine... im planning on perchasing this medication but im not sure if i could, and i see ur customer service suckz.... so0o im starting to think is all bul... if anything phentermine has worked great on mi, no excersice no nothing .. and ive lost 35 lb in 2 months ... well some one please let mi kno .. thank u ..
posted 21-Oct-2006 10:38pm
edited 22-Oct-2006 12:13am

I did not try this product but i can tell for sure: TETRATRIM DOES NOT WORK. it says: calorie blocker, metabolic rate booster, diet motivator.... just GREEN TEA LEAF EXCTRACT... you can go to their website: just do not believe anything you read there.
posted 23-Oct-2006 3:48pm

Weight loss is, generally, not done by a pill, usually any form of weight loss or weight gain it due to many different things. Your metabolism, your average day-to-day activity meaning how many calories you normally burn a day, your genetics, WHAT you consume (eat and drink), HOW MUCH you consume, and I do believe your age just about sums it all up. Let's say my metabolism burns 5,000 calories a day that's with vigorous excercise of one hour a day, let's also say I eat three meals a day (Without dessert), and one snack. Breakfast has a total of 1000 calories, Lunch usually has 1500 calories, and then Dinner has 1500 calories, and then my snack is 1000 calories, let's say I Eat dinner, let it settle, and then dor my one hour of excercise, and then have my snack, That means I will neither gain nor lose weight. So if I want to gain weight, I add to my consumption of calories, if I wish to lose, I lessen, instead of that bowl of ice cream, a equivalant in size salad or vice versa depending on which way you're going. Also, these pills advertise to people who are EXTREMELY overweight, not "I need to lose 10 pounds." For the most part, all of these weight loss pills advertise for people needing to lose 20 or more pounds, also remember, if you decided to start excercising, you will FIRST gain weight, which is your body building muscles, and then eventually you will go down IF you work out to keep your heart rate up (Your doctor should be able to tell you what heart rate you need to be at) for an average of 20 minutes to START burning fat. Also, do not do what some people do and START off excercising at a Marathon competition level, you will be put in the E.R. if you do, remember stretching, and hydration is also key. You should first talk to your doctor about losing weight BEFORE listening to the television commercials. If you would like some more, healthy advice you can contact me at
posted 23-Oct-2006 3:51pm

Hi…..I have not tried Lipozene however I have done research, as I do on anything before I buy it . The only ingredient in Lipozene is Glucomannan. It is an herb and this is the description that I have found online and in my own herbal books (I am an herbalist)

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is derived from konjac root (Amorphophallus konjac). Like other forms of dietary fiber, glucomannan is considered a “bulk-forming laxative.” Glucomannan promotes a larger, bulkier stool that passes through the colon more easily and requires less pressure—and subsequently less straining—to expel.
Good results have been noted in preliminary1 and double-blind studies2 3 4 5 of glucomannan for the treatment of constipation. In constipated individuals, glucomannan and other bulk-forming laxatives generally help produce a bowel movement within 12 to 24 hours.6 The use of glucomannan for diverticular disease of the colon has also been studied in preliminary research; about one-third to one-half of the subjects were found to benefit from glucomannan.7
Glucomannan delays stomach emptying, leading to a more gradual absorption of dietary sugar; this effect can reduce the elevation of blood sugar levels that is typical after a meal.8 Controlled studies have found that after-meal blood sugar levels are lower in people with diabetes given glucomannan in their food,9 and overall diabetic control is improved with glucomannan-enriched diets according to preliminary10 and controlled11 12 trials. One preliminary report suggested that glucomannan may also be helpful in pregnancy-related diabetes.13 One double-blind study reported that glucomannan (8-13 grams per day) stabilized blood sugar in people with the insulin resistance syndrome (syndrome X).14 In a preliminary study,15 addition of either 2.6 or 5.2 grams of glucomannan to a meal prevented hypoglycemia in adults with previous stomach surgery; a similar study of children produced inconsistent results.16
Like other soluble fibers, glucomannan can bind to bile acids in the gut and carry them out of the body in the feces, which requires the body to convert more cholesterol into bile acids.17 This can result in the lowering of blood cholesterol and other blood fats. Controlled18 19 and double-blind20 21 studies have shown that supplementation with several grams per day of glucomannan significantly reduced total blood cholesterol, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and triglycerides, and in some cases raised HDL (“good”) cholesterol. One double-blind study reported that glucomannan (8-13 grams per day) lowered total and LDL cholesterol in people with the insulin resistance syndrome.22
Glucomannan may help weight loss by occupying space in the stomach, thereby making a person feel full. One double-blind study reported weight loss averaging 5.5 pounds in adults when one gram of glucomannan was taken with a cup of water one hour before each meal for eight weeks.23 However, a similar study of overweight children found that glucomannan was not significantly more effective than a placebo.24 Other controlled studies have found that glucomannan improves the results of weight loss diets in overweight adults25 and children.26
The above info was found at

However I do agree that 29.99 is far too much to pay for this. I found Glucomannan and my local health food store for $16 a bottle and online for as little as $7 a bottle. I hope this helps.

As far as my research goes glucomannan is all natural and I can find no reports of side affects.
posted 23-Oct-2006 3:53pm

ok I didn't read far enough. So to amend the above

Are there any side effects or interactions?
People with any disorder of the esophagus (the tube leading from the mouth to the stomach) should not take ANY fiber supplement in a pill form, as the supplement may expand in the esophagus and lead to obstruction.36 Preliminary reports in humans, as well and animal research, suggest that some people may be sensitive to inhaled glucomannan powder.37

Since intestinal bacteria ferment water-soluble fibers, a great deal of intestinal gas may be produced in individuals not accustomed to a high fiber diet, leading to flatulence and abdominal discomfort.

At the time of writing, there were no well-known drug interactions with glucomannan.

Frank the Cop
posted 25-Oct-2006 6:50pm

I got my pills last week and lost 30 lbs.!!!!
It was because I left my briefcase containing the pills on the train.
Now I still have to pay for the darn things.
My penis looks the same :(
posted 26-Oct-2006 10:05am

Greetings all,

I'm a 33 year old woman who works 13 hours a day. I don't have time to exercise because I'm too busy preparing lesson plans for my students. Either way, I decided to try Lipozene. I have no complaints whatsoever. I eat a healthy breakfast, a nice lunch, and dinner(depending). The one thing I did find is that I have to remind MYSELF to eat because it takes away MY appetite almost completely. In short, the pill is working fine.

The good thing about this product is: I ended up getting 2 bottles free plus a refund. They sent my product to the wrong address. After calling, they rushed me another 2 bottles. After they arrived, the other ones(2) arrived also. I sent one back with the word "Cancel Order (Refused)" attached to the mailing label. They credit me back and in the meantime, I've been enjoying the free pills.

There are no side effects.
posted 26-Oct-2006 1:54pm

Does anyone know of pills that still contain ephedra? I used to take Hydroxcut when it still contained ephedra and it worked really well but since than I have not been able to find anything that will work. Please help! Thanks.
posted 27-Oct-2006 9:16pm

posted 28-Oct-2006 4:33am

all this crap about feeling full and penis enlargment and losing 70 pounds is all bullcrap.
first off, penis enlargment? damn if that actually worked theoretically all the pills available would give me a boost of 7 inches or more!

I JUST STARTED TAKING THE PILLS YESTERDAY AND I FEEL REALLY FULL <- only company promoters write in caps lock to get your attention. thanks sherlock, apparently fiber makes you feel full

it's fiber you should feel full anyway.

even the clinical study on the advertisement is stupid - it says something like average of 2.7 pounds lost. COOL its not like that is possible anyway
posted 28-Oct-2006 4:36am

I Lost 100pounds <--- why, i lost 500000 pounds! yes, these comments are so verifiable.


yes because companies like this are so friendly to the point where the government fines the company for fraudulent activities
posted 28-Oct-2006 4:39am

I LOST 70 POUNDS USING LIPOZENE [[[[important part >>>I WORKED OUT 3 TIMES A DAY AND ATE HEALTHY <- caps lock makes it seem more legit.

for example
posted 28-Oct-2006 4:48am

60 pounds in a week <- wow.. um, did you give birth to a 10 year old? or maybe you got lipoSUCTION.

and in the post i made above, i was being sarcastic about the end result but HOLD ON SOMEONE TRIES TO MAKE IT SOUND REAL

Before using the product I was lifeless at 325 lbs. <- i am a big slug

All I wanted to do was sit around eating pizza and watch reruns of Happy Days and Three's Company. <- what the hell?

I lost an unbelievable 60 lbs. in one week. <- most people lose that much before dying in one week

After a few weeks I was feeling better about myself and my appearance. I now weigh 185 lbs. and I have a girlfriend, which before I did not. <- i have a girlfriend now, always a big bonus!

Women have started to notice me, and that is a definite ego boost. <- people think im hot

I'm now in a racquet ball club, I swim and I play basketball with my friends who are suprised at my dramatic change.<-- lipozene, which you don't need to change your lifestyle for, makes you extremely active

I go dancing perhaps every other weekend, I don't smoke and drink sparingly. <- with lipozene i stopped smoking and drinking

I look great in my new clothes as opposed to the old 50+ overalls I used to wear. I feel really good about myself now. <- yay, ego

My dad always told me "don't knock something until you try it". His advice has definitely paid off for me this time. <- dad always knew about those diet pills

I guess sometimes you have to really want something so bad that you set your mind to believe. I guess believing is part of the equation. <- inspiration! to buy the pill

A million mile journey begins with a single step. <- LOL random proverb i added to make it sound wise!
posted 28-Oct-2006 6:22pm

well people i was going to try it but i dont know what to do see over the years i've tried so many diets and pills and i havent lost any pounds im just 24 years old and wieghing 330 and i just had a baby 3 months ago and i now wiegh more then when i was pregant and i excerise every day for 1 hour and i eat healthy and nothing so please pretty please help tell me what should i do i would like to loose at least 75 pounds in 4 months do you like i can do it PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
posted 30-Oct-2006 5:22pm

Dear Anonymous "Weighing 330, working out 1 hr a day/eating right & still not losing"
Have your thyroid checked... I did and mine was way out of wack... wasn't working at all regardless of what I did. If you are hypthyroid and bad like I was, you will burn nothing. I went on 3 grains daily raw thyroid (synthetic thyroid made me sick) & life is much better. Fatigue.. gone. Bloated like that chic in Willy Wonka...gone. I dtill have weight to lose & am going to try the Lipozene pills. Hey.. it has a full refund so why not. And if all it does is give me fiber and make me feel less hungry than that is half the battle. If it gives me energy to exercise more than that is the other half! I amy 5'4" and need to lose about 60 lbs. Go for it, I am.
posted 30-Oct-2006 10:25pm

posted 31-Oct-2006 7:27pm

i have recently bought these diet pills. i've never believed in any before but i have those stubborn 15 pounds to lose. anyway, it's been 8 days so far and i must say if it doesn't "melt fat" (which i don't believe it will) it sure has suppressed my appetite! i have ate 1/3 less than i usually do! that's good for me. i am a person who exercises daily and in good shape, i just overeat, good and bad food. so this pill has definately helped with my eating. when you aren't as hungry you can chose your foods more wisley. when you are hungry all the time (me at least) i ate whatever i could get my hands on at the moment. so far.... i don't regret spending $20 at wal-mart for 60 pills! so what if it's only fiber- try it
posted 2-Nov-2006 9:13am

For those of you who keeps attacking the guy who said he lost 60 pounds in a week - CHILL! If you scroll down, you'll find another where he corrected the error in another comment section. DANG!! HE MEANT TO TYPE A 6 NOT A 60. Leave the man alone...GEEEZ!
posted 4-Nov-2006 4:56pm

My father was taking the pill, he choked to death last week. We are going to sue the company. The doctor told us that this pill does nothing but cause problems in the digestive system. The corner's investigation revealed the pill killed him and caused his airway to shut. I will let you know when we get our first 20 million from the company.............DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL.......
posted 5-Nov-2006 5:19am

for the 29.95 I would rather buy a bale of alfalfa and eat that for a month,LOL. truley you are better off using that money to buy healthy food, Lay off the fast food and doughnuts, and getting exercise.Iam sorry for those that lost loved ones possibly due to the use of this so called magic pill.
posted 7-Nov-2006 12:05am

Dear Anonymous "Weighing 330, working out 1 hr a day/eating right & still not losing"

I would suggest that you talk to your doctor about getting checked for Cushing's Disease. A lot of people with Cushing's continuously gain weight for no apparent reason and cannot lose regardless of how hard they try.
posted 8-Nov-2006 10:55am

Cushing's disease is caused from excessive use of steroids (like prednisone). She may want to get her thyroid checked. I have tried several diet pills. The only pill that has ever worked has been ephedra. I am currently taking Lipozene, and I have taken it off and on for 1 1/2 weeks. I have lost no weight, but I do feel the fullness (due to the 40x enlarged fiber). I am going to continue to take the Lipozene until I do get results.
posted 8-Nov-2006 4:41pm

I too have recently purchased Lipozene from Wal-Mart for 19.99, which also comes with 2 bottles and is cheaper than mail order. Being a Nurse, I know that increasing your daily fiber is going to help with the extra weight like an intestinal flush would. The good points are that after flushing out your system your body will respond better to the whole diet process (exercise, healthy eating, other diet pills that have a thermogenic effect). This certainly should not be used for an extended period of time or you could be facing other health concerns. I think on the short term it should jump start anyones diet. Fiber is the one and only ingredient in this pill, so penis enlargement is not likely.
posted 9-Nov-2006 3:40pm

I thought I would share my personal experience with Lipozene. I purchased it also at walmart for 19.99 and I got two bottles. I was skeptic at first because I've tried several other diet pills. I've been taking these pills for a week now and I've already lost four pounds. I take 6 pills a day. Two before breakfast, two before lunch and two before dinner. I notice that when I take them with a 8oz bottle of water that I will eat less thru out the whole day. I do notice that when I don't take them with water and I take them with juice or anything other then water that I don't feel the same effect. I actually seem hungry more. I know that water alone is good for you and drinking 8-10 glasses a day can help with weight loss plus supress your eating but to me these pills have really helped. I thought I would share my experience with you all that are truly curious about them and are wanting to lose weight just like me.
posted 12-Nov-2006 3:56pm

Just started taking today... Will be posting updates...:)K
posted 14-Nov-2006 11:47am

Wal-mart has these pills for 19.98 or something like that. I have been taking them for three months. only lost about 10 pounds. but hey its a start..
posted 14-Nov-2006 11:48am

LIPOZENE forgot to say what pills wal-mart has. My bad!!
posted 17-Nov-2006 2:45pm

I just bought Lipozene..I've seen the commercial and i just wanted to try it out..No i did not order on line..I went to my local walmart people and payed $10 for 2 bottles....Everyone knows that u have to eat right and exercise..but for some people this pill just might work..and if u have tried it before and it didnt work for u srry about ur luck..I depends on an individual on how the diet and pill combo will work for them....if anyone that is taking Lipozene and would like some support on lossing weight and keeping it email address is know i need support to lose weight! Carpe Diem!! Peace
posted 22-Nov-2006 10:35am

I bought my pills from Walmart as well, but i haven't started taking them yet. I will start on monday. I have alot of weight that i have gained over the years. 4 children, a long bad marriage has also helped in my fight with my weight. Being now 40 and doing the single thing, it is a true fact that men don't even look twice at a women who is really over weight, it doesn't matter what your personality is like, they see your size and pretty much run the other way. So im going to start taking these on monday and ill let you know.
posted 26-Nov-2006 1:45pm

posted 26-Nov-2006 8:27pm

Another 10 lbs gown in a week!!! Lovin this lipozene...It keeps me awake and full for hours...
posted 26-Nov-2006 11:10pm

To the nurse who is using this product, what would be another diet pill to take with this pill? Something else that would cause you to have energy since this is just a fiber pill? I bought them at walmart and am going to start them on Monday and I am looking to lose 20 pounds. I had a jumpstart with Trimspa a while ago and all that is is an appetite suppressant and it bloats me. But it does work if you go by the label.
posted 27-Nov-2006 2:18am

Don't Buy this weight loss product!!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 9-Dec-2006 3:22pm

i just ordered the product and they asked for all kinds of stuff if i wanted to buy it i said no,no,no, and NO!!! just the trial offer which was 30.00 and so im waiting on the product now...i am going to try it atleast! i gained weight from birth control....which i quit taking so now i want to lose 40 pounds and hopefully this pill will work for me...the lady said how it works is it makes you not hungry so my plan is to take it between meals when i think im hungry and want to snack when im 6 pills total a day and alot of water and im already somewhat active so ill post my results in a few months...this is better than surgery so the way this stuff isnt sold in stores so for the people saying they bought it from walmart was not referring to this specific product so...
posted 9-Dec-2006 3:25pm

it was this or nutrisystem!!!! and i cant imagine dinners that dont need to be microwaved or cooked...sound slike hospital food to me so im choosing this!!! also there is another pill out there that supposedly works you take it after you eat and it traps the fat and the fat comes out when you use the bathroom but i heard it really works but you can only get it from a doctor and the only downfall was my friend that took it said sometimes she couldnt make it to the bathroom because it was greasy like and so she quit because of that problem with it...
posted 9-Dec-2006 3:29pm

also lipozene was made by the obesity reasearch institute so it needs to work because this is their job and life to do research...

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