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Lipozene is a diet pill that was advertised heavily on TV.


The TV advertisements starts with this statement:

"Are you overweight? Has it gotten so out of control that you've considered liposuction of other surgery? Well, you're not alone..."

Lipozene capsules consist of 100% natural fiber, named Propol. Lipozene" contains Glucomannan/Propol, which is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the Konjac Root, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Lipozene contains no ephedra.


In early 2006, Lipozene came on the scene. It is made by Obesity Research Institute LLC.


Lipozene is a fiber pill. There are cheaper and easier ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Clearly, they've named the pill "lipo" to play off the ides of liposuction (which is a surgical procedure that has nothing at all to do with this fiber pill).


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  28-Feb-2006 12:32pm created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 8:26am last update by bill

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posted 10-Dec-2006 3:24pm

For anyone who thinks lipozene increases your penis size... read between the lines! The guy who started the rumor was over weight to see it and when he lost the weight he found his penis. This is why he thinks it grew.
posted 12-Dec-2006 9:33pm

so, for lipozene, it doesnt work? i tried this one pill called "ZetaCap". please dont tell me im the only one who has heard of it. DONT TRY IT! ITS ALL LIES. it will cost a lot of money to do it. im desperate to lose weight. i know, you will recommend diet and exercise. the diet is working out, and i practically drink nothing but water. but the exercise, when i get around to doing it, i'm sooooo tired that i cant. i will not reveal my age but i weigh around 260 pounds. maybe more, im not sure. but no less. i need to lose weight in the next two years. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS??? PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU! help me out please! i need some tips.
posted 13-Dec-2006 6:33am

well, you have to find something you like to do and tie exercise into that. send me what you like to do and i could perhaps help you out. exercise can be boring, but there are ways to make it fun OR you just have to gut it up and MAKE yourself do it. Follows are some links to products as well as a video that may help:
A PS2 fitness product, just click on "zones" then "zone activities" when you get there. It uses a camera called the eyetoy. you forget you're exercising and you're having fun.

this is another eyetoy game called eyetoy antigrav. it's a blast. you'll work up a sweat and you'll be so involved that you're playing a game and you won't even be thinking about exercising.

Get a Nintendo Wii. The whole thing behind this console is based on movement.

a fitness / videogame product

I don't know what diet you're following, but I would suggest doing "body for life" by Bill Phillips. I'm getting ready to start a blog of my exercise and diet, so email me if you want the blog address. I'm going to be doing body for life as far as diet is concerned, but my exercises will be different than what he talks about. It will still involve weights though.

I would suggest Powerblocks or a powerblock copycat (walmart has)

then, in my case, I just need to get off my behind. No matter if I'm tired or not. One reason why you might be tired is your diet, which I don't know what it is. Perhaps you should do your workout at the start of your day instead of the end.

Here are some get off your behind links:

Jared Horomona
Long Text

Short Text

Then watch Rocky Movies and be sure to watch Rocky 6.

Clip 1 of 2. Rocky and his son. Take the hits and reach your goals.

clip 2 of 2. Rocky Balboa Trailer.

Fat loss pills only work if you have a proper diet and exercise to go along with it.

If for some reason you aren't able to exercise or can't at this time, i would suggest following the Atkins Diet temporarily. I wouldn't follow it for life, but this is like an automatic way to lose some weight.
Either way, you'll still need to end up lifting weights and building muscle at some point.

If you just do body for life, by lifting weights and eating right, one thing you're doing is "speeding up your metabolism". The faster your metabolism, the harder it is to put on fat so to speak.
I think this is one of the keys. So as in anything, it takes alot of effort to start, but once you're going it gets easier.

Look at all the power it takes for the shuttle to launch. but once it's where it is supposed to be it just floats and glides.

once you lose that fat, it's easier to maintain than it is getting there. you may have to work out hard, but once you get to the maintenance phase you can probably work out only once or twice a week.
posted 15-Dec-2006 1:27pm

Has any one thought that maybe they would lose weight if they weren't on here posting all the time....get outside take a walk, eat an apple...but get off your computer!!!!
posted 16-Dec-2006 2:51pm

I ordered this pill a couple months ago and whoever said they got the wrong stuff just doesn't know how to handle telemarketer-type people. When you order the woman told me they have to tell you a list of other offeres available and I kept saying I just would like to 30 dollar trial and after 10 minutes it was finally done, and for 29.95 I recieved 2 bottles in my mailbox a week or so later.

In retrospect, I just used them as a cheat thing, I would diet very well most of the week but if I wanted to binge on pizza or something I would swallow 2 or 3 lipozene which is basically fiber, so w/e you eat it pushes right through you so your body doesnt absorb much of it and I lost 20 pounds really fast because of this. My opinion is lipozene and fiber pills are very nice if you're worried about calroies consumed. Just pop a few before you want to binge, I actually ate a whole pizza (after eatin 3 lipozene) at 9 at night, and the next morning I actually lost weight. It was crazy.

I thought it was so worth the money and I really want to get more cause I ran out a while ago.
posted 16-Dec-2006 6:43pm

epherdra is the way to go. that and HIIT, if you dont know what hiit is, look it up, best weight lost program ever. hands down
posted 16-Dec-2006 11:26pm

Hi. I just bought Lipozene today at Walmart. Like so many of you, I have been struggling to find something to supplement my diet. I will start them tomorrow morning and see how it goes. I have read a lot of positive and negative things here. Hmmm....we shall see.....
posted 17-Dec-2006 2:35am

I have been takeing lipozene for 2 months now and i haven't lost eny wieght at all i was very disapointed to know that it only caused vagina dryness and lips got smaller and lets just say now i'm single i rather fat and have the love of my life then have a shrunkin pussy! LIPOZENE IS THE DEVIL!!!!
posted 18-Dec-2006 12:00am

Like many I have ordered Lipozene and am awaiting its arrival. and I had to tell the woman no no no to all the additional offers. Agreed: don't give your opinion when asked for personal experience. someone 10 pounds "overweight" at 117 lbs needs counseling. try 5'0" and 158. I used to be petie and now I'm obese?! Never thought it'd happen. I don't recognize the woman in photos and my husband hardly looks at me. we haven't had any kind of intimate relations in over a year...and we're in our 50s. Only one thing he ever told me was don't get fat. and what did I go and do? If this fiber pill will jump start me to stop eating as much as he does ... and he's 6' 190 lb, then good for it. if I feel even a little bit better then I'll do the exercise bit and truly eat better, instead of the bag of chips with salsa that I desperately crave right this minute. and if I can find this stuff at WalMart I'll send Lipozene back and go to Wally World. I just need to know if taking Lipozene creates digestive emergencies that require quick trips to the bathroom
posted 20-Dec-2006 4:05pm

SZ Leave his azz! Then after you lose the weight, rub it in his face and tell him that he should have LOVED you for YOU. Then let him know your sex drive is high and IS being taken care of by another. Leave the empty bottle of Lipozene in your place. In other words, give him something to remember you by
Light Weight Gamer
posted 20-Dec-2006 10:43pm

I lost weight playing video games. That's the miracle cure. Get a game that really interests you. Make sure you have the best sound system and a good HD TV. Once you start playing your video game don't eat, don't sleep, don't bathe, don't use the bathroom. Just stay where you are immobilized and just play until you've turned the game over a few times, which depending on the game should take a few months if not years. For a good cardio and fat burning combination get one of those games that have the dancing floor pad, and don't stop dancing until you can James Brown yourself into some size 3 jeans. Believe me this works. If your're not a skeleton by next Christmas, then you need to try a different video game. Oh, and by the way, don't cheat by using the strategy guides.
posted 30-Dec-2006 1:42pm

I have been taking lipozene for about 1 week and already I have noticed the difference in this pill. I guess it all depends on the individuals body.I have tried alot of diet pills and have found that even for this pill just to be fiber, it certainly does something. I work in an office and don't have time to really exercise and have found that as of today I have already lost 4 lbs. and its only been 1 week.So for all of you who say that this doesnt work obviously your doing something wrong.
posted 30-Dec-2006 7:25pm

Glucomanan is the main ingredient of Lipozene. You can get similar results for a cheaper price tag than Lipozene. Glucomanan taken with a big glass of water 30 minutes before meals gives you a full feelling and you eat less. Since it is a fiber, it helps with regularity and with cholesterol levels. Why pay out the nose for a name?
posted 30-Dec-2006 10:27pm

I have been taking Lipozene for about a week and have not weighed myself, but just the feeling of my body and the way I am taking care of myself shows the product is working. I got mine at Wal-mart for 19.95 for 2 bottles. Same product without waiting for the mail. I workout 3-4 times a week and watch what I eat. I agree about the "proper" way not always the "magic" pill. I have been trying for a year to loose weight and have not had success until I tried this product.
posted 2-Jan-2007 4:24am

people why do we decieve ourselves, I just saw the commercial and they say just by taking the pill you will lose weight, well in the same commercial it says in small print that on average the people lost 3.66 lbs over 8 weeks, for that I can just eat lots of bananas and special K, and I guarantee I will lose more than that. I lost 12 lbs over 2 weeks by replacing 1 meal with spcial K and eating a ton of fruit, I ate lots of grapes, apples and bananas. I have no scientific justification but I guess it got my metabolism to speed up.
posted 2-Jan-2007 2:06pm

I just bought the product at Walmart, $20 for 60 capsules. I would like to lose 30 lbs, and would like to hear from others and their progress. The fiber acts like a sponge, expanding and making you feel full faster, that's all. It's natural. I had a stomachache last night, and will drink more water because I think you can get constipated pretty easily. I am 200, 5'7".
posted 3-Jan-2007 11:14pm

I just saw the commercial for Lipozene on TV. I am a research Scientist at Harvard University. I was curious about the claims made by the advertisement so I made a search on PubMed, one of the largest medical Databases, which is the backbone of modern Scientific research. There was NO REFERENCE to the drug Lipozene. If this were an actual drug, medical studies of its effects would be published on this website. DO NOT buy this Product.......
posted 5-Jan-2007 11:39pm

It says in very small print at the bottom of the commercial that average weight loss is 2.6 pounds. Does that sound like something designed for people who's weight is out of control? They say you don't have to change your lifestyle, then the small print says diet and exercise is recommended. Then they say that 78% of the weight lost is pure body fat. What is 78% of 2.6? It's not worth your money. The diet and exercise they recommend does all of the work. Just do that and skip the expensive pills and shady company.
posted 5-Jan-2007 11:46pm

Sorry, it's 3.86 pounds for the average weight loss. That tiny print is very hard to read. Still, 78% of 3.86 is 3.01 pounds of body fat. Clearly this miracle drug is only for the seriously obese.
posted 6-Jan-2007 7:12am

Sigh. It is not a drug. It is fiber, expensive fiber but clearly not classified as a drug. It is a "supplement" in convenient but oddly colorful pills. For some people that is enough to make a difference, and to others it is not even close. Personally, at a loss of 2 to 3 pounds a month, I would consider it for a good many months.
posted 7-Jan-2007 2:19am

The pill sucks. Dont take it.
posted 7-Jan-2007 4:08am

if you think that a dietary fiber will work for you, don't be a sucker...see what it is you're buying, read little on the web and compare with identical offerings. Google (or Froogle) amorphophallus konjac, and you'll find many cheaper options than the scammy version named Lipozene to simulate an actual FDA-approved drug. I wouldn't be surprised to find that this stuff is made and/or marketed by the same schlubs who made millions on "Enzyte" (supposed penis enlarger pill) that looked a lot like it too was a 'real' drug...
posted 7-Jan-2007 2:27pm

I saw the commercial for the first time today and got suckered into calling and ordering the 30 day supply plus another 30 days all for $30. All these comments are dead-on. I should have known better. The "lipo" is to trick people into associating the word with weight loss, due to "lipsuction." You can eat Special K for breakfast and lunch, drink tons of water (I like Crystal Lite) vegetables, fruit, soup, and rice --- avoid processed sugars----do all that for 2 weeks while exercising 5 days a week (walking vigorously for at least 30 minutes) and you will drop several pounds. It's all common sense, but I was thinking of it when I felt desperate and called. So I am going to get off my butt and exercise and eat healthy and try to lose the weight instead of paying for fiber pills. I called back to cancel my order and was told that it was too late, that I had to call the Lipozene company tomorrow (even though today is Sunday!). So that's what I aim to do. I'm glad this forum is here with everyone's experiences to show me the wise choice to make.
posted 8-Jan-2007 9:06am

Lipozene is ridiculous! I placed the order and she badgered me with high pressure sales for everything under the sun! I fianally told her I just wanted to cancel the order and she told me it was to late the order was already placed. I finally just hung up. I never even opened the box. I simply sent it back at my own cost. What a scam!
posted 10-Jan-2007 2:30am
edited 1-Feb-2008 1:46pm

Sounds like a lot of people have a strong opinion on this.
I read this ENTIRE page, and it would appear that this highly priced fiber only works for the seriously obese.
And I was amazed at how many people would only jump on and post, and not read what was already written.
Plus if you have serious medical questions, don't ask a consumer users forum, ask at least a medical forum. Better yet, a doctor, prefably your own.

And was it just me, or did most of the "I'll try it and report back in a month" people not report back. The relative of the mysteriously dead mom did, and 1 other user reported back, but most didn't. Hey, at least they had good intentions.

Also, for those reporting, I think it would be very helpful to tell a little about yourself. For example- your age, current weight, other diet/exercising you are doing in conjunction with the pill, and perhaps your gender and height. This will help put things into perspective.

For the most part, I thought the responses were good and knowledgeable. Water and fiber BEFORE a meal will cause you to feel fuller for very little calories taken in. And exercise will burn those calories off. And yes, ESPECIALLY if you have already done the diet and (or?) exercise route before without success, SEE A DOCTOR preferably, or a nutrtitionalist, or a exercise trainer. Better yet, all three! You might have a thyroid/ metabolism/ digestive problem, or not working out right, or not eating at a good time. Get those fixed, and I'm sure with time (and energy from you) you will get that fat off, and get closer to the body you want.

Remember, you didn't get fat in a week, so it will take over a week to take it off.

I hope this helps everyone.

Obesity Research Institute is a Limited Liability Company.
I did a Google search on the company, and bad things were said. Hmmm, I would'nt advise going with this product. Its in the news- FTC sued them for $1.5 Million. They used a television infomercial, short TV spots, and Web sites to market FiberThin and Propolene, two fiber-based dietary supplements purportedly contain glucomannan they claimed would cause rapid, substantial weight loss without any need to diet or exercise.
The FTC’s complaint charged that the defendants made “Red Flag” claims in their ads, including that the product would cause rapid, substantial weight loss (more than 2 pounds per week) without the need to diet or exercise; that weight loss would occur no matter what the consumer ate; and that weight loss would occur in all users. The FTC also alleged that the defendants used “expert endorsers” on their infomercial and other TV ads to make “Red Flag” claims.

The FTC’s complaint named FiberThin, LLC and Obesity Research Institute, LLC; their owners, Henny Den Uijl and Bryan Corlett; and the “expert endorsers,” James Ayres and Jonathan M. Kelley, M.D., as defendants.

The stipulated final order permanently bars the defendants from making the challenged “Red Flag” claims and unsubstantiated claims for any weight-loss product, dietary supplement, food, drug, or device, or misrepresenting any scientific study for the purposes of marketing a dietary supplement. Defendants FiberThin, Obesity Research Institute, Henny Den Uijl, and Bryan Corlett are required to pay $1.5 million in consumer redress;

I just bought my 2 bottle box at Wal-Mart tonight for $20. I'm going to return it unopened and get my money back.

I did a search on Lipozene, and had a knowledgeable review on it. Most consumers called it a scam.
posted 11-Jan-2007 12:17am

i tried this LIPOZENE and i lost 3 inches...out of all the diet pills i took. I did my fast walking on the treadmill for 45 mins Mon-Fri, no carbs, eating 6 times a day, breakfast was always important for me, no sweets Mon-Fri and over the weekend I just relax and do my a period of 2 mos, I lost 20 lbs. I thought that was a big deal for me. But as soon as I ran out of it, never bothered ordering again, then my weight gained back, lost my energy and motivation on going to the gym and my 20 lbs gained back. oh least that's my experience!...but this time, i'm gonna order again and try to keep it up coz i wanna look good naked! capiche!
Aphrodite Muni
posted 11-Jan-2007 8:52am

Why in the hell are you greedy bitches worried about your Husbands cocks getting big from Lipozene. Be real your Men are over weight, I doubt a big cock will make any diffrent when his fat ass is smashing you! This is about it making you lose weight not about your husband's little cock. That issue take him to a surgen. If they can make tits bigger I suppose they can stretch his little cock >:) ROFLMAO!
Aphrodite Muni
posted 11-Jan-2007 8:54am

The looking good naked thing you sound like an idiot, Imma but more pills cause I wanna look hot naked. DEE DEE DEE! Capiche! Force yourself to exercise thats what I do I dont need Lipozene brought it it is junk. roflmao
posted 11-Jan-2007 12:27pm

I purchased Lipozene in a Wal-Mart four days ago. I got two bottles; 30 pills each and let me tell you. I love it!! I watch what I eat, I drink plenty of water and I walk in the evenings for 30 min at a brisk pace. I have lost 4 pounds already. Before I added Lipozene I was at a plato and my weight stayed the same. I have 8 more pounds to reach my ideal body weight. I would highly recommend it.
posted 12-Jan-2007 1:31pm

I just started taking Lipozene yesterday. I need some advice from the people who it has worked for. I gained 70 lbs in the last 18 months and I want my body back. The fat is mostly in my tummy, butt and thighs. Here's my problem. I live way out in the middle of no where, I have 2 toddlers, and no vehicle. I want to get exercise but walking up and down these hills with a double stroller almost feels like a heart attack. I have been doing Pilates and going outside to do yard work atleast 2-3 times a week. As much as I didn't want to (im a chocoholic) I quit eating chocolate and drinking pop. I haven't sworn off any other food and I eat what ever I normally feel like even though I am trying to eat healthier. Do you have any suggestions that worked for you?
posted 12-Jan-2007 1:33pm

Oh, yea, I forgot to mention, I baught my Lipozene from Wal mart. NEVER order anything off TV.
posted 24-Jan-2007 11:10pm

Tanya Roberts... is she the old charlie's angel? she's the infoScam spokesmouth? She must be hurting for work.
posted 26-Jan-2007 12:37pm

posted 3-Feb-2007 10:02pm

Well I was an idiot to place the order. I am going to cancel it before it ships-so it takes 3 to 5 weeks to ship--they can cancel it! They better cancel it. Next time I better do my research before going on impulse. I want to lose about 10 lbs. I do exercise and eat healthy at times. But I do it a lot of junk food. I will visit Walmart and buy it there not over the phone ever again! This high pressure sales tactics is a joke..magazines! I said no over and over again....I told the rep what part of NO do you not understand!
posted 8-Feb-2007 2:27am

I was wondering that if this pill have an side-effect if so please let me no before I purchase them.
posted 13-Feb-2007 3:01am

Hey guys, there's another English person about, :)
I'm a new on
looking forward to speaking to you guys soon
posted 15-Feb-2007 10:59pm

I started using the pill and it worked for me, i have lost 20lbs in 2months, which was my goal, before taking this i weighed 140lbs, although, i went to the gym everyday for 1hr, ran on the treadmill for 30min and did the ellipticall for 30min as well. This does work if you watch what u eat everyday and exercise, i dont believe diet pills work on its on own.
posted 15-Feb-2007 11:01pm

Do not order lipozene over the phone or online, you can purchase this product at WAL-MART for $20.
posted 17-Feb-2007 1:38pm

well i dont know my husban got them and is going to try them but if it dont work for you guys then try fulsh a fat it good you take it at night and then you crap all day so if you need to loss whight and dont want to walk or work out then go crap all day and loss whight that way ok
posted 25-Feb-2007 9:48pm

If you don't like Lipozene, I will buy it from you, if you have product that you dont want to take. the bottle has to be unoppened, sealed, and unexpired. i will not pay nearly of what you paid, but instead of a product sitting on your shelf, allow me to offer $ 5.00. thank you kindly. with subject heading "Lipozene"
posted 27-Feb-2007 3:13pm

I have been taking lipozene for about 15 days and i have lost about 5lbs. The only side effects that I have experienced are being able to have a bowel movement normally. I do highly recommend using this product. It works.
posted 4-Mar-2007 4:09pm

i lost 70 lbs using lipozene, and all i did was eat captain crunch and drink coke. no exercise, no healthy food. it was great. what a great product. it worked like a magic pill. everyone should try it. i'm going to keep using it. i am going to lose more weight.
posted 12-Mar-2007 9:50pm

I have been taking lipozene now for 2 weeks and I lost 10 pounds. I only used it 2 times a day and I night i used the product flush away. It kept my bowl movements regular. Some people have different results. But It did work for me.
posted 15-Mar-2007 6:15pm

I am the most active person you will ever meet and I'm putting weight on like I sit home and eat hoggies dahs all day. Exercise bit needs to walk on. Does this product work is what people want to know?
posted 20-Mar-2007 2:31am

this pill's are not working for me I have been using it for a while.
posted 21-Mar-2007 11:15am

My experience with lipozene was retched. It not work for me. When I called to order, the sale person I spoke with used such circular logic that I was confused. I remember the sales person telling me that the first 30 days where free. To me "risk free" mint that it was free.
The company does not have a published corporate office phone number. I called customer service and they would not give it to me. The supervisor told me that he did not know it. Ether he was an idiot or thought I was. He also would not give me an email address. I called 411 was told that they had no Phone number. To me this smells of a scam.
Health System
posted 30-Mar-2007 11:38am

Are some caretakers so inconvenienced by unmanageable children that they rely too much on medication to contain the problem? WBR LeoP
posted 5-Apr-2007 9:59am

i just took 1 tablet of lipozene n after 2 days i developed high fever n soar throat n stomach cramps.
posted 11-Apr-2007 11:29am

ok, first if you want to try it buy it at walmart.
i'm an under 30 white female, needing to lose less then 20lbs. i jog 3 hrs a day and do about 200 sit ups. also i have been doing slimfast and eating small portions lots of veggies. i have been taking lipozene for 6 days and i have lost 3lbs. now if its the exercising, diet, or the pills who knows. i will continue taking them for 1 more week but the side effects suck, it almost takes me back to pre gallbladder surgery. gross burps, stomach pains and diarhea ( today i noticed that i pooped out the pills whole, so i doubt they did much to burn fat)
posted 11-Apr-2007 11:32am

ok, forgot to mention i do take it 2 pills 3 times a day with at least 8oz of water/=.
posted 16-Apr-2007 1:37am

I got them, i took them for 3wks. I got gas, REALLY BAD! More trips to the bathroom. i felt tired most of the time. And gained 8 pounds! Scam? Well i think it is! Don't waste your money or time!
posted 16-Apr-2007 11:05am

while working with a personal trainer i was told that you ALWAYS need to pay attention to how your clothes fit. not your weight. so if you have love handles or muffin tops pay attention how your tight jeans fit day to day ~ but don't wear them around to wear they could stretch out. i literally try to limit my caloric intake to less than 1000 a day, i eat one meal. and i have taken lipozene and for whatever reason after i stopped ~ i gained 10 lbs. i'm not sure how but i was told beforehand that it can work, but with diet pills like that, once you get off them, you bloat like hell, and are convinced to keep buying them.
posted 18-Apr-2007 10:04am

posted 20-Apr-2007 11:56pm

how fast does it work???
posted 4-May-2007 1:26pm

i order mines of the tv and i hope it work.i'm now 220lbs 5'6 the good thing is i have a high traffic job where i move around a lot so i think thats good for me.the only thing is i eat very late at night in BED .I KNOW IT'S BAD.
posted 4-May-2007 1:29pm

posted 6-May-2007 2:11pm

what can it do to mentel?
posted 6-May-2007 8:57pm

YO! I just bought this at Walmart, not looking for something to make me lose weight with no work , excercising and doing the weightwatchers thing , was looking for something to help a little more , supress appetite, looks like this is all this does! :) Why cant people just give the results ? We all know what it really takes to be healthy , come on!!!
posted 17-May-2007 6:45pm

Well it's like this... you can lose weight using any pill as long as you exercise. But you lose weight anyway if you exercise-even without pills. So it's up to you to determine whether the pills did it, helped, or just you alone. I guess what the pills are supposed to do is help you eat what ever you want along with exercise and still loose. What happens is when people exercise with certain matabalism, you still gain because the food is bad. But eat healthy for your health
posted 26-May-2007 11:33pm

Hello all I'm Tasha ordered lipozene like 2 months ago over the internet and it finally got here two days ago.What's makes it so funny is the night before they came I was finally fed up and desperate so I went to the grocery store at midnight and bought all types of organic and vegitarian foods being a meat lover I naturally figured this wouldn't stick but the non meat,meatlike vegitarian food tastes like meat and is better for you.I am currently taking the 2 pills three times a day.But I also started excersizing more and drinking a whole lot of water and drinking these natural juices called naked.I still eat a little meat though I still eat turkey and shrimp and fish but grilled and for turkey I advise Jennie-o products they are great and fresh.I also advise taking down your salt intake I am a hella salt aholic but it stores up water weight.I have since been able to quit smoking cigarettes,and have more energy to dedicate to my 3 year old son.I feel great however tonight in taking my pills one must not have went down completely for I feel a swelling in my throat.Everything else however is great I am happier if anything and when you are happy it helps with weight loss.You can personally see my results as I post them.I have a myspace page just go to search and type in once you click the email button and look through my pictures.I have been stuggling with depression,and trying to lose the weight from my sons birth,but to no avail the weight keeps coming and going.Well now I can't fit alot of my clothes so now this belly weight really has to go.I need and want to get back to model status.I miss showing off my cute bellybutton.I am 5'5 170 lbs. and my ideal weight is 130.I am sick of pulling my jeans and pants over my stomach.And I'm at a scary size 15 in jeans,and I'm only 23(screaming hilariously)Well wish me luck.And if you are a guy and you visit my myspace page please spare me the comment of how big my breasts are.Wish me luck in inhancing my natural beauty.I wish the best for all of you.And yes drink a lot of water and change your diet it will give you more energy and help you move around more easily.And don't worry be happy.
instead of whole eggs in the morning
buy the liquid eggs called egg beaters but buy the egg whites only
remember yokes are the devil
just kidding but it is better for you
posted 26-May-2007 11:38pm

By the way thanks for letting me know they have them at walmart.And everybody try to be optimistic the glass is half full just remember that.
posted 8-Jun-2007 2:28pm

im young and im taking these pills and lately ive been tired and dizzy. ugh. dont take these unless thats how you want to feel. school is a drag and i cant stay awake.
posted 28-Jun-2007 10:53am

I just want everyone to know that if you deal with this company you will get screwed! Yes, I know that I feel into the whole diet weight loss pill thing that doesn't work to begin with. But...I bought these pills in Jan 2007 and cancelled shortly after. It is now June 28, 2007 and I see a charge on my bank statement for this that bounces several of my other payments. I called and couldn't get a supervisor. They would call me back within 24 hours. NEVER happened. I called back and finally got one. It was a computer error about the cancellation and the reason it was auto shipped 6 MONTHES LATER was a delay!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! They will not refund my money until I get the pills in the mail and send them back. Thanks alot for causing me about $150 in overlimit fees for something that was cancelled several months ago!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU MIGHT BE NEXT!!!
posted 30-Jun-2007 7:29pm

I read the comments about the penis getting bigger. I took 2 bottles over time and it is TRUE!! My girlfriend loves it so much! She calls me her trophy C*ck! She shows me off to her girlfriends and now shares me! I absolutely love it! I think I loose weight simply from the extra sex I am having.
posted 6-Jul-2007 4:41pm

The true test of a legitimate company is if they will answer your phone call to cancel your order. Lipozene WILL NOT ANSWER THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE line when you press three (3) to cancel your order! Their address (4910 Longley Lane, Suite 101, Reno, NV, 89502) is a 3rd part shipper (INNOTRAC – Phone 775-332-5700). INNOTRAC’s Operation Manager (Shannon Flaherty) will only give you the same BS number you were give on your order – the one that won’t answer! If anyone has a way of canceling an order, I would sure love to hear about it.
posted 8-Jul-2007 11:23am

for god sakes you're going to get ripped off if you order it offline or over the phone are you people stupid you can go to WALMART OR ANY GMC AND GET ALL DIET PILLS DON'T ORDER THEM LIKE THAT, and to tell you the truth some things work for certain people, i'm going to try it i eat healthy but work 11-8 in a call center so with my son i don't have much time to exercise.
posted 9-Jul-2007 10:39am

I have not yet tried this product. I did a very unsmart thing. I ordered Lipozene after watching a commercial on the product. I used my bank debit card and placed the order on a Saturday. Then, I went to the internet to check the product out and became scared to death after reading how the company won't answer the phone to take an order cancellation and that they auto-bill the debit card. On Monday, I tried to call the company to cancell the order and I was able to listen to music for 30 minutes before hanging up. I checked my checking account and found that they had not yet charged the order. I called my bank and reported my debit card lost and they closed the card out with no further authorizations allowed. I guess if I can't call to cancel, I will assume that they will not send the product if they can't get paid for it. I will still try the product, but I will go to Wal-Mart and buy it for less with no further re-purchase obligation. If you are reading this and are as unsmart as I was and you used a debit or credit card to order, call your bank now and try to stop the payment. If that doesn't work, lose your card and call the bank. Stopping payment incurs a bank fee. Losing your card is free.
posted 12-Jul-2007 7:00pm

what is the age required to take this pill?
posted 15-Jul-2007 2:09pm

I almost just ordered it myself - I should know better, been through the Wu-Long Tea ripoff also. Thanks guys!
posted 19-Jul-2007 8:40am

Hi everyone,

I don't know if this is going to get read much, but just reporting that I am starting this Lipozene pill today. I have done my homework on it. It is suppose to be a fiber pill that expands in the belly through turning fluids from your meal into gel. As you may already know fiber is excellent for your health as it reduces the probability of colon cancer. Fiber is not soluable in the body. This is why you remain feeling full when taking it. Now, I bought this pill from Wal-Mart for 19.95. I am learning the price of this pill must have dropped, because according to some of these posts others were and may still be paying higher price.

The main argument to this pill should be, rather you can get a fiber pill cheaper else where. I am not sure. Someone would need to research the prices for fiber supplements.

I am interested in this because it can help me feel full longer due to turning into a gel and the fiber source is a natural and healthy way to add to my diet.

I do believe that this pill can not be used as the primary way of losing weight. Any smart dieter knows that you must use discipline with watching your carb and fat intake. If this is kept low and then use this medication on top of your fat and carb moderation, it should work! Lets not forget exercise. This is an easy way to get rid of those calories that you have taken in.

Come on, lets get real about the exercise. You do realize that if you don't do it, you are gonna feel and look just as nasty as you did with the weight on? What I mean is, the exercise is going to tone the muscles and help make the droopy skin disappear. If you don't do it, your gonna be a weak droopy, if you can even get the weight off.

Dieting is a life change. You can't keep up the same habits and just swallow a pill.

I seriously doubt that this fiber pill has made anyone's penis grow. According to someone who posted on here, this has happened. I would suggest taking a look at what someone might of substituted your pills for. Maybe someone is slipping something into your drink?? I guarantee you it was not Lipozene.

If this pill has not worked for some it makes me wonder how much exercise was being done? How much fat or carb intake were they ingesting? Maybe there is another reason behind the inability to lose weight? There are some medical conditions that can stunt the ability to lose weight. Thyroid and hormone conditions can do that. I would suggest seeing a doctor and asking about running some tests to find out.

I am going to keep everyone posted on rather this pill works or not. I am starting it today. ;)

Melissa-- 256 lbs.-- Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease. This disease causes my body to retain glucose and makes losing weight extremely difficult. I am taking metaformin which helps the body rid of extra glucose. I am hoping in combination with Lipozene, good eating habits, and exercise I can lose 50 lbs.
posted 20-Jul-2007 1:10pm

posted 23-Jul-2007 3:53pm

I tried this product and have had no major side effects. My stomache does feel more full. I can say the fiber works great, keeps a person cleaned out. What vitamins do not get absorbed from taking this product?
Please inform the customers so that they are not depleating their body of important nutrients.
R>B Rich blanch
posted 4-Aug-2007 2:47am

Why do you fall for these get rich commercials you know there not there to help you loose weight the only weight you will loose is in your wallet now get off your ass and move around i know it sounds harsh but if your fat and you cant stand looking like a air ballon jog run aroun do something stop eating crap and eat food hot dogs chip cokes hell even diet coke is not going to make you loos weight eat fruits and take a guess its starts with a v___ fill in the blanks you probably been told thise many of times ther is no quick fix so get your ass to a gym and don't be scared to ask for help there are willing to help you out it's just up to you to step out your enviroment and ask for help ooo get this no side effects like seizers,jitter,spaze outs,or no breathing ya last time i checked oxygen is good that last time i picked up a book lol so get off your ass and work that fat off oo ps you need water most of the people today need fiber but without water your bowls all clog and thats not good either and without watter your like die or someting peace out yall. lol
The brainbuster
posted 4-Aug-2007 3:03am

if you want to loos fat fast start snarting cocane you'll have a better chance loosing weing than that crappy diet pill why do you think its so damb popular it stimulats your body now lisit before your start bitching some of your so called diet pills have traces of cocane in the pill and protien shakes here another brain buster can you get addited to diet pills or protein shake ??? Huu Huu?? one of my friends was addited to a protein shake becase the had a trace of cocane in it. Now you have something to be really freaked out about. thank you for your time
cali girl
posted 4-Aug-2007 3:59am

i just bought this pill and was wondering if i can take a breast enhancement pill with this lizopene pill??? Does this 2 pills will work at the same time? Dont wanna get any side effects... also I only want to loose a few pounds im 120 right now and want to loose litte weight like 10-15 pounds, hope this pill will work for me.
posted 5-Aug-2007 9:11am

i tried this product. for a week it was fine. then i found i had absolutely no appetite. i vertually stopped eating any solid foods but kept up on the water intake. on the 2nd wwek i suddenly developed severe abdominal cramps. they kept me from wanting anything to eat. i also found i was becoming de hydrated it spite of the fluids. the abdominal pains were severe but what do i say to the m.d.?? i stayed home and want to bed, slept it off & on for 24 hours. this a.m the pain is less tho the cramps come and go. food still dousnt appeal to me, but a will try a smmall breakfast and sse how it goes. unless you are really FAT stay away from tis product. if i thought i could get a refund, i would try but they usually have allsorts of reasons why not. PLEASE listen, i am a nurse for 50 years and not generally taken but this time i admit i went for the baloney and have suffered for 3 days because if it...
i habe been off 3 days now-food still is not appealing to me
posted 21-Aug-2007 3:20am

well i been taking lipozene for 3 days now and i have no side effects it keeps me full i take 4 pills a day i love it and don't understand why others are having a problem with it i ordered my pills online and they said my pills will come here in 5 to 8 days well in 5 days i had my pills and they are working i'm pleased with them i needed something to cure my sweet tooth well lipozene did it i had pizza today on my 2nd slice i was so full i barely could finish it i have noticed when im full i cant eat another bite if i keep trying to finish whats on my plate it's like i can't swallow anymore food i love it really is helping me i know lipozene is good i will keep on taking it if only to keep me feeling full i know i will lose the weight as of today i dont see food as appealing nothing is making me want it oh boy i love this feeling sorry for the others it haven't helped but i am having no problems with this pill so i love it helps me stay focuse on my eating right and execise and i have alot of weight to lose so this pill is for me if anyone want to know anything else about the pill just let me know if i can help i will take care all
posted 22-Aug-2007 9:39pm

I'm scared. All this talk about penis enlargement, what happens if a female takes it, will my clitoris grow 2-3 inches? Ewwwwww.
call me bree thanks
posted 8-Sep-2007 5:34pm

and i am 15 years old i want to know if this works
i have a poliestic ovorie dsease and i cant have carbs
can a 15 year old take this if her mother buys it????
posted 14-Sep-2007 12:17am

I think that it is about time that people believe in "magic pills". Put one thing in your mind: to lose weight you have to live your life in a healthy way: eat more vegetables, fruits, measure your intake, drink lots of water, and exercise.
I am 57 years old. When I was 18 I was a fat teenager. My mom took me to a Dietician, and since then, I have lost and gained weight. But when I was 55 I joined "Weight Watchers". I had been in so many different diets!
This is the BEST for me! You can eat everything you want, since you measure your intake. You can eat bread, chocolate, pasta, you can live a normal life. This is not that diet that says: "Do not eat bread, do not eat chocolate". You can eat everything within your points. And believe me, you learn how to chose the healthy food to eat. I am SO USED to drink water (I never liked before), that now it is something so natural! I drink more than 6 glasses of water every day. I even lost that desire to drink pop. I started exercising more, I joined the jazz exercise (fun! fun!), and I give long walks.
Please, do not believe in "miracle diets"... or "pills"... without an effort, without sweating, you are not going to lose anything.
posted 16-Sep-2007 12:10am

If your worried about lossing money, then go to Wal-Mart. They are cheaper there(19.99),that's lesser than the actual price on tv. lol
posted 16-Sep-2007 12:12am

2 bottles come in the pack.
posted 9-Oct-2007 4:49pm

i was about 198 i got down to about i lost about 98 and i did not like that weight so i gained a little more and i am fine the way i am lipozene is good for me
posted 17-Oct-2007 1:43pm

To the people who said they excersize and eat healthy but don't drop a single pound, I really beleive it's because BEFORE you can loose weight you must CLEAN YOUR SYSTEM including your Colon. This goes for EVERYONE trying to loose weight. If your body is toxic and all your intestines and colon are clogged with that nasty crap you eat then how is your body going to absorb nutrients and give you energy? Think about it, If you clean your body you will gain so much energy you will be able to handle a simple diet. After you've cleaned your system with an all natural body clense maybe also taking some Metamucil (Fiber) and this will give you some energy and your body will go into weight loss mode. Then keep your physical activity to food intake ratio higher and drink lots of water. ELIMINATE ANY AND ALL SODA's, Say goodbye to those because that will hold you down. Also when buying foods I recommend reading labels, Low sugar (None Is Best), Low Calories, Low Fat, Moderate to High Carb's and If any vitamins that's good. Follow this plan I know many of you will loose weight. Remember CLEAN YOUR SYSTEM FIRST.
Anonymous 2007
posted 7-Nov-2007 11:43am

posted 16-Nov-2007 7:00pm

I tried lipozene, drank gallons of water, exercised for hours and I gained 35 lbs!
posted 21-Nov-2007 12:50am

Ok, for everyone who just says "Eat less, excersize more, eat healhier, don't waste your money on any diet pill"...I have a question for you.....

I chase 2 toddlers all day long, eat 3 sensible meals a day (and yes, I even measure and weigh my food to make sure I only get the amount I need), drink plenty of milk and water, and run on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day.......the numbers on the scale don't bother me as much as the number of inches around my waist. So here's the question.....WHAT DO I DO TO HELP LOOSE THE INCHES????????? Your plan isn't working!
posted 23-Nov-2007 3:30am

so sad that there are so many idiots in this world can see such an obvious bs ad on TV and still give these people business.

Friggin ripoff artists should be thrown in jail for taking advantage of the public this way.
posted 24-Nov-2007 1:56pm

1 pound of human fat takes about 3500 calories to add or burn off. So, if your food intake exceeds your daily caloric burn by 500, you'll put on one pound in one week. If you burn 500 more calories than you consume each day, you'll LOSE one pound in one week.

The math is fixed for virtually all humans - the ONLY way to lose weight is to get yourself into the calorie defecit scenario. If you hear claims to the contrary from any pill or "diet" purveyor, walk away! Start counting calories - learn the caloric value of everything you eat, and also figure out your base metabolic rate and exercise calories. If you follow this approach you will understand exactly what you have to do to lose weight.

I went from 180 to 140 over two years, started running, and I'm running in the Boston Marathon next April! Whatever works for you, stick with it and you WILL reach your goals given enough time!
posted 1-Dec-2007 11:07am

You darn food addicts. Food is bad for your body and food is addicive. Step one is to admit that you are a food addict. Want to lose inches? Stop eating and stop drinking anything with calories. You don't not need calories. Don't believe the advertising. No food is healthy. No diet works for long. You all have stored enough fat to survive a weeks in the Artic without eating more. Stop eating that poison called food. Go ahead and take Lipozene with water if you want since it'll leave your body in a short time anyway. But do not add any real calories. Some of you will try to rationalize it away. You think you need food. That is your disease talking. Fight the poison. Find things to do to distract yourself from eating. Reading, walking, music, internet, anything to keep your mind occupied. Follow this plan. You'll look better and feel ten times better.
posted 2-Dec-2007 12:09pm

I would like to know if lipozene safe for teenagers?
posted 24-Dec-2007 10:18pm

Lisa G
posted 29-Dec-2007 5:19am

Remember the things I parents taught us? 1) If something is too good to be true; it probably is. 2) A fool and his/her money are soon parted. 3) Look before you leap. 4) Nothing worthwhile is easy. Having made countless mistakes in life (and thankfully I had or I wouldn't have learned the lessons I have) I've found that taking a moment to do some research on any given subject is well worth its' weight in gold. Like any 'supplement' on the market, it's wise to consider the health risks of putting ANYTHING foreign (even if touted as 'safe and natural') into your body. The quick and easy route may work for some but is it really worth the potential health damaging effects to acheive the desired goal? Hopefully someone will heed my testimonial and read up on a thing called The Zone. I too used to think it was just another celebrity 'diet' but it's really not. Backed by scientific research, it makes complete sense. I began following this new lifestyle change on October 4, 2007 at a weight of 190 pounds. For a woman at 5'8" that's heavy. My husband had just left for an extended trip with the USMC so he was unaware I was eating differently and running. When he got back December 15th he was surprised to see I had lost weight. Actually, I had felt I was losing inches but didn't bother to weigh or re-measure myself until he got back. Much to my chagrin I had lost 18 pounds...16 of those being body fat!! 4.5 inches came off my waist with similar results on hips. I was stunned but more important hooked on the idea that "I" had made the changes and not relied on something with uncertain side effects to achieve those results. If I were reading this and this was someone elses' story I would say there was no way you could lose that much weight by diet and exercise alone in 10 weeks. At some point we have to admit to ourselves we've abused our bodies too long and choose to do something radical like change the way we eat.... The power of hormonal balance is in your grasp. Visit or read up on Barry Sears M.D.... In good health....Lisa.
posted 29-Dec-2007 9:31pm

Lipozene hasn't allowed me to eat anything other than beef broth in the last three days that I've been taking it. It swells in your stomache and makes you feel full. When I tried eating real food, it came right back up. Try dropping one of the pills in a glass of water and see for yourself. By the way don't bye them off the t.v. Walmart has 60 pills for $19.99.
posted 30-Dec-2007 8:26pm

This company is already in violation with the FTC. Read up on their plights. This product is neither a panecea for dieters or worth 29.95 to manufacture. This company is defrauding the public and doesnt deserve a dime of money. Consider more valid means to reduce weight or build a higher matabolism. Lipozene is more a bunch of herbs from your garden then a medical miracle breakthru. Buyer beware.
posted 3-Jan-2008 5:29pm

Hey guys...I had a lot of fun reading...but I am sorry for the people who never gotten there question answer "does it work"
Well I can't answer that...but I'm going to try it...two bottles for 29.95 with MBQ is find with me. I was on Adipex
I lost 15lbs..weight loss doctor will be rich for the office vist and the much. This is for the person who is
name calling...just "chill" the only fool and idiots on this site is the one who is name call. I enjoy the comments thank you
I will be back to let you know what happen...If anyone needs a weight loss if you are a head of me..
let me know how its working...Good Luck everyone...go for it!!
posted 22-Jan-2008 8:24pm

Wow, it's disappointing to know how gullible people are. It is a scam, plain and simple. THERE ARE NO PUBLISHED STUDIES SUPPORTING THIS PRODUCT IN ANY REPUTABLE JOURNAL. IF THIS PRODUCT WORKED, EVERY DOCTOR WOULD BE PRESCRIBING IT BY NOW. Save your money and buy more fruits and veggies, or join weight watchers or Jenny Craig. And for those who have been complaining that diet and exercise don't work because they are taking in fewer than 1000 calories a day and not losing weight, do a little research! Except when prescribed by a doctor, you should never be taking in less than 1200 calories a day! Once you drop below that level, your body goes into starvation mode, and your metabolism slows way down. Eat healthy foods in moderation, exercise (cardio and weight training both) and you will lose the weight, without the side effects or the health risks that come with all this junk.
posted 24-Jan-2008 7:28pm

i recentley ordered these pills and yes,I want to know if they work too!
posted 1-Feb-2008 10:26am

it does seem like it does burn gives you a boost of energy and to thrive forward..and its in your head to keep going and wow does it work..its pretty AMAZING....but how long should i say on these pills for??? thats my question??????
posted 4-Feb-2008 10:54am

For those of you that are considering to order this online or via the TV, DON'T!!! You can buy it at Wal-Mart for 23bucks....thats the two bottles!!!

Good luck all..

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